Two daughters plot the demise of their mothers

Mary Ann, my neighbor, and I were both sun tanning in
the back yard. We had both graduated from high school
and decided to attend the same college this fall. They
had just move in about 6 months ago and we became
friends right off the start.

I was laying on the lawn yard in my bikini constantly
complaining about mom and how she grounded me again
this weekend.

“Sounds to me like you need to take charge of your
mother and make her your slave,” Mary Ann said on the
other chair.

I laughed at her comments but loved the idea.

“Sure,” I replied laughing. “I’ll do that today. I’ll
even bring her out and spank her butt for you.”

I continued laughing.

“I’m serious. I’ve seen your mother and she’s just as
submissive as mine. She would make an easy slave with
little effort.” Mary said.

“Come on. You can’t be serious.” I replied. “Like your
mother is really your slave. You’ve been dreaming.” The
thought was turning me on but I knew it was just a

“She is,” Mary Ann replied. “Wait here and I’ll prove

I watched as she got up and went into her house.
Smiling, I wondered what trick she was up to. I had to
admit my crotch was getting wet with the thought of
mother serving me anyway I wished. She had been a bitch
lately getting on to me for everything. Ever since dad
passed away, it was always do this or do that while she
sat on her big ass watching TV or talking to friends. I
heard a ruffle behind and leaned on my side to see Mary
Ann and her mother Jean coming up. Jean was dressed in
a sundress as she walked up to my side. Her face was
flushed as I looked up in surprise at how she looked.


Mary Ann had slapped her mother on her ass.

“Tell Linda what you are mother.” Mary Ann demanded
with her hands on her hips.

“I am Mary Ann slut and slave. I do whatever she
commands me to do. I am nothing but a worthless whore
and cunt that is here to please her daughter.” She

I couldn’t believe what she had just said. My crotch
was really starting to get wet now as I just watched
her standing there like a defeated pup all red in the
face in humiliation.

“Bend over mother and prepare for your morning
spanking,” Mary Ann continued.

I watched in awe as Jean turned around and bend over.
Then she lifted her sundress up in back exposing her
large bare ass to the bright heat of the sun. I was so
excited seeing her being humiliated like this that I
was actually rubbing my crotch as Mary Ann came up
behind her. She quickly raised her hand bringing it
down hard across her big right ass cheek making it
spread so that I could see her brown hole between the

“Thank you mistress, please spank me again.” Jean
yelled with the swat.

Mary Ann repeated the performance on the other cheek as
I could see her handprint in red upon her big butt. I
was so excited watching her being spanked like a child
and begging for more that I was rubbing my cunt rapidly
and closing fast on cumming. After about twenty, Mary
Ann stopped and walked to a nearby tree breaking off a
twig from it before returning. Her mother remained in
position as I continued rubbing watching her ass
squirming bend over as she was.

“Where do my slut’s last five switches go?” Mary Ann
teased when she returned.

“Between my big ass mistress,” Jean gasped, and then to
my surprise reached back with her hands spreading her
ass wide apart so that her asshole was well open.

I came at the sight.

Mary Ann quickly brought the switch down between her
creamy thighs as she jumped up from the pain and then
begged again for another. The next four was about the

“Now get on all fours and crawl back to the house
slut,” Mary Ann demanded. “Keep that dress up on your
back so Linda can see what a true slut you are.”

I watched as Jean got down on all fours and lifted her
dress up high on her back and started crawling. Her ass
was all red and striped from her beating and was
swaying from side to side as she crawled.

“How did you do it,” I asked in awe at what I had just

“It was easy,” Mary Ann replied. “First I caught her
reading stories and searching the web on being
dominated so one day I decided to try it on her. I
caught her masturbating with a story at night and then
walked in and demanded to spank her butt right there on
the spot. She was so humiliated she was easy to
dominate. After that, the rest was easy as I get coming
up with new ideas to punish her and treat her for what
she wants to be. A whore. Your mother has all the same
symptoms. I’ve seen her showing her butt off to the
yard boy several times.”

“I have to admit, I wish it were true,” I replied. “I
would truly enjoy doing to her what you just did to
your mother.”

“And that’s not all,” Mary Ann said. “She will service
me in any way I want, begging to lick my pussy and ass

I was getting more and more excited at the thought of
mother kissing my ass after I had just spanked her

I would love my mother to be my slave, I replied, but
it would never happen.

She is such a tight ass.

“Didn’t you say you were going to visit your Aunt
tomorrow for a week? Give me a week with your mother
and I’ll make her your slave. Of course, you’re will
have to do something for me in return.” Mary Ann told

“I was so excited by the thought that I would have
agreed to anything. Sure tell me what you want,” I

“Once your mother is a slave, you’ll have to agree to
be my slave for a week,” she giggled. “A small price
for making your mother a lifetime slave.”

I quickly agreed. I had never been with a woman before
but the thought of mother serving me was so deep in my
mind I would have agreed to a month.

“Sure,” I replied.

We continued to lie on the chairs sunbathing till Mary
Ann said she had to go

punish her slut again. She told me she probably had
masturbated thinking of being made a slut in front of
me. I watched her go and then went inside to my room
and started masturbating again.

The next day, I left for my Aunt. I knew Mary Ann
wouldn’t succeed but the thought was still exciting.

*** One week later.

I arrived home to find the house was empty. Mother was
normally home by now. I quickly showered and put on my
jogging clothes when I heard the doorbell ring. Mary
Ann was standing there smiling.

“Don’t you want to meet your new mother after a week of
being gone,” she giggled?

I couldn’t believe she might have succeeded. I stood
there speechless for a moment.

“She is such a slut. Always playing with herself. My
hand is all worn out spanking her big butt and tits,”
Mary Ann continued. “Follow me and I’ll show you the
new slave.”

I quickly follow her out the door towards her house. My
cunt was getting wet at the thought of mother serving
her for a week. I couldn’t wait trying to keep pace as
best I could. We entered her house.

Jean was in the living room dusting the tables with
nothing on but an apron. There was a duster in her butt
that she was wagging across the tables trying not to
knock anything off. I had to smile at the sight of her
plight and humiliation.

“Where is the new slut?” Mary Ann demanded.

She is in the bathroom cleaning mistress, Jean replied
trying not to look at me.

She needs to be punished again for the bad job she did
in there the first time.

“Go get the slut and bring her here this minute,” Mary
Jane demanded.

“Yes mistress,” Jean replied as I watched her hurry
towards the bathroom. I was creaming in my pants just
thinking how mother must look. I would never have
thought it was possible and most of all I didn’t know
how I would react. We both just stood there.

I saw Jean returning down the hall holding mother head
by her earlobe. Mother was bent over and naked as she
entered the room with her huge boobs just hanging down
with little bells attached to her nipples. Between her
legs, I saw a leash attached just hanging as I smiled
at her plight. She was still looking down begging Jean
to release her ear when she entered and never saw me
standing there.

Jean immediately turned her around so that her large
ass was towards me. It had stripes across her white
cheeks I noticed. There was also a plug inserted in her
butt with a tail sticking out that I realized must be
her own hair. I almost laughed out loud at the sight.

“Has my puppy slut been bad today?” Mary Ann demanded.

“Woof, woof.” Mother replied as I held my hand over my
mouth to get from laughing.

Mary Ann walked over and I noticed she grabbed a belt
off the table. It was one of mother favorite dress
belts, as I remained quiet watching on. I put my hands
in my jogging pants and started rubbing my pussy dying
to see her large ass being belted. My wait was not long
as Mary Jane brought the belt down hard across her
large orbs.

“Ahhhhhh.” Mother yelled. “Woof, woof.”

She wiggled her ass.


Another slap with the belt and mother repeated the
performance as I started rubbing my clit in haste.

After the tenth hit, Mary Jane stopped.

“Is my puppy slut going to be a good little doggy for
mistress?” she asked.

“Woof, woof.” Mother yelled wiggling her big fanny
quickly to reply.

“Turn around dog and see your new Mistress.” Mary Jane

Mother turned around and immediately recognized me
standing there with my hands in my jogging pants
rubbing my clit.

She screamed in surprise and turned red all over before
running for the bedroom. Her ass was walloping wildly
due to the tail in her butt as I started laughing at
her plight.

“Slut, go get puppy and bring her back out. She is
going to be punished thoroughly for that. We’ll be
outside on the lawn chairs.” Mary Jane demanded.

“Yes mistress,” I noticed Jean smiling for the first
time and then started towards the bedroom.

I followed Mary Ann outside the door asking her a
million questions at once. I was so excited I almost
came in my pants. Mary Ann explained in detail how she
did it as we undressed and lay in the chairs totally
naked. Both of us were rubbing our clits masturbating
as we rambled on in conversion. There was no longer any
need to get in our bikinis now.

I saw Jean coming out the door with mother following
behind being led by her cunt leash. She was begging
Jean as she followed and her face was covered in tears.
Jean was enjoying pulling her cunt lips with the leash
as she pulled her along.

I couldn’t believe seeing my own mother with all her
pride being cunt led over to our chairs. I reached
between my legs and rub my cunt eagerly just with the
thought of pulling her leash myself. She tried to avoid
eye contact as she arrived and stood straight up
awaiting a command.

“How do you think she should be punished?” Mary Ann

Mom looked at me in shock and desperation. I figured
she hoped I would let her off easy. Instead, I got up
and went to the nearby tree and broke off a branch.

“Walk the slut by the leash,” I told Jean, “while I
beat that big butt of hers.”

Mom looked with panic at me for a moment, but Jean
immediately began pulling her leash as mother was
forced to follow. I walked behind her bringing the
switch down hard across her ass cheeks and then on each
one as she jumped with each swat. It was payback time
and I was going to stripe that ass of hers good for all
the times she grounded me. She was trying to put her
hands on her cheeks as she struggled to get up with
Jean walking faster ahead, but I kept up continuing
with the hits. When I felt her ass was striped enough,
I demanded Jean to bring her back to the chairs were I
immediately took a seat to rest.

“How does doggy thank her mistress for punishing her?”
Mary Ann asked her when she arrived.

Mother face was strained but she immediately got down
on her knees in front of me as I spread my legs wide on
the chair. I felt her face descend in my cunt and then
her tongue lapping up and down on my clit. I was so
horny it didn’t take long to cum on her face. I pushed
her face back and turned around.

“Do the other side slut,” I demanded.

I didn’t think she would but then I felt her tongue
wagging between my ass cheeks. It was pleasure I have
never known before as I laid there enjoying her lapping
sounds. I could hear a slap to her ass and then Mary
Ann command to dig that tongue in my asshole as I
loosen up to accommodate it. She was working it in and
out furiously to prevent any more swats on her sore

Finally, I patted her head and told her she could stop.
“Good pet,” I told her, “you can do more of that

I turned around in my chair and noticed her look of
pain and desperation had been replaced with lust and
desire and knew she wanted to cum bad. I told Mary Ann
that she looked like she was in heat.

Mary Ann had noticed it also and demanded Jean to go
get the puppy toy. Mother was told to stay on her knees
with head to the grass till Jean returned. I couldn’t
believe how submissive she had become, from a prune to
a sex-crazed slut. When Jean came back, I had to laugh
at the sight. She had a strap-on attached between her
legs and upon Mary Ann’s command, drove it in mom cunt
with one push. Mother yelled out in pain and excitement
at the same time. I continued to watch as Jean fucked
mother cunt recklessly, with little regard to being
tender. I was getting hot again.

“Shove it up her ass,” I yelled before I could catch

Jean withdrew the cock as mother woof several times for
her to continued and then press it between her crack at
her anus. I expected mother to try to prevent it, but
instead, she pushed back on the fake cock thrusting it
up her ass. Jean just stood there on her knees as
mother was fucking her own ass upon the dildo. I
started rubbing my clit in earnest. I couldn’t care
less at the moment, that I would have to submit to Mary
Ann later myself.

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