Internet Meeting

Alan had just gotten connected to the internet and trying out various options available to users of the system. One day he discovered some of the different newsgroups available to him so he downloaded a couple. In the weeks following, he really got into reading and thinking about them, especially some of the bisexual, interracial

Sexual Odyssey

Today is my 32nd birthday. Sitting here on a beach chaise next to the pool, I am holding the diary I’ve kept since I was 16. My entries are limited to my numerous and varied sexual encounters. One day I may have my adventures published– anonymously, of course. But right now, let me share a

Shemale maid

Colleen rushed through the mansion’s open gate and headed towards the main door. She opened her mini leather bag and searched frantically for her keys, although she knew she was hopelessly late. Was it her third or fourth unsuccessful attempt in a row to get there on time? Or had there been more? Oh, how

A Squirt Adventure

Jamie flopped back onto the bed, smiling to herself. She rolled onto her side and looked at Kelsey, her legs still spread and the evidence of the night’s pleasure glistening on her thighs. Jamie ran a hand over her friend’s stomach and snuggled up to her side, laying her head on her shoulder as she

Hot tub friends

Nobody knew her, or her friend. They were clean- cut, and both very handsome. They walked, and touched each other like they had known each other forever, slight nuances of love that get better with age, and more subtle. We were sitting at our usual table, my husband and I, both transfixed by their elegance