True Story of Foot and shoe fetish

So our story begins when my parents leave me in charge of babysitting my sister who is 3 years younger then me and is currently 18 years old. my mom said she didnt care what we did as long as we went by my rules. so my parents left friday morning. me and my sister went to school like normal, i get home before her so i was hanging out at my house when i got a text from my mom saying

“your sister needs to ask you something when she gets home.”

to which i replied “ok.”

so a few minutes later my sister gets home and asks if her friend Amber, who is also 15, can have a sleepover. (you know the girl with the sexy feet ive never gotten to see or smell.) so thinking, i should be able to get lucky this time, i told her

,”ya she can come over but remember the rules, shoes off at the door. just cuz mom isn’t here doesn’t mean we can be slobs.”

which i really didn’t care about the rules. i just wanted to have some time with those shoes. so my sister is really excited and went to her room to get ready. About 2 hours later her friend shows up and does exactly what i was hoping for. walked in and ditched her shoes by the door. the two girls wouldnt stay in my sisters room so i didn’t get a chance to do anything yet, so i decided to wait til they were asleep. so the rest of the night d**g on and finally it came to 9 o`clock and i told them to go to bed or Amber would have to go home. So they did and within 20 minutes they were asleep. I waited til 10 o`clock to make sure they were asleep. as soon as ten hit i slowly opened my bedroom door and crept down the hallway and saw Ambers sexy tennis shoes sitting in the same place as she had kicked them off earlier. I get down on my knees and grab one of the shoes and take a deep breath in. The smell was so sexy i instantly got a hard on. i start rubbing my dick through my pants. Then i figure its time for the next shoe. i do the same thing but this time i take my dick out and start stroking it. then i heard door open so i quickly put it back in my pants and just as i did that Amber walked around the corner and saw me holding her shoe.

“what are you doing?” she asked
“Um nothing. just came to check on shoes.” i lied
“are you smelling my shoes” she said sounding a little angry
“ya i am im sorry.” i said not able to lie this time
“why would you want to smell someones shoe?” she asked
“well i see you walking around here in your socks so i was wondering what they smelt like.” i replied
“ooookay. well my shoes don’t smell that much. You wanna smell my feet?”

i couldn’t believe what i just heard. she asked if i wanted to smell her feet.

“sure. but we have to be quiet so we don’t wake my sister.” i told her
“ok lets go in on your couch.”

so we quitely walk in and sit on opposite ends on the couch. she slowly brings her feet up and place them in my lap. i layed down and put both feet on my face and started smell her feet with her tight ankle socks on. As i smelled her feet she started to wiggle her toes and they would lightly touch my forehead and that got me really hard. i decided to take her socks off and when i did i noticed she has metallic pink polish on her toes. i placed her feet back on my face and could feel her bare toes on my face. After smelling them for a while i took them off my face and asked her

“can i suck on your toes?”

“sure but im a little ticklish” she replies

i took her left foot and placed her toes over my mouth and started to lick in between them and then started sucking on each individual toe. Then i moved to the next foot and did the same thing. i sucked her toes for a few minutes then she asked

“anything else i can do for you tonight?”

“no, but thanks for letting me play with your feet.” i replied

“really?nothing?” she said as she moved her foot down to my rock hard dick “why dont you let me play around for a little while.”

“ok. that sounds fair”

“okay well take your pants off. I dont wanna play through your pants.”

so after taking my pants off she moved her barefeet over to my hard cock and started playing with it. she just moved her feet all over it. it was the first time i had a girl play with my cock with her feet. then she used her toes and ran then up and down my dick. then she started playing with my balls with her toes. she then started to give me a footjob with her sexy pink toes. it felt so good i only lasted about 5 minutes until i blew all over her feet.

“so can i stay another night?” she asked

“sure.” i said

“great. try to last a little longer tomorrow night.” she said with a smile on her face.

the next day took forever to get over but once bed time hit i waited half and hour and then went out to the couch and waited. about 10 minutes later Amber came out and we did the same thing as we did the night before. execpt this time Amber let me keep her socks.

“I will exchange them when im over next with the pair im wearing then.”

“great, cant wait to see you again and your feet.” i replied

she just laughed and went to bed. the next morning she got picked up early and my parents came home and asked if we had fun. i said

“you wouldn’t understand.”