My hubby, Frank, and I had moved back to the small town I grew up in. It maybe had 400 to 500 people. Back then I loved to party and have a good time and Frank, my husband, loved to party as much as me. I had met some guys in town I hadn’t seen since high school and they asked if I wanted to go for a ride in the truck with them.

Back in high school I had quite a reputation and had my share of fun. I was bored with not having much to do and Frank was working so I decided to go with them. I got in the truck and we were off to the nearest store to grab some beer and go party. We all talked and laughed on the way, remembering things we had done together from when we all were young kids. When we got to the store and picked up a couple of cases of beer and headed to the nearest beach. To tell the truth I wasn’t sure what I was thinking when I agreed to go for a ride with a truck full of guys. I guess part of it was a little bravado on my part but I was getting a little nervous.

When we got there and sat on the beach drinking, I needed a drink to take the edge off. It wasn’t long before I started feeling pretty good. I’m a real slut after a few drinks and love to flirt and tease. I sure these guys remember this and that’s why they got the beer. I knew most of them and had fucked at least two of them in high school. After a few more beers I let them talk me into taking a quick swim in the lake. At that point I really wasn’t thinking clearly and agreed to get naked with all the guys.

We all went in and it was a bit chilly, so my nipples were about as hard and erect as they could possibly get. It wasn’t long before I was out of there, shaking and wanting to get dressed. The only problem was I didn’t have a towel, so one of the guys told me there was the one behind the truck seat. I proceeded to walk to the truck and look behind the seat for the towel. It sure felt nice drying off and when turned around two of the guys were standing there looking at me. I knew Eric from high school and had dated him but Rick was new. Me being drunk and foolish went up to Eric and touched his crouch and whispered in his ear, “do you like what you see”? The next thing I thing I remember is him reaching between my legs and feeling my pussy while he whispered in my ear “you don’t mind if we both fuck you do you”? I knew I was never getting out of there unless I put out to a few them and I was starting to get hot and feeling good when I whispered back into his ear “No I don’t mind, and once I’m finished with you I’ll fuck some of the others too!”

They laid me down on the seat of the truck. Rick went to the other side of the truck and opened the door. As I laid there, I remember feeling so turned on. Eric spread my legs and commented on what a beautiful pussy I had and couldn’t wait to taste it again. With my head hanging over the edge of the seat I opened my mouth to take a Rick’s huge cock deep within my mouth while the Eric spread my pussy lips and started licking and fingering my already wet pussy. It wasn’t long before I felt him Rick shoot his load into my mouth. He grabbed the back my head and shoved it deep in my throat and made me swallow it all. I gagged at one point and coughed some of his cum out around his cock; he eased up then, but remained hard. Rick told Eric he wanted to change places so they moved around the truck as I laid on the seat and they resumed using me once again. I was getting really hot as Rick was eating me when he told me to get on my hands and knees because he was going to fuck me like I had never been fucked before. I got on my hands and knees eager for what was coming next.

I could feel him behind me and wanted to feel his big cock inside me. He started fucking me deep while I still had Eric’s cock inside my mouth. It wasn’t long before I felt Eric’s cum inside my mouth. He tasted so good and it turned me on that made him cum so hard and fast.

After he came in my mouth he told Rick he was going to get some of the other guys. I figured they must have set it up this way and if they scored they would tell the others. I was really enjoying some cock and didn’t object. Rick kept fucking me hard when I remember him asking if I had ever been fucked in the ass and I lied “no I had never done that before”. Before I could say anything he turned me over and I could feel his tongue rimming my ass. It was a weird feeling but also exciting at the same time.

The next thing I know, he inserted the tip of his finger just enough to open my ass. When he had his one finger fully inserted he slowly inserted another loosening my ass so he could put his cock inside me. As I grew more excited I began to beg him to fuck my ass. I felt him over top of me slowly started inserting his thick cock – he just got the head in – and asked if I was okay. I told him I wanted to feel his whole cock inside. As he began sliding it in deeper I moaned the pleasure. After he inserted his whole length he stopped for a moment just so I could get used to the feel of his cock being up inside my ass. If they only knew I wasn’t a girl who used sex to tease men and finally give into them, but a woman who needed and loved it!

Rick began to fuck my ass good when another one of the guys came around the other side of the truck with his hard cock in hand and told me to suck it. I opened my mouth and took his cock deep like a wanton slut. I noticed another guy standing behind him stroking his cock. All those guys wanting to use me just made me so fucking hot. I started pushing my ass into Rick’s big cock and it wasn’t long before he was cumming deep in my ass. His cum felt so good in there. He pulled out and thanked me for the best fuck he had ever had. I heard him tell the two other guys “this bitch is in heat” and left.

The other two guys left wanted to double penetrate me. I was so horny at that point I would have agreed to anything. I moved off the seat and the guy I was sucking laid down so I could straddle him. I slid my pussy over his cock till I had his whole length inside me then bent forward so the other guy could insert himself inside my ass. After he was inside me I let out a loud moan of pleasure, which seemed to turn them both on even more. They both were fucking me pretty hard and I could feel my orgasm building closer to the top. I felt so naughty doing what I was doing. My husband was at work and I was getting gangbanged, but I knew I would be telling him all about it later when we would be fucking. Being married makes me feel even naughtier. I just wanted cock and was enjoying every minute of this.

With a few more thrusts from them both I began to feel my pussy tingle as I began to have big orgasm. My juices began flowing down his shaft and I let out one of the loudest moans I had ever in my life. My screaming put them both over the edge they both started dumping their loads inside me. I had never felt anything so good as two men cumming at the same time inside of me.

Afterwards they both kissed me and we all got out of the truck and went to the water to wash up. We got dressed and I needed to get my ass home for Frank. When they dropped me off, they all kissed me goodnight and thanked me once again. Frank came home that night and I fucked him and told him what all the guys did to me. He loves to hear about me being used.