An enlisted man finds a hole into the female officers showers

I don’t know why I joined the Navy … it seemed like
a good idea at the time, travelling to different
countries and experiencing foreign cultures were part
of it. Maybe the fact that my home town was getting a
little boring had something to do with it.

I’m from a small town, and the amount of available
women was pretty low. Everyone seemed to be settling
down and getting domestic, but I still wanted to have
some fun.

Getting laid was no problem, there was Julie, she was
pretty and had a set of tits that would make your mouth
water, but sex with her had grown stale. She wanted to
talk about marriage and having kids, and I’m just not
ready for that.

Mrs. Lutz from down the old Harper Road never talked
that kind of shit. She was already married, of course.
Her husband was always out of town on business, and I
would spend a lot of time there fucking the days away.
She could suck a dick like nothing else! And she loved
cum more than anything. She’d want it on her face and
hair, all over.

But I grew tired of that scene too… I wanted more.
So I joined the Navy, hoping for some excitement.

My first ship was a Submarine Tender. It’s not a combat
ship, so women were allowed on board. I had a few
uninteresting months getting to know my way around, and
learning the ins and outs. The women on board general-
ly were nothing special. And I heard a lot of them were
Lesbians. Add that to the fact that there were 600 men
onboard and 150 women, and it becomes clear that the
competition was fierce!

Some of those women were officers… There were 14 fe-
male officers on board, and out of those 14, three were
absolutely stunning.

Ensign Lorn was a small, black fox who really looked
great in her uniform. Nice tits, great ass, and eyes
that made you melt. She was a sight for my sore eyes.

Lt. jg. Pearson was a blonde bombshell with a face like
an angel. She had a figure that would fill a bikini
and fill it well. I undressed her with my eyes so many
times, I felt I knew every inch of her gorgeous body.

And then there was Ensign Sparten.

She was tall, about 6 feet, and her legs went all the
way up and made an ass of themselves… Her hair went
down to the small of her back, but it was rare that I
got to see her tresses in its full glory, uniform regs
being what they are.

But occasionally, on her way off ship, when she was
going on liberty she’d let her hair down. And she had
a walk like no one else! That ass would move and al-
most tell me secrets. I would follow her every chance
I got.

One day I was called up for mess duty. Oh boy. Every
new sailor has to put some time in the galley, and my
time was now. When I went to the Chief for assignment,
he told me I’d be doing my time in the Wardroom, where
the officers eat. I had to dress up like a waiter and
serve the officers. NOT a fun job.

I was doing well at it however, and it gave me an op-
portunity to view the 3 good looking female officers
with frequency.

Well, one fine morning as I made my way to the wardroom
to begin my day, I walked into the vestibule connect-
ing the officers areas to the outside deck as I usually
did. This time, however, the light in the vestibule (a
small hallway with doors at either end) did not come on
when I closed the outer door. “Damn light needs to be
replaced,” I muttered to myself in the darkness.

That was when I noticed small amounts of light coming
through the wall to my right. There were tiny holes in
the wall, and the light was coming from the next com-

Out of curiosity, I put my eye to one of the holes, and
lo and behold, there was Lt. Pearson, wet, soapy, and
totally nude! The next compartment was the female
officer’s shower! I was in shock, and frozen in place.
I could see almost the entire shower stall that she was
in. She was washing her hair, and her ripe, perfect
tits were just a foot from my eye!

The water and shampoo were running over her twin peaks,
down her taut belly, and through her neatly trimmed
pubic hair.

My dick started to rise and I adjusted it in my dun-
garees to give it some room. I almost came on the

She rinsed her hair and moved her hands over her body
to get the shampoo off. Her nipples got hard when she
worked the lather off her tits, and her pretty pussy
got some attention too. Then she turned off the shower
and stepped out of the stall, moving out my sight.

I found another peephole with a view into another
stall, and could see her drying herself near the sinks.
Then her robe was on, and she left the compartment…
Only five minutes had passed, but I was late!

I tried to control my cock as I made my way to the
wardroom. I was as horny as I’ve ever been in my life,
but I finally got my dick to settle down while I served

Just when I got it under control, Lt. jg Pearson walked
into the wardroom. One look at her, and my dick popped
up all over again. Somehow I made it through breakfast
and then lunch, and dinner went without a hitch too.

After I was finished my work for the day, I went down
to my compartment and tried to relax, but I could not
get that peepshow out of my mind. I just couldn’t
stand it any longer. I had to go back up and see if
the Lt. was taking a shower! I hurried up to the
vestibule and as I closed the door behind me, I prayed
the light hadn’t been fixed. When I closed the door,
it remained dark.

I sighed my relief, and then I heard running water
coming from the next compartment. I held my breath and
put my eye to the hole.

It wasn’t Lt. jg Pearson, but I was delighted all the
same, for taking a shower was Ens. Lorn. She was beau-
tiful! The water ran over her ebony skin, and I was in
a trance admiring her perfect body. She had a heavy
mat of pubic hair covering her cunt, and there was even
some hair running up her belly a little ways. Her tits
were so nice, round and firm, I wanted to gobble them

She was soaping herself up, and the shower stall was
getting steamy. She appeared to be in her own little
world, her eyes were closed and her hands worked her-
self clean. The lather was thick, and when she rinsed
herself off I watched as her tits and pussy revealed
themselves to me again… She turned around, affording
me a view off her ass. That rinsed, she turned around
again, and just let the water splash onto her.

Then she moved a hand down to her pussy mound, and
started rubbing it lightly. My eye grew wider, and I
swallowed hard!

She began swaying her hips from side to side, and let
one finger run along her slit. Her other hand found her
tits, and began teasing the nipples. She pushed a
finger into her cunt, and I heard her moan as her nip-
ples grew. She worked her finger in and out, spreading
her legs a little, still swaying.

Her knees buckled just a bit when she put her fingers
on her clit, and her breathing grew faster. I just
about shot my load right there watching this black
beauty getting herself off.

Then I heard the door to the shower compartment open,
and Ens. Lorn removed her fingers from her luscious
cunt. Her pussy lips were fat, glistening, beautiful…
She turned to see who had come in, and I looked beyond
her fine ass to see too! It was Lt. Pearson again,
with her robe on. The two officers smiled at each other
and Pearson took off her robe.

Her stunning body took my full attention, those creamy
tits, those silky legs, and that nice trimmed bush. She
entered the stall next to where Ens Lorn was and turned
on the water. I moved to the next peephole and settled
in for the show.

I was in heaven! Two showers for me to see! My cock was
screaming for relief, but I just watched… Pearson
began soaping herself up, starting at her shoulders. I
was staring at her cunt, the lips visible under her
light coat of fur. I wanted to plant a big wet kiss
right on those lips and spread them wide with my

Suddenly I saw Ens. Lorn standing just outside Lt.
Pearson’s stall. She was smiling, and looking right at
Pearson’s great looking ass.

Lt. jg Pearson turned around, and Lorn smiled at
her… Pearson moved to one side of the stall, and,
needing no further invitation, Lorn stepped in! I was
in shock! My breathing stopped as I watched this

The black goddess took the soap from Pearson’s hand,
and started rubbing it over her senior officer’s chest.
Pearson closed her eyes as the lather grew on her tits.
Working down, Lorn soaped up Pearson’s belly, thighs,
and cunt. Then she worked on her ass, working the
lather between the cheeks.

They paused and looked into each others eyes as the bar
of soap fell to the floor. They slowly embraced, their
lips met, and they enjoyed a slow, soulful, deep kiss,
locking their wet bodies together.

Lorn explored Pearson’s ass with one hand, moving her
fingers between the cheeks, and touching the pleasure
spot within. Then the kiss ended, and Lorn pushed
Pearson back against the wall of the stall.

The dark skinned beauty sank to her knees, and gently
petted Pearson’s blonde pubic hair with her fingers.
She spread the pussy lips, and ran a finger from the
other hand into the slit.

I was staring at that fine cunt, the water running down
over it and dripping from the pubic hairs. Then Lorn
put her mouth to that fantastic pussy, opened her mouth
and sank her tongue into it. Pearson moaned and held
onto Lorn’s head, as the pleasure rocked her body.

Lorn’s tongue ran the length of the slit, and she
reached up and cupped Pearson’s breasts with both hands
squeezing and pulling them. Her tongue found the grow-
ing clit, and licked it, her lips pursed onto it, and
pulled the clitty, making Pearson twitch and moan with

Pearson was grinding her snatch into Lorn’s face now,
raising one leg over the young Ensigns shoulder. Lorn
was working her mouth very fast now, and one hand went
to her own overly furry cunt, attacking her own clit
with urgency.

Her mouth was buried in Pearson’s sweet snatch, her
whole face moving rapidly up and down, as her tongue
probed as deeply as it could, eating that cunt with
great passion.

Suddenly Pearson stiffened, her mouth opened wide, her
pussy pressed hard against Lorn’s mouth, and she came,
moaning and growling and gyrating there in the shower
with the hot water playing on her nipples.

Lorn came too, her fingers sunk deep into her own
pussy, her mouth lapping up everything Pearson had to
offer. Then it was over, Lt. Pearson sank to her knees,
and gathered up Lorn in her arms. They kissed, a sen-
sual deep kiss, Pearson tasting her own cunt juices on
Lorn’s tongue.

They kissed for a long time, massaging each other’s
breasts as the warm water danced on their beautiful