Donna’s Summer Golfing Vacation

Donna ran to the front door when she heard the bell ring. She opened the door. John, her boyfriend, stood there with a seductive smile, “What’s up babe?” Donna smiled back, “Mom and Dad went to the mall. Their night to shop and eat out.” “Way to go good old mom and dad.” John stepped

Ringing In the New Year with Kelly

I’ll admit that I’m feeling a little nervous. It’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m alone in a motel room in a strange city. We’ve talked many times, but this will be our first time to meet in person. I was delighted when you asked me to spend New Year’s with you, but now I’m starting

Santa fucks at Xmas party

It’s not every day you get to play Santa and I can assure you my sacks were full to the brim. I did my duty and handed out all the Prezzies at the masquerade work Christmas party, tossed out candy canes and generally made everyone smile. I think it was more of a punishment from

Holly & Ivy – An Xmas Fantasy

Christmas Eve, and I’m horny as hell. The kids are at my ex-wife’s for the night, so I’m alone with nothing to do. I dick around a bit, read the paper, watch some tube (there’s *nothing* on) and finally decide to go to bed. Just as I’m falling asleep I hear noise from downstairs, as

XxX Christmas Dinner

“Hey Jack, how ya doin’ t’day?” “I’m hot, I’m sweaty, my feet hurt, and I need a shower something terrible,” replied Trevor McDaniels. “In a word, awful.” He smiled and winked at the old man as he scooped up some turkey stuffing and plopped it onto the old man’s tray. ‘Seagull’ Dan, dressed in at