Dogging in the car park

“Are you sure, you’re certain to be the only woman
there… It could get ‘interesting’ fast.”

She looked at me in the dim light, the low light of
the dash silhouetting her, but her eyes seemed to
shine out, like coals smouldering in the heart of the
fire, sending heat to my lions.

She silently took my hand, locking her eyes to mine,
her intensity mesmerising me. Slowly she drew my hand
to her bare thigh, and guided me up and under her
loose skirt.

I felt her heat immediately and within the space of a
heart beat I could feel moisture before finally she
wrenched my hand the last few inches and wedged it
firmly against her mound.
Her panties were missing, and her sex was molten hot
and soaked. She pushed her pelvis against the palm of
my hand as I slipped my middle digit into her with

Her gaze intensified and I found the world around me
dissolving. All that existed was her flashing eyes
and her slippery heat.

“I… want… to… go,” she stated slowly and

I turned the ignition with my free hand, and I saw
the glint of her lips in the low light as they curled
into a wicked grin.

The trip to the car park was quick and uneventful.
Light from passing cars would illuminate her, and I’d
catch glimpses of her, her eyes were wide with
excitement, her hand had wandered between her legs,
and as we drove she opened her legs as far as
possible. The light for the headlights was never
enough for me to truly know what she was doing, but I
could detect small telltale movements in her upper

We pulled into the car park of the picnic site, a
couple of cars were parked up, but there didn’t
appear to be any signs of life, I turned the car
around and backed into a space so that we could leave
quickly if we needed to.

Cutting the ignition, silence ensued. The only sound
our breathing and the quiet occasional ping for the
engine cooling off.

“How do we…” she trailed off.

“How do we what?” I asked. I had no intention of
making it easy for her.

“How do we start?” she whispered, fear and excitement
in her voice.

“You either wait to see if anyone else starts a show.
Or you start your own,” I grinned in the darkness.

“All you have to do is flick the lights to let
everyone know you want to be watched,” I said eyeing
her closely in the inky blackness.

She didn’t answer at first, then she leaned over to
me and pulled my head toward hers, out lips finding
each other in the dark.

Eager to feel her again, I rested my hand on her bare
knee and quickly drew it up her thigh, meeting her
naked and moist sex. She groaned into my open mouth
and I slipped two fingers into her easily, raising
her hips to meet my hand, grinding herself against
the palm of my hand.

I pulled back from her, and dipped my head to her
neck, nipping her sensitive skin with my teeth, her
fingers twinned into my hair as a loud gasp escaped

She desperately searched for my zip in the darkness.
A small cry of triumph and the zip came down with
force, the sound filling the air in the cramped
confines of the car.

Her hand snaked in and met with the smooth hot skin
of my already erect shaft, frustration wracked her as
she tried unsuccessfully to release me. With my free
hand I unbuckled my belt, and began to pull my jeans
down, realising what I was doing she attacked me
again with her mouth sucking the air from me as she
pulled at my jeans in her delirium.

Her decorum and control had evaporated, my fingers
were busy pumping her slick pussy, her juices were
free flowing and I could smell her scent in the air.
There was no time for finesse, we were animals, our
lust aroused and in complete control of us.

Finally my member sprang free and her cool fingers
wrapped around the hot shaft. Her hips immediately
rocked onto my hand and she gave a gasp. I broke our
kisses and headed straight for her neck, nipping and
licking the sensitive skin. She turned her head and
sighed in appreciation.

Suddenly she squealed and jumped back from the
window. There mere inches away was a long slim cock,
separated only by the thin pain of glass. His veins
protruded and his head was swollen, he stroked
himself slowly, his skin gathering near the tip, then
stretching taught emphasising his length.

I slowed my ministrations within her sex, but didn’t
stop, watching her reaction. Her hand gripped my cock
tightly. She stared at our voyeur intently. She could
see no more of him than his groin. His balls looked
full and swollen as they pushed their way out of his
He could clearly see in the car, but it as so dark
that he could probably only guess at what was
happening. Until a thin beam on light played over her
thighs tracking slowly upward, her treasure obscured
by my hand.

His excitement was obvious, as I could see his cock
tremble and a bead of pre-cum formed at his tip.

Inside the car her breathing was heavy and laboured,
not just from my efforts I suspected. Her eyes were
still glued to the cock, mesmerised and dreamlike she

“W-what do we do…”

I didn’t answer, trembling myself, I reached up and
switched the interior light back on as my own heart

She blinked in the light, bright in comparison to the
darkness that had so recently enveloped us. I took my
hand from between her thighs and started to unzip her
jacket. She didn’t protest, she didn’t react at all,
just stared, her les still open and the torch beam
now playing mush closer to her exposed pussy.

Her jacket undone, I pulled her top down fast, her
breasts spilled out as she squealed again. The cock
at the window gave jerk and he squeezed himself hard.
I pulled up her skirt further ensuring that he could
see her fully.

Then grasping her chin and dragging her eyes away
from the pulsing member at the window, I looked deep
into her lust filled eyes.

“Do you want to go?” I asked, my own breathing heavy.

Her hand still on my cock came alive and she stroked
me in answer before shuffling around, onto her knees
and shrugging off her jacket. Turning away from the
window, she bent at the waist and swiftly engulfed my
cock into her mouth. She took half of shaft

I threw my head back and groaned as I felt her tongue
bather the underside of me. Her hand snaked under me
and grasped my balls, squeezing me and she tried to
take more of me.

I looked over to see if our audience was still there,
he now had a great view of her ass, I reached over
with difficulty and itched her skirt up higher. I
then tried to reach under her and through her legs to
stoke her pussy. But her own hand was already there,
the dirty bitch was opening herself to her voyeur,
rubbing her clit to a stranger. She was really
getting off on it too.

She moaned around my dick, the vibrations mending
pleasure message to my brain.

“Do you like being watched baby?” I hissed quietly

“He’s looking at your pussy. His cock is twitching, I
can see it getting slippery” I continued without
waiting for reply. She moaned around my cock, her
lust up again.

“I bet you want him to touch you don’t you? To put
his rough fingers in your soppy cunt? All you’d have
to do is wind down your window…….” I teased “he’d
reach right in and feel how wet you are” I finished

“Oh god!” she moaned pulling my cock from her mouth

I didn’t wait for her consent and reached over to the
button on the door frame. The window whirred down
behind her. A cold stream of air invaded the car,
goosebumps started to rise on her buttocks.

The stranger was so close now, his cock poking
through the window, nearly touching her.

She jerked my cock near her face, her eyes were
screwed shut and her breathing was irregular and
ragged with excitement, small mewing noises escaped
her. She thrust her ass back, pushing against the now
open window, and the cock slide up her crack resting
in her back, his balls nestling against her arsehole,
his tip brushing her bunched up skirt. She jerked her
hips in small circles, then became ever so still, her
eyes snapped open and her back arched, her breath
caught in her throat.

Screwing her eyes shut again a deep strangled wail
welled deep inside her and burst forth, her hips
jerking as she came.

Her whole body trembled and twitched, as she gasped
between orgasmic contractions. The stranger had
barely touched her, but she’d already had the most
powerful orgasm I’d ever seen her have.

Eventually her orgasm started to subside, more after
orgasms bathed and shook her slightly as she came
down. The stranger hadn’t moved his shaft, he slowly
rubbed it up her crack, per-cum dribbled onto her

“Do you want to go?” I asked again wondering if the
reality of the situation was upon her now she’d cum.

“No,” she breathed quietly nuzzling my cock against
her cheek, she shuddered again and I looked over and
saw the stranger was pawing her ass, softly digging
his fingers into her flesh, trembling they began to
inch hesitantly downward, seeing no resistance, his
fingers brushed her dripping sex.

Grunting she pushed her ass back at him again, then
abruptly knelt up leaving me shaft waving, and turned
to face the window. Our stranger jumped back
slightly, surprised by the move, but his penis still
waved within reach.

Throwing her hair back, I watched amazed as she took
her breasts in her hands and presented them to this
utter stranger. He needed no encouragement and
quickly reached out, both hands shot out and cradled
her breasts, then moved to caress the nipples. As his
confidence increased he began to maul her flesh, but
she seemed or be loving it, and reached out to take
his cock in her hand.

I meanwhile, took myself in my own hand and sat back
to watch her being groped whilst she tugged off a

Cupping his balls she drew him closer and flicked her
tongue out, swiping his tip, collecting a dab of per-
cum. I heard him groan and watched him shudder as she
drew him closer still, lips parted, slowly opening
her mouth. The tip entered her moist mouth and she
closed her Lip around him.

She was moaning, whether to turn him on or because
she was turned on I couldn’t tell but the sound of
her muffled groan and the sight of his quivering cock
sliding further into her mouth made me twitch again
with a Lange of slight jealousy. But as my heart
pounded and I watched on my own shaft grew to new
lengths and stiffened beyond my recollection.

She continued to massage his balls, and shot the
other hand out of the window and grabbed his buttock,
trying to pull him closer, but the car was in the
way, instead he flexed his hips, and she swallowed
another inch. She squeezed his balls hard and took a
little more till it must have been filling her whole,
she brought her other hand back and wrapped her
fingered around the remainder of the shaft and
stroked him.

I could hear his breathing coming in gasps now and he
began to quiver, I didn’t think he’d last much
longer, she was an expert with her mouth, the
movements of her jaw made me fairly certain that her
tongue was working the underside of his prick,
teasing him and bringing him closer to the edge.

Suddenly through dim light I thought I could just
make out his sac tighten, he sucked in his breath and
tensed up, a low groan escaped him and with a release
he jerked his hips forward.

Had it not been for her hand wrapped around his shaft
his cock would have plummeted down her throat, but
she managed to read the signs just in time and bobbed
her head back to take his tip only whilst she gave
his shaft a strong tug.

The first blast must have been incredible, as even
though she appeared to be partly prepared and not shy
about swallowing she flinched as the jet hit the back
of her throat and gagged slightly. The erupting
member slipped from her lips, and as a second shot
jetted, she turned her head just in time to receive
the spray on her cheek.

Aiming the straining cock down toward her chest, it
pulsed again and again spraying forth more cum each
successively weaker than the last until the stranger
untangled himself from her hand, and moved off with a
solitary, whispered thanks, disappearing into the

I hadn’t realised that I’d been holding my breath
whilst she was taking the stranger’s cum, I finally
exhaled in a gasp, my cock throbbed and ached for
release, looking at her she seemed stunned, frozen,
like she was unable to comprehend what had just

I needed release, and I was in no mood to watch
again, my lust was up and I was going to have her. I
opened my door, shaft swaying and leading me around
the front of the car to her door. I pulled the
handled and swung the door open, she looked up at me
not saying a word, a dreamy look on her face as she
idly traced circles over her cum matted skin.

I reached in and took her by both hands pulling her
up, the cold air seemed to bring her around, the
breeze chilling the once hot sperm splattered on her
face and breasts. I looked her in the eyes, my own
seeing only a sex object to be used for my own
satisfaction. I span her around and bent her over,
she didn’t resist and rested her forearms on the seat
where moment before she’d taken a complete strangers

Taking my shaft in my hand I rubbed the head from her
asshole to her clit and back, on the way through I
lodged my tip inside her velvet pussy. She was slick
and hot and once I was inside her I glided in with
ease until my tight sack was pressed against her.

I needed release badly, had to have release. It drove
me and I picked up a fast pace immediately. The
images from those short moments ago flashed through
my mind and I felt myself shudder, my own cock
flexing inside her.

She could say nothing, only moan and shout as I began
to pound her harder and harder. I was snarling as I
drove myself into her repeatedly, again and again.

I sensed rather than saw, another figure near me,
turning my head whilst I fucked her I saw the figure
emerge from the gloom hesitantly approaching us. I
slipped my cock out of her, at which she gave a moan
of displeasure and surprise, then slammed myself back
in her again.
I beckoned the figure nearer, slipping myself from
her again, leaving it a little longer then re-
entering her with one hard stroke.

The figure approach, he was fumbling with his zipper
until finally he managed to release himself. I
indicated silently if he wanted a go. Wide eyed he
nodded eagerly. I pulled out of her again, then
slammed back in whilst he sidled up next to me.

He stroked his cock till it was fully erect and I
pulled out and stepped back immediately to give him
enough room to get in. He didn’t need any further
encouragement and stepped up behind her and lined up
his own tip, swiftly entering her, her juices turning
into cream from the hard fucking I’d given her.

I’m not sure she was in any state to tell that I’d
swapped with another stranger, but I walked around to
the driver’s door again, still open from before. Her
head was resting in her arms as she made small
yelping and groaning noises, she hadn’t seen me, but
as I knelt on the driver’s seat, she looked up eyes
glazed her whole body rocking a the stranger pumped

At first she only saw a cock pointing directly at
her, then her eyes tracked up between thrusts and
realisation dawned on her. Her eyes popped open wide
and her mouth hung open speechless. When her brain
kicked in it was too much for her and she hunched
over, a low wail starting in the it of her stomach
before she arched her back sharply, screwing her eyes
shut and holding her breath.

Finally her breath exploded with a scream which split
the night air and she must have clamped down on the
guy inside her, as I could hear moans from him as her
pussy convulsed like a velvet vice. He tried to pump
her still, but she was too tight for him to bear and
as her orgasm started to fade, he slammed into her to
the hilt and gripped her hips, his fingertips digging
into her flesh.

Her trembling body collapsed in the car seat,
aftershocks running through her body as it tried to
cope with the new sensation of being filled with
fresh cum, and a new smaller convulsion started and
she shivered and jerked as he emptied himself into

Panting she lay quietly moaning face down and ass up
as the stranger withdrew his wilting member from her,
a trail of their combined cum stretching then falling
on her quivering thigh. He turned and left quickly
into the night.

I wasn’t done with her yet and again walked around to
the passenger side, she hadn’t moved, exhausted form
her sexual marathon. Spunk ran freely down her inner
thigh, her tight buttocks still trembled from her
after orgasms.

I levelled myself to her height and slipped my cock
back into her again. The strangers cum was so hot and
her own cum instantly bathed my balls. The feeling as
incredible, and within two or three strokes I could
feel my tentacles contract and the tingling enveloped
my loins until I too tensed and reached into her as
far as I could. The pent up release was near
agonising and I became hyper sensitive, which only
served to heighten my pending orgasm, until I

Jet after jet entered her, mixing with the combined
cum, bathing her inner walls with fresh cum, I threw
my head back and cried out unable to keep control of
myself as I emptied into her. My knees buckled under
the intensity, and I slipped from her, my member
issuing one final weak line of cum, which dripped on
to her thigh, and mingled with the stream of cum
which was now flowing from her pussy.

I collapsed on top of her, not able to stand any
longer. Both of us were breathing hard and despite
the cold, sweat beaded on our bodies. She reached
down and took my limp hand squeezing it, and as we
lay there cooling said to me, “I want to go now,”
with a satisfied smile.

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