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Learning How To Behave Around Women

Sunday morning I woke up with a headache, a belly,ache and a very sore heiney. I had just decided that I was going to sleep til noon when my bedroom door was suddenly thrust open and my stepmother stepped into my room. ” Everett, you’d better get moving if you are going to make church

The Hard Lesson – by bree

Master had been gone almost a week, and I was feeling sorry for myself. I had not been allowed to go on the trip with Him because I was being punished for mouthing to Him earlier in the week. I had pouted and sulked alot the last few days, and then, in an act to

Scat Bonnie at the Beach

This is a part of my new “I really don’t want to work that hard” series, wherein I briefly gussy-up a bunch of tales about adventures I’ve had in my life with various former girlfriends, all of whom are now lumped into one great, wild girl called Bonnie. More installments should follow. I once had

Japanese sex Housewife in 1946

In 1946 Choi Sun-Hee travelled by steamer from Osaka in Japan to Busan in Korea. She came back to a home that surprisingly had changed little in the seven years she had been absent. She came back to a husband whose appearance had changed much. This was fitting, suitable, appropriate, because she had changed as

Cookie Crumbs by Dryad

She quietly closed the door. It took two readings of “The Polar Express”, one “Night before Christmas” and “The Fourth Wise Man” to get the two wiggle worms to fall asleep. Threatening that Santa wouldn’t come until they were asleep didn’t seem to do any good. “Mark, They’re asleep.” She stage whispered down the hall.

Video Girl by Toran

They were rope marks, that much I knew. Right along her wrists, two braided indentations – whoever it was that had tied her had been thoughtful enough to wrap more than a few coils around her – one coil was too harsh. It bit too much, unless that was what you wanted, the biting and

Stinky smoking girl giving head

I got home about three, after showering in Sinne’s hotel room and then wandering around outside one of the smokiest bars in the metropolitan area. I opened the door to the bedroom and slipped my contact lenses off in the darkness, then made my way into bed. “Whatime’sit?” came the mumble from the other side

A Mother’s Love Juice

My name is Rita. At present I’m 40 minutes out of Seattle on a big Delta jumbo jet. It’s been a long flight from Chicago and I’ll be glad to get off this plane. I won’t go into my life history or why I’m going to Seattle. Suffice to say I’m an attractive 32 year

Dawn of Time – mind control

“Please,” Kate whispered. She stood at the edge of the garden, Leigh standing beside her, her skin close and still desirable. Despite the climax, Kate still ached. She suspected that Leigh did, too. He slowly shook his head, a model of abject sadness. She believed him. He wanted to stay, even desperately, but it was

A gold digger in the Gold Rush

Feeling akin to a gold miner in the Gold Rush, looking for that nugget among all the sand and pebbles, that nugget when found would make him a rich man. In the right hands, hands familiar with molding one into something else, the nugget dug from the ground becomes more beautiful and then even more

My wife and i went to a party

My wife and i went to a party, she looking hot in her little black dress. The party got into full swing and a lot of vodka + was drunk. After i while i noticed my wife was gone and i being pretty drunk went upstairs. There i found my wife passed out on a

Show own sex videos to colleagues

I have shared homemade fucking wife videos to my colleagues and friends. I ensure that these videos do not show our faces. Just pass over to them as downloaded from the net. Once in office I played one such video of me and wife in the action and got a thrill hearing their raw comments.

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