A bit of fun

One time I had read a bit about sensory deprivation tanks and how you just float in warn sea water and how relaxing it is. I began to think about using the same concept in spicing the old sex life of my wife and I. Depriving one sense seems to enhance others. What if I

Candid Camera

Denise rode the elevator up to the ninth floor. Getting off and walking up the corridor to the security office, she swiped her card through the door-side reader. “Quit feeling sorry for yourself,” she muttered, as the door opened. “You knew the deal.” Which wasn’t much help, when everyone else in the LaSalle building was

Bi-sexual orgy in College

My first bi-sexual experience came during my second semester of my freshman year in college. I had been dating Pam for some months and we enjoyed many nights fucking each other. On this particular night we decided to go to her dorm room. When we entered her dorm room, both of us noticed her roommate,


It was deader than four o’clock in Idaho and we were playing to the barmaids. There were maybe ten people in the bar all night, but we put our souls into it anyway. A lot of people think rock and roll is all dope and glamour. I suppose part of it is. But people never

Old Lady and the Sissy Femboy

A few nights ago I had a very strange, erotic dream. Now remember, I am bisexual. I like being dominated, topped, controlled and desired by older men (I am already 39, so “older” would be 55 and up), but I am sexually attracted to women, to their smooth, curvy bodies. Well, this night I dreamed