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Surfer hippy boy adventure

Hippy surfer boy 1988 San diego I lived along the coastline a block from the ocean I was 73lbs,39″ tall,long blond hair,blue eyes like tons of boys in Encinitas . I had to wear a swimsuit that was very skimpy but it was hot and needed to go to the next town to my friends

Submissive wife

We have been married for last four years and were a model couple around. With good apartment, a car in our possession and all the good things. We were also planning for a child in 2021 after making some savings as our apartment, accessories and car were on loan. I had a good job and

Saw Mom having sex with tenant

Saw my Mom who is a widow having sex with our tenant at a close range. She used to frequently visit our second house a few blocks apart which is let on rent. Our tenant who got divorced due to his drinking habits was staying alone in the house. One day as my Mom left

I undress for her. She kisses me.

She got out of the car. I watched her, being careful so she wouldn’t notice. I felt so guilty. We had just arrived at work, in the parking lot. Katherine James happened to have arrived at the same time I did. She was above me in the company but wasn’t my boss. She knew me

She was nude at last, except for her high heels

To the three of us,” Bart said with a leer, and we clicked our champagne glasses together, the first time I’d ever tasted that. Something I would probably be able to say about several things before the night was through. So far they’d done a good job of keeping the evening moving, with a combination

Black latex sleepsack

After the unmistakable rumbling of Becky’s van pulling up outside, Andrew strolled to the door and opened it before his guest had a chance to ring the doorbell. He was in his early thirties, well built, and somehow managed to make the early stages of balding look fashionable with his short, spiky hair. “Hi,” he

Kinky granny picks up a college boy at a sex party

“Hey, Layla, are you busy Saturday night? Rod asked. Rod had called his sister on the phone. The summer was winding down and soon they would both be heading back to their respective colleges for the fall semester. Their parents were divorced. Layla was a year older and entering her senior year, and had spent

A new girl in the office

Helene turns from the window and looks at me lying on the bed. Her naked body silhouetted against the light. Last time I saw her her blonde hair dropped in a long fashionably tangled V down her back. Now it is cut into a rough bob. It suits her. She walks over to the bed

First fuckdate

“Do you know what?” she asks him, in bed. “I know someone who likes you. Yeah, they do! Do you want me to tell you who it is…? You do? I think you should have to guess… I’ll give you a clue… it’s a part of my body. Can you guess?” His hands are running

Time to ride my tongue

Clare and I were on our weekly boutique foray. Perfumes, earrings, eye shadow. I picked a pair of nearly transparent panties from the bargain bin. “What do you think of these?” I asked. Clare blushed. I couldn’t help but wonder about her pelt. Was it soft and sleek as a baby rabbit, or curly and


My wife Sandra got big after our third son. That was okay, what it lacked when she tried to dress up in her slinky old cocktail dresses (and I had to duck the flying buttons) it made up in bed, where it was fun to roll around with her and feel her heaving huge breasts,

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