Internet Meeting

Alan had just gotten connected to the internet and trying out various options available to users of
the system. One day he discovered some of the different newsgroups available to him so he
downloaded a couple. In the weeks following, he really got into reading and thinking about them,
especially some of the bisexual, interracial stories. He thought it unfair that he would download
stories and not contribute any so he made an attempt to write a story and submit it.

It wasn’t long until he got an e-mail message from a couple asking Alan about his story and some
information about himself. He was a little skeptical, but did send a reply thanking them for their
comments. It wasn’t too long before he got more e-mail from them asking a couple more
questions, he responded and asked them some questions about whom they were. The return
response sort of interested him, they didn’t live very far away and they were an interracial couple
who got together with other bisexual interracial couples on weekends. They suggested that they
meet for dinner some night and see if there was any interest.

Alan responded and talked a little bit about himself and explain that he had developed an interest
in interracial sex and he was more interested in the contrast of skin colors and watching them in
action than anything else, he did love to watch people fuck. In addition, he informed them that he
has very heavy leaning towards his gay side rather than his bisexual side so meeting with people
that were strictly bisexual might not work out. In his discussions he felt that most men were
interested in watching the women and men with each other rather than watching a man to man
fuck session. He knew a lot of men willing to watch lesbians but was kind of put off when two
men got it on. They quickly responded and said: “not necessarily true with their group, one
couple’s wife’s was more interested in watching her husband get it on with another man.” That
peak Alan’s interest and suggested that they meet for dinner and check each other out. The reply
was; “there were two other couples that talked about it the other night and suggest if Alan was
interested all three couples should have dinner together.”

Alan was a little apprehensive about meeting three interracial couples at the same time and talking
sex with complete strangers, but he threw caution to the wind and suggested a place in his
neighborhood. For some insane reason that gave him a little confidence and he was getting
excited about it, so he suggested that they meet this weekend.
As luck would have it, they all agreed. When the designated time came to meet at the restaurant
Alan was starting to get cold feed, so he arrived early to watch for them and if he still felt
uncomfortable he could feign being sick. After having started his drink, he knew they were
coming in the door cause the next thing he knew there were three interracial couples walking in,
two white and a black women and two blacks and a white man. He sized them up and knew right
then and there that he was going to suggest they try a little extracurricular activity tonight. All
the men were mature sexy looking men not the usually young twinkies that are trying to
experiment or find their sexuality. One man in particular really turned him on. Alan wasn’t one to
get fucked often, and most the time never, but tonight after looking at that man he wanted some
black man-meat shoved up his fuck chute.

Alan got up and introduced himself and the other three couples returned the favor. Steve/Judy
and Dave/Jan were the black/white couple and Ray/Nancy were the white/black couple. At their
request they were soon seated in a corner away from most people. Steve sat down next to Alan
and the rest arranged themselves as boy, girl, boy, girl. They started to exchange pleasantries and
while they waited for drinks Alan felt Steve’s leg leaning against him. At first he didn’t pay much
attention to it, but soon the pressure became noticeable. Alan started to return the game of
“kneesie” with Steve and once in awhile Alan would glance at Steve only to notice every time he
did, Steve gave him a wink.

The conversation continued as they ate and would slip into some very subtle innuendos about
their sexual interest and some of the fun they have had in the past. Finally Dave asked Alan if he
was interested in some new sexual experiences with them. He kept his answer as ambiguous as
possible, hoping it would leave him some room to get out of it if they got into some really kinky
stuff. Dave, light heartedly, kept up the conversation and Alan continues to be a bit ambiguous.
Finally Nancy said, “I’ve notice that Steve keeps looking at you, so tell us, are you more gay than
bisexual and you’re not interested in eating out my pussy?” Her bluntness surprised him, so he
decided to be just as blunt back. “Well, I guess we should get the cards out on the table and save
a lot of time. Yes, I’d like to make it with Steve right now and I also enjoy watching a white
women get fucked by a black man and a black woman begging for some white meat to be
slammed into her anxiously awaiting pussy.” So Nancy continued; “so do you think that black
men have bigger cocks and that’s the reason for watching or what?” “No,” said Alan, “most cocks
he had seen were about equal in size, besides once they got into the fucking, size didn’t matter if it
is good.” “Great, I think we’re going to have some fun, if we can convince you to join us. I love
it when men take advantage of me and know how to fuck, so does that mean, you’re more
interested in fucking my husband than me? ” Alan didn’t know what to say right away, but then
blurted out; “possibly, I’d like to play around with Steve, while I watch the rest of you get it on.
I’d especially like to watch Steve fuck either Judy or Jan and as he flexing his ass muscles every
time he slams forward, I could just climb on and fuck his hot ass, I mentioned that I have leanings
towards the gay side of my life.”

“So,” as Ray spoke up, “does that mean that I get to fuck your ass or do you want Dave’s black
cock loosening you up for me.” Alan thought a moment so as not to insult anyone and then said;
“since I like interracial sex, I think I’d like Dave to loosen up my ass before I take on the whole
crew.” “Hey, that sounds great,” piped Judy, “when do we start.”

Alan was quick to respond; “how about tonight?” He realized then that he sounded rather eager,
but with Steve’s hand kneading Alan’s already hard cock, he didn’t much care, he wanted some
man sex and he knew that Nancy wanted to suck his cock while he was pinching her tits. Dave
has already said that Nancy was a great cock sucker, and it must have been all of her black
brothers that broke her in. She says that when she was a teenager she was able to service the
whole football team and just couldn’t get enough cock, but found white men’s cock more

The group decided that since the next day was a free day off, why not! So after settling up the
bill, they all headed off to Alan’s house which was only a couple of block away. It didn’t take
them long to get there. Alan open up the door and told them to make themselves at home and
showed them where the liquid refreshments were. He headed upstairs to get the bed ready and as
he was turning down the sheets of the king size bed he felt some hands on him, it was Nancy. He
turned and looked at her and she said; “you know what I want and immediately she got on her
knees and started to pull down his shorts.

She pulls his flaccid cock into her mouth and deep throated it. Damn, he thought, she’s doing just
what he likes done to him, deep throating his cock before it gets hard. He could tell she was an
expert cock sucker, the sides of your mouth collapsed around that cock and she continued to pull
it deep into her throat. She used real sucking motion and it felt good, then he reached down and
started to play with his nipples which were already standing at attention. Pinching tits has always
turn him on, he loved to do it and he loved to hear people moan as he massages and grasped their
nipples. He started to pinch them tight and the tighter he pinched them the harder she sucked on
his cock and the louder she groaned. Pure lust had taken over and his cock was now quite hard,
he needed release, he wanted to fuck something and Nancy was the closest thing at hand.
He scooped her up and put her on the bed. “I thought you wanted to get fucked by Steve,” she
inquired. “Yeah, that’ll come later, but right now I’ve got to fuck some hot hole and your pussy is
going to work my cock over good,” as he laid her down on her back. She immediately spread her
legs and allowed him full passageway to her love chute. Alan took aim and with a quick plunge
was deep into her snatch, he was filled with lust and started to pummel her cunt, his cock rubbing
hard against her clit. She immediately had an organism and started to groan, “fuck me, shove that
man’s meat into my pussy, fuck me, you white honky, fuck this black pussy.” Alan kept driving
his cock hard into her love trough knowing that before the night was over, each of the other men
will have fucked her.

Alan wasn’t paying much attention, but the other guest quickly caught on as to what was going on
and it didn’t take them long to put down the drinks they started and head for the bedroom. Steve
was the first one there, “shit an I thought I would be the first one he would fuck tonight, damn
and it looks like he’s really pounding that pussy of hers. Hopefully, I’ll get some of that.” Alan
turned around and looks at them, “sorry, but you know the ole saying, a stiff cock has no

“Well hell, if he’s going to fuck my wife like that it looks like I’ll be the first one to break in that
ass. I know that he’s going to be disappointed cause he wanted Dave’s or Steve’s black tool to
ream him out, but I’m sorry about that ole buddy, the rules are, and you probably didn’t know
that but we don’t care where we stick our cock’s but one thing we do, if you’re fucking any one of
our wives that means your ass is fair game for the husband, sorry about that, now where is that

Alan still doesn’t care, he’s busy punching hard into her clutching hot box, trying to put out the
fire that he has generated. Steve is looking at Alan’s ass and watching his bun’s flex and he starts
playing with his rod, and getting quite aroused but Ray has other ideas, he has already found the
lube and gets on his knees behind Alan. Alan realizes what is going to happen and he tells Ray to
start slowly, he’s not used to it. Alan lays on Nancy and feels her throbbing pussy working as she
works her hips up and down keeping Alan excited. Ray places the knob of his cock at Alan’s
rosebud and starts to push inward. The tightness of his ass is almost too much for Ray and he
propels his cock forward. Alan lets out a cry and then soon relaxes as Ray keeps bulldozing
forward, and Alan falls flat and tight onto Nancy. Ray starts driving and forces Alan’s cock
deeper into Nancy’s already juicy cunt. She has already experienced several organisms and every
time Ray drives forward she feels every inch of Alan’s cock.

Meanwhile Steve and Dave have switch wives, and the wives are kissing each other while sitting
on their cocks. With the wives kissing, the husbands reached up and at the same time attacking
the women’s tits. The women were working their pelvises back and forth reaching multiple
organism. All of them are extremely excited with the addition of Alan and watching him fuck
Nancy while Ray was slamming his cock into Alan’s rear.

Judy looked over at those two just as she was having another organism and groaned, “yeah, fuck
him, get him hot and ready to mount those black buns of my husband, I want to see Steve sit on
his cock with Nancy’s cunt juices dripping off that cock.” All yells, “fuck me, shove that man
meat into my ass, while I fuck this bitch, get my fuck hole ready, I want to be mounted by Dave
and Steve sit on my cock while his wife sucks that massive man-meat. Just then they all reach
another climax and collapse on each other.
After a short rest, Alan is still hot, he’s been begging to fuck Steve’s ass, and Steve is quick to
accommodate him. As Steve get his ass ready, he slowly lowers his rosebud down onto Alan’s
phallus as Alan is laying on his back.. “Yeah, fuck him, thrust that cock into his hot ass.” The
rest of them have taken a fancy to watching Steve get fucked. As Steve lowers himself, Jan
decided that she’s the one that going to give him a hot blow job while he is getting fucked. She
starts to deep throat him and Steve grabs the back of her head and shove forward, working his ass
back and forth on Alan’s vertical shaft. “Oh yeah, fuck me, suck that cock Jan, you know how I
like it, getting fucked and sucked at the same time, yeah, make this cock jump for joy when you
deep throat it, Alan fuck that ass, shove it hard.” Dave get’s on his knees in front of Steve and
Steve leans forward to start sucking on Dave’s cock. Steve now has all bases covered, he’s turned
into a human sex machine, getting plugged at both ends and having Jan suck him off.
Nancy and Judy start 69ing each other, their tongue working into their cunts, their legs spread and
wrapped around each others head and they resume their love making. “Yeah, eat that pussy,”
Dave moans as Steve is sucking on his cock, “you like it when you can get fucked and then eaten
out as only a woman knows how to do, and I’m getting sucked as only a man knows how to do it.
Fuck him, Alan, shove it hard up into his ass, he loves new and vigorous meat shoved into his
ass.” Every assault that Alan makes upwards drive Steve’s cock into Jan throat and he sucks that
much harder on Dave’s pulsating cock. They continue for sometime and then ejaculation comes
They collapse again for the second time, only this time. Dave’s cock stays rigid and Alan notices
that fact. “How’d you like to find release for that black man-meat of your’s” Dave is quick to
suggest that Alan roll over and Alan does. His ass has already be juiced up with Ray’s load and
Alan just spreads his legs and let’s his ass become the receptacle for Dave’s rigid fuck tool.
“Ohhhh, yeah, shove it to me baby, fuck my ass,” Alan looks into the floor length mirror and
watches himself get pummeled by Dave’s thick black cock. “Damn, I wish I had a camera to keep
this on film.” Judy quickly response and says they have one in the car and would love to film it.
She quickly throws on a robe, heads for the car and is back in an instant. She starts to take
pictures of Alan getting fucked, this added excitement brings Dave over the edge and he grabs
hold of Alan’s shoulder and slams forward depositing another load into Alan’s bowels. “Let me at
him,” as Steve has worked his cock into a rigid muscle, I want to enjoy that white ass.” Dave is
quickly replaced and Alan arches his back to receive the black fuck muscle he has wanted all