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I was amused by my husband’s swelling cock

I’m convinced that there are two types of women in the world: those whom practice female domination and those who haven’t tried it yet! For years my husband begged to have me to dominate him, but I’d always thought it was too “kinky.” However, after twelve years of marriage we needed something to spice up

My First Black Girl

I have known Dana for a number of years and never really gave our relationship much thought. We have been good friends, but I never really thought of her sexually. Possibly because she had never expressed an overt interest in myself, and possibly because I’m white and she’s black. I always thought she was an

In the Middle of the Night

He looks so peaceful sleeping next to me, his face relaxed, his chest rising and falling gently with each breath. What a beautiful man… My eyes slide over him from the tip of his dark head down to where I know his cock is under the blanket. I hold my breath as I feel the

Sex between father and stepdaughter

Diana opened the buttons of her blouse. She was- n’t wearing a bra. Her small, well formed breasts stood straight out. Topped with lovely pink nipples. My mouth dropped open as I stared at my stepdaughter’s tits. Diana I said, button your blouse. She smiled as she slowly removed it! She walked over to me

Slow Dancing With A Stranger

The hotel bar had the same qualities of so many others I’ve seen before: dim lighting, over-priced drinks, and clientele that consisted mostly of travelers with no idea where else they should go. I took my drink from the bar and found a table where I could kick back and relax. As the alcohol started

Making The Bride’s Maid 3.

The next day was Laura’s wedding. Randi was surprised to find that she could barely look her sister in the face. She was afraid it was written all over her own features: He fucked me. The guy you’re going to marry, Laura. He fucked me, last night. Not once, but twice. And the second time