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Black latex sleepsack

After the unmistakable rumbling of Becky’s van pulling up outside, Andrew strolled to the door and opened it before his guest had a chance to ring the doorbell. He was in his early thirties, well built, and somehow managed to make the early stages of balding look fashionable with his short, spiky hair. “Hi,” he

Young women explores her need to be dominated and becomes transformed

“Do you love me?” I asked Jeff. My name is Jennifer. Jeffrey, Jeff for short, and I are best friends. We lived close to each other since birth, attended the same schools, and hung out together. Jeff shared everything with me and talked about anything that came to mind, including his past loves. I was

Kinky granny picks up a college boy at a sex party

“Hey, Layla, are you busy Saturday night? Rod asked. Rod had called his sister on the phone. The summer was winding down and soon they would both be heading back to their respective colleges for the fall semester. Their parents were divorced. Layla was a year older and entering her senior year, and had spent

A new girl in the office

Helene turns from the window and looks at me lying on the bed. Her naked body silhouetted against the light. Last time I saw her her blonde hair dropped in a long fashionably tangled V down her back. Now it is cut into a rough bob. It suits her. She walks over to the bed

First fuckdate

“Do you know what?” she asks him, in bed. “I know someone who likes you. Yeah, they do! Do you want me to tell you who it is…? You do? I think you should have to guess… I’ll give you a clue… it’s a part of my body. Can you guess?” His hands are running

Time to ride my tongue

Clare and I were on our weekly boutique foray. Perfumes, earrings, eye shadow. I picked a pair of nearly transparent panties from the bargain bin. “What do you think of these?” I asked. Clare blushed. I couldn’t help but wonder about her pelt. Was it soft and sleek as a baby rabbit, or curly and


My wife Sandra got big after our third son. That was okay, what it lacked when she tried to dress up in her slinky old cocktail dresses (and I had to duck the flying buttons) it made up in bed, where it was fun to roll around with her and feel her heaving huge breasts,

Initial Explorations

I’m not sure if this is typical, but as long as I can remember I’ve known that my cock had two distinct states. I thought of the larger, stiffer, and more infrequent one as “big,” and the process of erection as “getting big.” And as long as I can remember, I’d had a habit of

The urge never goes away

Lying here in bed, in my room at the nursing home, I think back on all the women I’ve had. Sweet as maple syrup, every one of them. The warm smell of the soft nipple of my high school sweetheart, back before the War that was. It would stand right up, that nipple, when I

Bottomless at the zoo

Hi everyone, Sheri, thanks for your email. Sorry I’ve been so bad about writing lately, but I’ve been kind of busy with this and that. Glad to hear you’re doing well. Say hi to Elaine for me if you talk to her. I’ve been up to the same old things, mostly going out with Luke,

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