The Story of Cinderella

Once upon a time in a far away land there lived a young woman called Ella or Cinderella like her step sisters called her. She lived with her step mother and two step sisters, Anastasia and Drizella. And life for Cinderella was pretty hard. Her step mother owned the local brothal and Cinderella and her step sisters were the main attractions.

While Ana and Drizella were the high paid girls in the brothel. Poor Cinderella was a low paying one. Because of her dirtiness, she was still a virgin which she was happy about. But with the amount of blow jobs she gave over a week, she nearly earnt just as much as her sisters fucking their customers. The gentlemen that got a head from the dirty Ella said she gave the best head in the country and would be back for seconds and which they usually did the very next day. Her jaw was always sort by the end of the working night but by morning she was ready to suck anothing cock or lick another pussy.

After one of Ana’s clients had just finished with her, Ana sat in her chair with her legs spread wide and slapped her thigh as she looked to Ella. Ella crawlled over to her step sister and moved between her legs. Her tongue slipped out between her lips and gave Ana a long slow lick from her arse rim to the tip of her clit. Ana let out a soft moan and looked down at the dirty girl and reached over to take one of the crops and ran it slowly over Ella’s back and arse, “Just suck it out ‘Cinderella'” she hissed at the girl then let the crop kiss Ella’s back which made her jump and start to suck and lick at her step sisters cunt and arse.

Ana started to pant from the attention Ella’s tongue was giving her holes and her Step mother looked at her with a dirty look and stomped over to her, grabbing Ella by the hair and pulled her back hard, “You should know by now not to get my daughters off with that dirty tongue of yours girl.. You use that for the customers and not them you little bitch” then slapped her hair across the face.

Ana looked at her mother then over to Ella and smirked as she moved her fingers over the moisture between her legs and licked her fingers, “I should make you pay for what you tasted” then laughed.

The step mother huffed then smirked, “We will just show how much of a dirty little whore you really are” the pulled Ella to her feet and tore the rags of clothing from her body to expose the dirty flesh on the girls body so all could see now. Then the step mother pushed her onto the ground against the wall and walked over to her desk and opened one of the draws and brought out a collar and walked over to Ella and pulled her head forcefully foward and latched the collar around her neck. The plaque on the front of the collar said ‘dirty whore’ written in large writting for all to see. The step mother made Ella stand by grabbing her neck and pulling her to her feet and looked her in the eyes, “Get use to your new outfit fast girl cause that collar is the last thing you will ever wear”.

Her step mother pushed her against the wall and sat back down at her desk and looked over to Ana, “Go and get ready for your 4pm client my dear”. Ana stood up and smiled as she skipped away into one of the rooms in the back.

It was about 6pm when Ella had her last client for the day. All she had to do now was to cook dinner for the other girls then clean the rooms and entrance hall then she could go to bed. She started dinner then started cleaning since she had time to hit two birds with one stone. As she was cleaning the entrance hall a well dressed man came in and asked for the Madam of the house. Ella quickly went and told her step mother a rich looking guy was at the front wanting her.

Step mother came out and announced to him, “I am the Madam of the house, what can I do for you?” she looked him over and didn’t want to admit but Ella was right about the looks of him.

He handed her a invite, “A invite to The Ball”. He made sure he said ‘the ball’ in more of a stern voice.

Her eyes widen and ripped opened the invite and stuttered as she said, “He wants me and my girls….. to go to The Ball”. The ball was the biggest bdsm ball in the country and she and her daughters were finally noticed by the richest man in the city, “You can tell Mr Princeton we will be there”.

The man nodded his head, “Please make sure you wear the right type clothing or you will not be permitted in his home” then bowed slightly before leaving.

Ella had heard the converstation and thought she might beable to go as well. She was one of her step mothers girls.

Once dinner was served all the talk around the table was about the ball and what they were to wear. They would have to go shopping for a new outfit that would suit the theme of the ball. It was only one night away before the ball so they had to be quick getting their outfits set up for it.

At the end of dinner and her step mother was walking to the door, Ella asked, “Step mother? Am I allowed to go to the ball as well?” she asked softly.

Her step mother looked at her with a ‘are you serious’ kind of look then bursted out into laughter, “Oh please you dirty slut.. Why on earth would you think Mr Princeton would want a dirty little beggar like you there” then laughed as she left the dining room to leave Ella there to clear the table away.

A tear rolled down Ella’s cheek, she should of guessed her step mother wouldn’t of allowed her to go with them. She was a dirty whore that was good for nothing. She finished cleaning up and made sure everything was set for the next day before going to sleep near the fire place and going into a dreamless sleep.

Everyone had woken up early the next day. Alot of things had to be planned. They spoke over breakfast what colours they were going to wear for the party that night. Cinderella sat in silence listening to the other women talk then the house was quiet once her step mother and sisters had left to do their shopping.

She was glad of the peace and quiet. She was able to do most of her work between clients so time rushed by quickly then it was just after 3pm when her step mother and sisters returned from their shopping trip. Each laidened with a pile of bags with different new outfits they had brought.

After Ella’s last client at 4.30pm she was called upstairs to her step mothers room, “Ella, do the back of this corset up”. Ella stood at the door seeing the black leather corset her step mother was pulling up over her long thin legs. Ella walked over to the basin and washed her hands so she wouldn’t put dirt onto the clean flesh or clothing and started to pull at the corset which was a couple of sizes to small for her step mothers size.

Her step mother grunted with each hook Ella did up. She was going to say something but decided not to. It wasn’t her place to speak of clothing since she had none of her own. After the last hook was done up. Her step mother looked at herself in the mirror and nodded to herself. Her handfuls of breasts were pushed tightly against the corset, parts of her nipple peeked out from under it which was what her step mother wanted.

Her step mother reached and was about to bend down but found she couldn’t bend at all and shoved the leather panties into Ella’s hand, “Put these on me”. Ella nodded and knelt down in front of her step mother and made sure she had them the right way before moving them down for her step mother to step into them. Once both legs were in she slowly moved them over her legs until they were in place. Then she had to help with the fishnet stockings and thigh high boots.

Her step sisters came into their mothers room and stood just inside the entrance. Ella looked over to them a little upset at seeing them all prettied up. Each one took a role of a Domme. Ana was wearing red leather which matched her hair and Drizella was wearing a emerald green latex and lace which matched her eyes.

Ella ran out of the room with tears down her cheeks. Her step sisters laughed as she ran past them and they walked over to their mother and kissed the back of her neck as she finished putting her hair up into a bun. Drizella moved her hand to the front of her mothers leather panties and moved it slowly back and forth, feeling the heat warming her finger tips. Ana moved down to her mothers breasts and sucked at the fleshy clevage trying to find release from its tight prison under the corset.

Their mother purred in delight feeling the attention her daughters were giving her and she moved her hands around to their arses and spanked both firmly on their arse before moving her fingers firmly against the folds she felt moving against their panties, “You two bitches are going to be the bell of the ball and if you aren’t I’ll make sure you learn from your mistake” then smacked them more firmly which made them both jump and stood up straight.

Step mother stood up and looked over herself in the full length mirror and smiled at what she saw then looked at her two daughters before picking up her riding crop and patted both of them on the leg, “Remember girls.. Slutty, flirty and dirty little minds.. Make sure you get Princeton’s attention” then striked them both firmly to leave a soft red whelp on their legs.

“Cinderella, We’re going so get our coats ready you little slut” her step mother called out. She was at the doorway holding up her step mothers coat first then quickly slipped Ana’s and Drizella’s onto thier shoulders. Each woman had a matching crop to the colour of their outfits and each one gave Ella a firm strike on her arse as they left laughing.

As she closed the door on her step family, tears started to roll down her cheeks again and she cried out, “Why can’t I be the one who goes to the ball instead of them!” she asked and knew there would be no response but she did it anyway. She made her way back to the kitchen to get something to eat until she hear something strange behind her and spun around.

She blinked a few times and backed slowly away. A glittering lights started to sparkle inside the entrance hallway. She didn’t know what was going on til the sparkly lights started to become denser and denser then with a silent explosion a small woman with the softest tanned skin appeared in a soft blue teddy with a cupless top and wand.

Ella was afraid and asked shakily, “Who… Who are you?”

The small woman smiled sudectively and walked over to the frightened young woman and said with a purr in her voice, “Ella.. I’m your fairy submother.. I’m here to make your wish come true”.

Ella gave her a strange look, “Fairy… Sub… Mother?”

The small woman smiled, “That is right little one.. You like to please instead of being pleased.. Your wanting to serve someone kind and give all of your heart, body and soul to only to be loved in returned…And my sweety young Ella.. I am here to make your wish come true”

Ella looked at the little woman and nodded slowly, “Your serious about this” she took a step forward, “Your going to give me my wish with meeting the famous Mr Princeton?”

The submother nodded with a smile then started to dance suductively around the young woman. Giving purring moans as she moved her hands over her small tight body. Sparkles started to trail behind her til she was dancing in the air around the young woman.

Ella felt herself being lifted off of the ground. She looked at the feet the over her arms. She could see the dirt disappearing from her skin. Her hair fell down over her shoulders in long curls of blonde locks. Then she felt something wrapping around her body and looked at the white thin lace teddie and thigh high sheer white stocking sand white 4inch high open toe shoes on her feet and glass cuffs on her wrists and ankles.

As her feet touched the floor she moved her hands over the feeling of the soft fabric against her body and felt the crotchless g-string. She was breathless in what to say so the submother said, “You have til midnight to win the heart of the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.. If you work your body right you will have him like putty in your palm”.

The submother kissed Ella on the lips. They deepened the kiss. Ella could feel her body becoming more turned on as she felt small hands moving against her flesh. When she opened her eyes she looked around. She was in a bedroom she had never seen before and heard music playing outside.

She opened the door and peeked outside and saw people dressed in different kinds of lingerie, leather, lace, latex and others she hadn’t seen before. She snuck out and made her way down the hall and to the great ball room. Different things were set up. There were St Andrews crosses set up around the outside of the room, and chains hanging from the ceiling. Racks and tables were scattered around the room with people using them on both women and men.

She was at The Ball and she couldn’t believe it. She walked down the steps one foot after another. Taking her time as she scanned the room. She could feel eyes on her body and looked towards the ones staring at her. She gave them a sweet smile with pouty lips.

Thats when she saw her Step mother and sisters. They were looking over to her. The man who they were talking to had the deepest gaze she had ever seen. She stopped where she was and gave the dark man and lustful gaze and teasing smile. Teasing her tongue against her lips.

The man excused himself from her step mother and sisters and started to walk over to her. He was wearing a ankle length black jacket opened to show his bare tanned chest and was wearing a pair of black pants. His neat dark hair was a little shaggy which outlined the main details on his face. But the dark chocolate eyes had her wanting him. The darkness of them gave a mysterious feel about him and she wanted to learn more of who he was.

He stopped just in front of her and held out his hand to her. She took the last steps and took his hand lightly and he bent down slightly and kissed the back of her hand. She blushed at this kiss and in a purring voice, “Mmm… hello there” she walked closer to him til her body was nearly pressing against his.

He gave her a smile and laced her arm under his as he walked with her thru the room til they got to one of the chairs on the far side of the room. He said in a deep haunting voice, “And what would your name be my innocent one?”

He helped her onto the chair as he leaned his body hard against hers. She could feel the hardness hidden behind his pants as she moved her hips slightly so he was pressing against the slit in her thong, “They call me…” she hesitated before saying, “They call me Sin” which mischieve dancing in her gaze.

He smiled at the name. He brushed his lips against her neck and she tilted her head to open her neck for him, “Does that mean your a sinner like the rest of us?” he whispered in her ear.

She moved her head slightly and brushed her lips against his earobe and whispered her answer, “You will just have to find that out for yourself”

He gave a soft growl and pressed himself against her harder. She smiled at his reaction and moved her hands down between their bodies and unzipped his pants and slipped her small hand inside and took his hard long length into her and and started to stroke him slowly.

He moved his hand down between her legs and started to tease her outter lower lips. She softly gasped and rocked her hips then out a soft moan escape as his fingers found the slit in her thonge and started to invade her wet hot cunt.

She whimpered thru the pleasure and he leaned back and looked into her eyes, “You haven’t been touched like this before have you” then tickled his fingers inside her. She closed her eyes and shook her head no. Then opened her eyes and looked down in embarrassment.

He pulled his fingers out and licked his fingers clean, “Your a special one then and in need of some special treatment”. He pulled her hand away and pulled her off the seat and sat down himself and undid his pants completely and pulled out his large thick cock. She licked her lips as she looked at his cock then into his eyes, “Show me you can handle a cock like mine and I’ll see if your worthy to stay here or if you need to get kicked out”

She gave him a wicked smile and knelt down between his legs. She looked up to him as she licked over his balls then up the length of his cock and purred to him, “Its more along the lines of if you can handle me sexy” then winked as she parted her lips and slowly moved down over his cock. Inch by inch she took in slowly until her mouth was completely wrapped around his cock.

He gave a deep moan and moved his hips a little then she slowly moved back up along his length. Her tongue teasing side to side as she moved. Her hand crept into his pants and slowly circled his arse rim with her nail.

He looked into her eyes with a lustfull gaze, “Lets see what you got”

She gave a deep purring moan at the challenge and started to move up and down around his cock. Her tongue slipping from her lips and licking over his balls from time to time which he moaned deeply and bucked his hips with her being able to do it.

He started to pump his hips in time with her lips and thats when she knew he was going to cum soon. She moved to the large mushroom head and tickled the head of it before slamming her face down on him. This time she pushed a finger inside his arse at the same time and started to tickle him wiht the tip of her finger.

He started to fuck her face harder. Her finger moved in time with his thrusts as he held her head still as he face fucked her. His breathing became harder as she pressed her finger against his prostate and wrapped her lips around him tighter. Then with two hard slams against her face he errupted inside her little mouth. Holding her still so she had to drink every drop of his cum.

She pulled her finger out of his arse and carrassed his balls gently til his body spasmed in pleasure he could not take. He pushed her away, making her land on her arse in front of him. He took deep heavy breaths looking at her as he saw a stream of his cum running down her chin.

Her eyes never left his as she moved her finger against the stream and caught it and moved it back to her lips were she sucked her finger clean. She licked her lips and moved her hand down over her body to the slit in her thong and parted it. He smiled at her as she started to finger fuck herself in short slow strokes.

He stood up and let his pants drop to the ground and he stepped out of them and walked over to her, holding his hand out to her. She smiled cheekily and took his hand and stood up. He softly kissed her lips as he pulled her close and hard against his body. People around them stopped and stared. It was the first time they had actually seen him pick a woman at one of his parties to do more with than just watch someone else working her over for him.

He lead her over to one of the tables and sat her on the edge of it, “You passed so I just might have to do something more with you”

Her hand moved down to his cock which was slowly starting to grow hard in her palm. She looked up to him with a innocent gaze and played, “Please don’t hurt me… Big strange man.. I’m not sure if my body could handle your size…”

He smirked at her game and whispered in her ear, “Mmmm.. Now that my dear Sin will just have to get your punished for telling me what to do” then nipped her neck as he stepped back and pulled her against his body and spun her around and pushed her hard agaisnt the table.

She whimpered with the force he pushed and pulled her with. Her upper body laid flat against the table. He kicked the inside of her ankles and she spread her legs further apart. He held her down with one hand and stroked his cock against her pussy and arse. He leaned down and whisperd to her, “Ever been fucked in the arse?”

She shook her head no and struggled playfully under him, “No.. Please don’t do that.. You’ll rip me in two if you do”.

He spat on his hand he was stroking his cock with and started to rim her arse, “I think if you can do it to me… I can do it to you” then quickly pushed one of his fingers deep inside her arse, making her cry out because she wasn’t ready for it. He curled his finger and started to finger fuck her arse as he moved his hips so his cock moved back and forth between her lower lips and entrance to her pussy.

Her breathing started to become quicker as she became more turned on. Her body started to relax under his touch and started to moan wanting more. She needed more. He pulled his finger out from her arse and took his cock in his hand again. He leaned down over her small body and bit the back of her shoulder. She cried out again then the scream stopped as she felt his cock being thrusted deeply into her virgin arse.

She closed her eyes as the pain pulsed thru her body. He licked over the bite mark, tasting her b***d from the bite. He moved his hand around to the front of her pussy and started to tease her clit. The pain disappeared as the pleasure started to take over.

As soon as he hear her purring moans he started to slowly thrust his cock fully in and out of her tight arse. He knew he wasn’t going to last long with the tightness around him. He smacked her arse hard, and she pushed back harder against him. He smacked her again and she started to move in time with his thrusts.

Their breathing started to get harder. Neither could stand it any longer. She started to cum first and as soon as he felt her cumming, he started to cum deep inside her. Their bodies shook as the passion swept thru out their bodies. He laid on her back and breathing heavily. He continued to play with her clit as felt her arse gripping him tighter with each shiver of pleasure she was having.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up as he stood up. Leaving her empaled on his cock as he walked over to his chair and sat down slowly before relaxing into it. She looked around the room as he kissed and nibbles over her neck and shoulders. She let out soft moans as he teased her clit for everyone to see as they came up and spoke to him.

She rocked her hips against him and he groaned feeling his cock staying hard inside her. He waved his hand letting people know not to go near him and he whispered to her, “I don’t want you to leave.. I want you to stay by my side perminately sweet one”

She turned her head to him and softly kissed his lips. Their kiss became more passionate as he rocked his hips against her arse. They moaned into the kiss. She squeezed her arse around his cock with the short deep thrusts he was making inside her. She pulled back from the kiss and undid one of her ankle cuffs and placed it on the armrest of his chair, “If you really want me.. You’ll find me” then softly kissed his lips.

The clock started to chime and she darted a quick glaze up to it then looked in horror as it was moments away from midnight. She quickly stood up and ran towards the closest door and raced away from his manison. He ran after her but lost her in the moonless night. He called out but to no response.

He walked back inside as she watched him from the shadows. Tears running down her cheeks. She had found the man she wanted but alas she couldn’t let him see her in this state. She looked down at her grubby hands and legs and felt the collar her step mother put around her neck had reappeared. She softly sighed and made her way back to the brothel and fell asleep at her place near the fireplace.

The next morning her step mother and sisters were talking about the woman who was with Princeton. They couldn’t get over her beauty and heard how much he wanted her even after a one night stand. What sane woman would run away from one of the richest men in the country. Then about the rumor about him going to find her with some cuff she left behind for him to hunt her down with.

It was a few days later. Talk had gone back to the normal house hold subjects. Who had which client at what time. All the talk about the mysterious woman had been done and they were bored with it. Ella thought he mustn’t of wanted her or he would of come around now with the search for her.

That was until that afternoon. Mr Princeton himself entered the brothel owned by her step mother and asked for all the women in the house to try the cuff on. he knew exactly how it was ment to fall upon the ankle of its own and a few tried their best to do it but to no avail. None of the women that tried it it would fit. He was about to leave til his servant who had brought the invite to them asked, “Sir.. There is another woman here.. She was here when I came here last.. I know she can’t possibly be the right woman but you said you wanted all of the woman that lived in the homes I delievered to, to try the cuff on”

Mr Princeton looked at his servant than to the step mother, “So you said that the cuff was tried on everyone huh… Where is this woman that Chris has mentioned?”

The step mother shook her head, “She is a no one Sir.. She could never of dressed up like that lady at the ball. It would be just a waste of time trying it on her dirty leg”

Mr Princeton started to get angry and the step mother saw it in his eyes, “Cinderella.. Out here now slag.. Mr Princeton wants to see you, you dirty whore”

Ella came out slowly from the hall and walked over to her step mother. Her step mother grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her in front of her, “See Sir.. She wouldn’t of been able to get done up like that woman.. Because.. Just look at her”

Mr Princeton nodded a little, “But I have said every woman living in each house and I mean it. Come here little one”

Ella slowly walked over to the man whos held her heart and placed her foot up on the box like the other woman and Chris, Mr Princeton’s servent placed the cuff around her ankle. It fitted perfectly. Ella bit her lower lip and looked up thru her long lashes at Mr Princeton as he looked over her body and shook his head. She could see the disappointment in his eyes and tears started to roll down her cheeks.

She ran back to the kitchen with him in toe wanting the cuff back off her. He thought there must be another woman out there that had a matching one to this dirty whore.

She was sitting hugging her knees as he entered the kitchen. He looked at her hands and saw the other glass cuffs she was holding, “You are her…” he said softly.

She nodded thru the tears, “I’m sorry for disappointing you Sir”. She said it in the same purring tone he heard when he first met her.

He walked over to her and took the cuffs off her, “Wait here little one”. He walked back outside.

She watched him leave and cried more into her hands. She had lost everything that she ever cared about. A few minutes later her step mother called out to her, “Cinderella out here now bitch”.

She jumped and stood up and walked slowly outside. She looked up to see money being past from Mr Princeton to her step mother and she looked at them in shock. Her step mother smirked at her, “You have a new owner girl” then started to count the money.

Mr Princeton winked at her and motioned her out the door with him.

It was weeks later when Chris came back to the brothel the step mother owned with a personal invite for her and her daughters to come and see Mr Princeton. There were to come back when Chris returned. So they quickly got dressed in their sluttiest outfits they had and closed the brothel for the afternoon.

Soon they were at the Princeton Manison and being lead into his office. He explained how he would like to buy the brothel but would like them to stay on and work there. He had finally found the woman of his dreams and wanted to give it to her as a gift. The step mother gave him a price and he wrote a note for the money to be delievered to her as soon as possible. He personally wrote up a contract and she signed it without reading what it said. She just wanted the money and nothing else. He smiled at the quick signature and had Chris witness it along with her daughters and it was agreed.

There was a knock at the door and he called out, “Enter”

And Ella walked thru. She was cleaned up and wearing white lingerie like she had on the night she had first came to the manison. Her step mother and sisters were shocked. They reconised her this time and didn’t know what to say. She walked around Mr Princeton’s table and sat on his lap with a wriggle and looked at her family with a sweet smile across her lips as she looked down at the paper then to her love, “You got it for me baby… Thankyou so much” then hugged him tightly.

He groaned and hugged her back, “Their all yours my sweet sinful one” then softly kissed her lips.

She gave him a wicked smile and walked over to them, her collar now was diamond incusted with ‘Dirty Whore’ written on it, “I guess you were right step mother.. I am a dirty whore and now you can be a cheap whore and work for me for the rest of your life… Oh and if you didn’t read the contract you signed.. It says that you and your daughters are my servents until I see fit for you to leave” then winked as she walked back to her man and took her place on his lap as she watched her step mother and sisters being ushered out the room and into their new wardrobes. But thats another story.

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