Annie’s Dad had been secretly having sex with me

Annie’s Dad had been secretly having sex with me for over a year by the time I write this. I had found out by this time that I was addicted to Bob’s atten- tions, and his frequent business trips were becoming harder for me to accept. Bob was going on more and more business trips,

New kind of Vacation

So there I was your classic stressed out, need a vacation workaholic. I never listened or joined my friends on their splurges for vacations. Then I couldn’t help it. I was always listening to my friends talk about how fun it was and relaxing and the men they got to play with when away from

Judy and Heather sexual adventures

Judy and Heather were assigned out on a fringe dig for three straight days, well away from everyone else. They worked side by side. Heather noticed Judy sneaking glances at her body, and the second day began to wear very tight jeans, especially in the crotch. Her cunt was nicely outlined and the seam creased