Crowded Club

The show was sold out and the club was packed to the rafters. At least 800 people were stuffed into a room that could barely hold 600. There was no room to move at all. I was standing next to a woman I’d never met. I couldn’t see her face at all, but her body

The Glass Dildo

My wife likes sex OK, but often she can take it of leave it. Sometimes, though, she goes nuts and is as horny as a cat in heat. I remember one time like that, must’ve been about ten years ago now (gee … how time flies) that was great for me. She was talkative all

The Handyman

I hired a local handyman to help with repairs to the barn. Larry came out to see what he needed to repair. I introduced myself and Marie, my wife. All he could do was stare and stammer when he saw her large breasts. She was wearing a low cut see thru blouse with no bra.

Diane And The Lawn Guy

Diane was lying in her tub with the water pick gently spraying her open cunt. She was older but still good looking and was thinking of her last young boy. She knew that young boys had powerful hormones and, if you didn’t scare them away, they were fucking machines. She was lonely now that the

Office Whore

On a rainy day I was outside at work trying to smoke under a awning to stay dry. When the side door opened and out walked the sexy MILF office chick. Long black hair, glasses, purple blouse, black pants holding an umbrella. She walked away and had a phone call and just when I was