Two cousins get drunk together on a family reunion cruise

It pretty much all began on a family reunion cruise and
I remember every detail. After 2 days or so into the
cruise, my cousin Enzos Nikky, who like me was 19, we started
hitting up the onboard ‘club’ after the rest of the
family went to sleep. The drinking age on board was 18
(thank god) so we began to party. We danced and drank
the night away with various people. When things began
to wind down, we met at the bar for one last drink.
Both of us were pretty tipsy but not drunk.

I had noticed Nikky a few years before at another
reunion in New Mexico. We were at a water park and man
did she look good in a bikini. She stood about 5’8 and
I’m bad at judging how heavy a person is but she was
damn near perfect, not skinny, and by no means fat. Her
body reminded me of the girl from Dr. No, Ursula
Andrews. And her ass, was well, art. Nikky was ALWAYS
tan and wore pinkish lipstick. She hadn’t changed much.

So we sat, her drinking a Corona, I a Guinness Extra
Stout (it may have been a Sam Adams). We smoked while
talking about the lack of possible hookups and how we
each wanted something wild when she said, “I’ve got a
really wild idea, and I’m game if you are.”

I thought she would suggest doing something at the next
port of call when she joked around and put her hand in
my lap moving it back and forth. I was shocked and
mumbled something like; “Nikky, I-I don’t know, this is
weird.” But my cock took over and began responding to
her touch. I remember saying, “Okay, let’s go.”

We headed to my cabin. I let her walk ahead of me while
I watched the globes of her ass, still walking with a
boner. Once we got to the door she kissed me before I
could open it. I remember her tongue just barely
entering my mouth. She threw me to my bunk and scooted
down to my crotch.

I remember having second thoughts when I felt her mouth
encase my cock. She must have been quite the demon at
Utah State because I could tell she had done this many
times before. I exploded in her mouth several minutes
later with some of the cum smattering out the corners
of her mouth. She swallowed and I went into overdrive.

I threw her down this time, lifted up her skirt, and
was shocked. No panties. She had a picture perfect
pussy. Granted, I like them shaved but she had it
trimmed, good enough for me. I began kissing all around
her pussy, getting closer to it but at the last minute
pulling away. After about 5 minutes she yelled, rather
slurred, “Just Eat ME!”

I ate her to two or three quick orgasms with her cum
smeared all over my face. I then swirled her on top of
me and guided my rock hard cock into the folds of her
warm, wet, pussy.

I remember watching her face as she slowly rode me with
her eyes closed ever so softly. I held the globes of
her ass in my hands which were baby soft and gently
rubbed them. As we both got close I remember being
concerned about pulling out but she began cumming at
that moment and her pussy spasmed around my cock
setting me off. It was the hardest most intense orgasm
I’ve ever had. We kissed on the tail end of our orgasms
and hugged each other as our bodies tensed in ecstasy.

Finally Nikky collapsed on me, we were both exhausted.

We woke up the next morning, the cabin reeked of sweat
and cum. “We should shower, we probably shouldn’t do
this again, I’m not on the pill.” Nikky said lifting
her head with a concerned look. I’m not sure what I was
thinking but I kissed her.

Before she knew what was happening I began massaging
her clit. “Oh stop, oooh please… we…” She
stammered. She had no sooner said ‘we’ when she started
kissing me back. Then in almost a whisper she moaned,
“Fuck me.”

Nikky got up on her hands and knees as I positioned
myself behind her and guided my dry cum covered tool
into her pussy. As it slid in and out I grabbed her
hair and pulled softly while starring at her beautiful
ass. I could tell she was close and I put my finger
into my mouth and brought it to her asshole.

I slowly circled her tight little bud when Nikky
moaned, “What are you do..?” I slid in. Actually I had
moved it in and out of her twice before her body shook
with an intense orgasm, her body collapsing onto the
bed, face buried in the sheets. I sawed my cock in and
out as hard and as fast as I possibly could and shot my
cum deep into her asshole.

Later in the year Nikky transferred to a school near me
and we shared an apartment for awhile. We still get
together to fuck now and then, but Nikky has other
relationships and so do I. Currently I’m seeing her
best friend Lauren. She has no idea about Nikky and me.