A unique little story of a FDOM

The next day Nancy took a ride around the plantation.
She did not walk, of course, since she was the young
niece of the owner. It would not be proper for so close
a relative to expend energy by physically walking. She
rode instead, being pulled along in a small carriage.

The carriage was an import from China. It was small,
only able to carry one person at a time, and had
traditionally been used as a taxi in the crowded city
streets of Hong Kong and Beijing. It was powered by a
single beast of burden in front, who pulled her along by
two handles sticking forward out the front of the
carriage. Wheels stood on each side to make the carriage
easier to pull, and her seat had padded cushions to make
the ride more comfortable. There was even a small awning
available to go over her head to keep out the rain or
avoid the sun, but she kept it drawn back. It was a
cool, clear day. The full sun felt good against her bare

It was a nice ride. There were a few bumps, but the
animal that pulled her along did a good job at avoiding
the most serious routs. He was well trained, as Aunt
Kelly pleasantly assured her, Nancy was pleased to
confirm the facts. She just hoped he was just as well
trained in other matters.

On Aunt Kelly’s plantation, the animal and the beast of
burden in front of the carriage was naturally a male. Or
more precisely, the beast was a human male. The two
handles of the carriage pointed straight out in front,
and he held one in each hand. The man supported the
front of the carriage and pulling her along.

To Nancy’s pleasant surprise, the beast was not wearing
clothing. He was not wearing anything at all. Only a
few feet in front of her, his bare ass stood out. Nancy
enjoyed a man’s ass almost as much as she liked looking
at the organ on the opposite side, but not quite. Organs
were always better than asses.

Not much further away, as she could almost picture in her
mind, stood his exposed cock and balls. She couldn’t see
them right now, but that would change in a little while.
Soon, she would be looking as much as she wanted.

Nancy admired the scenery. There was both the green
countryside as well as his tan behind to look at. The
man in front of her was large. He was big all the way
around, standing at about six-foot-two and with big
muscles and broad shoulders. The back of his body was
hard and firm, and there wasn’t an ounce of fat anywhere.
He looked as though he worked out in the fields all day
long and had no problem pulling both the carriage and her

Nancy was pleased to notice all her aunt’s sex toys were
large, and this one was no exception. And he wasn’t only
large in stature, but he was large in the cock department
too. She had the opportunity to see his dick before she
boarded the carriage. His cock-shaft looked to be about
an eight incher. She couldn’t wait to take him.

Using the reigns in her two hands, she made him take a
sharp turn to the left, down a dirt path off to the side
of the road towards a small group of trees up ahead. As
he turned the carriage, she looked around to get a side
profile and saw it again. She saw his tip; the mushroom
shaped tip of his organ. And to her pleasant surprise
she noticed he was still hard.

Excellent, Nancy thought to herself. He will pleasure me
well! She couldn’t help but think about his big size
trying to squeeze into her. It would be a tight fit, she
already knew. He was probably going to spread her cunt
apart further than it had ever been spread before, and
was probably going to dive at least an inch deeper than
any other man. The thought made her anxious to start
fucking, so she tripped on the reigns to make him go

He immediately started to jog along the dirt path. The
reigns worked well, Nancy thought to herself, remembering
what they were connected to on the other side. She could
hardly believe it when Kelly first showed her, but it
made a lot of sense after she thought about it for a
moment. The reigns were tied to the tip of his long dick
and then swung around back to her hands. There were two
reigns, both connected to the same place, but one went
around the right side of his body and the other around
his left. When she wanted to turn, she simply pulled on
one of the reigns, which in turn pulled on his dick. It
made his cock point to the side, and he was trained to
walk in the direction his cock pointed. It was a
convenient way of leading a man around.

Up ahead, the small group of trees drew closer. Nancy
looked for two trunks growing close together, but not too
close. They had to be separated to about the distance of
a grown man with his arms stretched out wide. Under the
seat she had several lengths of rope. She would tie him
up there, both his arms and legs stretched to the two
trees. His naked body would be left open and vulnerable
in the middle.

Nancy couldn’t wait to take advantage of him. She
couldn’t wait to begin ravaging his cock. It was going
to be even better than the night before. They were a
long way from the main house now. Aunt Kelly would no
longer be able to come to his rescue. Neither would she
be able to give her permission. Robert would have to
endure the full brunt of her assault. She would be able
to ravage his cock for as long as she wanted.
Eventually, Nancy was certain, he was going to ejaculate.
She didn’t care if it took two or three hours of
continuous pumping, sucking, licking, and even fucking.
She was going to break him. She had never tasted male
sperm before, but this afternoon she sure the hell was
going to try. His cock was hers to use and a***e as much
as she wanted. She was going to milk him and finally get
a taste of those juices emulating from his balls.

Pulling both reins hard, she stopped the carriage by
pulling on his cock. She imagined his cock on the other
side, pulling against his stomach, pointing it straight
up into the air. “This will be fine,” She concluded, and
got out.

The first thing she did was to walk around to his front
side and check out his waist. To her pleasant surprise,
he continued to remain firm. His organ stood upright and
at attention, with the two reigns dangling from the tip
of the long pecker. She also noticed he was wet. He not
only remained hard for the entire ride out, but now he
was cumming too. Nancy liked it.

Her first and rather pleasant task was to take off the
reigns. “Let me help you with those,” she spoke as she
went down to her knees and reached for his magnificent

This man was horny. Of that, there was no doubt. Aunt
Kelly had paraded her entire herim of nine male sex
slaves in front of her that morning and asked which one
she wanted to take for lunch. Nancy liked them all and
noticed they were all rather well endowed. She was
tempted to take the biggest, but then asked instead for
the one who hadn’t been milked for the longest. This one
stepped forward, the one named Robert. He said he hadn’t
been used for the past four days. Nancy immediately
grabbed for his dick and told him to come along.

He hardened almost immediately. By the time they got out
to the shed he was already sticking straight out. By the
time she had his reins tied on, he was hard as a nine
inch nail. To be sure he remained hard, Nancy quietly
whispered what she was going to do with him.

“I knew you are trained to only ejaculate on command,”
She had told him. “I know you are supposed to be
trained, but I’m going to break you. Every man has his
limits. I’m going to ravage your big cock until you
can’t stand it any more. Before the morning is up, you
are going to be squirting all over.”

From what she could see, Robert looked as though he was
desperate to ejaculate. Nancy figured he had huge
quantities of sperm all swelled up inside. It would make
her task that much more enjoyable.

The reigns took a long time to untie. She made sure to
poke and prod at his dick as much as she could. First
she pulled it down, and then she pushed it to one side
and then the other. A few times she even let go to watch
it bounce back to its ridged position. She liked
watching a bouncing cock, especially one that was so big.
It would be even more fun to bounce it around after he
was tied.

As a reward, he cummed some more. By the time she had
the reins off, the tips of her fingers were covered with
his cumm. Soon, her whole hand was going to be the same.
Nancy liked to feel the cumm of a man soaked into her

“This way,” She grabbed his natural handle and led him
into the trees. “Over here! These two trees should work
just fine. I think I’ll savagely r**e you right here.”

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