Kinky Nikki

Nikki was a pretty nice girl. Me and my boys met her at a pool hall on a Friday night and she was all about some group action frpm the start. Nikki, 19, stands about 5’4 with long brown hair, blue eyes, killer body, nice smile, and white skin. Me and my boys are all

My 65th birthday

The party my wife had for me was over and our few close friends had left when my wife led me to the bed room. She handed me a Viagra pill telling me she had a couple of gifts coming and that I would sure to need the pill.I was rather surprised when she stripped

Grandma’s First Gloryhole

As sex lives progress so does the wants and desires. Grandma and I would have some great sexual conversations on what our deepest fantasies were. I remember one night after dinner we sat on the couch together, enjoying a casual conversation, however like most of our conversations it turned into a sexual conversation. “So what

Doing a girlfriend’s mother a big favor

“Hi, Mrs. Collins, I said as she opened the back door, almost hiding behind it, her long blonde hair tumbling freely. Cindy home?” She smiled and shook her head, moving out a bit so I could see her bare shoulder. “She went to the mall with a couple of girls. Probably have lunch out there.


“God yes,” Lisette moaned as her husband flicked his tongue in and out of her hole. The five-foot-ten-inch brown-skinned beauty grabbed his head with both of her hands and pushed his face deeper into her ass crack. As he made love to her tranny pussy, her body, all one hundred and forty-five pounds of it,