Uncle’s Sextoy

Aime always felt strange during the family gatherings, everyone enquiring about what she was going to do after High School and her life in general. Being the centre of attention was given as she was the only c***d in the family.

“Tell me Aime, do you have a boyfriend?” Her aunt Brenda asked, sipping on her drink. Her cousin and her other aunt leaning in to get the scoop. Aime twisted uncomfortably. Well no she had not, not more than occasional crushes. Well there was one she was interested in, but she was not planning on sharing that information with her whole family. In the corner of her eye, she saw her uncle Greg looking at her, his eyes focused, as if he was lost in thought.

Greg looked at Aime. Man, she was a sight. She had just turned 17 and she was glowing. Her blonde hair reaching down her shoulder, the rounds breasts, tight against that top she was wearing. Must be at least a C or a D – cup even. Her round peachy ass hugged the jeans she was wearing, he could imagine putting his face between those ass cheeks, licking her from behind. His fingers slowly entering her pussy, her moaning as he fucked his niece with his fingers…

“Greg, hello, do you hear me” Greg looked around and saw his brother Joe, looking at him. “Are you okay” he asked him. “Yes, yes, I just got lost in thought” Greg said, “and in my fantasy” he thought to himself.

“So can you do it?” Joe asked Greg. When he saw Greg looking at him as if he was an alien, he explained again “Can you tutor Aime, she is having problems with the Maths this year, and she is behind. You taught some kids at camp a few year ago. We are going to Atlanta for three weeks during her school holiday, would be great if she could stay with you for that time and catch up”.

This is perfect thought Greg. Just perfect. “Sure Joe, you can drop her of at my place, she can stay with me until you come back from Atlanta, no worries” Joe gave him thanks and ave him a pat on the shoulder. “When I come back, how about we go work out a bit, I’ve put on too much weight” Joe laughed as he rubbed his big belly. Greg laughed too, he too had had too many beers lately, but with the workout he was planning on doing in the common weeks he doubted he needed that gym membership.

Two days later, Joe drove his daughter to her uncles place to stay for two weeks. Greg opened the door and greeted her. She was wearing a black tank top that hugged those tits of hers and a skirt. Her her was flowing like a halo around her shoulder.

“Thank you for the help uncle” she said and put her bag down and looked around the room. This was to be her home for the coming weeks. Aime looked at her uncle, he was over 40 years old, he was a big man, tall, around 188 cm but she was around 172 cm so not much taller than her. He had gained weighed lately, his beer belly was sticking out. He smiled at her and she could see his yellow teeth.

“Aime, I know as a teenager you like to have your phone around, but I need to take if during the time we are studying so you don’t get distracted and I will give it to you once we are finished. ” Greg held out his hand for the phone. Aime looked reluctant to give it up but gave in and handed him the phone.

“You will give it back once we are done?” She asked hesitantly.

“Yes” Greg grabbed the phone from her hand.

“I will come back in an hour to start the lesson. Get settled into your room, have a shower if you like, it’s across the hall. I’ll come in with the materials once you are done” He walked out of the room and went downstairs. He could hear how Aime made her way to the bathroom, the shower water turning on. He sneaked quietly up the stairs, and looked through the keyhole of the bathroom.

She removed her bra, and he saw her naked tits stand up right. They were perky and round like two large oranges, they could fit in the palm of his hands. The nipples hardening meeting the cold air. Aime bent down and took off her panties, her full and peachy ass in full view. Greg licked his lips, he felt himself getting hard. How was he going to focus on anything else than fucking her naked on the floor?

In his excitement he bumped into the door, resulting in the door opening and he stood face to face with the naked Aime, looking at him in chock and terror.

“Uncle Greg” she shouted “what are you doing??” She tried to hide her body from his view with her hands. He looked at her, what was done was done he thought, might as well fuck her now.

He rushed forward and pushed her against the wall, his erect dick grinding at her clean shaved pussy. “Stop it” Aime shouted. “What the hell is wrong with you” and tried to push him away. “I am going to fuck you” Greg said, and to her horror, he began to rub her pussy roughly. Without warning, he slipped one finger inside, causing Aime to sob loudly and then a second finger. Greg leaned in and started to suck on her tits as his two fingers were moving in and out her tight pussy in fast strokes.

“Aah, please stop, I will tell my father about this” she cried, feeling his fingers fucking her pussy roughly.

“Oh really, your father is a minister, who are you going to tell? do you know what will happen if you tell him? You will be the shame in our community, he will lose his job. Do you want that and this Is all your fault”He said, still fingering her roughly. Aime looked at him, whimpering “No, you are lying and it is not my fault”

“It is, it is your fault for being so beautiful, so desirable. Everyone will agree it is your fault” She. Started crying and was trying to push her fat uncle of her even as he was assaulting her pussy with his fat fingers. Still he pinned her down with her hands beside her head and rest his weight more fully on her squirming little body against the wall. He let out a groan as her struggles caused her tits to rub against his broad chest, grinding his hips harder against hers.

“Oh Aime, Iv’e been dreaming about fucking you for so long” he moaned. Aime was silently crying.

He stopped finger fucking her and quickly transferred his grip so that he had both of her hands pinned above her head with one of his, leaving his right hand free to roam over her body. Greg trailed his hand up and down, he took her right nipple into his mouth and sucked and his fingers tweaked the other causing a shudder to pass through her body as she was sobbing. Aime still tried to get him off her, wiggling her body even with both of her hands over her head. She tried to get his mouth off her tits but he just sucked harder. ?Aime gasped “Owww, please uncle, please stop, stop sucking on my breast, ” she cried.

It made Greg want to suck it more, he bit down on the nipple making her cry out, holding it between is teeth before he sucked in the whole breast, leaving traces of spit. Aime screamed. She couldn’t believe, her uncle was sucking her breasts in the bathroom, she could still feel the pain after he had fucked her with his fingers. He was eating her tits, his big mouth had pushed the whole tit inside his mouth, his disgusting yellow teeth biting down on her nipple. He stopped fingering her and pushed Amie down on the floor, so that she was sitting on her knees, he slid his cock up and down her asscheeks, teasing her, a moan escaped her lips.

“You like this bitch, don’t you” he laughed in triumph.

“Noooo, please, I promise I won’t tell anyone, just don’t fuck me. I am a virgin” Why did she think that information would stop him, now he wanted to fuck her more, conquer her, make her his, his fuck toy and no one else would have her sweet pussy. He started humping her like a wet dog and he grabbed both her tits from behind using them as a leverage, squeezing her tit meat with his fat fingers, as he suddenly took her from behind entered her pussy doggystyle, pushing his erect dick inside her pussy. H

e thrust deep into her tight little pussy. Aime gasped

Once he was inside of her he was like a man possessed, ruled by the pleasure of his cock gripped tightly in her tiny, deflowered pussy. He thrust in her hard and fast.

“Ahhhh no please, ugh ugh ugh, take it out” she cried, Greg started to pump I and out of her faster, grabbing her tits and squeezing them roughly. With a rapid pace, his balls swinging against her asscheeks while he thrust into his niece s cunt again and again.

“Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh” was the only sound she was making now as he uncle was fucking her like a dog.

“ You are so tight” He grunted while pumping her harder and harder “ You are mine, I will be fucking you everyday from now on”

“ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh” Aime seemed to have given up on fighting back and felt how her uncles dick went in and out of her.

After 15 min of fucking her rough like a dog, he took his dick out of her, and pulled her by the hair towards the toilet and sat down.

Aime whimpering in pain, was dragged behind. “Please uncle, enough…enough” she cried. “SHUT UP BITCH” he yelled, he sat on the toilet. “Now, I want you to sit down on my cock, I want you to ride my cock” he said and lifted her up just over his dick. Slowly, while crying, she lowered her pussy down, feeling the tip of his dick enter her, but not fast enough before he slammed her down.

She cried out in pain, his dick inside her, he pulled her legs around him and put his two hands around her asscheeks and started to lift her up and down faster and faster. Her tits bouncing up and down with the force of the thrusts. “Oh yes, yes, move your hips” and he stood up suddenly, fucking her in the air, moving her up and down fast. Her pussy now wet, slamming into him, her tits jiggling from the speed as he fucked fast and hard.

“ah ah ah ah ah ah”she was moaning loudly, her now wet pussy was slipping in and out, being fucked in the air but her uncles dick. She felt his dick cramping up, she was not on the pill or had any protection.

“Please uncle, please, don’t come inside of me, I don’t want to be pregnant, please don’t impregnate me” she cried hysterically.

He could feel himself coming, just kept thrusting throughout it all, blasting every drop of his thick seed deep inside her unprotected pussy, Aime feeling his cock tensing started to scream “Don’t please DON’ T COME INSIDE ME, I DON’T WANT TO BE PREGNANT” That seemed to only encourage him more as he pumped her more ferociously, his dick smashing into her pussy, his semen erupting inside of her, he pumped a few more times to make sure she got all his load inside of her before he stopped and panted, he pulled his dick out of her. She fell on the the floor, his semen leaking out between her legs. “Well, that was not so bad was it?” He said and smiled.

Aime could not believe it, it was a nightmare, how had she gone from a girl who had a loving uncle, and amazing family and friends to this. Hr uncle had raped her, and he made it clear that she was his now to r**e and fuck whenever he wanted and how he wanted, nowhere to escape. After he had fucked her in the bathroom, she had taken her shower and gone to bed and fallen asleep in a manner of minutes.

Greg had gone into her room to check on her, seeing her asleep, her shorts covering those honey thighs, knowing she had utterly delicious round tits waiting to be sucked under that shirt, his finger inside her pussy…made his dick hard. He looked at her, he ha two weeks. Three weeks before her dad came back, he needed to win her over, or make her scared to talk. And he had just gotten the idea.

The next morning he waited for Aime at the breakfast table. He had made her breakfast, and war reading the newspaper while waiting for her. She came downstairs, her eyes scanning the room. “Good morning my darling” he said and put down the paper. She stood at the end of the table, not sure what to do.

She was wearing jeans and a top. Modest, he thought and snickered to himself. She sat down without a word and poured herself some Pineapple juice. Greg could feel his dick go hard. He read that Pineapple made the pussy taste better. He could have her, here on the table.

The thought of being able to fuck her wherever he wanted made him horny. On the table, floor, sink, the stairs. He started to remove his belt, Aime realising what was happening started to beg him. “No please uncle, not again please. He knocked everything off the table, and grabbed Aime, and pushed her down on her back on the kitchen table. She yelped and started crying. He ripped her top off, and pulled out her breasts out of the bra. He took her right nipple in his mouth and was suckling greedily.

“Ahhhhhh no, please not again” she cried, He shoved his hands inside her jeans and panties and showed in his finger in her pussy. It was tight. “Take of your damn Jeans” he ordered her, and I don’t want to see you wearing pants inside the house” He twisted her nipple. She took off her Jeans and he pushed her down onto the table and fucked her so hard the table was shaking.

“ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh please uncle, not so hard ugh ugh ugh” He put his hand on her mouth. He fucked her hard and fast. His hips pumping his throbbing length into her wet cunt over and over. One and still grasping around her mouth, muffling her pathetic squeals.

“I m gonna fucking claim you! I m gonna fucking cum inside that cunt of yours!” He groaned loudly, on the edge of orgasm. His voice was thick and desperate. His hips pumping hard and fast, slamming into her again and again. Her tight, wet cunt gripping his thickness, and her body shuddering with each thrust.

Small, pathetic whines escaped her covered mouth. Something hot suddenly boiled into her tight pussy. Amanda screamed and pounded on his back. It was too late. Her dripping soft flesh was clasping the head of his cock. Squeezing him. Milking the thick cream from his


“No! Oh no, no, no!” He fell on top of her. There was no doubt she was going to get pregnant. And he couldn’t wait to fuck his pregnant niece.