Two cousins

I guess this all starts with my aunt who is a professor of archeology at a university in California. She and my uncle, who is a geology prof, were going to Belize to work on some Mayan ruins that had been recently uncovered and that my family, my mom and Dad and me, would take in their two daughters, Lori, sixteen, and Sherry, fourteen.

These two cousins are quite different from each other; Lori is quiet, very sweet and a real brain. She’s always at the top of her class and on the Principal’s List. Sherry, just the opposite, is very outgoing, bouncy, bubbly, fun, and a bit of a tease. They are both pretty though Sherry dresses more obviously. She gives you a reason to notice her.

They knew we had a pool so, the first day, they told me that they wanted to swim and sun most of the day if that was all right with me. I told them that was what I did much of the summer and we could spent lots of time out by the pool, it was fine with me.

I was the first one out by the pool, then Lori came out. She’s almost as tall as I am and is wearing a one-piece suit which is nice and all but not one that gets me very interested in what’s underneath it. Still, she’s pretty and nice to have around.

Then I hear Sherry.

‘Here I come world, look out,’ and she comes running out and dives right into the water. It was so fast that I really didn’t get to see much of her. She swam around for a while then hoisted herself up out of the pool.

Oh, wow. She is stunning. A bikini that almost isn’t there. What a figure. Lori is two years older but Sherry’s got the boobs. She’s small and compact but her tits are round and full, very full. They would be big on a girl six inches taller than her. The bottom barely covers the slit in her pussy. It’s incredible. What a hottie.

‘Oh, that water is perfect. I just love this,’ and she plops herself down next to me and stretches out. I look over and her breasts just point straight up, firm, lush, barely covered by two small triangles of cloth. Her nipples poke out the fabric. Oh, am I hard.

We all lay there for a while, then Sherry, always the one to spark things up, said, ‘Let’s get wet, c’mon,’ and she stood up and ran and jumped in. The cheeks of her ass were beautiful, separated by a narrow strip of cloth that basically hid nothing as she bounced along, then dove headlong into the water.

I got up and ran toward the pool, also diving in and coming up right in front of Sherry, who splashed me as I broke the surface. I splashed her back and she disappeared under the water, then I felt my trunks being tugged downward. They didn’t come off, I was able to swim away with them mostly on.

Lori, in the meantime, had come over and gotten in the pool where she was wading around mostly watching us. Sherry and I played around in the water, splashing each other, grabbing underwater, she actually brushed her hand along the bulge in my trunks accidentally. Well, maybe accidentally.

I really wanted to brush across those beauties barely contained in her bikini top but just didn’t quite have the balls to do it. Yeah, I admit it.

That night, Lori was sleeping in my sister’s room, my sis is off at college doing classes in the summer to graduate early, and Sherry was in the guest room. Then, one of those violent thunderstorms that seem to come out of nowhere started and the winds and rain blew almost sideways along with a lot of thunder and lightning.

I lay there listening to the wind, the slashing rain and the thunder hoping that one of the girls would get scared and come to my room but it didn’t happen. So, after a bit, I went to the guest room and touched Sherry on the shoulder.

‘Oh, what is it? Are you okay, Alan?’

‘I just wondered if you were scared of the storm, all the thunder and lightning and wind.’

‘No, I guess I was asleep. Pretty big storm, though, huh? Are you scared?’

‘Well, it makes me a little nervous, kind of.’

She lifted the cover up and said, ‘Well, get in with me and mama will make it all safe for you.’

As she pulled the covers back up, I realized she was naked. She was sleeping in the nude.

‘Sherry, you don’t have any pajamas on,’ I said, stating the obvious.

‘Well, that’s in case some man gets in bed with me and wants to fuck me.’

My heart stopped, my breathing stopped, my dick hardened.

‘You are going to fuck me aren’t you?’ as she put her arms around me and pulled me toward her. My hands reached down and roamed over her ass, oh, heaven.

Then, I felt her hand reach down and inside my pajama bottoms and take hold of my dick. I didn’t think mine was the first she’d ever held.

‘Yeah, uh, yeah, I’d love to.’

‘Do you have a condom?’

‘Um, no, I guess I don’t.’

‘Well, Alan, don’t ever get in bed with a girl unless you have a condom or you know for sure she’s on the pill. You’re lucky because I’m on the pill. So, we can fuck. My Mom caught me with a boyfriend one afternoon after school so I’ve been on the pill ever since. Ever since I was twelve.’

‘Twelve? Wow, you started early,’ I said as I rubbed her wet pussy.

‘Just remember, you’ll need a condom when you fuck Lori.’

‘Lori, what do you mean, Lori?’

‘Well, Lori’s a virgin and isn’t on the pill. You are going to fuck Lori, aren’t you?’

‘Maybe Lori might want to have something to say about whether or not I fuck her.’

‘Oh, Alan, don’t you know she has this huge crush on you? I don’t think there’s any question that she’d do it with you. But, you need some condoms. Get plenty, I think she’ll be like me, after the first time, I just wanted it all the time. Speaking of sex, let’s get on with it,’ and she pulled down my pajamas and pushed me over onto my back, got up over me, straddling me, and french-kissed me as she rubbed her pussy all over my cock and abdomen.

It’s a wonder that I didn’t cum just from that. I was trying to get hold of her breasts which were so firm and warm and soft feeling. Then, she raised up, reached down between her legs, gripped my cock and sat down on it forcing it up inside her.

‘Mmm, that’s good, now, let’s do this,’ and she began rising up and down over me, my cock sliding in and out.

‘You like this, Alan, am I good?’

‘Oh, this feels wonderful. I never knew it could feel this good.’

‘Um, is this the first time you’ve ever done this?’

‘Well, uh, yeah, more or less.’

‘What do you mean, more or less?’ as she rocked up and down.

‘Well, I mean, yeah, it’s the first time I’ve ever done this.’

‘Oh, wow, I’m you’re first. I’ve never been a guy’s first fuck before. How you like this?’ as she pushed hard down on me, then wriggled her hips back and forth.

‘Oh, that’s incredible. That’s gonna make me cum.’

‘Well, go right ahead, ‘Mister First-time.’ I want your first-time cum.’

Just about then, she got it, too.

‘UUHN, UUHN, uh, uh, oh, that feels so good, oh, it really…oh, Sherry, oh, wow, it’s…’

‘Mmm, you still feel pretty hard inside me, let’s get me off now,’ and she started going up and down faster, then pushing down really hard and wiggling her butt around.

‘Ooooh, yes, that feels really good. Mmm, oh, really good. I like your dick, Alan. Feels good.’

Then, she started moaning and her body stiffened and she began going on me faster and faster.

‘Oh, yes, oooh,’ and she bucked on me and was trembling and making sounds like she was in pain, that it was hurting her.

‘Are you okay, Sherry, does it hurt?’

‘Oh, no, it feels wonderful, so good.’

I guess I was getting my first example of how, sometimes, girls and women, act and sound like they are in great pain when they are overcome by the ecstasy of a wonderful orgasm. But, tonight, my first time, it did scare me until she told me how marvelous she felt.

She collapsed over me, kissing me, still moving up and down, ‘Mmm, Alan, that was nice. Really nice. Was it good? Think you’d ever want to do this again?’

‘Oh, it was wonderful. Perfect, and, yes, oh, yes, I’d love to do it again. Maybe right now.’

‘Well, I didn’t mean it exactly that way, but, what the hell, the storm is still going on, we might as well be doing something, right,’ and she rolled off me and added, ‘You do me now,’ and I got up between her legs and tried to put my dick back in her.

‘Oh, I think you might need a little help,’ and she got up on her knees and began to suck me. My dick did just what any sixteen-year old dick would do, just like a rock.

‘Okay, you’re good and hard now. Sherry’s magic mouth did the trick,’ and she rolled on her back, spread her legs and I got up and pushed into her. Oh, it was wonderful. I just couldn’t believe that girls walk around all the time with their wonderful pussies between their legs, so warm, so inviting, so slippery on my cock.

And there I was, my second fuck of my life. As we were laying in each other’s arms, Sherry said, ‘Get some condoms tomorrow, Alan, I’ll set things up for you, okay? See how much I love my sister? But it was nice breaking you in, maybe we’ll have another chance to fuck again though Lori might just keep you fucked-out.’

We slept together that night, each of us waking throughout the hours before dawn, groping, feeling, kissing. Then, as the sun came up, I woke her to tell her I was going back to my bed so we wouldn’t get caught.

‘Just remember, get condoms, and take it slow. Me, I love to fuck at the drop of a hat. Take your time with my sister. Kiss her lots, suck her boobs, lick her pussy, oh, lick her a lot. Until she cums. Then fuck her. She’ll love you forever. That’s for sure. Girls love being licked. Do it lots. Have fun, fuck her good, Alan,’ and I went back to my empty bed.

You already know what my number one priority was the next day. Right. A whole box and I was hoping I would need to go buy more.

Now, I didn’t know what Sherry had in mind but when I did see Lori, nothing seemed different, out of the ordinary. So, I decided to just wait it out. Sherry said she’d set things up.

The day went by, supper was over, TV was watched, oh, well, Lori and Sherry went off to bed, what the hell, I thought, and off I went.

I was half asleep when I felt a touch on my shoulder.

Chapter 2

‘I’m afraid that we might have another storm like we had last night, Alan. Can I sleep with you?’

I held open the covers and she slipped in next to me. I rolled toward her and put my arm over her, she was naked! Lori, shy, quiet Lori, naked.

‘You’ll protect me, Alan?’ she giggled. ‘Sherry told you I need protection, right?’

‘Don’t worry, Lori, you’re safe in my hands.’

I reached down and pulled off my pajama bottoms and she almost instantly had her hand on my cock. I hugged her to me, putting my leg up over her and kissed her over and over.

‘This is so nice, Alan, I’ve dreamed about this and now it’s really happening. It feels so sexy to be with you like this, all naked and everything. Your thing is really hard.’

‘It’s near something it wants, Lori, simple as that.’

‘You want me, really?’

‘Oh, yes, storm or no storm,’ and I started pushing my hand between her legs. She raised her top leg and I started rubbing her. Like her sister, Lori’s pubes were shaved, nice and smooth.

‘Mmm, that feels nice, Alan, I shaved just for you. Well, really Sherry shaved me this afternoon. She thought it would be nice and I know she shaves.’

I pressed my finger up into her and began moving it back and forth. She was rubbing the tip of my cock as she said, ‘Mmm, that’s nice, what you’re doing, you know, down there. Feels good. You like me doing this?’ as she started to go up and down on my dick.

‘Feels nice, Lori. I don’t think we’re gonna get much sleep tonight.’

‘Oh, I hope not. This is much nicer than sleeping.’

She moved up some so her breasts were up near my face and I took that as an invitation to begin kissing and sucking them.

‘Oh, that’s so good. Oh, Sherry told me it would feel really good, oh, it feels just wonderful. I love you doing it.’

Well, I was loving doing it. I’m sure every teenaged boy loves sucking nipples. This one sure did.

‘I want to suck you, Alan. Sherry said it was something every boy wants. And I want to make you happy, okay?’

‘Oh, sure, um, I can do you at the same time. Sixty-nine, okay?’

‘Yeah, one over the other, I’ve seen it done on the internet. You know, porn.’

‘Well, now you get to do it real.’

‘I’d like to get on top of you, Alan, okay?’ and she swings around and the next thing I know my dick is all warm and wet and feeling more wonderful than ever. Um, well, truthfully, since early this morning when I pulled it out of Lori’s sister.

Anyway, she started sucking just the tip, oh, did that feel good, then, with her pussy right up over me, I reached up to her hips and guided them down to where her wetness met my mouth’s wetness.

I reached up and rubbed my finger along her slit spreading her juices and got a soft moan from down below. Then I gently spread her labia and tongued up into her, in and out, all around. Lots more moans.

The feelings in my cock were heavenly especially when she plunged her mouth down taking me all the way in, then sucking up and down. Her hips lowered slightly pressing down to get my tongue up farther inside her.

Oh, I wasn’t going to last long at this rate.

Then, I heard Lori moan loudly and grunt as she pushed her pussy down on me and scooted all around my face. I was sopping from her juices. Then, just then, I started spurting her full of my cum. She moved her lips up to the tip of my cock and sucked and sucked and sucked. She got every last drop.

She dropped down on me, her pussy still on my face, then she turned around and we kissed with our faces and mouths filled with each others love juices.

‘Oh, I love you, Alan, it was so wonderful what you just did to me. I’ve never felt this happy before. Oh, it was wonderful. You make me feel so good.’

‘Oh, you did me really great, Lori, just incredible.’

We lay there in each others arms, kissing, feeling each other, just enjoying our passion for each other.

‘I want you to make love to me, Alan. Sherry said you wanted to and I want you so bad.’

I reached over to my bedside table and brought out a condom, tore open the wrapping, and held it up.

‘There it is, Lori, sure you want to do this?’

‘Oh, Alan, I want to so bad, I really want to, yes, yes,’ so I rolled it on and got up between her legs and rubbed along her slit which was very wet with her juices.

She spread her legs open as wide as she could and I pressed my cock up to her slit and pushed.

‘Try it again,’ she whispered, so I pushed again, this time a little harder.

‘Oh, I think it went in, can you see?’

‘Not yet, I don’t think so.’

‘Do some more.’

So, I pressed in harder.

‘OW, oh, that hurt!’

‘I’ll stop if you want, Lori. We don’t have to do this, it’s okay if we don’t.’

‘No, I want to. It’s okay, just push again.’

So I did and I could also tell that she was pushing down as well, and, yes, I went in almost all the way.

‘Ooooh, whew, that did hurt some, but just be still for a minute. It’s feeling better, just let me rest for a minute.’

I kissed her a few times and she asked me to start again. So, I pulled back and pressed in once or twice.

‘Is that okay?’

‘Yes, it’s fine, just go ahead.’

I began fucking her slowly, gently, not wanting to hurt her or even cause her any discomfort. It sure felt good to me. In fact the feelings were somewhat different from what it felt like with her younger sister. Sherry’s pussy, I just glided in and out of, she was so wet and slippery, it really felt good.

But Lori was tight, like she held a grip around me, closed in. I still slid in and out, it was just harder to do. But, boy, did it feel good.

‘How is it, Lori, everything okay?’

‘Oh, Alan, it’s wonderful. Oh, I’m so glad we’re doing this. I love you, Alan, I really do love you. And I want to be with you like this, I want you inside me like this, it’s so wonderful. It feels wonderful. Do you like it?’

‘I can’t believe how good this is, Lori, you are so pretty. Yes, I love it.’

‘I know you did this with my sister. She’s such a sexpot, now I know why, this is so good. You feel so good inside me. I can’t believe it, she’s told me so many times how good sex is, she’s been doing it forever. Even once in the den at home, on the floor with some guy, naked, I came home from school, had to walk right through the den, she said, ‘hi,’ as the guy did her. Unbelievable.’

‘Yeah, she’s something. But, Lori, so are you.’

‘Ohh, it’s feeling so good, I don’t know but I think I’m having my orgasm, it just feels so…OOOH, OOOH, uuh, uuh, uuh, oh, Alan, oh, please don’t stop, It feels so good.’

And I didn’t really last any longer, ‘UUNH, UUNH, ooh, oh, oh, man, oh, wow, that is awesome. Fantastic. Oh, Lori, I hope we can do this more. Lots more.’

We held each other and kissed for a long time. The feelings were wonderful, all our naked skin together, just feeling so sensual and erotic. I just wanted this forever.

My cock had softened some and when I pulled out of her, I didn’t realize the condom stayed inside her. I reached down to pull it off my dick and it wasn’t there.

‘Oh, no, where’s the rubber, I know I used it.’

‘It’s still in me, silly, look,’ and Lori pulled it out and held it up. Thankfully containing all of my semen. I took it and flushed it away.

We fell into a sex-sated sleep, arms and legs entwined.

The next morning, in the kitchen, my mother pulled me aside.

‘Alan, I need to talk with you about something very important. When your aunt and uncle dropped their girls off, my sister told me that their youngest, Sherry, is very sexually advanced. They know she’s having sex with boys and so she’s on the pill.’

I just sat there stunned that I was hearing this from my Mother.

‘She also said that Lori, she is sure is a virgin. And, that she is not on the pill. So, if anything might happen with Lori, that she certainly needs to have protection, a condom. And I think Lori might have spent the night in your room last night, Alan, I need to know if anything happened.’


‘Um, yeah, she did kind of stay in my room, um, and, we, um, we did, uh, I did use a condom.’

‘Good, Alan, good. You’re sure it didn’t break or anything?’

I can’t believe that she’s discussing this so calmly, she’s not mad or anything.

‘No, it was fine, it worked fine.’

‘Well, you must use one every time without fail. The last thing either mother wants is Lori getting pregnant. You understand that.’

‘Yes, Mom, I do, absolutely. I would never do that to Lori. I promise.’

‘Good. Now, I realize that since your father and I both work, that the three of you are here all day and there’s really nothing we could do to stop you from reacting to all your teen hormones. So, I’m leaving it up to you, Alan, to make sure no one gets pregnant. Your Father and I also will not be checking on what sleeping arrangements the three of you have. Just promise me, no one gets pregnant.’

‘Yes, Mom, I promise.’

‘Here is a box of condoms, I suppose a mother shouldn’t say this, but, have fun, they are two very pretty girls.’

She turned and left me sitting there in a total daze. ‘Have fun. They are two very pretty girls,’ Mom had said. And then she left for her office for the day.

You know what I did then, yes, I went right to my two cousins and filled them in on the new house rules. The first to speak up, of course, was Sherry, ‘God, we can fuck all day and all sleep together, too.’

‘Does she mean even that, Alan?’ asked Lori.

‘Looks that way. The only rule seems to be ‘no pregnancies.’

‘That’s easy for me,’ this from Sherry, of course.

‘Yeah, and Mom gave me this, so it looks like Lori’s covered, too,’ as I held up the box of condoms.

‘She’s okay with us, you know, having sex? Really?’

‘We can sleep together, do just whatever we want during the day, just whatever.’

‘What are you doing, Sherry?’ asked Lori as Sherry was pulling her tee up over her head, then reaching back to loosen her bra, then she tossed both on the chair next to where we were standing.

‘I’m gettin’ naked. That’s what I want to do during the day. Clothing optional. Any joiners?’

I was in, for sure, as I pulled off my tee, then tugged down my shorts and briefs and stood there with my cock pointing at Sherry.

‘I hope that’s for me,’ she asked nodding to my midsection.

‘Well, I’m not getting left behind,’ said Lori as she took her clothes off as well.

‘Think your parents are liberal enough to let us use their nice king-sized bed?’

‘Yeah, let’s get a top sheet out of the dirty clothes hamper just to put on over their sheets. Just in case,’ I suggested, not wanting to risk ruining such a wonderful new freedom.

We all went to my parent’s room and got the bed ready, then we got up on it and Sherry said, ‘Okay, Alan, Loirican get up and fuck you, I know she really wants it, and I’ll sit on your face and you can get me off at the same time. Sounds fun?’

Lori and I looked at each other, I got down on the bed, I had a condom in my hand which Sherry took, tore open, bent over and sucked me for a minute, then rolled it onto my granite-hard pecker.

‘There it is, big sister, I got him all ready for you,’ and Lori got up over me while Sherry held my dick and Lori wiggled and jiggled her way down onto my cock.

‘It’s in, kids, have fun,’ said Sherry and she got up over me, took hold of the headboard and lowered her wet pussy down to my waiting lips. Lori was already rocking away as I rubbed her breasts with one hand and across her clit with the other.

I have gone from no sex to getting it from two girls at the same time in just hours. They’re gonna be here most of the summer. I may have a dick worn down to a nub by the time they go back home, but, it’ll be a very happy nub.

The girl’s parents, it turned out, had made some important discoveries and were planning to go back next summer and do some more digging. Sherry, Lori and I had also made some important discoveries and were also excited about continuing our explorations as well. I can’t wait.

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