Young housemistress keeps all the family men happy

As she wiped herself after peeing, Rita saw the white
pearly liquid on the tissue. It was there quite often
these days. She reached with her middle finger to the
source and spread more of the male juice up to her
clit with gentle motions.

Another climax was hardly necessary as her pussy was
still swollen from the vigorous and thorough fucking
she had just finished, but it always felt good. She
cleaned her neatly trimmed red pubes as well. Getting
back into bed with her sleeping sex partner, the 22
year old snuggled behind him and reminisced, “What
have I gotten myself into… or rather what has gotten
into me?”

Her thoughts drifted back to the day a year earlier
when the middle aged man who frequently came into the
family restaurant where she was a hostess first struck
up a conversation with her beyond the usual
politeness. After that she always spoke to him and he
engaged her in conversation more often as she checked
on his service. She noticed that he would bring two
older teen boys with him at dinner time and would have
an occasional woman companion at breakfast.

Among many other questions, he had learned about her
tastes in art, but she was still surprised when he
invited her to dinner and a special exhibition the
next Saturday. She made arrangements to leave work
early to accompany Thomas, this charming new friend.
Rita rarely dated, still living at home with her
mother and two younger brothers. It wasn’t for lack of
asking, since the nicely proportioned redhead was
certainly attractive.

A number of disappointing experiences with boys and
men her own age had turned her off to her peers.
Because of the age difference she viewed Thomas as a
friend. He, however, had a much different viewpoint of
her. The conversations with Rita had revealed the
maturity and intelligence that he preferred. His
predilection for redheads showed in his morning-after
breakfast companions. He didn’t know if Rita had
noticed that.

The evening out was greatly enjoyed by both and Thomas
received an affirmative reply when he asked if he
might ask her out again. Rita was surprised when her
companion did not seem to expect a kiss at the
doorstep so she gave him a quick hug with her thank
you instead. His respect for her throughout the
evening made a big impression.

There was another, more secret reason Rita didn’t
date. Although endowed with the above average sex
drive often found in redheads, her needs were
regularly taken care of at home. She had been screwing
her younger brothers since they turned fifteen. With
two horny young men available she rarely felt needy.
When Rita’s periods began, her mother had done the
obligatory sex education. When she detected that
desire was making Rita restless she introduced her to
masturbation and sex toys.

Just before her fifteenth birthday Rita was started on
birth control and, with Rita’s informed consent as a
special birthday present, her youngest uncle
introduced her to the pleasures that an experienced
man could provide. Rita’s mother shared with the young
virgin that this uncle, who often spent the weekend in
her mother’s room, had been fucking her before,
during, and after her marriage and she trusted his
skills and consideration for her own daughter.

For the next year he had two women to satisfy.
Spreading her legs for a few schoolmates had paled in
comparison to the older lover so she quit doing the
other boys. As her brothers turned fifteen, the
experienced young woman gave each of them a proper
introduction to the wonders of the female body. She
regularly took care of their needs, as well as
occasionally enjoying her uncle, while improving the
boys’ skills and endurance.

Over the course of several outings, never referred to
as “dates’, Rita learned that Thomas lost his wife
five years earlier in a truck collision. The insurance
settlement left him financially secure but he enjoyed
working so continued as an independent computer
consultant. His sons were 17 year old twins.

He learned about her mother and brothers, a father who
had left them ten years earlier, and her nursing
degree program at the local community college. Each
recognized the growing bond but maintained the fiction
that these were only friendly get-togethers. Rita’s
feelings were quite high as Thomas took her home, so
she would strip and find at least one brother to bang
her to sleep.

On the fifth “outing”, Rita couldn’t put up the
charade any longer. As they got in Thomas’ car to take
her home, she turned to him and gave him a long wet
kiss. She said, with a shaky but determined voice, “I
appreciate your respect for me but I am a grown woman
and I want you to take me somewhere private so I can
show you how much I care for you!” He held her hand as
they went to his house and they explored each other
completely and repeatedly through the night.

She met the twins at breakfast. She enjoyed their
gawking at her body covered only with one of their
dad’s t-shirts and bikini panties. After refueling
their bodies, the two new lovers got in another hour
of sex before Rita had to leave for work. After she
left, the boys were very inquisitive about this much
younger than usual bedmate of their father’s. He
answered a few questions then went back to bed for a
nap. She had a lot more energy than the 37 year old

Their dating and screwing increased in intensity. The
twins were getting to know Rita since she was often
there in the mornings. Her brothers were jacking off
more often since her pussy wasn’t so readily available
even though she did her best to be a good sister. One
Friday afternoon, knowing she would be gone for the
weekend, Rita fucked each of them just before Thomas
picked her up.

Thomas hadn’t been with her for several days so he
went directly home, peeled off their clothes and, in
spite of her urgings to just fuck her, dived for her
crotch. A few licks later he drove his love rod deep
in her cunt, stopped, looked her square in the eyes
and said, “You’ve just been fucked! The taste and feel
is unmistakable.” Rita looked him square in the eye
and replied. “Finish what you started and then we need
to talk.” The erotic charge of the situation quickly
blew them both over the top.

As they lay together, Rita reassured Thomas that there
was no rival for her affections but there were other
visitors to her cunt. As she held his hardening cock,
she related her sexual history to him up to and
including the brother fucks a short time earlier. As
she finished, Thomas put her on her back and shove his
rod deep between her legs. As he pumped he told her
that she was incredibly sexy and was thrilled that she
would share such a deep secret with him. If that was
what made her such a good lover with him he saw no
reason for it to stop. Rita kissed him deeply and
said, “Oh, thank you! Never forget that I will always
give you more and better loving than anyone else

After adding his second cum load, and her fourth, of
the evening into her sloppy vagina, Thomas said,
“There are some things you need to know about as well.
You have seen some of my dates at breakfast in the
restaurant. Those were just fuck-buddy hookups when I
got horny so you never saw the same one twice in a
row. I have had a part-time housekeeper for the past
couple of years. She is a local housewife about my age
who needed the extra income. She is scheduled to be
here when the boys got home from school and usually
fixes dinner. Her husband works second shift so that
works well.

Much like you, I had learned good sex from an older
relative. When the boys turned fifteen I approached
Anna with a generous offer to provide sex training for
them. I knew that she could use the additional money.
She somewhat surprised me when she said that her
husband had fantasies related to other men fucking her
since she was a virgin when they met. She was very
interested and her husband approved the arrangement,
knowing that their sex life would be enhanced as well.

Investing some of her increased pay in a makeover and
wardrobe, she enthusiastically organized her new
responsibilities. She confided in me that her husband
was now fucking her every night when he came home, a
frequency that hadn’t happened for years. She smiled
saying the exercise was getting her pussy in shape for
the days to cum. We designed an afterschool joint
tutoring curriculum to make sure they had the
knowledge they needed plus individual “lab work”
sessions for skill development. Anna expected it would
be a week before they were no longer virgins.

All of this sex talk and anticipation had really
greatly aroused her. She unzipped my pants and pulled
out my erection, raised her housedress (no panties!)
and sat on it. We both climaxed soon. She smiled and
said that she would like my cock every day, since the
lessons would arouse her and she didn’t want to wait
until her husband got home to get full satisfaction.
She expected more screwing from him too. The never
before experience of being so sexually desirable had
kicked her libido into high gear and she intended to
enjoy it fully.

I worked at home the next week and fucked her every
day before school was out except the day they each got
their first piece of ass. That evening after the lab
work was finished I dipped my wick into my sons’
virgin cum as I added my own. The next day Anna said
that her husband was beyond thrilled to get sloppy
fourths and she felt delightfully sluttish giving it
to him.

So the boys got laid practically every day after
school and Anna would occasionally stop by on the
weekends to take a fresh creampie home to her husband.
He was getting more hot pussy than during their
honeymoon. As my schedule permitted I have also
enjoyed her cunt for the past two years along with my
weekend dates.

Rita was thoughtful. She had been diddling her clit as
Thomas spoke and, seeing his again erect love pole,
climbed on top and slowly rose and fell as she told
him that she would like to meet this family fuck
buddy. Thomas replied with a similar request to meet
her family lovers. When she found out what Anna made
for her “household duties”, Rita exclaimed, “That is
four times as much as I make at the restaurant! How
would you like a live-in ‘Mistress Of The House’ for
the same salary? I really like the twins and have
wondered if they would be as good in the sack as their
father. This is closer to school as well. What do you

Thomas asked, “But what about Anna? She is used to the
income and sex so that might be difficult for her. I
do care about her as much more than a casual fuck, you
know. Wait a minute! I know another single father here
in the neighborhood who might like her help. I’ll have
drink with him as soon as possible. Let’s just keep
this subject on hold until then.”

The other father was thrilled with the possibilities.
He was challenged coping with a horny teen boy and his
own unmet needs plus actual housework. Thomas invited
Anna and her husband, whom he had only met briefly, to
dinner. Over after dinner drinks he addressed Anna,
“Over the past two years you have become very special
to me and the boys. (she blushed) I know you realize
that Rita and I have developed a real relationship and
she would like to move in and assume the
responsibilities you have.”

Anna looked crushed at this news. She had liked the
sex at least as much as the income. Reaching out to
take her hands, Thomas continued, “I have spoken to
another single father who has needs very similar to
mine. He lit up when I told him about you, not by name
of course, and he would like to interview you.”

Looking at her husband and Rita, Anna said, “Perhaps a
nice change would be good for all of us. But could I
still visit here once in a while?” They both nodded
their ok. She continued, “Please arrange the
interview. I’ve not had many so what should I do?”

Rita laughed, “You are very attractive so show it off.
He must be quite horny so a free sample of your
talents will surely clinch the deal!”

The very next day Anna rushed into Thomas’ office
right after the interview. Taking his hand up under
her short skirt she stroked his fingers on her cum
filled pussy. “The interview went great and I start in
a week. Is that enough notice for you?” she said as
she undid his pants and gave him a thank you blowjob.
“Now to give my husband some strange creampie,” as she
headed for home.

The next few days were filled with Anna helping Rita
get settled into the master bedroom and learn the
household routines. Rita held back as the boys got as
many so-long-for-now fucks as Anna could arrange. By
the end of the week Rita had gotten to like the older
woman and, at the end of the final day of employment,
told her to take Thomas to the guest room for a proper
“exit interview”. She had long ago learned that
jealousy benefitted no one.

On Saturday Rita became the mistress of the twins. The
flip of a coin determined whose bedroom she visited
first. Anna was a good instructor and there had been
plenty of practice so Rita’s pleasure was even better
than she expected. An hour later she showered and, in
a sheer robe, snuggled wordlessly with Thomas on the
couch as she sipped some ice tea. He stroked her hair
and breasts as she rested for a while. When she walked
away towards the other twin’s room their father was
painfully erect.

An hour later she beckoned to him to follow her to
their bedroom shower where he helped her rinse off the
sweat and juices from coupling with the vigorous
teenager. As Rita lay back quite fatigued, he gently
entered her well-used cunt. Although no stranger to
feeling his sons’ cum in a shared pussy, this was a
first with a woman he had special feelings for. Rita
smiled up at him, “Put your cum in with theirs. I want
to feel it all over my insides. They were very good to
me, and I will thank Anna for that, but you are the
best because I love you.”

At hearing those words from her for the first time,
Thomas could hold back no longer and happily granted
her wish for his semen.

The family settled into a routine. Rita arranged her
college classes so she could be home late afternoon to
greet the boys in the nude as they came home from
school. Sometimes she just leaned back on the couch
and opened her love lips, watching their hard shaft
pumping in and out and urging them to cum. If there
was more time, then it was off to the bedroom for a
thorough fucking by one or both of them. When the
twins’ began dating there were new issues. They were
only allowed to do so on weekends and she would offer
them a quick cum dump in her cunt before they left.

They quickly discovered that the girls their age, even
if they were willing to have sex, rarely had the
skills they were used to. Rita would often stay up
until the boys came home and, as needed, give them a
quality fuck. When she joined Thomas in bed, he more
often than not had been awakened by her sex noises and
would add his sperm to her busy fuck hole.

Anna was quite busy with her new position(s). Her
employer had lots of celibacy to make up for and his
son was a virgin. Using the curriculum and training
skills from her previous employment, she soon had the
whole family enjoying her cunt regularly. Her husband
had no complaints either. After a couple of months she
visited Rita while Thomas and the boys were out. The
two sexy women swapped stories and laughed and giggled
over a couple of glasses of wine.

Rita shared her delight and thanks for the love
training of the twins. Anna looked wistful and said
that, even as much as she liked her new fuck buddies,
she still had special feelings for Thomas and the
twins. They had opened a wonderful new door in her
life and she could never forget that. Rita could sense
her deep feelings and hugged her close then gave her a
firm kiss on the lips. “Would you like to have a
special surprise for our men?” she asked. “Do you
think your husband would like to fuck me? After all,
you have had my men but I haven’t had yours! Call him
up & tell him to get over here prepared to spend the

When the men of the household returned they found
three nude people waiting in the family room. Rita had
jumped on Anna’s husband as soon as she could get his
clothes off… the women were already naked… and
gave him his first new pussy since marriage while Anna
watched and urged them on with hands and lips. The two
hotties stripped the newcomers and began sucking their
cocks as Anna’s husband fixed drinks for everyone.
When all were ready, Rita toasted, “Let the orgy

With the ratio of two cocks per pussy it went on well
into the night. Other than the twins sharing Rita, the
various coupling combinations had previously been
private. Actually watching his sons fucking each of
the women he had laid, and in turn being watched, was
a new and very interesting experience for Thomas. It
was stimulating and enlightening for the other members
of the party as well. The women were continuously
filled with cock, often at both ends.

Finally everyone wore out and drifted off to bed with
Anna and her husband in the guest room. Rita went in
the next morning to get them for breakfast and found
Anna being ridden hard by her husband. The well fucked
wife grinned and said, “You’ve turned him into a sex
maniac… now it is my turn to thank you!”

Rita had made Thomas aware that she wanted to continue
sex with her brothers even though her mother had taken
her place on a day to day basis. Every night that
Thomas was home she was in his bed. However he made
frequent consulting trips and then she might be found
sleeping over with one or both of her brothers. At
other times the twins would keep her with them all
night, taking turns or filling both ends.

Up until now, sex for Rita had been a pleasure seeking
erotic experience. It was always ‘wicked’, starting
with incest, then multiple incest, then group sex,
then some random unconnected fucks. Even with Thomas’
family, although there was a strong connection to each
of them, the pattern of rarely fucking the same man
twice in a row was sexually stimulating. As each
different body coupled with hers she would have
thoughts of who had last touched, entered, and cum in
her, and reveled in the variety.

The power of her body to be so exciting to multiple
men was a huge rush. It was on one of those rare days
when she spent the entire day only in Thomas’ arms
that she came to recognize a different state of mind
about their sex. At the end of that day, after two
previous times in bed, they were lazily joined at the
crotch, caressing, moving, and kissing gently. There
was none of the urgency to climax that she usually
felt when getting screwed.

A very deep feeling of closeness pervaded her mind.
This man with her was so good and so important to her
on many levels. The feelings of total intimacy were
kind of overwhelming and she began to cry and held him

Thomas, older and wiser, sensed what was happening
since he had similar feelings, and simply kissed her
and told her how special she was to him. For a change,
she did NOT want him to cum… she wanted his hardness
inside her without ending. They fell asleep that way
and consummated their love later in the night. She
decided that Sunday would be “Thomas Only Day” from
then on.

She was a well fucked and happy young lady, taking
very good care of all her boys.

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