A Lifelong Affair

Randy’s heart beat loudly in his ears as he walked up the all too familiar pathway to her door. He knocked firmly and waited several minutes. Suddenly queasy, Randy started having second thoughts. Just as he turned to leave, however, Trish opened the door, freezing him in his tracks. “Oh, hey Randy,” Trish said, the

A Marriage Marred in Heaven – Extreme sex

It’s hard to describe the turmoil of the last two years. A part of my beautiful wife, soul mate, lover and idol has been taken from me and I have some responsibility for the loss. We’re in our early forties, comfortably off, well-paying jobs and rediscovering some freedom as our son and daughter have fled

Cult at the Door

Years ago my wife and I bought some land in the country with the plan to build a house. We lived in a tiny eight foot by twenty-nine foot trailer. I had gotten a job at a local manufacturing plant with shifts going twenty- four hours a day. In the summer when I got home

A young dog loving woman dog-sits for her friend

Isabella woke with her arms around her dog, cuddling him like a full body pillow. Memories of the night before made her smile. She reached her right arm around her husky’s charcoal grey and white furred body and felt around his abdomen until she felt his sheathe. Rubbing it gently she soon saw the red