Three dicks, and a dog under one roof

The Smedleys had a boarder living in the loft, a writer,
an odd sort but he paid very well to have his meals
brought to him. He was little trouble, little noticed,
seldom seen, but the six-hundred dollars he paid in cash
each month was. That money was a godsend to the Smedleys
who had three teenage daughters all needing the things
growing teenage daughters need just to stay abreast of
other teenage daughters breasts. They went through bras
like boys went through socks and would not wear each
other’s hand-me-downs.

The oldest was Sarah at sixteen. The youngest, Karen,
had just turned thirteen. Between them at fourteen was
Josephine, named after her great aunt, an old fashioned
name for a girl but everyone called her Jo. That was
cool. Jo was the coolest of the three, the cutest of the
three, the sexiest of the three, the most popular, and
California-bound with stars in her eyes. She’d be a star
or a Malibu beach bunny. She’d be one or marry one, and
no one doubted that. Jo was a rare beauty and
personality combination that thousand-dollar call girls
tried to emulate. Her parents adored her. Even her
siblings admired and looked up to her, though she was
clearly Mom and Dad’s favorite.

The only rivalry in the Smedley home was between Karen
and Sarah, and they competed for fairest of the fair
after Jo, or Mom and Dad’s number two. Sarah went for
fairest of the fair after Jo after her boobs caught up
with Jo in mass but not quality, so Karen went after Mom
and Dad’s second most favorite daughter. She couldn’t do
enough for her Mom, and she sat on Dad’s lap and let him
stroke her legs. Dad loved a soft, warm daughter butt
and had a thing for girl’s legs. Her Mom liked foot
rubs, back rubs, calf massages, and someone willing to
help out in the kitchen.

As fine and friendly as Jo was, oddly, she was the only
virgin in the house. Sarah had a boyfriend she was head
over heels over. She’d been caught head over heels
enough that everyone knew she was no virgin. Karen had
been raped at the age of ten, then molested repeatedly
for the next two years by the same man before being
caught with his dick in her ass. He had to move out, but
he only paid two-hundred for the loft. The Smedleys
often asked themselves what they’d do if that had been a
six-hundred dollar dick. They never spoke their thoughts
out loud, but they all had them.

They found out… nothing.

Three months after Mr. X moved in, it was again Karen’s
turn to bring him his tray. The girls rotated turns
delivering the evening meal. Mrs. Smedley delivered the
breakfasts and lunches unless Karen were around. If
Karen saw her Mom with a tray, she’d offer to do that
for her Mommy. Karen went up, but didn’t come down for
over ninety minutes. When she did, she looked like she’d
been sexually molested again. She was dressed and no
semen ran down her legs, but she had that disheveled
look and flush to her features like she’d been rode
hard, then wiped down and sent on her way without a

No one said anything, so she marched straight to the
bathroom, stayed there an hour, then went straight to
bed an hour early. No one bothered her, and no one
discussed this. Alice and Jack Smedley turned in without
discussing it. They had great sex like they did for days
following the last time Karen had an adult dick in her
little body, but they still didn’t discuss why.

After that, every third night, Karen went up and didn’t
come down for between one and two hours. Alice and Jack
were always horny and having great sex. Jo got some
great clothes. Sarah got to do her fucking in her
bedroom. She took John by the hand and went there, just
waiting for someone to say she couldn’t fuck when her
little sister could. Alice didn’t say anything. Jack
ignored them.

Three weeks into the new order, Karen took her seventh
tray up the stairs to a fucking. After Sarah and John
were in Sarah’s bedroom, Alice and Jack went to their
bedroom. Jo sat alone doing homework at the dining table
with fucking going on in three bedrooms, making her
acutely aware of her virgin pussy. It wasn’t fair. There
was no one in the house she wanted to fuck, but it still
wasn’t fair that she had no one, or that she, the
sexiest of the three, the fairest of the fair, Mom and
Dad’s favorite, wasn’t getting any nookie – for weeks!

She sat there steaming, giving off fumes from her
crotch, thinking, “I could steal John away from Sarah
with a wink and a shot of leg. I could even get Daddy to
fuck me by sitting on his lap and letting him feel my
soft ass with his hard dick. And why would that c***d
molesting pervert pick Karen over me. She hardly has any
tits at all. What does she have over me? It sure ain’ t
a tight pussy. If he wants tight pussy in this house, he
needs to spread these sexy legs.”

She spread them just in time for the dog who had been
attracted by the fumes. Her hand going for her pussy hit
his broad nose. Dumb dog. The mutt, strong as an ox, had
a head like a basket ball and breath like a pooh pooh
choo choo. Dumb butt-licking mutt.

She said, “Great, they all get humans. I get a dog.
Damnit, Barney, get your nose out of there. I’m not your
bitch, you dumb mutt. Barney, stop that! Don ‘t lick me
there… Barney. [pulling the crotch aside] All right,
you wanna lick my pussy, go ahead and lick it, but
you’re not getting any pussy off of this bitch… Oh,
you like this pussy… figures, you drink out the toilet
and lick your butt. [scooting to the edge, widening the
spread] Here, do you want to lick my asshole, too? Oh,
Barney, you pervert. You’re as bad as that guy upstairs.
You’ll lick anything, won’t you. Lick my pussy some
more… umm, yes, wow, what a long tongue! I thought it
was just broad. Ummm, feels like a slab of warm liver.
I’m impressed, Barney. I hope you know you’ re licking
my cherry. I’m a virgin, you know. I’ll bet you’d like
to fuck a human virgin, wouldn’t you? Is your dick
getting hard? Do you want to fuck this pussy, boy?”

Barney must have mistaken that for an invitation,
because he suddenly jumped up and hugged her about the
waist while driving eight inches of cock up her pussy in
one lucky shot that went tearing right through her
precious hymen, making Jo’s eyes bug out. Jo was so
stunned she couldn’t yell much less speak. He knocked
the breath out of her and was fucking her hard before
she got it back. By then, she was well past being a
virgin and in no shape to dislodge one-hundred and fifty
pounds of locomotion lust with a tail and a death grip.
She could speak, but had nothing to say. At least, she
was getting some nookie.

Jo was getting more nookie than she bargained for. Eight
inches was just what he had in front of the knot. When
the two inches of plum-size knot finally pushed past the
tight entrance, two more inches followed and stayed as
her tight pussy clamped down behind the knot. She didn’t
want it to, but it did, trapping all that cock inside –
by her estimation, twelve inches with a lump in a ten-
inch pussy without a lump receiver. That didn’t stop him
from humping the shit out of her, though. She didn’t
need that. She felt like cock would soon be emerging
from her mouth, and then he climaxed and hosed her
insides with puppy juice in short but rapid staccato
jerks, making her feel like a bitch, a hung-up bitch.

She tried to push him off after getting him off, but the
effort hurt him. He let out one yelp and she stopped
doing that. She didn’t need anyone coming out to
investigate Barney’s yelping. She didn’t need anyone
coming out, period. She would never live this down and
couldn’t explain how they got that way. She wasn’t sure
herself. All she did was give him a lick. It wasn’t like
she spread her legs wide and said, “Do you want to fuck
this pussy, boy?” Then she realized that was exactly
what she did and said. She also realized that Barney
understood more English than she thought, but didn’t
understand the concept of a rhetorical question.

This was all bad enough but the mutt made it worse by
licking her face. He loved licking face for some reason,
and she hated that for obvious reasons. He licks his
butt being the big one. He rarely had Jo in a position
where he could get a lick, but he had her in a good one
now and took full advantage. There was no avoiding his
massive tongue. He thought the effort was a game, so she
stopped fighting him and let him lick, saying, “All
right, if it’ll help your dick go down, lick my fa…
unghh… ummn… nunga… naknug…”

He licked inside her mouth while she was talking and
wouldn’t stop. He gagged her with tongue. She tried to
eject him with hers. He began licking, but the action
was so fast – out, then right back in – she had no time
to seal her mouth for fear she’d bite his tongue. He was
lapping slobber out of her mouth. Before long, she
stopped fighting that, hoping that might make his dick
go down. She opened wide, moved her tongue around, and
soon realized she was French kissing with a fucking mutt
who licks his butt and hers, too.

Jo’s evening was going from bad to worse, but got even
worse just as his dick seemed to be able to ease out. It
got hard again, and he started in with the moves again,
dancing around, getting ready to start humping her
again. They’d be fucking again only this time she was
kissing him and didn’t want to stop. Furthermore, her
pussy wanted it and made moves of its own. In fact, her
pussy made his dick hard again – dumb pussy.

Jo was an active and eager partner in the second fuck,
typical ex-virgin. She gave as good as she got and was
spotted doing that by her parents who watched for a
while then went right back to the bedroom with Jo being
none the wiser, not that it would have mattered at that
time. They could have all come and gathered around her,
and she’d have still fucked back while French kissing
the mutt.

Afterward, she’d have been embarrassed, to be sure, like
Karen was when she got caught, like Sarah used to get
when she’d get caught, and that time Jo walked in the
laundry room and caught her mother with a Maytag
repairman’s black dick in her white ass, her dress
bunched into her armpits with her panties around her
ankles. That was embarrassing, mostly because Jo thought
it was r**e, got him by the dick, and wouldn’t let go.
For a while, her hand rode a fuck and the back got wet
with maternal pussy slobber. Her mom finally had to tell
her that it wasn’t r**e and to please leave and shut the
door. That was embarrassing for both of them, but they
never talked about it. The Smedleys didn’t talk about
anything sexual.

Jo thought she got away with bestiality and just in the
nick of time. Sarah and John came out right after Barney
did. They needed a drink and so did Barney. They went to
the kitchen; Barney went to the toilet. They didn’t
notice his dick or her wet face bent over a text book
open to the section on rhetorical questions – her
assignment. Come up with five rhetorical questions and
use them in a dialog. She could think of one but
couldn’t use it.

When her parents came out, they acted like they hadn’t
seen her fucking the dog. That wasn’t easy. Alice took
an interest in Jo’s assignment and had to ignore the wet
face that Jo forgot about along with the mutt hairs
sticking to her mouth and cheeks. Jack couldn’t look her
in the face without busting a gut and rolling on the
floor. He went off to the living room and plopped down
in his easy chair. Sarah and John went right back to her
bedroom with sodas. No one said a word though that was a
no no. You can fuck, but no food or drink in the
bedrooms, except for Mister X. He, evidently, could do

Jo thought she pulled one off and thought that was
pretty cool until she went to piss and saw her face.
That face told her that her mother knew, must have seen,
and her silence as well as said, “Okay, now we both have
something on each other. I let Negroes fuck me in the
ass; you let dogs fuck you in the pussy. Now, we’re
even.” Until Jo realized that was what her message was,
she had been gripping the sink with white knuckles and a
deep red face. Gradually, she relaxed and broke a smile.
That was cool. They were cool. They were a cool mother
and daughter, they were. Maybe they could joke about it
or tease each other:

Hey, Mom, that washer sounds funny. Maybe you should
call the Maytag repair stud.


Jo, Barney looks like he could use some exercise. Why
don’t you take him into your bedroom and give him a


Mom, Maytag had to change their commercials because of
you. Their repairmen aren’t lonely anymore.


Jo, Barney keeps getting erections. Are you coming into


Do you know what would look good on you, Mom – a big
black buck with a twelve-inch cock.

Josephine Ester Smedley, you little bitch! Go to your
room and think about what you just said to me, and
you’ll sit there until I think you’ll never say anything
like that to me again. Now move!

Jo shrugged and said to her reflection, “That’s what
would happen, all right. You always have to push it,
don’t you. Never satisfied with a little. A lick in the
slit wasn’t enough. You had to see if he’d lick your
asshole. Well, you dumb bitch, I hope you’re satisfied
now. Your mother thinks you’re a bitch… and… you
have puppy juice running down your hind legs… fuck.”

While Jo was in the bathroom wiping puppy juice off her
legs, Alice, Jack, John, and Sarah were in the living
room. Sarah was seated on John’s lap and she had no
panties on. She wasn’t too obvious, but did seem to want
to see if they’d say anything. They didn’t. They were
Smedleys. John and Sarah were just about to get up to do
more fucking when the door to the loft opened and Karen
emerged. She was early this time, under one hour, a
first. She trudged down the stairs and went to the
kitchen instead of the bathroom, another first. She came
out with a beer, went back upstairs, and into the room,
yet another first.

In addition to all these firsts, Karen didn’t have her
dress zipped up in back. The dress just hung on her and
showed part of her bare ass and all of her bare back –
no bra, no panties, and barefoot besides. Except for the
dress which barely stayed on, she was naked. Karen would
not have come down that way unless she was told to come
down that way. She would have at least zipped up the
dress. She was obviously told not to. John and Sarah
didn’t care, but Jack and Alice did. What did it mean.

Alice finally had to say something. After John and Sarah
went off to fuck, she said, “Jack, what do you make of

“Well, either he wanted a beer in a hurry, or he wanted
to show us that he can fuck our daughter and we won’t
say shit about it.”

“I don’t think he was in that big a hurry. She wasn’t

“No, she moved pretty slow like he might have said take
your time.”

“What does he expect us to do?”

“We’re doing it… nothing.”

“Can we do nothing?”

“We’ve been doing nothing. Karen understands the
situation. Mister X isn’t Max Henley. He is three Max
Henleys. We can afford to toss out one Max Henley, but
not three Max Henleys rolled into one. Look, if she
couldn’t handle this, we’d have heard her whining about
it. She put up with Max’s shit for two years without
whining, and she sure didn’t enjoy that ugly, smelly,
old butt fucker.”

“She is whining, just not audible. Since he started
doing this, she no longer offers to take his trays up
for me. I take that back. Last weekend she did, but the
look she gave me was, ‘It’s not that I want to get
fucked, honest it’s not. I just want to help you by
taking his tray to him. Honest it is.’ Anyway, I told
her I’d handle the breakfasts and lunches.”

“That’s not silent whining. What we’re seeing is
embarrassment. We all know she’s putting out up there.
She knows that we know, and we know that she knows we
know. She feels like the family whore.”

“She is the family whore. By not relieving her of all
tray duty, I as much said, ‘You go up there and fuck him
every third day, but you don’t have to do more than
that.’ When he first assaulted her, I should have
assumed all tray duty and kept those girls away from him
– out of sight, out of mind. He gets so immersed in his
writing, if he didn’t see young pussy, he’d be no
trouble. Let’s face it. She’s the family whore, and
we’re using her to keep him happy. He seems satisfied if
we send up some little-girl pussy every third day.”

“All right, she’s the family whore, but she doesn’t have
to feel bad about it. You need to take her aside and
praise her.”

“I’m not going to praise her for being a whore. I’m her
mother. You praise her.”

“I can’t do that. That’s a mother’s place. At least tell
her about Jo. That’ll make her feel better.”

Alice broke into a big smile and quietly said, “Jo knows
that I know. She does now. She does if she looked in the
mirror, and she never passes a mirror without looking.”

“Jo, a fucking bitch. That’s fucking beautiful, and damn
can that bitch put a fucking on a mutt.”

“Hold your voice down. She could be coming down the
hall. She knows that I know but she doesn’t know that
you know and she knows I wouldn’t tell you. If she knew
that you knew she’d be crushed. Don’t ever look at her
like she’ s a bitch.”

“I’ll try, but if I see that mutt looking at her with
love-struck eyes and a hardon, I’m busting a gut.”

“I hate to tell her, but you don’t play the bitch for a
dog like Barney then expect to cut him off when you
don’t want to play. They don’t understand the concept.
Once a bitch, always a bitch.”

“As it should be. We can’t have her tormenting our dog.
We should take away her panties and keep her in

“Barney will not get that girl to wear pants, and he
just might get her out of her panties. Let nature take
its course. He’s doing fine so far without any help from
us. How about that Sarah showing us her pussy?”

“That’s a damn fine pussy, her finest feature. If I knew
she’d show me her pussy after fucks, she could have been
banging the boy all along.”

“I doubt she’ll show us her pussy after every fuck, but
I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. She is certainly
feeling her oats and her newfound sexual freedom. I
wouldn’t be surprised to see those two start walking
around naked.”

“They are certainly welcome to. Hell, he can fuck her on
my lap.”

Alice got up, took his hand, and tugged, saying, “If
you’re going to talk like that, you come with me.”

He came. Jo entered the living room in time to see their
asses go behind a bedroom door again. Once again, she
found herself alone with everyone else fucking… not
actually alone. Barney was there. He came up from behind
and began licking her behind like he owned it. She knew
she had a problem and panties would have helped. Her
soggy pair were in the laundry hamper. She would have
put on another pair, but Sarah and John were fucking in
her bedroom. She didn’t know why but they were.

Barney now thought she was his bitch and she didn’t know
how to tell him she wasn’t. Dropping to her all fours
didn’t convey that message. It did reinforce the notion
that she was and only needed a few good licks between
the legs to get her in a mating position. Jo figured she
had time to squeeze in a quickie, but she didn’t figure
he’d hit the wrong hole. Her first experience led her to
believe his aim was better, when the truth was he was
lucky to hit any hole on a first stab. More experience
would reveal that fact, and more experience seemed in
the offing, like it or not.

Jo didn’t want her butt fucked, but Jo got her butt
fucked, and a dog’s third mating is no quickie. For
fifteen minutes, he humped her ass, then stayed hung in
her ass for another five. Her mother came out after
three, walked up, and said, “Christ, Jo, if you want me
to help hide this, try hiding it yourself. Hell, take it
outside, but don’t do this in a family area unless you
want to bring this thing of yours out into the open. I
can’t imagine you wanting that, but it’s your life, your
reputation. We can live with a bitch if you can wear the
label. John is here. If he sees this, it’ll be all over
school by noon tomorrow.

“I may be old fashioned, but I’m thinking this wouldn’t
be cool. I know you’ll be off to California the day
after you graduate, and you don’t care what anyone
around here thinks, but I know you like being cool. Now,
I’ll go stall your father. You get Barney off you and
get decent. At least put some panties on. You don’t have
to. If you want to look and act like a bitch in heat,
that’s fine with me. I’m sure that would be fine with
everyone. I know Barney would like that. You have five
minutes, no more.”

Jo had her head hung between stiff arms, wishing she
were anywhere but a family area with a mutt up her ass
and no panties on, looking like a bitch in heat.
Whatever possessed her to kneel in a traffic pattern.
She knew the answer to that – a god damn, warm, slab-of-
liver tongue – fucking mutt. Jo realized she made a big
problem bigger by reinforcing a dog’s nasty habit. She
wondered if there were any point in trying to hide “her
thing,” not if Barney could drop her with a lick. She
wasn’t sure panties would make a difference. Jeans would
help, but no way was she putting her sexy legs in pants,
hot pants, maybe, but then he’d lick her bare legs and
she’d have to take them off.

His dick came out and she was free, free to decide what
to do. She stood and looked at him licking his shitty
dick, shook her head and said, “If you want to kiss me,
stop doing that… yuck.”

She felt like she needed to poop, so she went off to
try, though she knew any poop was packed way up there
around the colon bend. She sat on the toilet and waited.
She wondered what her mom did. She wondered if they
could talk about it:

Mom, how do you unpack your ass after you commit

I take a good healthy shit before I commit adultery,

Suppose you never know which hole he’s going to pick?

I have one hole for Jack and one for adultery.

With bestiality, there’s two and it’s pot luck.

Yes, I suppose it is. I guess you’ll need more fiber
in your diet if you’re going to be a good bitch for

Jo didn’t care much for shredded wheat, but a big bowl
sounded good at that moment.

When Jo entered the living room after thirty minutes on
the crapper, she saw her mom and dad talking with John
and Sarah. This time, Sarah wore only panties. John wore
only pants. She was not on John’s lap. She was up and
about, showing off in panties, showing off her fair
titties. Jo felt like hauling her set out and showing
her showoff ass up. That would plop her ass down on John
to keep him from getting up and onto his knees in a
begging position.

Jo came and sat across near her parents on the love seat
next to John. Sarah didn’t like that. She hopped on John
and took possession of both hands, placing her bare feet
in Jo’s lap. Jo pushed them off, looked to her Mom, and
said, “Is Karen still up there?”

“Yes, it has now been two hours and fifteen minutes, but
she has been down twice for beers.”

“Is she drinking beer, now?”

“No, the beer is for Mister X.”

Sarah said to Jo, “She has become quite the little

Jo said, “She looks up to her big sister and wants to be
like you.”

If Karen had said that, there would be a cat fight or
shouting match, but Sarah never fought with Jo. She was
sure Jo would one day be a big movie star or be married
to one. She idolized Jo and treated her like royalty. Jo
could do no wrong. She kissed up to Jo worse than Karen
kissed up to her parents, so when Jo said this, Sarah
smiled and said, “It’s nice having someone look up to

Jo said, “Then be nice to her, because she’s the only
one, and she has done you a big favor unless you like
doing it in the garage.”

“I’m being nice to her. She did me and John a big favor.
We like doing it in a bed.”

“Which reminds me. Why were you doing it in my bed?”

That put Sarah on the spot, because the reason was she
felt closer to Jo while lying in her bed. She could
smell Jo while getting fucked. The room reeked of the
scent of Jo. The room was Jo. Everything about that room
was Jo, and the bed was where Jo’s nude body rested.
Sarah had a bad case of the Jos and was not good at
coming up with a good lie off the top of her head. She
was stumped, but her mom saved her…or buried her, by
saying, “Your bed is you, Jo. Let’s just leave it at
that, okay.”

That did explain it, and Jo suspected as much. She had
no desire to humiliate Sarah. She was just curious. To
ease tension and Sarah’s humiliation, Jo brought Sarah’s
legs back to her lap and began massaging them and the
feet. All tension and embarrassment instantly drained
from Sarah as she entered heaven and went limp as a rag
doll, falling back, tits-up on John’s lap. John placed
one hand on a tit and sent the other into her panties.
What the hell, she was a whore. They all agreed on that.
No one said anything, so he tried to work the panties
down. Sarah wouldn’t lift until she felt Jo’s hands at
the waist band. Jo took them off and went back to
massaging. She massaged while watching John finger fuck
a whore.

That was the kind of thing Jo did that made everyone
adore her. Her parents beamed with pride and snuggled,
watching their favorite c***d give an excellent leg
massage to a fair whore with their name – The Smedley
girls: two fair whores and one excellent bitch – proud
parents, and getting horny again. These Smedley girls
were killing them. Jo knew and gave them a warm smile.
She also knew that her father knew, and he knew that she
knew he knew. It was in his smile and in hers, too.

Her father was okay with it. Her mother didn’t mind.
Sarah would worship her no matter what she did. John
would love to watch her fuck anything if it would mean
seeing her naked, or part naked, or seeing any part he
hadn’t already drooled on. Karen would love to have
someone take the attention off of her, and she was like
Sarah, a sister worshiper, only she didn’t have the Jos
as bad as Sarah did. Karen would steal soiled Jo panties
from the hamper, but would not dig through the bathroom
garbage for used Jo tampons, gift wrapped in toilet

Jo didn’t know what Sarah did with them, and didn’t want
to know, but she knew she was gift wrapping her bloody
tampons for Sarah. She felt like placing her gifts on
Sarah’s pillow to spare her the indignity of digging
through garbage for them. Sarah would not be insulted;
she’d be thrilled by the thoughtful act of kindness.
Sarah wanted Jo to know and was obvious about it. Jo
often saw Sarah retrieve her gift, but her mother
wouldn’t understand that act of kindness. That would
seem a bit odd, difficult to explain, and raise the
obvious question, “What does she do with them?” Jo
didn’t know, didn’t want to know, and was afraid her
mother would know and tell her, so she didn’t lay the
bloody rags on a pillow. She laid them neatly on top of
trash, instead. It’s the thought that counts.

John would blab all over school, but he had no
credibility. He still couldn’t get anyone to believe he
was fucking Sarah. They’d laugh in his face if he told a
Jo and the dog story, and Sarah would say it was a lie
and be pissed that he said such awful things. The only
other person to consider was a c***d molester they never
saw and who never saw much outside his loft. He’d
probably never know, and if he did, who gives a rat’s
ass. He fucks little girls and probably writes stories
about it and shares them with other perverts in other
lofts with other girls bringing them food and pussy.

Now that Jo had a chance to really think this through,
she realized that her problem was no problem. She and
Barney could be lovers, openly, out in the openly, in
family areas and traffic patterns. Who would object to
her mating with an animal? Who wouldn’t want to watch a
dog fuck her? Who wouldn’t want to see her French
kissing with a shaggy mutt? Why would anyone tell her to
stop teasing the dog with her naked pussy? Where else
can a girl fuck a dog if not in her own home in front of
her own family?

She realized all this while stroking Sarah’s wet inner
thighs, and also realized she had come up with five
rhetorical questions, but five she couldn’t use for
Freshman English. Why, she wondered, do all good
rhetorical questions relate to fucking dogs, and why is
my hand so fucking wet?

No one knows the answer to the first mystery, but her
hand was so fucking wet because John was pulling slit
slobber out of Sarah and wiping it on thigh flesh in
advance of Jo’s hand. Real cute. Jo went to get some to
wipe on his grinning face. While getting some from the
source, it suddenly dawned on Jo that this marked the
first time she ever had her hand between Sarah’s legs.
The first clue came when Sarah moaned, opened up her
legs, and lifted into the hand. The cunt seemed
desperate for more.

Jo was in a fix. She had a nice sloppy hand to get John
good with, but she’d have to abandon a sister in need to
do it. Jo being Jo took care of her sister. She began
working the clit though she felt queer doing it, didn’t
want to do it, and didn’t want to even more as Sarah
went wild and began writhing all over, making things
difficult. Jo hated to give smiling John the
satisfaction of watching her play with her sister’s
pussy, but what John thought or saw meant nothing. What
her parents saw and thought meant something, and this
lesbo sister action was aimed right at them.

They had a real good view, especially when Sarah threw
her right leg up on the back of the love seat and
dropped the left to the floor and out to the extreme,
making a splits-wide beaver that could piss and hit both
parents with a little hip action. Jo sat to the side
offering a clear view of the beaver and the hand action.
She soon realized that both parents either loved seeing
Sarah’s pussy or her hand working it, possibly both.
They seemed thrilled by this queer development.

At first, Jo wanted to hurry and get Sarah off, but on
seeing the interest in her parent’s faces, she slowed
down and brought her other hand into play, sending
fingers up the hole. They loved that but not as much as
Sarah did. She cried in ecstasy. Jo now masturbated
Sarah the way Jo masturbated Jo and it looked mighty
vulgar and got awfully messy. Sarah was flip-flopping
all around and had to be restrained by John so that Jo
could fuck her. Jo fucked her good, made her cum like a
busted radiator hose, then topped off this exhibition by
putting her face in it and sticking her tongue up it.
She figured eating pussy was no worse than fucking a
mutt. Nothing could hold Sarah for that. She was just
getting over one orgasm when another hit. The whole
engine blew.

Jo ate pussy through that orgasm and another ten minutes
later while everyone leaned in, pulled themselves up, or
craned necks to watch. She lapped, probed, licked, and
sucked Sarah’s snatch. She did all the things she
thought real lesbians do to include wallowing in a cunt.
She came away from that crotch looking like she had been
French kissing with Barney. This time, she had pubic
hairs stuck to her face. She looked funny. Jack tried
not to laugh. Her mother said, “Go wash your face, Jo.
Your sister is shedding.”

Jo got up, went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror –
indeed, she was. Jo thought that was pretty cool of her
mom – your sister is shedding – good use of bitch
metaphor, another sign of their bond. Cool. She tried to
think of black dick metaphors while washing her face.
All she could think of was black python, but how to use
it in a sentence that wouldn’t clue her father.

When Jo returned to the group, she knew what her sister
was going to say and she said it: I want to do you, now.

Jo politely declined. Sarah begged and pleaded. John
begged and pleaded. Her father said, “Oh, go on, Jo. You
see how badly she wants it. You can’t possibly be shy
with a body like yours. Go on, let your hair down,
relax, you’re among family. Let Sarah eat your pussy.”

And her mother added, “It’s just us and the dog, Jo. You
don’t mind if Barney sees you naked, do you?”

That was a lousy metaphor but it did the trick. Jo said
while reaching for the zipper on her skirt, “Fine, I’ll
let her eat my pussy, and I’m not bashful, especially
not in front of Barney.” Once naked, she stopped at
Barney, squatted, and placed her wide beaver in his
muzzle, while roughing up his tired head, saying, “I’m
not bashful with you, am I boy… no her not… her’s
not bashful one tiny bit with you.”

He gave her cunt a good sniffing and a few courtesy
licks, but he didn’t want to start anything with this
bitch who obviously did. That demonstration left Sarah
and John looking to each other with expressions that
said, “She sure ain’t bashful around Barney.”

Jo made her point then stood ready to make another. Her
father said, “Lie back on John’s lap exactly the way
Sarah was.”

Jo shrugged. This was John’s lucky day, but Sarah
appeared to be the most excited. Jo sat and laid back,
placed her legs out and got a face in her beaver. John’s
hands took her by the tits, and Barney padded over to
lick her face. She didn’t want to make that many points,
but the licking going on at both ends of her body, along
with John’s handy work on breast flesh and nipples,
changed her mind. They were soon kissing and thrilling

Kissing made Barney horny and that became evident as he
tried to climb over her with a fully erect cock hanging
out of the sheath. That cock and the back end of Barney
were crowding Sarah. After accidentally licking Barney’s
cock for the third time, Sarah whined, “Mom, get Barney
out of here. He’s trying to fuck her while I’m trying to
eat her. I keep licking his damn dick.”

“Maybe that’s why he’s trying to fuck her. Why don’t you
get out of the way?”

“What, and let Barney fuck Jo!”

“You could stay there and lick them while they fuck.
It’s up to you, but he is determined to fuck her, and
she obviously wants him to.”

Sarah thought, saw the truth in her mother’s outlandish
words, then eased out so the horny mutt could fuck the
horny bitch. Barney eased in, got centered, and got in
the right hole thanks to John. Now, John had a story to
tell. Jo Smedley fucked a big dog right on his lap,
fucked him good, too. They even French kissed while they
fucked. John was tickled pink until he realized he’d
never be able to peddle that line of bullshit and all
this was just going to get his lap wet with mutt fuck.
Still, it was pretty neat, and Jo was naked on his lap.
No one would believe that, either. Still, Jo was naked
on his lap getting fucked by a mutt. He believed it.

They all believed it, and they all included Karen who
entered the group unnoticed though she was stark naked
with cum running down both legs and some in her hair.
Mister X wanted a light for his cigarette. Jack lit it,
handed it back to her, and went back to watching Jo get
fucked. Mister X’s cigarette burned down to the filter
in Karen’s fingers. They were now finished, but Karen
had no cigarette to bring to Mister X. Alice saw the
problem, reached for her pack, lit one, handed it to
Karen, and said, “Take him that. It’s a menthol, but
that’s all I’ve got. If he doesn’t want that, bring one
of his and I’ll light it for him.”

“Can I take the lighter? There’s more in the junk

“No, if he wanted a lighter, he’d have sent you for a
lighter. He just wanted to send you. We got the message,
now go deliver ours unless you don’t want to. You don’t
have to, Karen. You don’t have to do anything. We can
get by without Mister X’s money, we just can’t get by
well. We owe you for what you’ve done so far, and we’re
all very grateful, but we don’t expect you to do this
for us.”

Barney had just dismounted and wandered off. Jo had been
watching this exchange. She remained sprawled on John’s
lap. With Barney gone, John went for the pussy, got
three fingers in, and amused himself with the mess. He
still played with the titties. He had both hands full as
Jo called Karen over. Karen came up and looked Jo over,
especially in the crotch area. Jo took her hand to get
her attention. Karen looked to the other end of Jo as Jo
said, “Don’t do this so that I can have nice things. I
wouldn’t want them at your expense. If you want to serve
the family, I think that’s fine, just don’t do this for
me alone. I want to second everything Mom said. We owe
you for what you’ve done so far. I’m proud of you. I’m
very proud, and you don’t need to go back up there to
make me any prouder. Now, Sarah has something she’d like
to tell you, don’t you Sarah?”

Sarah got up off the arm of the love seat, came up, and
got down on her knees and hugged Karen around the waist,
laying her cheek on Karen’s mound with lips touching
Karen’s lips. Karen looked down on that sight with eyes
of wonder, then astonishment as her sister turned her
head inward and planted a kiss right on the lips, a
French kiss, three in a row to a fucked pussy – WOW!

Sarah planted the kisses, then disengaged and sat back
on her heels, taking both of Karen’s hands in both of
hers, saying, “I owe you more than anyone.

Now, I can be a whore in my own home and be accepted as
a whore. You’re not the whore, Karen. I am. I’d love to
be serving Mister X the way you do, but he picked you
over me. You’re prettier, sexier, cuter, and younger,
but you’re no whore. Maybe that’s why he picked you over
me. He obviously doesn’t want a whore. I will always
look up to you, Karen, even if I have to get down on my
knees to do it.”

Alice was crying and Jack was tearing up. John stopped
fucking around and just sat there. Karen looked like a
new girl, full of pride and pleasure, absent all shame.
She pulled Sarah up and hugged her, hugged her tight.
They both hugged each other tight. Their war was over
forever. Karen looked up, their eyes met, and they
kissed, not sexually, softly, a the-war-is-over kiss,
and then they eased apart.

Karen stubbed out what was left of the cigarette, took
another from her Mom’ s pack, boldly lit it herself,
puffing it to a cinder, coughing, then she looked around
to one and all, finally to the parents and said, “I’m
going back up, but I may be coming right back down
again. I don’t think he likes menthols.” She left but
paused at the stairs, turned, and said, “I’ll deliver
all of his meals from now on, except when I’m in school.
I’ll also bring him whatever he wants from now on, or if
he just wants my pussy, I’ll bring him that, too. I’ll
keep him here paying rent.”

She went half way up, paused, turned, looked to Sarah,
and said, “And Sarah, I’m the whore. You do it for free.
I’m only doing this for the money. I’m the whore. I just
want to get that straight. As for looking up to me,
that’s fine when I’m going up or down stairs, but if we
are on level ground, you are my big sister and you’ll
always be my big sister no matter how tall I get. I’ll
always look up to you even when you get down on your
knees. [she headed back up, paused, turned] Especially
when you get on your knees. [she took three steps and
turned] That was really neat what you did. I really
really like the way you kiss and where you kiss. [with
her hand on the door knob] You do owe me.” With that
said, she entered the room.

Everyone downstairs was smiling. Jo got up and had to
pry John’s hands off of and out of her body. Sarah
helped, then helped wipe Jo. Sarah wiped very well and
dried with her tongue. She had a bad case of the Jos.
Sarah finally had to be pried off so that Jo could sit
on her Daddy’s lap the way she used to, though she never
used to do that naked. She placed her legs in her
mother’s lap, but only after Alice patted her lap
indicating that she wanted them there. And there she
sat, hugging her daddy around the neck, feeling his dick
get hard the way it used to while her mother massaged
legs like she never used to, all the way to the crotch,
mostly in the crotch.

Jo said to her daddy, “You know, if Mom would look the
other way, you could be my first human.”

Before he could say anything, Alice said, “Don’t I get
to watch? I let you watch me and the Maytag repairman.”

Jo laughed and said, “All right, Mother, you get to
watch… for two minutes, no more.”

“That’s not fair. You got to watch him fuck my ass for
at least five minutes.”

“I’m sure it seemed like five minutes to you. Seemed
like thirty seconds to me… all right, you can watch
Daddy fuck me for five minutes and you can play with his
cock and my pussy while he’s fucking me. We may as well
even the score.”

“That’s all well and good, but I’m afraid he’s down for
the count.”

“Not according to my butt, he’s not.”

Jack said, “Your mother is right. It’s up, but it’s a
standing dead man.”

“All right. I’ll take a rain check.”

Her mother was getting into playing with pussy, not
masturbating, just playing, feeling, exploring, amusing
herself, so Jo gave her a good spread and settled back
in her Father’s arms to watch along with him. When Jo
did that, Alice got serious, placed one of Jo’s legs
behind her back and moved the other out more, making a
splits-wide beaver that she used both hands on. She
still wasn’t masturbating Jo, just playing intently and
effectively without shame or inhibition while Jack
played with his daughter’s remarkable titties. It was
like she offered herself up as a little sex doll for
them, and they accepted the offer.

They expected Karen to come right back down but she
didn’t come down for ten minutes. When she did, she was
naked with a face full of runny cum, holding another
unlit cigarette. She came over and handed the cigarette
to her mother, saying, “You better light it. If I put it
to my lips it’ll get soggy.”

Alice took the cigarette and reached for the lighter
while saying, “So, he jacked-off on your face. Is that a

“No hardly, and I think he wants you to see this.”

She turned and showed her butt and what was written on

Alice read that while lighting the cigarette, then said,
“Kinky bastard.”

Karen faced her parents again and said, “You should
raise his rent. He’s loaded. He has uncashed checks just
lying around, some for over a thousand. He’s nuts about
me. He’d pay through the nose.”

Alice said, “Turn around and bend over. Jack, hand me a

Alice wrote in capital letters to match his, only she
used the other cheek and wrote: RAISE YOUR RENT

Karen felt what she wrote, stood, and smiled, took the
cigarette, and went up. She came down with something
written over her pussy: HOW MUCH?

Alice wrote on the inner thighs while Karen made a
splits-wide beaver on the coffee table, $1000 with the
$10 on the right inner thigh and the 00 on the left,
pussy in the middle. Off she went, and back and forth
she went, serving as a communication medium with her
body serving as a note pad.


This, they had to discuss, but Karen said she’d bear him
a bastard if they could get a grand out of him. Alice
wrote on her belly:




Karen came down looking like a Greyhound bus station
bathroom wall with bills rolled up and stuffed in her
pussy. She came up to her mother and bowed her legs.
Alice took the bills – four hundred – not bad. She
smiled and said, “Karen, you did great.”

“Yeah, but look at me. I can’t go to school looking like
this. Dirty books aren’t allowed in school.”

Alice went back to fingering Jo’s wide spread, not
finger fucking, more a sensual massage of the internal
organs, while saying, “Tomorrow is Friday. You can stay
home. By Monday, you’ll be good as new. Just don’t show
anyone your pussy or they’ll know how much it rents for.
I laid that on rather thick. I think you’ll wear your
price tag for a week or more. I might even touch it up.
I enjoyed placing a price tag on your sexy pussy.”

Karen watched several fingers massaging Jo’s liver while
saying, “Great! Keep touching it up. I’ll wear it for as
long as you like. I think I’ll stay naked until Monday

Jack said, “We wish you would, and keep reminding us
what you rent for. Makes my dick hard.”

Jo said, “You’ll be fun to read and re-read. Sarah will
kiss a thousand dollar pussy until her lips turn blue.”

Sarah was on John’s lap making out but listening. On
hearing this, she broke a kiss to say, “I sure will.
Bring that grand pussy over here.”

Karen stayed put, still staring at Jo’s pussy as she
said, “She’d kiss your pussy till her lips bled. You
have a ten-thousand dollar pussy between your legs, Jo.
I’d kiss your pussy even after Barney had his dick in

Jo reached out to place a hand on Karen’s cheek, saying,
“You are so sweet… and sticky.”

Karen laughed as Jo wiped her sticky palm on her
father’s slacks. Karen went back up to the room, but
stopped by Sarah for a pussy French kiss, three in a

The Smedleys became a decadent lot in a very short time,
but that is bound to happen when you combine need,
greed, money, four pussies, three dicks, and a dog under
one roof. They weren’t going to sit there wishing or
licking their butts.

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