Bookstore Surprise

I hadn’t planned on hooking up on my day off, but sometimes thinks just work out perfectly. I had planned to go to the gym in the morning and afterwards spend an hour or so with a cup of coffee and a magazine at my favorite bookstore. Everything was going according to plan, until I got out of the shower at the gym and realized I hadn’t packed any clean clothes for the rest of the day. All I had was an extra pair of shorts and an old (though at least clean) t-shirt. There was nothing else to do but to put on the t-shirt and shorts and make the best of it. At least they were clean and not too beat up. Of course, I had to wear the shorts minus any underwear. I like to do this when I am heading out for some action at some hot cruising spot, but not when I’m going out on a normal bit of shopping. Still, it felt good to feel my cock and balls hanging loose, and I thought that I could still manage a quick stop at the bookstore for my coffee. At that time of the morning it wouldn’t be too busy, and I should be able to find a table and keep things decent.

Everything went just fine on the way over to the store. It wasn’t crowded at all, and I got my coffee and found a nice quiet table in the corner with a couple of magazines to read. Fine that is right up to the point that I looked up from my magazine and saw an older guy about 50 or so, all dressed up in nice slacks and polo shirt staring at me intently. Now, I’m not a bad-looking guy—about 5’ 11” with reddish brown hair and hazel eyes with a lean body that makes me look a bit younger than my 30 years—but he was really staring! As I followed his gaze, I realized he was not looking at my face but a good bit lower. With a start, I realized that as I had relaxed with my coffee, I had spread out a bit and given this fellow a clear view of my cock! It wasn’t really hard or anything, but it’s pretty good sized (almost 4” soft and 8 plus when hard). I quickly closed my legs and slid further under my table and buried my face in my magazine. This might have been it, if I didn’t really get off on a bit of exhibitionism and if he wasn’t just about my perfect sort of guy for a quick bit of fun. You know the type: an older, in-shape, married guy who likes to have some fun from time to time. As I thought about what we might do to each other, my cock started to stiffen and my balls began to tighten up. I told myself to calm down, but I couldn’t help sliding my hand under the table just to touch the tip through the thin material of my shorts. It felt so good! Like a little electric shock running down the tip straight to my balls and right to my tight pink hole. It was all I could do to keep in my moan. I glanced over at my new friend, and sure enough he had caught every move and was sitting with his hand in his lap squeezing what looked to be a significant bulge of his own.
Don Jacinto

I soon realized that I had to do something. This guy might be happy looking at my cock all day, but I was never going to get out the front door with my prick sticking straight out like a tent pole. I looked over to the entrance to the bathroom. It was only a few aisles over at the back of the store. It was still not very busy, and I figured that if I timed it right I could cover myself up with my magazine and slip into the bathroom. Once there, I could slip into a stall stroke out a load of cum and head for home.

After a couple of minutes, the coast was clear, and I slipped out of my chair (magazine carefully placed in front, pressing down to hide things) and moved quickly into the bathroom. Thankfully, it was empty, and I slipped into the big handicap stall at the back. What a relief to slide my cock out of my shorts! Leaning one hand against the wall, I began to pump my cock into my tight fist. It felt so good that I didn’t hear anyone come in until the stall door behind me creaked. I hadn’t locked the door properly, and now I was caught! I fumbled to stuff my cock into my shorts and looked over my shoulder. It wasn’t anyone from the store, but, rather, my earlier admirer. Well, it didn’t take me long to shift gears, I tell you! I turned around fully and faced him; my cock now standing at attention and pointing right at him. I reached over and closed the door—this time locking it properly—and moved him to the back of the stall. Up until this point, he had been slow to respond, but this changed in a hurry. Once his back hit the wall, he seemed to come alive and began to take charge. He reached down and opened up his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers in one rough move. His fat, cut cock popped out of its cage and stood at attention. It was beautiful; at least 8” and fat with a big mushroom head. He pushed down on my shoulders, and I went down on my knees. I went “down” without too much persuasion and was suddenly staring right at that daddy dick. As I opened my mouth, he slid it home with authority. I gagged for a second, but we soon got into a wonderful rhythm. His hips thrusting forward as my mouth leaned in to take it all.

I thought he would be a quick shooter, but he kept at it for a few minutes, just groaning softly, and just when I thought he would give me his hot load, he pulled out and had me stand up. I hadn’t had much chance to work on my own pulsing dick, but it was still rock hard and ready to go. I was surprised when my new friend leaned over, pushed me against the wall, and began to suck on my hot cock head. I had assumed he was just looking to shoot a quick load in my mouth and run, but he was sucking hard on my cock and driving me crazy in the process. In fact, I was soon so hot and horny that I didn’t realize what was coming next until it was too late—not that I would have protested even if I had! Suddenly, he stopped sucking, stood up, and spun me around so that I was facing the wall. I had to quickly reach out and grab some support, because that big mushroom cockhead of his was immediately pressed up against my tight pink hole. His cock was slippery with my saliva and plenty of pre-cum, and with one big push it popped into my ass and slid right up to his balls! What an incredible feeling to be suddenly full to the hilt with a throbbing 8 inches of cock. One of his hands latched on to me waist and the other grabbed my cock, and he began to pound his dick into my hot ass. It was so wild and electrifying. His cock felt like it was pushing against the back of my cock and balls jolting me with pleasure with every thrust and grunt.

At this rate, it couldn’t last long, and it didn’t. He suddenly rammed his cock as far in as possible, his mouth on my neck as he moaned, “Oh Jesus,” over and over again in my ear. With that last lunge, I felt his cock buck and the first jet of cum hit me. That was all it took, my cock spasmed and my cum began to pump onto his hard, squeezing fingers. What it must have looked like: two half naked guys locked up tight shuddering while hot jet, after hot jet of cum pumped out. Finally, it ended, and I felt his cock slide out of my tight hole and his hand give my cock one last squeeze. He slipped out of the stall, pulling up his pants, and I heard him washing up at the sink. I reached back and shut the door to the stall once more and leaned against the door. I heard him slip out of the bathroom, but it was a good 15 minutes before I felt I could leave looking anything like normal. Eventually, I did get out to my car; a bit shaky still, but at least I didn’t have to worry about my cock sticking out. My friend was gone, but I thought to myself as I drove home that maybe I would forget to bring extra clothes next week, too!