Dominant pleasures

Watching the train come into the platform, slowly making its way up the track, another day, another meeting, he thought. He quickly ran a mental check list that he had everything, briefcase, presentation case, minutes of the last AGM, and of course his lunch. Cheese and tomato sandwiches, the same sandwiches he had been having for the last ten years. Martin had of course mentioned to his wife on various occasions that he just might just like something different in his sandwiches, and her retort had been ‘make them your bloody self”, or she had really pushed the boat out and given him cheese and onion sandwiches!

Martin had been married to Mandy for what seemed like an eternity. But she was a good wife, had given him two beautiful kids, and didn’t seem to want too much in life. He had tried his best to be a good husband and provider, and that’s all he could do. However, he often missed the heady days of their early romance when they could not keep their hands off each other. It was all very different now. Sex was a distant memory, birthdays and anniversaries if he was lucky.

It was not up until recently he wondered if he was missing out. His mobile phone had died on him in between going to a client meeting, and as he was trying to find a cab in Baker Street, he popped into a phone box to phone his M.D. How tawdry the phone box was, littered with chewing gum and prostitute’s calling cards, but one caught his eye, he picked it up and put it firmly in his briefcase, this was totally out of character for Martin, but he felt totally compelled to take the card.

Betty was tired, she had been answering the phone, making tea, getting the door, and it was not an easy life at her age being a maid to Miss Dominique. Betty had known when she took the job that this would be a very different position than she was used to, and she was right. The amount of well dressed gentlemen that passed through the door was staggering, and they were always so polite. Why on earth did they want to humiliate themselves, she would never know, still the money was good, and she had no complaints there.

Although Betty rarely saw anything, she often heard the men begging Miss Dominique to beat them, and sometimes Miss Dominique had sat down with her at the end of the day to tell her a few tales. Betty loved to listen; it was amazing how many men liked to be taken control of. She had felt a bit strange at first when she had to take the photos, but now she was so used to it, she actually could get some very good shots.

Betty could definitely see the attraction with Miss Dominique, she was in her early thirties, about 5ft 4, slim with dark black hair and had the most perfect face which she accentuated with very tarty make up. Her usual evening attire was a tight black PVC catsuit, showing off as much of her cleavage as possible, she also wore black patent thigh high boots with seven inch stiletto heels. The men were just putty in her hands, they didn’t stand a chance.

Martin started the meeting, shares, stocks, investments, the normal stuff, he had hoped it would end early; he was tired and would have liked to have left the office on time for once. His M.D. was in the chair, droning on and on. Of course this was important, but he was not in the mood, to be honest ever since he had found Miss Domique’s card he was very agitated.

Martin had been fighting with his conscience, he knew it was very wrong, but had already made ‘enquires’. He was fed up being the partner in his firm, giving instructions and orders, he wanted to be ill treated, dominated, used and abused and he hardly was going to get that at home. He had decided to do it, why not, he hardly did anything out the ordinary, it was about time he had some pleasure.

Walking down Baker Street after 6 pm on a weekday evening was a sobering experience, all the office staff were scuttling off to the train station, bustling past Martin. Martin was going in the opposite direction, down Blandford Street, turn left, first basement flat on the right with the black door the lady had said.

With great antrepidation Martin went downstairs. His heart was beating very loudly as he knocked on the door.

Betty sighed as she got up yet again, it really was a busy day for Ms. Dominique, well she did charge quite a lot, so if there were rich pickings to be made why not Betty thought.

She ushered Martin in, sat him down, they discussed the fees and Martin gave over the agreed monies. Of course, it was terribly expensive, but he knew this was going to the case, he could not think of the money now, just his excitement. Betty then coughed rather loudly, and Ms. Dominque entered the room.

Martin was taken aback, he half knew what to expect, but did not think that the dominatrix would be so attractive. She was absolutely stunning and he tried not to stare, as he took in her beauty. Ms. Dominique said nothing, she approached Martin and pulled him gently up by his tie, he was totally transfixed as she pulled him along into the other room, where she closed the door.

Martin’s heart was in his mouth as he watched Ms. Dominique sit down and cross her long shapely legs. “Good afternoon Slave” she said, “my boots need cleaning, clean them now unless you want a punishment!” her tone was impatient and for someone so young he was taken in immediately by her authoritative voice….Martin looked around for a cloth, but realised that she meant with his tongue. He had read about this, and slowly began licking her black patented boots. “Very good slave”…carry on, and you will get rewarded. Martin licked her boots for another ten minutes; he felt strangely aroused and was sure he had the beginnings of an erection. Ms. Dominique leant down and pulled him off her boots by the hair “Very good Martin, now here is your reward”.

Miss Dominque very slowly began unzipping her PVC catsuit, she was wearing a black pvc bra. Martin felt his breathing hasten as he saw the catsuit fall away to her waist. “Now slave if you want to see more, I have some more tasks for you to do!” “Yes Mistress” Martin heard himself say “Anything you want”. “Take down your trousers and pants and let me see your pathetic excuse for a cock you filthy dirty slave”. Martin felt totally humiliated to be spoken to that like that, a man in his position, but it turned him on too and he stripped off very quickly. To add to his humiliation, he had the most enormous erection.

Miss Dominique laughed out loud when she saw his cock “Slave, you really are a pathetic excuse for a man, this is your punishment for having such a sad cock” Miss Dominique then bent down and began sucking his cock, licking his shaft and sucking his balls. Martin had not had oral sex like that for ages, there was that one time on his brothers stag do, but apart from that indiscretion, that was it.

After much sucking of his hard cock, Ms. Dominique stopped and sat back. How he had managed to stop himself coming in her mouth, he did not know. Very slowly without uttering a single word, she took off her PVC bra.

She had the most gorgeous tits very dark and full and her nipples were very large. Martin reached out to touch her. “Naughty, naughty slave. That is bad. Bend over and take your punishment”.

As in a daze Martin bent over the bed whilst Ms. Dominique began spanking him, lightly first with the palm of her hand and then harder and harder. Here he was bare arsed in a prostitute’s boudoir getting six of the best and he loved it.

When she had finished Martin turned around. He noticed now that Ms. Dominique was fully naked apart from her thigh high boots. She came towards him, pushed him backwards on the bed, and produced a gag which she tied tightly around his mouth.

“Naughty slaves get fucked”, she shouted… She climbed astride him, her powerful thighs encapsulating his. She lowered her gorgeous cunt onto his straining erection, he started to fuck her. Even though he was gagged, it just heightened his passion, he felt his hard cock slide in and out of her, she was riding him with such control. She kept stopping and starting, teasing him, controlling him. Her pussy was soaking wet but very tight too. He could really feel his cock sliding in and out of her; she had very strong pussy muscles too. Miss Dominique rode him and rode him, every time he wanted to cum, she stopped, what a bitch she was. “You can cum when I tell you slave, and at no other time do you understand!” Martin felt her hand as she slapped him round the face, he was so very turned on. She kept on fucking him, she had so much energy, her beautiful tits were in arms reach, but as he reached out, she slapped him hard away.

“Ok, dirty fucking slave, Mistress will let you cum now, cum deep inside your Mistress and say thank you for letting you fuck her, come on Martin”, and in that moment she removed his gag. Martin thrust even harder and deeper and as he felt his spunk coming, he shouted “Thank you Mistress Dominique for letting me fuck you, I am so very very grateful”.

As he left Blandford Street, he could not believe quite what he had done. He had his reservations as to whether he would do it again. However, his mind was made up for him when a plain manila envelope arrived delivered by hand for him the next day at the office. Inside were three polaroids of him with his trousers down, bare arsed getting spanked – there was a note with the photos it read – “I own you now, slave – you need to see me once a week – Mistress D”.

Martin was sure he would find a way to accommodate this request somehow. He had liked being a slave, it had given him such immense pleasure, and the thought of being humiliated again brought a wry smile to his face.

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