Bestiality Sex Show In Tijuana

My girlfriend and I were spending the weekend south of
the border in Tijuana for Thanksgiving. Neither of us
has any family living in LA and it’s damn depressing
just kicking around the house in smoggy old Southern
California on holidays.

We’d been cruising the flea-bitten bars on Avenue de
San Juan for most of the morning and had drunk a little
too much tequilla, but then that’s why we came to
Mexico in the first place — cheap booze and to party
with the other gringos. (It’s funny how easy it is to
make friends with fellow countrymen in a foreign

We had met another couple at Miguel’s. (Our favorite
hangout.) Bob and Shirley were old hands in Tijuana
and knew everything of interest there. Bob and I were
taking about the upcoming Rose Bowl when he suddenly
changed the subject.

“Hey, have you guys seen the Donkey Sex Show yet?” He
was slurring his words a little bit by now.

“What?” Was all I could think to say, I mean here we
were, talking about football and then he starts
babbling about donkey’s and sex! I looked over at
Stephanie to see if she was going to say anything,
but she just kept talking to her friend pretending
not to be listening.

“You ain’t heard about that gorgeous Mexican broad who
fucks a donkey for an audience? Hell I thought every-
body had heard about that.” Bob said with a leer.
“Let’s go on over there, Shirley and I got a real
charge out of that show the last time we were in town.”

I looked at Shirley, but she just sat there and blushed.

After listening to Bob for several more minutes, he
had me convinced that this show was one of the eight
wonder of the world. Actually I had never even thought
about something that perverted before. But if the
truth be known, he had peaked my interest.

Neither of the girls wanted to go so old Bob and I
trundled off to find out where the event was taking
place that day. After being miss-directed a few times
we finally found the place down a dark alley off
Avenue de la Placentia.

It was no more than a creaky old warehouse that had
been hastily converted into a small arena. After
getting past the greasy old dude at the peephole in
the door we could see that there were about a hundred
people seated around a straw strewn ring. To my sur-
prise there were about 20 women in the crowd, and they
all looked like American’s to me.

You could have cut the excitement level of the place
with a butcher knife. Everyone was wondering what would
happen next. Then a loud blare of Maruichi type music
started up from the corner of the building and the
overhead lights flashed into life, glaring down onto
the center ring.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the most beauti-
ful woman I’d ever seen walk into the arena. You could
tell that she was Mexican by her features and brown
skin, but I have to say that Sophia Loren in her heyday
didn’t have anything over this woman.

As she stood there I just sat and gapped as she slowly
stripped her clothes off for the crowd. Then a gray
and white donkey was led into the ring. I couldn’t
believe my eyes when this fabulous looking female
knelt down in the straw and reached up under that
donkey and started to massage his cock.

The thought kept running through my mind that with her
looks she could easily become a world class model, or
an actress; something more than a cheap sideshow in
Tijuana. But maybe she didn’t know because she was
scrabbling around under that donkey like it was the
most important thing in her life. She was trying to
manipulate it into an erection, and from the looks of
it she was succeeding nicely.

Within a minute or so she had that beast fully extended
to its seventeen inches or so. I was amazed at its size.
I had never realized that animals had peckers that long.
Then to my further amazement and slight disgust, this
beautiful creature leaned forward and began to mouth
the end of the animal’s swollen dick.

She f****d her mouth open, lips stretched to their
fullest as she began to bob her mouth on and off the
donkey’s dick. And I’ll be damned if she didn’t start
to play with her clit to stimulate herself while doing
that donkey like he was a man.

I looked guiltily over at Bob; I had a raging hardon
and knew that something this sick shouldn’t arouse me
like it was doing. Good old Bob was totally into the
scene before us, and to my surprise and slight dis-
comfort, he was massaging himself in the crotch while
his eyes were glued to the show.

I subconsciously moved a few inches away from the
pervert, but soon forgot about him when another naked
girl came prancing out into the arena.

This second female was much younger than the first. It
appeared that they might be related because the girl
looked like a younger version of the first. The woman
on her knees was obvious bursting with health and most
defenantly was in her prime, but the younger one looked
a little skinny, and I didn’t think that she would
reach her “sister’s” potential unless she started to
eat more.

The young girl made a signal and a man rushed into the
ring with sawhorses and a sheet of plywood and quickly
set hem up beside of the lewd scene going on before us.
Then as he hurried away the girl began to edge the
donkey over to this “table” with slow halting pulls on
its lead.

The woman on the ground crawled along on her hands and
knees keeping her mouth attached to the animals huge
cock. She was making love to it like it was better
than candy. I watched in stunned amazement as she
grabbed hold of that long animal dick and kissed and
licked it like she was enjoying herself.

Once they reached the “table” the girl pulled her
to her feet away from the donkey dick and helped her
up to the plywood sheet. I could see the sawdust mixed
with dirt on her perfectly shaped knees, and wondered
for a moment how she would fair on that splintery
looking old piece of wood.

But my thoughts about splinters soon evaded me as I
watched fascinated as the young girl began to shove
that big old donkey dick up into the beautiful one’s
pussy. It was amazing to watch this. First of all I
couldn’t believe that a woman would let something like
that be done to her, and secondly I didn’t see how it
would fit.

I mean I’m your average 5″ and I can pound the hell
out of Stephanie. She complains when I get too
enthusiastic, saying that it feels like I’m poking her
stomach from the inside. And here was this woman
inserting a donkey dick that was over three times the
length of mine.

But my amazement grew as I saw more and more of that
animal’s huge cock disappear up that Mexican’s cunt.
She seemed to be enjoying it, and soon began to thrust
the animal’s member into her cunt a little deeper time.

Then the girl threw a leather strap over the donkey’s
back so that it dangled over on each side of its
shoulders. The prostrate beauty immediately grabbed
that strap and began to thrust her whole body up under
the donkey’s.

It was like pulled ups. Quickly the young girl pulled
the woman’s feet up and tied them with a strap over
the hunches of he beast. Her feet were pulled up by
each flank, as she continued to trust that donkey dick
into her body.

At this point I was beginning to feel a little uncom-
fortable. I was messing up my underwear; I could feel
my pre-cum wetly all over the inside of my pants. My
cock felt so hard it was painful to the point that I
had to unbutton my fly. At that moment I looked over
at Bob again and was totally shocked to she his big
old rod extended into the open air, and his fist moving
up and down the slimy looking shaft.

I heard the donkey brea and looked back at the scene
in the area, only to she the beautiful Mexican still
doing her upside down pull ups. Then I heard a noise,
but wasn’t sure what it was. But as donkey cum started
to jet out around its shaft that was firmly plugged
into its human lover, I knew what was happening.

She had made the beast cum, and there was so much semen
that as the animal orgasmed, its cum was jetting out
between the seal of his cock and her cunt lips. I
watched in fascinated horror as more and more
animal cum dribbled down those perfect thighs as she
kept up her ferrous pace.

Finally, almost mercifully, the Mexican Beauty stopped
her thrusts onto the beast, and the little girl ran
the rear end of the donkey and untied her feet. As her
feet were released the woman fell back to the plywood
and I could tell that she was exhausted.

I could also tell that she looked sated. Had she had
her own orgasm? Could she have actually enjoyed this
perverted coupling of human and animal?

Well, Bob had. He was a mess; cum all over his pants
and hands. And I found it rather hard to get up and
walk after that show.

That night I told Stephanie all about it and fucked
her brains out afterwards. We resolved to take in the
show again the next time we came south of the border.
I wanted her to see it because I don’t think she
believed me.

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