A New Year’s Eve story involving family, but not too close family

My twin nieces have kept my balls drained for a few
years now, and nobody knows about it. Ever since I
passed out one New Year’s eve and woke up to find
Deanie and Debbie jacking me off into a glass of
champagne, they’ve enjoyed the “fruit of my loins,” so
to speak. I’m about ten years older than the twins and
we get along well together. We have many common
interests, which is why no one, including their folks,
think it’s strange that we spend so much time

But it’s what we do with one another on a sexual level
that I want to tell about. We are heavily into oral
sex and we keep our mouths very busy no matter what
we’re doing. The girls always go for my jewels,
sucking my dick or balls. I have a lot to keep me
busy, what with four mouth-watering tits and two yummy
snatches to devour. Deb shaves her twat and that’s
really the only way I can tell their juicy slits
apart. They even taste alike and their lips are the
same shade of passion red and they have identical hard
clits that cause them to squeal with delight as I
nibble the buttons.

The first time I had them was the New Year’s party I
mentioned. My girlfriend of two years had left me so I
went to my sister’s party by myself. I drank way too
much and passed out cold. I woke up to the pleasurable
feeling of wet tongue on my dick and balls and I was
being jerked off. I mumbled my girlfriend’s name but
when I opened my eyes, it wasn’t Karen’s face I saw.
Still groggy, I saw double. Two faces were between my
legs, gloming my dick and balls and they looked just
like my nieces.

I blinked hard. Deanie was sucking my balls and Deb’s
fist was stroking my hard-on with the skill of an
experienced hand job giver. In her other hand she held
a glass half-filled with champagne. Juice was already
oozing out of my dick and Deb moved thee glass closer
to my dick. She leaned in and licked some pre-quirt
from the head and told Deanie it tasted good. Then she
looked at my face and saw that I was wide awake.

“Happy New Year!” Deb smiled, all innocent even with a
strand of saliva stretching between her lip and the
tip of my dick. Deanie looked at me, my balls inside
her warm mouth, and winked. I felt her tongue increase
its teasing motions over my sac and in spite of my
stupor and the fact that my own nieces were doing
this, I was on the verge of cumming and didn’t want
them to stop. It felt too damn good!

I moaned and raised my hips. Deb moved the glass and
gripped my cock as my cum rose and then fountained out
of the tip, right into the champagne glass. The white
cum plopped into the golden bubbly and floated,
looking like egg drop soup.

“Juice him, Deb!” Deanie encouraged her sister.
Deanie’s finger teased at the sensitive pucker of my
ass and both girls ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ as they watch
me squirt a hefty load into the glass. There was more
cum than champagne in it by the time I stopped
squirting and Deanie’s tongue swiped at the oozings at
the tip while Deb swirled the contents ’round and
’round in the glass.

“Cheers!” she said to me before she sipped the
contents of the glass. She moaned and smacked her
lips. “Oh, he tastes good, Deanie.”

“Good to the last drop,” Deanie said between licks.
Deb offered her the alcoholic mixture and then popped
my knob into her mouth. Deanie sipped the drink and
moaned then gulped down most of the rest, leaving a
swallow for her sister. “I’m assuming you’ll give us
more in the future,” she said to me, my juice shining
wetly on her lips. I pulled her to me and gave her a
very un-uncle-like kiss. My tongue slipped between
Deanie’s full lips and explored the warmth of her
mouth. I could taste the remnants of my salty cum as
our tongues entwined.

I sensed that Deb was standing and she pushed her
sister aside as she stood in her see-through teddy
looking at me. Her hands were on her hips and her
full, rose-tipped tits were plainly visible through
the material. Her nipples were long and rigid and the
crotch of her panties wetly clung to her gash.

“I want to sit on your face, Steve,” she said
throatily. “Do you mind?” Well, when a young, horny
woman wants to sit on my face, I’m not crazy enough to
stop her, even if she is my niece. Deb grabbed the hem
of her teddy and pulled it over her head and dropped
it in the floor. Her panties joined it seconds later
and then she straddled my head and lowered her nubile
nookie to my awaiting tongue.

“God damn!” Deb yelled as I let my tongue slither up
her wet hole. She twisted, grinding that hot flesh
onto my mouth, trying to get as much of my oral muscle
as she could inside her twat. Her erect clit rubbed
against the bristle of my beard on my chin and her
tangy juices poured from her snatch.

Deb’s asshole pinched at my nose and I felt my
hardening cock being rubbed by hairy wet flesh.
Deanie. Soon my hard-on was buried in Deanie’s tight
quim which massaged me to new heights of horniness.
Deb rode my mouth and fed me a steady flow of her
pussy punch while her sister rode my cock with
experience that surprised me. I realized that both of
them must have had far more experience than I’d given
them credit for.

Deb grabbed my hands and pressed it against one of her
firm breasts and held my other hand against one of
Deanie’s tits. I pinched nipples, both nieces
possessing rigid, long nips that begged to be sucked.
I’ve since chewed on them scores of times, but right
then my niece was cumming, sending a deluge of thick,
delicious cream into my mouth and down to warm my

It wasn’t long before I dumped my second load in Deb’s
bouncing box.

Since then, we’ve gotten together often for some great
fucking and sucking. Like I said, their cunts taste so
much alike, if Deb didn’t shave, I might not be able
to tell them apart!

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