Wife’s day goes to the dogs

Nicolett was feeling lonely-and very, very horny this
morning. As usual, her husband, Pete, was off at work.
That meant that all she had was her fingers to give her
relieve she needed.

She sprawled naked on the bed, running her hands up and
down her body. She could feel her pussy swelling with
arousal and her juices began to flow. Her large tits
rested high on her chest and, in spite of their
enormous size, they did not sag even a fraction of an
inch. Her nipples were large as well as long and, at
this moment, they were tingling and burning with

She was thinking about her husband, Pete, and wished
that he could be there and help her relieve the
pressure in her firm body.

“Oooooh,” she groaned, letting a finger trace her outer
pussy lips.

They felt all wet hand puffy from hornyness.

She thought about getting her big dildo from the
dresser. Pete had bought it for her birthday last year,
it was twelve inch long and enormously thick. Pete had
a large cock too and Nicolett loved to be filled up to
the hilt with cocks.

“No, I have to get things done around the house,” she
told herself.

“I’ll let the tingle stay in my body all morning while
I do my stuff,” she told herself. She enjoyed feeling
horny like that.

Nicolett got up from the bed and put on a robe, naked
under it. And she went to the kitchen to make some
coffee. She could feel her puffy pussy lips rubbing
against each other when walking. It sent shivers
through her body.

Sitting in the kitchen having her coffee, Nicolett was
thinking of her life with Pete. She loved him so much
and they had their own house and everything looked
promising for the future. The only thing that bothered
her were the lonely days. She had no friends around
their house to visit. Nicolett was often horny in the
mornings and she often wanted to call Pete at work to
tell him how horny she was and that she wanted him to
come home and fuck her, yes, fuck her hard…

But she never did, Pete was too proper to do a thing
like that, she thought.

She started to do her usual stuff around the house,
still naked under her robe. All the time she could feel
that sweet tingle in her crotch and from time to time
she put her hand inside the robe and touched her
pussy… It was so hot, and wet!

When she went out on the balcony to water her flowers
she heard noise from the backyard. Looking over the
edge and down onto the ground she saw a dog, a large
dog. She thought it must be a Dane or something.
Nicolett didn’t know much about dogs at all.

Suddenly she saw two more dogs, coming out from under
the balcony. One chasing the other, she could see that
the one being chased was a Collie and the other was a
German Shepherd. The Shepherd looked like the
neighbor’s dog. Yes, Nicolett thought, it is the
neighbor’s dog, Enzo, a large black German Shepherd.
And he was chasing the Collie, a female, across the
lawn. Enzo tried to get his nose under the Collie’s
tail, but the she kept him off. The Dane running next
to them, also a male, she had never seen before. He
was huge.

Nicolett realized that she was standing there watching
the dogs…

“That bitch is in heat, and Enzo is trying to fuck
her!” Nicolett told herself. The thought sent warm
trembles through her body and she squeezed her thighs
together, feeling how hot her pussy was.

The Collie-bitch kept the German Shepherd from her rear
for a while, running back and forth on the lawn. The
Dane was mellower and kept a distance to the two dogs.

Nicolett felt her b***d flow warm through her body. Her
nipples were erect and she knew watching Enzo chasing
the bitch, was turning her on…

Nicolett looked over towards the gate, and saw it was
half open.

“Oh! Pete must have forgotten to close it” she told

Without knowing why, Nicolett rushed from the balcony,
down the stairs to the side door where the gate was.
She carefully opened the door and looked outside. She
could not see the dogs from there. Carefully she closed
the gate, and secured it. She went back inside, but
this time she didn’t go back upstairs. Nicolett went
into the family room in the basement, facing the
backyard. The room had a large window and she could
see the whole yard from there. The dogs still running

Nicolett pulled a chair over to the window and sat down,
her robe fell partially open and she could feel her
throat was dry and she was breathing heavy from the
sexual excitement.

The Collie came over close to the window and she
stopped for a moment, Enzo immediately putting his
nose under her tail. He was licking out with his tongue
and the bitch pulled her tail away.

Nicolett could see the male’s tongue lapping over the
puffy dog pussy. After licking the bitch’s pussy a
little, Enzo moved up to mount her. But the Collie ran
away, teasingly, Nicolett thought.

Again the bitch stopped and the German Shepherd was
behind her, sniffing her pussy. Nicolett looked under
the male’s belly to see if she could see his cock, and
she could, just a little of it, but it made her even
hotter. The dog cock was a little red, but it was
rather thick. Nicolett had never really looked at a dog
cock before.

The same thing happened again when Enzo tried to mount
the bitch, she ran away. Around and around they went
and they ended up in front of the window again. Now the
Dane was close too. Nicolett looked under his belly, but
she could not see his prick. But she saw the huge bulb
of skin covering it.

“That dog must have a huge cock,” Nicolett said to
herself. She had her fingers playing with her pussy
again. She was leaning back in the chair, legs spread
and the robe all open. Her pussy was all wet and she
could feel how horny she was.

Outside the Shepherd was licking the Collie’s pussy
again. Her tail was to the side and Nicolett could see
her pussy clearly. It was all red and puffy. She was
enjoying the tongue licking and she was now standing

Enzo the German Shepherd, moved around her, placing
his head on her back. Nicolett could now see his cock
more clearly. The tip of it was outside the sheath of
skin. It was all shiny and red. Nicolett thought it
looked delicious. Still playing with her pussy, she
grew closer and closer to an orgasm. She lifted her
legs up and spread them over the armrests of the chair.
This position f****d her pussy lips to part and she
could freely play with her fingers in her warm wet

“Ooooh! My God, this is so hot,” she said to herself,
now pushing two fingers inside her pussy, stroking it

Enzo moved behind the bitch again and started mounting
her. This time the bitch didn’t run. The large male on
top of her starting humping back and forth. Nicolett
could clearly see the dog cock now. It was hitting
around the dog’s pussy again and again. The cock was
all shiny and more of it was showing as the dog kept on
trying to hit the right spot… Finally the male was
able to hit the pussy and with his legs firmly around
the sides of the bitch, he started to push his cock
into her.

Nicolett could see the cock growing larger by the second
as it went inside the bitch’s red pussy.

“Oh!” Nicolett said, breathing hard and stroking her
pussy faster and faster with her two fingers. The juice
was flowing from her pussy lips down between her ass

“I’ve never been so horny in my life,” she spoke out.
Still watching the dogs outside, the Dane was now next
to the fucking dogs. He stared at them and started
sniffing at the bitch with the cock being thrust into

Enzo humped harder now and more of his cock was inside
the Collie, to Nicolett it looked like he was all inside
her now and he kept on fucking her… The Dane now
moved behind Enzo and started sniffing between his
legs. Lapping his tongue against the balls.. Nicolett
now noticed that the Dane had a hard on too… And she
almost swallowed her tongue at the size of it.

“What a huge cock… And so hard” she spoke out loud.
Her fingers deep inside her swollen pussy, stroking
herself while looking at this huge dog cock in front of
her. The Dane’s cock was about half way out and Nicolett
kept on looking at it… Her eyes burned and she
started to think about how lovely the cock looked…
and how horny it made her.

“I wonder how it would…. No, don’t think like that.”
she told herself.

But the thought came back…

“That cock must be at least eight inches when it’s all
outside… and it is so fucking thick already..”
Nicolett could not sit still any longer…

She got up from the chair and walked closer to the
window, she had to see this closer…

The Dane saw her first, and he jumped away from behind

He moved a few steps out on the lawn, stopped and
looked at her. His eyes were big and Nicolett felt
warmth inside of her while looking at those large dog
eyes. A sort of contact was established between them.

The Collie saw Nicolett now and she tried to jump
forward, but she couldn’t.

The large Enzo on top of her had his cock buried
inside of her his cock had now locked up so there was
no way back for them…

Nicolett kept on stroking herself, while standing at the
window, watching these dogs fucking on her lawn.

This was the most exciting and horny thing she had ever
seen… She had her legs wide apart and she was
rubbing her clit hard… close to her orgasm…
Looking at the dogs, and the Dane. Oh! my God I’m
coming…. It’s so good!” Nicolett was yelling now and
her pussy juices flooded her fingers when she came…
Her orgasm was so strong that she had to get on her
knees on the floor while the orgasm rushed through her
body. She still looked outside at the Dane trying to
mount the bitch, but it was impossible for him…

“Ooooh! He needs a pussy… His cock is so beautifully
hard and big…” Nicolett was thinking about it all the
time while her body was trembling in orgasm…

There was a door from the family room leading right out
to the backyard. Nicolett opened it all the way, but
stayed inside… There was a tall fence around the
yard so nobody could see in from the outside.

The dogs looked at the door, they started running
around again. Now Enzo was running, too. They
constantly looked over toward her standing in the

“Enzo… Come here boy,” she called softly.

The German Shepherd stopped and looked at her. He knew
her from some time back. She had met him when her and
Pete were at his house for a party. She remembered he
was very friendly and liked to be petted.

“Here, Enzo. Come to me you good dog..” she spoke
softly and crouched down in the doorway.

Enzo moved closer and finally came up to her. He
sniffed at her hand…

“Yes, smell my pussy juice boy…” she said. Letting
him lick her fingers.

The other two dogs also got curious and came closer.
Nicolett moved further inside the room and Enzo
followed her willingly. While squatting down on the
floor, Nicolett started to pet him while waiting for the
Dane and the Collie to come in. And then did, finally
come inside.

Nicolett stood up, moved slowly towards the door and
closed it quietly.

The family room was very large and it had a large open
area over by the fireplace. Nicolett moved over there
and sat on the floor. Again she called Enzo over to
her. He started licking her face and fingers and he
also sniffed at her robe, hanging loose over her body.

“Yeah. Good boy, Enzo… Like the smell??” Nicolett
could feel the juices flowing in her pussy again….

Opening her robe, she let the dog lick her upper body
and her breasts. It gave her goose bumps to feel his
warm and wet tongue on her body.

‘She’ was in heat now, like the bitch in the same room.
The Collie was running around in the room with the Dane
after her, his nose under her tail now.. From time to
time, they came over and sniffed at Nicolett.

Nicolett spread her legs a little to see what Enzo
would do. He kept licking her upper body and was not
too interested in her crotch!

“Come on Enzo, I have a hot little cunt down there. It
loves to be licked… and fucked, by large cocks..” she
got hotter by the moment.

The bitch was now standing in the middle of the room,
the Dane licking her pussy juices again. Now Enzo went
over there…. The Dane moved away a little and let
Enzo put his nose at the Collie’s pussy, licking her

Nicolett felt disappointed.. Her pussy was all wet, but
the dogs preferred the bitch over her. She got on her
hands and knees again, now moving around next to the
dog bitch… “You’re as horny as I am… you bitch..
You should share some of these cocks with me…”
Nicolett spoke out loud.

An idea formed in her mind.

“I don’t smell like a DOG-bitch. Maybe that’s what’s
wrong…” she thought.

The males were still mostly interested in the Collie.
Nicolett pushed her fingers into bitch’s pussy… It was
warm and juicy, her fingers got all juicy. The bitch
liked her fingers, because she put her tail to the side
and fucked against her fingers… The two fingers went
deeper inside the dog, then all the way in, and the
bitch fucked harder against Nicolett’s stroking

“You fucking horny bitch… You’d fuck anything,
wouldn’t you? Nicolett said to the bitch, knelling
there with her tongue hanging out.

The male dogs were also very interested now. Enzo
seemed to be the dominant one again, and when Nicolett
pulled her fingers out, he starting lapping at pussy
again, wildly. The Collie now with her tail all to the
side, exposing her horny pussy to Enzo, wagging her
hips and looking back at him. Enzo got more excited
now and Nicolett looked under his belly to find some of
his cock peeking out again. It was wet, and now when
she was close, she could see drops of precum on the

While looking at it she was still on her knees, feeling
very horny, and she stuck her juicy fingers between her
pussy lips. She smeared the juices from the Collie’s
pussy on her own lusty lips.

Her eyes were glued at Enzo’s cock in front of her…

“It is such a lovely cock, Enzo…. It must be good to
feel it inside a pussy. I think I am jealous of that
bitch in front of you…” she said.

Suddenly she felt something on her bare ass.

The Dane…. Behind her, he was sniffing her now.
Nicolett felt more juices flow to her pussy.

“He’s smelling the hot juices from the dog’s pussy…”
she thought. Getting more excited she wagged her ass
for the Dane. Behind her the huge dog started sniffing
all over her ass, his tongue leaped out and licked the
crack of her ass… It sent shivers through her body.
The Dane sniffed at the trembling ass in front of him,
he licked her ass again and let the tongue stroke from
her pussy and up through the crack.

“He must think I am a dog-bitch in heat..” Nicolett
thought, happily letting him do what he wanted.

In front of her, Enzo was still licking the bitch’s

Nicolett looked at his cock again and she let her
fingers touch it, lightly first, and then she grabbed
the tip of it with her hand… Enzo humped immediately
against her hand and his cock got harder and longer…
Nicolett was so excited now from the Dane licking her
from behind and the large dog cock in front of her.
She moved closer to Enzo, her head was under his belly
and her hand holding his growing cock… It was wet and
juices were dripping form the tip.

“Ooooh! Enzo. Your cock is so hard now, and juicy. I
have to taste your precum…” she reached out with her
tongue. It touched the tip of his cock and it jumped
immediately and grew bigger. Nicolett tasted the

“Sooo sweet it is… And warm…” she murmured.

The Dane was all excited now and when Nicolett looked
back quickly, she could see his huge cock partially
extended from its sheath. The Dane moved back and
forth, testing Nicolett like he would test a dog bitch.
And Nicolett was all ready for him… She kept licking
at Enzo’s cock in front of her. It was growing bigger
and Enzo was now fucking her hand, holding his cock
firmly. Enzo had forgotten the dog bitch now… He was
only enjoying the lovely feelings in his cock.

Behind Nicolett, the Dane tried to mount her, but it
didn’t work… He was too tall for her. Just like the
Collie, Nicolett was not tall enough for the huge dog.

Now Nicolett was getting desperate for cock…

“Come on, fuck me dog. Fuck my hot pussy…” she turned
around, facing the Dane. She got under his belly and
grabbed his hard cock… Juices were dripping form it,
flowing from it now. She put her lips around the tip.
The Dane started humping crazily against her lips.
And then, behind her, Enzo started licking her ass
now… He was all excited and started testing her at

“Enzo, fuck me… I need your huge cock inside my
cunt…” she wagged her ass again, still with the Danes
cock between her lips. She now started stroking his
cock hard with her hand, and the Dane fucked against
it, his cock now all the way out and growing quickly…
The cock stroke deeper inside her mouth and she started
sucking at it, too. The Dane went crazy now, he had not
been able to get his cock off. This treatment sent him
orbiting and fucking Nicolett’s mouth harder by the

His cock was so big now, it filled her mouth
completely, and only half of it was inside. The rest of
it, Nicolett kept on stroking with her hand, harder and

Behind her Enzo started mounting her… Her knees far
apart, Nicolett got ready for the fuck of her life.

“Yes, Enzo… That’s it.. You can do it. My pussy
needs your cock juices to cool off now…” she said and
grabbed the Dane’s cock with her mouth again.

Enzo, on top of her ass, his forelegs firmly grabbing
around her waist. The large dog positioned himself
behind her and suddenly, Nicolett could feel something
warm touching her thigh… The cock… She got sooo
excited she sucked harder on the Dane cock in her

Enzo started humping and feeling with his cock to find
Nicolett’s wet pussy. He fucked back and forth, but kept
on missing… Nicolett, desperate now, took her hand
off the Dane’s cock. Reached between her legs and
grabbed Enzo’s cock… Enzo jumped at the touched and
his cock hit up between Nicolett’s ass cheeks… Eagerly
she guided his cock to her pussy lips. As soon as
Enzo felt the warmth from her pussy he fucked forward
with several hard fucks… Nicolett’s hand could feel
the bumpy, rock hard cock slide between her fingers and
a little inside her pussy. She felt all over the cock
behind her and felt the huge juicy cock skidding
eagerly between her fingers. She let go of the cock and
grabbed the Dane’s cock again, stroking and sucking

Enzo fucked harder now and he managed to get more cock
inside of Nicolett’s pussy… Deeper and deeper it went
and Nicolett started to get all dizzy from the heat
rushing through her body.

The Shepherd’s cock was now all the way inside her
grasping pussy, and it grew larger by the second…
filling Nicolett’s pussy all the way. Enzo now was
stroking her very hard, and his cock was hitting all
the way in the back wall of Nicolett’s hungry pussy…
His cock grew, and grew, forcing her pussy lips apart.
Nicolett could feel some pain, but there was no way back

She was panting with her mouth wide open now, stroking
the Dane’s cock with her hand, his cock fully erect and

“Ohhh, I wonder if I can take your cock in my pussy,
too.’ she said to the Dane, looking at his dripping,
jerking monster cock fucking her hand…

Enzo’s cock filling her pussy was now spasming and
jerking inside her and she knew they all were at the
brink of an enormous orgasm…

“Fuck me HARD. Enzo. OH yeah! Like that, all the way
in the bottom of my hungry cunt…” she screamed and
went over the edge… her body shaking and her pussy
grasping hard around the dog cock deep inside her
pussy… Enzo felt her pussy muscle around his cock,
the huge knot at the base of his cock was now firmly
locked inside this horny orgasming pussy he was fucking
so hard… His cock jerked and jerked and he finally
started to come with Nicolett’s spasming cunt.

The huge dog’s semen squirted inside her pussy, she
could feel the warmth from it sent her further to a
second orgasm… In front of her the enormous Dane’s
cock was jerking in her hand and as she looked it, it
started to come, too. Thick juice squirted out and with
her hand, she aimed it at her face. The second shot hit
her face, and another one, and again and again the
Dane’s cock came over Nicolett’s face, thick jism
running down onto her lips and she licked it eagerly
with her tongue.

Enzo was locked into her pussy and tried to get off,
but he could not get his cock out of Nicolett’s spasming
pussy muscles… By the thought of the hard dog cock
locked inside her cunt, Nicolett had several orgasms
running through her body… Juices, mixed with the dog
cum run out on the side of the dog cock and down the
back of her thighs.

Several minutes later, Enzo’s cock started to relax
and Nicolett’s pussy let up on the grab of his cock…
It finally slid out and Enzo jumped off her back.
Nicolett fell to the floor, totally exhausted… The
male dogs licking their cocks clean was laying next to
her… The Collie had been watching curiously all the
time… she now stood by the door and whined a little.

Nicolett was able to get her self together and got up
from the floor… She went over to the door and opened

She went outside and opened the gate, too. Then she
returned to the house and went upstairs, still naked. A
few minutes later, she saw the three dogs running
through the gate and out into the street…

“Oh my God… What a mess down here” Nicolett felt
juices and dog cum running from her pussy and down the
inside of her thighs and her face was all sticky with
the cum from the Dane.

Nicolett went and locked the gate and the door… She
lay down on the couch and started thinking back of what
had happened.

“What will Pete say… Should I tell him?” she
wondered… Nicolett showered herself, and the rest of
that day went on thinking of what to do…

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