A stuck teacher learns a lesson

Ms. Fitch was a young attractive twenty four year old teacher fresh out of school. It was her first job and her first day at the local high school. She walked down the hallway enjoying the stares from the young students. She had to admit she did look hot in her new outfit. Her black

Latex Nuns From Hell

It was the hour of the wolf and Sister Jessica Felicita was troubled. She had been awake in bed for at least an hour reliving a particular event from the previous day and contemplating her life. Regret and anxiety had taken hold and no amount of prayer was getting her back to sleep. Frustrated, she

Monstrous violent night

She stood there, all of 5” tall, looking death in the face. In front of here is what can only be described as the hideous monsters we worried about slithering under our beds as children. Lurking in our closets. He stood at least three times her height, and even get started about his girth. He

Little Bo Peep

Nobody warned me that my days would be turned on their head from this day forward. Our relationship was what you could consider “normal”. We enjoyed our ventures out to the pub, to cosy nights in with nothing but a movie and a blanket to keep us warm. While we both had our moments of

BDSM Fantasy

One July, Saturday afternoon, the white, 18 – y/o friends, George and Dylan, had barely departed a video – game parlor before the wind blew a magazine, “The Dungeon Files”, in their direction. George it picked up, with the youngsters leafing through it until they asaw a woman s nude picture showing her pretty face,