A Lifelong Affair

Randy’s heart beat loudly in his ears as he walked up the all too familiar pathway to her door. He knocked firmly and waited several minutes. Suddenly queasy, Randy started having second thoughts. Just as he turned to leave, however, Trish opened the door, freezing him in his tracks. “Oh, hey Randy,” Trish said, the

Cult at the Door

Years ago my wife and I bought some land in the country with the plan to build a house. We lived in a tiny eight foot by twenty-nine foot trailer. I had gotten a job at a local manufacturing plant with shifts going twenty- four hours a day. In the summer when I got home

Kinky office affair

I had just gotten back to the office from a late lunch meeting with a senior client and was quiet please with how everything had played out. I was sure the deal was final and we were guaranteed some additional business here on the west coast once all of the paper work was signed. I

My Pee Fetish

On the road again. Stopped at a seafood restaurant before checking in at the hotel. I was dining alone, per usual. A few minutes after my drink was served, a woman about mid-40s was escorted into the dining room. She was seated at a table next to me. After the host left, I took a