Five macho man, and my drunken wife

Five of my macho black friends came over to watch a cricket match. But once they realised that my wife was dead drunk; the started their own match in my wife’s hairy pitch with their big black cum-spewing bats…poor sods still think that I didn’t know. Although I am Indian man, unlike other normal Indians,

Deer Hunter and the dog sex show

In October of 2019, I decided to go hunt deer from my tree stand, having seen a very likely spot while bird hunting earlier in the year. I walked into the woods in the dark, and found the tree I had located. I climbed about 20 feet up and settled in to wait for a

A poker game turns into more than just a poker game when the host puts his daughter up as a bet

It’s a usual thing for me to hang out after work with my friends. We usually play poker at each other’s houses. On this day, it was David’s turn. After work, David, Jim, Harry, and myself went to David’s house for a night of gambling and alcohol. David had a table and chairs set up

A Son’s obsession with his mother, clouds his entire life

Warning, this sex story was written as an adult fantasy. Anyone tempted to act out any of the scenarios in this story should seriously consider seeking professional help. Unless you’re an alien life form, and if you are, then “Welcome” each of us is here because of the collision between our mother’s egg with our

This story is all about deception – and a little forced sex

Allison Greene reluctantly got out of the fragrant bubble bath she had been luxuriating in for the past 45 minutes. Earlier this Sunday morning, the pretty 23 year old final year law student had been abruptly summoned to the office by her senior partner at the law firm in which she was undergoing her final

On a cruise, romance blooms

I slipped onto deck and saw two women from our tour group kissing. They had found a niche formed by some superstructure and a lifeboat, where they thought they would be hidden, where they thought they could see anyone who approached. I slid to a shadowed area and watched them kiss. They were roommates, but