Trapping my reluctant sister then forcing her, with help from my friend

I am 24 years old and my sister Lana is 22. I am a
normal, healthy young man. I discovered masturbation
when I was in school and the object of my fantasies
during my sessions was usually film stars, until one
day I found a closer one, in my family.

It was when one of our father’s friends visited our
home and they stayed overnight. I was in the 10th
grade, and Lana was in 8th. We had only 3 bedrooms in
our house; Lana and I each had a separate bedroom and
our parents had the other one. That night I had to give
my room to the guests, and mom asked me to sleep in
Lana’s room. Neither of our rooms had a lock because
our parents wanted to watch us and know at any time
what we are doing, whether we are studying… or

Lana and I were very intimate. I had not thought of
Lana sexually, until that day. We went to bed around
midnight, after talking to the guests in the sitting
room, and both of us fell asleep in a few minutes. At
around 4 o’clock in the morning I woke up following a
nightmare. I went into the bathroom.

When I came back I noticed Lana’s skirt was out of
position revealing her beautiful thighs. I could also
see some portion of Lana’s panties. I was stunned at
the beauty of her white thighs. It was my first look at
naked thighs at close quarters. I saw her shapely
breasts bulging out of her blouse, rising and falling
with her regular breathing.

But I felt guilty that I was watching my own sister’s
naked thighs. I turned my head away and tried to fall
asleep. But that brief glimpse kept coming back to me
for the rest of the night, and my cock was fully erect.
During the day I masturbated fantasizing about those
beautiful thighs. That was the best masturbation I ever

From that day onwards, I started seeing my sister Lana
from another angle. I wanted to caress those beautiful
thighs and breasts. However, I was afraid of her
response if she should wake up. But at night, I would
think of her sexy body, and masturbate. I waited for
another chance to see her cute body. My desire for my
sister increased day by day. She became the only girl
in my fantasies.

After that day, I used to creep into her room while she
slept at night. Occasionally, I was lucky to see her
bare thighs or stomach. But many times I was unlucky,
as her clothes were in the proper place. I was afraid
to lift her skirt. I used to watch her sleeping and
then masturbate. I fantasized about her in every
possible way. I did not waste any chance of being with
her or touching her. I used to watch her cleavage when
she bent over to get something.


Months, then years passed. We were in college when I
first lifted her skirt to see her thighs. That day I
just looked at her bare thighs, but did not touch. A
couple of months passed of watching her and
masturbating. At last, I got the opportunity and the
courage to touch her breasts while she was sleeping.
That was when she was sleeping in my bed after we were
talking one afternoon. But I did not go to sleep. When
I saw she was sleeping, I decided to touch her boobs.
Before touching her, I called her softly to make sure
that she was sleeping.

After confirming that she was sleeping, I put my arm
around her. After waiting for a while, I slowly placed
my palm gently over her left breast, as if it was an
accident while sleeping. She did not respond, and after
some time I got the courage to squeeze it slowly. The
softness of her breast sent a thrill through me. I
cupped her breast with my fingers and kept my hand
motionless for a long time, enjoying the rise and fall
of the breast.

Lana did not move at all and, encouraged by that, I did
the same to her right breast, and slowly squeezed them.
I was very hard. I pressed my cock in between my
stomach and the bed. I ejaculated in just 2 or 3
minutes, inside my boxers. I fell asleep with a nice
feeling of her round breasts in my mind.


A couple of months passed without much adventure. I
used to smell her used bras and panties and masturbate.
But as days passed, I grew bolder and bolder. One day,
I unhooked her blouse and bra. I was enthralled at the
sight of her round and firm breasts. I slowly touched
her tits. I slowly massaged the tits between my
fingers. Her nipples became firm. I quietly kissed
those cherries and sucked them. I lost control and held
her firm boobs and played with them for a long time.
After masturbating, I hooked her bra and put her blouse
buttons back together and I went back to my room and

A few weeks passed, and I played with her body at least
two times a week. Some times she would start to wake up
and then I would slowly withdraw to my room. Then I
went a little further. She was wearing a nightdress and
I went near her bed and slowly sat on it. I slowly
pulled her nightdress up to her neck exposing her
thighs and bra.

I slowly put my hand to her inner thighs, and massaged
slowly. I inserted my fingers into her panty and slowly
pulled it away to one side, exposing her neat little
bush to my wide, excited eyes. I had never seen a
girl’s pussy up close before, I had dreamt about it
plenty, and fantasized a lot, but this was just too
much! I lowered my gaze to her cunt lips, thoroughly
entranced by the view. The slightly rose and brown
colour lips of her little pussy were a very delightful
sight. I felt guilty for what I was doing, but the
sight of Lana’s delicate pussy was irresistible.

My cock started to throb as I kissed her garden. The
aroma of her pubic area was marvelous. I lowered my
head to kiss her little pussy and smelled it. Oh! It
was great. I rubbed my face over her lower abdomen. It
was a great feeling. I froze as I felt Lana suddenly
try to turn in the bed. She tried to move her legs
closer together but my head was in the way, and her
soft thighs squeezed my head for a moment before she
gave up and continued to sleep soundly.

I waited for a few moments before I extended my tongue
and ran it up the length of her moist pussy lips,
gently unfolding and opening them with my tongue. Lana
didn’t move, so I again started licking her with more
boldness, slurping at her tight slit with growing
excitement. I tried to push my finger thru her slit,
but suddenly she woke up and I was horrified. She asked
me what I was doing. I couldn’t say anything. She told
me not to repeat such stupidity. She reminded me of our
relationship as sister and brother. I agreed not to
repeat such acts but I could not keep my word for more
than one week.

The next time, after pulling up her nightdress, I
pulled her panties down to her knees, and then to her
ankles. I pulled apart her thighs, exposing her virgin
pussy. I caressed her cunt and then put in my fingers
and screwed it. I gently flicked it with my tongue,
causing Lana to moan softly and thrash around in her
slumber. After a few more licks, I sucked it into my
mouth like it was a little cock, and she suddenly
arched her back slightly and groaned in very low voice,
her body shuddering as her pussy quivered against my

I felt a flood of hot wetness on my chin, and realized
that my sister had just climaxed, her tight little hole
actually squirting some female come onto my lips.
Turned on beyond belief, I gave my jerking cock a few
tugs through the material of my lungi (long Indian
skirt or kilt), greedily lapping up Lana’s sweet cum as
I blew my wad into my lungi. I continued sucking her
until her slender body finally stopped trembling.

I spread her legs open a bit further, giving my tongue
better access to her juicy box. I tried to push my
tongue deep inside her. She pushed me away and pulled
down her clothes without saying a word. I was afraid to
look at her, and slowly returned to my room with a
lowered face. However she acted normal to me the next
morning. The days went on with me occasionally licking
at her cunt and boobs, and sometimes I rubbed her pussy
with my cock. Two or three times, I even ejaculated
inside her panties and right above her pussy lips. But
she stopped me whenever I tried to enter her pussy.

I wanted to fuck her, but she was not willing to do
that. I knew that she was not going to agree herself,
so I started thinking of ways to coerce her. At last I
got an idea. I told my friend Joe the whole story and
asked him to help me. He was only too happy. In fact he
told me that he used to fantasize about Lana while
masturbating. Joe was a well-built man and he had some
sexual experience. We discussed many ways, including
drugging and blackmailing.

I was afraid of drugging her because I was afraid of
her reaction when she realized what had really
happened. At last we agreed on a plan to blackmail her.
It was like this. Joe was going to watch me suck her
boobs and play with her pussy, and then he would catch
us red handed and threaten to blackmail both Lana and
me. I was also supposed to convince her to allow him to
fuck her. We were waiting for a chance to be alone at
home with Lana. In the meantime, once Joe got a brief
glimpse at her boobs thru the bathroom door key hole,
when she was bathing.

But she did not go to sleep and hence we could not act
as we planned. At last we got our golden chance.

It was June 29, last year, and our parents were going
out of the town for a wedding. After they left, Joe
came to my house. We talked and played chess and cards
till noon. After noon, after having lunch, we went to
my room. After 10 minutes I came down stairs. Lana was
washing the dishes. I started watching TV. She finished
cleaning and she also started watching TV. She asked me
where Joe was. I told her that he was sleeping.

Ten minutes later, she felt tired and went to her room
to sleep. I waited for a while. After 15-20 minutes, I
got up and quietly walked upstairs and told Joe that I
was going to her room. He was waiting there
impatiently. I told him to watch from outside what I
was doing and to come inside her room at the right time
and catch us. I opened the door and went inside, but
did not close the door all the way. She was sleeping so
innocently on her back, with her knees drawn up. She
was wearing pajamas. She was breathing slowly and I
watched her. I slowly lifted her pajama top, up to her
neck. I saw her round boobs inside her white Bra. I
could not unhook it as the hook was on the back.

I slowly pressed them for a couple of minutes. Then my
hands came down to her pajama pants, and untied them
and just pulled them down to her ankles. She was
wearing a cream colour panty. That sight was marvelous.
I slowly rolled my hands down her smooth body,
massaging her boobs and flat stomach. I was sure that
she knew what I was doing. I put my hand over her
mound, over her panties.

I could see her legs trembling slightly. Almost
instinctively I crawled onto her bed and planted my
face right in her crotch. I rubbed my nose through the
sweet-smelling patch of the panties on her mound, and
then began kissing her. My hands were moving over her
curvy hips and flat stomach. I saw Joe behind the door
eagerly waiting to come inside. But I put up my hand to
have him wait. She was breathing fast.

I slowly turned her on her left. I kept her left leg
straight and the right leg a little folded so that I
could see and touch her mound from the back. I slipped
my finger over her panties and rubbed her slit. Then I
took my fully erect cock and placed it in between her
silky inner thighs and the panties. I pressed against
her pubic area.

Her legs were trembling slightly. I put my hand
slightly into her panties and lifted the elastic band.
I slowly slipped in my cock and pressed towards her
bare and soft cunt. Ooooh! That was a feeling I could
not describe. It was so nice. I slowly stroked my cock
against her virgin cunt. The silky hairs over her mound
engulfed my cock. Joe was watching thru the door and I
nodded my head towards him asking him to come in.

For a few minutes I stroked against her, when suddenly
Joe opened the door and came inside, asking us what we
were doing. We were speechless and she quickly pulled
down her pajama top. Joe told us that he had been
watching what we were doing for quite some time. Lana
was trembling in fear and her face was bloodless. By
that time, she had pulled her pajama pants up. Joe came
forward and sat on the bed. I was standing next to the
door, and Lana was in the corner of the room, with our
heads down. Joe told us not to worry, that he would not
tell anybody. I thanked him, for his generous attitude,
as if I didn’t know anything.

With a wicked smile in his face, he said we should also
return the favor. We understood what he wanted from his
face but did not reply. He said nobody would ever know.
Lana was almost in tears. I acted as if I felt sorry,
and told Joe that we were not fucking. I also told him
that I was just playing with her when she was sleeping.
He told me not to try to fool him, and that he saw what
we were doing. If we were not willing, he would tell

I asked him not to tell anybody. I told Lana to agree
to his proposal. She gave me dreadful look. Joe came
forward and took her hands in his. She angrily pulled
her hands away from him. I told Lana not to make
problems. She shouted at me that I created all these
problems. I did not say anything. Joe held her hand
forcefully and pulled her towards him and hugged her
with both his arms. She was trying to escape from his
hands, but he was too strong for her.

He lifted her up, laid her on the bed and climbed over
her. He rubbed his face against her boobs. He asked me
to help him and I hesitantly did. He asked me to remove
her clothes. I pulled down her pants. He lifted her top
and I pulled it over her head. She was lying there,
almost defeated. He squeezed her boobs and told me to
unhook her bra. His hands were running over her body.
He pressed her crotch and pulled down her panties. By
this time I had taken off her bra. Seeing her boobs Joe
said, that they were fantastic. There was little
reaction from Lana. By that time, I had a hard on.

However, I just sat on the bed watching Joe’s actions.
Joe sucked her boobs and bit her tits. She yelled in
pain. But he did not care. His fingers were working on
her pubic area. He took off his shirt and lungi. He
asked me to take off mine also. I did the same. My cock
was fully erect. I pulled down his boxers. I was amazed
at the sight of his huge cock. It was almost double the
size of mine. He played with her cunt in a sadistic
manner, hurting her.

I asked him not to hurt her, and I felt very bad when
she cried in pain. Luckily he stopped doing that and
pulled her legs apart. Though I was little annoyed at
what he was doing, my cock liked his style. His cock
was staring at her pussy. He asked me to put it in her
pussy. I was only happy to do that, but I acted as if I
was doing out of compulsion. I took his thick meat and
kept it in front of her pussy. Then I opened her pussy
lips and guided his cock in position. His black cock
was thrashing her pussy lips and I rubbed her cunt with
his cock head. But he did not push it; instead he
lowered his face and kissed her pussy.

He pulled on her cunt and sucked it. He slurped eagerly
at her swollen labia for a minute or two, then placed
his index finger at her opening and pushed gently. I
told him not to do that, and asked him to break her
hymen with his cock. I could see his cock dripping
juice. I moved forward and spread her legs further
apart. He put the head of his dripping cock against her
pussy. I held her pussy lips open a little. He pushed
his cock into it and she cried out in pain.

His cock was struggling to get inside, as her pussy was
very tight. I asked him to wait. I went into the
kitchen and got some coconut oil and put on his cock.
Then, I took his cock in my hand and, holding her pussy
lips open with the other hand, put his cock right in
the opening of her tunnel. He pushed slowly and it went
inside!! She was gasping for breath and she cried out
in pain. YES!! It went inside, tearing her cherry. I
urged her not to worry, that the pain would go away

Joe held himself there for a moment, savouring the
incredible sensation of her tight pussy totally
engulfing his cock. He looked down at her weeping face
and kissed her lips. He slowly began to move his hips,
pushing the full length of his cock in and out of her.
I was playing with her boobs and naval. Her eyes were
closed and I could read the pain on her face. His cock
was almost double the size of mine.

The sight of that huge cock moving in and out of her
pussy, crushing her soft meat was indescribable. He was
fucking her like a machine. My cock was oozing juice at
the sight. He sucked her boobs hard and bit her tits.
She cried out in pain and I soothed her. I could see a
little b***d oozing out her virgin pussy. Joe was
moaning and he seemed to have reached a climax. I told
him to pull his cock outside and shoot his cum outside
and not to fill her womb. But he was determined to fill
her pussy.

A split-second later, he screamed, shooting a huge wad
of cum into her virgin pussy. He did not stop moving
for a couple of seconds. I could see his cock throbbing
and pulsing inside her battered pussy. After a few
minutes he pulled his cock outside in pure
satisfaction. He just lay beside her. She was also
lying in the same position. He told me that hers was
the tightest and the most fascinating pussy he ever

He asked me to do her myself. I told him I didn’t want
to do it. But he did not agree. He told me that I
should also fuck her. I was laughing in my mind, but
acted hesitantly. He then pulled me down on her and
asked me to suck her boobs. I could not resist anymore.
I sucked her tits slowly. She did not say anything, but
she was not crying. She just lay on the bed. My cock
was touching her pussy. Joe took my cock and pressed it
against her pussy. He put it in her slit and I pushed
my hip. She yelled slightly in pain. It went inside
smoothly, because her pussy was filled with his cum.

I pumped her pussy for about 10 minutes, finally
shooting my load also into her womb. After that Joe
wanted to fuck her one more time. I told him not to do
her then. I told him that he could fuck her another
day. But he said he wanted to fuck her now. Actually, I
too wanted to fuck her again. But I said that he could
do it another time, as our parents are expected by
midnight. He agreed. I told Lana to go and have a bath
in hot water so that she will feel a little better.
Then Joe said that we all would bath together. I told
her not to worry about what had happened. She gave us
an empty look. We took her to the bathroom, and we all
took a bath together. Joe put soap on all ever her

I cleaned her pussy by putting my finger inside and
spraying water. Her cunt had turned slightly red in
colour. After that we had coffee. By that time, she
acted normal and she began to talk. We also felt good
as her mood changed. Joe asked her how she felt when
fucking. She said that it was very painful. I told her
that it was because Joe’s cock is too big for her
virgin hole.

I asked her whether she climaxed or not. She nodded her
head yes. I asked her if we could have another shot at
her pussy. She agreed, to our surprise. Joe said that
he would make her enjoy fucking the next time. I felt
very good on hearing that she was not very much
concerned about what had happened. I have fucked many
times after that and Joe has also fucked her about 7 or
8 times.