Two lesbians force a male

It was a boring night so I decided it was time to go for a walk. As strolled through the neighborhood when I suddenly heard a strange sound. It was a girl moaning. I looked in the direction of the house it was coming from but I couldn’t see anybody. I decided to investigate and

Gangrape in the bar

This story was written as a fantasy. The bar was a dump and located in the worst part of town. It never seemed to close, as required by state law. Most of the men who came here were drunks or trouble makers. Women very seldom, if ever, came in. It was always crowded from noon

Girlfriend Becomes Obeying Slave

Reinhardt eyed the woman in front of him. She was much shorter than his girlfriend, whom he had been cohabiting with for over for years. She laid her back on the bed and was an attractive Brunette at her mid 20s, and was probably Eastern European too. “Now I want you to turn around and

Three men meet two beautiful women in the bar

Jenny sat on the barstool talking with her friend, Amy, about what had been going on in her life the past few weeks with work and her home life. She didn’t get to get out much and being a newspaper reporter was no easy job. It was Wednesday night at Michael’s and it was ladies

Caught by the Parents

It was late at night, mum and dad were fast asleep and I crept downstairs, mobile phone in hand. I had turned the sounds off so no chance it would make a noise and wake anyone up. I got to the foot of the stairs, listened for a few moments then texted Sean “come to

A mother discovers her son dressing up in her clothes

This story is written by an adult fantasy. I really had been expecting to be shopping most of the morning, but I got to the mall and miracle of miracles, not only did I find a place to park close in, the mall wasn’t at all as crowded as I had expected. I got in

Married woman is taken forcefully by her doctor

After almost sixteen years of marriage, like many couples, are sex life had become stale and almost nonexistent. Before then we had a very conventional but healthy sex life, but without any particular excitement. For several days I had a pain in my left breast which was bothering me and I finally got around to

Turning Her Into A Whore

I had the evening planned out well. My wife of less than a year was young and inexperienced in the ways of sex. Don’t get me wrong she is one hot sexy girl and her body and looks would make the dead cum. Long blond hair and a rockin’ body that never ceases to excite

Wife sets things up to cheer up the baby sitter

My wife and I had to go to dinner with my boss so we got a baby sitter and headed out. The baby sitter Amanda is a 21 year old college student that has taken care of our kids many times and pretty much each time I thought how Amanda could baby sit me anytime.