White woman at a bachelor party

Hey guys I’m Gabrielle! I’m a white woman age 20 who has just had a black baby. I love him dearly and wouldn’t change anything, but the circumstances could have been better. I thought your readers might be interested in how I got pregnant in the first place… it’s a pretty different story.

I went to college for a year and a half and then I ran out of money. I went to a college in Maryland close to Washington DC. My parents wern’t rich so I was working these awful waitress jobs and making hardly enough money to survive even with tips.

I was working the late shift when some guys came in, they were maybe in their 30’s and looked like businessmen, two black guys and one white guy. They were nice and before they left the white guy came to me and said in a whisper, “How old are you?” I told him I was 18 going on 19. “Hey you’re really pretty would you like to maybe dance at a bachelor party we’re having?” I was like, “what kind of dance do you mean?” and of course they meant a strip dance. I said NO but the guy just smiled and said, “hey, no problem, here’s my card, we’ll pay you $1000, just call me if you change your mind, its in two weeks.”

Now a thousand bucks to a starving college student was like gold. I hardly slept that night and finally my roommate told me to just do it and get it out of my system or something.

A few days later I broke down and called the guy back. He was real nice and remembered me. He said the groom was partial to blondes and he liked them tall and thin and leggy like me. I should tell you that I’m kind of a bean pole, I’m 5′ 10″ and maybe 130lbs, mostly all legs I guess, I have blonde hair about down to my bra strap and I have green eyes with gold specks in them. I won’t lie, my face isn’t really like some beautiful model or anything, I have kind of a big nose and so forth, but my body is real tight and I don’t have a shred of body fat. I jog several times a week and keep fit. I guess I’m kind of typical for what you’d see in strip clubs, good enough body, average face. I had been without a boyfriend for like, six months at that time.

My heart was beating really fast when I went to the bar they had rented for their private bachelor party. I was wearing street clothes but carried a bag with my “costume”, which was a thong bikini as the guy, Jeff, had requested I wear when he “hired” me. I had poofed up my hair so it was real big and put real slutty makeup on and looked like I should be in a Motley Crue music video.

When I came into the darkness of the bar it took me a few moments to realize I was probably the only white person there and definitely the only woman there. They hooted and whistled and I was real embarrassed, never done this before but a thousand bucks was real money to me. Finally Jeff came over, the white guy, and told me, “Great, glad you showed, here’s your dressing room” and pointed to the ladies’ room. “Are all the guys… is the groom… black?” I asked him in a whisper in his ear. “Yeah, the groom’s name is Tony and I want you to show him a real good time tonight” he said with a wink. I said I was here to dance and strip for them but that was all we agreed on. He acted like it was no problem, and my jaw dropped as he handed me the thousand dollars, ten hundred dollar bills. Then he peeled off five more hundreds and put them in my hand. “Give Tony A Good Time” he said kind of slowly like I was a little c***d. I gulped but nodded, unable to give back five hundred bucks just put in my hand, it was too easy to accept. I wanted to ask exactly what he wanted me to do but he looked at his watch and said for me to come out in ten minutes.

The PA system was blaring real loud when I came out and the guys went crazy, it was such a rush, a feeling of power and sex that I’d never known before. I danced as good as I could and did a slow strip too, I’m sure my inexperience showed but they were appreciative. There were maybe 20 guys there watching all black but one.

When at last I was buck naked the guys pushed Tony up to the stage and urged him to dance with me. I’m a tall girl and most guys are around my height but Tony was a giant. I learned afterward he was a professional athelete, it was arena football I think he played. He was easily 6′ 5″ and over 300 lbs. He smiled real big when he came towards me and I was scared to death, he was so big and muscular looking and… black! Dark as the ace of spades and I was naked there and he was going to put his hands on my body. I know I looked scared but he actually had a bashful look on his face like his friends were making him do this. We embraced and we briefly did a slow dance but his huge hands squeezed my pale butt cheeks as we swayed to the music. Then he kissed my neck and shoulder and licked my shoulder and then he pulled my head back by my mane of hair and kissed me on the lips. I felt very sexy suddenly and just sort of surrendered to him and kissed him back. He pushed me back a little bit and then both his huge black hands were squeezing my creamy white breasts and pinching my pink nipples until they hurt but they were very hard. I was clearly scared out of my wits and the guys passed up shots to the stage and they urged me to down them one at a time, I did four shots of tequila and felt real warm and very friendly somehow.

Tony told me to lie down on the stage but I did not want everybody watching us. I asked him if we could go be alone and he said, “No my friends paid for this and they get to watch” I had some tears in my eyes and he said, hey, come down here to the bar and we’ll fix you another drink. I walked down to the bar still naked and the guys gathered around in a circle. I had a sense of being outside my body just watching what was happening like I wasn’t there even. I leaned over to pick up the shot glass and when I did Tony grasped me by my hips and rubbed his bulge against my butt. My eyes got a little bit wider when I realized he had taken out his cock and was rubbing it up and down on my pale butt cheeks and around my slit. Then I felt hands reaching out and touching me, a dozen hands it felt like. Tony seemed to be hard now and I felt pressure against my pussy as he tried to push inside me, I closed my eyes and put my head down on the bar, half in shame, half in anticipation of getting fucked!! I was dry though and it wasn’t easy, that’s when I looked over my shoulder and DAMN he was hung like a dinosaur, I wanted to run away but was packed in the middle of all those black guys pawing my white naked body. I heard Tony spit in his hand and he lubed up his cock then tried again, it went in a little bit but the size of it and my fear made it hurt, I moaned real loud and he started making shallow stabs over and over in my pussy trying to juice it up, finally he started to go deeper. It felt like my insides were being torn up and I gritted my teeth and beat my little fists against the bar until he got all the way inside me, I was stuffed! Like when you eat way too much your body feels like it has a log inside it, that’s how my pussy felt, stuffed and tight and I could feel him inside me so deep it seemed like he was touching my stomach somehow.

I reached down and felt just above my pussy hairs and I could swear I felt it move in my belly as he fucked me so deep. He put his large hands around my waist and started to screw me real slow and deep, in and out, in and out until I was real slick and I started pushing back against him. I had never had a cock that big before and it was making me feel real horny now. I wasn’t thinking about it being a black guy I was just getting fucked real good. The guys were all chanting his name and pinching my nipples, playing with my hair, hands stroking my ass and legs and arms, then he started doing it real hard as they chanted his name. I wasn’t ready for that and I thought he would k**l me he went so deep, it hurt and I worried that I might b***d inside from the battering he was giving me. His huge black hands squeezed around my waist so hard it drove the breath out of me “I can touch my fingers around that pretty white waist” I heard him say to me hot in my ear. “Now I’m gonna plant that seed deep baby are you ready?

I think I moaned yes, yes, hoping this would be over soon. He reached around and held me by my breasts and I looked down and saw my pale creamy boobs held in his huge dark hands- that did it!! I came so hard, I shuddered and shook in his grasp. Seeing my white titties in his black hands for some reason just set me off and I came real hard. He felt me responding at last with passion and with a grunt he pushed real hard into me, punishing my pussy to the limit and he pulled me backwards by my breasts, arching my back until my long blonde hair fell against his chest and I screamed aloud. I felt hot spurts of come inside me and I suddenly felt really juicy and warm and wet down there. He squeezed my boobs so hard it hurt and I resisted him but his strength was incredible. At last he let go and I saw red marks on my tender white boobs, felt sperm dripping out of my trembling pussy and down my thighs.

Then before I could turn or do much more, another black man took his turn behind me and entered my slippery pussy with his cock. It wasn’t near as big and it seemed to just feel slippery and good and didn’t hurt a bit, I tried to turn around but all those black guys still had their hands on my body and they were urging me on and there didn’t seem to be anywhere to run.

The guy popped his nut real fast and came all over my butt cheeks and rubbed his come into my skin. Then another guy took his turn, real slowly and sensuously, so that, I did come again from his fucking me, one of the black guys reached down to stroke my clit and now I felt myself surrendering to the moment and I did enjoy myself, forgetting about the consequences. This next guy poked his finger into my asshole when he shot his load inside me, and I’d never done anything anal before, the feeling was wild and new to me… it make me come even harder than the first time. I was weak and exhausted and could hardly stand now and they bent me over a couple of bar stools, pulling my legs apart and then another hot black cock got shoved into my trembling pink pussy.

In all five guys screwed me and emptied their loads into my white pussy that evening, it seemed to last forever but probably only lasted about an hour. They weren’t mean to me and all they wanted to do was fuck me, I wasn’t asked to do anything else. I seemed to have come all over me, on my butt, down my legs, in my hair somehow even. The last guy was a real firehose and he shot it all over me. I was shaky and trembling when they decided they were done and Jeff the white guy came over and led me back to the bathroom, he gave me an extra hundred and told me I did just perfect, thanks babe, that sort of thing. I put my clothes on and left the building and the black guys hardly gave me a second look as I left. I went home feeling slightly drunk, and very well fucked, sore in fact. I missed my period next time, and sure enough, I was pregnant. I called “Jeff” back and he said it could have been any of those guys, and he offered to help me pay for an abortion but I didn’t want to do that.

That was about twelve months ago. I have a new baby boy and I love him very much. My parents were real disappointed with me but they got over it in time. I wish I had a husband and father to love the baby too but I am thankful for a healthy baby.

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