Visit To A Glory Hole With Sister In-Law

My wife’s 40th birthday was approaching, and her sister
Mary and I planned a surprise birthday party. About a
month before, we decided to drive about an hour to an
adult book store that has a lot of novelty items. I had
gone to the same store 2 years before with my wife to
get gag gifts for Mary’s 40th birthday.

I told my wife I was going shopping, met Mary, and we
drove to the store. Mary said she was looking forward
to seeing the inside, since she had driven by many
times but never had gone in. We went in and found the
gag gifts and picked out several items to do our best
to embarrass my wife at the party. Mary picked out a
monster dildo, a vibrator, and a strap-on cock.

Mary started to look through the adult items and movies
area of the store. She seemed to be enjoying herself
and was in no hurry to leave. She asked me about the
people coming in and out of the back, and I told her
there were rooms where people could watch movies and do
whatever. I said most were just guys jacking off, but
some couples also went in there and fucked or had oral

Mary was more than intrigued by this. I also told her
there were holes between the rooms and if the screen
was open you could see into the next booth and watch. I
also told her that and at times there were sex acts
between the people in the different rooms.

We noticed one young couple in there early 20’s looking
at movies. Mary said, “He is hot!!” I agreed the girl
was pretty hot also. They went in the back room.

Mary grabbed my arm and said, “Lets go follow them and
see if we can hear them do it.”

We followed them to the back of the store. There was a
row of rooms, and we saw the couple going into a booth.
Mary and I went in to the one next to them. I put some
money in the machine and started a porno, to make it
not so obvious we were just there to watch the young

Mary opened the gloryhole and told me they were making
out. I opened the 2nd hole and we watched him grab her,
turn her around, and had her stand with her legs apart.
He undid his pants and off her pants and panties. He
was in his underwear from the waist down, with a huge
bulge in the front of his shorts. As we watched, he put
his hands between her thighs, shoved a couple fingers
in her pussy and fingered her for a minute or two. He
then pulled them out and pulled down his underwear. His
cock had to be 8 inches or more, a good two inches
longer than mine.

When Mary saw his cock she gasped, “Oh, my God!” My
guess is she had never seen anything like that before.
The guy rolled a condom on and then proceeded to fuck
his girlfriend until she screamed in orgasm. Then he
pulled out and ripped off his condom, and she turned
around and got on her knees. He jacked off until he
unloaded in her mouth.

When they were done the guy looked over and asked if we
enjoyed the show. I said it was great and that I almost
came in my pants. The guy then asked if I wanted a
blowjob from Annie, his girlfriend.

As I hesitated, Mary said, “Do it! I want to watch you
get a blow job!” The guy then said the deal is Annie
would suck me off, but that Mary would have to suck him
off. I then asked Mary if she still wanted to go
through with it. She thought about it a second and said
she’d do it if the guy used a condom. He agreed and he
said I could go first, so he could recover.

Mary said, “Get those pants down.”

I asked her, “You want to help?” She reached over and
undid my belt and pants and then pulled down my pants
and underwear. My 6 inches ended up in her face, and
she shocked me by taking it in her mouth briefly.

Annie said, “Hey! Save that for me!”

I went over to the hole and before sticking my cock
through I bought a condom from the machine.

Annie said, “Don’t bother with that. I want to suck you
without it.

I stuck my cock through the hole and Annie took me in
her mouth and started sucking it. Mary was watching her
through the hole and had her hand in her pants,
fingering herself. I let Annie know I was about ready
to cum and she picked up the pace. I exploded into her
mouth and down her throat. I told her “Fuck, that was

I sat back in the chair and told Mary it was her turn.
Mary asked through the hole if the guy would be okay
with fucking her instead. I said, “What are you doing?”

Mary replied that she needed to feel that monster cock
in her. So I sat back in the chair and she asked them
if they would join us in our room.

Annie sat on my lap. Jake went over to Mary and helped
her out of her pants and panties. He took off his own
pants, put on a condom and then quickly buried it in
Mary’s pussy. I couldn’t believe that my conservative
sister-in-law had a stranger’s cock inside her and was
enjoying the fucking of her life.

Annie was giving me a lap dance and we were both
enjoying the show. Jake kept ramming his cock as deep
as he could into her and Mary yelled out, “Fuck me!
Fuck me! God! your cock feels huge! Fuck me harder!”

He kept pounding her and then she yelled out, “Fuck!!
I’m cumming!! Oh god! Oh god! FUCK!!” He kept ramming
it home and then he buried it deep one last time and
came, filling the condom to capacity. Mary was
quivering and could barely stand. Jake told her she was
a good fuck and said anytime she wants he would be
happy to give it to her. He wrote down his number and
gave it to her and he pulled on his pants and grabbed
Annie’s hand and left.

Mary looked and me and saw that I was hard as a rock.
She said, “Hurry up, you can fuck me too.”

I went over and started to put on the condom I had
bought for Annie and Mary said to skip that and just
fuck her. Mary was now on all fours, and I got behind
her and slid my cock into her wet pussy. She came
shortly after I started. I kept thrusting until I came
in her.

We put our clothes on and got ready to leave and Mary
gave me a hug and kiss and we held the embrace for a
while. She told me told me that she had never done
anything like that before, and she was not sure what
came over her. She said she was a virgin when she met
her husband and never had sex with anyone else until
today. She also said her husband had seemed to lose
interest in sex and they were down to having sex once a
month. I told her it would stay between us and no one
else would ever know. We hugged some more until Mary
was a little more relaxed and we left.

Since that time, Mary and I have hooked up a couple of
times and we even met up with Jake and Annie a couple
times at their place for some four way sex. Mary even
did a 69 with Annie, and let me and Jake do a double
penetration. I also got to fuck her in the ass. She
also bought a strap for herself and fucked Annie with
it, and I let her fuck me with it.

The 40th birthday party went well with my wife and she
enjoyed all the gag gifts. I even let my wife use the
strap on to fuck me in the ass. She never new that her
sister had fucked me first.