Trials Of An Indian Housewife

When Manu got home his wife was beside herself.
Dinner was not ready and her sari wasn’t even
fastened properly. Her hair was a mess too.

“Oh my dear, what has happened?” he exclaimed,
putting his arms around the pretty and busty woman he
had recently married. When he kissed her he
recognized the taste of semen. He released her and
opened her sari. There were love marks all over her
body and semen was running down her legs from her
reddened pussy.

She sobbed, “At first it was fun entertaining your
male relatives who stopped by to visit. According to
custom I offered them refreshments and my body. I was
being a good wife and liked the attention they were
giving me. But now there are too many and I am
getting a sore yoni. I cannot get the housework done
when they are putting their lingams in me all the
time. The first two or three are pleasant but it
becomes a chore after that.”

Manu was concerned, “How many were there?”

“There have been ten today and about that many
yesterday too, mostly the same ones again. You have a
large family.”

Her husband said, “I will talk to my parents about
this. You get cleaned up and rest and I shall bring
dinner home with me. Lock the door and do not answer
it while I am gone.”

She knew that in spite of her tender yoni she would
insist that her husband plant his seed with all the
others trying to breed her.

His parents listened to his story. Manu’s father
said, “You have married a beautiful woman so it is
like blossoms to the bees. I have enjoyed her myself
but I understand how it is becoming a burden. Your
mother had the same problem when we were first

Mother interjected, “I wish I had it now, you old
goat. You do not give me enough. Manu, remind some
relatives that I would like visitors.”

Father continued, “We told the family that she was
working in the afternoons and she sould pretend to
not be at home. Then she could manage the visitors
whose schedules allowed morning visits. Of course if
they were invited in the evening she would provide

Manu looked relieved, “We shall do that. I knew you
would have a good idea.”

Father added, “Tell your wife I will be sure to visit
in the morning.”

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