Three men meet two beautiful women in the bar

Jenny sat on the barstool talking with her friend, Amy,
about what had been going on in her life the past few
weeks with work and her home life. She didn’t get to
get out much and being a newspaper reporter was no easy
job. It was Wednesday night at Michael’s and it was
ladies night. Ladies get in for free and drink their
first drink for free. She had long awaited this night
to get away from the humdrum of work and just have some


Timothy was with his friends at Michael’s on Wednesday
night too. Being single for several years had really
started to look bad on his part. His wife had left him
several years ago for someone with more money, but with
a horrible attitude. More power to her, were his
thoughts. He waited on a nearby lounge chair at the
table while his friends enjoyed their booze and shot
some pool. As the band played loud and smoke filled the
air, Timothy noticed Jenny and her friend, Amy, sitting
across the room at the bar.

He studied their glasses squinting hard through the
smoke filled air to determine their poison. He finally
asked the bar waitress what they were drinking and
asked her to refill their glasses and put the bill on
his tab, but to remain anonymous for now. She smiled
and said agreed and walked over to the bartender and
told him quietly what to do. Timothy saw the bartender
grant his wish. From across the room he could see that
Jenny and Amy gave the bartender a strange look.

“We didn’t ask for these,” Jenny told the bartender.

“I know,” said the bartender, “but apparently someone
else wanted you to have them.”

“Really,” asked Jenny and Amy simultaneously.

“Who was it,” asked Amy anxiously.

“Can’t reveal that information,” replied the bartender.
“Perhaps he’ll reveal himself sooner or later. Enjoy.”

As the night went on, Jenny and Amy got out on the
dance floor and danced to a couple of songs. No guys-
just having fun like girls do. He liked the way their
bodies moved in the dim lit room, the way their hips
swayed from side to side, the way their beautiful legs
looked on three inch heeled shoes, and the way their
long brown hair hung and swayed with their bodies. He
bought them a couple more drinks. Soon, Timothy’s
friend, Randy, noticed him staring at Jenny and Amy.

With beer on his breath and staggering around, he
placed his hand over on Timothy’s shoulder and said,
“Man, why don’t you go over there and get ’em?”

“Man, shut up,” scolded Timothy.

With slurred words, he kept going, “Cuz, if you don’t I
will go over there and get ’em myself.”

“Man, play pool, I think it’s your turn,” Timothy said
trying to distract him.

Timothy was careful not to drink much, but enough to
keep himself thinking and calm.

He called over to his friend, Roger who was still
sober, “Hey man, we got everything we needed don’t we?”

“Yeah, man,” Roger shouted back, “Why? Have you found
two yet?”

Timothy nodded.

“Ok!” shouted Roger. “Just let me know when you are

Timothy nodded again.

Soon, Jenny and Amy made their way back over to their
seat. It was taken. No big deal. So, they grabbed a
table just right across from Timothy and his friends.
Their glasses were almost empty again.

Laughing, Jenny said, “God, I haven’t had this much fun
in years. But lets not get drunk. I think I’ll have a

“It’s on me,” Timothy blurted before she could reach in
her pocket and pull out some change.”

“So, it was you,” asked Jenny.

“Yeah. It was me,” Timothy admitted. “How are you
ladies doing tonight? You look like you are having a
blast. You must be getting rid of the work blues.”

“Thanks,” said Jenny, “And, yes, we are.”

“I’m Jenny, and this is my friend Amy,” she said,
reaching out her hand to his.

Timothy firmly shook their hands standing slightly and
then he sat back down in his chair. They talked for a
brief period of time, before he realized that they
still had not got the coke that they wanted. He went
over to the bar, ordered their drinks and reached in
his pocket, paid the bartender for all items on his
tab, and slipped his hand back down in his pocket
again. He pulled his hand back out and opened their
drinks for them as he was walking back to where they
were. Meanwhile, Roger, his friend looked at him and
the two girls and gave Timothy a nod. His friends
continued to play pool.

After a while, Jenny and Amy let Timothy know that they
were feeling a bit sick and tired and needed to go
home. Perhaps it was the drinks or the atmosphere
making them sick. He asked if they needed a ride home.
They readily agreed feeling that they would be too
tired and sick to drive. Timothy linked arms with both
Jenny and Amy and walked them out of the bar. As soon
as they got out to the car, Jenny and Amy blacked out.
Roger and Randy slowly followed out behind him, got in
their own car and left.

(Day 1)Jenny was awakened by the sound of Amy’s

Jenny yells out to her friend, “What’s wrong?” before
realizing that she was tied down.

As they looked around themselves, they both saw that
their arms were strapped down beside their head. They
both seemed to be on a examination tables about three
feet high, but it was most unusual that they had both
their legs, spread and bent at the knees over a metal
bar and some tubing that appeared to be like a
catheter. Where were they?

“Help, Help, Someone please help us,” cried Jenny.

As Amy looked around, she noticed up on the wall, there
was a security camera directed straight to where they
lay. Someone is watching us, Amy thought.

“Jenny,” Amy screamed, “Hush, someone is watching us.
They know we are here. Look up on the wall in front of

As Jenny looked up, she too, saw the surveillance
cameras and began screaming.

Timothy walked into the room.

“Screaming will not help,” he sternly said.

“Where are we? What’s wrong with us? Why are we on
examining tables? How did we get here,” questioned Amy
and Jenny.

“Are you hungry? Can I get you some breakfast,” he

“You can answer our questions,” Jenny replied.

“Under the circumstances, I don’t have to answer your
questions, and I don’t have to feed you. Now, do you
want breakfast or else,” he asked, politely.

“Or else, what,” asked Jenny, frantically.

“Ok, ladies, this is what is going on, and before you
scream, complain, or fight, you do not have a choice in
this matter. As you were enjoying yourselves last
night, I singled you out among the crowd. Both of you
are single, from what you told me, and I apparently see
no rings. Both of you, also, have isolated yourselves
from your families, from what you let me know last
night at the bar. I thought you would be perfect for
this experiment, since you are both in the same league,
and it is always nice to have a friend to go through
things with you,” Timothy calmly told them.

“But, you haven’t told us anything,” Amy frantically

“By the way,” Timothy asked, “When was y’all’s last

“Two weeks ago,” mumbled Jenny, frightened having
realized that this would be a most fertile time for
her. Amy remembered that her period had been a week

“I’ll also tell you this,” added Timothy, “I have
performed this experiment before on two other women
like you and they refused. They are were just found
this morning in your car on the side of the road burned
to a crisp where they would be identified as you by the
tag number, and your clothes. So, no one is missing you
or will be hunting for you. As far as the world is
concerned, you are dead and that can be arranged to
really happen if you do not do as you are told.”

As Jenny was about to scream as well as Amy too, Roger
and Randy came up behind them and ball-gagged them

“I don’t want any dispute from y’all,” said Timothy as
he watched their eyes glare with anger and rage at him.
Now, here is my game plan, as you both have been
waiting to hear. You can scream all you want when I
leave, but you will listen to me carefully is why you
are both ball-gagged. I have been craving milk � sweet,
creamy, baby titty milk, and my ex-wife refused to have
c******n with me. You both are hooked to pumps. That is
not a catheter, mind you. You both have a pump that you
share. You ARE friends, right? You don’t mind sharing,
do you? However, here’s the way it works. This pump is
designed to cut on when it is submersed in an inch of
cum. Now, both of you also have one hole right under
you with tubing draining straight to the pump, so the
more you cum or have draining creampies, the more the
pump runs to pump cum up in you.”

Timothy, Randy, and Roger both stand right in front of
Jenny and Amy. Simultaneously, they all pull out and
present a small 35mm film canister filled with cum.
They each bend down and pour all of it into their
device about one quarter inch from the red line to
start the pump.

Timothy reaches down and picks up the clear bowl and
shows them how close to the red line it is filled.
Then, Timothy tilts it and makes the amount of cum
touch the red line. As he does, the pump kicks on and
cum starts pumping up the tubing as he holds it. Cum
flows up the tube to the first loop draped over the
short IV poles holding them right beside it. It only
has about two feet in both tubing before it reaches
their pussies.

Randy and Roger both elevate their tables at the head
making it easier for cum to flow out of their virgin
pussies into the hole designated to catch their mixed
juices. They then unball-gag them and reach between
their legs and erect a type of vibrator to place
directly on their clits with adjustable settings.
Timothy smiles at them and winks and leaves the room.

“Please let us go,” begged Amy to Roger. “I wanted to
go back and finish school. I don’t want c******n.” She
began to sob. Roger kept silent and so did Randy. They
finished setting up the devices and before leaving the
room turned the vibrators on and Randy spoke up.

“Remember, whoever cums first fills up the other

They both head up the stairs out of the basement and
out the door.

Jenny and Amy were both being turned on. They tried
hard to think of the most gruesome things to keep their
minds off of their sexual pleasure, but it was way too
difficult because of the vibrators constant humming
movement on their clits. At first, their moans and sobs
of fear soon became moans of pleasure. Jenny knew that
her sexual desire was weak and she began to moan with
delight at the pleasure the device was giving her.

“Stop,” cried Amy, “you are going to cum and get me
pregnant. Don’t you see how far that cum is from my

“I can’t help it,” cried Jenny. Those words even
sounded sexy to her. “It feels so good, and I have
never had a man to give me pleasure. Oh, I’m going to
cum, I’m going to cum.”

Jenny leaned her head back and moaned loudly from the
intense pleasure. Her small virgin pussy grew so wet,
and as her orgasm ended, Amy was relieved to see that
it didn’t startle the pump, but she was growing wet
herself. The vibration seemed to feel stronger to her
on her table more than ever as the hum got a bit louder
on its own. Amy’s clit started throbbing with desire,
and her pussy grew wet as well. She finally arched her
back and her mouth flew open as she moaned with pure
ecstasy, and had her first orgasm.

Amy did not realize how wet she had gotten from
watching Jenny have her orgasm, and after five seconds,
the pump kicked on and Jenny’s pussy got filled with
cum first. It was exciting as warm cum filled her
virgin pussy, and as her tight pussy throbbed she could
feel the small tubing that only her little hymen held
in. Jenny watched as the cum flowed up through the
tubing and went directly into her pussy. Then after
Jenny was filled with only God knew who’s cum, it
drained out of her flowing down the tight crack of her
ass and on into the hole beneath her. Only a matter of
seconds later, Amy screamed, “no,” as cum flowed on up
her tubing and went into her pussy as well as the pump
continued to run.

It seemed like the more Jenny thought about how she was
being filled with cum, the more excited she got, and as
the vibration on their clits kept going she had orgasm
after orgasm. The same applied to Amy. The more Amy
watched her friend, Jenny, bask with pleasure, the more
excited she became and her orgasms intensified. About
twenty minutes into their excitement the pump continued
to run non-stop, and cum was shared and multiplied
between the two.

After about ten more minutes, Randy entered the room
and changed the setting on the vibrators between their
legs after watching the surveillance in another room.
The pump had stopped. This time the vibration device
not only, hummed on their clits it moved in a circular
motion to excite them even more. Randy could not help
to get extremely horny over seeing two beautiful girls
with wet, virgin pussies and remembering he had been
told not to fuck them, he leaned down to lick Jenny’s
clit before turning the vibration devices on. He
allowed his tongue to flicker over Jenny’s clit and
this only made her wetter.

As Jenny basked in this delight, she grew even more
wetter kicking the pump back on and then her and Randy
both watched as cum flowed up into Amy’s wet pussy. As
he watched it, he went over and licked her pussy as
well making her wetter and wetter with pleasure, and
then he laughed slyly as he watched the cum flow back
into Jenny’s pussy from the pump. Randy left the room
after turning on their next vi
bration devices and joined Timothy and Roger in the
surveillance room to watch the girls delight at their
new setting on their devices.

“What the fuck was that,” scolded Timothy in anger to
Randy as he returned.

“What, man, I-I was just getting excited�,”stammered

“You don’t fucking touch those girls,” scolded Timothy,
“or I’ll beat your fucking ass.”

“I’m sorry,” Randy sorrowfully replied.

Timothy and his friends watched carefully as the girls
basked in the sinful pleasures of their small machines
delighting their pussies. They had seemed to forget in
all of their pleasure that they were both off of their
contraceptives and they could be getting pregnant. As
they watched they each stroked their massive cocks with
pleasure as the girls cummed and cummed.

After an hour of continuous pleasure of their
mechanisms, Timothy came into their room clad in a
black muscle shirt and a pair of jeans and shades
holding up two bags of food from Burger King.

“I figured y’all are about hungry right now,” he
announced, “besides, you both are going to need to get
all the nutrition that you can get to support my

Jenny and Amy forgetting their previous pleasure soon
realized that they were being filled with cum and were
not receiving their birth control pills after his
statement. There was nothing that they could say or do.
He had threatened their lives if they did not do as he
requested and they knew that according to the world,
they no longer existed. Roger entered the room as he
was requested by a cell phone call. He walked over to
Amy’s bed and fed her the whopper, fries and the coke
that Timothy had ordered for her.

Timothy had taken partiality to Jenny, since he knew
that cum had entered her first and she was the weakest.
He slowly fed her the same meal that Amy was indulging
and studied her features as he fed her. He reached down
and stroked her small pussy along her bikini line.

“How does that pussy feel after such pleasure and
knowing that it is being filled with cum,” he asked her

“How could you do this to me,” asked Jenny, “Why
couldn’t you just find someone else who was willing to
have c******n?”

If you really think of it, Sweetheart, I am not doing
this to you,” Timothy responded. “You’re little friend
right over there is getting you pregnant. Every time
she cums, she is filling your pussy with cum, and here
is the other thing. You don’t know whose cum it is. You
don’t know if it is black, white, Mexican, or anything.
All you know is that soon you will get pregnant and so
will your friend Amy and you both will satisfy my
thirst for sweet, baby milk to come straight from the

As he made his final statement, he stroked her across
her erect little nipples.

Jenny was a beautiful girl and had never imagined what
she would look like pregnant. She knew that a few of
her friends and acquaintances back at the office had
become pregnant and looked so great and cute in their
little maternity outfits. Jenny had never given thought
to being a mother, though she had probably dreamed
about it when she was young.

Now, being single and without a job due to her absence,
she wondered how she would manage. What if Timothy
would throw her out on the streets and along with Amy?
What would people think when they saw her again knowing
that she was killed in a tragic accident and burned

Timothy and Roger both allowed Jenny and Amy the
opportunity to use the restroom after unhooking them
from their insemination device. The boys followed Jenny
and Amy up out of the basement and down the hall to the
restroom. They were in a beautiful house with framed
modern art and a vintage sense of style. As Jenny
waited for Amy to use the restroom, she wondered to
herself waiting along beside Timothy and Roger, do
these guys actually live here together or what?

Soon Amy and Jenny had both had their bathroom
privileges and were allowed fifteen minutes of
television time to sit on the couch in the nude and
watch television. Their fatal collision was still being
reported and their funeral arrangements were being made
according to the media. It was too tragic for Jenny and
Amy to watch and they both were led back down to the

However, this time would be different. Jenny was laid
upon her examination table, but neither her arms nor
her legs would be bound this time. She noticed before
she was laid down that there was a black restraint belt
around the center of the examination table hanging
down. Jenny was placed back upon the examination table
and this time, Amy was picked up by Timothy and Roger
and laid in a 69 position atop of Jenny. Roger and
Timothy fastened the strap across Amy’s center back and
they were instructed by Timothy to eat each other out
as he reinserted their tubing.

At first, this was most difficult for Amy and Jenny to
do. They had been best friends since high school and
had not thought about being lesbian or anything of that
nature, but they knew that they had to do as they were
told or the result would be fatal. Roger, Timothy and
Randy all appeared and emptied once again, their film
canister of cum into the clear container. Timothy did
not tease the pump this time.

He just simply told them, “You know what to do,” and
left the room. Jenny studied Amy’s little open vagina
for a few brief moments. She had seen porno flicks
where women ate each other out, and it gave her an
extent of pleasure, but she never realized that she
would be doing so. Timothy burst through the door and
said, “By the way, if you rip out the tubing from
either vagina, you will suffer the consequences.” He
then slammed the door and left them to bask in their
own pleasure.

Jenny closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue and
nervously tasted Amy’s small pussy. She licked it
again. The third time, she opened her eyes and began
licking it. It was exciting and soon Amy began moaning
with pleasure. She too, began licking and they soon
were both giving sweet pleasure to each other. Saliva
mixed with each other’s cum and soon their pussies grew
wet enough and enough cum was secreted to start the
pump again.

This time they both got to watch as cum flowed up the
tubing into each other’s vaginas and they got the
opportunity to taste a bit of its bittersweet
saltiness. Neither one had ever tasted cum, and they
both loved it at first taste. Their tongues licked
rapidly over each other’s clits and gave each other
powerful orgasm. Jenny flickered her tongue just as
Randy did over Amy’s swollen, tiny, pink clit and Amy
moaned with delight.

“Oh, lick my pussy, Jenny, eat my pussy,” moaned Amy
with intense pleasure.

Amy licked all around and all over Jenny’s throbbing
pussy. She sucked Jenny’s little clit and pulled it out
and let it “pop” back in place. Amy then leaned her
head up and began ramming her tongue into Jenny’s
little virgin pussy and tongue-fucked her with powerful
strokes until she leaned her head back and moaned with
orgasmic pleasure.

Jenny moaned and groaned with delight. Their hands soon
began exploring each other’s bodies and rubbed and
stroked each other’s tits. Amy began spanking Jenny’s
tight, little ass naughtily and telling her that that
was for getting her into this fucking predicament.
Jenny moaned with each spat on the ass, and begged for
more. As she begged, Amy would lick her more and more.

Eat my pussy and suck my clit,” she begged Amy.

Amy spit on Jenny’s tiny fuckhole and rammed her tongue
in it and then sucked her warm saliva back in her
mouth. She found this so pleasurable and then began
spitting on certain areas of Jenny’s ass and slapping
it hard. This pleased Jenny as well and she bit her lip
and moaned. Jenny then turned her tongue sideways and
began licking Amy’s clit from side to side. The girls
both kept the pump running for fifteen more minutes in
their cunt-licking pleasure until they both wore out
and fell asleep.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Timothy calmly scolded them as he walked
through the door. “No sleeping during my experiments.”

Roger walked in behind him. Timothy grabbed the clear
container of cum and emptied it in the trash. This
time, Randy didn’t enter the room to present his
canister of cum. Only Roger and Timothy had containers
of cum. They emptied it in the container and Timothy
set the pump back in it. Now it was only a half inch
from the red line. Both Jenny and Amy didn’t question,
after all of their pleasure, in reality, they still did
not want to become pregnant.

“I can’t wait to find out who gets pregnant first,”
said Timothy. “This time you only have a half an inch
of cum. You still have to make the pump move on its
own, and I know that both of you still have a fuckload
of cum up in those pussies, so it won’t be too
difficult, but I have set your pump on a timer to cut
on whenever it is ready and here’s another fun part,
you also don’t know who cum will be pumped into first.
You get to watch it still. Isn’t that exciting?”

Roger and Timothy reached beside the examination tables
and pulled out the storage drawers that were filled
with many different vibration devices, dildos,
massagers, and other fuck toys. They pulled out a
vibration device that they both agreed on to thoroughly
please both girls beyond measure. Timothy hooked up
Jenny’s device as Roger simultaneously hooked up Amy’s.

The boys started up the devices. This time, the device
was one designed to fit the clit between its edges and
vibrate up and down the walls of the clit rapidly. It
also had a heat feature which made it even more
pleasurable. The girls hands were strapped down again
and Roger and Timothy made their way out of the room.

Jenny and Amy did not want to get pregnant and tried
once again to resist the device’s pleasure, but it was
too great. Jenny again was the first to cum and Amy
closed her eyes as she thought the machine would start,
remembering Timothy’s warnings. She opened her eyes.
The pump didn’t cut on. Amy soon could not resist the
feeling of her clit being vibrated beyond belief and
she too let out a loud moan as her hands were clenched
in a tight fist. This time the pump kicked on, but only
long enough to deliver cum up the tube only about two
inches from Jenny’s pussy. Amy began apologizing.

“I’m so sorry, Jenny. I’m so sorry�I can’t help it,”
she said aloud as her moans turned into fearsome sobs.

Jenny moaned once again and arched her slender back as
she had an orgasm that seemed out of this world. She
screamed because the device did not stop moving as she
had the orgasm. It seemed to last and last. She f****d
herself as hard as she could on it wanting it to go
faster wanting the cum to go in Amy’s pussy first.
Roger and Timothy were beginning to turn the girls
against each other. As Jenny moaned and moaned with
endless pleasure, Amy grew wetter and wetter watching
her friend Jenny with delight.

She was becoming a little lesbian slut on her table for
her friend. Her naked breasts and her tiny shaved pussy
being filled with some other man’s cum became a sexual
icon for her fantasies. While she watched Jenny enjoy
this vibrator as if she would some man who could give
her the fuck of her life, Amy’s pussy grew wet and soon
she was moaning and screaming with pleasure as her
vibrator moved up and down her swollen, pink clit. It
made her pussy throb with intense pleasure, and the
pump kicked on and then pumped a massive load into both
of their pussies at the same time.

Jenny and Amy both thought that they could outsmart the
pump, but it had outsmarted them and inseminated both
of their fertile and waiting wombs. They felt helpless.

“Shower time,” announced Timothy as he and Randy
entered the room.

Timothy took Jenny to a shower in the upstairs bathroom
and removed both his and her clothes as Randy took Amy
to the bathroom downstairs and removed his and her
clothes as well. Jenny looked down as Timothy pulled
his underwear down and revealed his huge, manly tool.
She hadn’t seen a man’s cock in a long time. She
reached out to touch it as it was erect and was rubbing
its head on her leg. Timothy lightly popped her hand.

“You can’t have that yet,” he slyly remarked. “You have
to work for that. You have to have a baby growing in
that tummy before you can have that.”

They stepped in the shower. Timothy took a sponge and
some bodywash and began lathering Jenny’s body
underneath the warm running water. He massaged the
sponge over her beautiful breasts and on down her
slender stomach. He imagined it being filled with his
baby and her breasts leaking milk as the sudsy warm
water ran down on them. Clear cum started dripping from
his erect cock. He teased her with it running it up and
down her ass and back.

“Don’t you wish you could have that big cock in your
little pussy,” he softly whispered as he teased her and
run his soapy fingers between her legs and gently
stroking her soft pussy lips. “Don’t you wish that that
big cock could give you the same pleasure as your
device does in the basement?”

Jenny, humiliated, did not answer. Meanwhile, in the
other bathroom, Randy had begun washing Amy and made
her wash herself to keep her hands busy as he stroked
his big cock in front of her. She was horny and she was
also told that she could not have it either.

He instructed her sternly as what to do. He told her to
place her leg upon the low shelving in the shower and
run her wet fingers down and massage her tiny clit. As
she obeyed his every command he stroked his big wet
cock under the warm running water.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he whispered, “Rub that little

As he commanded her, he stroked his cock harder and
harder and as she let out a moan of pleasure he leaned
his head back and shot cum all over the front of her
tiny pussy as the shower water streamed down her body
and slowly washed it all away.

“You like that cum, don’t you,” he questioned her as
they stepped out of the shower. He took a towel and
began drying her off from head to toe. As he knelt down
in front of her to dry off her legs and her tiny pussy,
he noticed the cum that had lingered in her pussy begin
to flow down her inner thigh. He stuck out his tongue
and lapped up the cum flowing out of her and then
placed his face within her crotch as she spread her
legs standing up, and ate and sucked out every bit of
the cum he could catch.

Timothy was being a bit more stern upstairs as he and
Jenny stepped out of the shower. As he dried her off,
he too kneeled down and saw the cum flowing out of her
pussy. He bent her over and started spanking her ass
like a naughty little girl.

“That cum had better already gotten you pregnant before
even thinking about coming out of that pussy.”

He slapped her ass again.

“Tighten up that pussy so that cum don’t escape.”

As she tightened it up, she squeezed her pussy and out
of her pussy came a load of cum.

“Alright, you little fuck toy, you’re gonna pay for
this,” he said as he took her by the shoulders and
brought her up facing him. She wouldn’t even look in
his face. She was so scared and humiliated. He dried
her off and took her by the hand and jerked her down
the hallway and to what must to have been his bedroom.
It had a 52″ flat screen television and a beautiful
cherry oak entertainment system that was loaded with
bondage pornographic films and his room had beautiful
pictures of breastfeeding mothers and on the shelf
beside his bed were books on breastfeeding. This man
was beyond obsessed. Randy came down the hall with Amy
and met Timothy in the room.

Still horny and naked he pushed Amy down on the bed
beside Jenny. They were instructed to sit at the edge
of the bed. Timothy walked over to his entertainment
center and carefully searched his porno films and then
pulled one out. He placed the DVD in the player and a
pregnant woman was on the film naked. Her breasts were
filled with milk and she was sucking a man’s enormous
cock. Her eyes looked up at him with glee and he then
placed her in a doggie-style position and began ramming
his huge rod up in her pregnant pussy. As Amy and Jenny
watched, they both became so very horny.

They started rubbing their small pussies, and Timothy
and Randy both popped their hostage’s hands and told
them no. Timothy pushed Jenny backwards and Randy
pushed Amy and they both were laying side by side on
the bed with their legs spread open revealing their
tiny virgin pussies to the men. Timothy got down on his
knees and began licking Jenny’s little pussy and she
began moaning and moaning. Randy did the same to Amy as
he stroked his big cock as she moaned with pleasure
from his flickering tongue.

The girls both were moaning and moaning. Roger appeared
in the room. His huge cock was bulging in his pants. He
unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing rod and
began stroking it as he watched with delight at his
friends eating out these two beautiful girls. Just as
Jenny started breathing heavily and her chest got red
and she was about to cum, Timothy stopped. He switched
places with Randy and began licking Amy’s pussy.

Jenny leaned up and yelled, “You son-of-a-bitch, I was
about to cum.”

Timothy laughed, “I know. That’s your punishment, you
little cum whore, for letting all of that juicy cum run
down your leg.”

Roger then spoke up. He pulled out a container of cum
out of his pocket.

“Whoever comes first,” he announced, “has to drink it
out of this container.”

“But that’s not it,” Timothy added. “Whoever drinks it
can’t swallow it, but has to spit it up in the other’s

The girls were then determined to get an orgasm. Randy
continued to lick Amy’s pussy and Timothy began to lick
and suck on Jenny’s clit. Randy wiggled his tongue all
around on Amy’s pussy and she began moaning and
clenching her nails into her legs. She thought of the
dirtiest things as Jenny did the same. Roger, who was
left standing, was still stroking his massive cock and
the girls’ eyes went from the porno to Roger’s cock
when all of a sudden Amy let out a scream, her back
arched, and she grabbed Randy’s hands. Roger walked
over to her casually and popped the top off of the film
canister as Amy opened her mouth to receive it.

“You fucking bitch,” screamed Jenny. “Why did you have
to cum first? Now, I’m going to get pregnant.”

Roger poured the cum into Amy’s mouth and then f****d
her to spit it in Jenny’s pussy. Amy held the
bittersweet jizz in her mouth and as she got over
Jenny’s pussy, she placed her lips right on Jenny’s
little fuckhole and spit every drop of the cum in it.
Timothy continued to lick.

“Don’t you think that you are already pregnant? You
forget that cum has been going in that pussy non-stop
since you both got here,” Timothy reminded her between
each enjoyable lick he made on her throbbing pussy.

He licked and sucked her pussy, avoiding her fuckhole,
and keeping her bottom up, so that cum could keep
inside of her. He finally peaked her to an orgasm and
then she was made to drink cum and spit the spunk in
Amy’s pussy as well.

As she spit every bit of it in Amy’s tiny fuckhole,
Roger, Randy, and Timothy stood over the girls stroking
their cocks as fast as they could until each one had
shot their baby cream all over the two virgin’s face
and tits. After their cum fest in the bedroom, Amy and
Jenny were cleaned up, their pussies shaved, and their
hair was brushed.

They were allowed some more TV time and as they sat on
the couch, neither one could concentrate on the news.
They were so focused on the cum that was in both of
their pussies possibly forming a baby. Neither one
could fathom the future.

For a change, both girls were allowed a bedroom, but
were warned that they were being watched and reminded
that the world knew that they were dead and that they
had neither money nor identification to prove
differently. There was no use in trying to escape.
Jenny and Amy both found it difficult, but finally went
to sleep scared and filled with cum.

(Day 2)Jenny and Amy both awoke the next morning to
Randy and Timothy bringing them breakfast and a two
pills each. One was rather large and pink and the
other- a small white caplet. The girls questioned as to
what the pills were.

“Vitamins,” answered Timothy. “I have to keep my girls
healthy so y’all can bare my c******n.”

The girls looked at each other with dismay and fear.
They took the pills nevertheless. One of the pills was
a vitamin- a prenatal vitamin. The other was a
fertility d**g. After breakfast, the girls were brought
down to the basement again. Only this time, they were
not put on the examination tables. This time there was
a device that seemed to be erected from the floor that
looked a sawhorse with a wide padded top rail.

The device had two knobs at each end that looked
similar to the balls on the back of trucks used to tow.
Behind each knob there was a tiny hole. The girls were
placed on the beam at each end facing away from each
other. They were strapped on it. Bars were placed where
they could hold on. The whole device was designed to
vibrate but the balls were mostly designed to rub the
girls’ clits beyond belief and as they rode this
device, a shot of cum was to be pumped up through the
whole at maximum speed and straight up into their

At the flip of a switch, the device started and the
girls sat straddled their “cum horse.” It began
vibrating and shaking as each ball began rotating its
small vibrators on their clits. This felt so good and
they were moaning and shaking with pleasure in minutes.
Soon both girls clenched the bars tight and their heads
tilted backwards. Cum was shot up into their pussies at
once. It felt so damn good, as their pussies throbbed
and warm spunk was shot into their pussies. This went
on for several minutes before the girls were both worn
out and then given a minute to rest.

After this, the girls were cleaned up again. They ate
lunch in the kitchen with Roger, Randy and Timothy.

“Who’s cum is this,” Jenny questioned.

“That is for us to know,” answered Timothy. “It could
be my baby you are having. It could be Randy’s or it
could be Roger’s. You won’t know. You both are just
here for the fucking fun of it and for my own pleasure.
I am beginning to trust you a little, though, since you
have been obeying my orders. You have the courtesy of
knowing that it is not just random cum that is being
shot into your pussies.”

The girls managed to eat their lunches even though
after hearing this, they did not have much of an
appetite. After dinner the girls were brought back to
Timothy’s bedroom. He sat them down on the bed. Randy
left. Roger and Timothy stood in front of Amy and
Jenny. The girls both looked up at them, frightened.
Roger and Timothy decided that enough was enough for
the girls for one day. After all, they did have things
to do.

They allowed the girls to roam around the house. There
were no phones. The doors were locked and there was
food and television for the girls to enjoy. The girls
did not feel like eating, however. They did not feel
like watching television, neither. They could not bear
to see a world that they were supposed to be living in
that thought that they were dead. The girls roamed
around the house. The beds were neatly made. The
laundry was done neatly and the house was well arranged
which is unusual for single men.

They looked for clues, evidence, and all sorts of
things that would tell them who were the two women that
had faced this mountain before. Nothing. Nothing they
found told them anything. It was as if all existence of
these two precious lives had been destroyed. What would
become of them. The girls finally fell asleep together
in a bed holding each other in fear of what tomorrow
had in store.

(Day 3)Morning came and Jenny was stopped by Timothy as
she was walking into the bathroom abruptly.

“Hold it,” he scolded her in a deep tone.

“Oh, shit, now what,” she asked, frustrated. “Have I
lost my bathroom privileges now?”

“I wouldn’t get smart if I were you,” Timothy said as
he had Jenny clothes-lined across her chest from
getting into the bathroom.

“But I’ve got to pee, explained Jenny.

“Good,” Timothy said as he pulled a pregnancy test from
his back pocket. “Piss on this.”

He followed her into the bathroom and told her to go
ahead and piss. He would hold the test and examine the
results for himself. He squatted down in front of the
toilet. Jenny felt so uncomfortable. She could barely
start knowing that some strange man was watching her
piss, but soon she started. He reached out and stuck
the small stick underneath her flowing yellow urine and
then removed it after several seconds.

He grazed her pussy with the back of his hand and then
placed the test stick in his other hand. She continued
to let her morning juices flow. He reached his hand
back under her and fondled her as she peed. “Oh, that’s
such a sweet little pussy,” he whispered as he fondled
her clit with his thumb. “And it is going to be so
beautiful if you are pregnant. I will finally have the
sweet taste of milk flowing from those beautiful tits
on my tongue.”

He reached up and squeezed each of her nipples gently
and licked her up between her breasts.

Timothy then backed away allowing her to wipe herself
and stand up and flush the toilet. He looked at the
test. It was positive.

“Am I pregnant,” Jenny questioned, frantically trying
to look. He pushed her back and held the test to his

“Hmmm, to tell you or not to tell you the answer,” he

“Please tell me,” begged Jenny. “Please tell me if I am
pregnant or not.”

He backed out of the bathroom smiling.

“We still have work to do,” he said cunningly.

Jenny was a bit relieved to think that what he said
meant that she was not pregnant. She still knew that he
was going to force her to get pregnant. She knew that
she couldn’t rebel. It was going to happen one way or
the other. Amy had pretty much realized the same thing.

She didn’t know when, but she knew that it would
happen. They might as well just sit back and enjoy the
ride. What was even more shocking was that they were
still virgins. Neither of the men had tried to fuck
them. If they were so pretty and they wanted tit milk
so bad, why couldn’t the men just fuck them and get it
over with, and where was all of this damn cum coming
from? It was like they were just pulling it from thin

Jenny and Amy were sat down on the edge of the bed
after breakfast and their morning routine. Roger,
Timothy and Randy all stood over the girls facing them.

“Today, you will have a race. This is much like the
game we played the other day, but instead you will have
to work for your cum. Both of you will suck our dicks.
The first one to make either of us cum will have to
spit it in the other girl’s pussy. Understood,” Timothy

The girls nodded and hung their heads.

“C’mon now. No need to be sad,” Randy encouraged as he
pulled his cock out of his jeans. “We want to see which
one of you pretty ladies can give the best blow job.”

The other two men followed pulling out their cocks as
well and stepping up to the girls. Jenny nervously
began sucking on Timothy’s cock and Amy began sucking
on Randy’s cock. Roger started masturbating as he
watched his two friends get blow jobs by two beautiful
virgins. Timothy didn’t put much pressure on Jenny. He
just kind of sat back and let her suck at her own pace.
He was proud of her.

She was carrying a c***d that would soon make her start
producing his sweet milk. Randy was a bit rougher on
Amy. She wasn’t sucking fast enough for him. He took
her long brown hair and started pulling her head down
the shaft of his massive cock. Timothy watched in
amazement as Jenny started taking all ten inches of his
shaft in her mouth and began deep-throating him. He
leaned his head back and started stroking her hair and
calling her name.

Randy was enjoying this and was thrusting his hips,
fucking Amy’s pretty little mouth. Her pink lips turned
to red the faster she sucked his cock. He continued
fucking her mouth shoving his nine-inch manhood between
her lips nearly gagging her with every thrust. After a
few minutes, Timothy backed off and allowed Jenny to
suck on Roger’s cock. He took pleasure in forcing his
nine and a half inch cock in her mouth. He began
scolding her to spit on it and suck it off. She did
just as she was instructed. A few moments later, Randy

“I think we have a winner, he grunted as he shot huge
ropes of cum all in Amy’s mouth.

She slurped and sucked every drop of cum off the tip of
his cock as he squeezed the head of it, milking it in
her mouth. Jenny laid back on the bed and put her legs
up in the air as Roger and Timothy followed her still
alternating their cocks in her mouth. As both men
masturbated over her face as her best friend placed her
mouth on Jenny’s small fuckhole and spit every drop of
it into her pussy. Jenny moaned as the warm cum from
Amy’s mouth flowed up into her virgin fuckhole.

Amy was so turned on by all of this she began licking
Jenny’s pussy as Jenny moaned with delight. Randy got
down there with Amy and licked Jenny’s pussy with her.
Their tongues touched and Amy got lost in the moment
and began kissing Randy. They passionately kissed each
other and shared the leftover jizz from his massive
load. They snowballed it back and forth and finally got
into a passionate make-out session on their own side of
the bed. Randy couldn’t hold out much longer. He had to
fuck Amy. His firm cock was brushing up against her
tiny opening and he kept humping uncontrollably against
her clit.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bed, Roger and
Timothy almost cum simultaneously and both squirted hot
streams of milky cum in Jenny’s mouth. Timothy looked
over and was going to scream at Randy to stop, but it
was done too late. Randy had done stuck his massive
cock in Amy’s pussy and was humping away. He had took
her virginity- just as Timothy had not planned to do.

Jenny forgot all about spitting the cum in Amy’s pussy,
but figured she’d get a pussy full of it anyway, and
swallowed it. The warm, salty, thick liquid crawled
down her throat. Timothy glared at Randy. Randy knew
that Timothy would be pissed, but he didn’t care at the
moment. He was getting some virgin pussy.

“Well then,” said Timothy, “I guess my plan won’t go
directly as planned. I was going to wait until that
beautiful tummy started growing with a baby in it
before you got fucked, but since your friend over there
is getting her first fill of cock, I guess that means
you have to follow up.”

Timothy then pushed Jenny back on the bed and stroked
his cock until it was good and hard and began rubbing
up and down Jenny’s small pussy making it so wet and
ready. Her body tingled with excitement, but her mind
was filled with fear. He pushed the head of his cock
into her small, tight virgin hole. He leaned down and
began kissing her tender lips which reciprocated his
every kiss, and began humping vigorously to get his
cock inside of her pussy. He finally did and tore the
rest of her virgin maidenhead taking every bit of the
virginity she had left. She was no longer a virgin
mother. Now, she was a little pregnant, fucking, cum
whore who was bound to Timothy and his friends.

“You know, I was going to wait to tell you this,”
whispered Timothy as he fucked her fervently, “You are

At that moment, Jenny was lost in his embrace and so
caught up in the moment that his announcement only made
her moan and her little pussy wetter. He felt that and
responded with deeper thrusts. He allowed his firm cock
to piston up and down her newly opened pussy and the
deeper he thrust, the louder she moaned with pleasure.
Her eyes rolled back, her head bent back. Her tiny body
lifted up off of the bed and she cummed all over his
big cock with lust.

Timothy then got up on his knees and held on to her
feet and allowed his cock to touch her g spot and her
clit at the same time and rapidly humped his beautiful
maiden with lust until his hands grasped her feet so
tight, his head went back, and he moaned aloud as big
hot streams of cum shot up into Jenny’s pregnant
cervix. Roger was watching all of the commotion and had
to give it a shot. He saw Jenny’s beautiful pussy
dripping with Timothy’s fresh shot cum and leaned down
and lapped every bit of it that was dripping out of her
newly popped cherry with his warm tongue.

Jenny moaned and raised herself up still recovering
from the other orgasm. He then stuck his firm cock
inside Jenny’s pussy and began humping like a wild,
horny animal against her open legs forcing his mushroom
head to hit the cervix wall with every stroke. It was
as if Timothy, Randy, and Roger had been waiting for
this moment to arrive when they could fuck these
beautiful girls like a starved animal would wait for a
human to toss a few scraps aside. Nevertheless, Jenny
had five orgasms off of Roger and as Roger fucked
Jenny, Amy watched rubbing her tiny clit.

“Didn’t have enough,” asked Timothy as he watched her
and began stroking his cock back to erection.

Before she could say anything Timothy rolled her on her
stomach, picked up on her abdomen to bring her to a
crawling position and rammed his big cock into her and
started fucking her like a bitch in heat. He pounded
her pussy while Roger fucked her beautiful friend
ramming his big dick in her tiny pussy until he cummed
and shot his load in behind Timothy’s.

After this, the girls were no longer brought down to
the basement. They were still played with for weeks and
weeks with toys and freshly fucked and washed and fed
every day. After a week, a pregnancy test was run on
Amy. She was pregnant. She cried the minute she knew.
Here she was pregnant by a man she didn’t know that
well, and was a mother to a c***d in a world that
thought that she was dead. What would happen to her,
she wondered?

After about six months, the girls were starting to

“Aren’t you going to take us to the doctor,” asked
Jenny one morning as she ate her breakfast holding her
orange juice glass on her swollen pregnant belly.

“What do you think I am,” asked Roger. “Do you not
think that we have other jobs too?”

“I am an obstetrician and gynecologist,” he followed.
“That’s what I do for a living. Randy, here, is a
diesel mechanic, and Timothy is a shipfitter.”

The girls looked at each other and then looked at the
men who had impregnated their fertile wombs. They
figured that they could make it. Timothy had CPR
license and training, and Randy had went to Lamaze
classes with his ex wife and learned how to prepare and
give birth to a c***d. Each of them were trained and
knew how to take care of someone.

Both girls noticed the next morning that they were
beginning to lactate, and Roger, Timothy and Randy took
immediate action. Timothy had to have his fill of milk
at once. He took her to his bed and laid her back so
gently and carefully. He pulled her shirt open and
began sucking and massaging each breast. As warm drops
of colostrum flowed onto his tongue, he leaned his head
back and moaned at how delicious this sweet milk was.
It was so creamy. He was careful at how much he drank.
It was so delicious, however he knew that if he began
sucking too much of its delicious fluid that she would
begin producing milk too much and he could not risk
losing any of his precious milk.

Amy was treated the same way. Timothy loved getting a
good nutritious supplement of breast milk daily. As the
ladies continued to blossom with c***d, Timothy, Randy,
and Roger all knew that the mothers would love to keep
their c******n, but could not. In that case, they took
loving care of the ladies, and gave them their daily
dose of fucking. The pregnancy kicked their libido into
overdrive and both women stayed so very horny.

They each could not get enough of the men’s good hard
cocks nor the vibration devices. They, too, soon
realized that they could not keep the c******n. In the
next three months, the ladies gave birth in the homes.
Roger supplied all of the equipment needed from his
office to process an in-home birth and the men worked
with the ladies to help them successfully bare their

Jenny and Amy both gave birth to healthy little girls.
They held them briefly and admired their features.
Jenny’s baby most definitely had Timothy’s eyes and
Amy’s had Roger’s. As the women slept, Roger and
Timothy drove the c******n to the nearest orphanage and
left them on the front doorsteps and walked away. The
mothers cried at the loss but their loss was soon
comforted when Roger and Timothy continued to fuck them
diligently and suck their share of the baby milk. Jenny
and Amy realized that they had no place to go, being

So, they stayed. Ten months later, the ladies were
pregnant again. Why buy the cow when you can get the
milk for free?

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