Girl’s Night Out

Now, on to the point of the story, the second girls night. Well, this one took place only a few weeks after the first one. I was turning 18 and managed to convince my parents to let me go out for the weekend with my sisters. My sisters and I rounded up about 20 girls total to join us for the first girls night. It’s amazing how many girls were interested in it after they heard what went on at the first one. Even girls that were straight, but curious were asking me about it. So the 20 of us each paid about $15 and we rented out a giant suite at one of the hotels in the city. When I say big, I mean big, this thing was enormous. My sisters and I got there early to check in and see what the room was really like. We opened up the big double door to the room and we just stood there awe struck at it. There was a small” hallway with closets off to the side then beyond that, two stairs that went down to a giant living room area with leather couches and chairs and a fireplace off to one side. Attached to this was a decent sized mini-kitchen, a porch, a bathroom, a bedroom, a master suite, with a big bedroom and private bath. The kitchen, each bathroom, and bedroom all had their own TV’s with VCR’s. We also found, hidden behind the paneling above the fireplace, a giant big screen TV. There was plenty of furniture all around. Plenty of room for all of us. This was perfect.
We then left and went shopping for the remainder of the afternoon. The party started at 5:30, with people arriving as early as 5. My sisters and I went to Victoria Secret first where we each got a new set of underwear and a new piece of lingerie. We also got a piece of lingerie and another complete set of very sexy underwear for prizes that night. After Victoria Secret’s, we went to the local porn shop, where my sister went in and bought various toys, some to use that night, and some for prizes, and bought 4 movies for us to watch and give away. After the porn shop, we went to a local linen store and bought two curtains so we could set them up as a serpentine wall in front of the door this was incase we had any visitors tonight, they wouldn’t see a room full of naked teenage girls. Our last stop for the afternoon was a local party store where we picked up some party stuff. Balloons, crep paper, streamers, party hats, soda, and other snacks. All these earins took us the majority of the afternoon, and we got back to the hotel about 4 p.m. We took that hour and decorated the place, set up our walls, and got ready for the guests to arrive. We changed into our lingerie and just sat around waiting for the other girls to come. We heard a knock at our door a little after 5 and just looked at each other and smiled. The fun was about to begin.

My older sister was stationed at the door, answering it since the room was checked out under her name. She wore regular clothes over her lingerie, but my younger sister and I stayed in just the lingerie. I was standing behind the first turn of the serpentine wall, and my younger sister was just going to roam around helping people and chatting with them until everyone arrived and we started. We let the first girl in. It was one of Katie’s (my younger sister) friends, she was at the first girls night and was a regular visitor to my house. As she snuck her way round the walls, I grabbed her and pulled her close to me. I planted my lips on her mouth and started kissing her. She was surprised at first but soon joined in. We stood there making out for about 30 seconds or so. I was sure to let my hands roam her body, especially over her tits. She loved that, it was something I had learned after having fucked her so many dozens of times. That was one girl who definitely loved her tits. They weren’t too badly sized either.

After she arrived, we waited a few more minutes and the rest of the girls started to arrive. They were all there by 5:30, even the new comers. I greeted each experienced and returning girl by making out with them and feeling them up as they came in, but the newcomers, I would hold by the waste and would kiss once on the lips and welcome in.

We all started the night with our clothes on because our first activity was going to be a strip show one by one for the rest of the girls. Each girl was told to wear a sexy set of underwear or a sexy piece of lingerie. My sisters and I had arranged the furniture so that they were all facing the TV/fireplace, but arranged them so that there was a big open space in the middle. After everyone we were expecting arrived, we locked the doors and called everyone’s attention. I thanked everyone for coming and explained to them that pizza was on the way and we would be able to eat after our first activity was over. I asked everyone to go around and introduce themselves, since we had about 5 new faces, I wanted everyone to know everyone elses names. After they did that, I explained to them that our first activity was going to be a solo stripping. My sisters and I would go first, followed by all experienced girls by age, then the newcomers, by age. The rules here were that you weren’t allowed to touch yourself if you weren’t performing and were only to take off your outer garments, leaving your underwear on underneath.

My older sister put on some very slow sexy music she had mixed especially for this and took center stage. I stood there watching her, she was definitely a specimine. A very hot body and she moved to the music like it was nothing. She started out by moving her hands down her body and over her D-cup breasts making sure they bounced. She then turned her back to us and put her hands in her ass pocket on her jeans and waved it at us. She somehow undid her jeans and started pulling them down her ass wiggling out of them all the way down. She then picked them up and threw them into the corner and stood facing us. She shook her chest, which of course make her tits bounce, and the fact that she was wearing lingerie and no bra made them bounce even more. She took off her shirt and swung it around her head a few times which concluded her show. We clapped as she moved off to the side and I took her spot. I looked around the room to see how people were reacting. Everyone seemed to be liking it, even the new girls, they were wide eyed just looking at my sister.

I was next. I started out by moving myself to the music. I grabbed my C-cup breasts and shoved them around. I then reached down and grabbed my shirt, and slowly brought it up over my head, all while moving to the music. I had on just a regular pair of pants, so I just slid them off as sexy as I could. It wasn’t as good as my sisters, but where I lack in the stripping, I make up in the fucking.

After I went, each girl took their turn stripping, and we all were throwing our clothes into one corner in one big heap. Katie stayed dressed for a while waiting to get the pizza, and also because she was the best stripper. The pizza came some time while the show was going on, I didn’t notice because I was too caught up in the show to notice. But I did notice she disappeared for a couple minutes. After the new girls went, which I have to admit, they did pretty good, they also seemed to be enjoying it, which was good because it meant that I would have five new partners tonight. After they were done, my sister and I prepared for Katie’s entrance. We turned down the lights a little, and put on some new music.

Katie came out of the bedroom in extremely tight jeans, and a really sexy top, neither of which I had seen before. Katie was a dancer, and therefore, had an extremely fit body and was extremely flexible, she was so fucking hot, it drove me crazy. Her high B-Cups were perfect for her body size, and her ass was delicious looking. She slowly and sexily walked from the bedroom to the floor and took the position to start her show. She started out like my older sister, that is by running her hands up and down her body, over and over her breasts. She slowly took off her shirt, which was so small, her tits got caught in it when it got up that far… that was sexy. She then took off her jeans in a way I had never seen before. Oh my god, it got me so hot I couldn’t stand it. I wanted to touch myself so bad, but I couldn’t, it was the rules. When she god her jeans off, we all gasped as we saw something stuck up her pussy. She moved the cloth for her lingerie aside and pulled a 4 inch vibrator out of her pussy and licked it off, then took a bow. We all just sat there dumbstruck over what we had just seen.

We all just sat there a minute staring at her. Even the newcomers who were only interested were shifting their weight around and it was obvious that they were turned on. She was enjoying it though. She just sat there licking her vibrator like a little girl with a lollypop. The aroma of the pizza was wafting into our nostrils, so I told the girls to get their pizza dinner and told them they could go anywhere in the suite, but had to meet back here in 45 minutes. I also told them they had to restrain from having sex, and that they would get plenty of it later.

So all the girls got their pizza and went off into their separate groups. There were 4 or 5 groups of girls. They separated themselves mainly by age, but I noticed that our newcomers all hung together, so I went and sat with them. They all smiled at me as I sat down. I listened to their conversation for a little while. Nothing interesting, just girl talk. I decided to break the ice with them and asked if they were enjoying themselves so far. They just looked around. It was obvious that no one wanted to be the first to talk, then finally the youngest one, one of Katie’s friends piped up.

You know, I always have been kind’ve interested in girls, I guess I’ve just been scared to try to make the move because people would find out, but some of the people here I would’ve never guessed were bi or les. I think it’s great and I’m excited to have my first experience tonight.”

Well, I’m glad your enjoying it,” I told her, Can I ask you something else, cause you’ve obviously been thinking about this a while. What is your biggest fantasy of something you’d like to do with another girl.”

She sat there a minute thinking, then blushed as she said, Well, I would really like my first experience to be with Katie, your sister. I’ve dreamt that the first time we did it, it would be slow and very sexy. Just me and her on this big bed, in a dimly lit room… that would be fun.”

Well,” I said with a smile, We’ll see what we can arrange.”

One of my friends then spoke up, Na… see, I want my first time to be so rough and physical that I collapse afterward covered in sweat. Oh, and doing it in front of a group of people, that would be so kinky.”

Would you like toys to be used” I asked her.

Defiantly” She said.

I talked with them a little bit longer and they each told me their perfect/ideal first fuck. I was surprised, they had that thing thought out down to the details. I then got up and went and found Katie. I told her what Erin, her friend, had told me about her fantasy for her first time. I suggested to Katie that she go get Erin and go into the back bedroom and full fill that for her. Katie liked her erotic sex, but she was also damn good at the slow stuff too. Katie thanked me for the insight and said she would. As I got everyone’s attention again, I saw Katie sneak up behind Erin, wrap her arms around her, nibble her neck, and whisper something in her ear. I saw Erin smile, and disappear with Katie into the back bedroom.

We cleared off one of the couches to use it as our stage for the night. I called up Jackie, the newcomer who said her ideal fuck would be hardcore with lots of toys. I pulled my backpack from off to the side and dumped its contents out on the floor.

I think its time Jackie had her first experience with a girl,” I said, What do you think gals”

The other girls cheered and Jackie looked at me with a crazed/happy look on her face. On the floor was a pile of various toys and other stuff. I looked around and picked two girls to come up and fuck her. One of them was my best friend and one was another one of Katie’s friends.

The two girls I picked stood there for a minute and whispered to each other what they would do. Jackie wore a bra and panties because she didn’t have any lingerie. Carol, my friend, and Jamie, Katie’s friend, commanded Jackie to get on all fours with her legs spread. She did as she was commanded. Carol then crawled underneath Jackie facing upwards. She scooted herself up until her head was even with Jackie’s chest. Jamie then undid the clasp of Carol’s lingerie that was under her pussy. She started to tease it with her fingers. She ran them around the inside, then would put them partway in. Meanwhile, while Carol was getting played with, she was also playing with Jackie’s tits. She had one in each hand and was just shaking them and moving them everywhere, all with her bra still on. Jackie had nice firm tits too. They were big enough that you could cup them in your hand, so they worked good for what Carol was doing. Jackie had her eyes closed and her mouth half open, which was telling me she was enjoying it. Carol then stopped playing with them and sat her head up. She stuck out her tongue and started to lick the exposed part of Jackie’s breasts. By this time, Jamie had dove in and was now fully licking Carol’s pussy. So there they were, Jamie’s face buried between Carol’s legs, and Carols tongue enjoying Jackie’s tits. Carol then stopped and asked Jackie if she would like to be eaten out. Of course she said yes, so Jamie stopped eating Carol and moved up to Jackie. She slowly took off Jackie’s panties and then did one slow lick across her pussy. Jackie gasped as Jamie’s tongue hit her virgin pussy. Carol reached up and pulled Jackie’s two tits, one by one, out of her bra. She took each tit in her mouth, then took off the bra and threw it in our pile. While Jackie was getting herself eaten out for the first time, it was becoming obvious that she wouldn’t last much longer. Carol meanwhile, climbed out from under Jackie and put on a strap on dildo we had sitting there. Jackie then screamed as she experienced her first climax and collapsed on the floor. Carol told her to flip over and face up. Jackie obeyed. Carol strattled Jackie’s chest and stuck her dildo in Jackie’s mouth and told her to suck, which she obeyed immediately. Jamie meanwhile also put on a strap on and sat behind Carol on Jamie’s stomach. She shoved her dildo into Carol’s ass and just held it there. Carols action pumping her strap on in and out of Jackie’s mouth as in turn making Jamie’s dildo go in and out of her ass. Jackie reached up and grapped Carols breasts, which are about 36c like mine, and started massaging them. She eventually managed to pull Carol’s lingerie off her tits so they were now hanging and moving freely with the action. All this while, Carol was smearing her pussy juice all over Jackie’s tits. This continued maybe another minute until Carol finally gave in and cummed all over Jackie. Carol fell to the side to catch her breath and Jamie took the opportunity and dove down on Jackie’s tits and licked off all of Carol’s juices. Jamie moved up to Jackie’s mouth and started to kiss her. It was obvious that they were using tongue, Jamie was sharing Carol’s cum with Jackie. Jackie did manage to get Jamie’s lingerie off her breasts and was massaging them as they made out. Jamie stopped kissing her and told her they were ready for the grand finale. Jamie got out the double sided dildo and stuck on end in herself (they were all nude now). She told Jackie to kneel on her knees. She obeyed. Carol positioned herself behind Jackie. Jamie went first and slowly stuck her dildo in Jamie’s pussy, Carol then moved in from behind. This beautiful girl, who was a total virgin 10 minutes ago was now kneeling there with a dildo in bother her pussy and ass. Jamie and Carol were thrusting together meaning they went in and out at the same time. They started slow then started moving faster and faster until they all screamed at the same time as they climaxed together and fell in a sweaty heap on the floor. The audience cheered and I looked at Jackie and asked her how that was. She smiled at me and said it was fantastic.

We cleared the stage for the next set of girls. Amy was next, she was another one of my friends who was new to the party. She told me her fantasy was to have me slowly strip for her, then strip her as she sat on the couch, kissing her body all the way down. She wanted me to then eat her out, and as she cummed, to catch it in my mouth and share it with her in a long kiss. Hey, what can I say, sounded like fun to me.

Amy sat on the couch as I stood in front of her, grabbed my tits, and played with them. I let a hand roam down to by pussy, where I got my juices on it. I then brought it back up to my mouth where I licked it off. With a finger still in my mouth, I slid the straps for my lingerie off my shoulders. I then peeled my lingerie down, and completely off. I moved slowly up to her, and then attacked her tits. They were really small, hardly even there, but I did the best I could to lick and play with them. I literally ripped her bra and panties off her body and dove into her pussy. I wasted no time and immediately started licking it. I could tell she liked it by the way she was moaning. I was sticking my tongue in and out and licking all around. She didn’t last long before she experienced her first orgasm. I lapped up all I could, then with my mouth full of her cum, I slowly ran my lips up her stomach to her tits, then up to her mouth where she joined me for a kiss. I let my hands roam to her chest and was playing with her tits as we laid there and made out. She let my tongue into her mouth and we frenched as she tasted her cum. There is nothing like the feeling of another girls body on yours as you make out.

We finished making out and as our audience applauded us, I saw Katie and Erin emerge out of the back bedroom. Katie looked at me, smiled and gave me a wink, as she went and joined the rest of the group with Erin.

We had one more girl who was a virgin with us. She was known for giving hand jobs and oral sex to any guy who asked, but still retained her virginity, and had never had full sex with either a guy or a girl. Her name was Marlena. She was really hot too. Long straight brown hair, breasts the size of oranges and fantastic legs. I had been wanting to fuck her for a real long time, and now that I had the chance, I was not about to let it go. I called her up, and she came up and sat on the couch in her matching black thong and push up bra, both not covering up much. I then went into the kitchen, where I got a brown paper bag. I had thought ahead about her, and went out and got some supplies to aid me. No one knew what was in the bag but me. I told my best friend to come up and help me with her. So, my best friend Natalie, whom I had known and lived next to (yes, we were both frequent visitors at each others houses) for all my life, as she came up I grabbed her and pulled her towards me and started kissing her. This was to get her a little turned on, and an excuse for me to get her lingerie off. After it was all off and she was excited, I asked her whether she wanted strawberry or chocolate, and with that, I pulled a thing of Hershey’s strawberry syrup, and a thing of Hershey’s chocolate syrup out of the bag. Katie looked at me like I was crazy. We had tried this once, and even us, who were experienced with other girls could not hold back our orgasm’s very long. We both orgasmed almost immediately. This was going to be a shower. Marlena had cummed before from masturbating she had said, but this was going to be the most and most powerful she had cummed ever in her life, and she didn’t know it, only Katie and I did.

Natalie selected the Strawberry syrup. I looked at her and said, Let’s go have some fun.” With that, I held the bottle over one of Marlena’s breasts and let the chocolate syrup drip a little dab, a little bigger than a half dollar in size on the exposed part of her breast. She gasped when it hit. It was room temperature, so it wasn’t cold. I took two of my fingers and gently rubbed it around all over her breast. I then lowered my face to her breast and started licking the syrup off her breast. She was gasping for air. I was making long slow strokes with my tongue over her chest. Natalie then joined in with me and put a dab strawberry sauce on her other breast and proceeded to do what I was doing. I was getting chocolate sauce all over my face, as was Natalie and the strawberry on hers, but we didn’t care, this was fun. Once I had licked up all the syrup, I squirted more on her, but this time added some to her stomach. With two girls licking this syrup off of her, she was getting wet really fast. Her thong was now almost completely soaked through. Her bra was one that opened up in the front, so I took the liberty of finally taking it off. Marlena then shifted so I could take it the rest of the way off. I also slipped her thong off. Both Natalie and I then started putting the syrup directly on her tits and sucking it off. We were both having a lot of fun, and so was Marlena. This was the first time she cummed tonight, but it defanitly wasn’t the last. She had cummed hard, but we still continued. Natalie and I took turns on her breasts and down near her pussy. My the time we were finished, she had cummed hard three times and was covered in sticky chocolate and strawberry syrup. Natalie and I were also covered in sticky syrup. It was all over our faces and also our chests from rubbing up and down on her.

We told Marlena to go have a seat, that she would have a chance to clean up later, and then Natalie and I proceeded to clean each other off. She attacked my breasts first, squeezing one with her hand, and licking the other, then switching, and squeezing the clean one and licking the other. She then moved up and we started making out. It was very interesting making out with someone and having the chocolate and strawberry syrup in their mouths and tasting that at the same time. While we were there making out, she was fingering me. It didn’t take long, between us making out, her fingering me, and the feeling of her tits on mine to make me cum. After I cummed we flipped and I attacked her and returned the favor to her of what she had just done to me. I did everything the same. She lasted about the same amount of time I did before she cummed all over the place. I was now officially exausted, I had been with three girls consecutively now. It was time for me to sit back and enjoy some of this show.

My big sister went up next. She stood there in a very sexy piece of lingerie, it was one I had given her for her 18th birthday. She asked for two volunteers to join her. There were a handful of volunteers. She picked two, one of Katie’s friends, who had really small breasts, and one of my friends with medium size breasts, and her of course with large ones. They got up in front of us and my sister immediately went down on Katie’s friend’s pussy. She moved the girls panties to the side and proceeded to lick her. She girl just sat there with her legs spread moaning. My friend stood off to the side for a minute then climbed up over Katie’s friend and stuck her pussy in her face. So here this young girl was, being eaten out and eating out. As expected, she cummed pretty quickly. It was now my sisters turn to receive some pleasure. She laid down on the couch and the girls attacked her. They took off her lingerie, and while my friend tit fucked her face, Katie’s friend returned the favor of eating her out. It was a sight. They switched positions a few more times, and even incorporated in a few toys. It was one of the better shows I had seen. After they all climaxed and orgasmed at the same time, they fell in a panting heap on top of each other on the couch.

We all just sat there for a minute, then I got up and told the girls that it was free time, they had the next couple of hours to go fuck whomever they wanted, anywhere in the suite they wanted, except the bathroom and shower was reserved for Marlena and the single partner of her choosing, and the master bedroom was reserved for our special guests who were due to be here soon. The girls all looked at each other wondering who we had planned to come.

The girls then all got together in groups, and spread out around the apartment and started playing with each other. It was a sight. Marlena went up to one of my friends, and asked her to join her in the shower. Her invitation was happily received and I watched them head into the bathroom, close the door, and about 5 minutes later, the water start running. I smiled thinking to myself how much I would’ve liked it to watch her lick the remaining syrup off of Marlena’s body before they climbed into the shower.

The master bedroom had its own separate entrance, so we could sneak in our guests without all the girls seeing. We told them what time we wanted them to come, and at that time, we opened up the door to the outside just a crack, as we were still naked, and peaked outside. Sure enough, just as he had promised, the young man, maybe mid twenties that had checked us in earlier was standing there with one of his friends. He saw me look out the door and waved at me. I opened the door, stood behind it, and motioned for them to come in. My two sisters were at it on the bed, but our two young men didn’t see that until they were in the room. I shut the door and stood there, acting as if I was wearing clothes. They just stood there staring at my sisters, then at me when they realized that I was naked.

You think that’s something” I asked them motioning toward the bed, that ain’t nothing, let me show you this.” With that I opened up the door from the master bedroom to the suite just enough for them to see out. What they saw was piles of naked teenage girls having sex with each other. I closed the door, and stood in front of John, the nice young man who checked us in and grabbed his crotch and his raging hard on, and kneaded it though his pants.

I’m glad you could come.” I whispered to him. With that I brought my lips up to his and started kissing him. I felt his hands go to my waist, then slowly move up my body and start feeling my tits as we kissed. I undid his belt and pulled his pants down and exposed his enormous dick to the world. I stared at it for a moment, it had been such a long time since I had seen one that I forgot how big they were. I then moved down and took it into my mouth. It felt so wonderful to have a cock in my mouth again. I sucked on him for a little while, until I felt him start to get tense. I stopped, because I wanted to save him for later. I told my sisters to get off the bed and go entertain Jeff, his buddy.

Katie bounced off the bed, her breasts bouncing like a bouncy ball, and bounded over to Jeff and sat on his lap. Kelly, my older sister was slower about it. By the time she got over there, Katie had already gotten Jeff’s dick out of his pants and was feeling him up. I led John, who was now completely naked, over to the bed and he climbed on it with me. He laid down and I stratled his stomach, being sure to rub my wet pussy all over it. I then leaned down and tit fucked his face. As my breasts were smashed into his face, I felt his tongue all over the area he could reach. It felt wonderful. I held it there for a little while, then rolled over, laying on my back, with my legs spread, and told him to fuck my brains out. He didn’t need told twice. He was so hard, he was standing up perfectly straight as he laid there. He rolled over, got on all fours over me, and slowly guided himself in. I gasped as I felt him enter me. I had only had a cock in me one other time in my life, and it was a feeling I thought felt wonderful.

Meanwhile, as John laid there fucking me, I looked over and saw Katie giving her first blow job to a real dick. She had blown plenty of dildo’s, but this was the first time she did it to the real thing. She had been waiting for this all night. She seemed to be enjoying herself, and of course, so did Jeff. After all, what man wouldn’t enjoy being sucked off by a hot 14 year old This continued for a little while longer. I was in heaven with John fucking me, but like all good things, this one couldn’t last forever. He asked me if he wanted him to cum in me. I told him no, and to pull out. He stayed in me as long as possible, then he pulled out of me quickly and cummed all over my stomach and breasts. He collapsed next to me on the bed as we both laid there catching our breath. I watched him deflate.

Kelly was being pretty nice to Jeff. I could tell by the look on his face that Kelly was doing a good job. He then too said he was going to cum. Kelly looked at me with a twinkle in here eye. She had been waiting for this for a long time, and now she was actually going to have someone cum on her. She was really excited. This added excitement that Jeff was near his climax caused her to suck even harder, which shortened the amount of time Jeff could hold it in. Kate, my older sister, and I watched as Jeff started cumming. Kelly caught a little of it in her mouth, but there was a point where it was too much and his dick came out of her mouth and continued spewing all over her chest. When he finished, he just sat there in the chair as he deflated. Kelly fell back and laid on her back on the floor just caught up in the moment of being covered in cum. She was slowly taking her fingers and rubbing it into her breasts.

Kate told the two guys to sit in the chairs on the side of the room, while the three of us cleaned each other off, even though Kate didn’t have a drop on her, she wanted to taste it. Jeff and John went and sat in the chairs as they recovered. The three of us climbed on the bed. I immediately went for Kelly and started licking the hot creamy cum off her tits. I had positioned myself so that she could lick the stuff off my breasts too. Kate positioned herself at Kelly’s pussy and was eating her out. Kelly didn’t last long with me at her tits and Kate at her pussy before she cummed all over the place. Kate just lapped it all up like a thirsty dog.

Meanwhile, this little show we had put on did more than enough to excite the two guys again. Kelly was absolutely dyeing to have that thing in her. She had already tasted Jeff, so she wanted John. Kate was also craving cock, so she took Jeff. The four of them got onto the bed. The two guys on the bottom laying on their backs, then the two girls went up and climbed over them and lowered themselves down on top of them. Kate and Kelly were laying there riding Jeff and John. It was quite a sight. Kate had been fucked plenty of times, so she was a veteran at this, but this was Kelly’s first time. It was obvious that she was enjoying it. Her breasts were bouncing around wildely as she rode him. She had her eyes closed, and just watching John’s cock go in and out of her was a great sight, one that I couldn’t resist masturbating to. I sat there on one of the chairs rubbing my pussy. The three of us all cummed around the same time. Both my sisters let them cum in them. As they all collapsed on the bed. Kate managed to get into 69 with Kelly, and they sucked the cum out of each others pussys.

We all laid there a minute to catch our breath and come back to the real world. It was now time to switch partners. Kate and Kelly went back out into the room to join the fun, and to send two more girls in. They sent in two of my friends. My friends came in the door not expecting what to expect. They gasped when they saw the two guys sitting naked in the chairs with fully erect dicks standing straight up. I told them the guys were here to serve them. They could do anything they wanted, but they only had time to do something with one of them. The two girls went off and started out by blowing them. The guys didn’t last long considering this was going to be their third cum in a very short amount of time. One of the girls saw it coming and managed to get it in her pussy before he came. The other one just got a mouthful of cum. I must say though, she was good at swallowing. The two girls thanked me, and went out to get two more.

The two more they had gotten were two of Kelly’s friends. One was the girl who was over all the time and a regular for us, and the second one was a fairly new girl. They were both shocked when they saw the two guys there. The guys were still limp from their last encounter. I suggested to the girls that they go on the bed, and entertain the manfolk to get them excited. They just smiled at each other and went onto the bed. They started out by making out. Let me tell you, it was one of the hottest make out sessions that I have ever seen. They were clearly using tongue, and their hands were all over each others bodies. Kelly’s friend, the regular, had a fantastic chest for her size, but the other one had a fairly small one. They were hot though, mainly because they were so young. This got the guys excited again. The girls whispered something to each other, then motioned for the guys to come join them. The more experienced of the girls was named Tashia. She told Jeff to come and fuck her pussy while the other girl sucked on her tits. She laid flat on the bed with her legs spread wide exposing her pussy to Jeff. Jeff didn’t need asking twice, he was up there pretty fast. She started fucking her. It was quite a sight. Watching her get hammered by Jeff’s huge cock, and then having her breasts sucked. She lasted longer than I would’ve guessed before she cummed, which caused him to cum too. She laid there a minute recovering from what just happened, then she told John to come up and fuck her friends pussy and then Jeff to fuck her mouth.

John came up and slowly inserted his dick into her. She was a virgin, so she screamed when her hymen broke. But then she started moaning as John started fucking her. Jeff meanwhile was recovering pretty quickly and strattled her and stuck his cock in her mouth. It was really fun watching this total virgin getting fucked with two cocks, I wish I had thought of that! Meanwhile Tashia had put her face down by her friends pussy and was licking all around where John’s dick was sliding in and out of her pussy. Her friend didn’t last long at all before she started cumming. I guess having a dick in your pussy and mouth, along with another hot girl licking your pussy and having her breasts on your stomach was a little too much for this young one. The two guys cummed about the same time. John started first in her pussy, this first time feeling was almost too much for her, so she started sucking really hard on Jeff’s dick, which caused him too to go over the edge.

After the guys cummed and pulled themselves out, she just laid there with cum coming out of her pussy and mouth. Tashia and I just looked at each other and smiled. We wanted to take full advantage of this situation, so as she attacked her pussy and started eating the cum out, I went and started kissing her and getting the cum. It was good.

The next two girls to come in were Marlena and one of her friends who she had chosen to take the shower with. Marlena and her partener Rose had been friends for years, but Marlena never knew Rose was bi and liked girls. Rose had wanted to be with Marlena for a long time because she was extremely hot, but never had the guts to make a move. Marlena, and Rose for that matter were both extremely good looking girls. Marlena had dark brown straight hair that was a little longer than her shoulders, she was around 5’10”, had fantastic legs, and wonderful breasts. They can probably be most compared to large oranges on her chest. They were really full, and perfectly shaped. Rose was also good looking. A 5’11” blond, she was nicely shaped too. Wonderful legs, and a low D cup filled her figure really well. Their hair was still wet from being in the shower together, and they informed me that they had just gotten out of it and were leaving the bathroom when Tashia caught them and told them to come in here.

They were both naked, and when they walked in the guys just stared at them not believing their eyes. They knew they would be having a wonderful night, but they never even believed that girls this beautiful even existed.

Welcome,” I said after they stared at the guys who were staring at their bodies.

You’re each allowed to get fucked once,” I said, enjoy!”

The four of them just stood there staring at each other, before Rose got a smile on her face, and told Marlena to follow her. Rose walked over to John, who, I must admit was the better looking of the two guys, and climbed on his lap. She didn’t impale herself on him, but made sure his dick was flat underneath her ass. She kissed him then turned around to Marlena and told her to give him a blowjob. She turned back around and made her lips meet Johns. They started making out as Marlena prepared to give yet another blowjob.

Less than an hour ago, she was a virgin, now, in the course of an hour, she will have been with both girls and guys (both plural). She grabbed his dick in her hands. It was obvious that she was surprised at how big and hard it was. She started stroking him then slowly she put her mouth down to his dick, and took it in. It was obvious this wasn’t her first time giving a blow job, she went down on him like an expert. John was enjoying this way too much. He was starting to moan with himself being sucked off and kissed at the same time. He and Rose were really into it too. They were making out like two teenagers madly in love with each other. Their hands were up and down each others bodies, actually John’s spent most their time on Rose’s breasts and feeling them.

Meanwhile, Marlena was blowing John like she was a little whore. She would take it out and run up and down the length of it with her tongue. She would even go as far as licking Rose’s ass, which, along with making out with John, and his hands all over her breasts, was making her moan too. John started getting extremely hard, rock hard, every vein was visible in his dick. I knew it was not going to be long now until he cummed. I was right. Not too far in the future, he started spewing. He grabbed and squeezed Rose’s breasts really hard, that along with the feeling of his dick pulsating under her ass made her cum too. The two of them screamed out as they cummed.

Marlena, knew the signs of a guy about to cum, and was still in the process of licking his shaft when he started to blow. He shot his first squirt on his face, then his second all over her tits. She just held him there as he shot load after load on her face and breasts. Marlena fell backward onto the floor with the sensation of being covered in cum as she took her fingers and started rubbing it into her breasts. John and Rose sat there panting from their orgasms. Rose turned around and looked at Marlena laying on the ground. She climbed off of John and went over and laid beside her. She then took her hand and started helping Marlena rub the cum into her breasts. Rose started with her hand, then slowly, her mouth made its way down, before long, Rose was licking the cum off of Marlena’s breasts. Her breasts jiggled and shook under Rose’s tongue. Marlena stopped rubbing the cum around and just laid back and moaned as Rose pleased her. Marlena didn’t last long before she cummed. She told Rose to stop and to move on.

Rose and Marlena switched for Jeff. Marlena sat on his lap and started kissing him as Rose blew him. Since Marlena was still covered in John’s cum, Jeff was also getting it all over his face. Once his hands started moving up and massaging Marlena’s breasts, John’s cum served as a lubricant and made them really slippery and shiny looking.

Rose meanwhile was enjoying Jeff’s dick. She hadn’t been with too many guys, only blew one or two, but once again, she was a girl, and had the instincts that took over as soon as her mouth filled up with dick. Along with deep throating him, she also would lick the length of his shaft, she was also licking Marlena’s ass as she sat on Jeff’s lap. They lasted about as long as the group did the first time before they all cummed. Rose let some purposely go on her breasts, but then she stuck him in her mouth and caught the rest in her mouth. Jeff squeezed Marlena’s breasts hard when he cummed, which caused her to moan loudly and cum too. She then went down and returned the favor to Rose, and helped smear the cum all around her breasts. John was already hard again watching the group cum. The girls laid there on the floor pleasuring each other while they waited for Jeff to get hard again. They told both of them not to touch themselves, or they would leave then and there.

Once Jeff got hard again, Marlena went over to Jeff, and Rose went to John, the guys stayed sitting on their chairs as the girls climbed over them. They faced away from them as they strattled over them. They grabbed their dicks and held them straight up and down right under the entrance to their pussys. They looked at each other and smiled, then lowered themselves down. They both let out a moan of pure ecstasy as they felt those huge dicks inside them. They the started riding them in unison. Their breasts bounced all around before the guys grabbed them. They rode them quite a while before the guys cummed. They shot their load right up into the young girls’ pussies. The girls then collapsed in a heap on the floor while they waited to catch their breath.

I was enjoying myself way too much watching all these young girls get fucked by these men. I was amazed that the guys could keep doing it, that they still had some juice left fuck after fuck. John and Jeff looked at me with sad eyes and told me that they were spent, that they would need some time to get energized again. I sat there thinking for a moment. Only about half the guests had gotten the pleasure of having these guy’s big cocks in their young pussies, and the half that didn’t get the opportunity were begging to be next. I finally came up with an idea. We had two showers, one in the master bath, and one in the regular bath. I told them they should each go out into the suite, and pick up to two girls each they wanted, and then go take however long they needed to get energized again. The guys looked at me with shocked faces.

You mean we can pick anyone” Jeff asked.

Yep, everyone here wants you, it can even be someone you’ve been with already.” I told them.

They looked at each other still surprised. I opened the door. Gentlemen, your pool awaits you.”

They just stood there in awe as I opened the door. There were groups of naked girls everywhere. Some groups were just two girls, some were more, some were using toys, some were just playing with each other, but let me tell you, it was a sight. I yelled out to them all to stop. They stopped and looked up at the suite where I was standing with the two guys on either side of me.

Alright, everyone get in a line” I announced, our guests are going to pick two partners each to go take a shower with them, so everyone line up so they can pick.”

The girls just sat there a moment, then they all jumped up and formed themselves into a line. They stood there at attention, like an army. The guys left my side and went down to inspect their goods. John picked out my younger sister, and then her young friend, both who are very mature for their age. Then they went off into the regular bathroom. All the girls were nervous wanting to be picked by Jeff. He picked Marlena, and then turned to me, and told me he wanted me too. I was shocked. He wrapped his arm around Marlena as he made his way back to the bedroom where I was standing.

The three of us went into the bathroom. Once we got in there, Jeff told us how he thought we were the most good looking girls here, and he wanted us alone since he laid eyes on us. We just smiled at the compliment. He told us that he wasn’t quite energized yet, and he would like it very much if the two of us got in the shower and bathed each other while he watched. We just smiled at each other. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Marlena again, she was definitely a fine specimen. We climbed into the shower, started the water, and I planed my lips right on hers. We started out with a fairly long make out session. There was tongue, feeling each other up, it was definitely good stuff. I then got my hands all covered in soap and bubbles, and I started sliding my hands all over Marlena’s breasts. They just slid around and bounced around all covered in soap. When we finally finished this, Jeff was standing there, fully erect, playing with himself.

That…” he told me, was the hottest thing I have ever seen. Now I just want to fuck your brains out.”

I smiled at him, then said in a cocky, daring tone, Let’s see what you’ve got!”

He smiled at me, then climbed into the shower. He pushed me against the wall perpendicular to the shower head, and started rubbing my body as he felt me up. He was all over my breasts, and fingering my pussy. We stopped kissing, then he guided his dick to the entrance of my pussy. He slowly pushed it in. I just threw my head back and moaned when he did it. It felt so good, his huge cock felt wonderful inside my pussy. Just when I thought he could go no further, he pushed in harder and got in further. I was in pure ecstasy at this point. I was totally impaled on his cock. He was as hard as an iron pipe, that fact, along with being so far in me, he held me up when my legs gave out from the feeling. I was now just being held up only by his cock inside my teenage pussy. I pulled them up and wrapped them around his waist as he continued to give me the best fucking I have ever received. I was screaming out each time he impaled me, we were shouting to each other. I was shouting to him to fuck my brains out, he was shouting to me I’m going to fuck your fucking brains out you little slut. It was really hot. Pounding me against the shower wall.

I am usually able to last a little while before I cum, but this was just too much for me, and I didn’t last long at all. With my breasts bouncing up and down with each thrust, and a huge cock impaling me against a wall, the feelings were just too much and overwhelmed me. I screamed out that I was cumming when I did. My body went limp after I cummed, but Jeff’s big cock continued to hold me up there against the wall as he continued to fuck me. I was imagining he was coming close to his climax too just because of the situation. I was right. Not too long after I climaxed, he screamed, Fuck! I’m cuming.” And with that, I felt load after load of his cum shoot into my pussy. It just kept coming and coming and I didn’t think that it would ever stop. Having his cum fill up every available crevasse inside me, and starting to squirt out the sides of my pussy around his dick was too much for me and I cummed again. With this we both collapsed into the bottom of the shower. Marlena just stood there amazed and totally turned on by what she had just witnessed. She was standing there fingering herself watching the cum ooze out of my pussy.

She licked her lips, then dove in and started eating Jeff’s cum out of my pussy. I almost died I was in such heaven. A few orgasms later, by the time Marlena had her fill of eating me out, and after we laid there on the floor of the shower on top of each other making out and doing 69, he told Marlena it was her turn. She jumped up eagerly. She stood against the wall where I was and Jeff wasted no time in impaling his steel rod into her. She screamed out when it went in. He went through the same thing he did to me. He held her up against the wall with just the hardness of his cock. Her legs were wrapped around his waist. He fucked her brains out in the same manner he did to me. Marlena, still being new to the feeling of sexual gratification, orgasmed about 4 times before Jeff finally orgasmed. The drill was the same with me. He filled her up with so much cum that it was squirting out the sides of her pussy. As she collapsed on the floor after Jeff went limp from his orgasm, I dove to her pussy and ate her out. When I finished with her, the two of us just laid there on the floor of the shower face up recovering from the wonderful time we just had.

Meanwhile, Jeff stood over us, and was stroking his cock like there was no tomorrow. He started to shoot his cum all over us. It landed on our faces, our stomachs, our tits, everywhere. We just laid there totally taken back by the moment and unable to move.

We were then done, we dried ourselves off, being careful to leave the cum on our bodies, then we emerged back out into the suite. There was a pile of girls in the middle of the living room, and I recognized some new clothes thrown all around. Only when they moved did I see the biggest cock ever. It belonged to a medium weight black security guard who heard noises in the room and knocked on the door to investigate. The girls all grabbed him and f****d him into the room and started tearing his clothes off. One girl had his cock in her mouth, two more were licking his balls, a few more were playing with his chest, and another one had her pussy buried on his face.

Damn,” Jeff said when he saw it, I knew I should’ve been a security guard.”

After he shot his load, he told the girls to line up, that he would fuck them all in an assembly line. The girls then lined up and one by one they stood over him and lowered themselves down on his cock, rode him for about 10 seconds, then he told them to get off for the next customer. His monster cock just stood straight up as girl after girl impaled herself on him and rode him. It was amazing, he didn’t seem to be having any trouble at all, just like a normal routine. I was totally awe struck. Each girl, one by one, riding this guy, their breasts, if they were big enough, bouncing as they rode him. I got at the end of the line, and Marlena went behind me. We each waited for our turn, and when it was finally my turn, it was a fantastic feeling to have him inside me. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen, let alone been fucked with. I could tell he wasn’t going to last much longer. He was tensing up and I was feeling a little jealous that Marlena would get his cum. I got off of him, and Marlena got on him, and after about two rides up and down, and watching her shiny breasts, from Jeff’s cum which was still on them, bounce up and down, our new friend exploded. Marlena literally screamed out as he started shooting his load. The force of it blew her off his cock, and we all watched as he shot load after load onto Marlena’s chest and face. He then went limp and laid back smiling.

Marlena meanwhile fell backwards on her back and just laid there. We all sat there amazed at what we just witnessed, then one of the girls made a move toward Marlena and started licking the cum off of her. The rest of the girls followed.