A guy gets a very special birthday present from his Internet friend… and her boyfriend

My birthday was a week away when I got the invitation.
It was from Candace, a girl I’d met over the Internet,
and chatted with for several months; in fact, we’d
never met, but over time we’d become very close. We
shared important news, talked about politics and
culture, and shared our sexual fantasies with each
other. (I’d even told her about my bisexual fantasies.)

She had a boyfriend, Brad, and she was very satisfied
with him, so we’d been contented with just writing.
That all changed the day I got her email “For your
birthday,” it said, “I’ve planned a party. Be at my
house at 8pm” — and it gave directions.

I was very excited. We would finally get to meet. Of
course, I hoped we’d do more than just meet, but I
scolded myself for thinking it. I shouldn’t assume that
she’d cheat on her boyfriend like that. I got a little
dressed up, and at 8 o’clock exactly, I was knocking on
her door.

A few seconds later it opened, and there she stood, her
bright eyes smiling at me. She had long, curly blonde
hair and mischievous eyes. She wore a low-cut blue
skirt which was very short, and very flattering. I
smiled, feeling my heart race.

“Hi,” I said, nervously.

“Happy birthday,” she smiled and reached up to kiss me
on the cheek. I actually blushed. I’d only seen
pictures of her before, and she was more beautiful in
person. “Shall we go?” she asked.


“To dinner, of course,” she said, laughing. “I’ve got
the place picked out already.”

We jumped in my car, and a little while later we were
talking and laughing in a dark restaurant, with
sparkling silverware and candles. Since we’d written
for so long, it wasn’t at all like a first date–we
knew each other very well. But I chided myself again.
This wasn’t a date at all; it couldn’t be. She and Brad
were still together. But I still avoided bringing up
the name, and was happy she didn’t talk about him. We
might be “just friends,” but I could at least spend the
dinner wishful.

We finished and I drove her back to her house. I parked
the car and walked her to the door.

“Well, thanks,” I said. “That was very nice. I’m glad
to have met you in person finally.”

I smiled, and was about to kiss her goodnight. I hoped
she wouldn’t stop me.

“Aren’t you coming in?” she said, with an innocent tone
in her voice.

Instantly that tone disappeared, as she added, “You
want to get your present, don’t you?” and she stared
straight into my eyes.

She didn’t have to ask twice. I leaned down, put my
hands on her hips, and leaned in to kiss her gently,
lightly, not entirely sure that I should. But she
didn’t resist. Instead she put her arms around my neck
and kissed me back. We scooted back through her door
and into her living room as our kiss got more intense;
her tongue was sweet and sexy in my mouth, and our
breathing was coming faster and faster.

I backed her in, to the couch, my hands sliding up her
sides as she lay back. I never wanted to stop kissing
her, and feeling the curves of her body under my hands.
I was reaching up with one hand to cup her breast, and
down with another to feel the smoothness of her leg.
She reached back with her hand and laced her fingers in
my hair, pulling my mouth against hers as I began to
slide the strap of her dress from her shoulder.

She dragged her hand down my back, and then around, and
I felt the palm of her hand on my cock, rigid and
inflamed now with my desire for her. My other hand had
moved up her thigh, and I could feel her wetness even
before I touched the damp silk of her panties. She
gasped as my fingers traced the lips of her pussy
gently, savoring every moment of the feeling.

I raised up, intending to slide her dress off, but she
was faster, and leaned up to undo my belt and pants. In
a second she had my cock free, so hard it almost hurt,
and pounding lightly with every heartbeat. She smiled
up at me as she slowly wrapped her fingers around me,
and I thought I would pass out at the pleasure. My
whole frame was quivering slightly with the excitement
as she began to slide her fingers up and down my shaft.

I threw my head back and groaned at the pleasure, and
the next thing I felt was her lips surrounding the head
of my penis. Her tongue flickered over me so fast it
felt like a thousand tongues, and my excitement was
such that I couldn’t hold back any longer. Without any
warning my balls burst and a stream of cum jetted into
her mouth, and another one, and another.

She smiled as she swallowed my seed, her tongue working
faster and faster to not miss a single drop. My body
shook and shook, and finally the last drops of my cum
had filled her mouth, and she pulled away from me, a
long string of sperm joining the tip of my cock to her
tongue. She caught it with a finger and traced it into
her mouth, to show that she had drunk all of me. I
loved her for it.

I reached down and kissed her desperately, feeling the
heat of my cum still on her tongue, and I rolled her
over on top of me and pulled the straps of her dress
down. She giggled a little as her breasts fell free,
and I gasped at her beauty. I felt high; I saw little
streaks in my eyesight; my whole body felt hot to the

I slid my hands up her legs, and grasped the lacy top
of her panties. She pushed herself up so I could slide
them down and off of her, and soon she was free, the
dress hanging loosely from her waist. She kneeled back
down again, her legs on either side of my head, and my
mouth was instantly engulfed in the hot wetness of her
pussy. I raced my tongue up and down her crack, feeling
her wet insides open for my tongue.

“Ohhh,” she moaned as I tasted her sweet juices. My
hands cupped her ass, feeding her pussy harder onto my
tongue, and loving every second. She rolled her hips
back and forth, and moaned louder as I moved the tip of
my tongue up and down, then as deep into her as I could
reach, and then back up to brush over her clitoris.
Then I pushed it back into her. It only took a few
minutes of his before she was jerking her hips up and
down on my face, her gasps turning into yelps.

Finally I felt her legs squeeze hard against my head
and her whole body trembled. She was silent for a split
second and then let out a yell of joy as she came
against my tongue. It felt like she was turning inside
out, her muscles quivering, her cum pouring against my
lips, the perspiration coating her smooth legs. I loved
knowing that I had made her come. It was amazing.

She slowly pushed herself off of me, scooting back from
my face. She smiled down at me, her eyes half closed
with dazed pleasure. I smiled back, and was about to
speak when I felt her pussy contact my once-more
hardened cock. She kept staring at my face as she
lowered herself onto me. I couldn’t move. I just stared
back as I felt myself enter her, pushing deep inside
her belly, until finally I was as deep as I could
reach. She paused for a second, closing her eyes. Her
mouth opened just slightly. She was incredibly
beautiful; the lights in the room seemed to reflect off
her whole body like an aura.

Candace began to move, her swaying hair making a halo
around her face, and her hips rising and falling over
my cock. I reached my hands up to her hips to help her
move as she fucked me.

“Ohh!” she shouted. Her breasts swayed before my eyes,
the nipples hard and perfect. She would rise up and
then slam herself back down on me, letting out a cry
whenever my cock would penetrate her again. Her belly
was so hot against me that I could hardly believe it. I
had fantasized about this for so long. “Oh, God Candace
YES!” I yelled.

After a few minutes of this I grabbed her and rolled
her over so I was on top. I reached my arms beneath her
and grasped her shoulders, and began to slam myself
into her as hard as I could. I pulled my whole cock
from her and then thrust it as deep in her as I could
reach, feeling her body jerk. Then I would pull back
again. She was screaming with joy, her eyes shut hard,
and a tiny wrinkle forming between her eyebrows. She
was loving every second of it, and I never wanted it to
end either, but I could feel the end coming on. I began
to pace myself, teasing her slightly. Then I stopped

“Oh, fuck me!” she gasped.

“Fuck me please?” I laughed.

“Oh, god, fuck me PLEASE!” She cried. I slammed into
her again, pumping hard, and her body began to shake.
“Oh, god, I’m going to come! Yes, Bill!”

I held her tight. I wanted to feel every shiver of her
orgasm. I was fucking her with all my might, particles
of sweat were raining down from my forehead, and her
whole body would spasm with every thrust of my hips.

“Oh, Bill! Oh GOD!”

She began to come, her eyes opening wide, then her
mouth, in a silent scream. I felt her nipples tighten
against my chest, her breathing catch for a split
second. The wave of ecstasy reared up, hesitated, and
then came crashing over her. She screamed in shock and
her body exploded on me. I could feel her pussy
clamping down, and the sight of her back arching, her
head thrown back in ecstasy, and the feeling of her
quaking body was all too much. The dam burst again and
I came deep inside her belly, pouring the rest of my
cum inside her with a few spasmodic jerks of my hips.
Her fingers were digging into my back, my arms were
clenching her so tight against me she could hardly

I thought we might burst. Then, gradually, peace came
to us, and our panting, soaked bodies fell back to the
couch together. We kissed, our chests rising and
falling against each other as we relaxed and our
muscles loosened. Neither of us could speak. We could
only lie there catching our breath. I brushed the
sweat-soaked strands of hair from her forehead with the
tip of my finger.

“Thanks,” I gasped, “for the — birthday — present.”

She smiled and closed her eyes.

“That wasn’t your birthday present,” she said.

I frowned, and she opened her eyes again.

“That was for me,” she said. “Your present’s in the

“Huh?” I said. I waited a second; I didn’t want to
leave her body.

“Go on,” she whispered, smiling gently. The curiosity
was too much. I slowly slid my deflating cock out of
her, and got up. My feet made funny slapping noises as
I padded down the hall with my dick cock swaying
absurdly between my legs. I reached the closet door,
and with one hand I slowly opened it.

There stood Brad. He was naked.

Candace’s voice drifted up from behind the back of the
couch. “Happy birthday.”

He was gorgeous. His body was perfectly formed,
muscular but not extreme, with just the tiniest trace
of love handles. He had short black hair, and hard
eyes. His chest was broad and flat, with only a little
hair, which thinned to a tiny stripe down to his belly
button. Then there was his cock–it was huge, and it
stuck out straight at me. I paused only a second, still
struck by his beauty. And then without a word, I fell
to my knees.

His hand touched the back of my head very gently,
guiding me to the target. But I didn’t need any help. I
wanted every bit of him. I opened my mouth and took the
head of his perfect manhood in. He tasted just as I’d
imagined; hot and masculine and wonderful. He must have
been watching us, I thought. He won’t be able to last
for very long, probably. But I was wrong. I licked and
sucked, and raised my hands up to cup the heavy balls
that swayed beneath, but he didn’t come.

I pumped the shaft while swirling my tongue around the
tip, but he still didn’t come. That was fine by me. I
wanted to worship him forever. But after a while I felt
him reach down and pull at my shoulders. I obeyed and
stood. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, a
deep soul kiss, his tongue against mine. I could feel
his cock push against me, and mine began to rise again
as well. I heard a quiet sound as Candace walked up
behind me.

“You’ve wanted this for a long Bill,” she said, “but
you’ve always been afraid. Now I’ll be here with you
the whole way. There’s nothing to fear.” I broke our
kiss and smiled at her, as I slowly reached over and
took his shaft in my hand.

“It’s wonderful, Candace,” I said. “You’re wonderful.”

We walked silently to the bedroom, and Brad let me
down, his mouth sliding down the side of my neck, and
over my chest. But his powerful hands held my waist and
guided me around, so gently but insistently that I
barely noticed as he positioned me on my hands and
knees. The bed moved and immediately Candace was lying
beside me, her face directly beneath mine.

“I’ll be right here,” she whispered, and I felt her
hand take mine. Her fingers interlaced with mine just
as I felt Brad’s hand between my buttocks, spreading
baby oil down the crack and against my opening. My
heart was beating so fast it felt like it was in my
skull. I couldn’t speak, but could only let out a
squeaky sort of moan when I felt his finger penetrate

I closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them,
Candace was still there, her beautiful face beneath me.
Very slowly I leaned my head down, and kissed her as
gently as rain. At that instant I felt the shifting of
the bed as Brad positioned himself behind me, and
guided the tip of his shaft to my ass. The moment was

I tightened my hand on Candace’s as he began to push —
push — push — the pressure getting harder as my ass
stretched, and then finally, like a release, the head
of his massive shaft was inside me. I let out my breath
as he sank inch after inch inside me. It felt like it
was going in forever–every inch felt like a foot, and
I was being split apart. But I loved it. The feeling of
surrender was incredible.

Finally, after an eternity, I felt his hips lock
against mine and I knew he was inside me completely.

“Oh… GOD!” I cried. “Oh…oh god.”

I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t think, all I could do was
love the feeling, until he pulled back with his hips
and began to leave me. I felt myself begin to panic–he
couldn’t leave now! But in a flash he was pushing back
into me, and I felt his hips against my ass again. He
was fucking me, thrusting his cock into my guts again
and again. Each thrust was faster than the last until
he had a perfect rhythm going against me. I smiled down
at Candace as she watched my face swaying back and
forth over her. “Oh, he’s perfect!” I said. “Oh, fuck

His thrusts were coming faster now. I was so impressed
with his stamina. But it couldn’t go forever, and soon
I heard his panting grow louder, and his fingers began
to tighten against my hips as he pulled me back and
forth over his dick. Then he let out a low groan, and
his hips smashed against me.

His groan rose louder and louder into a shout, and then
he wrapped his arms around my ribs in a great bear-hug
and yanked me back against his cock. His body heaved
massively, and his cock burst inside me, spraying his
cum inside my ass. He pushed me forward and then again
heaved me back against his powerful hips as his balls
pulsed a second load of cum into me. He was still
shouting. “Ahhhh!” as his body quaked a third time, and
then a fourth.

His arms were crushing me against his spouting cock,
and then his strength began to wane. His hips still
lurched rhythmically, his cock–somewhere in my guts–
pulsed like a heartbeat, pouring his sperm inside me. A
few more squirts, and finally he released me, his
strength spent. It was overwhelming.

We spent the night sleeping in each other’s arms. I had
never known such peace. In the morning I awoke to the
sounds of lovemaking. Brad was thrusting his massive
cock into Candace from behind, right beside me. I just
lie there, watching the beautiful couple fucking each
other peacefully. And then I slid over beneath them
that I could watch him penetrate her body with the same
wonderful force that he’d just used on me. When he
could take it no longer, he let out the same wonderful
growl, jerked his cock from her, and poured his sperm
into my waiting mouth. I knew we would be together for
a long time to come.

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