Younger brother spies on slutty older sister

“Daddy,” she purred sweetly as she knelt between his
wide-spread legs and sucked in his other testicle and
then licked his swollen scrotum with her talented
tongue, her left hand filled with his quivering cock,
thumb on its head, rubbing his juices, right hand
stroking his hairy thigh after probing his anus,
nipples still hard and raking back and forth across
his knees.

She slurped loudly, gasping for breath, determined to
get what she wanted, having brought him off and
swallowed his spurts of thick semen, she was now ready
to fuck him, although she hated to do it. She loved to
fuck, but her father’s prick was awfully thick.

“Yes darling,” he said between clenched teeth, both
hands buried in her golden curls. As she almost always
did on Wednesday evenings when her mother went to her
club meeting, she had already sucked him right to the
edge twice before he whimpered and climaxed. His
testicles felt ready to explode again.

He knew her tight, young pussy would be next, that it
was waiting for him, slick and pulsing. As usual, he
had to have it; his brain had turned to mush and his
gonads were in charge. He was going to hump his own
k*d, screw her until she screamed. He had to have her,
fuck her, r**e her, hurt her.

She spit out his throbbing ball, licked the underside
of his big prick several times and then kissed her way
up to his hairy body with his raging cock in her hand,
tickling just under its split head until she had to
let go, her other hand on his shoulder, pressing her
breasts to his belly, rocking from side to side and
mashing his ram between them.

“I saw the raddest car today, Daddy. It’s so cute, so

His cock was pressing her soft belly, jumping like a
wild animal. She wanted his big rod inside her before
he ejaculated, needed his penetration in fact, her G-
spot throbbing, quivering, just the way she had

“What color is it, little one?” he asked as she leaned
back and he tweaked out a hard nipple and gave it a
gentle twist, watching the pain show on her pretty
face, her eyes closed, lips parted. He stretched it
out and released it. She shivered. He reached for the
other young breast, grasped it and crushed it firmly.
He felt his cock leaking pre-ejaculate. Her breast
filled his big, callused hand. He mauled the other tit
and grinned at her, enjoying her pain.

She whimpered wonderfully, dramatically. “They call it
platinum I think. It’s like dark silver. That’s hurts,

“What kind of car is it?” he asked as he gripped her
butt both hands and pulled her up so he could get a
young tit in my mouth. He was determined to fuck her
today. He felt her pussy dripping on his leg as he
clamped his teeth to her young breast. She often
managed to squirm away, but not today; her ass was all
his. He was iron hard and furnace hot. He kneaded her
buttocks and mashed her body to his.

“It’s called a Z car, Daddy, and I think its
Japanese.” She sniffed and wiggled, her cropped t-
shirt up around her throat. “Don’t bite so hard,
please. I know you don’t like that, but they don’t
make that Solstice any more, the one you promised me
when I got to be sixteen.” She felt his teeth raking
her excited breast and his huge cock rubbing the
inside of her smooth thighs and poking at her lower

“Yeah,” he said, pulling his face away and stretching
out her other pink nipple, “Pontiac died a horrible
death. Damn shame.” He bent his head and captured her
jutting tit, sucked it in and licked it hard. She
squealed and he held her tighter, fingers in her butt
crack, determined to hump her, feeling his big cock
tremble as his balls begin to refill. He did not
always manage to ejaculate twice, but he usually could
get hard again after she sucked him. He felt like a
teen-ager, a very randy teen-ager.

“Oh Daddy, that’s so nice. Can I jump on your hard
penis, please, please, it feels so big, please,
please?” She wriggled and moaned, eyes closed, mouth
open, feeling his prick rubbing on her puffy mound.
Tired of the game but eager for the prize, doing what
she felt she must to get her car. “You fill me so
good, so deep.” She pulled her tiny thong to the side,
all she had on, worn just to tease him, a Vickie’s
special, extra sexy.

“What’s your hurry, honey?” he asked as he switched
his attention to her other lovely breast, feeling his
cock tremble but far from rigid. His 15-year-old had a
pair of jugs that measured out at 34-C the last time
he bought a new bra for her, a job he always enjoyed,
taking her to Victoria’s Secret and making her model
for him, her mounds like mashed potatoes or big scoops
of vanilla ice cream. He usually bought her six
because she kept losing them somehow.

Her jutting jugs were about the size of softballs and
when he kneaded them, they felt like bread dough.
Handfuls, that’s what they were. And they were his,
only his, so he thought wrongly. His c***d had been
rationing herself to two boys a week, but was still
one of her school’s prime sluts who would do almost
anything and anybody on a dare.

She had been active since twelve when her college-age
brother and several of his friends deflowered her and
used all her orifices down in the basement playroom.
She couldn’t admit she enjoyed it, but that night she
crept into her brother’s bed.

“We can do it twice if we hurry. Once on each side.”
She wiggled and arched, pressing her warm breast into
his face. “I just love doggy. Do it, Daddy, drive it
into me. Deep!” She knew it would hurt and clenched
her teeth as she felt the blunt head spreading her
fat-lipped labia.

Sitting on the steps, well back in the shadows, the
girl’s k*d brother held his sizable cock in one hand
and his cellphone camera in the other. He watched his
father lean back in his favorite chair with his big
cock standing straight up in his grip, and he sighed
as his super-hot sister got her knees up bedside him
and then lowered her dripping snatch down and impaled
herself, her pussy lips actually reaching out for it.

He shifted his grip to his swollen scrotum, wished he
had a zoom lens and clamped down on his developing PC
muscles to hold back his ejaculation as he saw inch
after inch of his old man’s thick ram disappear into
those wiggling lips and heard his sister moan. He
bubbled out pre-cum and gritted his teeth, clamping
hard as he had practiced on his piss stream.

“Ahh, ah, ah,” sighed his randy sister as she started
bouncing up and down on her father’s hard-ridged cock,
smacking their flesh together as she leaned forward so
he could lick her tits as they moved across his face.
She had enjoyed several boys with bigger horns and
most of her teen-aged lovers could stay at it longer
and come more often, but she needed and enjoyed her
father’s lust. His lust and his money. She bit her
lower lip and went faster and harder, crushing his
balls, battering her cervix.

Her brother yanked his handkerchief out of his back
pocket and spurted into it several times, gasping,
unable to restrain himself. He kept the image steady
and worked to control his breathing as his randy
sister was now smacking herself down on her father’s
thighs, leaning back and sobbing with make-believe

When her father came, she slipped off his softening
penis, went to her knees and sucked him and then
licked him clean. He kissed her, promised her the car
as he gasped for breath, and she squealed, pulled down
her shirt and ran for the steps with her shorts in her
hand, dripping with various juices, her big boobs
bouncing, semen sliding down the inside of her thighs,
one hand in her groin. The car promise was the result
of six months of hard work.

Her brother sat, smiling, and she nearly tripped over
him, pushed him aside and scampered to the upstairs
bathroom. He followed, looking at his little movie,
his other hand on his eager balls, and he waited for
her to leave the bathroom and go to her room. He
followed, thoroughly aroused, absolutely rigid, his
prick up right on his belly.

“Were you watching us, you wimpy pervert?” his sister
demanded, as she pulled her clinging shirt over her
blonde head and bared her young boobs. They jounced
and jiggled.

“Not just watching,” he said, “although that was fun.
You’re very good. Look at this.” He held his phone up
with the movie running.

His sister’s mouth fell open and she gasped as she saw
herself sucking her father’s extended cock, her almost
bare ass toward the camera.

“I don’t know whether to post it on your Facebook page
or just e-mail it to your friends list.”

“You wouldn’t,” she said loudly, grabbing for the thin

He laughed, fast-forwarded and showed her the back
view of her moving up and down on her father’s prick.
“Maybe I could sell it.”

She sniffed, stood, tossed aside the tiny thong she
had worn especially for her father, and stood there
looking angry, her dripping cunt lips spasming. “What
do you want for it?” Her well-used vulva throbbed and
her outer lips pulsed and quivered, showing some pink.
She was still horny, ready for more, eager to get at
her big Rabbit and bring herself off. She could often
come three times before she had to stop and rest with
her toy buzzing inside her.

“What’s it worth? I mean other than a piece of ass?
Thirty-thousand? Isn’t that was a Z-car costs?”

“How would I know? Anyhow, that’s silly. I don’t have
any money.”

He laughed and licked his lips, looking at her bulging
pussy, the outer lips now slick, red and puffy.
“You’ve got something better than money.”

She blinked at him.

He stepped closer and palmed her pudenda, spreading
her labia with his thumb. “This is what I want.” His
two middle fingers entered her soaked slot and his
thumb nudged her clit, hard.

She jumped back, both hands at her hairless groin.
“You’re crazy.”

“Let me explain,” he said, turning off his phone,
sitting at her vanity, crossing his legs and admiring
her overheated body. It was almost as good as the
centerfolds: long-legged, taut-waisted, full-breasted,
blonde-haired with a beautifully rounded butt. She had
it all except perhaps the hips, but then she still
wasn’t legal. “Every time you do him, you do me. And
every time he gives you something, you urge him to
give me a present too. And if he does buy you a car
when you’re sixteen, you can tell him I expect one
when I’m sixteen.”

She shook her head, tossing golden curls, controlling
her breathing and her surprise. “You want to fuck me?”

“Sure, of course, and I want you to suck me too, just
like you do him. In fact, let’s start right there. Get
on your knees, girl.” He pulled down his zipper.

“You’re serious aren’t you?” she asked, putting a hand
on his shoulder, her jutting breast right in his face.
“Your own sister?”

He nodded and she bent, pulled him to her and kissed
him, open mouthed, tongue extended.

Billy jumped back, astonished, and then his sister
knelt in front of him, pulled out his sore cock which
had been demanding service for almost an hour, stroked
it gently, circled the head with her very experienced
tongue and slurped it into her mouth with one hand on
his shaft and the other on his balls.

He whimpered and his knees shook. She backed off,
tightening her lips and pulled his cock back out,
exciting the hard ridge about his crown. The boy
gasped. He’d never felt anything so good, so exciting.
Billy was thirteen. He had groped a couple of girls in
the dark, but he had never kissed one.

He had learned about Kegels online and practiced
stopping his urination and crunched his PC muscles,
and he masturbated daily, often twice a day, jetting
out his semen in long ribbons. He closed his eyes and
centered his mind on what he was feeling as she sister
sucked his rod back into her mouth, kneaded his balls,
scratched the underside of his prick and brought him
off in about two minutes, gasping with release. She
sat back on her heels, smiling and wiping her mouth.

“I’m surprised you’re so big. It’s as long as Daddy’s
but not as thick. Was that your first time?”

He nodded and said, “Lie down. I’m gonna get my first
piece of ass.”

“I’m full of Daddy’s spew. Wouldn’t you rather wait
and get some fresh pussy?”

He looked at the goo oozing from her slit, sniffed and
said, “I don’t care, but soon as he’s out of the

She grasped his cock and licked off the last dribbles
of his semen. “You know your brother was my first?”

Billy smiled. “Yeah, he told me, said you were one
fine piece.”

They heard the front door close and jumped into bed.
Both eager to do it, panting to get at each other. She
spread her long legs and he rose above her, smiling
and then drove his curved rod up into her with a
single thrust, going six inches deep and closing his
eyes as he lost his virginity.

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