This story tells of how I came to be a dog lover

Hi, I’m Eagletown Niki from Budapest, my friends callig me Enzo’s Niki.
I guess the best place to start would be a little about
myself then on to what you really want to hear. I grew
up on a farm as a only c***d so I had nothing but time
to myself. Dad worked and mom cleaned the typical
family you could say. I helped both my parents out when
they needed, but I’ve always been a small framed girl
so I could only do so much. This plays a role in this
story so lets get to it.

On are farm we had quit a few animals and always plenty
of dogs. During one summer when I was 12 I discovered
the wonderful art of masturbating. I had seen animals
mating but never really knew what it was that they were
doing. I had only began to explore my body and hadn’t
even popped my cherry when one day it toke a great

I went to the barn one afternoon to have some fun with
myself while my parents were in the house. The barn had
a few stalls but one that was almost hidden and that
was my spot. I got comfortable by stripping to nothing
and I started rubbing my hands all up and down my body.
At this point my body was still pretty undeveloped I
had a flat chest with a flat stomach and a flat butt. I
still have very little figure now.

Back to the story, I was really getting wet and my
hands finally worked down to my clit, and as I began to
rub it ever so slightly I heard a soft taping. I jolted
to and quickly looked around. To my relief it was just
one of our dogs Sam a German Shepherd mix.

I jokingly said to him “thanks for the scare.” I went
back to what I was doing not paying him attention till
I felt a cold object touch my crotch. Again I jumped
and pushed Sam away asking him if he was crazy. After
the second interruption, with reluctance, I told myself
another time and went to get my cloths.

As I bent over to get my things Sam again stuck his
noise in my crotch but this time with some force.
Enough to knock me over on my stomach. I some what got
up and turned to yell at him, but as I turned I again
was driven down but this time by Sam jumping on my
back. I didn’t really know what was going on as I
struggled against his heavy fury body on top of me. I
suddenly froze when I felt something hard and wet poke
my butt check. It suddenly hit me what position I was
in and that’s when I got scared.

I knew what was going to happen and I tried much harder
to get out but to no use. During my struggling I leaned
to far forward and Sam was finally where he wanted to
be. With a sudden and hard thrust my little virgin hole
was torn wide open. I screamed to the top of my lungs
when I felt the sudden pain hit me. Sam only kept going
deeper and harder.

In my pain I could feel him getting bigger and bigger
in me. My little pussy clamped down tight around him
never having anything this deep before. During Sam’s
assault on my freshly opened cunt I again felt him
hitting against something in me. My pain had some what
subsided when this started. I wasn’t sure what he was
hitting but with every thrust it hurt more and more.

Now I know it was my cervix he was hitting ,but then
all I was worried about was if he was going to rip me
in half. As I tried to coupe with what was happening I
felt his knot starting to grow in me, but this didn’t
hurt it felt some what good. As my walls stretched even
more I felt the tip finally go just in my cervix. By
now I was exhausted and riddled with a pain pleasure
mix. All I could do was lay there as Sam filled me up
with his cum.

Once Sam was done he stood over my motionless body
panting heavily. I cant really remember what happened
after that due to me blacking out. When I came too Sam
was butt to butt with me and I still felt his huge
member in me. I tried to push myself up a little but
the pain in my crotch was to much, and I fell back

I’m not sure how long but after some time Sam was able
to pull out. With a loud pop I was finally free. I laid
on the cool ground still on my stomach tiring to make
sense of it all. It took some time but I managed to get
up and dressed and stumble back to the house. After a
long hot shower I went and laid down and passed out.

Now given this story you think I would of stayed away
from dogs forever and for a while I did. With time
though I grew to fantasize about it and got back into
it very hesitantly.

Since then I’ve racked up several more stories to tell
but for now I will end here. If you would like to hear
more about them or me just drop me a line and I will be
glad to tell.

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