College Widow

The college widow was born in 1850. During the war she lost her heart to an older boy who went off to the Union Army. He was killed in the fighting. After the war, she was educated at one of the first new colleges for young women. A visiting male professor courted and married her.

A middle-aged man befriends a cute college co-ed

It had been quite awhile since I’ve heard from Jim and even longer since I’ve seen Deanna. After that Halloween night she got back with Doug. When I spoke with her on the phone she apologized for getting so wasted and should have never let me have her. She thought it would be best if

First Time Footjob

It was decades ago, but I’ll remember it like it was yesterday. We had just finished our night of heated foreplay. I was exhausted. I had spent the last hour sucking, kissing, fingering, and kissing the most beautiful vagina I have laid my eyes on. I needed to rest after a long night in heaven.

Kevin’s foot fetish

Kevin called her to his office at 3 pm. He sat on his couch. His arm up across the back of it. A chair in front of him. ” Sit baby. ” He said tapping the chair. Bianca sat in his office chair in front of him. Her thighs together somehow she still needed to

Library of Love

For three days Rebecca had arrived at her isolated table in the huge campus library to find a single rose with a note attached. “Miss Rebecca… My lady of the Aisles of European Poetry… my love… it is so lovely to see you each day as you peer over the forgotten volumes and tomes of