Young Boys Help Me Teach my Wife a Lesson

I was pissed at her for being so rude to my friends at
a party we were at. They were just flirting with her a
little like young-virile men that they are and she got
upset. She is always like this so uptight about herself
and her fuckin’ stupid ideals. I just stood there
looking like a moron. Jake, one of my colleagues, saw
that I was upset and took me to a corner and tried to
cheer me up, “Oh c’mon BL, wives are like that. Mine is
as fucked up too.” Marcus, another guy from work,
joined us too and added his opinion, “Nah bro, these
damn women need to be taught a lesson.”

“How can I teach her a lesson,” I asked them well to
tell the truth I am not the best of friends with them
but I was hot in my head and I was pissed with so much

Marcus laughed, “Leave it to me. I will devise a plan
and make her regret her behavior today.” Then he winked
at Jake and me. Suddenly I felt like I was finally
accepted in my new office and I winked too. Then we
laughed heartily. After a while, Marcus got me a drink
and asked me to hand it to my wife. “What’s in it
dude,” I asked and he just laughed, “trust me it’s not
poison even if you want it to be!” I laughed too and
staggered over to my wife who was still surrounded by
all the men even though she was bad-mouthing then

They seemed to like this behavior of hers. If you leave
this rudeness aside, my wife is pleasing to the eyes
and her big tits and ample ass never goes unnoticed at
malls and shopping arcades. Today she was wearing her
favorite hot black dress which barely covers her upper
thighs and each time she bent down to pick up stuff for
the guys (come to think of it, they were dropping a lot
of stuff and shouldn’t they be picking up their stuff)
her white lacy panties were clearly visible from a
certain angle. I didn’t interfere so far because I
thought this was their way of taking revenge and a
little bit of eyeful of her booty won’t hurt her!

Anyway, I approached her and handed her the drink.
“Thanks honey,” she cooed sexily, “You are so cute, and
docile compared to your rowdy and ill-mannered
colleagues.” She sipped the green colored drink, and
all of the guys laughed lewdly. She gulped the drink
down and Marcus offered her another one, which went
down as fast as the first one. She staggered a bit and
Jake put his arms around her waist to stop her fall.
But accidentally (I thought it was intentional) he bent
down more than necessary and she toppled over landing
entirely in his big black strong arms. This was greeted
with cheers (someone tell me why?) and all the guys
gathered opposite me then I realized that they were
getting another perfect view of my wife’s panty-clad
pussy. Let them be so childish, I thought.

There must have been something in the drink because
after that moment, my wife just went haywire. She
started dancing with the same men she was abusing. When
she came back to me after two dances, her dress had
ridden up. I would have smoothed it down but I was
still pissed with her and thought never mind let people
see her like this. Serves her right. When she turned
around to look for a bar stool, I realized that the zip
of her dress was half done but I didn’t tell her just
to make a fool of her. Mahesh, one of my colleagues
from India, came up to say hello to me. He stood behind
my wife with his big black hands on my wife’s creamy
white shoulders.

All the while he was chatting to me, his hands were
rubbing her shoulders and she was sitting there wasted,
smoking a long cigarette. Then out of the blue, Mahesh
stopped talking to me and asked her, “You wanna dance
with me?” Even before she said anything he whisked her
off the stool and led her to the area where everyone
was dancing. When they were leaving, I saw, to the
delight of my still pissed head, Mahesh unhooked my
wife’s bra from the open zipper.

I tried to see them dance but it was too dark. Anyway I
got busy talking to the barman who was this nice black
man from Bahamas. The dude was working part-time as a
bartender at private parties like the one we were at to
pay for his education. He said he was 25 but I thought
he was a hell lot older than that. He was just wearing
a pair of Bermudas and a singlet and his biceps were
bulging each time he mixed a drink. “Mate, I have been
lonely here,” he said, “Do you mind if I have a dance
with your sweet lady?” Sure, I said nursing another
drink and a cigarette. So when my wife came back from a
dance with Mahesh, Daga, the bartender asked her if she
was tired and wanted to rest.

I thought what the fuck, he wanted to dance with her!
But anyway my wife did look like she needed some rest,
she was pooped. She couldn’t stand on her two feet.
Daga pulled her up and tried to carry her to a room but
couldn’t, I was damned to have to help the bitch but as
if god was on my side, Mahesh came rushing by and
offered to help. I was so pissed that I didn’t even
thank him. But a few minutes later, I realized that
how stupid I had been to have not thanked him so I got
up somehow and started looking for Mahesh.

I couldn’t find him so I went to look for my wife so
that we could just get the hell out of this stupid
party. I found them in the pantry adjoining the
kitchen. My wife was lying on a high bench and Mahesh’s
black hands were holding my wife’s ears tightly and his
9-inch long and 4-inch wide uncut cock was assaulting
her once ruby red mouth. She seemed conscious but
didn’t seem to understand what was happening. But she
let Mahesh fuck her mouth happily. Daga was behind her,
his never ending fat black nigger cock giving my wife
the vaginal probe.

The blue-black uncut cock was coated with my wife’s
pussy slime. And he was banging her hairy cunt to all
his virile worth. I stood there aghast and open mouthed
as Daga uttered some incomprehensible nonsense in a
high-pitched voice and slammed his nigger cock balls-
deep in my wife’s hungry pussy. His ass clenched and
muscles twitched as he blasted his baby-making man-
juice in my wife’s pussy. As his big orgasm ended, he
squeezed the root of his cock to get every single drop
of cum out in my wife’s pussy. Then he pulled out,
leaving a wide open gap in my wife’s fucked up pussy.

A big dollop of his thick gooey sperm landed on his
fingers and as he stuffed his softening and still
pushing 10-inch cock in his Bermudas, he passed me
standing dumbfounded at the door and without me
realizing pushed his cum in my mouth. All I could do
was to lick my lips and watch Mahesh shift from my
wife’s slack mouth to her slimy but still fuckable

“BL,” he gestured me to come over, and as I moved
closed in a trance, “Help me clean this slimy mess,” he
said and pushed my head towards my wife’s freshly
fucked pussy. I was forced by my Indian colleague to
clean the nigger’s cum from my wife’s pussy. I was
disgusted but Mahesh was too strong for me and I HAD to
clean the slimy sperm otherwise I couldn’t breathe.

Once it was clean enough, Mahesh stabbed my wife’s
pussy with his nine-inch long Indian cock. He fucked
her like it was his last fuck and my wife’s body bucked
under him. When he was done, he pushed me down and
wiped his cum-coated cock on my face and left. I was
still lapping my wife pussy (at my own initiative this
time) when Marcus and Jake appeared. They were slowly
stroking their black cocks and I watched open-mouthed
as Jake pushed his 11-inch black monster in my mouth,
“Get it ready fagot and then we’ll help you take
revenge on your bitch of a wife.”

Well, I had to do as they asked me as it was anyway my
own idea to teach her a lesson. And then, well, I sort
of started hoping that with Jake, Marcus, Daga and
Mahesh on my side, I could make this revenge a lifelong

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