White couples are tricked into working at a tropical resort and soon learn they will become slaves to their black clients

It was a typical chilly morning in the small town in
Michigan’s upper peninsula. Tom glanced at his watch as
he starred out the window enjoying the morning sun
razing over the horizon. He finally heard the click of
the bathroom door opening and the sweet smell of
Chantal’s perfume flowing into the room.

“Honey? Could you please bring me my sweater for me

Tom sat his cup of coffee down and looked around the
room until he saw his wife’s sweater sitting on top of
one of the suit cases. He knew it was going to be chilly
this morning and glad Chantal planed for their trip.

Tom smiled as he walked into the still humid bathroom
still smelling fresh and moist from Chantal’s shower.
She stood in front of the large bathroom mirror expertly
applying eye makeup. Chantal was already wearing her
tight jeans and heels and her large lovely milky white
breasts were tucked into a sexy dainty black bra.

Tom loved his wife dearly. He hung the sweater on the
door knob and gently came up behind his lovely wife and
cupped her large breasts in his hands.

Chantal purred, “I love the way you do that baby.”

Tom gently kneaded her breasts until Chantal finally
turned around and planted her soft moist lips on her
husband’s. She gave him a hug as she leaned back
admiring how handsome he was.

“I think I’m the luckiest wife in the world!”

Tom smiled as she kissed his cheek and chin several
times. Tom reached down and cupped Chantal’s ass cheeks
and gave them a squeeze.

“Mmm… Baby… Don’t get me started. You know we don’t
have enough time. We have to catch our flight in about
an hour from now.”

Tome gave her one last kiss before letting her go to
finish dressing. He watched as she took the sweater from
the knob and slowly pulled it over her head. She gave
the material a gentle tug as Tom watched. The neckline
was kind of low cut making Tom drool with lust.

Tom tried to reach out and grab a breast but Chantal
playfully slapped his hand away. “Stop it and get our
bags ready baby.”

Tom sighed as he walked out of the bathroom. It wasn’t
long before he had most of the bags shut when they heard
a car horn out in front of the motel where they were

“Chantal. It’s our ride to the airport.”

Tom heard the click of Chantal’s heels on the tiled
floor as she walked out carrying her purse over her
shoulder. Tome grabbed what few bags of luggage they had
to bring. Tom was surprised to see a long black limo
parked in front of their motel room.

They hurried along and met the driver. He was a black
guy wearing sunglasses and a suit. He helped Tom put the
luggage into the trunk than politely opened the door for
Chantal to get in first. Tom noticed the way this guy
was starring at his wife and he didn’t like it. It was
bad enough that Mr. Logan drooled on Chantal when he was

They sat back in the large open back set as the driver
drove off. Chantal was looking more nervous as she
starred out the window. They drove past their old
neighborhood as the limo headed toward the airport. Tom
just had to make a remark, “Honey. I think I saw our old
house a minute ago.”

Chantal swallowed heavy trying to hold back tears, “I
know baby. I was trying not to think about it.”

Tom thought he better not say another word about the
house. After all. They could no longer afford to keep
it. Tom lost his job first when the small bank he was
working at closed its doors. Chantal worked as a
waitress after losing her job at the finance company and
they were struggling to make ends meet.

It was the waitress job where they got a lead on a new
job. One of the regulars down at the little dinner where
Chantal worked said he was a scout for a large resort in
the Caribbean. His name was Mr. Logan. He took a liking
to Chantal almost immediately. He was black and Tom
found out he was only working in the area temporary to
scout out new help for this resort.

Tom and Chantal setup a meeting with Mr. Logan one
evening and he gave his dog and pony show about this
resort. He brought out photos and information on the
resort. All Tom knew was that it was a private resort
for the rich. Unfortunately for Tom, this Mr. Logan
already had Chantal convinced that working at this
luxury resort would make them rich themselves.

There was a one million dollar signing bonus for each
couple who signed on to work at the resort. It would be
immediately deposited into a private account where it
would earn interest during their two year work stay.
Once completed they would be paid an additional one
million dollars upon release of their contract.

They had only been married for two and a half years.
Chantal was only twenty-three. They were practically
still enjoying their honeymoon as Tom always said. They
had plans to buy a house in the country and have lots of
kids. Chantal was convinced that working at this resort
would give them an opportunity to save lots of money.
She even told Tom he could start his own plumbing
business like he always said he wanted when they

Mr. Logan explained that they would become servants at
the resort. Mr. Logan explained to them that there were
rules to follow but didn’t go into great detail on what
the rules were. He did tell them that the men and women
lived in separate dorms. Tom didn’t like that idea. Mr.
Logan did tell them that they would be able to see each
other at times.

Tom just wondered how anyone could be intimate with
their spouse in dorm conditions. Chantal laughed and
giggled at the idea saying they could sneak off into the
jungle and have sex. The limo made its way to the tiny
private airport where there would be a private jet
waiting for them.

A few miles away, Dawn was combing her long blonde hair
as her husband Jay finished shaving in the sink next to
hers. They got to the motel late last night after saying
goodbye to their relatives at their going away party.
Jay’s mother cried when they dropped them off at the
tiny motel last night. Jay promised her they would write
whenever they got a chance.

She was upset that she wouldn’t see her son or daughter-
in-law for two years. They too were recruited by Mr.
Logan. Dawn met the man while working for the temporary
service. Both Jay and Dawn had lost their jobs months
earlier when their company shut its doors leaving
everyone without a job.

Dawn was thirty-eight.. She was still gorgeous and owed
that to her daily workouts. She was still able to turn a
lot of heads when she walked down the street. Dawn has a
hourglass figure with very large breasts. She could
easily be mistaken for someone in her mid twenties. They
had been married since graduating high school and soon
had a c***d. He was off to college in California under a
free scholarship thank God!

Jay kept starring at Dawns cleavage. He kind of thought
that Dawn was showing a little too much but she
explained to Jay that Mr. Logan said to wear something
stimulating on the trip to the resort. He told her they
would pick her for the best of the jobs. Jay didn’t
really like Mr. Logan all that much. He didn’t like the
fact that this black man seemed so attracted to his
lovely wife.

There wasn’t any turning back now. The money had already
been deposited. Papers were signed and they would be on
their way to their new home for the next two years. Jay
put away his things into the shaving kit and watched as
Dawn leaned over to hook the little straps on her high
heels. She almost lost her balance backing into her
husband with her lovely full round ass.

Jay playfully caught hold of her hips keeping her steady
until she hooked the first strap. He rubbed his wife’s

“We don’t have any time for that now Jay. Our ride is
going to be here any moment.”

“I know sweetie. Wait until I get you alone on that
beach where we are going. I’m going to make prints in
the sand they’ll be talking about for a long time!”

Dawn wiggled her ass back playfully at her husband
before straightening back up.

“You’re just going to have to wait until that time.
Surely we are going to be too busy once we arrive at the

Jay was disappointed. He figured Dawn was right. They
would have plenty of time to screw around once they got
situated on that Island.

Dawn and Jay’s limo pulled right onto the runway where
the small private jet was waiting for its cargo.

The loud sound of its engines filled the air as the
couple were lead to the portable stairway. Their luggage
was put into the hold as they boarded the small jet. Jay
walked through the door right behind his wife and
noticed the other couple already seated on the plane.

They smiled as Jay and Dawn sat in the seats directly
across from them. The plane had been especially
customized for a small occupancy. There were only the
pilot, co-pilot which were black and a black female
hostess. She made sure they were comfortable before they
took off. It took almost twenty minutes before the two
couples continued to exchange smiles before they finally
introduced themselves to one another.

One the plane was high in the air and on its way south,
the hostess made them all drinks to help sooth their
nerves for the flight that was going to be their new
home for the next two years.

The two couples started to get better acquainted
explaining their sad stories to one another. Dawn and
Chantal exchanged seats with their husbands so they
could talk together. There were a lot of jokes about how
much the two wives’ looked like sisters rather than

They even started comparing what information they were
told by Mr. Logan about the resort. Neither couple was
told much different than the other as they found out.
About four hours into the flight the hostess served them
snacks and drinks only this time she had them take a
pill which she said would help them calm their nerves.

About an hour later the hostess smiled at Dawn and
Chantal and wiggled her finger at them to follow her to
the back galley. Tom and Jay’s eyes lit up as the wives
seductively walked toward their seats. They had changed
clothes! They were giggling as their husband’s checked
them out.

They were now wearing tight sundresses with tropical
floral patterns. The dresses were not only short but
were extremely low cut revealing their full gorgeous
breasts almost down to their nipples. The women stopped
in front of their husband’s and modeled their new
clothes for them.

Tom and Jay just sat stunned starring at their wives and
how revealing their sundresses were. Chantal turned
around for her husband and he couldn’t help noticing how
much of her ass cheeks were showing. The same for Dawn
who waited for her husband Jay to make a comment.

“Wow! I haven’t seen you wear something this revealing
in public in years!”

Neither wife seemed ashamed wearing the skimpy clothes.
The hostess smiled and talked in a deep Jamaican accent,
“Do you men like seeing your women dressed like this?”

Jay looked over at Tom than smiled back at the hostess,
“Well. I’m a little surprised but my wife looks

The hostess seemed pleased as she replied, “I’m very
happy for you. Your wives will be required to dress in
this fashion once they reach the Island. Perhaps a
little more revealing at times.”

Tom looked at the hostess as the wives sat down and
asked. “What about us? Do we have to dress a certain way
on the Island?”

The hostess laughed with a smile than replied, “The men
wear uniforms on the Island. It depends on which job
that they assign you. You’re not required to look sexy
for the clients.”

The couples seemed interested as they spoke back and
forth. Dawn said. “Maybe we’re going to be cocktail
waitresses and they have to dress this way for the

The hostess overheard Dawn and interrupted saying, “Oh
no. You ladies won’t have to worry about serving drinks
to the clients. The men do all the chores at the resort.
All you have to do is look gorgeous!”

Dawn and Chantal glanced at one another with a smile.
Dawn saying, “I think I like this place already!”

It seemed like a long flight which flew directly to the
Island resort. Dawn made a comment about how relaxed she
felt. Chantal mentioned the same as the men gazed out
the window looking down at the Island as they made their
approach. It was a smooth landing. The hostess helped
them to the door than they made their way down a
portable stairway.

There was a tall slim black man with a nice smile
waiting for them at the bottom of the stairs. Next to
him was a black woman holding a note pad. The two
couples smiled back as they descended the steps.

“Greeting and welcome to Eban.” He shook Dawn and
Chantal’s hands first giving them a warm smile and
complimented them as they stepped on the ground.

“You both look very lovely. My name is Robert and this
is Mistress Kathy.” Dawn and Chantal shook their hands.
Jay and Tom were greeted as well but Robert kept
starring at the two wives.

“We are going to be taking you to our guest cottage.
It’s where we take all our new employees for their first
night on the resort.”

The couples kept looking around the Island as they
walked toward a van. Their luggage was being loaded by a
couple men as they got into the van. Once in the van
Robert began speaking.

“The main building is about a mile to your left. You can
see the top of the building over those trees. It’s the
main hotel and casino’s. There are several pools and
tennis courts surrounding the complex.”

The road turned into dirt and the surrounds started to
look very tropical. They came upon a clearing with
several fairly large building in two roles.

“Gentleman. These are the male employee barracks. As you
may already know, you will be kept separate from the
woman employees on the resort. We will be bringing you
back here tomorrow once you are processed in the

They noticed a few of the men coming and going in golf
carts. “The men drive back and forth to their jobs at
the resort in those carts you see.”

The van kept going where the road turned back into
pavement again. They were approaching a more manicured
area again. There were men pruning bushes and cutting
the grass in one area.

Robert pointed them out. “These men are working the
landscape detail. You fellows maybe assigned to work
landscaping at times.”

Dawn giggled, “Will Chantal and I have to work

Robert smiled at the wives. “Certainly not my dear.
We’re going to drive by the living quarters for the
females in a moment. Look toward your right and you can
see one of the many pools we have around the complex.”

They could only see the pool from a distance. There were
palm trees and shrubs blocking most of the view. Jay was
on the right side and had the best look of the pool.

Jay said, “I think I saw a couple naked women walking

Robert replied, “Yes, the females are allowed at our
pools if they so wish.”

Jay replied, “I think I’ll enjoy that!” Robert didn’t
comment. He pointed ahead. “We’re coming upon the
compound where our female employees reside.”

The van made a turn into a circular paved road where the
couple were able to get a peek at the buildings. There
were well manicured shrubs blocking most of their view
but the van stopped for a moment so the wives could get
a look.

Chantal smiled. “Look Dawn. I can see the buildings.”

Robert smiled at Chantal. “You ladies will be sharing an
apartment together during your stay here on the resort.
You will have all the comforts of home plus more at your

Both Dawn and Chantal smiled in anticipation of seeing
their new apartment. The van pulled away and turned down
another road. It passed another pool than pulled into a
driveway where there was a small cottage nestled away in
the woods.

“OK, ladies and gentlemen. This is where you will be
staying tonight..”

They all got out of the van. The driver unloaded their
luggage as Robert and the Mistress took them into the
cottage. It was small but nice. It was about the size of
a studio apartment with two king size beds and a seating
area. There was a wet bar and a large bath they would
all have to share.

Robert was starring at Chantal as she sat on one of the
king sized beds. Her short little dress had hiked up
revealing much of her creamy white thighs to his view.
His mind started to drift knowing that this young
attractive wife was going to be very popular once she
was released into the system.

He took close attention to Dawn as well being slightly
older but very attractive and well taken care of kind of
body. Perhaps she’ll be able to teach the younger wife a
few tricks. His mind was brought back to his job.

“OK, ladies and gentlemen. Make yourself at home and use
that phone to order anything you see there on the menu
that’s sitting on that table over there. Servants will
deliver your food promptly.”

Dawn smiled at Robert and took his hand. “Thank you very
much. I’m sure will are going to like working here at
the resort.”

Robert smiled back thinking about how popular these
wives were going to be as he walked out of the cottage
leaving the two couples to themselves.

It was getting late. The sun was just about disappearing
behind the trees as the night time coolness started to
set in. Tom and Jay were just outside the cottage
looking toward the lights just a short distance away
from where they were staying. The wives were inside
talking and going through their luggage.

“Jay. What do you say we take a walk over that way and
checkout that pool?”

Jay looked at Tom knowing they weren’t supposed to leave
the cottage but figured it wouldn’t hurt to just take a
peek. He agreed.

“Alright. I’m right behind you.”

There were a few dim street lights near the cottage but
once they got onto the dirt road it started getting
really dark. They just walked and followed the lights to
the nearest pool they passed on their way to the cottage
that day. They were getting closer as they heard voices
in the distance.

They approached a line of tall well trimmed shrubs with
a fence on the inner side facing the pool. The area was
dimly lit. The lights were on inside the pool and
torches flickered in the night air. Tom eased down in
between some bushes as Jay followed. They could hear
people talking and faint laughter.

The men heard what sounded like someone having sex. It
was a loud sound of bare skin slapping together. They
looked around until Tom spotted what was causing the
sounds they heard. What caught their attention next
surprised them beyond belief!

Tom poked Jay’s shoulder and pointed toward their right.
There was a gorgeous blonde laying on a lounge chair
with her legs spread apart as wide as they could get.
Her hands held onto her ankles as a black man pounded
her pussy. They heard her moaning and chanting to her

She was saying typical things like harder and it feels
so deep inside me. Jay’s eyes were glued on the
interracial couple as the black man labored to cum. They
kneeled down behind that fence and just starred at the
show until the black man grunted and moaned out loud,
“Oh God bitch… Here it comes!”

They could still hear them moan as the black man pumped
his seed inside that gorgeous blonde. A few moments
later the black guy pulled out and stood up starring
down at the blonde. Something was being said as the
blonde scooted her body down on the lounge. Her legs
still spread apart she lifted her head up and appeared
to be speaking to another person.

Tom and Jay saw another man stand up just a few feet
away from the lounger. He was a white guy dressed in a
bathing suit or something similar from what the men
could see. The black man picked up a towel and wiped his
face while the other guy approached the lounger.

The blonde was pointing between her legs. Tom and Jay
could clearly hear the blonde as she raised her voice at
the white guy, “Get down there and eat it!”

Jay and Tom were in shock as they watched the guy kneel
down at the foot of the lounger and poked his head down
between her thighs. Her leg blocked their view but they
could only imagine that he was licking her just used and
cum in pussy! The black guy chuckled as he stood nearby
watching. The blonde was saying other things to the
white guy but Jay and Tom couldn’t hear.

That poor guy finally stood up and wiped his chin as the
black guy held out his hand to the blonde and helped her
off the lounger. She stood up and the black guy wrapped
an arm around her waist giving her a passionate kiss
while the white guy stood there watching. The black guy
laughed as he looked at the white guy than in a loud
voice told the white guy. “You can leave now.”

The white guy walked away from them heading toward where
Jay and Tom were hiding. The blonde was slipping into a
bikini and slid her feet into high heels and walked in
the other direction with the black guy. The white guy
was approached them as Tom whispered out to the man,
“Hey! Over here!”

The man looked toward where they were hiding and
stopped. He seemed to be having a hard time seeing the
men but finally saw them. He just stood there trying not
to bring attention to himself.

“What are you guys doing over there?”

Tom replied, “hey. We were just checking out the pool.”

The man replied, “Who are you?”

I’m Tom and this is Jay. We just flew in this morning.”

“You are staying at one of the cottages?”

“Yeah. That’s right. We’re supposed to get processed in
tomorrow. Hey! What’s up with you and that couple?”

“Uh… That’s my Ex… I can’t talk right now. They have
cameras setup everywhere around this place. Don’t let
them find you there otherwise…” The man didn’t finish
his sentence.

Tom asked. “What?”

The guy stood looking scared as he pretended to adjust
his shorts. “Listen. You guys better get back to your
cottage. I have to go now.” With that, he walked away
around the pool and disappeared into a building.

Tom looked at Jay. “We better head back to the cottage.”

Tom and Jay didn’t say anything about their experience
at the pool that evening to their wives. That night
before he fell asleep, Tom wondered if it were too late
to change his mind about working at the resort. They
were going to start their process of checking in for
their work at the resort in the morning.

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