Turned On Mom 2.

“Come on, babe. Don’t make the crowd
unhappy,” Chet moaned as he reached down and grabbed her thighs tightly. He pulled her back and jammed three more inches of cock up her virgin butt.

“NO! NOOOO! NOOOOMGGGFFF!” Hilda screamed in a muffled tone as Anna shut her up with her banging pussy.

“Yeah! Yeah!” Chet grunted as he ignored Hilda’s screams of pain and drove his prick farther and farther into her bowels until his balls rested against the woman’s firm, bouncing butt-cheeks. “Just relax, Hilda. Just take it easy and think about that prick up your shitter,” Chet moaned softly as he reached forward and slid his hands over her puffy labes.

“Oh! OHHHH!” Hilda cried out as Chet slid his fingers up to her clit and started strumming on the bud at the same time he began to shove his cock in and out of her asshole.

“UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!” Hilda screamed each time Chet drove his cock up her ass.

“Mom! MOM! AW, FUCK! I’M GONNA SHOOT!!” Greg shouted as he rammed his groin harder and harder against Anna’s face.

Suddenly Greg’s back went rigid and his fingers dug like nails into her skull as wad after hot, sticky wad of teenage jism spattered into her sucking throat. Anna swallowed as fast as she could, trying to take in all of Greg’s spewing jizz. At the same time she heard Chet’s groans grow louder and harsher, and she knew that the chaplain was about to blow his load into Hilda’s ass.

“OHHH, FFFUUUCCKKK!” Anna screeched as
she spat out Greg’s softening prick and tossed her head from side to side. Torrent after torrent of bubbling twat juice poured out of her contracting cunt as Anna felt herself gripped in the throes of a gigantic come.

Hilda reached up and squeezed the older woman’s swinging tits as Chet shrieked out that he was firing his cum.

“NOW, YOU FUCKIN’ BITCH!” he screamed as Hilda as he ground his groin against her sweaty ass-cheeks. The younger woman quivered and shook as her pussy was ripped apart by wave after wave of clit-tearing contractions.

“OHHHH!” Anna cried out again, whimpering and begging for more of Hilda’s digging tongue as she felt another series of contractions ripple through her pussy.

Wads of white-hot jism from Chet’s shooting cock oozed out from Hilda’s violated shithole as the four of them continued to buck and thrash against one another.

Finally Chet let out a low groan and fell backward, pulling his flaccid cock from Hilda’s gripping asshole.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned as Anna collapsed on top of her.

“That was fantastic!” Greg said enthusiastically as he wiped his oozing cock on Anna’s hair.

“Yeah!” Chef agreed as he staggered to his feet. “Now, all we have to make sure of is that we can perform like this all the time.”
“My mom can do anything!” Greg said proudly.

Anna wiped away some of her son’s jizz that had
spattered against her chin and cheeks and smiled at him.

“Now, we’re going to have to figure out what to do with the Sea Scouts meeting tomorrow,” Chet said as he scratched his chin thoughtfully. “About how many are coming tomorrow?” he asked Anna.

“I think Greg said about eight or nine,” she said, looking at her son for guidance.

“That’s about right, Mom. Eight hot cocks waiting for your pussy,” he said huskily as he bent down and clamped his lips hard onto Anna’s mouth.

“Ohhhh, look. His cock’s getting hard again!” Hilda said brightly as she pointed at Greg’s stiffening prick.

Chet shook his head slowly and looked down at his limp dick.

“That’s the advantage of being young,” he said in a mock-serious tone. “We old-timers have got to wait for a while before we can fuck again.

“Oh, I’ll bet you can get it up right now,” Hilda cooed as she reached up and stroked the underside of his cock gently with her right forefinger.

“What about the Sea Scouts?” Anna asked, a little surprised and jealous of her friend’s sudden sexual flowering.

“Right, I almost forgot,” Chet said as he brushed Hilda’s hand away and paced back and forth in the living room. “I think I might be able to get at least two more women-Grace Hoover and Marie Moore.”
“Grace and Marie!” Anna gasped, looking at Chet in horror. “I’d never have believed it!”

Chet chuckled and put his hands on his hips, shaking his head slowly.

“Shows you how perceptive you are, Anna. Those two women are almost as hot as you two,” he said, laughing softly.

“Wow! This Sea Scouts meeting’s gonna be a lot better than any we’ve had before,” Greg said as he started to rub his prick excitedly.

“But what’s the whole purpose?” Anna asked as she riveted her eyes on her son’s lengthening cock.

“Besides having a ball?” Chet asked. “Spreading the word, mainly. The kids’ll learn tomorrow that we can provide this kind of balling service on the spot for anyone. What’s more, we’ll tell them that we want their folks to get involved. If I know kids today, they’ll know whether or not their parents are prime subjects for us. Even if their folks wouldn’t dream of joining us, you can bet that they’ll keep coming,” Chet said as he reached down and wrapped his powerful fingers around Hilda’s firm right tit.

“Mmmmm!” Anna groaned as her son squatted down in front of her and started running his fingers through her juice-soaked beaver.

“Ohhh, I told you that you’d get it up again,” Hilda cooed in the other corner as she scooted across the floor on her knees and started lapping at Chet’s hardening dick with her tongue.

“So then, I’ll bring Marie and Grace over early tomorrow, say around six in the evening. We’ll spring the surprise on the kids when they come over,” Chet said breathlessly as Hilda moved her mouth under his heavy, hanging balls and started
milking them gently with her thick, wet lips.

“Let me climb into you,” Greg said to his mother as he pushed her back gently.

“OHHhhhh, Greg!” Anna groaned as she felt her snatch start to bum with excitement again.

“Mom. Oh, Mom,” the boy said softly as he squirmed between Anna’s legs and started lapping at her quivering, milky thighs.

“Ohhhh, stick that tongue in meee!” Anna groaned as she felt her son’s tongue inch closer and closer to her trembling cunt.

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you!” Chet groaned as Hilda continued to run her tongue along the leathery, wrinkled skin of his jangling fuck-sac. At the same time Hilda reached tip with her right hand and ran her fingers lightly along the chaplain’s hot, taut cock-skin while she strummed her stiffening clit-shaft with her left. Every time she squeezed her lips together and trapped Chet’s balls in her mouth, Hilda felt his prick jerk upward violently and heard the man groan with delight.

“Let me suck your cock this way,” Anna said hoarsely as she rose to a kneeling position again and pushed Greg backward.

“Why not?” the boy asked, shrugging his shoulders as he lay down on the living-room floor. His mother had sucked him off minutes before, but he didn’t mind getting it that way again.

But Anna had a few new things planned for Greg. She stared for a second at his long, thick cock. The base was hidden in an incredibly thick forest of black hair that bushed around his heavy, hot balls. Anna could almost hear her son s
bubbling, boiling jizz inside his fuck-sac as she lowered her face towards his twitching prick.

“Unnngh!” Greg grunted as Anna put her mouth around his purple, cum-oozing prick-head and slid it completely down to the base of his cock. Before he’d finished hunching his powerful thighs up as far as they could go, Anna had slid her mouth back up and released his cock. She dove down again, this time aiming higher. She drove her mouth onto Greg’s navel, jabbing her tongue hard. Then she clamped her lips around the sunken flesh and sucked hard at it.

“God! Ohhh, fuck!” Greg moaned, arching his back and tossing his muscular ass off the floor as Anna gave him a tongue-bath. She felt the tip of his hot pole slam against the side of her face as she kept on with her tonguing and sucking.

Greg pleaded as he dug his fingers into Anna’s head and tried to move her face down to his prick.

“That’s it, babe. Stick it like you need it!” the chaplain moaned as he closed his eyes tightly and pumped his muscular thighs slowly back and forth. His hanging, hairy balls swung back and forth lazily with each forward thrust he made, slapping Hilda lightly under the chin as she moved from the man’s balls to his prick.

“PLEEAASE! OH, SHIT!” Greg cried loudly as Anna went wild over her son’s chest. She lapped at Greg’s heaving belly like a dog licking himself off Then she cupped her lips over his nipple and sucked so hard that she lifted the tanned skin from his breastplate. She could feel the nipple grow hard
in her mouth as she ran her tongue over it in rapid flickers.

Hmmm, men react to this the same way women do, Anna thought to herself as she watched Greg writhe and buck in time to her tonguing.

Anna took her mouth off with a loud squishy popping sound and quickly clamped it on the left nipple. At the same time she ran the fingers of her right hand slowly up and down her son’s quivering cock-shaft, using the drops of pre-cum that oozed out of his expanding piss-slit to lubricate his raging hard-on.

“I can’t take this!” he whined, pulling away from his mother’s massaging fingers and shoving her back down to the floor.

“OHHhhhh!” Anna groaned as she felt Greg jump on top of her and start kissing her frenziedly while his hot, b***d-heavy prick bounced against her thighs. It was almost like being raped by her own son, except that she was desperate for his prick.

“Fuck meeee! Fuck meeee!” Anna groaned as she squirmed on the floor.

“In the ass!” Greg said as he hiked up her butt higher and spat on his left hand. While Anna looked at her son in surprise, he lubricated his meaty prick-head with saliva, then positioned it directly over her shitter.

“Wait! Wait, baby. Let me relax!” Anna cried out.

But Greg was too much in a hurry. With one powerful forward thrust he slammed his prick-head against his mother’s asshole.

“AIYEEEE! AIYFFEE!” she cried out, wriggling under her son’s heavy, muscular body as she tried to will her asshole to relax.

“Maybe this’ll help,” Greg said as he reached down with his right hand and started to run his fingers up and down Anna’s puffy outer labes.

“Ohhhh!” his mother moaned softly as she began to concentrate on the growing itch that was gripping her pussy and forgot about the tight, painful sensation that racked her shit-chute.

“That’s it!” Greg whispered hoarsely as he began to thrust his hips back and forth more regularly. At the same time the boy shoved his fingers into his mother’s hot hole, scraping her slick, trembling cunt walls with the tips.

“OHHH, SUCK, YOU BITCH!” Chet screamed out from the other end of the room as he jammed Hilda’s face hard against his groin. Slowly he rotated his trembling butt, churning his steaming rod around in the younger woman’s mouth as the first wads of his lava-like cum spewed out of his contracting cock-head.

“NOW, MOM! NOW!” Greg shouted as he banged the base of his cock hard against the brown, wrinkled skin of Anna’s shithole.

“FINGER ME OFF, DAMN YOU! DON’T LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THIS! UNNNGH! WAWWWHHHHH!” Anna shrieked as she tried to work herself up to a climax. Her eyes rolled as she felt the first hot wads of Greg’s steaming jizz shoot up her bowels. It exploded through his expanded piss-slit in rhythmic beats as he dug his fingers into Anna’s juicy slash.

“COME, DAMMIT! COME!” Greg screamed as he tugged, stroked and pinched his mother’s beating clit.

“AIYEE! AIYEEEEE! WAWWWWH! ARRRGH!” Anna shrieked mindlessly as she obeyed her son’s command. She felt her belly explode suddenly as her pussy spasmed. She could smell her own cunt juice as she slammed forward, backward, and from side to side. Her body thrashed and heaved with rising tension until she screamed and whimpered with each contraction that tore her body.

“Ungh! Ungh!” Greg moaned as the last of his load fired through his contracting shaft.

“Ohhhh, baby,” Anna moaned, wrapping her legs around her son’s neck and hunching her belly up to his.

“OH!” Hilda cried out, swallowing the hot load of jizz she’d just received from the chaplain. “If we keep up like this, we’ll be too sore to take on anybody tomorrow.”
“Ohhhh, didn’t I tell you this’d be fun?” Anna said as she looked over to her friend.

“Hilda, you’ll never have to worry about not having cock any more,” Chet said, reaching down and stroking the younger woman’s silky hair.

“Carl can go to hell, as far as I’m concerned,” the woman said defiantly as she reached up and started stroking Chet’s cock again with her right hand.

Jesus, if all the women are like her, I’ll never get on my feet, Anna thought dreamily as she felt her son’s cum leaking out of her stretched asshole.

The following day Anna was busy cleaning the house, getting ready for the Sea Scouts that evening. She paid particular attention to the bedrooms. Anna had a funny feeling that they’d be in use that evening more than any other room in the house.

Anna’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a car pulling into her driveway. She glanced at her wristwatch and saw that it was only one o’clock-too early for Chet, Greg, or the others to be coming over. She pulled back the curtain in her bedroom and saw that it was Commander Mary Golden, Paul’s commanding officer!
My God! she thought to herself as she looked into the mirror and tried to straighten herself up as quickly as possible.

“Why, Commander, what a pleasant surprise,” Anna chirped as she opened the front door.

“Hello, Anna. I know you’re surprised to see me, especially since Paul left yesterday,” Commander Golden said as he walked into the living room briskly.

“Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I don’t understand this visit at all,” Anna admitted as she closed the door behind her and started to go into the kitchen. “Let me fix you some coffee.”
“I-I won’t be here too long,” Anna stammered as he stood in the middle of the living room and shifted his feet uneasily.

Anna looked at the handsome, forty-year-old officer and was surprised at his apparent embarrassment. Usually Anna Golden was the picture of composure and ease at the most difficult of times. His steely-grey hair seemed symbolic of his iron will and determination. The muscles that rippled on his arms and chest reflected his unflinching courage. His dress; his looks; his bearing all added up to a highly professional military man. That was why Anna was puzzled by his obvious uneasiness in her home.

“Well, maybe you’d better tell me what’s wrong, Commander Golden,” she said as she sat down on the couch.

“Please, call me Mary,” he said.

“All right, Mary. Is this something about Paul?” she asked apprehensively.

“Yes,” he said, hissing through his teeth after waiting several seconds to answer.

“About his career?” she asked quietly.

“Anna, Paul’s been having an affair, and I think he’s going to leave you,” Anna blurted out suddenly.

“Oh, my God!” Anna cried out as she jumped to her feet and covered her face with her hands.

“I’m sorry. Oh, God, I didn’t mean to break it
to you like this,” Anna said clumsily as he watched Anna react to the news. “I wouldn’t have told you, except that I feel an obligation to my officers’ wives as well as to them. And when I see one of them making a fool of himself, well, I feel that proper steps should be taken to correct the situation.”
“Can you tell me who it is he’s having an affair with?” Anna asked, trying to calm herself.

“It’s really something you shouldn’t know, Man began, looking into Anna’s eyes. He swallowed hard, then turned away and shoved his hands into his pants pockets. “It’s Marie Moore.”
“Marie Moore?” Anna cried out in horrified surprise. The same woman Chet was going to bring over to her house that evening! She almost choked when she thought of that woman sleeping with Paul, then telling Chet that she was sexually frustrated!
“Don’t get upset!” Anna said as he ran forward and put his hands on her shoulders.

“I’m sorry,” she said absently. So Paul preferred Marie’s pussy! “Then my husband isn’t away on any maneuvers, is he?”
“Yes he is,” Anna corrected her. “But he’s coming back in two weeks.”
“He told me three,” Anna said, biting her lower lip and fighting back the tears that built up in her eyes as she thought of yesterday morning and how much she had wanted him to come back earlier.

“Don’t cry,” Max-v said pulling her against his body and gently running his hand up and down her back. Gradually Anna became aware that the
commander’s interest in her welfare might go beyond official boundaries.

“Please!” Anna said, pushing herself away from the older man and sitting back down on the couch. Thoughts of her unfaithful husband were beginning to get mixed with the feelings of sexual excitement that were radiating from her cunt. Anna Golden was turning her on.

“I’m sorry,” he said shakily as he started for the front door. “If there’s anything I can do
“Yes. You can stay for coffee,” Anna said as she jumped off the couch and turned around to face him.

“I’d-I-that is, I’m not sure if that’d be right,” he said hesitantly.

“What Paul’s doing isn’t exactly religious,” Anna said sarcastically as she licked her lower lip and sauntered slowly up to the grey-haired commander.

“I-I-” Anna stammered as Anna embraced him gently and raised her face to his. She’d always been attracted to him whenever she had seen him. But Anna never even hinted that she’d go to bed with him before. Now, after hearing about Paul’s fucking around with Marie Moore, she couldn’t think of a better way of getting back at her husband than going to bed with his commanding officer. Besides, it would be a real labor of love.

“Aw, shit!” Man said as he shook his head quickly and drove his lips hard against hers.

“Mmmm!” Anna moaned, rocking back as she felt Marv’s tongue slam past her lips and wriggle frenziedly in the hot, wet recesses of her mouth. At the same time the commander reached down
and hiked up the front of her skirt until his fingers brushed up against her hairy, aching cunt-mound.

“Unnngh!” Anna groaned as she felt Man’s fingers stroking her swelling labes.

“Come on and let’s get going,” he said impatiently as he slid his fingers back and forth in her fuck-tunnel. Anna threw her head back and almost screamed out in ecstasy when she felt him slide his hand up; then grab her clit tightly and give it a pinch.

“OHHHH! YESSSSSS!” she shrieked, bucking her thighs forward and throwing her arms around Man for support.

“Jesus, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do this to you,” he groaned softly in her ear as he clamped his lips back onto hers. They started kissing each other passionately, stabbing their tongues into one another’s mouths while they ground their bodies together. Anna hunched her hips forward, impaling her juicing pussy on Mary’s probing fingers as her tits roasted inside her bra.

“Take off those goddamned clothes!” Anna panted as he pushed her gently away.

Anna gripped the back of the couch for support as she watched the man unbutton his shirt and unzip his pants almost simultaneously. With a hunch of his shoulders, Man slipped his khaki shirt off and down his arms, revealing a muscular chest and a thick matting of steely-gray body hair. Electricity seemed to ripple across his body as he stood in the middle of the room, staring at Anna.

“Now it’s your turn,” he said huskily as he lowered his hands and squeezed the large
cock-bulge in his shorts. “Mmmmm,” he moaned, closing his eyes and leaning his head back as he rubbed his hands over his straining prick. Anna could see that it was fully extended and throbbing against the material of his briefs. She wanted it jammed against her spasming cunt walls as soon as possible.

“OHHhhhh!” she groaned, unbuttoning her blouse quickly. With one quick move, she reached back and unfastened her bra, releasing her firm, pendulous tits.

“Jesus!” Anna cried out in appreciation as her huge boobs flopped down to her chest.

“Can you understand why Paul’s gone over to that titless bitch?” Anna asked dryly as she reached down and unzipped her skirt, shoving it to the floor.

“God only knows,” Man said as he drove his thumbs under the waistband of his shorts and slid them down to the floor.

“Ohhhh!” Anna cried out as the commander’s big, throbbing thickly veined cock sprang loose and bobbed wildly in the air. She ran forward and dropped to her knees automatically.

“Ooohhhh! Oh, shit!” Anna panted as he heaved his hips forward to drive his cock into her mouth.

Anna leaned back a little to avoid sucking the commander’s cock for a few seconds. She wanted to take in this man’s jerking tool. Her eyes traveled over the red, taut cock-skin; over the thick, wiry curls of grey prick hairs that surround the stiff, jerking rod. Anna shifted her eyes downward and stared at Marv’s hairy balls that jangled every time
his dick jerked and twitched. She reached up and trailed her forefinger over the cluster of hairs that poked out from the underside of his fuck-sac.

“Suck it! Suck it!” Mary moaned as he jerked his hips forward.

Anna groaned and opened her mouth to take the head of his quivering dick inside. Her lips squeezed tightly over his pulsating prick as she moved her head forward to take in the entire length of the commander’s thick, long shaft. She swirled her tongue at the base of his prick, caressing every vein that protruded from his taut rod. She slid it forward, massaging each straining nerve in his swollen dick until it reached the head. Then her lips joined in the action, milking his prick-head while her tongue slid back and forth against the sensitive underside of the commander’s raging hard-on.

“UNNghhh! Fuck! Oh, baby, suck that dick! Ohhh, yessss!” he groaned as he felt the spasms of pleasure shoot from his cock and balls all over his body.

“MMMmmmghhhfff!” Anna moaned as she felt his hips begin to move in and out as he fucked into her welcoming mouth. She reached up and grabbed his balls gently with her hands, moving them back and forth as she bobbed her head more furiously on his jerking rod.

“GODDD! OH, FFFUUUUCCCCK!” Man cried as he staggered backward and pulled his spit-slicked dick out of her mouth. “Come on, babe. I don’t want a blow-job. Not now, anyway. I’ve been watching that ass of yours for months. I
want to ram your sweet pussy right here,” he said as he pushed her gently down to the floor.

Anna suddenly got an idea. She was almost tired of getting fucked in the traditional missionary position.

“Come on. Let’s screw doggie-style,” she said, giggling softly as she reached up and squeezed Mary’s prick gently.

“Why not? It’d be kind of a kick,” Anna said as he sank to his knees behind her and pushed her forward.

“Come on, doggie,” Anna said softly. “Come on and screw your bitch,” she said as she swayed from side to side. She sank down on her elbows and felt her heavy tits fall to the floor. Her stiffened, fiery nipples scraped the carpeting as she felt the commander grab onto her firm ass-cheeks and push her slightly forward.

“GRRRRrrrrr!” Marv growled jokingly as he stroked his cock slowly before he touched her trembling body again. Then he ran his cock across her ass-cheeks while she moaned for satisfaction.

“Fuck me,” she whispered nervously as she reached up and squeezed her tits for relief. “Fuck me!”
“You bet, bitch!” he said throatily. Marv leaned back and reached forward, stabbing his powerful fingers into her juicing cunt and searched up and down until he found her embedded clit-shaft. He started to run his fingers up and down the tiny organ while he rubbed her hairy pussy-mound with his thumb. Anna thought her body was going to explode with pleasure as she felt
bolts of electricity shoot out from her twitching clit.

Man placed his hands on her thighs and positioned his hips so that his cockhead traced lightly across her juicing slit. Anna growled and moaned again as she felt her puffy labes twitching for satisfaction once more.

“FUCK MEEF! OH, GOD, FUCK ME, GODDAMMIT!” Anna screamed again as she felt her body shudder deliciously.

“YOU WANT IT, BABE? HERE IT IS!” Marv cried out as he shoved his thighs forward in one powerful thrust.

“AIEEE!” Anna cried out as she felt the commander’s thick, hot knob bang up against her swollen outer labes. She felt them parting slowly as Mary’s prick-head screwed past the juice-slicked membranes and drove down deep into her fuck-hole. She groaned as she felt his dick burying itself in the soft, hot wet recesses of her spasming snatch.

“UNNGH! UNNGH!! MORE! I WANT MORE COCK!! DRIVE IT UP MY CUNT! JEEESUS, FUCK MEBEE!” Anna cried out incoherently as Marv continued to drive his mammoth dong deep into her cunt.

“Ohhhhhh!” he sighed as he felt his hot groin touch Anna’s smooth, sweaty ass-cheeks. He started to rotate his butt slowly, stirring his cock like a butter churn inside her pussy while he felt
his balls slide up and down the woman’s quivering ass. At the same time Anna felt the commander reach underneath and grab her tits with both hands. He squeezed them again and again until she broke out into a long series of loud whimpers.

“Ohhhh! Do it to me! UNNngh! Do it!” Anna cried out as she felt Man mash in her nipples while he slid his spasming prick in and out of her squishing pussy. “FUCK ME! OH, JEE SUS, I-I. . .”
Anna couldn’t finish the sentence. Her throbbing clit and spasming pussy had taken over her mind. All she was now was one big fucking machine. His cock was acting like a wounded wild animal in her cunt. It seemed to have a will of its own the way it jerked, poked, bit and slid inside her as her clit exploded with blast after blast of mind-ripping ecstasy.

“UNNGH!” Man groaned as he let go of her tits and dug his hands into her thighs as he felt his balls about to blow their jizz into her sucking cunt.

“Don’t stop! Oh, God, don’t stop!” Anna moaned as she backed into him and wriggled her ass-cheeks wildly against the commander’s crotch.

“I-I- OMIGOD!” Anna yelled as he rammed his hips wildly against Anna’s quivering ass. She knew that he was coming by the way his cock was swelling up inside her snatch. At the same time Anna felt her own orgasm exploding deep inside her gut. It rippled across her panting belly, tore through her itching tits, then rocketed towards her beating, swollen clit.


Anna shrieked as she tossed her head from side to side in a mindless fury as she felt the lava-like heat searing her burning snatch.

“NOW! NOW! UNNNGH!” Anna cried out as he dug his fingertips into her hips and lifted her knees off the floor.

“COME, DAMN YOU, COME!” Anna screamed. Suddenly she felt something hot, wet and sticky scalding her trembling cuntal membranes. She could feel his balls slapping against her butt as she felt one violent spasm, then another break out between her legs.

“ARRRGH! Oh, baby! Unngh!” Mary moaned over and over as his pulsating cock-head sprayed out wad after wad of jizz.

Anna shrieked and groaned as her cunt broke out into a seemingly unending series of wild contractions. The two of them moaned and thrashed for what seemed like hours as her cunt-lips were bathed in rivers of sweat, fresh pussy juice and hot, male cum.

Anna was shaking all over and his breath was uneven. Anna collapsed on the floor as she felt the last ripple of orgasm sweep over her quivering clit.

“Ohhhh, my God!” Anna was finally able to say. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like that in my life!”
“Anna, baby,” Mary crooned, leaning forward and kissing her sweaty back lightly with his lips.

“You certainly know how to take a woman’s mind off her troubles,” Anna said, laughing softly as she moved forward and pulled free of the commander’s softening cock.

“I’m sorry we had to get together under these kind of circumstances,” he said a little sadly as he stroked his cock gently and looked longingly at her. Anna was afraid that Commander Golden might be getting a little too attached to her for comfort.

“I’m just happy we got together,” she said, reaching out and touching his cheek lightly. Anna wondered what Chet would say if she brought Anna into their little group. He was interested primarily in getting women up to his balls. But after all, he couldn’t service every wife on base. Marv would make a good addition.

“You’re not married, are you, Anna’?” she asked hesitantly.

“Not any more,” he said, sighing deeply. “I divorced my wife a couple of years ago. She was swinging with every prick on base whenever I was at sea. I just couldn’t take it.”
On second thought, Anna decided to keep their club a secret from the commander for a while. He didn’t sound like he approved of such goings-on. Not at least where his former wife was concerned. She had to get to know him a little better first. But if she could get him interested later on, he could assure them of complete safety. With his position, Mat-v could squash any rumors that leaked out about what was going on before they blew up into a major scandal.

“I’m sorry to hear about it,” Anna said as she got up from the floor and headed for the shower. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to shower and get ready for the Sea Scouts’ meeting. Greg, my
son, is bringing them over here.”
“They’re a good group of kids,” Anna said, getting up, too, and following her into the bathroom. “My son Kip’s in there.”
Anna felt her face flush hot as she turned on the shower. She almost felt like calling the meeting off. If Kip talked to his father before she felt him out further on joining the swappers’ club, they might all be in big trouble.

“Is he coining here tonight?” Anna asked nervously as she stepped into the stall.

“He’s never missed a meeting since he joined,” Anna said as he joined her.

“Mmmmmm, as dedicated to the service as his father,” Anna said huskily as she felt the commander’s powerful hands soap down her firm butt.

“Nothing wrong there,” Anna said breathlessly as he worked his hands around Anna’s firm creamy thighs to her thickly matted beaver and soaped up her hairy cunt-mound. The woman groaned again when she felt the commander’s fingers slide easily into her slackened snatch and scrape against her wet, slick pussy walls.

“I-I don’t think we should be doing this in the shower,” Anna stammered as she felt Anna pushing her slightly forward. His cock bounced against her taut butt as the shower soaked the two of them.

“Just don’t fall,” Anna said as he hunched and drove his cock up into her tightening, excited fuck-hole.

“OHHHhhh!” Anna groaned as she closed her eyes and clamped her snatch around the
commander’s invading prick. At the same time she tried to think of a way to keep his son Kip away from the Sea Scouts’ meeting that evening.

“Mom! Mom, I’m home!” Greg called out from the living room as he ran into the house.

“Hi, honey,” Anna said as she felt her snatch spasm at the sound of her son’s voice. “I’m here in the kitchen making up some sandwiches for the boys.”
“They’re not going to need much food when the action starts,” he said, walking slowly up behind her and cupping his hands around her well-rounded butt.

“Hey, stop it!” Anna giggled as she turned around from the kitchen sink and threw her arms around her son’s shoulders.

“Mmmmm, firm tits,” Greg said huskily as he reached up and squeezed his mother’s boobs gently.

“How well do you know Kip Golden?” Anna asked, changing the subject abruptly as she pushed Greg away and turned around to finish up making the snacks.

“Oh, pretty well, I guess,” Greg said, shrugging his shoulders and walking back into the living

“His father was here this afternoon,” Anna said, putting down the slicing knife and following her son through the kitchen doorway.

“Oh? Kip’s always said that his dad’s had the hots for you,” Greg said off-handedly as he sat down on the couch.

Anna flushed red when she heard Greg talk about Anna Golden that way.

“Ah-hah!” her son said, laughing loudly and slapping his knee. “So old man Golden managed to score with you!”
“Don’t talk like that!” Anna said in irritation as she thought about the news Anna had brought with him.

“Sorry, Mom,” Greg said, getting up and walking over to his mother. He embraced her gently as she leaned her head on his right shoulder.

“I don’t want news of what we’re doing to reach him-not just yet, anyway. I don’t know how he’d react to it. I’m afraid that Kip would tell him if we include him tonight.”
Greg pulled away from his mother and paced the living-room floor slowly.

“I don’t think we’ll have any problem,” he finally said. “Kip and his dad aren’t all that close. You know, he always blamed his dad for the divorce, even though it was really his mother’s whoring around that brought it on. I don’t think we’ll have any problem. Besides, you wouldn’t want to deal him out. If you think I’ve got a big cock, you should see Kip’s!”
Anna felt her pussy contract at what her son
suggested. If his friend’s dick was that big and fantastic, Anna hated to count him out just because of a few fears.

“Well, on second thought-” she began.

“That’s better,” Greg said as he headed for his bedroom. “I’d better get ready. The guys are coming over in an hour.”
Just as Greg disappeared into his room, Anna heard the front doorbell ring.

“Oh, Chet! You’re a little early,” Anna said as she stared at the chaplain’s bulging crotch. Behind him were Hilda, Grace and Marie. Anna wondered what the four of them had been doing in the car before they got there. She saw a large wet stain just below his zipper and guessed what had been going on.

“Thought we’d get here before the boys,” the chaplain said, smiling as he walked into the living room.

Anna greeted the women warmly. She especially hugged Marie Moore tightly, wishing that she could s******e the bitch in front of everyone there.

“When are they coming?” Hilda asked, giggling nervously as she looked hungrily at Chet’s crotch.

“In about an hour,” Anna said as she signaled to Chet that she wanted to talk to him alone.

“What’s up?” he asked as the other women scrambled into the kitchen for some coffee.

“Paul’s C.O. was over here this afternoon. He told me that Marie and my husband are having an affair!” she whispered softly.

Chet raised his eyebrows and shrugged. “So?”
“So? I want to get back at that bitch!” Anna
said angrily as she clenched her fists tightly together.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Chet said, slowly running his hands up and down her thighs. Anna closed her eyes and gave in to the hot feeling that was growing between her legs. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties that evening. Chet could see that easily. Her nipples poked angrily against the thin cotton material of her white blouse, and the crotch of her slacks was growing darker, stained by hot cunt juice that was oozing out from between her swelling labes. “You’re not exactly the picture of fidelity,” the chaplain said, laughing softly.

“This is different!” Anna said as she pulled away from Chet’s grip.

The chaplain sighed and looked steadily at her. “Well, what do you want me to do?” he finally asked.

“I’m not sure yet,” Anna said as she set her teeth firmly together. “But I’m going to make her pay for the trouble she’s causing me.”
“I’ll do what I can,” Chet said quietly as the three women came back into the living room.

“Is everybody ready?” Anna asked.

“I’m a little nervous,” Grace Hoover giggled excitedly. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt this kind of excitement before. All those young boys.

“We don’t even know how they’ll react,” Marie Moore said a little apprehensively.

That bitch! Anna thought to herself. That woman was fucking her husband, and here she was, pretending to be Little Miss Prim and Proper. Anna hoped that one of the boys was an S & M freak.

She knew just the candidate for the rack.

“Hey, Mom, some of the guys are coming over now!” Greg shouted from his bedroom.

“Just like kids. Around whenever you don’t want them,” Chet said under his breath. “All right, just everybody follow my lead. Let them have their meeting first. We’ll be in the kitchen. Just listen to me and follow what I tell you to do,” he said quickly as Anna ran to open the front door.

“Good evening, Kip,” Anna said as the commander’s son walked in and nodded hello to everyone. She felt her eyes drop automatically to the boy’s crotch. She wondered if what her son said about Kip’s prick was right. He was a tall, slender boy with an innocent, almost babyish face. His build and looks certainly didn’t go along with her idea of what a man with a big cock looked like. Then again, Nature likes to play funny tricks. She’d find out soon whether or not Greg was telling the truth about Kip Golden.

“Well, ladies, we’d better adjourn to the kitchen and let these boys hold their meeting,” Chet said as Greg walked out of the hallway and into the living room.

Anna stayed behind for a while, greeting the boys as they came in and bringing in the snacks. There were seven there, including her son. That made eight cocks in her house that evening-two for each bitch under her roof.

“Okay, Mom. You can go into the kitchen now,” Greg whispered in her ear, nibbling her left lobe as she started to turn.

“How many there?” Chet asked her as she
walked into the kitchen.

“Seven,” Anna said, looking at the women to see their reactions to her news. They all brightened.

“Not bad,” Chet said, rolling his eyes up as he thought out his plan. “That’s two cocks for each of you. Maybe after tonight you’ll spread the word to friends you know who’d be interested.”
“Ohhh, that might be fun,” Grace said, licking her lower lip nervously, “but how do we get started tonight?”
“That’ll be Anna’s job,” Chet said as he reached for Grace’s purse. He opened it and took out a ten-inch long, two-inch thick plastic dong.

Anna’s eyes widened as she watched Chet turn the base of the pseudo-cock. A loud, buzzing sound filled the kitchen as the five of them watched the dildo vibrate furiously.

“And what am I supposed to do with that?” Anna asked curiously as she watched the instrument quiver in the chaplain’s hands.

“Hide this somewhere as you go out into the living room,” Chet began.

“Flop your tits around. Rub against one of the boys. I don’t care which one.”
Anna thought of Kip Golden and smiled secretly to herself.

“Then make some excuse and go into your bedroom. Strip down and start fucking yourself with this thing. Then I’ll tell one of the boys to go look for you-that we need you. As soon as he gets near your bedroom, that buzzing sound should attract him. He’ll walk in and, well, then it’s up to
you,” Chet said, winking slyly at her.

“So, even if I get it on with whoever walks in, where do the rest of you fit in?” Anna asked, feeling her cunt muscles contract as she looked at the vibrating, buzzing dildo.

“When the two of you don’t come out, I’ll send in another boy-two if necessary. That’ll get the action going. When we get about half of them interested in what’s going on in the bedroom, the rest of us will come out. Maybe we’ll be naked. By that time, Greg and I will have them so hopped up for cunt they won’t ask any questions,” Chet said, smacking his lips with anticipation as he turned off the buzzing plastic dick and handed it to Anna.

“I might as well get started,” Anna said, sighing deeply as she took the dildo and put it back in Grace’s purse. “I’ve got nowhere to hide this, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to stick it up my twat and walk in there,” she said over her shoulder as she moved out of the kitchen, Grace’s purse in her hand.

Greg was outlining the coming sea cruise that they were all going to go on shortly. She stopped and watched her son before she continued carrying out her plan of action. He was a forceful leader, intelligent, yet now intimidating to the rest of the boys. She felt her heart and cunt throb at the same time.

“Hurry up!” she heard Chet whisper loudly from the kitchen doorway.

Anna inhaled sharply and pretended to be straightening up the living room as she worked her way closer and closer to Kip Golden. The boy
pretended to be ignoring her. But Anna saw that he was eyeing her tits as they swayed and bounced together under her loose-fitting cotton blouse. Anna spotted an empty pretzel bowl next to the commander’s son. What a perfect opportunity to get next to him.

“Now, Jim and Ken will be second and third in command respectively . . . ” Greg continued on as Anna inched closer to Kip.

“Excuse me,” she whispered huskily in Kip’s ear as she bent down to grab the empty bowl. At the same time Anna shifted around so that the boy could have a close look at her big tits swinging loosely around in her blouse if he wanted to. She saw him shift his eyes to the opening of her blouse and leave them there for several seconds. As she picked up the bowl, Anna leaned slightly to the left and brushed her boobs lightly against the right side of Kip’s face. She almost laughed out loud when she saw the boy flush a deep red.

As she placed the bowl on the end table next to the couch, Anna saw Chet sticking his head out of the kitchen doorway.

This one, she mouthed to the chaplain as she pointed at Kip and walked out of the living room towards her bedroom.

When she got to her bed, Anna inhaled sharply as she tore open her blouse and unzipped her slacks.

This is it, girl, she said to herself as she scrambled onto her bed and spread her legs widely apart. Anna reached over and picked up Grace’s purse. Unsnapping it, she reached in and pulled out
the long, thick dildo.

Jesus! I hope it’ll fit, Anna thought to herself as she threw the purse down on the floor and turned the base of the white vibrator. Instantly the instrument began to buzz angrily.

Here goes, she thought to herself as she lowered the artificial dong to her trembling snatch.

“UMMmmmm!” Anna groaned as she slipped the latex cock into her snatch with an audible squishing sound. She gasped again and shuddered as she felt her twitching snatch quivering with the portable vibrating dick. “AAAAaah! Anna cried out louder. She wriggled her ass-cheeks back and forth on the bed as she began to pump the dildo in and out of her pussy. The vibrations poured through her snatch, making her cunt muscles contract and release uncontrollably. Her tits seemed to quiver in time to the buzzing plastic dong while her flesh turned to jelly under the influence of the dildo.

“Hey, do one of you boys want to go and see what’s keeping Mrs. Murray?” Anna heard Chet ask the group in the living room.

Oh God, let it be Kip! she prayed silently as she churned the dildo around in her snatch.

“Hey, Kip, see what’s taking my mother so long,” Anna heard Greg say in the living room.

Thank God! she sighed to herself as she reached up with her left hand and squeezed the hot, spongy flesh of her huge tits. Anna continued to slide the buzzing dildo slowly in and out of her quivering pussy, rotating it slowly to get the maximum amount of friction from the plastic cock. Her clit
throbbed wildly in time to the vibrations that shot out of the latex dick and poured through her thrashing body.

“Mrs. Murray?” she heard Kip call out quietly in the hall.

Anna closed her eyes and bit her lip as she spread her legs more widely apart and ground her ass-cheeks deep into the groaning mattress.

“Ummmmm!” she moaned softly as she drove the dildo faster and faster into her juicy snatch.

“Mrs. Murray, are you in-” Kip said as he reached Anna’s bedroom doorway. The boy stopped at the entrance and his mouth dropped open when he saw the woman fucking herself with a dildo.

“UNNngh!” Anna groaned louder when she saw Kip standing there, his eyes glued to her reddened, swollen outer labes. Anna’s crotch glistened with rivulets of sweat and pussy juice as the latex dong squished in and out of her hot, steaming hole.

“Uh. . . Mrs. Murray,” the boy began nervously, then stopped and continued to watch in fascination.

Anna moaned more loudly and tossed her taut ass-cheeks high into the air.

“Ohhhh, fuck meeee!” she groaned, opening her eyes and looking directly at Kip.

“Oh, Jesus!” Kip said as he closed the door and walked slowly over to Anna.

“Oh, God! Fuck! Please, Kip! Fuck meeee! FUCK MEEE!” Anna cried out mindlessly. She opened her eyes again and saw Kip stripping off his shirt and pants. She saw the outline of his
incredibly thick, massively long cock. She couldn’t believe it! Her son was right. Kip had at least ten inches of hot prick-meat between his powerful, hairy legs.

“You’ve got it!” the boy said hoarsely as he scrambled clumsily onto the bed and slid between her flailing legs. Before she knew what was happening, Anna felt Kip’s tongue probing her cunt-lips, teasingly lapping at the stretched, sensitive membranes while she continued to drives the artificial, vibrating dick in and out of her gash.

“Get rid of that thing,” Kip said as he pulled it out roughly with a loud pop. “I’ve got the real thing, and it’s a hell of a lot better,” the boy whispered as he stroked the cock throbbing and straining against the stretched material of his briefs.

“Ohhhh, God!” Anna moaned as she felt Kip’s tongue slip between her puffy outer labes. The boy didn’t force his way into her sensitive fuck-tunnel yet, but preferred to tease her for a while. That was fine with Anna. She loved feeling that growing, almost unbearable itch that gripped her clit. She drove her thighs wildly upward again and again, wanting to impale her cunt-hole on his stiff, hot, stabbing tongue.

“Eat me! Eat my snatch out! YESSSS, LIKE T-T-THHHAAAAAT!” Anna screamed hoarsely, thrashing on the groaning bed as her words goaded Kip on.

The boy finally drove his tongue completely into Anna’s pussy as she spread her legs farther apart. She opened her mouth and cried out in
agonized ecstasy as she felt his tongue inch up closer arid closer to her wildly beating clit. Anna felt herself rocketing up toward a big come, and hoped that she’d have enough energy for the rest of the boys later.

“Oh, fuckin’ God! Do something! FOR GOD’S SAKE, DO SOMETHING! FUCK MEEE! FUCK MEEEE!” Anna shrieked as she writhed, bucked and heaved like a mad woman. “JAM YOUR COCK INTO MEEE!” Anna begged desperately. “Ohhh, yeah!” Kip moaned in her ear as he reached down with both hands and grabbed the backs of her thighs. Her cunt was already drenched with sweat and pussy juice. It quivered in anticipation of being stuffed with the boy’s prick. Her outer labes trembled excitedly and seemed to be begging Kip to tam his dick in as soon as he could.

“Hey, somebody want to see what’s keeping the two of them?” Anna heard Greg say in the living room. But she didn’t care about the plan any more. Somewhere in the distance Anna heard the dildo buzzing merrily away. All she could think of now was her unspeakably aching cunt and tits.

“Want to see what’s going to ram you?” the boy asked Anna, as he backed away from her sucking snatch for a second and knelt between her trembling, sweaty thighs.

“Ohhhhh,” Anna groaned as she looked at the thick, long cock outlined in his Jockeys. The material near the waistband was wet with pre-cum as the boy’s dick throbbed wildly, imprisoned by the tight-fitting white briefs.

“Get ready,” he warned, then pulled down his shorts and freed his mammoth-sized cock.

“OhhhhhHHHH!” Anna cried out admiringly as she smacked her lips excitedly. She’d never seen a cock that big and smooth before! The shaft seemed to go on forever, ending in an almost perfectly bell-shaped, purple, pulsating tip. Surrounding the base of Kip’s rod was a thick matting of almost white crotch hair that matched the light-blond hair on his head and chest. Under that forest hung two enormous, almond-shaped balls.

Kip massaged his dong for a few seconds, then slid his shorts completely off. He pulled her forward gently, then bent down, touching the tip of his cock-head against the sensitive, slick membranes of her oozing, red gash.

“Ohhhh! Fuck meeeee!” Anna exclaimed.

But Kip pulled back, watching her swollen cunt-lips twitch angrily for his cock.

“What are you doing?!” she cried in frustration as she clenched her fists and beat the edge of the mattress wildly. She hated someone who was that kind of tease. Her pussy was contracting painfully now. She needed the boy’s prick stuffed in her hot hole in the worst possible way.

Anna looked at the ‘boy smiling at her. He seemed to enjoy watching her writhing on the bed, pleading and whimpering for him to ram his red, rubbery cock into her cunt until it shot out of her asshole. Kip leaned forward a little more and his gigantic prick slid into her hot gash without any resistance.


Anna hunched up and threw her arms around Kip’s neck. She wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles tightly together as she hunched against the pumping stud.

“More! More! Faster!” Anna grunted as she slammed her quivering cunt against the boy’s groin.

“Easy, easy,” Kip panted.

But Anna didn’t pay any attention to him. She dug her fingernails into his back and scraped skin under her nails as he started slowly shoving his cock in and out of her contracting pussy. Anna drove her snatch hard against his groin in return, trying to swallow the full length of his cock in her cunt every time. With each forward thrust Anna could feel his heavy, hanging balls slap against her ass-cheeks.

“Fuck me! In! In! In!” Anna groaned as she tossed her head from side to side.

Kip grunted, then reached up with both hands and squeezed her big tits hard. He rolled them around her chest, tugging at them and pulling at them until she thought the boy was going to rip them off. While he pile drove his trembling prick into her squishing snatch, Kip bent forward and clamped his lips over her right nipple and started sucking wildly while he continued to mash the soft flesh of her left tit with his hand.

“NNNGH! NNGHH! NNNGH!” Anna cried out incoherently as she felt bolts of ecstasy fire through her body. Her pussy felt as if someone had set fire to her erect clit. Her tits throbbed deliciously as the boy continued to mash and
massage them with his hands when he wasn’t licking and sucking them.

“Oh, God! You’re fantastic!” Kip groaned.

Anna didn’t care what the boy was saying. Her mind was exploding with light and thunder. All she could think of now was cock and cunt, cock and cunt, cock and cunt.

“OHHHHH! ARRRGH! ARRRGH!” Anna wailed, squirming and writhing desperately on the bed now. She felt her belly knotting up quickly as her clit throbbed rhythmically in time to Kip’s increasingly faster cunt-fucking. She used her legs as leverage while she slithered her oozing snatch up and down the boy’s stabbing prick.

Kip moaned louder, humped the woman harder and faster until he thought he’d drive Anna through the mattress to the floor.

“I CAN’T TAKE IT! NOOOO!” she shrieked as the first bolt of orgasm tore through her body. Anna thought her nipples would blow off as she felt her pussy contract painfully and powerfully. She screamed again, arching her back and digging her nails harder into Kip’s back as she felt another spasm rip through her cunt. “OHHHH, JEEEESUS, I’M COMING! FUCKIN’ GOD, I’M GOING-GUNNGH! WAWWWH!”
Kip’s hands slipped down and gripped Anna’s ass tightly as she felt the boy’s thighs and back stiffen.

“UNNGH! I-I-” the boy grunted as his eyes rolled up to his head and his body shuddered violently.

“SH-SHOOT IT IN MMEEE!! ARRGH!” Anna cried out.

Suddenly Kip screamed and thrashed from side to side. Anna felt his cock swell incredibly inside her cunt. Then she felt the first white-hot wad of jizz spewing out of his piss-slit and spattering against her rumbling, spasming cunt walls.

“WAWWWWH! WAWWWWH!” Anna shrieked as the sensation of Kip’s hot cum sent her pussy off in another wild series of orgasmic contractions. The two of them bucked and ground and thrashed and heaved together for what seemed like days. Finally the last spasm ripped through the two of them, and Anna and Kip literally collapsed in exhaustion.

“Ohhhh, that was good,” Anna said as she tried to catch her breath. “That was sooo good,” she crooned, raising her right hand and running her fingers through Kip’s sweat-soaked blond hair.

“Uh, Mrs. Murray, I’m-I’m sorry. I really shouldn’t have done this,” Kip stammered, flushing a deep red as he buried his face in the pillow.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed,” Anna said, laughing softly as she continued to stroke the back of his neck. “I should be the one who’s blushing. We set this whole thing up.

“Set it up?” the boy asked as he pulled his face out of the pillow and looked curiously at her.

“Planned it. The chaplain and those three women in there-we planned the whole thing. In fact, if everything goes as scheduled, your friends should be walking through the doorway in a few seconds looking for us.” Anna giggled softly.

“And, boy, won’t they get a surprise,” she said as she squeezed her pussy muscles together and milked the young boy’s softening cock.

“Oh, Cod, they can’t see me like this,” Kip moaned as he tried to get away.

“Hey, Kip, Mrs. Murray, where are you?” they heard Ken and Jim call out from the hallway.

“Too late,” Anna whispered in Kip’s right ear as she heard footsteps draw closer to her bedroom.

“Maybe they’re in here,” Ken said as he reached the doorway of Anna’s bedroom.

“For God’s sake, let me go!” Kip hissed as he struggled to get free of Anna’s grip.

“Relax and enjoy it,” the woman cooed softly as she pulled him gently back to her tits.

“In the bedroom?” Jim asked as he followed behind his friend closely.

“Well, we’ve looked everywhere else,” Ken said as he turned the knob and threw open the door. “I don’t know where else we- Oh, shit!” he cried out as he turned into the room and saw Anna and Kip locked together on the bed.

“Hi, fellas,” Kip said over his right shoulder as he turned his head around and flashed an embarrassed smile at his friends.

“What are you doing?” Jim and Ken asked together as their eyes grew wider every second.

“We’ve already done it,” Anna said, giggling as she squeezed her pussy muscles together again.

“Unnngh!” Kip cried out as Anna reached down and pinched his balls with her right hand.

“Fuck why should he have all the fun!” Ken said as he closed the door behind him and took off his white T-shirt.

“We’re going for sloppy seconds?” Jim asked as he followed his friend and started stripping.

“Better than nothing. Hey, what’s that sound?” Ken asked as he unzipped his Levi’s and shoved them to his knees.

“For Christ’s sake, look at this!” Jim said as he walked to the far corner of the room. The dark-haired boy bent down and picked up the buzzing dildo.

“Wow! You do yourself with this a lot?” Ken asked excitedly as he stared at Anna in disbelief.

“Only now and then,” she said huskily as she riveted her eyes on the two boys’ pricks. Neither of them were as large as Kip’s. But both were stiff and jerking in the air. She felt her cunt rumbling again and her tits firing up. She wondered how she could get rid of Kip gracefully without hurting his feelings.

“Well, we’re gonna show you that you don’t need this kind of shit!” Jim grunted huskily as he shut the plastic cock off and threw it to the floor. In seconds he’d unsnapped his jeans and shoved them down to his ankles.

“Hey, Kip, why don’t you get off and give us a chance?” Ken suggested as he walked up to the edge of the bed.

Anna looked at his jerking cock and almost shoved Kip off her as she felt her snatch contracting for Ken’s and Jim’s pricks.

“Watch it! She’s a real snapper!” Kip said as he
laughed loudly and pulled his flaccid dick out of her squishy pussy.

“Wait a second!” Anna said as she rolled out of bed. “Let me clean up a little first.”
“Okay by me,” Ken said looking at Jim.

“Fine. Personally, I’d rather have a clean cunt than slide into Kip’s jizz!” Jim said, laughing at Kip as the blond boy staggered out of the bedroom.

Anna inhaled sharply as she minced into the bathroom, feeling Kip’s cooling jizz leaking out from between her tightly clenched cunt-lips and oozing down her thighs. She squatted over the toilet and let out the boy’s cum into the water as she heard Jim and Ken talking about her tits and ass.

“You want to fuck her in the cunt?” Ken asked Jim.

“I’d really like to rub my cock between her boobs,” the other boy confessed.

“Hey, that’s no way to make it! I mean, you gotta either fuck a broad in the pussy, or jam it up her ass. The way you want it’s like jacking off,” Ken said.

“I don’t care. I took one look at her tits, and I knew that was the way I wanted to make it with her,” Jim said defiantly.

Ken sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s your cum. You do what you want with it,” the other boy said quietly.

Damn them! Anna said to herself excitedly as she dabbed her crotch dry with toilet paper. She flushed the toilet, then walked into the bedroom
and climbed into her bed.

“Ready?” Anna asked as she ground her ass-cheeks slowly together and ran her fingertips over her stiffened nipples.

“You want this dick, babe?” Ken asked as he walked up to her face and dangled it inches away from her mouth.

“I’ll show you how much I want it!” Anna said breathlessly as she moved quickly to one side opened her mouth and engulfed the full length of the boy’s shaft.

“UNNNGH!” Ken cried out in surprise and delight as the woman started to massage his prick with her lips.

“Mmmmmm!” Anna moaned delightedly. She felt her body melt with heat and excitement. Every square inch of her body glowed with a hotness that was especially intense around the hot, swollen lips of her cunt. Her clit and nipples stiffened, growing so sensitive with swollen tissues and raw nerve endings that Anna thought they’d explode. She wrapped her fingers around Ken’s cock and started to massage the taut, rubbery skin as she bobbed her head back and forth on his prick. As the boy’s stiff dick started to throb harder. Anna squeezed it greedily. Her hand jacked up sand down as her thick wet lips slurped around his raging hard-on.

“Ohhhhh, yeah! Baby, get it on! Suck that cock! Ummm, suck it! Suck it!” Ken groaned as he closed his eyes and rocked back and forth. He squeezed his powerful, muscular ass-cheeks together and hunched forward every time Anna slid up to the base of his rod. “Look at how she wants
that dick, Jim! LOOK!”
“Yeah! Yeah!” his friend groaned as he scrambled onto the bed and squirmed between her legs.

“MMMMmmmmfghff!” Anna moaned as Jim started lapping at her trembling snatch-lips.

“Hey, watch it, man!” Ken cried out to his friend as Anna spat out his cock. “She could’ve bit my dick off!”
“Well, what did you expect me to do?” Jim asked from between Anna’s trembling thighs. “Watch and jack off while she gave you a blow-job?”
“Ohhh, lick me off! Lick me off!” Anna groaned.

“Well, do what the lady says,” Ken said, smiling as he rubbed the cum-oozing head of his throbbing shaft over the woman’s half-parted lips.

“UNNNGH! WWAAWWHH!” Anna screamed as she felt Jim’s tongue slip past her b***d-filled outer labes and into her throbbing fuck-tunnel. She couldn’t believe she could be this excited so soon after coming with Kip. But here she was, thrashing on the bed with a cock battering her lips and a mouth wrapped around her puffy, hot labes. It was the idea of all those young, hot cocks that had her clit strung out. She wanted them all rammed up her snatch. And at the end of the night, she wanted her son to fuck her to the walls! Anna felt every barrier she’d ever had breaking down now as the two boys prepared to give her a double-fucking.

“WAWwwwwh! Oh, God, touch my clit with your tongue! Oh, Jeeeesus, Jim, rub my clit with
your-your- ARRRGH!”
Anna threw her hips frantically into the air as she stabbed her fingers into the boy’s bobbing head. Jim had done as she pleaded, ramming his thick, wet tongue against her erect clit. He poked at it gently, then sloshed his tongue up, down and around the miniature organ as bolts of electric excitement racked her cunt and tits.

“S-S-STOP! OHHH, SHIT, I’M GONNA COME IF YOU KEEP DOING THAT! OH, FUCKIN’ SHIT!” Anna screamed, slamming her ass-cheeks up and down like a pump.

“Suck, babe! Suck!” Ken said as he rammed his cock into her opened mouth.

“MMMGEFFF!” Anna cried out as she reached over and wrapped her fingers around the boy’s smooth ass-cheeks and drew his groin closer to her massaging lips. While Jim continued to snake his tongue in and out of her hot, trembling fuck-hole, Anna went back to her cock-sucking. Her lips squeezed the throbbing shaft tightly. Anna swirled her tongue at the base of Ken’s prick, caressing every inch of hot prick-skin. It moved forward, massaging every straining nerve fiber in his swollen dick until it got to the head. Then the woman’s lips joined in the action, sucking the knob in tiny little gasps while her tongue slid under the corona like a stroking, wet hand.

“UNnngh!” the boy moaned as he felt throbs of pleasure shoot from his cock up his belly and down his legs. His hips began to slowly move in and out as he fucked into Anna’s willing mouth. She felt his firm butt ripple to the time of his thrusts.

Anna’s tongue began to work more frantically as she felt her snatch fire up hotter and hotter under Jim’s increasingly wild tonguing.

“Ohhh, I want to fuck your tits!” Jim groaned as he puffed up his cheeks and blew softly through her wiry beaver.

“MMMMmmmghffff!” Anna groaned as she sucked Ken’s prick harder. Her tongue hopped all over the boy’s dong, prying, poking, teasing, stroking the shaft and head until Anna was sure Ken was going to blow his wad in her mouth. All she heard was the boy’s groaning the sound of her own b***d pounding in her ears. She closed her eyes and saw white and gold flashes of light that blinded her to everything else except Ken’s cock and Jim’s magic tongue inside her twat.

“No, don’t! DON’T!” Ken cried, reaching down and jamming his fingers into Anna’s scalp. He pushed her away violently and staggered back as he gripped his jerking cock hard with his right hand. “Jeeeze!” he groaned, closing his eyes and inhaling sharply. “I thought I was gonna shoot right then.”
“OHHHH!” Anna groaned as Jim slid his tongue back up to her clit and stroked it gently back and forth.

“I wonder if the other guys know about her?” Ken said as he watched Anna writhe on the bed.

“They will soon enough,” Anna said, smiling at the panting boy.

“What do you mean?” Ken asked.

Before Anna could answer him, the door opened again and Kip came wandering in naked.

“Hey, you mean you went out there in front of
the other guys that way?” Jim asked in surprise.

“Hell, you should see what’s going on in there,” Kip said, laughing loudly and winking at Anna.

“What do you mean?” Ken wondered, stroking his cock slowly with his right hand.

“Man, there’s such a fucking orgy going on in there-I can’t even describe it. All the guys are fucking away with those three broads. Even the chaplain’s getting involved. He’s butt-fucking the one called Marie while Billy’s screwing her in the cunt! They’re all just fucking and sucking away in the living room.”
Anna smiled and looked at the two confused boys.

“This whole thing was planned,” Kip said, looking at Anna and smiling back. “I heard the chaplain say something about a swappers club or swingers thing or something. I’ll tell you later,” Kip said as he looked down at his stiffening prick. “Right now, all I want to do is fuck!” he said warmly.

“Yessss, fuck!” Anna moaned as she reached down and strummed her clit with her right forefinger.

“Sorry, Mrs. Murray. I guess we almost forgot about you,” Jim said apologetically as Anna hunched up and squeezed her sweaty thighs against the boy’s body.

“Man, she’s hot again!” Kip said, whistling low as his cock became fully extended.

“Hey, why don’t you fuck her in the ass with that big rod of yours?” Ken suggested as he crawled on the bed and inched up until his balls
were directly over Anna’s mouth.

“NOOOO! I don’t think I could take it!” she protested as her shithole contracted in fear.

“With a little Vaseline, anybody can take anything,” Kip said as he turned and walked into the bathroom. “There should be plenty of that in this household. I understand from Greg and the chaplain that you love getting fucked at both ends at the same time,” Kip said as he opened the bathroom cabinet and looked for the jar of the lubricant.

“You mean she gets it on with her own son?” Jim asked as he threw up her legs and dove back down into her juicy snatch.

“OHHHhhhh!” Anna cried out when she felt the boy’s lips bang up against her fat, swollen labes.

“You bet,” Kip said as he walked back into the bedroom with the jar of Vaseline in his right hand. “Now this is going to be a study in strategy. We’ve got to all get together on this one so we can shoot our wads into her at the same time. That ought to turn her on.

Anna flushed red when she heard the boys talking about her that way. She felt like a nympho who couldn’t get enough cock. She didn’t think she was one of those. But Anna had to admit that the thought of three teenage pricks jammed in her body, spurting wads of cum, excited the shit out of her!
“Okay, Jim, you get on your back. She’ll have to ride you, Ken, you climb on the bed and face her. She can suck you off that way. As for me, well, that’s my problem, but I’ll figure out a way
to get into her asshole,” Kip said as he opened the jar and took out a thick wad of the grease. Anna watched in horrified fascination as the boy smeared the thick, lubricant all over his throbbing, red prick until it glistened under the bedroom lights.

“Come on, baby,” Jim said as he rolled over and stroked his cock slowly up and down.

Anna lost complete control of herself. She scrambled to her knees and squatted over the young boy, positioning her gaping snatch directly over Jim’s pulsating, purple cock-head. Her stiff cunt hairs tickled the boy’s piss-slit as she lowered her pussy-lips inch by inch.

“UNNGH!” Anna groaned as she felt her outer labes parted by Jim’s slick cock.

“UNNNGH!” Jim grunted as he squeezed his powerful ass-cheeks together and hunched up his hips to drive his prick into the squatting woman’s cunt. “Okay, Ken. Your turn now.”
The other boy climbed onto the bed and carefully put his feet on either side of his friend’s shoulders. Anna looked up and saw Ken’s cock jerking frenziedly in front of her nose. She reached up and rubbed the head of his twitching prick gently with her fingers before she opened her mouth and drove her head forward.

“UNNNGH!” Ken cried out as he felt Anna’s hot, wet mouth slip around his quivering rod. She wanted to excite him to the limit. Anna raised her right hand to his crotch and began to play gently with his swinging balls. She brushed the fine hair that surrounded the base of his cock with her
fingers, then ran them up the thick, pulsing vein that ran the entire length of his young prick.

Ken began moaning louder as he felt the hot wet mouth sliding back and forth on his cock. Anna felt his hands on her head, shoving it farther onto his cock. She felt the tip of his dick being rammed against the back of her hungry mouth. Anna began to buck and almost slipped off Jim’s quivering rod as she grew more excited.

“Suck harder, bitch!” Ken groaned as she moved her fingers up to the boy’s muscular belly. While Anna slid up and down Jim’s stiff cock, she traced the pulsating veins that appeared on either side of his hips with her fingers.

Meanwhile Kip had crawled onto the bed and inched behind Anna. Gently he placed his right hand on her back and shoved her forward, careful not to move her away from Ken’s mouth-fucking prick. Gradually Anna’s quivering asshole came into view.

“This is gonna be tricky, but I think I can do it,” the boy said under his breath as he slid his knees under the woman’s butt and poked his cock against the brown, wrinkled skin of her shitter.

“UMMMM!” Anna groaned in fear and pleasure as she felt the hot, juicy tip of Kip’s dick rub against her bung.

“Maybe needs a little primer,” Kip said softly as Anna felt the boy’s forefinger squirm past her tightened sphincter muscle and wiggle its way up her asshole. She felt hot flashes of indescribable pleasure shoot from her ass to all parts of her body. Anna was familiar with the mixture of
painful and delightful feelings that came with butt-fucking. But she’d never been screwed in the ass with a cock the size of Kip’s. It might rip her apart. But she was willing to take the chance!
“Shove it in her, Kip!” Ken cried out as he rotated his hips and churned his cock inside Anna’s sucking mouth.

“Fuck her!” Jim groaned as he pounded Anna’s crotch wildly from underneath.

“Give me time,” Kip protested as he shoved in two more fingers and reamed out Anna’s shitter.

In the background Anna could hear Hilda and Marie and Grace screeching at the tops of their lungs.

“FUCK MEEEE!” Hilda yelled desperately.

“WAWWWWH! ARRRGHHHH!” Marie and Grace chorused together. Their shrieks excited Anna more as she felt Kip tear out his fingers and bang the tip of his mammoth dong against her asshole.

Relax! Relax! Anna told herself as she felt the boy thrusting his hips forward.

WAWWWWWWHHH!” Anna screeched as she spat out Ken’s prick and shot up from the bed as Kip slipped the thick, meaty knob of his dick into her shitter. “TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT! YOU’RE BUSTING ME APART!” she screamed as she nearly pulled herself free of Jim’s prick.

“Grab her!” Kip told Jim as he held tightly onto her thighs.


Anna screamed again as she tossed her head from side to side and sobbed desperately. She clenched her fists and beat them wildly against Kip’s chest as he slid inch after hot inch of prick into her incredibly stretched shitter.

“Stick your cock back into her mouth to shut her up!” Kip groaned as he jammed more of his dick into her shit-chute.

“MMMMGFFFF!” Anna sobbed as she tried to relax her asshole and accept Kip’s invading dong.

“Fuck her harder. That ought to take her mind off her ass for a while,” Kip grunted.

Anna inhaled sharply and tightened her cunt muscles as Jim slammed his prick furiously into her hot hole. She concentrated on her cunt and gradually began to again enjoy the boy’s fucking. She felt his rod jam in and out of her snatch, feeling with her wet walls every square inch of his throbbing, poking prick. With Kip’s prick stuffed in her asshole and Jim’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy, Anna felt stuffed to the hilt. She took a deep breath again and applied suction to Ken’s prick as she swirled her tongue over and around the boy’s throbbing knob.

“UNNgh! Here it is, babe!” Kip groaned as he gave a final powerful thrust and shoved the full length of his shaft into her shithole. Anna groaned with painful delight as she felt the base of hig prick rub against her upturned ass-cheeks. The boy didn’t move for several seconds as he gasped for breath. Finally he started hunching his powerful thighs slightly, sliding his prick in and out of her shitter. Slowly, his fucking rhythm matched Jim’s
screwing. Anna felt her eyes roll to the back of her head as she gave herself completely up to the total reaming she was getting from the two boys.

“UNNGH! I’m-I’m gonna-gonna! GGGNNNGH!” Ken cried out as his legs trembled and his prick swelled up in Anna’s sucking mouth.

“The bastard’s blowing his wad!” Jim groaned as he looked up and saw Ken close his eyes and ram his prick faster and faster into the woman’s hot mouth.

“I-I can’t stop!” the boy groaned as he dug his fingertips into Anna’s scalp and slammed his groin hard against her lips. Anna groaned as she felt the first hot wad shoot past her front teeth and spatter against the back of her throat.

“Wow! I’m coming, too!” Jim groaned from under Anna’s thighs as he raised his hands and dug his fingers into the woman’s sides.

“YOU FUCKIN’ BASTARDS! I’M GONNA SHOOT NOW! UNNNGH!” Kip screamed from behind as he swirled his groin against Anna’s sweaty ass-cheeks and grabbed her thighs tightly.

“MMMGFFF! UNNGHHHH!” Anna cried out. Suddenly she was on a cloud, floating in the sky with thunder and lightning all around her. She felt squirt after squirt of cum exploding into her body. She was drenched with it, drowning in it as the three boys groaned and thrashed and writhed against her heaving body.

“OHHHhhhhh!” Anna moaned as Ken pulled his flaccid cock out of her mouth and crashed against the back wall in exhaustion. His hot jizz leaked out of her mouth as she felt Kip fall back on the bed
and slip his prick out of her asshole. Jizz leaked out of her shitter and down her butt as Jim drove his prick up her cunt for one last thrust before he collapsed onto the mattress.

The four of them panted heavily for several minutes as they tried to focus their minds and eyes on the present scene. Kip was the first one to speak up.

“Wow, this is about the best Sea Scouts’ meeting I’ve ever gone to,” he said, laughing softly.

The other boys laughed as they rolled off the woman and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Is this going to happen every time we get together?” Ken asked Anna.

“That all depends on you,” she said, wiping Ken’s jizz off of her chin. “We’d like as many of you as possible to help us out in our new club.”
“Is that what the chaplain was talking about?” Kip asked her.

“I don’t know what he told you, but here’s the deal,” Anna said as she started to tell them what she and the good chaplain had worked out. When she’d finished, Anna watched the three boys carefully to gauge their reactions accurately.

“What do you think?” Kip asked his two friends.

“Sounds good to me. Are you and Chaplain Thompson going to get more women?” Ken asked anxiously.

Anna laughed and raised her hands to stroke the boy’s flushed cheeks.

“We’ll see what we can do,” she said. “Right now, we’ve got three women in the living room
who want as much cock as they can get.”
“Jeez, I don’t know if I can come again,” Kip said, stroking his soft cock gently.

“Hell, I know I can. That one called Hilda looks like a good cunt to fuck,” Jim said as he stroked
his prick back up to full stiffness.

“I’ll take the one called Grace,” Ken said. “I saw her in the kitchen when I came in. Shit, I’d like to crawl up her snatch,” the boy grunted excitedly.

“Well, what’s keeping you?” Anna asked as she shoved them off the bed playfully. “I’ll bet they’re ready for more right now.”
“Shit, come on, Kip. You’ll get it up again,” Ken and Jim said as they ran out the doorway.

It had to be great to be young, Anna said to herself a little enviously as she staggered to the bathroom to clean up.

When Anna came into her living room, she saw a scene that was something straight out of a fuck book. Hilda was stretched out on the couch. Kip was crouched over her, sliding his mammoth dong in and out of her widely opened mouth. Jim was between her legs, jamming his tongue in and out of her juicing snatch. In one corner of the room Marie was suspended in midair between Chet and a football-type boy by the name of Billy Jackson. Chet was standing with his feet wide apart and his hips directly under Marie’s ass-cheeks with his cock stuck up her shitter. The woman’s legs were wrapped tightly around the muscular boy’s wide thighs while he hunched his prick in and out of her squishing pussy. Marie bucked and howled mindlessly as she tossed her head wildly from side to side. Anna could understand what Paul saw in her-at least, sexually.

Anna looked around for Grace but couldn’t find her. Suddenly she heard strange sounds coming from the kitchen. Anna walked to the doorway and nearly screamed with laughter at what she saw.

Grace was lying spread-eagle on top of the kitchen table, her arms and legs tightly tied. Two boys by the name of Joe Sutton and Jack Wingenfeld had smeared chocolate sauce all over her beaver and on her pussy-lips. Joe was busily licking Grace clean while Jack had a can of whipped cream in his hand and was squirting the white foamy stuff on the woman’s tits. Grace obviously loved what was going on. She groaned and screeched alternately, begging them to lick her clean and to fuck her and to suck her dry.

Anna shrugged. Different strokes. She thought to herself as she strolled back into the living room. She looked for Greg and Ken but couldn’t find them. Anna began to feel her snatch heating up again and she wanted her son up her cunt this time around.

“OHHHHH, NOOOO!” Marie screeched as she clenched her teeth tightly together and heaved her hips high into the air. Chet and Bill braced themselves and jammed their cocks harder into the bucking, screaming woman. Anna wished that she had her camera loaded. She’d take a picture of Marie and show it to her husband. What would Paul think of his wonderful mistress then?
“FUCK! FUCK!” Anna heard Kip groan. She turned around and saw the boy’s mammoth dong sliding completely out of Hilda’s sucking mouth, only to slam back in and bury itself between the woman’s thick, moist lips.. Anna felt the air in the living room grow thick with the smell of perspiration and vaporized twat juice. The groans and smells made her grow hotter and hotter for

Where were Greg and Ken? Anna kept wondering as she wandered back to the bedroom. She was growing desperate. They weren’t anywhere to be found. Just as she was about to resign herself to a session of finger-fucking, she heard the sound of something falling in the basement.

“Greg?” Anna called down from the head of the basements stairs.

“We’re down here, Mom,” her son called up.

“What’s going on?” she asked as she started climbing down the steep wooden stairs.

“We’re trying to set up something for the kinkier broads,” Greg said as he went back to work with Ken in the corner.

Anna peered into the semidarkness and saw the two boys bent over something that looked like a table.

“What is it?” she asked as she moved closer to them.

“We’re trying to put together a rack- You know, something kind of medieval for S & M freaks,” Greg said.

“Well, don’t look at me, guys,” she said giggling nervously as she examined the table and the pieces of ropes Greg was affixing to the corners.

“Don’t worry, Mom,” Greg said as he ran his hands lightly over her tits. “We wouldn’t put you on the table unless you wanted it.”
“I certainly don’t, but I think I know somebody who would,” Anna said as she squinted her eyes together and thought of Marie bucking and heaving upstairs. “You think you boys could finish that
thing in a few minutes?”
Greg shrugged his shoulders and looked at Ken, who had a small whip in his hand. Anna shuddered as she wondered where the boy had gotten it.

“I guess so, Mom, but what’s the reason?” Greg wondered.

“You’re about to have your first customer for that thing,” Anna said as she turned around and ran up the stairs. She dashed into the living room and ran up to Chet.

“Listen, I can get even with that bitch and we can all have a ball at the same time,” Anna whispered in the chaplain’s ear.

“What are you talking-talking a-a- OHHH, SHIIITTTT!” Chet screamed as he closed his eyes and threw his groin hard against Marie’s ass-cheeks. Anna looked down and watched the chaplain’s thickly veined cock spasm wildly. Then rivers of white, sticky jizz poured out of Marie’s impaled shitter.

“Okay, okay, what do you want?” Chet panted after a few moments.

“Listen, take that broad down to the basement,” Anna whispered softly in his ear.

“Now?” Chet asked in surprise.

“Now. She hasn’t come yet, has she?” Anna asked.

“No, why?”
“She’ll be so fuckin’ hot she won’t know what’s happening to her,” Anna said between her teeth.

“AWWWW, FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Billy Johnson cried as he blew his load into Marie’s cunt.

“Okay, that takes care of him, and she’s still
hanging,” Anna said to the chaplain. “Take her downstairs. Greg and Ken have got something good for her,” Anna said, smiling at the groaning, bucking woman.

“Come on, babe,” Chet said as he grabbed Marie away from Billy and carried her off in his arms.

“This way,” Anna said, walking ahead of Chet to the basement stairs.

“Where are we going?” Marie groaned as she looked around and saw Anna staring angrily at her.

The woman just smiled as she followed Chet down the steps.

“This is the one?” Greg asked as he finished bolting on the last piece of rope to the table.

“Don’t!” Marie cried out as she began to realize what was going to happen.

“Shut up, bitch! You think I don’t know about you screwing around with my husband?” Anna said angrily as she ran over to the table.

“Mom!” Greg said in a hurt voice. “You mean Dad and her-they’ve been-”
“That’s right, honey,” Anna said in a consoling voice. “But we’re going to even up the score tonight. It seems that Marie here likes the S & M route. We’ll give it to her like she’s never had it before,” Anna said.

Made struggled uselessly in Chet’s strong arms but couldn’t break free as the chaplain laid her on the table top.

“Hold that bitch,” Anna grunted as Marie punched her in the stomach and tried to scramble off the rack.

“Got her, Mom,” Greg said as he and Ken tied
the struggling woman’s ankles to the table.

“Please, don’t! I’m sorry. I won’t ever see Paul again,” Marie begged.

“I don’t give a fuck if you two run off together to Samoa, Anna snarled. “But I’m going to make sure you know exactly who you’ve cheated,” Anna said as she and Chet tied down both of Marie’s arms.

Anna grabbed a handful of Marie’s hair and yanked it back.

“ARRRGH!” the woman screamed. The tendons and veins stood out on her peck as she bucked and thrashed on the wooden makeshift rack.

Anna pulled on Marie’s hair again.

“P-P-Please-don’t hurt me any more,” the woman stammered as she looked pleadingly into Anna’s eyes.

Anna just smiled wickedly as she held up the small whip she had taken from Ken.

“Uhhhh, noooo!” Marie wailed as she turned her head away.

“Mom, don’t,” Greg advised as he held his mother’s arm up.

“Why not? She deserves to be punished,” Anna said matter-of-factly as she shook her son’s loose grip off and brought down the whip hard across Marie’s thighs.

“AIYEEEE! UNNNGH!” the woman screamed out as the leather thong slashed across her tender flesh. Chet winced and turned his head away when he saw a large red mark appear on the woman’s skin where the whip landed.

“Look at her!” Anna said as she trailed the cold leather across Marie’s tits. “I think she actually likes it!” Anna said in amazement.

Chet, Greg and Ken looked at where Anna pointed. Marie struggled in her leather bonds, begging them to release her. But the trickle of cunt juice that oozed out from between her swelling labes told another story.

“Looks like she digs this kind of thing,” Greg said as he whistled low and looked at Chet and Ken. Anna shifted her eyes and saw that the three men seemed to be enjoying the scene. They all had stiff hard-ons and were busily rubbing their cocks as they watched Anna drag the whip across Marie’s quivering skin.

“Well, then let’s see how the bitch likes it across the tits,” Anna said, raising her hand again.

“NOOOOOO!” Marie screeched as every nerve in her body was rubbed raw with terror. Chet, Greg and Ken watched the black leather whip are in midair, then come slicing through the air until it slashed across the woman’s swollen tits.

Marie shrieked as Anna raised her arm again to bring down the whip once more across her reddening boobs.

“Fuck with my husband, will you?” Anna said between her tightly clenched teeth as she brought down her arm quickly and crashed the whip across Marie’s erect nipples.

“UNNGH! UNNNGH!” the woman cried out as her back arched and her trembling ass-cheeks ground desperately against the wooden surface of
the rack.

“Let’s see how she likes it across her cunt!” Anna hissed as she brought down the whip across Marie’s swollen, juicy snatch-lips.

“ARRRGH! UNNGH! OOOOooooohh!” the woman moaned as her eyes glazed over with what Anna knew was sheer ecstasy.

“Goddamn, this makes me sick!” Anna said as she threw the whip into the far corner of the basement. Marie was groaning and writhing on the table. She ground her thighs together desperately, milking the juice-drenched edges of her outer labes together as she moaned, whimpered and begged for more.

“Shit, I’ll see she gets it!” Chet said with a smile as he picked up the whip, then climbed on the table and inched up towards Marie’s head until his knees were on either side of her neck. Slowly, he slid the leather thong of the whip under her head, then pulled on it until her face was shoved nearly against his groin. “Suck that cock, bitch! Suck it, or I’ll slice this fuckin’ whip right through your neck.”
Marie smiled weakly, then opened her mouth and engulfed the chaplain’s thick cock with one gulp. Anna gasped out loud. It was like watching a sword-swallower at the circus! All you had to do was whip Marie a few times, and she became a regular side show!
“UNNGH! That bitch can really use her tongue!” Chet groaned as he bobbed her head up and down with the whip.

“Shit, I can’t stand here and just watch!” Ken
said as he looked down at his red, jerking prick. “Come on, Greg. We’ll take her on from behind,” the boy said as he unfastened the ropes around Marie’s ankles and threw her legs high in the air, exposing her sore, juicing snatch.

“I’ll take this one here,” Greg said as he wheeled around and grabbed Anna by the thighs.

“Ohhh!” she cried out in surprise as he dragged her to a corner. The two of them crashed down into a pile of old clothes.

“Ummmm, good piece of ass you’ve got there,” Greg cooed as he slid his right hand slowly up Anna’s right thigh until his fingers were running lightly through her stiff, bushy beaver.

“OHHhhhh!” Anna cried out as she looked over her son’s shoulders and saw Chet slamming his steely dick into Marie’s mouth like a jackhammer while Ken churned his throbbing cock around the woman’s sucking, squishing pussy.

“Hey, you gonna watch them all night?” Greg asked a little angrily as he traced his fingers up and down the slick surfaces of his mother’s labes.

“Unnngh!” Anna groaned, closing her eyes and hunching up her thighs. “No, it’s just that watching can be a turn-on.”
“Then watch upside down if you want, but I’m going to fuck your titties off,” Greg groaned as he spun his mother around until her head dangled over the edge of the soft pile of material. She opened her eyes and saw Chet, Ken and Marie all fucking and sucking on what appeared to be their heads. She giggled at the silly scene as Greg stroked his cock with his right hand.

Suddenly she couldn’t breathe. Greg was on top of her, driving his tongue deep into her mouth. At first Anna was so startled that all she could do was moan and try to push him away. Then she began to get used to it. She quickly responded to her son’s insistent tonguing. Soon, everything melted together. Their kissing became so frantic that Anna forgot about everything and everyone in her house that evening except Greg and his magnificent, sweaty body sliding and grinding on top of hers.

At the same time Anna felt her son’s hot, throbbing cock slip back and forth against her steaming, juicy snatch. Every time his cock-shaft slid over her hot slit, she wanted to toss up her legs and slip Greg’s prick in her hole.


“MMMGFFFF!” Marie echoed from the rack.

“OHHhh! What are you doing?” Anna asked her son as Greg pulled away from her mouth and began licking her ear lobes. He slid lower, tonguing her shoulders probing her armpits. Anna felt herself losing control fast. The sensation of her son’s sweaty body against hers was a feeling she never got used to. Every inch of his hot body seemed to find a corresponding sensitive spot on hers.

Greg ignored his mother and continued his tonguing until he reached Anna’s sunken navel. He drove his tongue hard against it, then clamped his lips over it and sucked hard. He repeated that again
and again until Anna beat him wildly on the shoulders with her fists and hunched her aching cunt high into the air.

Anna couldn’t see anything any more. All around her were bright flashes of loud explosions. She bucked and thrashed on the pile of clothes, pulling up her legs in an attempt to shove her pussy onto her son’s face for relief.

“FFFFUUUUCCCK!! I’M COMING! OHHH, FUCK, I’M GONNA SHOOT!” Chet screeched from the rack as he jammed Marie’s face hard against his groin and rubbed his hot, hanging balls hard against the woman’s trembling chin.

“She’s going to have to wait for me. I’m not ready yet,” Ken grunted as he slammed his bulging prick faster and faster in Marie’s quivering snatch.

“OHHhhh, Mom!” Greg groaned as he stayed on her navel, licking, tonguing and sucking it as he drove her out of her mind.

Greg ran his tongue back to her neck, then down to her right nipple. He cupped his lips over the brown, stiffened flesh and sucked so hard that Anna thought he was going to pull it down his throat.

“OHHH, NOOOO! DON’T!” she cried out, reaching up and trying to push Greg away.

“Easy, Mom. I know what I’m doing,” he said, diving back down to her tits and starting to suck again.

Anna rolled her head back and forth, groaning
softly and hunching up her thighs as her son took his mouth off her nipple with a loud squishy sound and moved over to her other nipple and did the same thing.

“OHHHHH! ARRRGHHH! UNNGH!” Chet cried as, wad after steaming wad of jizz blew out of his piss-slit and spattered into Marie’s sucking, hot mouth.

Even Anna heard it and opened her eyes. From her upside-down position she saw rivers of white jism leak out from between Marie’s lips and ooze down her cheeks and chin. The sight fired up her horny pussy even more.

“MY CUNT! MY CUNT!” Anna cried out as she begged her son for relief
“You asked for it!” Greg said as he tossed her trembling legs into the air and locked them around his back as he hunched forward and banged the hot tip of his throbbing prick against her upturned, trembling taut ass-cheeks.

Anna groaned as she felt her son’s thick prick-shaft rub slowly up and down her fat, puffy outer labes. They screamed for violation and parted almost automatically when Greg’s cockhead began to push gently against them.

Anna shrieked as she felt the tip of his cock-head slide just beyond the outer boundary of her cunt-lips into her hot hole. She hated it when her son teased her like this. She wanted to be stuffed with prick, to be rammed with hard cock. Playing around just drove her crazy with lust and into an early come. She wanted to drag this sex scene out
as long as possible.

“MOM! MOM!” Greg shouted as he thrust down as hard as he could.

Anna screamed as she felt the full length of her son’s dick slam into her pussy. Her cunt walls rumbled and trembled with desire and excitement as they stretched to accommodate Greg’s big cock. Torrents of twat juice spilled out from between Anna’s labes as Greg rubbed his jangling, aching balls against his mother’s hairy, sweaty groin.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Greg moaned in Anna’s right ear as he started to hump against her, driving his cock faster and faster, in and out of her fuck-hole.

“Ohhh, noooo!” Anna moaned as Greg reached down between their sweaty, sliding bellies and groped for her twitching, beating clit.

“Yesss!” Greg hissed between his teeth as he drove his forefinger against Anna’s clit and started rubbing the tiny throbbing shaft back and forth.

“AIEEEE!” Anna cried out as if she were in pain. She screamed out again with pleasure as she felt her son’s hot, heavy breath against her neck. His cock churned wildly inside her sucking pussy while his finger strummed her vibrating clit like a guitar string.

Suddenly the big explosion happened. Anna held her breath and opened her mouth as she felt the big ball of orgasm blow up to her belly, then down to her cunt. She threw her arms out and grabbed the air as if it would support her while Greg licked her stiff nipples and bit her swollen tits as he started firing his hot jizz into her twitching

“ARRRGHHH!” Anna heard Ken shrieking somewhere in the distance as he blew his load into Marie’s quivering snatch.

“UNNNnnnghhh!” Greg moaned, feeling his lava-like cum boiling up from his bouncing balls and shooting down his throbbing prick-shaft. It spattered out of his widening piss-slit and down into Anna’s cock-stuffed fuck-hole.

Still, Anna hung on the edge, teetering at the top of an incredibly big climax. Greg thought she’d had a heart attack. Her body was hot, stiff and motionless. Her cunt walls clamped his shooting dick like a massive fleshy vise. Her tits and thighs quivered lightly. Suddenly something pushed her over the edge.

“ARRRGH! WWWWAAAAWWWWH! I’M-I’M C-C-COMING! DEAR FUCKIN’ JEEESUS, I-I’M COMING!” Anna shrieked as she realized squirt after spurt of her son’s cum was blasting into her convulsing snatch. She threw her arms into the air, then clutched her tits with both hands as she ground her thighs against her son’s jizz-spewing dick.

“GNNNUGH! OHHhh, Greg!” Anna moaned as her son shot off the last of his hot, heavy load and crashed down on top of Anna. It was almost impossible for her to breathe.

“Ohhh, Mom, you’re always one hell of a fuck,” Greg said as he pushed himself up and looked into her eyes.

“Mmmmm, I’ll remember that when I go shopping for your gift for Christmas,” Anna said,
chuckling softly. “But right now we’d better get our guests out of here. Remember, there will be more parties.”
“Yeah,” Greg replied, his eyes gleaming. “Yeah . .”

Chet’s scheme was working better than he had planned. After the Sea Scouts’ meeting that night, word about the chaplain’s swinging group spread like wildfire and with the greatest discretion. The boys were careful to sound out their parents about their feelings on swapper sex. If they were interested, Chet contacted them-usually the woman first. As he put it, he liked to “explore her reasons” for joining them before he talked with the husband. Anna smiled, and imagined just how well he explored those women.

The days passed into weeks. Soon Anna realized that Paul would be coming back-not to her, but to Marie. She wondered if the woman would tell her husband about what had happened that evening. Since then, Anna hadn’t heard from her. Chet said that she was recovering from her spirited whipping. But Anna guessed that the woman was afraid and ashamed of the fact that Anna knew about her affair with Paul.

Anna was thinking about what she’d tell her husband when he walked through the front door
when she heard the bell ring.

My God, I hope it isn’t Paul, she prayed silently as she slowly opened the door.

“Hello, Anna,” Commander Golden said as he removed his officer’s hat and stepped into the living room, then went to the couch and sat down slowly.

“I just got back from sea trials,” Anna said, looking sadly at Anna. “Paul’s back, too-or I guess you know about that.”
Anna inhaled sharply and straightened her back, walking stiffly to a chair opposite the couch and sitting down.

“No, I didn’t know that, but it doesn’t matter much any more,” she said dryly. “I imagine he’s busy over at Marie’s,” Anna said sarcastically, then smiled to herself. She wondered how her husband would handle the news that his wife was heading up a swappers’ club.

“Kip talked to me this morning and asked some pretty funny questions,” Anna said, fidgeting with his hands.

“Funny questions?” Anna asked innocently. She smiled to herself as she shifted her eyes down to the commander’s crotch and licked her lower lip excitedly.

“Yeah! About community sex, or something like that. I didn’t know what he was talking about at first. Then it came to me that he was talking about something that was happening right here on the base!” Anna said as sweat broke out on his forehead. Anna couldn’t tell if he was getting sexually excited or morally outraged.

“Really?” Anna said, feeling her clit beginning to stiffen and swell as her crotch heated up like a branding iron in a bonfire. She rubbed her sweating palms together and tried to ignore the itching, aching feeling that was gripping her titties.

“Yes,” Mary panted as he shifted his sitting position uneasily. Anna wondered if he was trying to make room in his briefs for his rapidly stiffening prick.

“Kip says that Chet Thompson is heading up a kind of stud service and cunt service for anybody interested. He’s using Navy wives and their sons or husbands for it,” Mary said as he dropped his right hand and squeezed his bulging crotch as discreetly as possible.

“And it’s free, too,” Anna blurted out, then flushed red as she realized she’d let the cat out of the bag.

“So, you do know about it!” Anna cried out as he jumped to his feet and stared at her.

“Know about it?” Anna said, leaning back in the chair and laughing softly. I started it-along with Greg and Chet.”
“My God!” Anna said, shaking his head slowly back and forth and starting to pace the living room. If word of this got out, we’d all be up for a court martial,” he added as he put his hands against the back of the couch and leaned forward.

“You could make sure that that doesn’t happen,” Anna said, smiling sexily at him as she spread her legs and hiked her short black skirt up to her hips.

Suddenly the doorbell rang again.

“Goddamn it!” Anna hissed as she got up quickly and ran to the front door. “Whenever you’re having fun, somebody has to barge in and spoil everything,” she said to Marv as she threw open the door.

“Tramp!” someone screamed outside.

Before Anna could react, she felt a hand slap her hard across the right cheek, then come back for another slap across the left.

“Oowww!” she cried out, reaching out and grabbing the slicing hand.

“What’s going on here?” Anna asked angrily as he ran up to the front door to help out Anna.

“She’s a tramp! A goddamned no-good whore!” the woman cried out angrily as she struggled to free herself from Anna’s tight grip.

“It’s one of the boys’ mothers-Ken’s,” Anna said to Anna as she reached out with her other hand and grabbed the woman’s waist, hauling her into the living room with one massive pull. “Maybe you like making a scene in public, but I don’t,” Anna said as she slammed the door and locked it behind her.

“I heard what goes on here! I know what’s going on between you and that sick chaplain and all the boys in the Sea Scouts!” the woman wailed as she clenched her fingers into tight fists and stared angrily at Anna.

“So what?” Anna asked defiantly as she put her hands on her hips and stood directly in front of the woman.

Ken’s mother seemed taken aback with Anna’s attitude. She looked around for help, then noticed
for the first time that a Naval officer was in the room.

“You’re a witness. You heard her!” the woman cried out excitedly. “You can put a stop to this!” she screamed hysterically.

Anna sighed loudly.

“As a matter of fact, I came over here to tell you that I wanted to join in,” Anna said, smiling and looking at Anna.

“WHAT? WHAT? You’re in this, too?” the woman shrieked, clutching her tits with her right hand and backing against the side wall of Anna’s living room.

“Do you think she’d be interested in joining us, too?” Anna asked, smirking at the woman’s sudden fear.

“I don’t know. I always heard that the more a woman protests, the more she wants it,” Marv said, reaching up and unbuttoning his shirt while he stared at the cringing woman.

“I think I’ll call up Ken and tell him his mother’s here for service. You know, you’re really an attractive woman, what’s your first name?” Anna asked as she picked up the receiver and started calling up the boy.

“Joyce, and you leave me alone!” she wailed.

“Well, Joyce, Ken’s told me that he’s watched you prance around your backyard in your bikini working on the garden, shaking your ass at him like some kind of battle banner. He’s jacked off thinking about your cunt and tits almost every night. That’s why he’s so enthusiastic about this group. It gets rid of all the frustration he has
thinking about your ass,” Anna said as she finished dialing.

“You’re sick!” Joyce screamed as she riveted her eyes on Anna’s exposed, hairy chest.

“Hello, Ken? This is Anna. Listen, your mother’s over here and says she’s dying for your cock,” Anna said, looking at the horrified woman as she talked.

“Don’t!” Joyce pleaded, wringing her hands as her eyes widened in horror.

“You’ll be over in a half-hour? Good! We’ll prime her up for you,” Anna said as she hung up the phone. “Too bad Greg’s gone now. He can really fire up a woman’s twat,” she said as she sauntered up to the cringing woman.

“What do you think we should do to her?” Anna gasped excitedly as he unzipped his fly and slid his pants down to the floor.

“Ohhhh, too bad you’ve got to worry about her, Anna said as she looked at the massive bulge between the commander’s hairy, powerful legs.

Mary looked down and smiled back at Anna.

“You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten my rocks off,” he said, rubbing his cloth-imprisoned cock and closing his eyes as violent throbs shook his balls and prick.

“Let’s strip her down, and all three of us can have some fun before Ken gets here,” Anna said as she reached forward and unzipped Joyce’s dress with one quick move. She jumped back as the woman spun around. Anna smiled at her, reaching up to her own blouse and quickly unbuttoning it. In an instant Anna had stripped off her blouse, bra,
skirt and panties.

“OHHHH!” the woman cried out in surprise as the commander sneaked up behind her. Mary reached out quickly and wrapped his fingers around the top edges of Joyce’s dress and pulled hard until it slid down to her waist.

“DON’T!” she cried out as the commander continued to pull her dress down to the floor.

“Look at that! Frilly panties and bra!” Anna giggled as she ran her fingers lightly over Joyce’s bulging tits. “Ken was right. His mother does have a pretty damned full ass,” Anna said admiringly as she looked the woman over.

“Please!” Joyce wailed, trying to cover her tits with her hands as she shifted her eyes uneasily from Anna to Anna, then back again to Anna.

“Just relax, Joyce. Relax and enjoy it,” Anna said as he reached out again and slid his fingers under the strap of her bra. He moved his hand around to her back until his fingers bumped up against the small clasp. In a second the snaps were unfastened, and the lace cups floated down to the carpeting.

“OHHH, NOOOO!” Joyce screamed as Anna ran forward and clamped her thick lips around the woman’s right nipple and started sucking.

“Hey, I didn’t know you were a dyke!” Mary joked as he watched her lather the woman’s tits with saliva.

“In this game, you learn to do a lot of things,” Anna said offhandedly as she took her mouth off Joyce’s right tit and moved over to the left.

“Don’t, please!” she cried out again. But this
time Anna noticed a change in the tone of her voice. Joyce was starting to heat up.

“Come on, babe, don’t be modest,” Anna said as he curled his thumbs around the elastic waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her buckling knees.

“Wow, look at that bush of cunt hair!” Anna said as she reached down and rubbed her fingers over Joyce’s trembling snatch. “Hey, I think I feel something wet!”
Anna brought up her hands and looked at the glistening liquid that covered her fingers. She sniffed at it and smiled at Anna.

“Hot twat juice!” she said, winking at the commander.

“The lady doth protest too much!” Anna said as he pulled down his shorts and freed his jerking cock.

“Ohhhh, I want your cock,” Joyce moaned as Anna walked up behind her and rubbed his hot prick-shaft hard against her firm ass-cheeks. “I want your cock up my cunt!”
“God, she’s changed her tune fast!” Anna said, raising her eyebrows as she reached down and stuck two fingers up her own snatch. She felt her cunt walls clamp tightly against her invading digits, and realized she was hotter than she thought.

Anna continued to rub his crotch against Joyce’s butt. Drops of pre-cum oozed out of his piss-slit and slicked down the woman’s trembling ass- cheeks as Mary continued to slide his shaft up and down the tight crack that ran between her buns.

“Touch me!” Joyce begged. Anna slid his hands
around her sides and traced his fingertips across the woman’s erect nipples. His eyes shifted to Anna’s juicy cunt, and he wondered if he could take care of both women at the same time. Considering how hot they both were, he knew it would be quite a challenge.

Anna moaned and used her fingers to spread her sensitive cunt-lips apart. Anna pushed Joyce forward, moving closer to Anna so he could get a better look.

“Fuck me!” Joyce moaned softly as she wiggled her ass against the commander’s crotch.

“Ummmm!” he moaned, feeling a strong series of spasms grip his cock and balls.

Anna saw that Joyce was gaining ground. She groaned loudly and held her twat-lips farther apart while she played with herself She reached down with her other hand and started strumming her clit, spreading her twat juice around her outer labes with her right hand. Anna closed her eyes and let her head fall back. She arched her back slightly and thrust her thighs forward, impaling her pussy on her probing fingers. She raised her face and looked at Marv.

“Jesus, fuck me!” she groaned.

“FUCK ME!” Joyce protested, grinding her thighs together as she rubbed her labes with her hand.

“Come on!” Anna said, pulling Joyce after him towards the couch. “We can’t do anything standing and staring at each other.”
“That’s just how I feel,” Anna said as she followed the two of them to the couch.

“Fuck me! Please fuck me!” Joyce moaned as Anna slipped in front of her and started tonguing her tits. He flicked his tongue at her hardened nipples, then slid his mouth slowly downward as he sank to the floor until he was kneeling in front of her.

“Aaaaaah!” Joyce cried out. Anna was touching her clit. He stroked her gently, then increased his rhythm. He finished up by grabbing her tiny, swollen bud between two fingers and pinching it gently, tugging on it until Joyce cried out that she couldn’t take it any more.

At the same time Anna pushed her juicing snatch against the back of the commander’s head. She rubbed her fat cunt-lips slowly against his skull, wetting down his hair with her snatch juice while he continued to tongue-fuck Joyce.

“Don’t! Don’t make me come!” Joyce gasped.

“Make me come!” Anna whispered breathlessly as Mary rose to his feet and turned around. Anna rushed forward and stood against him, feeling his jutting prick poke savagely against her sopping slit. Slowly, Anna sank to her knees, trailing the tip of her tongue across Mary’s hot, sweaty, hairy flesh until her lips were even with his pulsating cock-head. She closed her eyes and dove down onto his cock until its purple, throbbing tip banged against the back of her mouth.

“NOOOO!” Joyce protested as she moved forward and rubbed her aching pussy against Mary’s muscular, hairy butt. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around his jangling, hanging balls. Joyce pinched them gently, then rolled them
around in her palms as Anna continued to run her lips around the red rubbery flesh of the commander’s jerking prick.

“Hey, isn’t someone going to answer the door?” Anna asked as he pushed Anna’s face away from his spit-slicked, twitching prick.

“My God!” Anna said as she sprang to her feet. “You two’d better duck in the kitchen just in case it isn’t Ken,” she cried out as she ran to her bedroom and grabbed her bathrobe.

Anna opened the door and saw the grinning boy standing on the porch wearing a sheepish grin.

“Am I too late?” he said, stepping inside the house.

“A little early,” Anna said, closing the door and locking it as she unfastened her robe. “But your mother’s all ready for your cock.”
“Kennie, I-I-” Joyce stammered as she walked out of the kitchen into the living room.

“Wow!” the boy cried out when he saw his mother standing naked in front of him. “I always thought you’d look fantastic that way,” he said as he pulled off his T-shirt and unzipped his slacks. Ken’s cock sprang up and jerked crazily in the air as he finished stripping off his clothes.

“Ohhhh, Kennie!” Joyce groaned as she reached up and squeezed the hot, spongy flesh of her tithes.

“Take care of your mother,” Anna said as she walked up to Anna and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing cock.

While the boy ran his fingers across his mother’s trembling snatch, Marv leaned forward and started
flicking his tongue in and out of Anna’s right ear. “Ohhh, yesss! Oh, baby, yessss!” she groaned as she felt his thick wet lips slide down to her swollen tits and clamp around her nipple. She felt his tongue swirl around the taut flesh as he sucked and nibbled at it.

“Right, babe!” Anna crooned as he slid his mouth from her tit to her heaving belly, tonguing his way along her hot flesh to her sensitive pussy.

“Oh, Christ! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!” Anna cried out. Her clit throbbed wildly. She needed the commander inside her aching cunt. She wanted his cock jammed in there. But his tongue would do for now. Anna hunched forward and ground her snatch-lips against the man’s face as she cried out in ecstasy. She opened her eyes and looked at Ken and Joyce. The boy was licking his mother’s legs, sliding his tongue up her snatch, tonguing her fat labes but not yet forcing his way into her quivering twat. Then he moved around to her butt, jamming his thick tongue up his mother’s tight crack until he shoved it up her shitter.

“AWWWHHRRRGHH!” Joyce cried out, almost falling on her face as her son wrapped his hands around her firm thighs and drove his fingers into her pussy.

“Fuck me!” Anna cried out excitedly. “Ohhh, baby, pound my cunt! Oh, God, I can’t stand this! UNNNGH! OHHH, SHIT! FUUUCCCKKK MEEEEE!”
Anna felt like a bitch in heat as she twisted, bucked and thrashed while Marv sucked and licked her cunt. She felt him pulling her down to the
floor. Anna glanced over and saw that Ken was already on top of his mother and was getting ready to slam his raging hard-on into her aching twat.

“FUCK MEEE!” Anna cried out again as she threw her legs up in the air and locked her ankles around the commander’s hunching, sweaty back.

“Oh, yessss!” Marv hissed as Anna ground her ass-cheeks together and screwed them down hard into the carpeting as he played with her clit. Suddenly Anna felt his cock sliding into her fuck-hole without any resistance. Her pussy walls closed tightly around his thick, long prick-shaft and squeezed it tightly. At the same time she heard Joyce screech desperately and Ken groan with delight. The boy was finally fucking his mother.

Anna heaved her hips into the air and ground her belly against Mary’s as she felt his breathing become heavier and turn to gasps as he became more excited.

“Oh, don’t come yet,” she begged him. “Don’t shoot now. Save it, honey. Oh, God, take it easy, Anna pleaded as she squeezed his cock between her slick pussy walls and pulled at it as she felt his powerful hairy ‘chest mash in her itching, roasting nipples. Saliva dribbled from the corner of his mouth as he closed his eyes and drilled his cock deeper and deeper into her sucking pussy. He groaned, then leaned forward and clamped his mouth hard on top of hers. He was washing out her mouth with his tongue as he slammed his dick in and out of her cunt like a runaway piston.


SON-OF-A-BITCH!” Anna cried out mindlessly as she pictured his juice-slicked, swollen, heavily veined and throbbing cock sliding in and out of her pussy as she battled his tongue with hers.

“NOOO, KENNIE! P-P-PLLLEEEAAAASSSE D-D-DON’T!” Anna heard Joyce beg her son. She turned her head and tried to focus her eyes. Finally she saw that the boy was ramming his mother in the pussy with his cock while he was reaming her asshole with a finger. “OHHH, THAT’S- UNNNGH!” Joyce screamed as she gave herself completely over to her son’s lovemaking.

“UNNGH! WAAAAHHHH!” Anna cried out as she felt her cunt become more constricted as her orgasm came closer. She felt her pussy muscles automatically gripping his cock. Suddenly her snatch was being ripped apart by wave after wave of climactic spasms.

“N-N-NOW!” Anna cried out between her tightly clamped teeth.

“YOU BITCH! BITCH!” Mary screamed as he dug his fingers into her tits and started firing his hot, heavy load into her welcoming, sucking twat.

“OHHH, I’M COMING!” Joyce screeched as her legs flailed wildly in the air.

“MOM! MOM!” Ken groaned as he slapped his crotch noisily against her upturned snatch.

Marv pounded furiously, his balls slapping against Anna’s upturned ass as she writhed and twisted on her back. She hunched her hips up to the plunging cock as more spasms of orgasm racked her aching, juicing pussy.


Marv grunted desperately as he speared his long cock-shaft in and out of her squishing fuck-hole. His hips banged against Anna’s hairy cunt as he shoved his dick in again and again.

Anna continued to cry out as she felt the commander’s hot, sticky load leak out from between her fluttering flaps and ooze down her sweaty ass-cheeks.

Finally she let go of his shoulders and collapsed to the floor on her back.

“How are the lovers doing over there?” she asked, gasping for breath.

“I think they’ve just about had it,” Mat-v said as he turned his head and looked over in the corner.

“Ohhhh,” Joyce was moaning as she let her arms fall limply to the floor while Ken collapsed on top of her.

“Never thought your son was that good, did you?” Anna said as she stood next to the gasping woman.

“I’m so-so ashamed and sorry that I hit you,” Joyce said, flushing a deep red.

“That’s okay, Joyce. I guess you just didn’t realize how much fun this can be. Besides, we’ve made sure that no one will find out about this unless they want to become part of it,” Anna said as she was about to walk to the bathroom to wash up.

“Hey, there’s somebody coming up the front steps,” Ken said as he rose to his feet.

“Shit, this is a busy day!” Anna said as she ran
to the window and peered through the slit in the drapes. “It’s Chaplain Thompson,” Anna said, smiling at Joyce and Ken.

“Too bad we’re all through,” Ken said as he reached down and stroked his mother’s tits.

“I don’t know. He looks a little worried. I think something’s wrong,” Anna said as she went to the door to open it.

“Jesus Christ!” Chet said as he ran into the living room and saw Anna, Joyce and Ken naked. “Are there more here?” he asked, slamming the door loudly behind him.

“Just Commander Golden. He’s in the bathroom showering. Why?” Anna asked, noticing the strained expression on his face.

“It’s your fuckin’ husband Paul,” Chet said, shaking his head slowly and pacing back and forth in the living room.

“Paul? Is he causing trouble?” Anna asked apprehensively as she watched Chet closely.

“Trouble isn’t the word for it,” Chet said as he stopped his nervous walking and sat down on the couch.

“Oh, Cod! I knew something like this would happen,” Joyce wailed, covering her face with her hands and moaning quietly.

“He’s been over to Marie’s, hasn’t he?” Anna asked as she felt a sick feeling growing in her stomach.

“You bet! I just got a phone call from him. She
told him everything that’s happened-about you, me, your son-everything! He’s threatened to spill it all to the military police!”
“The police! OHI-IHH, noooo!” Joyce screamed as she sprang to her feet and ran over to Anna. “You’ve got to stop him! You’ve got to! If my husband ever found out. . .” the woman sobbed as she looked pleadingly at Anna.

“Don’t worry, Joyce. We’re going to stop him somehow,” Anna said determinedly.

“Well, we don’t have a hell of a lot of time. God only knows, he might be on his way to the MP’s now,” Chet said nervously.

“I’ve got a trump card,” Anna said, smiling slyly at the chaplain and pointing towards the bathroom.

“I don’t understand,” Chet said.

“You forget. Commander Golden is Paul’s commanding officer. He’s in this as much as we are. Maybe Paul will have different ideas about telling everybody everything when he finds out that Mary’s involved,” Anna said thoughtfully.

“I’m sure willing to give it a try,” Mary commented from the doorway.

Anna turned around and saw the muscular, hairy man standing a few feet away from her dripping wet. Even at this minute she felt her snatch fire up again. If it weren’t for the immediate danger of her husband rushing off to the police, she would have thrown her legs up in the air right then.

“When I get through talking with him, I think Paul will have a little change of heart. He knows I have it in my power to just about make or break
him in the Navy. That ought to make him cool down,” Marv said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully as he strode slowly into the living room. “I’m sure that once he’s thinking rationally again, he’ll realize that he has no hard evidence and he could end up holding the short end of the stick in this whole matter.”
“I hope you’re right,” Anna said fervently as she watched the commander dress.

“Just leave it to me,” Commander Golden said confidently as he headed out the front door.

Two weeks passed. As Anna predicted, Paul cooled down when he realized that Commander Golden was involved and that his career could be mined if he made accusations he couldn’t prove. He was still upset, but he realized he was helpless, and he kept his knowledge to himself.

What bothered Anna more was her husband’s indecision as to whether or not he should leave her for Marie. Finally, the two of them reached a meeting ground. Paul would give up Marie and try to make a go of the marriage if Anna would quit Chet’s swap group and keep her snatch for him. Nothing was said about Greg. Anna was sure that Paul thought the only reason she had fucked her son was because she got carried away in a group-sex scene. He had no idea that she and Greg had been screwing before the group was even put together.

Anna was busy getting ready for bed one
evening. Paul was tied up at a late meeting on the ship. She was sure of this as Anna confirmed her husband’s excuse. She looked in the mirror as she brushed her long blonde hair and sighed happily. Everything had turned out for the best after all. Even Chet’s group was going strong without her and her son. She missed the gang-bangs, but she would have missed her husband even more.

“Mom?” Greg called out from the hall.
Anna felt her snatch fire up again. Shit, she thought to herself as she untied her nightgown and Jet it fall open at the front. If she couldn’t have gang sex, she wasn’t about to let any opportunities of fucking her son fly by. Paul wouldn’t be home until after midnight. It was ten o’clock now- plenty of time to fuck and change the sheets before the lord and master trounced home.

“In here,” Anna chirped as she got up and stroked her full, firm titties with her fingertips.

“Jesus!” Greg said breathlessly as he stared at her. He was wearing just a white terrycloth towel wrapped around his slim waist. Anna looked down, and saw that her snatch and tits had the usual effect on him-his cock sprang up like an arrow.

“Come on,” Anna said, shrugging off her nightie and climbing onto the bed.

“But, Dad-” Greg said, unwrapping his towel and following her to the sheets.

“He’ll be home late,” Anna crooned as she hiked up her legs and rubbed her raw cunt-lips with her fingers.

“Great!” Greg said, smiling at his mother as he inched up to her head and drove his cock into her
hot mouth. “UNNGH! OHHH, SHIT, MOM! ARRRGH!” Greg cried out mindlessly, he hadn’t fucked his mother since the night his father had found out about everything. He didn’t have the opportunity. Paul watched him like a hawk. Now, suddenly everything broke apart inside of him. His body was racked by flashes of hot sexuality as his mother’s tongue slid under, over and around his jerking prick.

“MMGggggffff!” Anna cried out in delight as Greg reached back and dug his fingers into her juicing pussy. He strummed at her clit, tugging it gently until she thought her body was going to blow apart.

“SUCK IT! SUCK IT!” Greg cried out again as he thrashed on the bed from side to side.

Anna continued to swirl her tongue around his prick-shaft while she reached down and cupped his swollen fuck-sac in her hand, running her fingers gently over the hot, sweaty, wrinkled skin.

Greg cried as he pulled away from her.

“Sorry,” Anna panted as she wiped the spittle off her lips and smiled at her son.

“Fuck! You don’t know how much I’ve missed you, Greg said softly as he reached down and stroked his mother’s swollen, hot, sweaty tits.

“Oh, baby, me too. But I promised your father not to fool around. It’s the only way I know of that I can keep him,” Anna said a little bitterly.

“Well, I hope he’s got a few more meetings like this so we can fuck,” Greg panted as he stroked his
prick gently.

“You know, I even miss the group,” Anna said as her son slid between her legs and started lapping at her curly pussy hairs.

“They were pretty much fun,” Greg agreed, sliding his right hand under her firm ass-cheeks. He inched his fingers closer and closer to her quivering, hot shitter.

“UMMmmm!” Anna groaned as her son ran his teeth softly along her twitching outer labes. “Especially your father’s commanding officer. He had a prick that wouldn’t quit!”
“And what about mine?” Greg asked a little jealously as he pulled his face out from between his mother’s hugging thighs.

Anna smiled at him and stroked his hair. Then she reached forward and pushed his head gently back between her trembling legs. It was a signal to the boy to keep up with his tongue-fucking.

“Yours is fine, Son, fine,” she crooned as she closed her eyes and rolled her head from side to side on the pillow. “It’s just that we all need a little variety sometimes.”
“Well, Dad’s going on maneuvers in a few weeks, isn’t he?” Greg asked as he lifted his head up again. But this time the boy continued to strum on his mother’s swollen, b***d-engorged clit while he talked.

“ARRRGHHHH!” Anna cried out as she felt shocks of electricity fly out from her quivering clit and shoot up to her fully erect nipples.

“Sorry, Mom,” Greg said, smiling broadly at her.

“Ohhhh, yes. Say, why don’t we invite Joyce
and Ken over?” Anna suggested.

“And the chaplain, and maybe Hilda,” Greg said as he slid up to his mother’s face. Anna raised her legs and felt her son’s prick bounce against her trembling, upturned ass-cheeks.

“Your father wouldn’t approve,” Anna gasped as she felt Greg’s hot cock-head slide past her puffy labes and drive deep into her sucking pussy. “OHHHH! But why not?
“OHHHHH! FUCK! Unngh!” Anna cried out as she hunched her pussy against her son’s pounding groin. Why not? Why not? she thought to herself as Greg’s prick squished in and out of her twat. Anna smiled gently as she thought of nothing but miles and miles of hot, stiff cock-meat.