Humiliation At The Window

As he walked into the living room of their second floor apartment fresh from his morning shower, he saw her bent at the waist and leaning out the open window, apparently talking to Mrs. Smith, the landlady who usually sat downstairs on a lawn chair in the front yard watching the world go by. The

Foolish Games

A woman and her boyfriend get into deep trouble when he has to leave her helpless and alone for just a short while. I happened to hit your site accidentally when looking for something totally unrelated. I’m not into bondage or any other fetish but I do have a story that I could add to

A couple into domination and submission get a new toy to play with and wind up discovering more about their passions

He picked up the phone and dialed a number. Then he paused a moment, listened, and put the receiver back in its cradle. No more than a minute later he heard a loud groan coming from somewhere in the house. And then he heard quick, tiny footsteps rushing towards the study. He turned in his

A man is victimized by a hit and run driver, then he turns the tables on her

Let’s start by telling you that I love my car. It’s a shiny, black, 1994 BMW 850 that I have babied for all the years I’ve owned it. Most people mistake it for a new car when they see it, which I consider the ultimate compliment. And, up until six days ago, I had enjoyed