Flossie in bondage

We entered the Palais D’Coite. It was a most at- tractive tavern with hotel atmosphere. Roland regis- tered, then we were led to a “private dining room,” that is, it was called that by the host. In reality it was a sumptuous bedroom with a table elaborately set for dinner. I was awe-struck by the

Night with my Exhibitionist Girlfriend

Let me give y’all a bit of backstory in case you don’t already know me. My name is Brian, and I’m dating this girl named Ashley. We’ve been together for a few years now. Ashley is a very… outgoing person. She’s not shy at all, and in fact, she’s a bit of an open book,

Sex Secrets

It was a promise. She promised me, and I was going to hold her to that promise firmly and securely. She deliberately and sexually teased me with the blow pop (sucker), from day one, and I’d kept it with my pencils on my desk at work, fantasizing over this piece of candy and allowing for


I came home late that night from a business engagement. I was tired, hungry, and annoyed that things had not gone well. My husband was in his recliner reading the paper looking all relaxed, and somehow this annoyed me. “Look at you, just sitting around, I bet nothing was done while I was slaving away