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Sex with my cousin Jacqueline

I’ve had the hots for my first cousin Jacqueline for a fair number of years now, at least since junior high school when I was a horny bastard and had the hots for anything female that was halfway cute. Being the average horny female, she felt pretty much the same way about things male, but

Pam’s first time is in her cousin’s car

This couldn’t be more cool. A sunny day driving around with her older cousin Todd in his excellent convertible. She might have just turned eighteen, but she felt so grown up. Todd was almost twenty two. That was older than anyone she knew. Pam brushed her hair out of her face. She liked the way

Wife training 2.

The workday went slowly, to say the least. Fortunately, a couple of meetings helped pass the day. I took an early train home, looking for Josie or, for that matter Tom, as I got on the train. The ride seemed a lot longer than usual, although it was the same as ever. When I got

Wife training 1.

I saw the two of them on the early commuter train every morning for two years. They were both good looking. A young yuppie couple working professional jobs in different buildings in the Loop. It was she that I noticed most, of course, me being male and she being very, very female. It was hard

Flight To Tomar Three 2.

“I’m sorry Jim. I know it’s not you. It’s just that I’m tense… you know?” “Yeah, being in a fucked up ship in strange space does that to you.” I understood her feelings. Way back when the Minx Six incident had happened I’d seen things like this. People got weirder and weirder the longer we

Flight To Tomar Three

Here it is, 2549.76, and they still haven’t prevented the common cold. I’d been sneezing non-stop for hours. It wouldn’t be so bad but at every sneeze MIHA, or Mia as I disaffectionately call it, would demand a ‘check’ of my carbon based life-form unit. Machine Intelligence Health Assessor. BULLSHIT! I think that the person