White, married social worker raped by BBC

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

The September sun beat down on Lisa through the open
sunroof of her blue Acura as she pulled up to her last
case of the day in the middle of the projects. The
young, 21 year old had recently graduated from the
University of South Florida with a degree in social
work. Lisa had accepted this job with the Department of
C******n and Families (DCF) three months ago. She had
just started to get the swing of things and looked
forward to successfully finishing her probationary
period in nine months.

Lisa worried about her safety and the security of her
new car in this terrible neighborhood. Black faces
everywhere seemed to be staring at her. This was a new
family assigned to Lisa’s supervision due to c***d
neglect a 25 year old single mother of three

It had been a long day and Lisa looked forward to
returning home and briefly meeting her husband, Doug,
before his night shift at the hospital started. He
worked at Mercy General as a trauma nurse.

Lisa stood about 5′ 7″ inches tall, weighed 120 pounds,
and displayed a perfect 34″ 24″ 34″ figure sporting
firm C-cup breasts. Her long, soft, brunette hair
reached slightly past her shoulders and her big, blue
eyes lit up her face. She regularly swam laps and took
care of her figure.

Lisa wore an attractive, black pantsuit with grey
pinstripes. Her high heeled shoes loudly clicked as she
travelled the walkway to the apartment.

Lisa knocked on the door and was greeted by a black
female who looked about 25 years old.

“Hi, my name is Lisa Codell with the Department of
C******n and Families. I’m here for Shaquanda Green,”
Lisa said confidently with a bright smile revealing her
perfect, white teeth.

Lisa grew up in a white, middle class neighborhood with
almost no exposure to blacks. They made her feel
uncomfortable, especially large, Negro men. Lisa viewed
African Americans with pity. They displayed inferior
cognitive ability and seemed to only be good at
reproducing prolifically, as every black female she
contacted since working with the DCF had many kids from
several different black fathers. Lisa found it
difficult to understand the moral compass of these
people and how they made c******n so irresponsibly.

“I is Shaquanda,” the black woman said.

The young, black woman looked fairly attractive for a
d**g addicted prostitute in the ghetto.

“Hi Shaquanda, I need to come into your apartment and
check the kids and their home environment out,” Lisa

“Yuze can’t come in now. I’s got company,” Shaquanda
answered impatiently.

Lisa thought she knew how to handle these difficult
cases. “Ma’am, if you don’t let me in the DCF will take
your c******n into protective custody,” Lisa said.

“What you threatening me, white bitch?” Shaquanda
yelled with her neck swerving side to side. “Yuz best
come back later, if you know what’s good for you!”

“In that case, I am calling DCF right now,” Lisa
threatened as she fished her cell phone from her purse
and began pushing numbers.

If they took her kids, the welfare checks would stop
coming. “No, don’t takes my babies. Yuze can come in,”
Shaquanda said in surrender.

Lisa entered the dingy, rundown apartment.

“It says here you have one girl and two boys, ages
eight, nine, and 10. Where are they?” Lisa inquired
looking down at the form on her clipboard.

“They’s with my sister,” Shaquanda irately answered.

“Does anyone else live here with you besides the
c******n?” Lisa asked.

“Jus Reggie. He’s in da room down da hall. Yuz wants to
meet him?”

“Yes, I need to interview everyone living in the
household, including your c******n,” Lisa stated.

“Reggie, yuz has a vistor!” Shaquanda yelled.

Reggie, a 25 year old d**g dealer used Shaquanda’s
apartment as his headquarters. No romance existed
between Reggie and Shaquanda, as Reggie preferred white
women. His relationship with Shaquanda was purely
financial; he paid Shaquanda for the use of her

A huge, 6′ 4″ black man approximately 225 pounds of
solid muscle came out from the bedroom with an angry
scowl on his face. Reggie needed to finish preparing a
potent heroin and cocaine mixture for his d**g
lieutenants to sell.

“What you want, Shaquanda?” Reggie asked annoyed.

“This here white bitch be threatening to take my young
ones away,” Shaquanda said.

Reggie saw the beautiful social worker and his cock
immediately twitched in his pants. He had a preference
for young white pussy just like this. He observed the
wedding band on Lisa’s finger and knew her type � an
uppity white bitch that thought she was too good for
black men. This was the kind of girl he liked taking
most, especially if they were not on birth control and
helplessly cried that they might get pregnant. The act
of sexually subduing vulnerable white females against
their pleas and protests, and ruining their precious
little pussies for their white men excited Reggie
greatly. Once their pussies grew accustomed to his
giant phallus, a puny white penis could no longer
satisfy them.

Usually, entrapping such a gorgeous white girl required
extensive planning and great effort. But this proved
one of those rare occasions when the butterfly entered
Reggie’s parlor and flew right into his web.

Lisa felt uneasy as Reggie approached, his dark eyes
penetrating her clothing and taking in her petite and
vulnerable form.

“I just need to ask the two of you a couple of quick
questions and I’ll be on my way,” Lisa nervously said
as Reggie’s towering body stood inches away occupying
her personal space and almost making physical contact
with her. She hated the way some black men attempted to
intimidate her.

“Suppose we doesn’t feel like answering no questions?”
Reggie said as he pulled Lisa’s clipboard from her
hands and threw it across the room. “Who the fuck you
think you is coming in here and threatening to take
Shaquanda’s babies?”

Lisa realized her danger and began backing away from
the giant, angry, black figure.

“Get da door, Shaquanda. I think we needs to teach this
white bitch a lesson,” Reggie barked.

Shaquanda raced to the front door to prevent Lisa’s
possible escape.

Lisa found herself against the wall unable to retreat
further as Reggie grabbed hold of her arms.

“Get your filthy hands off of me! I’m going to have you
arrested for assault,” Lisa threatened as she
unsuccessfully attempted jerking her arms away from
Reggie’s firm grasp.

Reggie slapped Lisa hard across the face, leaving a red
mark on her left cheek and causing her to see stars.

“You threatening me now, bitch?” Reggie asked as he
tore Lisa’s purse from her shoulder and tossed it over
to Shaquanda.

“Take her cell phone. This bitch ain’t calling nobody,”
Reggie yelled.

Lisa realized the jeopardy she was in and screamed,

Reggie muffled Lisa’s screech with his meaty hand while
dragging her into his bedroom.

“Get her clothes off whiles I hold her,” Reggie told
Shaquanda as he wrestled Lisa into the bed. “I’s goin
to teach her to respect the black man.”

Shaquanda smiled into Lisa’s terrified eyes as she
began unbuttoning Lisa’s blouse.

“I’s bet you never had a big, black cock before,”
Shaquanda taunted as she worked her way down the
buttons on Lisa’s shirt.

Lisa’s big, blue eyes grew large with fear. She had
only been with one man her entire life, her husband,
Doug. She remained true to Doug as a good Christian
wife should. Now these two subhuman Negroes threatened
to destroy that special exclusivity she had maintained
with her husband. Lisa resisted with all her strength
to prevent her clothes from being removed by Shaquanda

“MMMPPPHHH!” Lisa tried to scream.

“Yuz a lucky white girl. Once Reggie here spoils you
with his huge cock, you ain’t never goin to be
satisfied with no small white prick,” Shaquanda teased.

Lisa violently flailed in Reggie’s embrace as
Shaquanda’s hands unfastened her pants.

“Ooooh, look what we’s has here,” Shaquanda said as she
revealed Lisa’s pink, silk, bikini briefs that matched
her racy pink bra.

Lisa lay scantily clad in her silk undergarments
struggling with Reggie in bed. Shaquanda removed Lisa’s
bra unveiling her perky young tits. She had light pink
nipples with quarter sized areolas.

“And now let’s see what this white bitch has waiting
down here for us,” Shaquanda said as she pulled off
Lisa’s panties, the last vestige of her privacy,
revealing her neatly groomed pubic area. Laser
treatments left her genitals smooth and completely
hairless, save for a very small patch of brown, neatly
trimmed pubic hair just above her vagina.

Lisa aggressively kicked and squirmed as Shaquanda
tried to access her vagina.

“No use struggling, bitch. I’s just tryin to gets yuz
ready for Reggie’s big cock,” Shaquanda said.

There was no way Lisa was going to allow these two
horrible people to molest her. She continued thrashing.

Reggie grew impatient with Lisa’s struggles. “Go’s in
my room and gets the works for her,” Reggie said to

“Yuz gonna calm down nicely. Yuz might even enjoys this
some,” Reggie whispered in Lisa’s ear.

Lisa didn’t understand what Reggie had meant by “the
works”. All she knew was that there was no way she
would settle down and enjoy anything these two
disgusting, black pigs might do to her. She had to get
away before it was too late.

Shaquanda returned with a rubber tourniquet and syringe
containing an exotic mixture of cocaine and heroin.
Lisa suddenly understood what Reggie meant by “the
works” and tried with all her strength to free herself
from Reggie’s firm hold as Shaquanda tightened the
tourniquet around her small arm.

“MMMPPHHH!!” Lisa tried to scream. If only Reggie would
take his hand off her mouth she would tell them both
she was sorry and would not bother them again.

“I knows yuz think yuz don’t want this, but yuz will
feel different once you try it,” Shaquanda reassuringly
said as she tried to hold Lisa’s struggling arm out
straight. Lisa’s exertions to free her arm from
Shaquanda’s grasp caused the veins in it to distend,
making them easier targets.

“That’s it girl, keeps fightin,” Shaquanda encouraged.
Shaquanda knew eventually Lisa’s muscles would tire
from the exertion.

Lisa began feeling fatigued from the extended fight and
stopped moving her arm long enough for Shaquanda to
stick a distended vein. Once the needle was in the
vessel, Lisa ceased moving her arm, anticipating the
pain the needle might cause

“There we’s go girl,” Shaquanda said as she pushed the
strong dosage of drugs into Lisa’s virgin circulatory
system. “Doesn’t that feel better now?” Shaquanda
soothingly asked as she removed the tourniquet from
Lisa’s arm and allowed the potent drugs to take effect.

Lisa’s struggles diminished considerably as euphoria
diminished her fear. She felt very heavy and just
wanted to rest with her peaceful feeling.

“Whaaaaat diiiiiiid youuuuuu giiiiiiive meeeeee?” Lisa
dreamily asked as Reggie released his hold and allowed
the young social worker to enjoy her first high while
he undressed.

Shaquanda saw her opportunity and pushed Lisa’s legs
apart providing access to her private area.

“Aren’t you a pretty thing,” Shaquanda said as she
stretched Lisa’s tender labia open to reveal the light
pink flesh inside.

“Whaaaaaat are you dooooooing tooooooo meeeeeeee?” Lisa
asked. Shaquanda licked her fingers and softly stroked
Lisa’s sensitive hood as she dipped her tongue into her
wet hole and lapped up the sweet fluids Lisa’s innocent
pussy produced in preparation for its assault.
“Nooooooooooh, stoooooooop,” Lisa cried as she feebly
tried to push Shaquanda’s head away from her vagina.
Shaquanda had been a prostitute for many years and knew
how to expertly please men, as well as women � even a
young girl like this that wasn’t a lesbian succumbed to
her talent.

Brief realizations that this was a disgusting and
immoral act kept surfacing in Lisa’s mind, but the
drugs managed to keep Lisa’s rational thoughts
scattered for the most part.

As Lisa lay in her d**g induced state with her eyes
closed, the attention to her pussy briefly stopped.
When it resumed, it felt differently. She looked down
and saw Reggie positioning his charcoal penis at her
entrance. The thing was huge, with numerous veins
bulging along its shaft. Doug’s penis was only five
inches long � small in comparison and nowhere near the
diameter of Reggie’s grotesque organ.

Lisa didn’t use birth control pills because they gave
her severe headaches. Doug had always used condoms to
prevent Lisa from getting pregnant, as the two were not
quite ready, financially, to start a family yet.

“NOO! Lisa whined as her labia tightly stretched around
the first penis besides her husband’s that sought entry
into her vulnerable pussy. This was also the first time
ever that a cock had entered her without the protective
barrier of a condom.

Reggie gradually worked his huge cock further inside
Lisa, giving her small pussy time to adjust to his
large size. With each thrust, her tight cunt stretched
a little further to accommodate its new mate.

“Please don’t do this to me,” Lisa cried as her pussy
accepted more and more of the strange, new cock inside
it. “I’m married. Please stop,” she continued as she
weakly tried to push Reggie off of her.

Shaquanda laughed at Lisa’s pleas as Reggie continued
drilling deeper into the dumb, white girl’s unchartered

“When Reggie finishes with yuz, your’s husband’s small
prick won’t satisfy yuz no more,” she taunted. “Your
pussy is getting all stretched out right now by
Reggie’s big black cock,” Shaquanda gleefully said.

Lisa felt Reggie’s big, black balls slapping against
her ass as he drove into her, but didn’t realize that
this meant her anatomy had already adapted to this much
larger sized organ. The pressure and discomfort
subsided as her body grew more comfortable with
Reggie’s greater presence inside it.

Reggie felt the muscles in Lisa’s young, pink pussy
contract around his rod a couple of times as she grew
more responsive. It was time to change positions to
further conquer any resistance remaining in the young,
white girl.

Reggie withdrew his long, slick cock from Lisa’s wet
cunt. Lisa looked down and noticed the large, shiny,
black pole twitch as it hung away from Reggie’s body.

“Help get hers on top of me, Shaquanda,” Reggie said as
he lay on his back.

Shaquanda took a moment to lick Lisa’s juices from
Reggie’s shaft and then positioned Lisa above Reggie,
aiming his cock toward Lisa’s entrance. Reggie placed
his hands on Lisa’s hips and pushed her down.

“That’s it, girl,” Shaquanda gently encouraged as
Lisa’s slid lower on the large, black organ.

“Oh!” Lisa said as she impaled herself on Reggie.
Reggie began working his pelvis as Shaquanda accessed
Lisa’s clitoris and gently started rubbing its hood.

“Nooooooooh!” Lisa cried as Reggie felt Lisa’s pussy
contractions become stronger and more frequent. Lisa
unconsciously started moving her hips.

“That’s it girl, fuck that big, black cock,” Shaquanda
encouraged as Lisa experienced multiple orgasms.
Reggie’s cock continued sawing in and out of her from
behind as Shaqaunda went down on Lisa and began gently
sucking her clit.

Reggie held Lisa’s back tightly against his chest with
one hand on her flat tummy while the other one took
turns gently rolling each of her pink nipples between
his fingers causing them to remain hard.

Lisa noticed the cadence of Reggie’s thrusts had
increased and sensed he was about to cum.

“Please don’t cum inside me. I don’t want to get
pregnant,” Lisa implored.

Reggie delighted in the young, white, married woman’s
appeals and filled her tight, susceptible cunt with his
potent seed.

“Oh, no,” Lisa cried as her cunt received seamen for
the first time, not from her husband, but from a
disgusting black man. Lisa’s pussy acted traitorously,
as it contracted in spasms around the large black cock,
seeming to encourage it to impregnate her. Reggie
produced copious amounts of the rich fluid that filled
Lisa up.

Shaquanda pulled Reggie’s deflating cock from Lisa’s
pussy and sucked it clean in her mouth as the surplus
cream oozed from Lisa’s cunt.

Reggie rolled Lisa off of him, allowing her to
peacefully rest in the bed and enjoy the rest of her
high as his vigorous sperm searched for an available
egg to fertilize inside her.

Several hours later, Lisa woke up naked in a strange
bed as the affects of the drugs wore off. She only
remembered bits and pieces of what happened to her. The
small patch of pubic hair above her pussy felt crusty,
like dried hair gel. She searched the bed and room for
her clothes and dressed.

Shaquanda noticed Lisa coming from Reggie’s room.

“Yuz sho had a good time with Reggie. Was that yuz
first time with a black man, baby?” Shaquanda asked.

Too disgusted to answer Shaquanda’s question, Lisa
picked up her clipboard and purse and quickly left the

Lisa decided not to tell anyone about her r**e. She
didn’t want to share the horrible details of what those
two disgusting animals did to her with the rest of the
world. How could her husband accept her or make love to
her again after learning that a filthy, black cock had
been in her vagina? She kept the dark secret to herself
and attempted to get on with her life.

Several days had passed when Lisa and Doug made love.

Doug returned home in the morning from his evening
shift at work and viewed the firm, petite figure of his
wife peacefully sleeping in her yellow, silk
undergarments � a sexy bra and thong. Doug’s 22 year
old cock grew hard in anticipation of enjoying his
wife. He removed his clothes and slid in bed next to
her. Lisa woke up as Doug removed her bra and pulled
down her panties. After a couple of minutes of foreplay
where the two kissed, Lisa watched Doug place a condom
on his small, five inch penis. She looked down and
observed her pussy easily swallow the little organ.

“Oh, honey, you feel so good in me,” Lisa said as she
raised her pelvis in a futile attempt to get more of
Doug’s cock that didn’t exist. He felt like a loose fit
inside her now. Doug’s penis adequately filled Lisa
before. But Reggie’s larger size had stretched out her
small vagina, and Doug’s member just would not reach
the areas that Reggie awakened � areas that now craved
contact with a phallus. Lisa, however, refused to
acknowledge to herself that the penis of the man she
loved no longer satisfied her as she tightly wrapped
her legs around Doug.

After only five minutes, Doug’s pace increased.

“Oh, I’m cumming,” Doug said as he tensed up and
ejaculated a small amount of seamen into the rubber,
ignorant that Lisa’s once exclusive pussy had been
nailed by a black man and f****d to experience greater
intimacy with an unsheathed cock much larger than his
own. Indeed her previously unsoiled vagina had already
accepted large quantities of potent seamen from this
other penis, while Doug had yet to enter her without a
protective condom.

Doug withdrew leaving Lisa very unsatisfied. Lisa
noticed the small amount of fluid in the tip of his
condom, as he removed the contraceptive and discarded
it in the trash.

“That really felt good,” Lisa lied to Doug.

“Yeah, I have to get some sleep. I had a busy night at
work and it looks light tonight will be just as
chaotic,” Doug replied as he rolled away from Lisa and
closed his eyes, completely oblivious to his young,
wife’s needs.

Lisa quietly got out of bed and prepared for work.

Lisa’s daily schedule consisted of swimming laps early
each morning at the public pool to maintain her health
and lovely figure, followed by work at the Department
of C******n and Families. Despite her traumatic r**e,
Lisa managed to continue her disciplined schedule and
began putting the entire ordeal behind her.

After her morning swim, Lisa arrived at work and
thumbed through her scheduled visits for the day � a
relatively light load it appeared. But her heart sank
when Shaquanda Green’s name appeared on the roster.
Shaquanda had requested an appointment with her. Lisa
immediately went to her supervisor, Tashara Williams, a
fat, black female who collected a government check by
doing as little work as possible. Lisa didn’t realize
that Tashara was Reggie’s half sister. Tashara knew
what had transpired between Lisa and her brother and
wanted to ensure her brother additional opportunities
to bring down and impregnate this snotty, little, white
bitch. Like Reggie, Tashara secretly harbored a deep
hatred and distrust of whites.

The fat, black woman sat at her desk staring at the
comics while munching potato chips with a Coke close at
hand on her desk. Lisa politely knocked on the open
door to Tashara’s office.

“Yes, what you want?” Tashara asked, slightly annoyed
that Lisa had interrupted her reading.

“Ms. Williams, is there any way someone else can take
the Green case for me?”

Tashara knew what the problem was and relished the idea
of Reggie turning this up and coming young white girl
into one of his whores.

“Why what seems to be the problem, girl?” Tashara coyly

Lisa felt too ashamed to tell her supervisor that she
had been d*****d and raped by Shaquanda and Reggie.

“I just don’t feel comfortable with this family, Ms.
Williams. I felt very intimidated by Shaquanda Green’s
boyfriend last time I visited,” Lisa said.

“You didn’t indicate anything out of the ordinary in
your paperwork � which was also incomplete, I might add
� last time you visited. Where is your follow up on the
c******n? You still need to interview them. Need I
remind you that you’re on probation? Social work isn’t
for everyone. Perhaps you’re not quite suited for
this,” Tashara said.

Lisa feared losing the position she had spent four
years in college preparing for. With the economy in
shambles, she would have difficulty finding a different
job, let alone one in social work.

“No, no, Ms. Williams. I can do this, really. I just
would feel more comfortable working on a different
case. But if that’s not possible, maybe Keith Smith can
accompany me on the visit?” Lisa asked.

“Keith Smith has a heavy workload of his own. I’ve seen
this happen before,” Tashara answered. “Girls like you
refuse to do anything once their probation is up.”

“That’s not true. I will work hard,” Lisa said.

“Then you better toughen up and pull your own load
around here. I’ll be checking with Shaquanda Green to
make sure you’re treating her family appropriately. Now
get to work,” Tashara barked.

Lisa left Tashara’s office disheartened. As she walked
down the hall she noticed Keith Smith, an old, lanky
African American, playing solitaire on his computer.

The entire day Lisa noticed Tashara following her and
watching from her car, ensuring Lisa properly visited
each of her appointments. Lisa had difficulty focusing
on her cases as she feared her final stop in the
afternoon with Shaquanda. Eventually, the time came.
She had no choice. She had put it off as long as
possible and now needed to finally pay Shaquanda the

Lisa knocked on the apartment door and waited in a warm
afternoon breeze. After a few moments, the door opened
and Shaquanda’s familiar face appeared.

“I see yuz come back,” Shaquanda said.

“You requested a visit. Now what seems t be the
problem?” Lisa coldly asked.

“Come on in, I thinks there’s somethin up with my young
one,” Shaquanda said as she opened the door and stood
aside for Lisa to enter.

Lisa didn’t want to go inside Shaquanda’s apartment
again and hesitated until Tashara’s car pulled up.
Tashara watched to make sure Lisa conducted the
interview appropriately, which required inspecting the
home environment each visit. She now had to go inside
Shaquanda’s residence or face dismissal for dereliction
of duty.

Lisa took a foolish chance and entered Shaquanda’s
apartment for a second time after explaining, “That’s
my supervisor watching over there, if I don’t come out
in 10 minutes, or if anything inappropriate occurs,
she’s calling the police. Now, what’s wrong with your
c***d?” Lisa asked with concern as she nervously
proceeded into Shaquanda’s abode. Tashara gave
Shaquanda a knowing look from her car as Shaquanda
closed the door behind Lisa.

“I’s don’t know. That’s whys I called for you,”
Shaquanda answered.

“Is Reggie here now?” Lisa cautiously asked.

“No, but I’s think he may have done somethin to my baby
girl. She back here,” Shaquanda said as she led Lisa to
the familiar room where Reggie had raped her before.

As they entered the room, there appeared to be a figure
under the sheets. Lisa pulled the covers back to
discover she had been deceived by a series of pillows.
She immediately realized the trap. By the time Lisa
withdrew a can of pepper spray in her purse, Reggie was
prying it from her hands.

“No, leave me alone. You won’t do this to me again!”
Lisa winced as Reggie twisted her hand. The can landed
with a loud thud on the floor.

“You tryin to spray me with that shit, bitch?” Reggie
yelled as he shoved Lisa backwards into the bed and
landed on top of her. His heavy weight temporarily
knocked the wind out of Lisa. Reggie pinned Lisa down
and pulled her arm out for Shaquanda to access.

“Oh, God, not again! Please don’t put any more of that
junk into me,” Lisa pleaded as Shaquanda tightly
fastened a tourniquet around Lisa’s arm. Surely,
Tashara would soon notice her delay and come to her
rescue, Lisa hoped.

“Shut up, bitch. Yuz gonna learn to love this,” Reggie
said as Shaquanda coaxed Lisa’s vein to present itself
for a dosage of some killer shit.

“You fightin now, but soon you be beggin for moe of
this. It’ll help yuz cum more on Reggie’s big, black
cock,” Shaquanda taunted as she brought the needle to
Lisa’s vein and injected more of the extremely
addictive drugs into her vascular system.

Lisa struggled like a wild animal to escape from
underneath Reggie, kicking and clawing with her free
hand until Shaquanda released the tourniquet.

“Oooooh,” Lisa said as the potent drugs reached her
nervous system and she reluctantly entered euphoria.

“See, nows don’t yuz feel better?” Shaquanda asked.
Reggie began unfastening Lisa’s black slacks. “Yuz a
lucky girl. Reggie here’s taken a likin to yuz. He’s
gonna make you his white bitch,” Shaquanda added.

“Nooooooooooooh,” Lisa feebly replied from her dream
like state.

Reggie removed Lisa’s clothing, leaving the once
faithful wife in a pair of white, silk panties and bra.
She had a well toned abdomen from her frequent
workouts, with a beautiful belly button that gently
rose and fell with her heavy breathing.

Who did this white bitch think she was inspecting
Shaquanda’s home like she was better than black folks?
Soon Reggie would make sure she learned her place as an
object to please black men.

Reggie grabbed the waistband of Lisa’s panties just
above her mons pubis and yanked the delicate garment
down her legs.

Reggie then turned Lisa on her side to unclasp her sexy

“Stoooooooop,” Lisa groggily said as Reggie removed the
last piece of fabric covering her beautiful, white
body. Her light pink nipples needed a black baby to
suck on them, Reggie thought.

Reggie’s black snack grew long and hard in his pants
and ached to spit more of its fertile venom inside
Lisa’s pink, vulnerable cunt, hopefully, finding an
available egg this time and producing a black infant
inside her. Reggie swiftly removed his clothes.

Shaquanda gazed at Reggie’s enormous cock and envied
Lisa. The dumb white bitch didn’t know she would soon
need Reggie’s drugs and crave his big, black dick, just
like all the other white bimbos Reggie d*****d and

Reggie took hold of Lisa’s knees, and spread her
smooth, long legs wide apart.

“Noooooooh, pleaaaaaaaaaaaase stop,” Lisa softly wept,
her own voice sounding distant to her.

Reggie’s black fingers gently pulled Lisa’s tender
labia apart revealing the luscious pink flesh inside;
he once again took possession of her most secret and
intimate area � a place that supposedly belonged
exclusively to Doug, but which grew more accustomed to
Reggie’s trespassing.

Reggie licked his finger and softly rubbed Lisa’s
sensitive hood, encouraging her shy glans to appear
from its hiding place.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Lisa repeated as her pussy began to
gently rock in rhythm to Reggie’s manipulation of her
clitoris. She was like a musical instrument he learned
how to play.

Lisa’s d**g induced delirium acted like a truth serum,
allowing her body to unconsciously respond to Reggie’s
expert fillips. Reggie carefully studied her pussy’s
movement in reaction to his different strokes. Lisa’s
vagina did not lie. He did not need to listen to the
deceitful denials emanating from her mouth � an effort
to maintain her morality � when her cunt honestly
answered his touch.

Lisa lay on her back staring at the ceiling while
completely open and exposed to Reggie. The sensual
beauty of young, white girls proved to be the Achilles’
heel of their emotions. Forcing them to orgasm enough
times, combined with the disorienting and addictive
effects of potent narcotics, successfully confused his
young, white, female prey psychologically. Soon Lisa’s
affections would turn from her punk ass husband to this
strong, black man who could satisfy her sexually as
well as provide the drugs she would crave.

Lisa’s pink mucous membranes glittered with moisture
from Reggie’s manipulations. Reggie recalled how sweet
she tasted and craved more of her juices. He put his
mouth on her sex and his long tongue repeated its
travels inside her silky slit and then along her clit,
causing her to secrete even more succulence for him to

The chemicals in Lisa’s bloodstream discombobulated her
thoughts. Uneasiness lurked deep beneath her euphoria.
A cycle of momentarily grasping her dire situation and
almost as instantly forgetting about it replayed over
and over again in her mind. Lisa found it impossible to
think clearly about anything except her pussy. She had
previously never concentrated so fully on a physical

Reggie never tired from the taste of young, white
females. Each cunt he had sampled had its own unique
flavor, and Lisa’s was extraordinarily delectable. He
swallowed her syrupy fluid for well past an hour until
his hard cock screamed to dominate her pussy.

Lisa looked down her flat tummy to watch Reggie hold
her labia apart with his left hand while placing his
long, thick penis at her entrance. Her high began
subsiding a little.

“Noooooooh, use a condom,” Lisa managed to say in her
intoxicated state. Shaquanda and Reggie both laughed.

“They doesn’t make rubbers big enough to hold that much
dark meat,” Shaquanda joked.

Lisa’s labia strained around Reggie’s colossal manhood
as it sought admittance inside her.

As he eased his unsheathed cock half way into her, she
felt tight again and Reggie could tell her vagina had
partially returned to its previously smaller size
during the interval since their last intercourse. He
slowly advanced his prick further with each thrust,
permitting her pussy to gradually re-adapt to his large

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, please, noooo,” Lisa said as her
tight pussy steadily accepted more of Reggie’s big,
black intruder, again without the benefit of any
barrier for protection. The creaks from the bed grew
louder as Lisa’s pussy finally fit Reggie’s entire cock
within it, allowing him to abandon his restraint.

“Oh, Reggie, please don’t cum in me again. I might get
pregnant,” Lisa pleaded as the effect of the drugs
continued to diminish and her coherent thoughts

Shaquanda had masturbated while intently watching the
two interracial lovers and noticed a decrease in Lisa’s
lovemaking enthusiasm. This simply wouldn’t do. This
arrogant, white bitch needed another injection to
improve her attitude.

“Hold her down, Reggie. I think your little, white
girlfriend can use a little spicing up,” Shaquanda said
as she approached with the hypodermic needle and
tourniquet in hand. Reggie shoved his cock deep inside
Lisa while pressing all his weight against her and
grasping her left arm tightly.

“No! You’re going to k**l me with that shit,” Lisa
yelled as she squirmed beneath Reggie unsuccessfully
and pounded on his back with her right fist. She tried
kicking Reggie with her legs, but he was already
strategically positioned between them and the more she
thrashed, the deeper his cock seemed to penetrate.

Shaquanda fastened the tourniquet tightly around Lisa’s
bicep causing numerous veins to surface on her lean

“You’re sick freaks. Why are you doing this to me?”
Lisa cried as Shaquanda selected a nicely sized vessel
to use. “Pleaaaase, I’ll cooperate with you. I’ll do
anything! No more drugs,” Lisa desparately implored as
Shaquanda inserted the needle into the awaiting vein.
Shaquanda had prepared a much stronger dosage with a
greater concentration of cocaine than what Reggie had
administered, to help Lisa loose her inhibitions and
concentrate more on her cunt. Lisa noticed that the
syringe contained significantly more.

“Oh, God, help me. You’re hurting me!” Lisa wept as
Shaquanda slowly introduced the powerful drugs into her

“We is not hurting you; we is loving you,” Reggie
replied as Shaquanda pulled the emptied needle from
Lisa’s arm and watched a small drop of b***d ooze from
the injection site.

“That wasn’t so bad, now was it?” Shaquanda
compassionately asked.

“Yes, you know it’s bad and you keep giving me more,”
Lisa replied in defeat.

“I think yuz will grow to love both Reggie and this
stuff, real soon,” Shaquanda said as she removed the
tourniquet and watched Lisa surrender to the high.
Lisa’s eyes quickly appeared vacant as her lucidness

Reggie resumed his coital motions as Lisa stared
blankly into his eyes and drifted reluctantly back into
a sexual bliss. Reggie felt her pink nipples grow hard
and poke into his chest as the narcotics took hold.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Lisa grunted as her unprotected pussy
submitted to a much bigger and stronger cock than her
husband’s and started aggressively contracting around
it, encouraging the uncovered penis to share its
African-American DNA with it.

Reggie placed his lips over Lisa’s mouth; she granted
his long tongue access and it explored her oral cavity
while his gigantic cock continued to subjugate her

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Lisa gently exclaimed from
beneath Reggie’s unbroken kiss. Her pelvis eagerly met
his thrusts in an effort to maximize his presence
inside her.

Shaquanda proudly listened to the erotic music Reggie
and Lisa made together as Reggie’s supersized cock
sloshed inside Lisa’s wet pussy, the two grunted and
moaned in ecstasy, and the bed loudly squeaked and
thumped against the wall. Shaquanda had prepared a good
batch of shit for Lisa.

Reggie broke their kiss and warned Lisa, “I’s goin to
cum soon. Do yuz want me to take out my cock?” He
correctly figured Lisa would be unable to comprehend
his warning in her d*****d out state.

Lisa’s entire universe now centered on her pussy and
the intense and continuous orgasms it experienced
yielding to a much greater masculinity than it had
previously encountered. The narcotics still prevalent
in her system confused comprehension and thought.

“Nooooooooooooh,” Lisa said from a distant place.

“Yuz wants me to cum in you again?” Reggie asked.

“Ooooooooh, ooooooooh, Reggie, I’m cuuuuuuuummming, I’m
cuuuuuuuummming, oh, oh, oh,” Lisa responded as she
tightly wrapped her legs around Reggie while her arms
reached around his dark, muscular back.

Reggie picked up his tempo unleashing a torrent of
extremely potent jism deep inside Lisa’s unguarded, yet
receptive, pussy, filling her with his rich, creamy,
genetic material. Her vaginal spasms milked every last
drop of Reggie’s baby-making cum from his large, black

The cocaine wore off, but the longer lasting effects of
the heroin caused Lisa to sleep peacefully beneath
Reggie’s muscular frame as his satisfied penis lost it
firmness and slowly retreated from inside her.

Lisa awoke in a daze at first, nude and uncertain of
the time or her location. She sat up in the bed, and to
her chagrin found a large volume of white, gooey liquid
leaking from her vagina that formed a big, slimy spot
on the sheet beneath her.

A huge, muscular black man slept beside her. A clock on
the nightstand read 3:45am. She had to find her
clothes, dress, and return home before her husband,
Doug, finished his shift at work in an hour. How would
she explain not calling Doug to tell him she was
delayed yesterday? Lisa’s movements woke Reggie as she
frantically searched for her undergarments in the

Reggie turned toward Lisa, and upon seeing his face,
she remembered bits and pieces of what had occurred the
previous evening. She was a happily married woman and
disliked black men. How could she be so stupid as to
let something like this happen to her twice? Why didn’t
Tashara notice her delay yesterday? Tashara must have
left, unfortunately, shortly after she entered the
apartment, Lisa thought. She looked down and couldn’t
believe the size of Reggie’s huge, black, flaccid
penis. Even soft, it was so thick and long. She found
it difficult to comprehend how that the horrid thing
ever fit inside her.

“Where yus goin?” Reggie asked.

“Reggie, I have to get home before my husband returns
from work,” Lisa said.

“Yuz my girlfriend now,” Reggie said as Lisa slid her
panties on and fastened her bra.

“No, I’m not your girlfriend, Reggie. I’m a happily
married woman and what you did to me is a serious
crime,” Lisa angrily snapped back.

“Who yuz think yuz talkin to, bitch!” Reggie yelled.
This white bitch hadn’t learned her new place yet,
Reggie thought.

Lisa recognized her precarious position and quickly
changed her tone to allay Reggie’s anger. “I’m sorry,
Reggie. I didn’t realize you cared for me that way. I’m
not ready to tell my husband about our affair yet,”
Lisa said hoping Reggie would believe her lie.

“Okay, but yuz better come back to see me tomorrow,”
Reggie snarled, satisfied with her explanation. A large
wet stain appeared on Lisa’s panties as more of
Reggie’s slippery cum escaped from her full vagina.
Lisa slipped on her black slacks, white blouse, and
shoes. She rushed home, hopeful that she would never
need to visit Shaquanda or see Reggie again.

Lisa arrived home shortly before Doug. Her cell phone
contained several missed calls from him. Lisa turned
off the device and hid it beneath the spare tire in the
trunk of her car. She decided to tell Doug she lost her
phone and had to work late with a problem family the
previous evening. Lisa wanted to change her clothes and
hide her wet panties, but she heard Doug’s car pull up
a few minutes early after she entered the house. Lisa
darted to the bathroom and quickly freshened herself up
to appear like she was getting ready for work. She did
not have time to change her clothes.

Lisa exited from the bathroom with her hair and teeth
brushed and her face washed.

“Oh, hi honey. You’re home early,” Lisa said as she
hugged and kissed her husband.

“What happened to you yesterday?” Doug inquired. “You
didn’t come home until after I left for work; you never
called me; and you didn’t answer your phone when I
tried calling you several times!” Doug stated in an
annoyed tone.

“I’m sorry, Doug. I wanted to call you, but I misplaced
my phone and I haven’t found it yet. We had a real
tragic a***e case late yesterday afternoon I had to
investigate with the police. Then I had to take the
c******n into protective custody. I didn’t get home
until after 10:00 p.m. and I was exhausted,” Lisa

“You couldn’t borrow someone else’s phone?” Doug
sarcastically responded.

“You’re right Doug. I shouldn’t have been so
thoughtless. But this case was so awful, it simply
slipped my mind to call you until late yesterday
evening and I was so tired,” Lisa remorsefully
answered, batting her big, blue eyes at her husband
hoping to receive his forgiveness.

Lisa felt more of Reggie’s cum oozing from her vagina
and feared it would soak through her pants and expose
her dark secret.

“Okay, honey. I can’t stay mad at you with those
beautiful blue eyes. Just be a little more considerate
next time,” Doug said and French kissed Lisa.

Doug reached around with both his hands and grabbed
Lisa’s perfectly shaped, firm buttocks. Lisa could not
let Doug’s foreplay continue. If things went any
further, he would definitely find the slimy evidence
Reggie’s cock left inside her. Lisa gently pushed
against Doug’s chest with her open hands and broke
their kiss.

“I love you honey; but, I have to get to work early
this morning to follow up on those kids we placed in
protective care late yesterday evening,” she said as
she pecked Doug on the cheek and hurried off. By the
time Lisa arrived at work and went to the restroom, the
seamen that had leaked from her vagina formed a dry,
crusty residue on her panties, which she had to wear
the remainder of the day. Lisa didn’t realize that the
majority of Reggie’s cum remained deep inside her
searching for a viable egg to fertilize.

Lisa managed to get through the day without receiving a
request to visit Shaquanda Green. Tashara remained out
in the field all day and Lisa stayed in the office
trying to catch up on some paperwork. But Lisa
experienced difficulty concentrating and felt somewhat
agitated with everyone who greeted her. Lisa failed to
recognize her symptoms as the beginning stages of
cocaine and heroin dependency and assumed she was still
on edge from her ordeal with Reggie.

Lisa went home early feeling ill from her withdrawal,
leaving word that she would probably not be in the next
day or so.

The next day as Lisa recovered at home from her first
minor withdrawal, Tashara called. Tashara knew what
Reggie and Shaquanda were doing to her employee, and
wanted to make sure they succeeded in bringing down the
pretty, little white bitch. Tashara recognized how
Lisa’s intelligence, talent, and motivation might
someday threaten her own position with the agency. They
would need to get some more junk in her before her body
completely detoxified. Besides, Lisa could make Reggie
some healthy, black babies, Tashara thought. Tashara
quickly formulated an elaborate scheme to make sure her
brother had the opportunity he needed to properly
impregnate Lisa and convert her into a d**g addicted
welfare whore.

“Hi Lisa, this is Tashara. How are you feeling?” the
voice on the phone asked.

Lisa answered, “Hi Tashara. I’m feeling a little
better. Thank you.”

“Listen sweetie, I know I came down a little hard on
you the other day with the Shaquanda Green case. But an
excellent opportunity has developed. Jackie Snyder was
supposed to go to the supervisor training with me
tomorrow in Miami for seven days. She had to cancel at
the last minute. It’s all expense paid by the State. Do
you think you’ll feel better enough to travel with me
tomorrow?” Tashara explained.

Lisa still felt lousy but knew this type of chance
might not present itself again for a very long time.
With this type of training under her belt, she would be
next in line for a supervisory position.

“Yes, Tashara, I’d love to go. Thank you so much for
thinking this highly of me,” Lisa said.

“Okay, Lisa, come to the office early tomorrow. I’ll go
with you on your house visits and we’ll catch our
flight out at 5pm. Pack a swim suit and some other nice
things. We’ll probably get to spend some time at the
beach,” Tashara instructed.

Lisa ended the phone call, “Okay, thank you again
Tashara. I’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning.

Lisa found it difficult to be joyful because her
neurons had started to grow accustomed to the drugs
Reggie and Shaquanda injected into her, and desired
more of the substances. Nevertheless, Lisa packed her
things, including professional attire, two very
attractive bikinis, and a supply of casual party
clothes in case she made it to the beach or got to
enjoy some of Miami’s hot night life as Tashara

Later that afternoon, Lisa told Doug about the great

“Baby, that’s terrific,” Doug said. “But, I’m going to
miss not having you around for an entire week.”

“Well, let’s do something about that right now,” Lisa
seductively said. As he sat on the sofa, Lisa straddled
Doug’s lap and began rubbing the crotch of his pants.
Lisa unbuttoned her loving husband’s trousers and
removed his small, five inch penis, unaware that
inside, her own body prepared to ovulate.

Lisa’s external gorgeousness matched her internal
beauty. She possessed a sharp wit and a strong
determination to excel in all her endeavors. Doug
appreciated his good fortune in having such a splendid
and devoted young wife and looked forward to making
lovely c******n with her one day when they were
financially ready.

They removed their clothes. “I want you inside me,”
Lisa softly said as she gently tugged on Doug’s little
organ wishing it would become larger. The slender,
lightly colored prick with its little, pink head barely
reached past the area of brown pubic hair surrounding
it. A modest scrotum of a slightly darker hue contained
two meager testicles that barely hung below its shaft.
Lisa aimed Doug’s penis toward her vagina and started
lowering herself on it.

“Lisa, I don’t have a condom on; what are you doing?”
Doug asked in a panicky voice as he pushed Lisa’s
pelvis away from him before she had the opportunity to
put his bare cock inside her.

Some basic instinct made Lisa actually want Doug to cum
in her. Perhaps it was a primeval way for her to accept
her husband � the mate she had selected to make
c******n with, and who she loved emotionally � as fully
as she had been f****d to accept Reggie.

“If you want to have sex without a condom, you need to
get some birth control pills. You know we can’t afford
c******n yet,” Doug admonished her.

“You know I can’t use birth control pills. They give me
terrible, migraines. You can take it out before you
cum,” Lisa replied, disappointed by her husband’s
unwillingness to increase their intimacy. Doug rolled
the condom on his penis and guided Lisa back onto him.
As Doug entered her, he didn’t recall her feeling this
roomy inside before � it almost felt like someone else
was making love to him. Lisa ground her hips on Doug’s
comparatively tiny penis in a futile attempt to match
the sensations Reggie’s cock created in her. But Doug
lacked the size necessary for Lisa to achieve such
intense orgasms, and dope to stimulate her neural
pleasure centers.

Careful to not hurt his feelings, Lisa pretended to
enjoy the sex with her husband. Secretly her
frustration grew as each encounter with Reggie’s huger,
and hence more masculine, black cock, reduced the
ability of Doug’s penis to satisfy her.

After a few minutes, Doug tightly embraced Lisa as he
released an amount of seamen into the rubber that only
partially filled its diminutive tip.

“Oh, honey, I came. Let me pull out of you before the
condom comes off,” Doug said as he lifted Lisa’s cute
little butt off of him.

Perhaps over time her vagina would return to its
previous dimensions and sex with Doug would regain the
spice it once had. Lisa donned her skimpy silk
undergarments and prepared for bed. She needed to rest
and get over the bug she thought she had so she could
start work early the next morning.

She slept a little better this evening. The chills,
diarrhea, nausea, cramps and other symptoms that kept
awakening her the previous night lessened in severity.
Early the next morning Lisa thoroughly attended to all
of her grooming and hygienic needs, reviving herself
somewhat. As Lisa dressed she noticed how loosely her
garments fit. She had lost her appetite during the last
few days due to her illness and must have dropped a
couple of pounds from her already slim figure, she

Doug returned home just before Lisa departed for work
and her trip. She gave her husband a deep kiss and
hugged him tightly goodbye.

“I love you, baby. I’m going to miss you,” she said.

“I love you too. Don’t have too much fun,” Doug
jokingly replied.

Lisa arrived at work earlier than everyone else, except
Tashara, and on the rebound, still not completely over
her withdrawal symptoms yet.

“Well, you don’t look too bad,” Tashara said. “You lose
a couple of pounds dear?”

“I don’t know; my clothes feel a little baggier,” Lisa

“Well let’s get your stuff in my car. You have a couple
of visits to make today, which we’ll do together, and
then we will catch our flight,” Tashara said.

Lisa hadn’t bothered to check the list until they
proceeded on their way. As Tashara drove toward the
inner city, Lisa’s pulse skyrocketed when she noticed
Shaquanda Green’s name first on their sheet.

“I just visited Shaquanda Green two days ago, Tashara.
Why are we going back again?” Lisa nervously asked.

Tashara anticipated Lisa’s reluctance to go back to
Shaquanda’s and formulated a plausible story to lower
Lisa’s guard. “The police arrested her live in
boyfriend, Reggie, last night on d**g charges. We have
to take the c******n into custody today. Law
enforcement will meet us there to arrest her after we
get the kids,” Tashara said.

Lisa sighed in relief and relaxed back into the car

When they arrived at Shaquanda’s apartment, Lisa’s
confidence had returned believing Reggie had been

“Where are your c******n,” Tashara demanded of
Shaquanda as the two social workers entered. The cops
hadn’t arrived yet.

“They is in Reggie’s old room,” Shaquanda responded.
“I’s think that pretty little white thing knows the
location,” she said with a smirk, implying Lisa.

Lisa lightly blushed.

“Would you be a dear and round the young ones up for me
while I fill out these documents with Ms. Green,”
Tashara asked Lisa.

Lisa returned to the creepy room where twice Reggie had
sexually assaulted her. A dried crusty spot where
Reggie’s cum had leaked from her vagina still remained
on the sheets, but there were no kids. Lisa turned
around to check the other rooms.

Reggie stood right behind her.

“Oh my God, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to
be in jail!” Lisa exclaimed.

“You was supposed to come see me yesterday, bitch!”
Reggie responded as he wrapped his arms around Lisa’s
body and covered her mouth with his big hand.

“Mmmmppphhhhhh!!!!!!!” Lisa tried to yell so Tashara
could help her.

Lisa’s petite little body was no match for Reggie’s
large, muscular frame as he wrestled her back into the
familiar bed.

Lisa flailed beneath Reggie’s thick muscles trying to
break free as Tashara and Shaquanda entered the room
laughing as if they were old friends.

“Hold her arm out for me,” Shaquanda asked Tashara as
she produced the tourniquet and syringe.

Reggie had prepared a special dosage just for Lisa
containing extra amounts of cocaine, heroin, and some
synthetic designer drugs that heightened the sense of
touch and greatly retarded memory in the recipient.

With the rubber strap taut around her upper arm, Lisa’s
healthy veins quickly surfaced.

“Mmmmmpppphhhhhhhhh, mmmmmpppphhhhhhhh,
mmmmpppphhhhhh!!!” Lisa tried to scream as she thrashed
beneath Reggie. Her firm stomach rubbed against
Reggie’s crotch as she fought to escape, causing his
penis to engorge. She could feel his very large cock
grow harder from her efforts and push through his sweat
pants into her. Her disdain for black men had not
diminished. She had to get away. She remembered telling
Doug how much she loved him and how sex with her
husband had been spoiled by Reggie’s enormous prick.
Her vagina would never contract to its once smaller
size if Reggie would not stop fucking her. She also
knew the drugs Reggie kept giving her had to be harmful
as her thoughts remained foggy for days after receiving

Lisa grew fatigued from her struggle and stopped moving
enough for Shaquanda to successfully stick the needle
into one of her veins as Tashara firmly held Lisa’s

“There we go, girl,” Shaquanda said as she emptied the
syringe into Lisa’s vein. “I’s bet you haven’t been
feeling too well lately. This here stuff will fix yuz
right up. In case you didn’t know, we’s been giving you
a healthy dose of cocaine and heroin. We adding some
extra drugs this time so you won’t get bored too

Lisa watched the syringe in horror, suddenly realizing
that her illness had been withdrawal symptoms and now
more of the addictive drugs had been dumped into her
vascular system just as her body started to detoxify.

As Shaquanda removed the tourniquet from Lisa’s arm,
Tashara began to speak, “Don’t you worry about the rest
of the cases today, dear. I will have Ken Smith take
care of them. You just have a good time with my
brother, Reggie, for the rest of the week. I’m sure
you’ll grow quite fond of him over the next seven

Lisa’s ill symptoms rapidly disappeared and her mood
almost instantly changed to a warm, joyful feeling as
the chemicals satisfied her rapidly growing dependency.
Lisa gazed at Tashara with a quizzical look on her
face. She could not remember what Tashara just said.
Reggie removed Lisa’s clothes as she stared dumbly at
her boss.

“You look confused, Lisa,” Tashara lauged. I know you
can’t understand me anymore, but you will understand
Reggie’s huge cock when it’s inside your pussy. You
sure are a pretty thing, aren’t you?”

Tashara admired Lisa’s gorgeous form. She could have
worked as a professional model. Lisa sat on the edge of
the bed completely nude with a blank stare on her face,
totally oblivious to her own nakedness as Reggie spread
her legs as far apart as they would go.

“Take a look at this, Sis,” Reggie said to Tashara as
he took his hand and gently pulled Lisa’s labia apart
so Tashara could easily gawk at her pink, youthful

“Very nice, Reggie � enjoy your new girlfriend,”
Tashara said as she a Shaquanda left the room so the
two lovers could go at it. Reggie laid Lisa back in the
bed, licked his finger, and began toying with her
clitoris. He stroked her hood and almost instantly the
little, pink nub emerged and sweet dew appeared on her
tender folds. The powerful drugs worked better than he

Not one coherent thought passed through Lisa’s brain as
she lied in bliss and Reggie feasted on her flavorful
vaginal fluids like a man dying of thirst.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she moaned louder and louder, her voice
carrying through the wall and reaching Tashara’s and
Shaquanda’s ears.

“Sounds like ole Reggie is getting her all lubed up,”
Tashara joked to Shaquanda.

“She needs to be for Reggie’s big Johnson,” Shaquanda

In Lisa’s state, time did not exist; but Reggie’s
cunninglingus lasted well over an hour. By the time he
prepared to stick his colossal organ inside Lisa’s
dripping cunt, her vulnerable pussy convulsed with
multiple orgasms.

The big, muscular black man who Lisa greatly disliked
when cognizant, once again easily slid his monstrous
cock into her slippery vagina without one bit of
protest from her.

“Aaaah,” Lisa semiconsciously exclaimed as the gigantic
male appendage f****d her vagina to relinquish the
little gain in tightness it had achieved in the two
days since they last fucked. Her pussy quickly
surrendered its territorial achievement back to the
black infiltrator that slithered all the way inside it.
Unlike the many other white pussies Reggie’s cock had
invaded, Lisa’s anatomy enabled her vagina to stretch
deeply enough to fit the entirety of his erect penis.
Reggie savored the rare white pussy that could
accommodate him. Lisa was a special girl he intended to
fuck for a long time.

The bed began to loudly squeak and thump against the
wall as Reggie started jack hammering into Lisa.

“Oh, oh, oh, oooh, oooooooooh,
in unrestrained passion and to the delight of Tashara
and Shaquanda listening in the next room.

“Sounds like big Reggie is really giving it to her
good,” Tashara said. “Maybe I’ll get another niece or
nephew out of this.”

The drugs caused Lisa to forget everything prior to the
present � no husband, no career, no dislike for black
men, no drugging, and no f****d sex � nothing except
the feeling between her legs at this exact moment.

Reggie completed a 90 minute stretch of fucking Lisa.
He had sweated profusely causing his muscular body to
slip against her, further stimulating Lisa’s already
hard nipples. His bare cock had released plenty of
precum that mixed with Lisa’s vaginal fluids, and
prepared to share another titanic load of ejaculate
with her unprotected, yet cooperative pussy.

Lisa did not know that she had ovulated early in the
morning. Had Doug made love to her the previous evening
without a condom as Lisa had wanted, her valuable egg
would now safely be a zygote with his genetic material.
Instead her precious egg was in jeopardy of being
fertilized by a member of a race she despised � a huge
black guy.

Reggie knew Lisa was completely out of her mind. But he
played with her anyway, “I’s gonna cum in your pretty
white pussy. Do yuz wants me to take my cock out of you
now instead?”

Lisa dumbly responded: “HUH? OH, OOOOH,

At least the dumb, white bitch’s vocabulary had doubled
to two words: “Huh, and oh,” Reggie thought.

About to hurl its rich contents, Reggie’s penis swelled
slightly larger, gently nudging Lisa’s cervix and
causing her to violently orgasm. Reggie’s cock began
squirting the familiar cum into her fervent pussy like
a hose putting out a fire. He soon filled her past
capacity with his strong gunk before withdrawing.

Lisa laid on her back in the bed, her gapping pussy
quickly closing behind Reggie’s exiting cock and
allowing some of his excessive cum to leak down her ass
and onto the sheets again. Trillions of his vigorous
sperm, however, made their journey to Lisa’s greatest
treasure, her unfertilized egg. Bombarded by countless
spermatozoa, eventually � just like Reggie’s struggles
to get his cock inside the pussies of white females who
hated him � one of Reggie’s lucky gametes gained
entrance into her egg, combining his African DNA with
hers. Little did Lisa know her choice of who would
father her first c***d had just been taken away from
her; one of Reggie’s spermatozoa formed a zygote with
her egg that would soon implant itself inside her
uterus. Despite Lisa’s dislike of ignorant black men
and her particular hatred for Reggie, they were now
forever joined by a new individual who was part of both
of them.

Reggie sat up in the bed and grabbed Lisa by her silky
hair. “Yuz ever suck cock before?” he asked.

Lisa looked confused. Reggie recalled the powerful
drugs she was on interfered with her comprehension and

“Never mind,” he said as he pushed Lisa’s face into his
flaccid penis and told her to open her mouth several
times. Eventually, Lisa caught on to what Reggie wanted
her to do and parted her luscious lips. Reggie slipped
his soft penis, wet with her juice and his sperm into
her warm mouth. Their fluids tasted good to Lisa and
she began gently sucking. Lisa had never performed oral
sex before and Reggie gently slapped her face and
admonished her each time her teeth carelessly scratched
him until she learned the proper technique. As Reggie’s
hard on returned, he took Lisa’s hand and placed it
around his cock, demonstrating to her how to stroke it
while sucking on its head. Her dainty fingers barely
fit around his thick shaft, and her wedding band
sparkled against its dark color as her hand repeated
its up and down motion.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Lisa said as tasty precum came from
the head of Reggie’s cock each time she milked it with
her hands. She instinctively reached down with her
other hand and began softly handling Reggie’s large,
black testicles.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it. Swallow it all when I’s gonna
cum,” Reggie instructed as he firmly held Lisa’s head
on his cock. Lisa felt the organ twitching in her hand
as a fountain of cream squirted into her mouth. It had
a strong, masculine taste and Lisa gulped it down as
ordered. Fortunately, Reggie’s flavor was agreeable
because she did not have a choice in the matter.

The night wore on and Lisa’s lucidity returned. She lay
motionlessly on her back with Reggie’s strong arm
across her chest. Every so often his fingers played
with one of her nipples, causing it to stiffen from the
attention. Lisa willingly participated, even positively
responded to Reggie to avoid further injections. Every
two hours throughout the night Reggie awakened with a
hard cock and the bed resumed its loud squeaking.

Lisa no longer had to try hard convincing Reggie she
enjoyed fucking him. By morning Lisa’s body had grown
quite comfortable with his presence and he easily
brought her to an orgasm. Stockholm syndrome had begun
affecting her as well. However, she still felt some
remorse cheating on her husband and sleeping with a
black man.

Tashara stopped by at 8:30am to visit. As she sat in
the living room talking to Shaquanda, the squeaks from
the bed commenced again.

“Lordy, them two have been at it off and on since yuz
was here yesterday,” Shaquanda said to Tashara.

With the faint sounds of Lisa and Reggie grunting and
groaning emanating through the walls, Tashara decided
to give Lisa’s husband a phone call:

“Hi, is this Doug? This is Tashara Williams, Lisa’s
supervisor. Lisa wanted me to give you a call and let
you know she is fine and that she misses you very much.
Our flight was diverted due to the weather and we
didn’t get in until late yesterday evening. She will be
busy in workshops all day long and wanted me to let you
know everything was okay.”

Doug thanked Lisa’s boss for letting him know they
arrived safely in Miami, and asked her to tell Lisa he
loved her and to have a good time.

“Oh, I’ll make sure she has plenty of fun. I think
she’s been working a little too hard lately anyway.
I’ll have Lisa give you a call as soon as she has some
free time when you’re not at work. You have a good day
now. Bye,” Tashara said.

Tashara went into Reggie’s bedroom to see how the two
lovers were making out. She saw Lisa’s pussy lips
snugly clinging around Reggie’s glistening, black cock
and heard the sound of wetness as the two passionately
fucked oblivious to Tashara’s presence. The odor of
aroused female filled the air.

“I is cumming in you again,” Reggie said. He took great
pride in his success subduing Lisa. Earlier she had
begged for him not to cum in her. She probably still
hated receiving a black man’s jism, but now knew better
than to complain and be shot up with more drugs. Lisa
passively accepted Reggie’s cum.

Lisa had never imagined how habit forming being with a
hypersexual, black male could be. The more she
orgasmed, the more she wanted to orgasm as her libido
began feeding off the constant sexual attention and the
drugs lowered her inhibitions and heightened her sense
of touch.

As Reggie pulled his softening phallus from his white,
trophy girlfriend’s wet slit, he admired all his goo
leaking from her snatch. Lisa immediately sat up
looking for her undergarments. Reggie noticed her
alertness � he had not d*****d her since last night.

Lisa needed another good dose of his special heroin,
cocaine, and designer d**g mixture for his final
conquest, Reggie thought, to keep her in a blissful and
cooperative state while he fucked her tight little

“What do yuz thinks yuz doing?” Reggie asked.

“I’m getting dressed. I thought you were done,” Lisa

“Sweetie, I’s can cum 15 times a day. No needs for yuz
wearing them panties and bra,” Reggie said as he
snatched the silk garments from Lisa’s hand. Reggie
walked over to his dresser and prepared a large dose
for Lisa; she grew panicky realizing Reggie’s

“Don’t look so distressed, girl,” Tashara said with an
evil grin as her large frame blocked Lisa’s path out
the bedroom door. You’ll be jonesing for more junk soon
anyways. This will just help keep the edge off for a

Lisa knew with each injection her body grew more
dependent on the addictive chemicals Reggie f****d into

“Please, Tashara, don’t let him do this to me. I’ll
fuck you any time you want, Reggie. I don’t want to
become an addict,” Lisa begged.

“It’s all right Lisa,” Tashara promised. “The stuff
Reggie’s making ain’t addictive. It will just help you
relax for a while,” Tashara reassured as Reggie again
placed the tourniquet tightly around her arm. Lisa knew
deep down Tashara was lying. But she also didn’t have
much choice in the matter as Reggie held out her arm
and brought the syringe to her awaiting vein.

“Ow,” Lisa exclaimed as she looked down at her arm and
watched the needle enter her vein. Within a few seconds
of Reggie releasing the tourniquet, Lisa’s mood
drastically improved, and she no longer felt like
leaving. Reggie brought Lisa’s left hand down to her
clit and taught her how to masturbate. In her
sheltered, Christian upbringing, Lisa had learned that
masturbation was evil and had never pleasured herself
before. Reggie watched Lisa’s wedding band sparkle as
her fingers softly rubbed her tender nub.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she repeated as her hips started rocking

Reggie’s cock grew rigid again. In the middle of her
orgasm, he pulled her up off the bed by her right hand.

“Huh?” Lisa said in her sexually aroused state.

Reggie sat down on the edge of the bed and guided her
ass on top of his still wet and slick cock. O w!” Lisa
exclaimed as he f****d her down and the head on his
massive pole slipped into her tight anus. Reggie guided
Lisa’s left hand between her legs again and made her
stroke herself while her virgin ass grew used to his
huge cock. Soon the fervor returned to Lisa’s fingers
as her clit responded to their touch. Reggie placed his
hands on her hips and began gently rocking her on his
cock. Gradually, Lisa assumed more of the movement on
her own as she grew comfortable with Reggie’s cock in
her ass.

“Oh, oh, oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!,”
she mewled as she squirmed on Reggie’s long black rod
while rubbing her clitty.

The next day, Lisa fucked Reggie willingly. She was
truly his girlfriend now. She had accepted her former
captor and rapist as her lover. Her pussy rode up and
down his slippery, charcoal cock as Tashara and
Shaquanda entered the room to see how Lisa progressed.

“You see how fond you’ve become of Reggie?” Tashara
asked Lisa.

Lisa was too preoccupied with an orgasm to answer her

“Oh, Reggie, your cock feels so good in me,” Lisa said
and then deeply kissed her black lover.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she groaned
as she rutted on Reggie’s oversize phallus.

Tashara thought it would be an excellent time to call
Doug again on Lisa’s cell phone and let the young wife
speak with her husband while she fucked Reggie.

Lisa was unaware of Tashara’s actions until she heard
her speaking on the phone. “Hi Doug, this is Tashara.
I’m so glad I caught you before you went to bed. Lisa
is right here and wants to say hi.”

Lisa grew horrified as Tashara handed her the phone.
She attempted to get off Reggie, but Reggie grabbed
hold of her hips and pushed her back down, keeping her
pussy impaled on his large cock.

“Hi honey, how are you?” Lisa said as Reggie f****d
Lisa to move her pelvis with his strong hands while she
spoke on the phone. Doug started telling her something
about his job.

“Oh, I love and miss you so much,” Lisa said to Doug.
She sensed her orgasms were about to resume and fought
desperately to sound normal.

“Have you had the opportunity to do anything fun in
Miami?” Doug asked.

Lisa bit her bottom lip and didn’t answer as her
orgasms started again.

“Lisa, are you there?” Doug asked.

“Ooh, yes, dear. This is a bad signal,” she said as she
ground her cock filled pussy into Reggie. Reggie
started rolling her nipples between his fingers. “I’ll
call back later when I have some time. I can hardly
hear you now. I love you,” Lisa said and hung up the

“Oh, Reggie, what did you do to me?” Lisa cried as she
fell forward on Reggie’s muscular chest while
continuing to fuck him.

Tashara and Shaquanda laughed as they watched the
former, stuck up, white bitch eagerly fuck the black
cock she had once desperately tried to avoid.

Later that day, much of the heroin and cocaine left
Lisa’s body. Reggie had delayed giving her another dose
to see how Lisa reacted. Lisa anxiously paced Reggie’s
room in the nude, her clothes having been taken by
Tashara and Shaquanda. Reggie could tell by her nervous
disposition that she was now hooked on the drugs as
well as his large, black cock. He brought another
syringe containing only the heroin and coke to Lisa’s
arm. She no longer needed the other exotic drugs to
help her enthusiastically make love to Reggie.

“Thank you, Reggie,” Lisa gratefully said as her new
black lover shot her up full of narcotics.

Lisa returned home to Doug at the end of the week,
having had more sex with Reggie than she had had with
Doug since they were together. Having not seen his wife
for over a week, Doug felt extremely horny. He greeted
Lisa with a deep French kiss as he reached under her
sun dress and rubbed her cunt through Lisa’s silk

“No, honey, I’m tired and don’t feel like it tonight,”
Lisa said as she tried to remove Doug’s hand from her

He was going to fuck his beautiful wife no matter what.
Doug ignored Lisa’s pleas, sliding his hand inside her

Soon Lisa was lying on the bed with her sundress up
around her waist and her silk panties hanging around
her left ankle despite her protests. Doug decided to
fuck his wife without a condom for the first time.

“I’m not on the pill yet,” Lisa said as Doug’s small
penis entered her vagina unsheathed. “Honey, I might
get pregnant,” Lisa continued, unaware that her
husband’s sperm had missed its opportunity and that she
already carried Reggie’s embryo in her womb. Her vagina
felt different without a condom, soft and smooth like
silk, yet lacking the snugness Doug remembered it once

Lisa went to her doctor, Stephen Clay, a well respected
member of the Southern Baptist Church that she and Doug
belonged to, after missing her period for two months
and learned she was pregnant. Dr. Clay had taken the
liberty of contacting Doug and informing the future
father of the good news before telling Lisa the test
results. Almost instantly members of their church
learned of Lisa’s condition, congratulating her and
Doug on their expected blessing, and preventing Lisa
from entertaining any idea of a secret abortion.

Lisa tolerated sex with Doug as her wifely duty; but,
with Tashara’s insistence, spent ever increasing
amounts of time with Reggie during her “workday”,
causing a welcome decline in Lisa’s job performance and
eliminating the former threat from Lisa to Tashara’s
position with the agency. Reggie delighted in watching
Lisa’s tummy slowly swell with the black baby growing
inside it, and her once firm tits grow heavier in
preparation for the 10 pound Negro infant they would
soon be nursing. Each day Reggie rubbed her bulging
belly before giving her the drugs she now depended on
and then pleasuring her sexually.

After baby LeRoy’s birth, Lisa left Doug, went on
public assistance, and had Reggie move in with her. She
became pregnant with Reggie’s second c***d shortly
after giving birth to their first baby.

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