Cindy’s New Career

Cindy was at a loss for a place to sleep that night. Her savings were one beef-on-a-stick away from tapping out, and she was looking for work. Honest work, she kept telling herself, she wasn’t that hungry… yet. She passed the front of the big department store. Crowds were milling in and out of the

Adult Films

Oh shit! This guy makes porno movies! You heard of them, but had never seen one. Why didn’t you read it more carefully? You decide it is time for you to leave. So you head for the door. He blocks you and asks where you think you are going. “Home,” you tell him. “Unh-uh. Not

Fifty Dollars for Full Service

Elizabeth jumped when the doorbell rang. The magazine she was reading almost fell out of her hands. He was here early. The room suddenly felt too hot. Elizabeth’s breath caught in her throat, her chest tight. Killing time had been bad enough, but now that the moment was here, well, she realized she wasn’t truly

Slut of the truckstop

I work a sucky job. I am a waitress at a truckstop. Every day I have to put up with the hundreds of perverted, frustrated truckers. I swear, as soon as I get through college I am out of here. My boss is probably the most sexist man in the world. I should have quit

Oral and Anal

I’m Terri, named after my father Terrance. He was 62 when I was born, my mother 33; I guess that’s why I find older men so attractive. It wasn’t until I was 19 or 20 that I first began to realize I wasn’t as ugly as I had always felt. Throughout grade school and junior

A Guest of Celeste

Wow. You guys won’t believe what happened to me last month. I posted this completely made-up piece about how I’d imagined that Celeste kept a mountain hideaway somewhere, a time-share condo, let’s say, where she went to get away from it all and to get time to write her reviews. From time to time (I