A bored and lonely space pilot receives a surprise visit from a curious alien

I lay dozing in the pilot’s couch, periodically performing a one-eyed visual scan of the control instruments. As usual all readings were in the green; which was good since the ship was flying on automatics. I’d lifted from the moon’s deep space launch site 35 days ago on a 10-year resupply mission to New Earth,

Anime lovers have needs too

Elisabeth is what some people call a fangirl. She loves anime and mangas, the Japanese culture, and would probably give anything for it. She’s just obsessed. Just don’t go thinking she’s a nerd with no life and no friends… well almost not. She’s a nerd, has no life, but she does have friends. Although, there’s

Fun Games for Sex Parties

I am blessed to have experienced private and swingers parties as a participant as well as a host. Both are great ways to have fun and sex. But fun and sex do not always go together. Below is a list of fun games to not only break the ice but also to resurrect the mood