Late Rent Payments

Hi, my name is Peter Pearl. I’m in my early sixties and still in decent shape. The family and I had been talking about moving from our current home to one we own on the far side of our property. Though it was only about a hundred fifty yards across a field, the move would solve several problems for us. That home has larger rooms and much easier access for our wheel chair using family members. It also has much easier access to our two and a half car garage with attached barn. The garage has become more shop than garage.

The neighbors heard we might be moving and they approached us about renting our current place for their youngest daughter, her boyfriend, and infant son. The youngest of the neighbor’s three daughters, eighteen-year-old Heather, and her boyfriend Diaz, had recently delivered a boy and were looking for a place of their own. They had been living with her mother. Since our current place is directly across the street from Heather’s mother’s home, our old home would be ideal for the young couple.

I was automatically agreeable to renting to Heather and Diaz. I had watched Heather grow from a sweet k*d to a cute, petite, bright and affectionate teen.

She was sometimes too affectionate. She loved giving hugs to everyone whenever she was leaving after a visit. When it was my turn for a hug, she seemed to take delight in pressing her growing boobs into my chest.

I had taken on the part time roll of mentor for Heather since she had no strong male figure in her life. Knowing how affectionate she was, I had offered her some unsolicited advice on many occasions. She wanted to become a veterinarian or pediatrician. When she was sixteen I spoke to her on that topic and the life style of a modern teenager. I encouraged her to continue working hard in school and to keep herself on the right moral path. I told her. “If you get knocked up, you will never go to college and never become a doctor of any kind.”

She rolled her eyes, as teens will sometimes do, and said. “Oh Pete, I know. I won’t get pregnant. I haven’t even been with a boy. I’m still a virgin.”

She was such a cutie. At her seventeenth birthday, she stood 5’3” and a weighed a little over 100 pounds. She was a petite little thing that I knew would have a hard time reaching college age without getting pregnant.

Unfortunately, Heather was a typical teenager. She failed to heed the advice her mother and I had both tried to give her. I guess hormones caught up with her, and she forgot to keep her pants on. By the time she turned eighteen, she had a steady boyfriend and had given birth to an infant son.

I have had an old man’s crush on Heather for years. It was disappointing on several levels when I found out she was pregnant. There’s no sense in crying over spilled milk.

As her belly expanded during her pregnancy, she proudly posted pictures of her growing baby-bump on a popular social media web site. All pregnant young women are beautiful. I enjoy looking at pictures of their swelling bellies, but this was sweet little Heather. Although I knew better, I didn’t feel comfortable looking at her as a sexual being.

Heather usually wore her dirty blonde hair either in a ponytail or cut short. Her laughing blue eyes seemed to sparkle when she smiled. A few freckles were scattered around her face. Her breasts had begun swelling on her chest when she was about twelve-years-old. By the time she was fourteen she had a cute pair of tennis ball sized boobs. Over the next few years, Heather’s boobs filled out a bit more to become firm B-cups. They didn’t expand in size much beyond that. They were a perfect fit for her petite size. No matter what their size, Heather continued to intentionally crush them into my chest and rub them against me whenever we hugged. Her pregnancy inflated Heather’s her breasts a bit more as they filled with milk for her baby. She told me her breasts had become much more sensitive to arousal as well.

After we had been approached about Heather and her family renting our house, we had a family discussion on the matter. We all agreed to let Heather and Diaz rent our old place. After meeting with them, we agreed they could rent our house in exchange for the very low rent of only four hundred dollars per month as long as Diaz made the repairs the home needed. Other similar homes in the area were renting for up to eight hundred dollars and more per month. They could move in as soon as we moved out. Heather and her boyfriend were happy as clams to finally be getting their own love nest.

About three weeks later the great move began. I have always hated moving. I don’t care if it’s just across a field or across the country, moving is a pain in the ass. It’s gotten even worse over the years. Even though I am in pretty good shape, moving is tougher on this old man now that I’m in my sixties.

Heather and Diaz were a great help with our move. While Grandma baby sat, Heather and Diaz worked as hard as anyone in the family to get us moved. Of course, they had an ulterior motive. They were anxious to move into the home we were vacating. A few days later, we had settled into our new home and Heather and Diaz were happily moving into our old place.

All went well for about six months. At that time, Heather and Diaz failed to pay their rent on time. When their rent was a couple of weeks past due, I walked over to see why I hadn’t received my money. It was early on a Friday afternoon when I spoke with Heather. Diaz was at work, and it was up to Heather to explain what had happened to the rent money. It seems she and Diaz had gone out one night and spent far too much money.

“I’m sorry, Pete. We’ll get the rent to you as soon as we can.” Heather promised.

“Heather, that is not acceptable! You’re an adult now! You have a baby and other responsibilities. You two need to start acting like adults. Your bills must be paid before you spend money for your play time.”

“I’m so sorry, but what can I do? We screwed up and just don’t have your rent money right now.”

“Well, let me think about it.” I paused for a few seconds. My dirty old man brain kicked in. “There may be another way for you to pay your rent without cash.”

“Really? How?” The thought of her being able to pay her rent without actually having money interested Heather. She hugged me and squashed her breasts into my chest as she had done for years. While hugging she told me. “I want to pay my bills. I really do, but how can I pay them without money?”

I firmly returned her hug. This time, rather than quickly releasing her as I normally did, I held her close for an extended time. I slid my hands down her back until they were both on her tight little denim-covered ass. I tightly squeezed her ass cheeks.

Heather gasped but did not try to pull away.

I spoke softly into her ear as I continued to hold and fondle her ass. “Heather, there are a lot of things I’m more interested in than money. Now that you are an adult, perhaps you would consider a trade?”

Hesitantly, Heather replied. “Huh? A trade? What kind of trade do you have in mind?”

“Baby, you know I’ve liked you for a long time. Apparently, since you have a son, you’ve figured out what that thing between your legs is for. You’re old enough now to understand that the world is not all warm and fuzzy. This is the real world. You have obligations that must be met. Have you ever considered getting with an older man?”

She looked up at me. “I don’t know. What would I have to do?”

“It’s simple. You owe me four hundred dollars. One day per week for four weeks I’ll come over here and spend some time with you. In exchange, I’ll deduct one hundred dollars from your bill each time I visit and you entertain me.”

“But what will I have to do to entertain you?”

“Heather, you are not that stupid. I think you know what I’m talking about. But, if you want me to spell it out I will. I’ll come over once a week, and for a little while, maybe for a few minutes, maybe for a few hours, I’ll use your cute little body to bring me pleasure. I’ll want you to fuck me, suck me, and anything else I feel like doing with you. I hope you get some pleasure too, but it’s not necessary.”

“I don’t know. Diaz won’t like it if I do that.”

“Who the fuck cares what Diaz likes. Hell, he’s partially responsible for this debt too. He’s the one that helped knock you up, and then he agreed to the rental deal. You and Diaz spent your rent money on bullshit. Besides, I’ll just be borrowing his girlfriend for a little while each week. You might say I’ll be renting his girlfriend, not buying her. You do want to help him pay the rent, don’t you?” I let go of her ass, took a tit in each hand, and squeezed. “Do we have a deal, Heather?”

Hesitantly, Heather replied. “I. . ., uh. . . .”

I firmly squeezed her tits.

“Oh! I. . ., uh, I guess so.”

“Great! Shall we get started? Loose the blouse and bra. You’ve been teasing me with those tits for much too long. You’ve rubbed them against my chest for years. Now, I would like to finally get a good look at them!”

Slowly, with shaking hands, Heather unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it to the floor. She then reached around behind her back.

“Stop!” I interrupted her. “Let me do that.”

Heather turned her back to me and stepped back. I reached out and released the clasp of her bra. Instinctively, she grasped her tits to keep her bra from falling away.

“It’s OK baby.” I stroked the sides of her arms and spoke softly into her ear. “Relax! I’m not going to do anything to you that probably hasn’t already been done. Now put your hands down.”

Heather did as she had been told. She always was an obedient little gal. When she lowered her hands, her bra straps slid down her arms. The bra quickly joined the blouse already on the floor.

From behind her back, I reached around her body, cupped her tits in my hands, and gently fondled them. They were soft little baseball-sized mounds with hard elongated nipples centered in dark pink areolas. As I continued to fondle Heather’s tits, she relaxed and laid her head back on my shoulder. She cooed and groaned as I rolled both of her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers.

“You are a horny little thing, aren’t you?” I softly spoke into her ear.

She smiled and moaned when I gently pinched her nipples. “Yes Pete. I’m horny most of the time.”

I then spun her around and bent over in front of her. I pulled her forward and started sucking her nipples. When I sucked hard on her right nipple. I sucked all of her areola and a good portion of her tit into my mouth. I played my tongue over the hard nipple in my mouth until I got a taste of her milk. At the same time, I pinched her left nipple.

Heather moaned and used her hands to pull my head tightly to her chest.

I released her left nipple from my fingers and sucked it into my mouth. I sucked and played my tongue over that nipple until I got another taste of her milk. In the mean time, I had unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. She gasped loudly but did not resist when I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her pants and panties down. When I pushed down they easily slipped over her tight little butt. She stepped out of them as I slid them down her slender legs to her feet. Heather’s stood before me in the nude.

“Turn and let me see all of that horny little body of yours, Heather.” I told her.

Slowly, Heather turned. She certainly was a sexy looking little morsel. Her pert tits stood proudly on her chest. Her tits had no sag at all. Her long thick nipples were hard and protruded from her tits nearly half an inch with a single drop of milk on the tip of each nipple. Her belly was smooth with just a slight bulge remaining from her baby bump. Her full pubic bush was thick and a slightly darker shade than the hair on her head. Her pussy lips were swollen and dripping wet. Her small ass was tight and inviting.

When I reached out and swiped a finger through her pussy’s slit, Heather jerked her ass back and pulled away from my hand. After a brief hesitation she straightened up again and offered her pussy to me. She spread her legs to give my hand better access to her hole.

I found her pussy to be soaked and slick with her lubricating juices. When she groaned when I shoved a finger into her pussy. I pulled my finger out and stood in front of her. I sniffed the finger that had just been in her pussy. That’s when her pussy’s aroma drifted to my nose. Heather’s pussy smelled terrible. I thought to myself. ‘Damn, that thing needs a bath. I’ll fuck it, but I sure as hell won’t eat that nasty thing.’

Heather, let’s go to bed. It’s time for you to make your first installment on the back rent. Since I knew where her bedroom was, I decide to carry her to her bed. I reached around her small body, took an ass cheek in each hand, picked her up by her ass, and raised her until we were face to face. I gave her a tender kiss. She tentatively returned the kiss. As I carried her toward her bed, Heather hung onto my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist. Maybe she wasn’t so opposed to fucking for her rent after all.

When we entered her bedroom, rather than putting her on her bed, I slowly lowered her ass. He dripping wet pussy was soon poised over my cock. She was about to be entered by seven inches of hard cock.

Heather gasped as my cock’s head nestled into her pussy’s lips. “I don’t know if I can do this. What will Diaz say?”

“Sure you can, Heather. Just relax. You’re about to fuck part of your rent away. Now shut up and get fucked!” I told her. I continued to slowly lower Heather’s ass and my cock slid effortlessly into her dripping cunt. I still had an inch or so to go when my cock’s head bumped into her cervix.

“Uummph!” She grunted as my cock put pressure against the opening to her womb.

Using my hands on her ass and my hips, I began bouncing her body up and down. I repeatedly impaled her juicy pussy on my cock and ramming her cervix with its head.

“Uummph! Uummph! Uummph!” Heather grunted each time my cock impacted her cervix. She soon began using her legs on my hips and her arms around my neck to help me bounce her pussy on my cock. “Oh… damn… Pete! I’m… going… to… cum.” She gasped with each hard thrust of my cock against her cervix.

Heather tightened her grip around my neck and hips and raised herself up. She waited a few seconds before dropping down hard. She gasped and whimpered as she took the final inch of my cock deep into her cunt. My cock pressed tightly against her cervix. She squirmed her pussy against my cock as her orgasm radiated throughout her body.

My cock was fully buried deep in Heather’s fuck hole. Her squirming on my cock as her orgasm took over her body caused me to erupt too. I pumped my load deep in Heather’s pussy and bathed her cervix with hot cum.

She moaned and her head fell back as she felt my cum spurting into her cunt. Afterwards she limply hung on my cock. If not for my cock still buried in her pussy and my hands holding her ass, she would have fallen to the floor. I lifted her off my cock and laid her on her bed.

“That will be all for today. We’ll keep it short this time. I’ll be back the same time next week. Before I come back I want you to have that pussy shaved and freshly cleaned. I would have eaten your pussy in the living room a little while ago, but that thing smelled terrible. You haven’t cleaned it in a while have you? If you expect a hundred dollars deducted from your past due rent with each visit, I expect you to be smoothly shaven, freshly cleaned, and show a lot more enthusiasm.”

I kissed her forehead, patted her tits, and said. “I’ll see you next week, if not sooner.” Before leaving, I stopped into her bathroom and cleaned as much of her smelly pussy off my cock as I could.

Shortly after noon the following Friday, I walked across the field to collect my next rent payment.

Heather let me in her back door as soon as she heard me knock. She led me into her living room where she turned to face me.

She was wearing a short summer dress that was a bit too small for her. It snuggly wrapped her body without hiding her assets. The top two buttons had been left open and her braless tits were prominently displayed.

“Well Heather my dear, do you have my rent this week?”

“I’m sorry, Pete. We still don’t have it.”

I smiled at her and said. “Well, that’s not all bad. I have been looking forward all week to another rent payment from you. Have you shaved and cleaned that pussy? It was pretty rank last week.”

“Yes I have. I hope you will forgive me for that. I had let myself go since Diaz and I have been living together. You reminded me that I should keep myself clean and fresh all the time. A girl never knows when her boyfriend, or another lover, will want some entertainment. Diaz said he likes me shaved and clean too. He thinks the changes I made were to please him. I hope you like it too.”

“Good! Why don’t you strip and let me get a good look at you.”

Heather smiled, kicked off her slippers, and slowly released the rest of the buttons down the front of her dress. When she shrugged her shoulders her dress fell to the floor. She not only hadn’t worn a bra, but she had not worn panties either. Heather stood nude and smiling before me.

I immediately noticed her pussy’s fur was gone. I reached out and rubbed my hand over her pubic mound. Heather had shaved very recently. There wasn’t even any stubble.

She slowly turned to give me a full view of her petite body. Heather then dragged her finger through her slit and presented it to my nose.

I sniffed her finger and found her pussy’s aroma delightful.

She then stepped close, took my shirt off, and gave me a firm hug. Her tits were crushed against my bare chest and her nipples hardened as she rubbed them against me.

Heather spoke softly into my ear. “I have cleaned myself and used a cherry flavored douche. I hope you like it. I know you didn’t get much for your hundred dollars last week and I want to make it up to you. Would you like a blowjob?”

“Heather, you look and smell delicious. I look forward to eating that pussy. However, if you want to suck me off, who the hell am I to refuse you.”

Heather then dropped to her knees in the middle of her living room. She reached out, wrapped her hand around my slowly inflating cock. With age, it sometimes takes a little while to get my cock going. Heather began stroking me and continued stroking until my cock began to stiffen. She then sucked my entire cock into her mouth. My cock continued to grow in the warm moist confines of her mouth. When I reached my full seven-inch size I was filling her mouth and pushing at the opening to her throat.

“Relax your throat Heather. I’m going to fuck it.”

She tried her best to let my cock into her throat. Her gage reflex was just too strong to allow her to swallow my cock. She did try though. She gamely sucked my cock and soon took several spurts of hot cum deep in her mouth. When I stopped spurting, Heather sucked hard and licked as she pulled her mouth off my cock. She rocked back on her knees and swallowed twice. She then looked up, showed me her empty mouth, and smiled. “How was that?” She asked.

“Very nice Heather. Very nice indeed.” I then offered her my hands and helped her to her feet. “It will take a little while before I can get it up again. In the mean time, how about we go to your bed. I’m anxious to get a taste of that pussy of yours.“

Heather giggled and led me by the hand to her bedroom. Once we were in her bedroom, Heather hopped into her bed, slightly spread her legs, and held her arms out. A broad smile was on her face as she invited me to join her.

I crawled onto her bed and scooted up next to her sexy little body. Before rolling onto her, I told her. “Heather, you are such a tempting young thing. I’ve fantasized about this moment for years.”

She smiled up at me and giggled again. Softly she replied. “I know. I’ve wanted you to take me to bed and teach me the facts of life for a long time, too. Now, didn’t you say something about eating me? Diaz won’t do that. He says it’s a nasty thing to do. So, in a way, you will be my first.“

“Cool! Since it will be your first time, I’ll try to do a good job of it for you. Besides, I love eating a fresh pussy. It’s only nasty if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while.” I then pressed my lips to hers in a tender kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck and eagerly returned the kiss. My hands fondled both of her tits until her nipples were hard and pointing toward the ceiling with excitement. Passionately, I kissed her ears and neck until she was moaning with pleasure. Moving my kisses down to her tits brought gasps of pleasure from Heather. She pulled my mouth tightly to her tits as I sucked each of them.

She giggled when I moved my mouth down to her belly button and teased it with my tongue.

As I kissed my way down her soft belly, Heather spread her legs a little more to give me room to lie between them. I kissed and licked her pubic mound and pussy lips until she was writhing beneath me.

In a gasping voice she begged. “Oh God yes! That feels so good. Don’t stop, Pete. Please don’t stop.”

I had no intention of stopping. When I gave her a long pussy lip parting lick from her asshole to her clit, Heather raised her knees and let them fall to the side. Her pussy was thus spread wide open for me to pleasure all I desired. I dove right in and ravished her horny hole with my mouth and tongue. In a short time she grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth tightly to her pussy. She thrust her pelvis up to my face and held it there while a trembling orgasm washed over her body.

Heather seemed to be whimpering and giggling at the same time. “Yes! That feels so good. I love it! Aaagh.” She collapsed back to the bed and rolled her body back and forth.

I continued licking, kissing, and sucking Heather’s horny pussy until her next climax approached. As she climbed toward another orgasm, I sucked her clit between my lips and rapidly flicked my tongue over it.

“OH GOD! EAT MY PUSSY! OH YES! RIGHT THERE, PETE! RIGHT THERE!” Heather screamed. She rapidly and repeatedly thrust her pelvis up to my mouth. I continued to firmly suck on and lick her clit. She used her hands to press my face tightly into her pussy as she soaked my face with her pussy’s juices.

As her orgasm ebbed, she released my head and sighed. Breathlessly, she gasped. “My God, Pete! I’ve never cum so hard in my life.

I continued to leisurely lap at her juicy hole until she asked me to stop. “Please Pete, no more for now. I need to catch my breath.”

I gave her pussy one more tender kiss before slowly crawling up her body. I kissed her lips and rolled off to lay next her. I gently fondled her tits and nipples while she used her hands to stroke my cock back to life. We chatted about many subjects including the need to keep herself fresh and clean.

“Honey, I really liked eating your pussy. The hint of cherry flavor from your douche was great. I hope you use that stuff again.”

“I will if you promise to eat me like that again. I have never been so turned on. Please tell me you’ll eat me again real soon. I want you to come to see me even if we’re not behind with our rent.”

“Baby, I’ll be happy to eat such a delicious pussy any time you like.”

After we both rested a little while, Heather had my cock back to its full seven-inch stature. She squeezed it firmly and said with a giggle. “I think you’re ready to go again.”

“Yeah, baby. What do you think we can do with it?” I asked.

I know just the place for it. It’s a place that’s wet and warm, and I would love to have you filling it for me again like you did last week.”

With a tender kiss, I rolled onto Heather’s inviting body. Due to her small size, she practically disappeared under me when I brought my cock up to nestle into her pussy’s outer lips. Her legs and arms were all of her that could be seen. The rest of her body was hidden beneath mine. Her head was under my chest. I teased her and called out as if searching for her. “Heather, honey, are you down there somewhere?”

She giggled. “I’m here, but I can’t see a damn thing.”

“Why don‘t you get on top and sit on me?” I suggested.

“Ok. I like doing it that way.” She agreed.

I rolled off of Heather and lay on my back. She climbed up and straddled my hips. She lowered herself until my cock’s head spread her pussy’s lips. With a smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes, Heather squatted on my fat seven-inch cock until about five inches of me had disappeared into her body. With a little effort she took in another inch.

She then lifted her hips up a little, hesitated a few seconds, then slammed down on me. “Uummmph!” She gasped and groaned.

My cock was fully engulfed in her tight hot pussy. I could feel it jammed against her cervix.

Heather closed her eyes and she gasped again. “Oh God, Pete! I’m stuffed like a turkey. You make me feel so full. I’ve never felt like this. I love it!” She then began stroking her pussy up and down on my cock. She took every bit of it into her tight hole each time she came down on it.

“Uummph, uummph, uummph!” She grunted each time she rammed her cervix with my cock’s head. Heather was working hard and beginning to sweat as she fucked herself on my unyielding cock. She continued humping her horny pussy on my cock until she was about to cum.

About that time, I felt my balls stirring again. As I felt cum boiling up my cock, I grabbed Heather’s hips and yanked her down hard. At the same time, I thrust my hips up. My cock’s head was tightly jammed against her cervix as cum erupted from it. Several spurts of my hot cum were pumped into Heather’s hungry cunt. Her pussy seemed to be milking my cock. “Oh God! That is wonderful, Heather. You have a great pussy, and you are one fantastic fuck.”

She cried out. “Yes! Give it to me, Pete. Feed you cum to my womb. I can feel each squirt as it pumps into me.”

Heather then collapsed onto my chest. My cock was still buried deep in her horny cunt. “Oh wow!” She cooed.

We lay like that for quite a while. Only when my cock eventually softened and slipped out of her pussy, did Heather roll off me.

I then patted her ass and kissed her good bye. “See you next week baby.” After I gave her another tender kiss, I cleaned up in her restroom and walked home. Before I walked out her back door, I glanced in on Heather.

She was still lying on her bed with her eyes dreamily staring off into space. She was petting her cum oozing pussy with one hand while kneading a tit with the other.

Shortly after lunch the next Friday, I again walked across the field to collect the back rent. This time when I knocked on her back door, Heather call out. “Come in, Pete!”

As I entered, I saw Heather sitting at her kitchen table with her head in her hands. She had been crying.

I put my arm around her shoulder and asked. “What’s the matter honey? Is there anything I can do to help?”

The sobbing teen pushed an envelope toward me.

I picked the envelope up and opened it. Inside I found four hundred dollars and a quickly scribbled note from Diaz. “Pete, here is the back rent. Thank you for you kind consideration. Diaz.”

“Well Heather, I guess this changes things. You no longer owe me any back rent. So, you will no longer be required to entertain me. As a matter of fact, I owe you some change back.”

Still whimpering, she said. “No! I don’t want any change. All I need it a receipt. Maybe, if you have the time, you could stay a little while.” She looked up at me through tear filled eyes and continued. “I don’t want to give up our Friday afternoon visits. Even if we don’t owe you any money, I want you to come see me. Diaz can never make me feel as full as you do. He won’t eat my pussy even after I’ve cleaned it. Please Pete, don’t stop coming over to see me.”

“Well that is a bit of a turn of events. Never let it be said that I left a beautiful damsel in distress.” As I stuffed the rent money into my pants pocket, I lifted Heather’s chin with my hand and softly kissed her lips. I said to her. “I wonder if there’s anyone around here that would like her tasty pussy eaten?”

Heather practically leapt out of her chair and threw herself at me. Before I knew it, she was hanging by her arms on my neck. Her legs were wrapped around my hips, and she was kissing all over my face. She giggled and repeatedly answered my question. “Me! Me! Me! Please Pete, eat me.”

Since she was already hanging on my neck, I supported her ass and carried her toward her bedroom. As I walked with Heather’s ass cradled in my hands, I laughed and told her. “I think I have created a monster. I’ve created a monster that wants her pussy eaten and stuffed daily.”

She giggled again and asked. “Daily? That would be so nice.”

“Heather, you are too much for an old man.” I then tossed her onto her bed.

She squealed loudly with laughter as she bounced after landing on her bed. When she settled down, she looked me in the eyes and seriously said. “Pete, I don’t want to give up your visits, even if we are caught up with our rent.”

“I don’t know about that Heather. You do have a live-in boyfriend.”

“Please Pete, say you’ll still come visit me. I know Diaz loves me, but he just doesn’t give me the thrills you do. He absolutely refuses to eat me, and he doesn’t come near filling me up the way you do. Please say you’ll keep coming to see me.”

“OK, baby! I’ll keep coming to see you. Now, why was it we came back here?” I asked her with a broad grin.

I’ve never seen Heather move so fast. She leapt out of bed, stripped, jumped back in bed, and widely spread her legs in less than thirty seconds. She grinned at me and said. “I used the cherry douche again.”

‘Well, in that case . . ..” I quickly shed my close and climbed in to bed with my horny teen renter. “I think I’ll call you turkey. You are mighty tasty and love to be stuffed.”

We cuddled and petted for a while until I could feel the wetness soaking her pussy. Before I kissed and licked my way down her body toward her pussy, I nibbled on her tits and fingered her hot hole and clit until she was gasping for breath and moaning with pleasure. She was nearing an orgasm when I first kissed her dripping wet pussy. I had licked her horny hole for only a minute or so before came. She screamed when I drove my tongue as deep as I could into her cum hungry hole and her orgasm overwhelmed her. OH GOD, PETE! YES! EAT ME! FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONGUE! AAAaaaaaaa! Oh God yes, Pete. How do you do that to me?”

I continued to eat Heathers’ hungry cunt to two more screaming and thrashing cums. She then collapsed on her bed and tried to catch her breath.

Heather had a look of disappointment when I crawled off her bed. She brightened again when I took her legs and pulled her body down until I had her ass at the foot of her bed, I lifted her legs up and put them on my shoulders. Stepping up to her butt and pressed my cock’s head into her pussy’s lips.

“Oh yes, Pete. Give me that big prick of yours. You make me feel so full when you have it buried in my pussy.

Slowly, I pushed my cock into Heather’s tight pussy. When all but an inch of my cock was in her, I stopped pushing. I thought she needed time for her pussy to adjust. I was wrong.

“No Pete. Don’t stop. I want it all.”

I smiled at the horny teen and gave my cock a strong shove. The last inch of my seven-inch cock bore into her cunt.

“Uummph! God you are so big. I love the way you make me feel so full. You are so much bigger than Diaz. Oh God yes, Pete. That’s what I want and need. Now fuck me like you mean it. Fuck your turkey and give her your dressing.” She begged.

I withdrew my cock until only its head remained in Heather’s pussy. Almost violently, I slammed fully back into her cunt.

‘Uummph! That’s it Pete. Now fuck me hard.”

I began giving Heather‘s pussy repeated deep hard rams with my cock until she was writhing on her bed and crying out with passion.

“Oh Pete, fuck me hard.” She reached up, put her hands behind her knees, and pulled up until her knees were next to her tits. “I’m cumming, Pete! Oh fuck! Fuck me hard.”

I felt my balls churning as I drove deep into Heather’s cum hungry hole. Her tight pussy seemed to milk my cock until I erupted deep inside her. I again bathed her cervix with a hot load of cum.

As our orgasms subsided, I held my cock deep in her hole. I didn’t want the feeling of her pussy’s spasms around my cock to end. Eventually, we were both worn out. She released and lowered her legs and I pulled my slimy cock from her hole.

After she caught her breath, Heather said. “Damn Pete! How can you expect me to give that up? Just because we’re up to date with our rent, doesn’t mean you can’t come and collect a little interest on your money now and then. You will come back at least once a week won’t you?”

“Yes, Baby. I’ll keep coming to see you and your needful pussy on one condition.” I told her with a smile.

“I’ve liked you conditions so far. What is your condition this time?” She asked with a satisfied smile on her face.

“My condition is simple. If you give me your last cherry, I’ll keep coming to see you. I want that last cherry.” I requested.

“But Pete, you know I gave my virginity to Diaz and you ate me for the first time. You were the first to get a blowjob from me. If I had a cherry to give it would be yours. What more can I give you?” She asked.

“Has anyone ever been in your ass, Heather? I want to fuck you in your ass.” I told the teen lying next to me.

“My ass?” Heather looked confused and a little frightened.

“Yes Heather, I want your ass. And, with practice, I want you to take my cock down your throat. Are you up for it? OK, I’m a dirty old man. I’ll eat that pussy whenever I come to see you, but I want your ass and throat. What do you say, my turkey?”

I’ll try Pete. I’ll try. You are so big you nearly choked me the last time I tried to take you into my throat. Your cock fills my pussy so full. I don’t know if my ass will take all that, but I’ll try.”

“Good! But for now, I’m going home.” I slapped her ass playfully as I pulled out of her pussy. I dressed and headed out her door.

“You will be back won’t you, Pete?” She nervously asked.

“Yes Baby. I’ll be back. How could I ignore a beautiful girl like you that is so horny with a hungry pussy like yours? Yes, I’ll be back next week. We’ll just call it interest on the late rent.”

She smiled and said. “I’ll look for you to come across the field. Oh yeah, one more thing.” She giggled and said. “Gobble, gobble!”