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Dirty school sex fantasies

Of course I was worried when Tammy didn’t come to school. And it wasn’t only because we had an oral presentation due in our Senior History class. I was concerned because we had been dating for nearly 5 months, and for as long as I knew her she hadn’t missed a single day of class.

Carrie, my dear sweet little cunt

So the day came when we got the new Queen size bed delivered and set up! No this isn’t about Carrie and the delivery boys, or the salesman and testing the bed before purchasing. It’s simply that we decided we needed to replace our old bed with a new one. We discussed a King Size,

Friday night poker game and a teen slut

It’s the usual Friday night poker game between four guys who grew up together. They are all married and family men . Firstly there is Tom he is tall and good-looking with a muscular body that appeals to the girls next is Adam who is athletic and funny with a smile to die for. Wayne

Cumming while i’m on phone sex

Who would have thought that something as simple as a phone call, could turn into a moment of pleasure to be remembered for the rest of your life? A couple of years ago I was working in a small convenience store. My boss was this lovely voluptuous divorced woman in her forties. She had a

I fucked my friend’s chubby mother

“Hello Mrs Melon” I said aloud as I walked through the living room. “Oh hi Tommy” she replied. “Is Steven in?” I asked. “No, he’s not coming back ’til tonight, he’s gone out with his father. Well, how have you been?” she asked as she pointed for me to take a seat. Mrs Melon, was