In the Middle of the Night

He looks so peaceful sleeping next to me, his face relaxed, his chest rising and falling gently with each breath. What a beautiful man… My eyes slide over him from the tip of his dark head down to where I know his cock is under the blanket. I hold my breath as I feel the

A true story of (for) submission

Dearest Lover, I hope you will enjoy this recounting of the most incredible sexual experience of my life. It was, of course, with you. As I drove back to the hotel to meet you again, my hands began to shake. I knew that you intended to tie me to the bed and do terrible, wonderful

Erotic foolishness – Spagetti and sex

I invited Brian to dinner the week following the final exam in our class. I can’t remember what pretext I was using, since the class was over by then. I guess we both just assumed that we were past the point of no return by then, so he politely ignored the fact that we had

An Erotic Adventure

“Morgane—wake up! I believe we might be in trouble…” Even as I shook Morgane the Strong’s powerful shoulder to awaken her from sleep, the tall warrior woman’s fingers instinctively wrapped themselves around the handle of a longsword that lay on the ground beside her. Like a sleek panther, her muscular body in one smooth motion

How May I Pleasure You?

“How may I pleasure you?” you ask. “I don’t know,” I reply. “That might take a bit of thought.” “Well, tonight is your night to be pleasured–to do what you will with me.” I think fo a few moments before I finally respond. “All right. Stand over there, in front of me.” I motion for