Two female cousins get together for some fun and a first time sex experience with each other and Enzo the family pet

Last night we had fun, nasty fun and it was so good for
me. Let me explain.

My cousin Niki came over tonight for some of that
promiscuous fun tonight and she arrived around eight
thirty with her pajamas and a toothbrush.

“Hi Yvette dear,” she said and gave me her normal
greeting kiss we always have, open mouth and tongue.

Niki, being taller then me, most people are, leaned me
back and slid her hand down the front of my blouse and
played with my nipple as we kissed, she knew this would
always get my motor running, though I am not gay, I
suppose bisexual is a more appropriate term.

“You’ve been naughty, haven’t you?” she asked sliding
her warm hand over the other breast and twisting my
nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

I rose up onto my feet and pushed away from her,
blushing but not really much. “Naughty?” I asked
looking a bit surprised, I had to smile. “If so love,
you made me this way.” I said looking down at my dog
Enzo (Saint Barnard and Mastiff) who was showing his
appreciation for her arrival.

“If you mean am I still hot from last nights fun,
watching you play with Enzo’ cock while I fucked your
date, than, yes, I have had naughty thoughts.”

“I know,” Niki said looking appreciatively at his thick
sheaved maleness. “But he’s just the biggest cock I’ve
ever seen” Niki said matter-of-factly.

A little about us, I am five foot two inches in shoes
and about 98 pounds in a bikini. My hair is down to my
butt and is silver at now 52, I have a green and a
still gray eye and am fairly long legged. Niki is 33
years old, five foot ten inches, copper red hair to the
center of her back and a small bubble butt and light
blue eyes. Niki has some of the best legs I’ve ever
seen on a woman and find myself envious at times, even
though I have nice legs, they are small like the rest
of me. I also have 28B cup that I push up to make me
look larger while Niki has 32C and we both come out to
a upward point on our nipples, but I have � inch
nipples that get even longer when I’m turned on.

Enzo is a big dog, when he stands on his hind legs, he
is taller then me, and has a set of balls the size of
tennis balls, his cock is six inches in its sheath and
an Oh-My-God hard I would guess four inches round and
nearly two hundred pounds.

“So!” I asked, cutting to the quick. “What did you want
to do tonight?”

Niki doesn’t blush, I have never seen her do so and
this was no exception. “I want to fuck him, or rather
have him fuck me,” she said smiling at Enzo.

“I thought as much Cousin.” Feeling my nipples harden
against my blouse. “I’ve got some things for you. I
chatted with my friend Babe and she made me think.”

“Oh, I like that Babe,” Niki said thinking of the
letters I told her about. “So what do you have?”

“Come with me,” I said walking into the bedroom, Niki
and Enzo followed me, with Enzo’ nose close to Niki’s
butt. I pulled a bag from the closet and emptied onto
the bed. There was a girdle I had altered so that it
would protect Niki from Enzo’ claws, a strawberry
mouth-spray and same flavor lip balm, a small tube of
KY and a mouth ball to keep Niki from screaming too

“Wow, you’ve thought this through, haven’t you.” Niki
said and picked up the crotch-less girdle. “What’s this
for?” she asked, so I sat on the bed with her and
explained each item and why I brought it in.

“I went on line and found out everything I could about
dog sex,” I explained and told her to go ahead and get
undressed and put the girdle on. Niki did as
instructed. She has the most beautiful butterfly pussy
lips with a thick patch of trimmed hair around it.
Something I’ve taken pleasure in sucking and licking on
as often as I could.

Once she was dressed in the girdle I instructed her to
get on the bed on all fours and tilt her butt upward.
“I’d like to masturbate and maybe suck him first.” Niki
said looking back at Enzo and the pink head that
pulsed its tip just outside its sheath.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea Cousin,
remember last night, how big he got just from you
jacking him off?”

“I remember,” Niki said, smiling at me. I figured while
I sucked on that big fucking cock you could work on my
other end and loosen me up for him.”

“You’re fucking crazy.” I said, knowing Niki would not
settle for less then what she wanted. Something that
had driven off several men with intimidation of her sex
drive. Sometime she even intimidated me. “But; OK,” I
said and looked to Enzo. “Come on baby.” I said and he
hopped up onto the bed gladly.

Niki wasted no time, and neither did Enzo, as soon as
she cupped his cock, it started to grow. Niki lowered
her head and took the end of his cock into her mouth,
then back off. “It’s different then a man.” She said, I
only handed her the lip balm and mouth spray then went
behind her and started sucking on her cunt. “MMMMM
Cousin, you know what I love,” she said. I heard her
use the spray and I think she even used the balm, I was
too busy eating her pussy to know for sure, then her
head lowered again.

This took about one and a half minutes of me probing
her cunt and butt hole with my tongue when she
stiffened and started slamming back into me, I pulled
out from behind her and found that Enzo had locked his
front legs around her underarms and was pumping hard
and deep into her throat, Niki was thrashing as the
softball sized knot slammed into her lips. Her eyes
were wide and frightened but short of hurting Enzo,
there was nothing I could do, but she was breathing,
even if it was in gasps.

I watched this for a moment and could see the large
cock pumping deep down her throat, causing it to expand
as it went deep and then back. I thought this was as
good a time as any to make sure she could take that
massive cock in her cunt and opened the KY, smeared it
on her cunt and over my hand, then started with one
finger, then two and three, pumping in and out, I could
feel her muscles contract on my fingers.

Enzo continued to pump she moaned and gasped, I probed
now with four fingers and then using the thrust of
Enzo’ on slot of lustful mouth fucking I pushed my
hand into her. Niki gasped around the cock and I
slipped my tongue into her ass and pushed again.

I was passed my wrist into her when I felt her cumming,
her muscles contracted around my hand man milked it, I
almost wished I had a cock just then to feel her lovely
cunt milking me.

Then I heard a pop and Niki gasp, her hand went back
and held me inside of her as she gasped deeply and
continued to fuck my hand. Then with an audible scream
she fainted, my hand still buried inside her pulsating

Enzo had laid on the end of my bed and was licking the
length of his cock, but it was not really going down,
only the knot was getting smaller. I pulled my hand out
of her cunt and shoved it down into my panties and
using her lubrication started to finger myself and
started to suck her cum soaked cunt.

It was about three minutes when Niki began to moan from
my tongue, I was close to my own orgasm and pushed my
face further between her legs, I had three fingers
inside of myself and feeling the rush of electricity
through my vagina, Niki’s cunt was now sucking my

“Oh, ah—–h y-ye—-s—sss ha, oh, f—-uck—-k!”
Niki screamed and came hard on my tongue.

I stood up and pulled my own cloths off and was gong to
go back to Niki’s cunt when Enzo attacked my cunt with
his tongue. It slathered from my cunt to my asshole
dipping into each one and causing me to jump at the
size, warmth and roughness. I pressed back. “Oh, yes
baby, lick mommy.” I gasped as his tongue pushed harder
into me.

“Oh yes, uh, uh ah uh o—h Enzo oh uh ah uh; oh GOD!”
I came and pushed my legs together to keep him from
trying to mount me. This was not my fuck show, but damn
that tongue was so fucking fine.

“I want him to fuck me now.” I heard through closed
eyes and looked up to see Niki on her hands and knees
again. I thought “This girls crazy.” but I wasn’t going
to argue with her, it would be a loosing one anyway.

My body was on fire and my nipples were rock hard and
hurting for lack of attention, I rolled over and picked
up the mouth ball and slipped it over her head and into
placed, before I dropped it into her mouth I kissed her
hard then pushed the ball into the mouth.

I slipped down onto my back and slipped beneath Niki so
I was directly beneath her cunt, then I applied more KY
and called Enzo up, he was still hard, but the knot
was all but visible. Enzo’ cock stood out of his heath
nine inches and three inches round, much larger then my

I reached up and pumped Enzo’ cock three, maybe four
times and he began to pump and expand again. His cock
was pushing air above Niki’s ass, so I pushed up on the
waist and he hit her cunt with one thrust.

It was mechanical, Enzo thrust forward, his cock went
in three inches, Niki screamed behind the ball muffling
the output, his front legs wrapped around Niki’s hips
locking her into place and tilting her up more, his own
hips dropped in angle and he thrust forward and he
thrust all nine inches into her, Niki gasped as the
brutal fucking began. I watched as her cunt contracted
and expanded around his thrusting cock.

Niki’s body jerked forward with each thrust, forcing
her head down into the pillows he pounded her harder
and harder as if he could get his entire body into her.
Niki’s screams were muffled, but painful and lustful
mixture as my hand went up to just above her cunt, I
could feel the cock thrust into her and the knot expand
causing a bulge just inside of her vagina. Niki was
whimpering and trying to thrust back but Enzo’ forward
thrust was too savage even for her to keep up.

Niki’s juices were leaking from her pussy lips and I
licked around the thrusting cock getting a taste of the
strange dog cock flavor, hot and bitter, but not bad,
perhaps it was because it was mixed with Niki’s own

Enzo started to whimper and suddenly stopped moving, I
could feel his knot pulsing inside of my cousins cunt,
pumping cum deep into her womb. Niki was also
whimpering and quivering as her own orgasm overtook
her, I slipped out and removed the ball from her head
and kissed her.

Niki’s eyes were fluttering inside her sockets and I
could tell she was about to faint again so I slipped
around so her face would fall into my own soaked cunt
then she collapsed, but her ass was held in place, hung
tightly onto Enzo’ knot.

I fucked her face into my crotch as Enzo continued to
cum and cum, then he simply turned around and laid on
the bed.

His cock stayed fixed inside of Niki for a half an hour
before he slipped out leaving her cunt gaping and still
in spasms for the next ten minutes.

I slipped around and licked her and Enzo’ juices then
we took a shower together and she sucked my begging
breast and aching cunt until I came in her mouth.

Fom the shower to the bed, Niki could hardly walk and
she was so horny in bed she couldn’t leave me alone. “I
want to fuck him again, but not for a bit,” Niki said
and finally drifted off to sleep.

Enzo is sleeping on his bed next to mine and I’m
setting her awake and horny as hell.

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