Wife and Mother-in-Law in Training

All of us enjoy the company of our mother-in-laws but
there are times when they can be downright mean to
their son-in-laws.

Always taking the wife side and complaining about how
the son-in-law is not taking good enough care or not
making enough money, etc. We all had fantasies and here
is one.

It had been a tough week at work and half the time when
I got home I had to make my own meals with the wife and
mother-in-law rambled in town shopping and doing women
things. My wife was used to my punishment of her butt
when I got mad on these items and Friday night I was

When she walked in the door that night, I immediately
made her strip and get over my lap which she did as
usual. I started walloping her big ass checks rapidly
when I heard the door open and turn around.

Honey, you forgot your bag and I brought it…

There was my mother-in-law standing at the door in awe
with my wife naked red ass over my lap and squirming to
get up. Normally I would have panicked and ran but
tonight I was beside myself, mad and horny as hell. I
started to spank my wife squirming ass again and told
Norma her mother to sit down in the chair and shut up.
She started to say something and then walked slowly to
the chair and took a seat.

“Norma, this is your daughter getting punished for not
having my supper ready tonight.” I said between spanks.
“I punish her on a regular basis and most of the time
it’s your fault. She is my slave willingly and enjoys
this kind of thing. Since you are just as much to
blame, I intend to spank your big ass afterwards. She
is also my slave girl when I want and since you are no
longer married I think it time you learn who is master

Norma didn’t say anything but just kept sitting there
watching me spank Lynn. I could hear my wife moaning
and trying to hide at the side of my legs, but I kept
the pounding up on her ass. I finally felt my wife
couldn’t take anymore and I decided to press my luck.

“Lynn crawl to the corner and put your nose there till
I say you can remove it.” I commanded her. “Norma, get
your clothes off now and crawl here.”

I expected both women to rebel and a divorce settlement
coming my way but was amazed as both women did as I
requested. Norma tits were extremely large and I
couldn’t wait to see that large ass of her close up.
When she arrived, I grabbed her by the hand and
immediately put her over my lap. I started spanking her
large ass immediately, enjoying the site of her large
butt checks shaking with each wallop.

“Norma this is what happens to bad girls who don’t obey
their masters.” I yelled at her. “It’s about time you
learn who’s yours is.”

When she said, yes master, my cock almost broke my
zipper in excitement. I continued the on-slaughter of
her butt while she pleaded to be a good slave girl and
please me in any way I wanted. My wife was squirming in
the corner and trying to rub her pussy with her legs. A
quick yell and she stopped immediately. After the
spanking, I spread Norma ass and shoved one finger deep

“Who ass is this now slave,” I said.

“It’s yours master. Oh yes master. I am a bad girl.”
Norman cried out.

By now, I was ready to test my slave girls. I told
Norma to get on the floor and I stood in front of her
with my butt to her face. I had her remove my pants and
told her put her face in there and worship my ass. In
the meantime, I had Lynn crawl over to me and start
worshipping my cock. It didn’t take long to come and I
had both slaves continued for a while afterwards till I
got weak in the knees from the climax. Both women were
till licking as I escape and sat down in the chair.

I had Lynn go get her dildo and I shoved it up her rear
in front of her mother. I then made Norma go to the
frig and shave off a carrot which I made her spread her
large ass and shove up her butt also. I toyed with each
of their toys for a while and gave each a loud spank on
the ass and told them to get my supper ready.

I lay back in the chair and enjoyed the site of two of
my favorite ladies, butt plugged, red asses, working
feverishly in the kitchen to prepare the meal. When it
was ready, we sat at the table, their plugs still in
and I enjoyed my meal while they squirmed around in
their chairs. When done, I had my wife clean the dishes
while I had Norma crawl under the table and service my
renew cock.

I then made them crawl to the bedroom as I kicked their
large asses and planned the fun and games I was going
to have from now on. The night was very young.

A man is in heaven watching his mother-in-law and wife
crawling naked to the bedroom with red wiggling butts
after having both of them service him orally. I had
gone too far to stop them and it was payback time for
the way I had been treated through the years.

Once they arrived, I had both of them got side by side
with nose to the carpet and ass up in the air. I sat
and explain the new rule that was to be followed from
now on.

1. Both of you are my slaves and will service me any
way I wish orally.

2. Your butts, pussy, and tits are mine to do with
as I see fit.

3. You will be naked at all times in my house for my

4. Pam with do the cooking and laundry daily while
her mother Norma will do the house cleaning.

5. You will be discipline nightly for the first 2
weeks to enforce your sub servitude and afterwards
as to how you perform.

6. You will never question my decisions and obey
upon command.

7. Etc, etc.

Both women, I could tell was very horny and reply yes
immediately. I tested their pussies with my hand and
knew they would obey without question for now and later
I would test it to see if they continue.

“I picked up my wife slipper and gave it to her. Spank
your bad mother hard with this 30 times slave.” I told

She immediately started spanking her mother ass till it
was red and sore. I could tell she was enjoying getting
back at her for all the times she was spanked in life.
Maybe a little too much as I notice Norma was squirming
hard to avoid the swats but still not moving out of

I made Norma thank her daughter for spanking her fat
ass by kissing Pam ass. When she thanked her properly,
I took the slipper and spanked Pam ass while she had to
put her nose in her mother butt despite her continued
complaints. Both of them was told to stand in a corner
of the room and reach behind them and spread their
asses wide while I toyed with my cock at the sight.

I teased them by making them bend in various positions
till I couldn’t wait much longer, and then had both of
them come back and worship my cock. Each had to serve
it to the other at 30-second intervals, so I had a
breather and wouldn’t come too soon. When I did it was
all over their faces.

I made each of them lick it off their faces and them
clean by balls and cock before figuring it was time to
go to bed. I had earlier decided that a new sleeping
order was in place. Both had to sleep backwards that
night with my wife tits at my feet for worship and to
keep warm and my mother-in-law at my ass and cock level
to tend to any needs I had that night. That way I could
slap their asses or tease them whenever I wanted.

I didn’t get much sleep that night. My mother-in-law
face was either licking my ass or sucking my cock all
night and I must have came at least three times. My
wife went right to sleep so I woke her up a couple of
times sticking my toes in her mouth for service.

When I woke up the next morning. Both slaves were naked
in the kitchen and breakfast was ready. I got four
clothespins and attached them to their tits while they
ate and planted my foot in their pussies throughout
breakfast. They kept squirming on my foot trying to get
off and I knew they were horny as hell. After dishes
were clean, they had to go to the frig and find a nice
toy so I could plug their butts for the day work
duties. To reinforce the effort, I had both bend over
the kitchen counter and spanked their butts with a
spatula 20 times each.

Two grown women naked with red and plugged butts do
housework and really work a guy up. I hope I was up to
it as I lay down on the couch and turned the TV on and
watched a couple of shows. I kept noticing each of them
would make every effort to walk around in front of me
wiggling their butt or tits to make sure I noticed
them. I ignore them for most of the morning till my
cock was hard again and knew I need relief.

When I yelled I need a cock sucking. Both women ran
over as fast as they could and begged to be allowed to
suck it. I told them they could trade off. One could
lap my balls while the other suck my cock.

I laid watching the show till I couldn’t concentrate
anymore and shot my load in Norma mouth much to Pam
disappointment. I told her next time I would shoot it
in her mouth as Norma was still cleaning it gleaming in

I had a special event planned for today so I told them
to follow me out the backdoor. There was a red wagon we
had for years there and I picked up a small piece of
nylon rope I had left there.

“Each of you is going to grab the wagon handle in one
hand and pulled me around the yard.” I told them as I
sat down in the wagon with the long piece of rope in my
hand. I watched them get in front and each grabbed the
handle with their large butts sticking back at me.
Quickly, I swung the rope striking Norma big ass and
then Pam as both yelp and the wagon started moving with
each woman pulling at the same time.

I was in heaven being pulled and admiring two large
asses just pointing at you that you could wallop
anytime you wanted. My cock was strobing to get out my
pants again. I swatted their asses a few more times
till we made a complete swing around the yard and told
them to stop.

Quickly, I pulled my pants and underwear down and
grabbing Pam by the hand shoved her on the grass and my
cock in her cunt. I told Norma to lick my ass as I
pounded away at her pussy. She must have come twice as
I shot my load deep in her cunt with Norma swiping my
ass cheeks in back. I knew she wanted it in her cunt
but I didn’t have anything left and demanded Pam to go
prepare a bath for us. As I turned around, Norma
swallowed my cock in one quick gulp and started sucking
on it.

“That it bitch,” I smiled down at her. “After each fuck
I expect you to clean my cock.”

She was moaning and I could see her pussy was soaking
in the ground below and knew she needed some relief. I
finally told her she was to get in the wagon on her
back and masturbate till she came once and once only
with a stern warning. Afterwards, she was to come in
and join us in the bathroom.

It was quite funny to watch as she tried to get in the
wagon barely getting her large ass in before she was
stroking her clit.

“Take your time.” I warned her. “It may be a while
before you get to cum again.”

I left her like that and went inside to find Pam was
already in the bath and clean waiting to clean me off.
As I got in, she started soaping me and licking around
all my sensitive spots so I knew she was still horny.
As Norma walked in, I demanded Pam to go prepare me a
late snack while Norma finished cleaning me off. It was
a lie of course, but I wanted to see how her mother
could do and it didn’t take long as she got in and
started lapping my chest and cock area telling me how
she wanted to clean my ass too. I stood up as she
tongued my back, legs, and ass all over.

I was now starting to get hungry, so I told her to
clean up and went to see if Pam had my snack ready yet.
I was surprise to find a TV tray by the couch with a
sandwich on it and Pam beneath the tray in a perfect
position to suck my cock while I ate. I knew I was too
sore at the moment and told her she could lap my balls
while I eat.

Her ball lapping was good but my cock was too sore at
present to get hard again as I completed my sandwich
and lay back on the couch to relax. I could tell she
was dying for me to shove it in her cunt again and was
really working hard at it so I decided to have some
mercy on her. I told her she could get one of her
stuffed animals and lay on the floor and masturbate
herself off once on it.

It didn’t take her long, as she ran immediately to the
bedroom and found a big stuff teddy bear and straddling
it on her belly start rocking her cunt on it. Norma had
reappear and looking down at her whining body on the
bear smiled at me.

“Master, may I please fuck a bear too,” she begged.

I couldn’t believe how horny these women had become and
knew I couldn’t pop them for awhile so I told her to go
pick out one of Pam animals herself and she could play
with it like Pam was doing.

She was back in no time with what looked like a gator
or something and got down on her belly with it between
her legs rocking on it like Pam. I didn’t think either
lady could cum that way but it sure was exciting to
watch their asses in back squirming wildly on the stuff
toys. When Pam yelled out, I was amazed that she was
able to come and even more amazed that Norma yelled out
just moments later.

Boy what have I awaken in these women, I thought as I
watched them continuing to squirm on the animals. I
couldn’t let them do that all day or I’ll lose control
over them.

“Stop sluts and clean your toys,” I demanded. “Be sure
to lick them clean before you put them up.

Both women with moans of regret got off their animals
and started lapping them with their tongues before
carrying them back to the bedroom. Their asses were
still swinging in back and I knew if I let them carry
on any longer their butts wouldn’t be good for anything
else today. I had them clean up and house and do
laundry for awhile to try to cool them off a bit.

As I rested my cock was starting to get hard again, I
got the urge to get up and went to the laundry room to
see Norma bent over with her waist with her head in the
dryer picking up clothes. I couldn’t resist the urge as
I got behind her and pointed my cock at her asshole.
She pushed back as she felt it and almost engulfed it
in one push. The bitch was horny as hell as I pushed
the last part in till it was fully inserted in her
asshole and started fucking it. Pam must have heard as
I glanced up to see her walk in.

“My turn to lick ass,” she said to my surprise as she
got behind me and started lapping my ass like Norma had
done earlier in the yard. I couldn’t believe how easy
these women had turned from normal housewives to total
depraved sluts but I was enjoying it to the max shoving
my cock in and out Norma big ass till I shot my load
inside. She was still milking my cock as I just laid on
her back trying to get more out of it and my butt hole
had a tongue deep inside still wiggling.

I let them continue for awhile and then told them I was
going to take a nap but if I caught either of them
playing with themselves they were in for a good ass

I got to the bedroom and finally got on the bed to
rise. Before I dozed off, I got this wonderful feeling
there was going to be two sore asses before the night
was over.