Buried Pleasures

“I’m not gay. I’m not even ashamed to admit I don’t want to be gay, but….” Ally McBeal said as she sat in her office at Cage, Fish and Associates. “… you’re curious.” the young beautiful Asian woman sitting across from Ally said as she finished her sentence. Her name was Ling Woo, and like

Sissy giving head

Single bi mature (55) male into a variety of things. I’m masculine and average looking, but love the feel of lingerie on my body. It simply turns me on to have silk, satin, and lace on. I’m certainly not a passable cross dresser but enjoy the feel. I am clean shaven, discrete, a non smoker

A Very Wet Morning

I had just woken from a very erotic dream in which I was having sex with several women. I was sopping wet and I still had my hand between my legs and two fingers in my pussy. My fingers were coated with my silky juice so I brought my fingers to my mouth a licked

Unexpected Secret

My neighbour and I get together almost every day after my husband goes to work. We have become very good friends. We go shopping, watch soaps, play cards, cook together, all kinds of stuff. Her name is Linda. She recently revealed to me that she has a secret and isn’t all that she appears to