Why am I doing this?

Patricia was admiring her body. The mirror reflected a bombshell beauty. She was thirty-eight, but she still had it where it counted. At five feet and six inches, Patricia was a woman who had taken care of her body. After only one son, she still had perky and bouncy breasts, tight abs and an incredible ass that had been sculpted even more by the squat routine she did every morning and right before bed. The total package was completed by lovely smooth skin, which was pale. There weren’t any wrinkles on the corners of her blue eyes, and her blonde hair was long.

“Why am I doing this?” she asked herself out loud. She knew the answer. Even as began to tug on her nipples, sending shivers of pleasure up her spine. Everything may look great, but no one got to enjoy her body. Abstinent and sexually frustrated, her thoughts were about her son Daniel.

Daniel had turned eighteen just last week and ever since his birthday, Patricia could not get sexual thoughts of him off her mind. The thoughts didn’t bother her, in fact, she was embracing them. It embarrassed her to admit that as hot as she was, she had refused to date the entire time she reared Daniel. Sexually frustrated was an understatement. Sure, she had various toys in which she used every night. Unashamed about her sexuality was nothing knew for her. In high school, she had even called herself a closet nymphomaniac.

Having such a title for herself, Patricia had quickly gained it as a title. Oh, the amount of cock she would suck in school. Other students, teachers, and anyone that was willing to whip their dick out for her. She had gone to college the same way. Everyone knew if you wanted your dick sucked or even fucked, she was the one to go to. That all stopped for her when about halfway through college, her birth control failed, and she had gotten pregnant with Daniel.

Daniel had quickly become her whole world. As he grew in her belly, she managed to compartmentalize her “sluttier” side, and it had stayed buried. That is until her son’s birthday. To understand why she felt the way she did, Patricia could only think of one thing, Porn. Lots of it when she had been a teenager, and one of her deepest fantasies had been an incestuous relationship after stumbling upon a series that dealt with the taboo. A fantasy never realized between her father or brothers. She had even been content to let it disappear into oblivion, but as her son blew out the candles on his cake, a specially made one that she had splurged on for him, Patricia saw her son as a man. A man who happened to live with her.

Hearing the front door of the house slam shut, she prepared to end her pity party for herself in the mirror. She sighed in frustration, if her sone had taken a few more minutes coming home, she would had have migrated to the bed . A cock would be satisfying and even though she had remained abstinent, she still took her birth control pills in case something presented itself that she was willing to take advantage of.

“Mom?” Daniel called out to her.

“In my room, I’ll be done in a sec,” she replied.

He replied, but his voice didn’t carry well through the walls of the house. She swore under her breath realizing that is she hadn’t answered, he would have investigated to see if she was alright. To have him walk in on her naked really got her bothered she could have used it to pounce on him.

The boy had gone back down the stairs. It was time to start preparing dinner while he worked on homework. Sighing, she moved around the bedroom to find something to wear. Usually, Patricia dressed reserved. She was a teacher after all and with all of the accusations flying around about educators and students, not to mention the often scandalous remarks and hunts over teachers who dressed sexually at all, she wanted to give little reason for someone to pursue her. The irony of wanting sex and not using her appeal to get it was not lost on her.

In a bag next to her bed, was what Patricia would consider unprofessional clothes. Sure, she wore sweat pants and a t-shirt on the weekends, but this bag contained a new brand of clothes-short shorts and tight shirts. She laid the contents of the bag out on her bed and looked over the colors. It didn’t matter what she wore as long as it did one thing, got the attention of her son. Deciding on a pink bottom and a light green v-neck shirt, she put them on quickly before heading out of her room. The fabric didn’t hide her hard nipples and she was glad for that. Anything to get her son to stare.

Daniel was probably already typing away at the computer. He was always working on homework. Honestly, she would check to see if he was looking at porn on the thing, but there was no way for her to tell. When he went to bed, often she was in front of that computer scouring sites of porn. She had a problem, she knew it, but since that birthday, the search history was loaded on searches on mother/son incest. What if he checked the browsing history? The thought made her blush.

In the kitchen, Patricia began to cook. In her home, there was a strict rule about dinner. Dinner was always at six, and anyone who was in the house was required to be there. The reasoning behind this was that she wanted to keep some structure that would guarantee time with her boy. Exceptions were made to the rule, but only in rare cases and often only because of her. One more thing that was almost absolute rule in the house is that they swapped days cooking. Patricia wanted to make sure her son could survive without her, especially when he went to college.

For dinner, Patricia decided on grilling some chicken up. She liked to season it kind of spicy and so to counteract that, she decided to on making a salad with a creamy dressing. The salad was filled with vegetables and set aside while she waited for the chicken to cook. There was need for a starch, and so she cooked up some brown rice to complete the dinner. When it was all finished, she made the plates and prepared to take them to the table.

Before she headed that way, she paused. What would Daniel think when he saw his mother dressed like she was? Her heart was beating, much like he times when she used to suck cock. It was out of anticipation. Patricia knew that soon, she would have to give into her urges and if there was any guilt, it had disappeared years ago. Even as she prepared to take the food out, Patricia wondered how to stir event to sex with her son. Unless Daniel freaked, which she was sure he wouldn’t because he docile to her whims with everything else. There was a flaw in Patricia’s logic that gave her pause. If she needed a dick so badly, why didn’t she just walk over to the neighbor’s and let the man fuck her? No, it had to be Daniel’s dick. The fantasy had to be realized or she would be regretful about missing the opportunity.

Picking up the plates, she took a step towards the swinging door to the dining room. She knew Daniel would already be in there. The clock above the door was just a tad bit past six, and she laughed realizing that Daniel would give her a hard time about it. When she came through the door, sure enough, Daniel commented.

“Mom, you are late,” he said. He was sitting at the other end of the table looking at the table, which was long enough to sit eight people plus the two on the end.

“Don’t you mom you’re late to me mister,” she was smiling. He looked up to see her, and his jaw dropped.

“What?” but she knew what. The idea of making him lose his word made her pussy pulse with want.

“Nothing mom,” he said. His eyes dropped, and she thought she saw him blush. Setting his food in front of him, she sat down in the seat next to him.

“Are you sure? I would hate for my make-up to be messed up.”

He looked back up at her. Her son, her boy, was uncomfortable. There was an awkward silence as she sat down next to him.


“Mom, what’s with the getup?”

“You like it?” Patricia asked “or is it too uh slutty?”

“No Mom, I like it, but I just um-“

Patricia could have eaten him up right there. Instead, she looked at her plate and dug into the salad. Taking in a mouthful, she enjoyed how much sweeter the vegetables were tonight.



She turned to look at him.

“Are you going through some sort of crisis?”

“You’re just getting so close to graduating. You won’t be here much longer to keep me
company in the big house.”

Shoulders dropped, and he started to eat his meal. They ate in silence for a few minutes, and the Patricia grew impatient with herself. Why was she being such a girl about this? Beating around the bush never solved any issues.

“So honey, have you had sex?” she asked.

A fit of coughing hit her son. She laughed before getting up to get him a glass of water. On the way to the kitchen, she made sure to swing her hips, hoping that through the coughs, his eyes would roam over her confined assets. Getting the water, she had to breathe deeply a few times to calm herself. The hand that held the glass was shaking slightly as she went to give him the water. Taking the glass, he drank fast clearing his throat. His mother sat back down at the table and waited for him to regain his composure. Finishing the food in her mouth, they locked eyes with each other.

“I ask again, have you had sex yet?”

“What? Mom…”

“What honey? I am curious. You are about to go to college.”

“Yeah, but why do you want to know?”

“It’s a mother’s duty to make sure her son is prepared for the world honey,” she said. She
was hoping that she would be the one preparing him. He was blushing now, looking away and Patricia accidentally licked her lips. Her pussy was beginning to buzz and moisture began to oil her pussy.


“No mom, I haven’t.”

She knew that he had never had a girlfriend and only once had he ever mentioned being interested in a girl, which had been one of his teachers. Daniel was not a bad looking kid at all. Of course, he was eighteen, but his face was smooth. He had her eyes, but had black hair, which was long, but kept. The one thing that Daniel had that was working against was that he was skinny as a bean pole. No matter how hard he tried, because he did once for about six months after he turned sixteen, could not eat or lift enough to build muscle mass. Visions of her son exerting himself under a weight bar that she had bought him made her blush.


“Sorry honey, this conversation is tough for me too.”

“Do we have to have it?”

She laughed.

“Of course, we do. What sort of mother would I be if I didn’t prepare you for the joys of being an adult.”

“Mom, I have studies, last thing I want is distraction.”

The words hung in the air, like a smother on the tension that Patricia was gently trying to get going on his side too.

“Well, you should find a distraction honey, it would be healthy.”

“Mom, look at me, no girl wants this geek.”

Patricia was annoyed suddenly with her son. He was lanky, but there was always a girl around for that.

“Honey, you look great, it’s me that should be worried.”

“Mom, you’re gorgeous.”

“Thank you honey, but it has been a long time since I have been asked out on a date.”

It had been for sure. Once she got pregnant, she stopped everything. All of it. No blow jobs, handies, anal, or just regular sex in fear of harming the life growing inside her. She had felt utter relief when she found out that Daniel was a boy. A girl with her drives would have been a handful. By Daniel’s age, Patricia had screwed anybody she could get her hands on. Somehow, that need hadn’t transferred to her son.

“Why not?”

“Well, it isn’t your fault, but because of you. I have devoted all of my time and effort
to my job and raising you. I didn’t feel I could do that with another man around.”

He started eating again, obviously thinking about what she had just said. After a few mouthfuls, he looked back at her.

“Aren’t you lonely?”

“No honey, I have you.”

“But then I go to college. What then?”

“I don’t know. I honestly don’t feel like getting back in the game. It’s been so long.”

“For a date?”

“That and sex too.”

If her son turned any redder, he would explode.

“Do you at least masturbate?”

She was wrong; he could turn redder.


“What honey, I do.”

“I know you do.”

His answer surprised him. Now it was her turn to blush heavily.

“What do you mean mister?”

“Well, the porn on the computer. I don’t look at it, but every time I use the search bar, the sites pop up.”

“Dammit,” Patricia thought. It had never occurred to her to clear the history. Maybe she wanted to get caught. Even though she had bought the computer under the guise for his schoolwork, it was so she could look at porn. That was the reason it was in an office downstairs so that they both could have access. Plus, it seemed such a waste to have an empty room in the house. They lived in a four bedroom, which was cheap in the area and affordable on a teacher’s salary.

“I have seen you a few times,” he added.

“Seen or watched?”

His gaze dropped and her pussy ignited. He had watched her.

“How many times?”

“A lot.”

Her pussy quivered now.

“You never said anything.”

“How was I supposed too?”

“I guess with getting a free show you wouldn’t.”

He still hadn’t brought his eyes up, but her accusation made him slump.

“Young man, I don’t know what to say to-“

The chair he was sitting in screeched as it pulled against the wooden floor. He fumbled out of the seat, and she heard him bound up the stairs. The door to his room slammed shut.

“Shit,” she said. Sighing and utterly frustrated now, she picked up the dishes and headed for the kitchen. She washed and put the dishes on the drying rack. Finished with the chore, she wondered now what to do about Daniel. She did know one thing, though; her body needed a dick, and no amount of masturbating was going to satisfy her pussy now. He was the nearest relief and so biting her lip, she conceded to pursue him.

Patricia went up to her room to prepare. She knew that if she called to Daniel, he wouldn’t respond. That meant the ball was in his court, and she had to play there. Undressing, she stood naked in front of the mirror again. The hair on her cunt was managed, but she wondered briefly about shaving it off. As she mulled that over, the idea that she needed a shower too sealed the deal on her decision.

In the shower, Patricia shaved her pussy, which was a feat for her. Years had passed since the razor had made the area pubis free. Then came the part of shaving between her cheeks and making sure that even her anus was bare of the light hair. She had been blessed that the carpet did indeed, match the drapes. Finished, she washed, using everything to smell clean and wonderful. Done, she dried herself off and blow-dried her hair. Patricia wore make-up but tonight, she decided to keep it light. A little powder, some red lipstick, and she did her eyes. Done in the bathroom, she headed into her bedroom where she found her favorite perfume, a fragrance made out of the pakaki flowers. Spraying some on her chest, she moved to spray just a bit on her neck and lastly on her freshly shaved pussy.

When she was finished with all the preparation, Patricia stood in front of the mirror. She was nervous now. The whole process had taken her mind off of how much she wanted to have sex with Daniel, but now, at the moment of trying, she was beginning to have second thoughts. He had left in such a hurry; she was worried he would completely reject her when she came to his door. Lifting her breasts up, the beautiful double Ds that she sported, she let them fall to their perky position. That was all the motivation she needed. He had never even suckled on them as a baby, and it would be a travesty if she didn’t let him.

Grabbing her wool robe, she walked over to her dresser and fished out the sexiest pair of panties she could find. The pair was a lacy almost see through red thong. That slid up her legs, sending fresh thoughts of dirtiness racing through her mind as the fabric nestled between her cheeks. Her pussy was wet, and the fabric felt delicious against her throbbing lips. Moving quickly, she intended to knock on his door, but she realized she needed something for the both of them.

Walking past his room, she headed downstairs for the liquor cabinet. Only once had she let Daniel drink and that had been after she was already drunk. After that, she had refused to drink anytime he was around, but tonight, an exception must be made. Finding her favorite rum, she within the shelves, she went to the kitchen and poured a shot into two glasses. Then she filled the rest up with sprite. The drink had no name, but Patricia liked it because it tasted just like creme soda. She headed back to her son’s room.

“Honey,” she called out “please open the door.”

There was no response. Thinking he had fallen asleep, she was about to kick the door lightly but then a click sounded, and it swung open. Her son already had his back towards her as he made his way to his bed. Patricia followed him, and when he turned around, she handed him the drink.

Daniel’s room was decorated in geeky stuff. Things that Patricia knew some about and other not. She loved to read and had made a habit of researching the stuff her son was into. Inevitably, this also led her into fan fiction and pornography. He had a desk next to his bed, which was rarely used, but it had a computer chair. Pulling the chair pout and maneuvering it to sit in front of her son, Patricia sat down.

Daniel had begun sipping his drink when they locked eyes.

“This is alcohol?” he asked.

“Yes, I figured we both could use a drink.”

“First, you want to talk about sex and then get me drunk?”

“Well, we aren’t done with the first thing and relax, it’s only a shot. You won’t get drunk.”


They sipped their drinks in silence until someone decided to break it. At that point,
Patricia was sure that her throbbing cunt was soaking through the robe and into the cushion of the chair. So she took the lead.

“You got up fast. What did I say?”

“I just thought you were gonna be mad at me for peeping on you.”

“Not at all. I was gonna tell you if you wanted to see so badly, why didn’t you just ask?”

He took another sip of his drink and was nodding his head. She waited for him to understand what she had just said, She turned and put down her cup on his desk. There was a gasp and Patricia froze. It took a second, but she felt the cold air on her breasts. The top of her robe had loosened she knew his eyes had caught sight of at least one of her breasts. Laughing, she turned back towards him, but she didn’t fix the robe.

“So, why not ask me?”

“I just-thought-it-would be wrong.”


“A son ogling his mother-I didn’t know what you would say.”

“I would have said yes.”

Patricia didn’t know that for sure. Maybe she would have, but up until his last birthday,
she had still seen him as a child. Now, he was a man.


“Because a mother should teach her boy about the world, that for me, includes sex. Have
you ever seen a woman naked before?”

“Sure, in class.”

Patricia was swiveling the chair back and forth, unsure of how to proceed with the conversation. Her idea had been to give him a real anatomy lesson, but if he had already had a slideshow.

“No porn?”

“Never mom, I swear.”

“So you got just a lesson on a slideshow?”

“Projector actually and there was you.”

“You need a better lesson than that.”

He was beginning to blush again. Patricia couldn’t stand it, but she allowed the silence to permeate the room once more. She studied him. He was fidgeting nervously.

“Are you uncomfortable?”

“Look, mom, I don’t know what to do.”

“Just ask.”

“For what?”

He looked up at her, his eyes pleading for an answer.

“Honey, what do you want?”

“I don’t know…”

“If you want my advice, just ask to see what you have been ogling all this time up close.”

They were still looking at each other.

“Is it okay?”

“Is what honey?”

She liked the game. Making him, actually say what he wanted was a good way to instruct him
on how to be a man.

“Would it be-I mean-can I see you naked.”

“Of course honey. A mother should show her son theses things. What would you like to see first?”

That question seemed to change her son. His eyes grew big, and he smiled.

“Can I see your breasts?”

Shrugging the robe off her shoulders, it fell back until it widened the opening in the front. She decided to tease him and took her time pulling each arm out of the robe. She hoped it was erotic and she pushed her chest out for his inspection.

“Gosh mom, they are even better up close.”

Her nipples, stiff as they were before, became painfully hard in the cold air. She moaned, just a bit, but her son seemed not to notice. His eyes, completely transfixed on her breasts, daring not to look away. He must feel like he was in a dream.

“Do you like them?”


Shifting, she bounced her chest slowly. It was driving her mad with lust to see him follow her mammaries. Feeling even more adventurous, she scooted forward a bit, getting his face even closer.

“I never nursed you with these you know.”

“Why not?”

“Once a girl breast feeds they lose their perkiness.”

He looked up at her. They both knew now what was going to happen. Time was all that was needed. Just the time for him to accept the idea of having sex with his mother. Then she felt his hands on her chest. It brought a moan to her lips.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t-“
His hands pulled away, but faster than a cat pawing at a fly in the air, Patricia grabbed her son by the wrists and yanked his hands back.

“Kiss them,” she whispered.

His face disappeared into her chest, and she sighed in joy. The skin on skin contact was so nice, and she had forgotten how much she missed it. The door to her buried nympho was opening slowly, and she realized right then, she needed to work fast. Sex with Daniel would be ruined if she ended up raping him. Everything that progressed had to be from him, that way she wouldn’t do any damage by forcing it. His face left her chest.

“Mom, this is wrong.”

“No honey, it is so right. Go ahead, get some handfuls.”

At first, his hands lightly squeezed her breasts, but then he began grabbing them.

“Ouch. Gentle honey, mommy likes her tits played with softly. You can do that to my
nipples if you want.”

He stayed with just the flesh of her breasts, though. Slowly kneading them and squeezing
each globe of flesh. Patricia was being worked up, and her pussy quivered in a slight release. She steadied herself.

“That’s it, Daniel; mommy likes that.”

Daniel was shaking still from nervousness, but Patricia didn’t mind his fumbling.

“Honey, it’s okay. It’s wonderful I promise.”

Disappointingly his hands pulled away from her.

“Mom, are you sure?”

Patricia cupped his face between her hands and stood up. He followed awkwardly until the
both were looking at each other.

“I am sure honey. Just to show you.”

She pulled him into a kiss. At first, he went rigid. Even his jaw seemed to lock, but
Patricia forced her tongue passed his closed lips. It took a minute for him to relax, but when he did, the kiss was returned sloppily, but eagerly. Pulling away after a few seconds she smiled at him.

“My robe fell off honey. Do you want to see the rest?”

He nodded.

“Why don’t you pull mommy’s underwear off?”

His hands drifted to her hips and fingers hooked the band of her thing. Her hands grabbed
his and she helped him by pushing his hands down. Daniel wasn’t able to remove his hands before her reach of the panties was beyond her fingers. His face was inches away from her shaven mons and she shuddered thinking about being eaten out. For now, allowing him just to glimpse her sex was enough.

“You okay down there?”

“Yeah, but I want to see more,” he said.

“Okay, but let’s go to my bed. It’s bigger.”

Patricia left her robe behind and walked to the new destination. She didn’t let Daniel say anything, but after a few moments, she heard his steps as he followed her.


“Yes, honey?” she continued, not stopping to address him. Walking through her door, she climbed onto her bed, careful to not let him see her snatch yet. He had to ask for it, and so she sat on her bed and waited for him to join her. Daniel came in slow and sat down on the bed across from her.

“Mom, how far is this gonna go?”

“Mmm, I don’t know yet,” she said, but she knew. It was going as far as she wanted. “How
far would you like it to go?”

“Can I see your um pussy?”

He smiled at her this time asking.

“Of course honey, but first, why don’t you come closer.”

Patricia held out her arms, and he scooted over to her. When he was close, she began to chat.

“What we are about to do never leaves this house. You will tell no one. If you do,
whatever this becomes stops. Do you understand?”


“Okay, now give me some room.”

He obeyed, and Patricia opened her legs, showing her pussy to a man for the first times in

“Now honey, this is a pussy,” she began. Intending on giving him a full anatomy lesson. Bringing her hand down, she spread her lips. Her musk wafted through the air, mixing pleasantly with the smell of her perfume.

“The nub right her is my clitoris. It is super sensitive.”

“Mom, I’ve seen this before.”

“Oh yeah? Well, show me where my vagina is.”

Her son took to the challenge, scooting up and hovering his face over her hot snatch. This moment was it. The moment of no return for Patricia, though she was pretty sure she had reached that long ago. Once he touched her pussy, the door would swing open on her inner nympho and her son wouldn’t know what hit him. A finger touched her out lips.

“Mom, it’s so pink.”

“Yes honey, but don’t concentrate on that. Tell me where my vagina is.”

“Mom, I think it’s here.”

Patricia yelped in surprise when a finger suddenly slid up her snatch. The switch had been
flipped, and lust completely overtook Patricia now.

“Mom, it so tight and hot. Why is it so oily?”

She could not answer him. After years of celibacy, just a finger in her body was enough to send her pussy boiling. Already, it was spasming, close to orgasm.

“Pull your finger out slowly honey,” she said as calmly as she could. Watching her son, she saw a look of concern on his face.

“It’s okay; I just wasn’t expecting that.”

He shifted and Patricia barely caught the outline of his hard dick in his pants. As his
finger slid out, she felt the grease of her lubricated pussy burst forth and flow freely down her ass. The wetness on her anus made her shudder and moan.


“I’m okay. I’m okay. Just really unexpected.”

“So your clitoris is this thing?”

Curiosity was killing her now. A finger pressed firmly on her clit, and it slipped.
Patricia was proud of womanly parts. Shaved, it looked just like a teen girl’s pussy. Her labia, a little meaty when she wasn’t horny, but as soon as it buzzed, those slightly brown labia thickened until they were cushy and inviting. As big as they were, the lips could not contain her clitoris. A meaty pussy that was charged for sex, but having a clit that was the size of a dime, completed her package wonderfully. As her desire rose, her clit erupted in size and spread her labia. To say the least, it was a hot button.

“Daniel, stop please…”

She didn’t want to say the words, but her goal was not to orgasm with fingers. They were looking at each other, and he fell back. Calming cool air gained access to the furnace between her legs and helped it calm a bit. Breathing heavily, Patricia sat up and licked her lips.

“Oh boy, you are gonna get it tonight for sure.”

Confusion passed over his face.

“Daniel, I want to fuck. I mean I want you to fuck me.”

“I can’t be mom; that would be wrong.”

Growling in frustration, she continued.

“Daniel, I’m your mother. Who is also naked in front of you and had let you touch her in
most of her intimate places. I have always dreamed of this. I want this. Besides, if there was any wrong, we passed it long ago.”

“No issues with the problem of it?”

“You’re and adult and so am I. I don’t see any issues. Besides, I am trying to prepare you.”

“Mom, this I don’t know…”

“Well, honey, it is your decision. I can’t force you, but I will promise you this, I won’t
be wearing clothes at all anymore, and I will tease you relentlessly.”

He was almost there. Almost there to accepting what she was offering. She could see it, especially being that he was gripping her blanket. A cock must be getting too hard for him. Reaching out to him, she pulled him closer.

“Honey, don’t you want to feel it some more? I promise it is so amazing.”

He groaned at her. Whatever inner turmoil was going on, she had enough of it. Her pussy needed his cock like cereal needed milk.

“Why don’t you let me see you, naked honey.”

“Okay, mom.”

Getting off the bed, he stood at the foot, fidgeting. Patrica thought she had pushed him too far, but then, he took off his shirt. It was the red one with silver letter of his favorite band. Each leg came up, and he pulled off his white socks. Then his jeans dropped, but he kept the boxers on. Outlined in the fabric of the boxers, she saw that her son had inherited something that was making her mouth water.

Patricia studied her son. Pale skin seemed to glow in the shadows of the room. He was toned, and his stomach was flat. The look didn’t matter much to her. Back in her “glory days”, she would have slept with anyone, even fat slobs. There was no standard other than for pleasure and a cock.

“So the boxers?”

Thumbs hooked the band, and he breathed once and then they dropped. A gasp of feigned
horror escaped her lips.

“We may have to change our minds about this…”

Fear passed over his face, and he just ran from the room. Patrica sprang up like a lioness leaping for her prey. She followed him, and he yelled when she caught him.

“Relax, I was joking. I want it.”

He was pressed up against the wall, and the throbbing meat pressed against her thigh. Smiling, she winked at him before grabbing his cock. He moaned, and she pulled him back to her room.

“Daniel, you have been so blessed. Let me show you why.”

Back on the bed in her room, she had her son leaning over her.

“Now honey, it’s gonna be weird to slide it. Your cock will jump right or left. Relax, we will get it in. No, take it and run up and down my slit,” she instructed. “Yes, just like that, oh that is so nice.”

Having her lips spread by a cock was sending waves of pleasure through her. Like electricity, she was being charged up even more now. Each stroke of meat through her lips was bringing her closer and closer to cumming. She was shaking and finding it hard to keep herself from maintaining control of her body. Her stomach heaved in anticipation, and she wiggled, gripping the sheets of the bed to keep herself at least in place. Inevitably when his cock was traveling down her slit, she squirmed wildly, and her hips lifted up. His cock pushed against her greasy whole.

“Go ahead son,” she begged, shivering with a new anticipation. His arms were shaking and
smiled up at him. “It’s okay honey. Time to fuck your mother.”

Her squirming hadn’t stopped. The amount of buttery juices flowing from her pussy had more than likely coated her son’s dick. Not only was he about to reach a proverbial promised land he was also about to return from which he originally came.

“Mom, something is happening.”

No. Not now. He couldn’t cum. Not with being so close to sinking into her.

“Hurry honey, push it into mommy. She needs it so bad.”

Moaning once, he shoved his hip forwards and his cock, her son’s phallus, pushed its way into her gooey pussy.

“Oh my god baby.”

“Mom, mom it so tight.”

“I know honey. I know.”

Patricia gurgled into moaning. From this moment on, her vibrator would never cut it again Heck, the thing wasn’t as thick or long as her son, and as her pussy squeezed lovingly on his dick, she felt complete.

“Okay baby, pull it out slowly.”

“Are we done?”

Opening her eyes, she tried not to laugh. It was his first time after all.

“No, hun, we have to have sex now.”

Daniel had no idea what she was saying.

“Remember honey, in school, to actually have sex, you have to pull and push your penis in
and out of mommy.”


As he slid out, her pussy gripped him.

“Mom, it’s too tight,” Daniel cried out, but he sank back into her. She wasn’t sure of it
was of his accord or if the sex-starved vagina greedily sucked him back in. Only two more complete strokes were completed before he suddenly slammed himself into her and came with a yell.


Spunk coated her vaginal walls. Spurt after spurt of thick virgin white ooze filled her. Hot and sticky, Patricia shook under its warmness.

“Oh my god son, yes!!!,” she screamed underneath him. Now thrashing, her orgasm radiated from the depths of her cunt and all over her body. She almost blacked out from the pleasure and saw stars dancing in her vision. She pulled on the sheets and thought she heard them rip, but it didn’t matter. Patricia had gotten what she wanted, and it took a while for her to settle down. Her son’s cock stayed hard in her, and she knew he didn’t pull it out because he had no idea that he should.

“Are you okay?”

Her son’s question tapered off her orgasm. She smiled again at him before reaching up and
pulling him down for a kiss. This time, his tongue eagerly greeted his. As they made out, Patricia wrapped her legs around her son’s ass. Flexing a bit, she forced his cock into her deeper. It took a few more time, but he got the message.

He lasted a little longer the second time, but Patricia did not. Once her greedy cunt had gotten a taste of her son, it found itself in an unending pleasure. Each stroke of her son’s member pushed her pussy into orgasm after orgasm. Almost twenty years of celibacy had been ended. The nympho had come out and when her son surged into her again, bathing her creamed pussy once again with his lovely seed. After the second orgasm for him, he collapsed, breathing heavily on her.

“Mom, sex is amazing.”

“I know.”

Patricia was disappointed when his cock slowly shriveled in her and fell out of her pussy; Patrica wondered how to keep the sex going longer. While she thought about it, her son nuzzled his face into her neck. Maybe it was supposed to be a display of love, but Patrica was still too turned on, and it sent fresh shivers of pleasure up her spine.


“Yeah, mom?”

“How does it feel to lose your virginity?”

“Sex is awesome mom.”

“I agree.”

“Can we do it some more?”

Laughing, Patricia pushed Daniel off of her and rolled to her side.

“Of course honey, I have so much to teach you.”