Village Sex Slave

Well this was supposed to be summer, and all it seemed to do was rain. We had been trying to get a long weekend away for the last couple of months.

Finally, the forecast was looking good for the forthcoming weekend, so arrangements were made.

My husband and I decided to go down south for three days of fun and sex. We made our way down on the Thursday evening and booked into a small hotel in a fishing village on the coast.

Friday was spent walking on the beach and sunbathing. I decided to do some nude sunbathing in this cove, so I stripped off and lay on my towel. About an hour had passed by, Chas had gone for a scramble over the rocks, when I noticed two young lads of about 19 watching me from behind a large rocky outcrop. I decided to give them a show. I started to rub my tits and pinch my nipples making them stand up large, then moving one hand down to my pussy, first rubbing along the lips then inserting two fingers into my moist shaven cunt and frigging myself to a climax moaning out loudly all the while.

The two lads now had their cocks out and were wanking them, so I called out to them to come over and let me do that, they were soon there. I took hold of the hard cocks, one in each hand and began rubbing them up and down. One of the lads put his hand on my tits and began to squeeze them, and pinch my nipples, this gave the other lad a signal to try his luck, so he slid his hand down to my cunt and started fingering me. I said wouldn’t they rather put their hard cocks in my hot cunt, and this was immediately down, a hard cock was soon pounding away inside me, I was shouting for him to fuck me harder, I was still wanking the other one, he was urging his mate on, telling him to hurry up as he wanted to fuck the tart. He soon came shooting one wad deep inside me, and another over my belly. He was replaced by his mate who shagged away like a demon, while I licked the other clean. He came soon and after sucking him of any last remnants of come they got dressed and said goodbye and disappeared. Just then Chas came back and said he had watched the whole show from behind the rocks, and with that, turned me over and gave me a good ass fucking which I like.

That evening we had a meal at a restaurant on our way back to the hotel. The meal was good, and my husband had been fingering my naked cunt (I had no underwear on, Chas likes me like that) under the table, I had to bite my lip to stiffen my moans a couple of times when I cum, so by the end of the evening I was dying for it.

It was getting late when we made our way back to the hotel, and on our way just as we were approaching a small village up on the moors still quite a few miles from base, the car began to make a strange noise, shudder, then cut out, not starting again on trying. Chas had a look around, there seemed to be only a pub, small rundown garage, shop, and about a dozen or so houses all in darkness accept the pub, as it was about 11.30pm at night.

Chas went into the pub, and came out about ten minuets later with a fit looking man of about in his thirties. They came over to the car, and Chas lifted the bonnet. The man looked the engine over and fiddled with a few bits, Chas turned the engine over, a few words were spoken by the mechanic to Chas to which he started ageing with him, the man walked off. I got out of the car and asked what the problem was, Chas said the chap told him it would need a bit of work, and he couldn’t or wouldn’t do it until Monday. He had told him we had to be home by Monday but to no avail. There was also nowhere to stay in this god-forsaken village.

We went into the pub to try once more. It was a dingy place with lots of smoke and about 10-11 men excluding the mechanic ranging in age from about 19 to 50s years of age. They were all looking me up and down, and I guess making lewd comments about me as I was dressed in a short, tight black dress, black stockings, suspenders, and high stiletto shoes on. Chas asked him again to no avail, then looking straight at me, laughed and said ” I’ll tell you what, I’m a betting man, we’ll toss a coin, Tails you win and I’ll fix your car free of charge tomorrow, Heads I win, mister you can stay in the room above the garage, and the women stays with me for the weekend. This causes some shouting and cheering from the rest of the men. My husband said no way, so the mechanic shrugged his shoulders and said fair enough.

At this point I step in and say, if we agree to this and he wins fair enough, but with some conditions, if he wins we still want the car fixed free of charge Sunday afternoon, he thinks about this for a moment then laughs and agrees. Chas says he not sure about this, but I tell him I don’t want to sleep in the car for a couple of days, and anyway win or loose we get the car fixed for free. Chas says yes, but if we loose you know you will probably get a good shagging for a couple of days. I say yes, but you know I love a good shagging. I then say toss the coin. It is tossed and falls on the floor where it rolls, spins a few times, and then lands facing heads up. The mechanic smiles, throws some keys to Chas and says see you Sunday afternoon. I tell him everything is fine, a bets a bet, so he leaves and makes his way to the garage, the mechanic shouting after him, that there is a party at the pub Saturday night if he wants to come.

As soon has he as left, the man looks me over then tells me I am his slave to do what ever he wants, when he wants for the next couple of days, then tells me to take off my dress. All the men are grinning as I unzip my dress and let it fall to the floor, now standing in just my stockings, suspenders, and shoes. Tits, ass, and shaven cunt on show to all. The mechanic tells me he likes a slut who is always ready for fucking, not wearing any underwear. He throws my dress to the barman and tells him to put it under the bar as I will not be needing it for the next couple of days, as I am going to stay like this from now, and to go wherever he goes, that he is going to parade me around the village showing everybody what a fucking slut I am.

I begin to object and with that I receive a sharp hard slap across my ass causing some pain, and I am told to shut up, I say yes to which there is another painful slap across my ass, and he says yes what, yes master I say. All the men are laughing as my face as well as the cheeks of my ass grow red. Good he says, now go and lie across that table over there and spread your legs. I walk through the men my tits jiggling and my ass swaying, getting pinched and touched up on the way, then lay down on my back across the table, and opening my legs showing the insides of my moist, smooth cunt to all. He walks across to me and starts to rub my cunt then inserts a finger then two until he has four fingers in me. With his other hand he mauls my tits, taking great pleasure in making me cry out as he pinches and pulls my nipples. He’s telling me what a big cunt I have got, that I must have had a lot of cock making good use of it. Through my moans I say yes master that is what it is for and what I like to be used for.

After I have climaxed from his frigging, he knells down between my legs and goes to work on me with his tongue, licking up and down my cuntlips then pushing his tongue deep into my hole. I can hear all the other men laughing and cheering him on, one of them says look at the slag grinding her cunt into his face to make her cum. I cum hard this time, pouring my love juices onto his face, he stands back up and tells me I am now going to get my first fuck of many this weekend, and rams his large hard cock roughly into me, pulling back out then shoving it back in hard, reaming me out. Your going to be well used slut from now, when I’m finished my friends are going to have some fun with this body, OK slave he says, I answer yes master.

For the next 4 hours or so, I am fucked continuously everywhere, cocks are shoved in my cunt, ass, and mouth, several times all three at once. Loads of cum are pumped into and onto my body, and swallowed. I am shagged over tables, the bar, taken outside on bonnets of cars, and in the back of a dirty old pickup truck. By the end of the night I am covered in a mixture of cum, beer and dirt, and have love bites, scratches and other marks from being punished all over my body. And my cunt and ass ache.

The next morning (Saturday) I shower, having slept on the floor for what was left of the night, then take the mechanic his breakfast, which after he has finished I have to give him a blow job then fuck him. After he has dressed he takes me to work with him, I am still only allowed to wear my stockings and shoes, he tells me he has some calls to make and I am to accompany him. Over the day I am paraded around the village, everything on show to all. Some of the men take advantage of this and are allowed to shag me, or I give them blow jobs, the women just laugh and call me names like slut, whore and slag, and tell me that all a cumslut like me is any use for is for the men folk to fuck, to have use of my body whenever and wherever they want. All I am allowed to say to this is, “yes, I am a slut, and that all I am good for is fucking”.

That afternoon The women say I should be placed in the stocks which they still have on the village green, so I am taken along and my head and hands are fastened in, and I am bent over at the waist, a sign is hung around my neck saying “this women is a slut and should be used as one”. I am like this for several hours and during this time men take advantage of my nakedness and fuck my waiting ass or cunt, sometimes in front of a cheering audience. My hanging tits are molested, being squeezed and pulled, and my nipples pinched hard. The women whip my ass, punishing me for being such a whore, leaving red marks across my ass and thighs. Even the young teenage boys molest me, playing with my tits, fingering my cunt, shouting obsenities at me. I am totally humilliated by these young boys who probably have never seen a naked women before, that alone a 40 year old married one whilst playing with her naked body and speaking to her like a common whore infront of the men and women who stand there laughing and encouriging them on.

During this my husband comes over and says “do you still recon you should have tossed that coin” I just say “I bet your loving seeing me humiliated like this, you bastard” he just laughs and says “I bet you are loving it really you slut” I say ” perhaps I am”. He walks away then, leaving me to everybody’s use. Everybody in the village taunts me, calling me obscene names and molesting my naked body. Playing with my tits, fingering and probing my open cunt, and thrashing my exposed flesh.

When I am finally released, I am allowed to shower and told to only put back on my high heel shoes and a studded dog collar he gives me. When done he attaches a lead to it and Takes me over to the party at the pub, leading me by the lead and naked. Once in there he announces to the crowd that his slave is for the entertainment of them for the evening, for whatever use they want. I am soon lead away by a group of young men to their table, where I am fondled then repeatedly fucked in all holes by them over their table.

After them, another man put on a show who’s cock must of been at least 13 inches long and as thick as my arm, apparently none of the other women would let him near them because he was so big, but they were all urging him on as he slammed his massive tool into my sloppy, cum filled cunt, stretching it to the limit, boring it out, making me gasp and cry out as he rammed it in to the hilt, his balls slapping against my ass, and roughly mauling and slapping my tits with his rough calloused hands. For the rest of the evening, cocks are pummelled into my orifices. I put on shows having all three holes fucked at the same time as well as wanking others. Cocks are wanked between my tits, women slap my flesh and spit on me, callind me a whoreing slut, I am given objects to wank myself off with, and I am also made to lick and probe with my tongue the womens musty cunts and all the men assholes.

After every man had either fucked one or all of my holes, my master took me outside followed by the crowd and tells me he wants a piss and to lay down on the ground in the dirt. I lay down and he takes his cock out and begins to piss over me, showering my naked squirming body with the warm golden liquid, it mixing with the cum, beer and dirt on my body. Several of the other men decide to do he same and stand all around me, their piss flows over my tits, running down my belly and between my open leg, mixing with the cum running out of my abused cunt and asshole. One man grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my head back telling me to open my mouth while a couple of them piss over my face and hair and in my mouth, then he puts his cock in my mouth and pisses. I gag as my mouth is filled to overflowing, not being able to swallow fast enough his warm urine.

When they have finished, I am dragged to a nearby tree were ropes are tied around each wrist and thrown over one of the branches and pulled until I am fully stretched with my feet just on the ground and my arms above my head. My ankles are then spread apart and each tied to metal pegs that are hammered into the ground until I am tied spread-eagled to the tree.

I am left like that with the cum and piss now drying on me. I had noticed Chas there during the evening, but he had not interfered with the proceedings, in fact he had joined in with them, enjoying watching his wife gangbanged and used in this way, and I must admit to being turned on doing these things in front of him.

The rest of the night I am left hanging there with men and women coming to use me when they want, some fuck my cunt or ass some more, others just come out to empty their bladders over me. The women have fun making me cum by frigging me with bottles, dildoes, vibrators, or whatever they decide to shove up my pussy or ass. They also enjoy whipping my ass, and even my tits and cunt with belts, taking delight in hearing my cries echoing through out the night, and watching my tortured body writhe as the leather makes contact with my naked flesh.

Early Sunday morning I am finally cut down, my naked body now a mess of dried cum, piss, mud, and beer, and covered with bites, scratches, and belt marks as I am helped back to have a shower and a rest. The car is fixed, the mechanic saying I have earned that. He asks if I have enjoyed being the village slave for the weekend, and having my body used and fucked so many times, being treated as nothing more than a whore and slut by everyone including the women. I tell him that every now and then I get off being like this, that I like being used just for sex, and that it’s a turn on when there is a crowd watching. I add that the women are probably only jealous of the fun I’m having, and haven’t the nerve to do it themselves.

As we drive off he says “well you really are one hell of a slut aren’t you, come back sometime, we’ll make sure you have some more fun. I laugh and say that maybe the next time the car needs servicing you can do it for free after you have all serviced me. “That’s a deal,” he shouts back.

We make our way back to the hotel then home. On the way home Chas says he recons I am getting worse, I tell him that I enjoy our sexual experiences, but this one was pretty good, as I will need another break to get over this one, and that my ass and cunt will be aching for about a week.:-)