Two brothers have problems with their girlfriends

Authors note: This is the same family from ‘A Marriage
in Turmoil’ only it’s about their sons approximately
six years later. It is a complete stand alone story.

This story is about ‘How do we treat family.’ Well,
eventually it will be about that. I’m Jacob, twenty-
four years old. David is my younger brother who is
twenty-two. I’m the jock in the family, receiving a
scholarship to play football. I stand 6’2″ and weigh in
at about 220 lbs. Dave is the nerd of the family. He
stands around 5’11” weighs in at about 185 lbs.

Even though we are opposites, we are as close as two
brothers can get. We share most of our life experiences
together. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my little

Our parents have really supported us in whatever we do.
Dad owns a hardware store and I work there whenever I’m
home. It gives me some spending money. After I get my
business degree I may eventually take over running the
family business. Dave on the other hand works at the
store full time to help the parents out. He is a total
brain and is a computer wiz. He has his own computer
business on the side and helps different companies
solve their computer problems.

I’m in my last year in college. I’m attending a
university about a hundred miles from home. I go home
at least once a month. When I first started college I
went home just about every weekend. As you get older I
guess you just don’t get as homesick. Plus you start
meeting other people and building friendships.

I’ve been rooming with four other guys for the last
three years. We each have our own bedroom but share all
the other rooms. It makes it kind of interesting when
their girlfriends or dates stay overnight. You see more
pussy than you can imagine. We all seem to attract
quite a wild group of girls. I guess because we’re all
jocks. They seem to really like sex and some, not all,
don’t mind multiple partners. I couldn’t tell you how
many girls have been shared over the last three years.
There isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t use up a
twelve pack of condoms between us.

The one thing dad told Dave and me is to always wear a
condom if we have sex. One reason is because of
diseases and the other pregnancy. I do my best to heed
dads warning. Dave said he always wears a condom.

I remember reading all these stories about sharing your
girlfriends and spouses. I can say from experience that
sharing a girlfriend with your buddies is no big deal.
It quite a turn-on to watch your buddies fuck your
woman while you fuck theirs. I really like these girls
but I know I wouldn’t want to marry them. They are my
college days ‘fuck’. My future memories, which so far I
have a lot of.

After our game on Saturday we are all headed to a
Halloween Party. Everyone must wear a costume if you
expect to get in. I decided to go as a Buccaneer. I
went to the costume rental store and picked it up. I
thought I looked pretty neat. All four of us guys
jumped into a van and headed to the party. It was being
held at one of the big bar hangouts. We went there
after most games to either cheer or drown our sorrows,
depending on whether we won or lost the game.

The party was in full swing when we got there. Just
about every kind of costume you can imagine. I went
over and got a beer and was just watching the crowd
when I saw her. She was beautiful. She was dressed like
‘Alice in Wonderland’ and looked just as good. I
couldn’t take my eyes off her. She looked like someone
very special. I watched her dance a few dances and then
would go over to sit with a witch. Not a real witch,
just a girl dressed in a witches costume.

One guy I didn’t know walked up to her and asked her to
dance. I could see her shake her head ‘no.’ Then the
creep reached down and pulled at her arms to get her
up. I saw her telling him no again and then she was
getting aggravated. I jumped up from my chair, walked
over to the table and got her a glass of punch and then
took it to her. I said, “Here, honey, sorry it took me
so long.” I looked at the stranger and said, “Thanks
for watching my girlfriend while I was gone. You can go

The guy looked at me with a worried look and walked
away. I looked back the girl and asked her name.

“I’m Alice of Wonderland, can’t you tell?” she smiled.

I smiled back and said, “A very beautiful Alice if I
may say so. My name is Buck, short for Buccaneer. May I
have this dance, Alice of Wonderland?” She got up and
we were dancing to a slow tune. She thanked me for
saving her or at least intervening. We stayed on the
dance floor for a few dances. When we looked back, her
witch friend was joining some other people so Alice and
I went and sat by ourselves.

I just couldn’t get over her. I was like in a trance, I
could almost say I loved this girl and I didn’t even
know her real name. She was just so great to be close
to I can’t find the words to describe my feelings or
why I had them. She looked great, she smelled great, a
smile and dimples that were unbelievable.

There was just this radiance about her. I kept asking
her different questions but she avoided most of them. I
did find out she was not a student at the University.
She was a friend of the witch who did attend the
University. Her friend had asked her if she would like
to come to this party a few weeks ago and she decided
to go.

Alice mentioned she lives in Newark, which is a town
about fifty miles away. She works in an office in her
town, she was single but did have a boyfriend and
didn’t know if she did the right thing in not letting
him know about the party. I told her there is nothing
wrong with going to a party and if her boyfriend didn’t
like it she could break up with him and go with me. She
just laughed. The funny thing is I meant it. I really

One of my roommates came over and asked Alice to dance.
I looked up at him and said, “Get lost, Bill! I’m not
sharing Alice with anyone.”

Bill looked up and said, “Come on, man, I thought we
shared everything?”

I looked back at Bill with rage and said, “Get the fuck
out of here before I kick your ass.”

Bill just said he was sorry and left very quickly.
Alice looked at me and said, “What did he mean by

I just explained that we were all roommates and we have
lived together for three years and could we please
change the subject.

“No, I don’t want to change the subject. I want to know
if your roommates share women? What kind of woman would
let men take advantage of her that way and why would
you be a part of it?”

“I-I… don’t know what to say to you.”

“Just tell me the truth, that’s all I ask. I won’t hold
it against you. I don’t know you well enough to judge
you. I’m just interested in your answer.”

“Okay, yes, there have been some wild parties at our
house. No woman has ever been f****d to do anything
against her will by any of the guys. And, yes, I have
been part of it. Maybe I was drunk or just wanted sex,
I don’t remember. Can we change the subject now?”

“Thank you for being honest with me. I doubt if most
guys would have told the truth. Maybe I should leave

“Please don’t go, please. I want to be with you. I want
to dance with you, hold you. Please stay we me.” I took
her arm and led her back to the dance floor without
saying a word. I have no idea what she was thinking
about at that point. I just knew I didn’t want to lose
her and I knew I would never and I mean never share her
with anyone.

We danced as I held her close. She looked up at me and
I gently kissed her. She offered no resistance. She was
just so kind and gentle. My parents would love me to
bring home an angel like this. I guess they were a
little worried about the women I dated.

We sat back down and as I kissed her she shuddered. I
just held her close. I’ve been with a lot of women but
never in my life had these tender feelings. I think I
was falling in love. At this point I really didn’t
know. I just kept kissing her and holding her. I didn’t
want to ever let her go.

I asked her if she would take me home. I knew she drove
herself and her witch friend whose real name was Kristy
to the party. I had ridden to the party with the guys.
I wanted to leave this party and be alone with Alice.

She left me for a few minutes and went to talk to
Kristy. I saw Kristy look over at me and then back to
Alice. They hugged and then Alice said we could leave.
I didn’t have to say anything to the guys as they saw
us leave. I hoped they got the message to stay away for
awhile. I wanted to be alone with Alice.

When we got back to my house we walked into my room.
Alice was shaking, I held her very gently and asked if
she was alright. She just shook her head lightly as I
turned down the lights and began unbuttoning her dress.
I slipped off her costume and left her bra and panties

As she lay on the bed I quickly removed my clothing,
all but my briefs. I lay on the bed next to Alice,
neither of us saying a word. I gently kissed her and
felt her shudder again. I just held her gently. This
wasn’t going to be a fuck, this was going to be gentle
love making.

Alice looked at me very seriously and said, “I’ve only
been with one other man, my boyfriend. We have only
done it one time. He took my virginity and came very
quickly. Please be very gentle with me. I’m scared. I
know I shouldn’t be here but when I was dancing and
talking with you I know I wanted you. I’m not a slut,
please believe me, I just wanted to be made love to.”

With that said, I began to make love to her. I kissed
her gently on the lips as I rubbed her breasts. I could
feel her getting emotional. God, she was so innocent,
so wanting. I wouldn’t let her down. I took one of her
tits and gently sucked on it while slowly fondling the

Her nipples began to get longer and harder as she was
moaning lightly. I kept kissing her lips then her tits.
Back and forth, back and forth. As I was nibbling on
her tits I slowly lowered one of my hands down her
front and rested it on her little belly. I began
rubbing her mid section in a circular motion. Each time
covering more distance with my hand. I heard her say,
“God, it feels so good.”

I slid my hands into her panties and rested it on her
soft blond mound. I rubbed her mound very gently while
still kissing her nipples. Then I slowly got up and
went to the bottom of the bed and slowly removed her
panties. I crawled up and buried my face against her
moist pussy.

I could smell her sex odor and it was driving me crazy.
She put her legs across my shoulders as I kept my face
buried against her pubic area. I said, “Spread your
lips for me please.”

She reached down with both hands and spread the lips of
her pussy which were glistening with her moisture. I
pushed my tongue into her pussy till my face was
totally buried in her mound. She cried out, “I love it,
I love, it, I love it, so good, so good. My God, I love
it so much.”

Then she came with an explosion. She buried my face
with her juices and she held onto my head. She cried
out, “Aaahh, so good, aah aah.”

I pulled at the sheet and wiped her jucies off my face.
I crawled up next to her and started tongue kissing
her. Neither of us could get enough as we devoured each
other’s lips. I then got on top of her and as she
spread her legs apart I rubbed my cock head against her
moist pussy. I knew I should heed my dad’s warning and
put on a condom but I was too far gone. She looked at
me and wanted to say something about a condom also but
it just didn’t come out. Instead she said, “Make love
to me, please be gentle.”

I just pushed the head of my cock in her as I heard her
gulp a big intake of breath. Her eyes were closed as I
started pushing the length of my cock into her waiting
pussy ever so slowly. I could hear her moaning with
pleasure as my whole cock length worked its way in. I
stopped when my cock was in as deep as it would go.
Pelvic area pushed against pelvic area.

She was pushing as hard as I was. She opened her eyes
and stared at me. Her facial expression was one of
giving up her body totally to me, one of total
intimacy. I slowly started an in and out motion. At
first I used very short strokes, then my strokes became
longer giving her everything on every stroke.

I couldn’t last much longer. I hoped she was ready as I
pushed my cock in as deep as it would go and then
stopped pumping. She reached around and grabbed my ass
with both hands and pushed her pussy up as tight as she
could against me. I let out a yell, “I’m coming,” and
shot a load as deep into her as it could go. At the
same time she screamed out, “God help me, I never knew
it could be so good,” as tears ran down her face.

I crawled back up next to her, put my arms around her
and just held her as we both dozed off.

I awoke to the ringing of the telephone. I looked up
and it was just midnight. I said, “Hello” and my
brother Dave said, “Hi, bro. Hope I didn’t disturb you
but I need to ask you something and I didn’t want it to

I took the phone and shut the bedroom door and went
into the living room. I didn’t want to
disturb Alice who was still sleeping. “What is it,
Dave? What’s so important?”

“I’m in love, Jake. I have a new girlfriend and I think
I love her.”

“Congrats, Dave, but why are you calling me now at

“I wanted to tell you to come home next weekend.
Veronica and her mom and dad are coming to meet our
family. Can you please come? You’re my big bro and I
need you here. They will be coming Saturday and leaving
Sunday night.”

“Yes, Dave, I’ll be there for you but not until Sunday.
I don’t think the coach would like me to miss the game
on Saturday just so I can meet my future sis-in-law. So
I ought to get there around noon on Sunday. Oh, by the
way Dave I have a new girlfriend too, Alice. I’ll ask
her if she can come visit with me. That would be a big
surprise for mom and dad. Don’t tell them just in case
she can’t make it.”

“Thanks, Jake. I think she’s the one. See you next
Sunday. Bye.”

“That’s cool,” I thought, “my little brothers got a
girlfriend. I’m so happy for him. Right now though I
have a girlfriend of my own to get back to.”

I went back into the bedroom and there lay the most
beautiful creature on God’s green earth. Totally naked,
and totally exposed. My dick was hard just looking at
her. I couldn’t help it. I don’t ever remember feeling
this way about any girl. I climbed back into bed next
to her and put my mouth back on her nipples and my hand
back on her crotch and just squeezed her mound ever so

She opened her eyes and looked at me. I leaned forward
and put my lips to hers as I sank two fingers into her
pussy. She kept pumping her mound against my fingers
trying to get them in even deeper. I pulled my fingers
out of her pussy and asked her to get on top of me
while I lay on my back, my cock sticking straight up.

She got up and took my cock in her hand and as she
straddled me she slid my cock into her pussy and
started riding it. She had her hands behind her head
and her eyes closed as she was riding my cock. I
reached up and grabbed her tits while she rode me.

I was watching her juices dripping down my cock. It was
fascinating to see her give herself so completely to
me. I knew she was about to orgasm again when she
pushed down hard and squealed. I shot my second big
load of the night into her wanting pussy. She then
leaned over and kissed me and repeated that she didn’t
know it could be so good. She had to use the bathroom
and asked me to make sure the roommates weren’t back
yet. She was not a slut and wasn’t about to let anyone
else see her.

She grabbed my t-shirt and slipped it over her head.
The t-shirt never had it so good I thought. She went
into the bathroom and cleaned up.

I fell asleep and when I awoke she was gone. Her ‘Alice
in Wonderland’ costume also was gone. The only thing
left was my t-shirt. I held to my face and could smell
her. God, what happened? Why did she leave? I was
falling in love with her. I felt depressed as I sat
down on the bed. On the night stand was a note.


Dearest Buck,

I couldn’t stay any longer. If I did, I would never
want to leave. I shouldn’t tell you this stuff but I
was falling in love with you. It wasn’t suppose to
happen. I’m not a slut but now I feel like one after
doing what I did with you. I went against my upbringing
just for the sex. It was wrong for me to do it.

Now I have to live with the memory of you. I should
have never cheated on my boyfriend. I hope that someday
he may become the lover that you are. I have my doubts
because the sex with you was so incredible. I will
never forget you for as long as I live.




My God, she’s gone. I have to find her but where do I
look? I did run out front to see if her car was still
there. I don’t even know what her name is. Maybe it was
Alice? The only thing I knew for sure was that she had
a friend named Kristy which could be short for
anything. Also Kristy did attend this college of over
40,000 students. And that, if she told me the truth,
she works in a city of over 70,000 people.

I sat down and cried.

I ran around all day Sunday looking for some kind of
clue to either Kristy or Alice. No one seemed to know
them. I guess they probably ran around with a different
kind of crowd than I did. Damn it! I wasn’t going to
give up. I needed to see Alice again.

On Monday I didn’t have much time to look for either
Alice or Kristy. I did ask around a lot and hoped
someone would get back to me. I had classes and
football practice all week. It didn’t help my search
but it did take my mind off of Alice for awhile. The
nights were horrible. The coach gave me some pills to
help me sleep. We did have a game on Saturday and I had
to be ready for it.

As of Saturday I didn’t get any clues as to the
whereabouts of either Alice or Kristy. I went to our
game. At least we won. Everyone invited me to the after
game party but I just wasn’t in the mood. My roommates
tried to cheer me up and even brought some girls home.
I sat around and kissed one girl and even put my hand
on her thigh and slid it up to her pussy. It just
wasn’t the same. I kissed her and headed for my room by

I got up Sunday morning and showered. I got an
overnight bag together and headed for my parents’ home.
At least being around family is good. It will give me
some time to maybe forget about Alice. At least for

When I got to my parents’ house, Dave came running out
to greet me. I’ve never seen him so happy. I asked him,
“Are Veronica and her parents here?”

He said, “They are staying at the motel. They arrived
yesterday and met mom and dad. They really love her,
Jake. Dad actually said he wishes you could find a girl
as nice as Veronica.”

Then he asked me about Alice. I didn’t have the nerve
to tell him that might not even be her real name, that
she just left and I had been unable to find her. But
I’ll try again after I get home Monday. I just told
David that it was too short of notice and she had other
plans. Maybe he can meet her another time.

We went into the house and I greeted mom and dad. They
seem to be so happy. I remember six years ago when they
almost broke up, all because of some misunderstanding.
When I get married I hope to have the love in my
marriage that my parents do. Then I thought about Alice
and got a tear in my eye. My parents thought it was for
them. I guess in a way it could be as I hugged them

We talked about school and the football team. About
graduation and working at the store. They asked me if I
was dating anyone special. I looked over at a smiling
David and said, “There is someone kind of special but
I’m not at liberty to talk about it.”

Dad laughed and said, “Jake, you are using condoms,
aren’t you?” Mom hit him on the arm as we all laughed.
I just said, “Yes, dad,” and smiled at mom who was
smiling back at me.

Dave said he wanted to talk to me so we took a ride and
got a couple beverages and sat and talked. I should say
Dave talked and I listened.

I asked, “How did you meet Veronica and why is she so

He replied, “While I was working at the store, a
business man came in and asked if we sold computer
parts. I told him that we didn’t sell the parts per se
but that I repaired computers and would be willing to
take a look at the man’s computers. That was about
three months ago when I repaired the man’s computers.
At their office was a beautiful, shy and quiet girl
that kept watching me. I asked her out and that’s how
things began.”

“Dave,” I asked, “How do you know she’s the one?”
Believe it or not I wanted to know about Alice and I as
much as what Dave believes.

He said, “Jake, I took her cherry. She was a virgin and
she gave it to me. Did you ever make it with a virgin

“I don’t really know,” I replied. “I really don’t

“It’s the greatest, Jake. You don’t get compared to
anyone. You just do your thing and enjoy it. She yelled
out. ‘Oh, my God!’ when her hymen was broken. I’m
telling you, Jake, it was great.”

“When did all this take place Dave?”

“I took her cherry the Saturday before last and, yes, I
did wear a condom before you ask.”

“Have you done it since then Dave?”

“No, she went away last weekend and I was hoping to do
something with her this weekend but her parents are
here. You’ll meet her in a couple of hours. She’s the
prettiest woman I have ever seen Jake and she’s mine,
all mine.”

Something was bothering me but I couldn’t put my finger
on it. Then I asked, “Dave, where do Veronica and her
parents live?”

“In Newark, about 40 miles up the road. She works in an
office in downtown Newark.” he replied.

My heart fell to my feet. God, no, don’t let it be,
please don’t let it be.

Dave looked at me and asked if I was alright. I told
him just a little tired from the game. I’d be alright.

My mom and dad and my little sister Pam went together
in their car to the restaurant. I rode with Dave. God,
I hope I was wrong. God, make my thoughts wrong as we
entered the restaurant.

As we approached the table David smiled and introduced
me to Mr. And Mrs Mills. I shook their hands and
greeted them. Mom and dad and Pam all sat down and
everyone was talking. Dave asked about Veronica and Mrs
Mills said she just stopped into the ladies room. I
took a seat and hoped for the best and braced myself
for the worst.

Veronica came to the table as David said, “Veronica,
meet my big brother and best friend Jake. Jake meet the
most beautiful woman in the world.”

She turned around with a smile on her face and started
to say hello when she finally saw me. My worst fear had
just hit. Veronica was Alice.


If you haven’t read Chapter 1 please do so now.

Well, there we were in the restaurant. Veronica (a.k.a.
Alice) was standing there staring at me eye to eye. I
wanted to cover for her, so I said, “My God, Dave is
right! You are the most beautiful woman I have ever
seen. It’s so nice to meet you.” I grabbed her and gave
her a big hug before anyone could notice the shock in
her eyes. I could feel the tenseness in the hug.

David said, “Hey, Jake, she’s my girl. Let her go” as
everyone laughed. Then he said, “Go find your own

I know he was joking with me because of the big smile
on his face. I just replied with, “I doubt if there is
another girl out there as nice as this one. You’re a
very lucky man, Dave, very lucky.” I excused my self
and headed to the men’s room. I didn’t even give
Veronica a chance to respond.

I went into the first stall and broke down and cried. I
couldn’t help it. I found the girl of my dreams and she
belongs to my brother. I know if I tried I could take
her away. Their bond wasn’t that strong yet. But it was
my brother, my family. God, life sucks.

After letting it all out I regained my composure and
went back out to the dining area. I apologized for
leaving the table but said, “When you gotta go, you
gotta go.” Everyone just kind of smiled and went along.
I’m pretty sure Veronica and dad saw through my
charade. Dad was real observant and just kind of stared
at me. He looked at the change in Veronica’s demeanor
and then back at me.

Veronica was on edge the rest of the time. She covered
fairly well but didn’t talk much. She didn’t have to.
Dave was talking enough for everyone at the table. I’ve
never seen him this happy. My brother the nerd getting
the real girl.

I needed to talk to Veronica alone but there wasn’t a
chance without looking secretive. It would just have to
wait. I wasn’t sure what I would tell her. I didn’t
know what to do. As soon as I finished dinner I excused
myself telling everyone I had to get back to campus. I
made my rounds, shaking Mr. and Mrs. Mills’ hands and
kissing my mom and Pam, my little sister.

Then I gave Veronica a kiss on the cheek and a light
hug saying how nice it was to finally meet her. Then I
hugged my little brother who looked like the grinning
cat that ate the mouse. I told him how very lucky he
was to have a girl like Veronica and that I wished them
the best. I borrowed his car to get back to the house.
He could ride back with mom and dad.

As I drove back to school I thought about my situation.
I kept saying to myself that I only knew her one day.
Maybe I am going overboard here. I had a good life
before ever meeting her, I could have a good life now.

Maybe I should leave well enough alone and not see her
again. I decided to use that idea and get into the rest
of my life. She was Dave’s girl and I would never hurt
my brother. I could never tell him what really
happened. It would devastate him.


Veronica Speaks

“Wow, where do I begin. I work in a small business as a
secretary. One day our computers went on the blink. I
told my boss and he said he would get it taken care of.
One day a young man came in to work on the computer. He
was so sweet and kept talking to me.

“I never dated much in high school. I went to an all
girls school so I didn’t have very much contact with
boys. My parents were rather strict. I was now twenty-
one and had my own job. I still lived at home but had
the freedom to pretty much do what I wanted.

“David would come up and talk to me. I think he was as
shy as I was. I guess we made a pretty nice couple. He
asked me out and we started dating. He lived about
forty miles away so we only got together on weekends.
He was a lot of fun to be around. My parents even liked
him. He was somewhat of a nerd but I found him to be
funny. I enjoyed going out with him.

“After a few dates we became more serious. We kissed
often and I let him touch my body outside of my
clothing. You see, I was still a virgin at twenty-one
years old. I just never wanted to give myself to just
anyone. I wanted to have feelings for the person I made
love to. ‘Love to,’ that’s kind of funny.

“After dating David for about three months I decided to
give him my cherry, ‘My virginity.’ He was so surprised
when he came to the house and my parents weren’t home.
We started making out on the couch and this time I
didn’t stop him. He thought he was getting away with
something but I was just letting him take me. It’s kind
of funny looking back on it now.

“He would act like he accidentally touched me. Then he
fumbled with the buttons of my blouse not realizing I
was helping him. When he finally had my jeans
unsnapped, I felt him sliding his hands down into my
panties. He slid his fingers right into my vagina. I
was so wet.

“This was the first man I ever let finger me. It felt
so good, I could have let him do it for an hour but
unfortunately it only lasted a minute or so. I guess he
figured he was going to get some so he jumped off the
couch and removed his clothes. I watched as he slid on
a condom. He looked at me and smiled saying, Dad’s

“I smiled back at him thinking that was a good thing. I
didn’t want to get pregnant. I just wanted to feel the
love of a man in me. I slid off my jeans and panties
and lay on the sofa. I put a couple of towels under me
not knowing what to expect. I didn’t want a mess for
mom and dad to find.

“He got on top of me and pushed his cock hard into me
breaking my hymen. I screamed out, ‘Oh, God,’ it hurt
more than I expected. I think he took it as enjoyment
and started pumping hard into me. Eventually it began
to feel better and I began to moan. I guess he thought
I had an orgasm as he shot his load into the condom. I
almost made it. I was in the throes of passion when he
stopped. He got off of me and said how great it was and
how much he loved me.

“He took off the b***d-soaked condom and wrapped it in
a tissue. I got up holding the towel against my vagina
and running into the bathroom to clean up. I’m glad it
was finally over. A girl wonders what the first time
will be like. It was okay but no big deal. I didn’t get
the fire works I expected. Maybe next time.

“Dave invited me and my parents over to meet his
family. He wanted to do it the following weekend but I
told him I already had plans to go out with my
girlfriend. So we set the visit up for two weeks away.
He kept saying how they had the perfect family. His
brother even though complete opposites was his best
friend. He just said his brother Jake was the best and
would do anything for him. He also mentioned that he
hoped I loved Jake as much as he did.

“I could tell he really cared for his brother. I just
hoped his brother wasn’t a complete jerk. Who knows, I
might become part of the family some day and wanted to
get along with everyone.

“The following weekend I went to a Halloween party with
my friend Kristy. We went to high school together and
she left to go to the big University. We have always
kept in touch and got together when she came home. She
mentioned I could spend the night with her in her
apartment that she shared with a half dozen other
girls. That way it wouldn’t cost me anything.

“I needed a costume so I went into my closet and
started putting together an outfit. Mom came home and
was helping me get my costume together. She smiled and
suggested ‘Alice in Wonderland’ I had the long blond
hair for it and a pretty blue dress. Mom and I really
had fun putting this outfit together.

“I had to drive about fifty miles to Kristy’s place.
All the truckers smiled and honked their horns. It felt
good to know I could draw attention. When I entered
Kristy’s apartment her girlfriends looked at me and
said, ‘Damn, girl, you look good.’

“I just smiled and said, ‘Thank you,’ to them and then
helped Kristy finish with her witch’s costume. I told
her that I hoped she wasn’t looking for a guy tonight
because her costume just wasn’t going to do it. We all
laughed out loud. These were a great bunch of girls.

“I was having a good time dancing until one creep
started bothering me. I danced with him one time and he
kept trying to cop a feel. So the next time he asked, I
told him, “no”. He tried to pull me out of my chair
when a big guy in a buccaneer costume told the creep
that I was his date and he could leave now. Damn, he
was handsome in a rugged sort of way. He reminded me a
little of my boyfriend David except he was a lot bigger
and more muscular.

“He asked me my name and I just told him Alice of
Wonderland. He smiled and said how beautiful I looked.
He introduced himself as Buck, short for Buccaneer. He
asked me to dance and after that first dance we spent
the rest of the evening together dancing. God, I loved
just being with him. He had it all: good looks,
manners, muscles. I actually wondered what he would be
like in bed, comparing him to David.

“One of his friends came over and asked me to dance.
Buck told him to get lost, he wasn’t sharing me with
anyone. I wondered what he meant by that. So I asked

“He hem-hawed around and finally just told me the
truth, that some girls went back to their house and
more that one guy took her. No one got hurt and no one
did anything against their will. Of course I fantasized
like every woman but I would never want to be shared. I
was thinking of leaving but Buck took me by the hand
and glided me around the dance floor.

“God, I liked being with him. He then brought his lips
to mine. He kissed me very gently and I could feel
myself shudder. God, what is this man doing to me. He
then kissed me again. My God, I wanted him. I know it
was wrong. I had a boyfriend but I wanted this man.

“He asked me if I could take him home. He didn’t have a
vehicle. I knew what he wanted. I also knew I was going
to give it to him. One time, one time only, I needed to
know if making love was what David and I did or was
there more to it. Tonight this one time I would find

“I went over to talk to Kristy and told her about
taking Buck home. She looked at me knowing I had a
boyfriend. She looked over at Buck and said that he
wasn’t from the group that they hung around with. He
was part of the athletic group. They were a lot more
wild and that I needed to be careful. She would leave
her porch light on for me. She hugged me and again
reminded me to be careful as I left to take Buck home.

“As we entered his room I was as nervous as I have ever
been. I shuddered at every little touch. He was gentle
in everything he did. He slowly helped me remove my
clothing. He left my bra and undies on, which I felt
good about at the moment. I wasn’t totally naked in
front of him yet. As I lay on his bed he stripped down
to his briefs and lay next to me.

“He began gently kissing me and then undid my bra and
started sucking on my breasts. He didn’t rush, he just
took his time and gently sucked my nipples till they
became hard. He slid his hand around my mid-section,
getting me hot before sliding his hand down onto my
mound. Once he slid his fingers into me I knew I was
ready for him. He got up and I thought he was going to
take me just like David did but it didn’t happen that

“He pulled off my undies and buried his face in my
vagina. I had never had oral sex with a man before. I
put my legs on his shoulders and spread my pussy lips
so he could stick his tongue deep in me. I climaxed all
over his face. I couldn’t help it. It just came so
suddenly, I loved the feeling.

“He eventually got his cock out and put the head
against my pussy. He didn’t have a condom on and I
should have said something but I wanted it all, even
with the chance of getting pregnant. I know now what a
stupid chance I was taking but at the time I just
wanted him in me.

“He slowly pushed it in and buried it deep inside me.
He did more than fuck me, he made love to my pussy. At
that point I knew I was falling in love with him. At
least sexually, I was falling in love. I really didn’t
know him that well other than the way he made love. It
was just the way I always dreamt about.

“We did it one more time that night with me on top. I
honestly couldn’t believe how good it felt. I could
make love to this man forever.

“As I was cleaning up after we were done making love,
shame came over me. I knew what I did was wrong. I
began to feel like a slut. Letting two men have me two
consecutive weeks. How was I to face my boyfriend David
after what I had just done behind his back. He was a
nice guy and deserved better than this. I walked back
in the room and Buck was sleeping. I gathered up all my
clothes and sat on the corner of the bed and wrote him
a note.

“My feeling were so mixed up. I was hoping that in time
I would be able to remember him as just a memory. If
things were only different in my life. Another time,
another place, I’ll never know. I let this stranger
take me. It was the greatest sexual feeling of my life.
Maybe David could learn to love me like that. I didn’t
know. I just wanted to be loved and love in return.

“I left quickly before Buck woke up. I was able to get
to my car and leave before any of Bucks friends
returned. I cried all the way to Kristy’s place. I told
her about my evening. She was my best friend. She tried
to console me as I went to sleep.

“The next morning I headed home. I would just treat it
as a dream. I never found out his name and he never
asked mine. I know I will never be the same. I’ll
probably never see him again but life goes on.

“Things got back to normal the next day. David called
to make sure me and my parents would be there Saturday.
He sounded so happy on the phone. I liked him an awful
lot but at this point I don’t think I could call it

“Saturday, I met David’s parents. They were so friendly
and nice just like David. My parents and Dave’s parents
hit it off and I could tell they could become close
friends. We had dinner with them Saturday. Everybody
laughed and we all had a good time. Last weekend was
now a wonderful memory, a memory I never wanted to

“Dave pulled me aside a couple of times and wanted to
make out. I just kissed him and said we need to take it
slow. I really didn’t want to have sex with him right
now. I needed time and I told him so. He said he
understood and would wait for me. He said he knew that
it was a big thing giving my virginity to him. He would
wait until I was ready again.

“Sunday arrived and Dave was so happy that I would
finally meet his big brother. I figured his brother
probably had a lot of girlfriends and he just wanted to
show off his. I tried to look my best for Dave. I knew
it meant a lot to him. We arrived at the restaurant
ahead of Dave and his family. I took a minute to
freshen up. I came back from the restroom and Dave
greeted me. He kissed me lightly on the cheek and with
a big grin he said, “Veronica, I want you to meet my
best friend, my big brother Jake.

“I turned around with a big smile and was ready to say
hello when I found myself staring into the eyes of
Buck. My mouth flew open and I was frozen in time. Buck
or rather Jake came over and saved me again. He told me
how beautiful I was and how lucky David was to have
such a beautiful girlfriend. He gave me the time to
regain my composure. Hopefully no one else noticed.
Then Jake headed off to the men’s room.

“Later Jake came back and there were normal
conversations going on. David was smiling and leading
most of them. I just answered when spoken to. I think
everyone wrote it off as me just being shy but inside
my body I was in turmoil.

“I wanted to talk to Jake in the worst way but just
wasn’t able to do it. God, where was my life going?

“Jake got up and said he had to get back to campus and
said his goodbyes to everyone. He did whisper in my ear
when he kissed me on the cheek good bye. He just said,
“I’ll call you, we need to talk.” and then he left.

“I felt a little more comfortable after Jake left but I
have to say in all honesty that I was already missing
him. All I know now is that David loves me, at least
that’s what he is saying. I have strong feelings for
David but I don’t know if it’s love. Then there’s Jake,
the man I believe I really love but am afraid to admit
it. The sex with him was pure love for me. I know he
really liked it too but not sure what his deep feelings
were for me.

“Time will just have to settle all this for me.”


I was back at college and getting back to my daily
routine. I finally found out that my Alice was my
brother’s girlfriend Veronica. In one sense it was nice
to find her and know more about her. The bad side is
what do I do about it if anything? If she was anyone
else’s girlfriend other than Dave’s, I would go after
her in a second. That’s why I think I really care for
her. The strong feeling I have and the sex with her was
more of a loving nature. I don’t ever remembering
feeling lonely after a girl left me. She was definitely
someone special in my life.

I needed a few days before talking to her. I waited
about four days and then called her at work. She
answered the phone and I said, “Veronica, this is Jake
and we need to talk. Are you free to talk now or do you
want me to call back later?”

I heard her voice tremble when she talked, “God, Jake,
how are you? I don’t think I could handle talking to
you here at work. Could you please call me at my home
tonight, say around 8:00pm?”

I told her I was totally confused about her leaving the
way she did and I was both happy and sad to see her
last Sunday. My voice was cracking a little when I told
her I would call her that evening.

It was now 8:00pm and I called her house. She answered
the phone on the first ring. She asked me who should
talk first. I told her I better because she might not
like what I was going to say.

“Okay,” she said, “Go ahead, Jake.”

“First of all I missed you when you left. No one knew
who you were and I was frantic trying to find you. I
want you to know that the love we made was for real. I
have never felt that close emotionally to any woman
before. I’m torn up inside knowing I will never have
you again.

You see, I think I was falling in love with you. If
your boyfriend was anyone else other than David I would
walk through Hell to get to you. I can’t hurt my
brother. I love him too much. I will leave the two of
you alone to see what the future holds. I wish both of
you the best in the future. You will always have a
special place in my heart.”

“Jake, please don’t hate me. I know what I did was
wrong but I wanted to be loved by you so much. It was
the greatest feelings I have had in my young life. I
just wished things were different and I might have met
you first but I didn’t. I can’t change history. The
last thing I would want to do is come between you and
your brother. I couldn’t live with that.

You are the nicest and closest family I’ve ever met and
I care for all of you. My feelings for David right now
are strong. I don’t believe it’s love. I guess time
will tell. Jake, you will forever be in my heart. I
know most girls think about the man that took their
virginity but my thoughts will be about the one night I
spent with you.”

I had tears in my eyes when I told her that I could
never hate her. If anything my feelings for her were
stronger than ever. She was so much more then a sex
object to me. She was my lover and my friend. We said
our goodbyes and I could tell she was crying when we
hung up.

But life goes on. I will hold her as a great memory and
try and go forward. I didn’t go home for over a month.
I didn’t want to run into her. I did call home each
week and got the latest updates.

David said their relationship cooled off a little. He
thought he still loved her but she wasn’t putting out
to him since the first time. He said she would kiss him
and let him feel hers tits but that was about it. He
was a little aggravated about it. I mentioned to him
that maybe he was trying too hard. Try and just enjoy
the relationship. If it’s love, let it take it’s

It had been about a six weeks after the party. I was
home at college when the phone rang. It was my dad, who
has never called me in the four years I have been going
to school.

“What is it, dad? What’s the matter?”

“Jake, I want you home this Saturday. I know you don’t
have a game this week. It’s a bye week. I’ll expect you
by noon. We need to talk.”

“What is it, dad, are mom and Pam alright?” My dad was
very serious. I haven’t heard him like this for a long

He said, “Jake, Veronica’s pregnant and we have to

“Dad, Veronica is David’s girlfriend? Why do you want
me there?”

“Because I know you, son. I saw the way you looked at
Veronica when you met her. That was not a first time
meeting. She’s a wonderful girl who, I believe, made a

My dad was a great judge of people. “I’ll be there,
dad, noon Saturday.”

Well, there it was. My brother’s girlfriend is pregnant
and I know I’m the father of the c***d. I’m afraid the
shit is going to hit the fan Saturday. I spent the rest
of the week just thinking. What are my true feelings?
What am I to tell David? What about the most important
person? What about Veronica? How does she truly feel
about me?


The Conclusion

I went home on Saturday. David was at the store so I
didn’t see him yet. Dad pulled me aside and said, “Lets
talk before everyone else arrives.” Apparently dad
hadn’t said anything to anyone about me. We went into
the study and dad closed the door.

“Well, son, do you have anything you want to tell me?
I’ve already talked to David and I believe what he told
me. He said he had sex with Veronica one time about
seven weeks ago and took her virginity. He also told me
he wore a condom like I told him to always do.”

“Dad, I met Veronica at a party about six weeks ago. I
was attracted to her instantly. I had no idea that she
was involved with David. If I did I would have never
gone after her. I never would hurt David intentionally.
Dad, don’t blame Veronica. She’s a wonderful girl.
She’s not a slut or a woman that fools around. She is a
loving caring person.

“She felt so bad after making love with me that she
left without telling me her name. Then when I came here
to meet David’s girlfriend, I found out it was the girl
I made love to. Dad, I didn’t wear a condom. I wanted
her so badly, I just wanted to make love to her. I’m
sorry, dad. I’m really sorry.”

“Jacob, you better talk with your brother and get
things straightened out before the Mills family gets
here. We have to know where we stand as a family. You
love her, don’t you? You deep down really love her?”

I was crying, “Yes, dad, I do. I just didn’t want to
hurt David. I was willing to give up the only girl that
I ever loved just so I wouldn’t hurt my brother.”

Dad said, “David is going to ask Veronica to marry him
since he got her pregnant. He’s not ready to get
married but he wanted to do the right thing by her. He
thought that he loved her but wasn’t sure how Veronica

When I heard Dave’s car pull up I walked out to meet
him. He looked at me and asked if I heard that Veronica
was pregnant. I told him I did and that I needed to
talk to him. I told him I didn’t think he was the
father. He looked at me and said, “If I’m not the
father, who is?”

I looked at my younger brother David with tears in my
eyes and said, “I am.” I started to say I was sorry
when David cold cocked me with a right fist to the side
of my face, knocking me down.

“How could you, how could you, you son of a bitch? How
could you fuck my girlfriend? You’re my brother, God
Damn you? Get up and fight, you son of a bitch. I
trusted you and you did this to me.”

I started to get up and David hit me again. “Fight me,
you bastard, fight me.”

I know I could get up and beat the shit out of him.
But, he was my little brother and he was hurting
because of what I did. I was getting up again and as he
took another swing at me, this time I grabbed his fist.
I then put my arms around him and let him cry it out.
He kept saying, “Why, Jake, why? How could you do this
to me?” as he continued to cry. As long as he was
crying I was going to hold him.

I was crying too. The side of my face was starting to
swell up where David hit me twice. Damn, it was
beginning to hurt.

Dad came out carrying an ice pack and handed it to me.
and said, “Boys, your mom and I are ready to talk.
Please come in.”

Mom said, “Jake, are you involved in this someway?”

I looked at my mom and said, “Yes, mom the baby is
mine. Please, every one, let me explain.” I went on to
explain how I met Veronica whom I had called Alice. I
tried to explain everything other than the actual sex
acts. I told them we made love, and I didn’t wear any
protection and how Veronica felt guilty about doing
this to her boyfriend and left without giving me her

I looked at David who was calmed down now and told him,
“I had no idea that Alice was Veronica. It hurt me to
find out we both loved the same girl. I was willing to
step aside and let you try to be a couple. I didn’t
want to interfere with your relationship. That’s why I
haven’t been home for the last six weeks. The last
thing I wanted to do was to hurt you, David.”

“What happens now, Jacob?” my mother asked.

“That all depends on Veronica, mom.” Then I headed to
the kitchen to get another ice pack for my face.

Veronica and her parents entered the house. Everyone
seemed cordial under the circumstances. I wasn’t in the
room at the time but I could hear everyone talking.
Veronica spoke first. She said she had talked with her
mother before coming over. Then she stood up walked
over to David and was crying. She said, “David, I’m so
sorry I did this to you but you have to know that you
are not the baby’s father.”

I walked into the room and said, “Everyone knows,
Veronica. I’m the father.” She turned around and looked
at me and was crying. “What they don’t know is that I
have been deeply in love with you ever since I met you.
I don’t know how you feel about me but I would love to
marry you if you will have me. I’m so sorry for all the
trouble I’ve caused.”

All eyes were on Veronica now. The first thing she said
is, “What happened to your face?”

I looked over at David and said that I got beat up by
my little brother. I then looked over at Mr. and Mrs.
Mills and said, “I truly love your daughter. I just
stepped aside because I didn’t want to hurt my brother.
But your daughter is carrying our baby and I’m asking
for her hand in marriage. The only requirement I have
is that you both agree and that Veronica loves me. If
not, I will stand back but still support my c***d.

Veronica looked in her parents’ eyes. Then she walked
over to me and said, “I love you, Jacob. Please make an
honest women of me. I will marry you.” With that said,
her dad got up and shook my hand. I then hugged her mom
and mine. David got up and hugged Veronica and then
hugged me. He said, “I love you, bro, just take good
care of my girl” as he smiled at Veronica.


We got married a month later. Veronica was barely
showing. She looked like Alice in Wonderland in her
wedding dress. We had a nice small wedding. David was
my best man and Kristy was the maid of honor. Dave kept
smiling at me. I finally asked him what was so funny.

He said, “I can’t tell you bro. You would k**l me.”

“If I promise not to k**l you, will you tell me?”

“Okay,” David said while smiling, “I was just thinking
that I could say that I took my brother’s wife’s

I smiled but did tell him I better not hear him say it
to any one.

Veronica lived at her parents until I finished college
a couple of months later. Then we rented the apartment
above the hardware store where I became the manager and
Veronica was the bookkeeper. Our sex life was awesome.
We enjoyed life to the fullest. We did have a little
girl. Her name ‘Alice’ of course Life is good!

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