A Cabin Trip With The Maid

Lucy was upset that mom insisted on taking the maid up
to their cabin in the woods. It had always been their
private adventure since Dad died and they normally went
there once a year. She had just completed high school
and wanted this to be her special trip. Besides the
maid was a large black lady who was extremely bossy.
Several times she had insisted that her mother fire her
only to be recommended by her mother.

They had arrived late that night and the cabin was in
wreck. The maid Dora and mom Jean said they would tidy
up a bit before bedtime while Lucy just ignored them
and made her bed. She was awakened by strange sounds in
the cabin main room. Slowly getting up, she walked
quietly to the bedroom door and opened it slightly so
she could view inside.

Her mom was on all fours and naked. She was crawling
around picking up things in her mouth and carrying them
to where they belong while Dora was walking behind her.
She had a large black paddle in her hand and Lucy
watched in horror as she would bring it down squarely
on Jean big ass making her leap forward in response.

“How dare you talk to me like that,” Dora was saying.
“I let you keep your secret from that bitch of a
daughter of yours for months and this is what I get?
You bitch.”

“Take that,” she said striking her ass very hard with
the paddle as it jerked upward in response.

She slapped Jean ass several times quickly with the
paddle as Jean continued crawling with a wad of paper
in her mouth towards the garbage can.

“Well tomorrow,” she continued, “she is going to find
out what you really are. My bitch. How do you like that
bitch? I’m going to make your daughter my bitch

just like her mother.”

Dora was shaking her head sideways but continued to
crawl as she finally reached the trashcan and dumped
the paper only to crawl again to pick up something

Lucy watched her mother and the maid. She couldn’t
believe she was seeing it. She wanted at first to go
out and do something about it but the maid was much
larger then her and her own mother wasn’t even trying
to stop it. She also noticed she was leaking wet spots
between her legs as she crawled on.

Despite her anger and fear, Lucy herself was getting
wet watching the two. She was ashamed of her feeling
watching her own mother getting her ass spanked by the
maid but at the same time her cunt was aching for a
rubbing as she reached down to oblige it.

“Break time bitch,” Dora commanded. “Come get your

Lucy watched as a tearful Jean crawled behind Dora and
pushed her head up inside her dress from behind. She
could hear the slurping sounds as Jean ass was wiggling
in back like a dog being given a treat or something.

“Tomorrow, I going to make that cunt daughter of yours
eat my ass out, bitch.” Dora pressed on. “Maybe her
tongue is good for something other than talking.”

Lucy was rubbing in earnest now. The sight and tone of
Dora voice was driving her wild in excitement as she
stroked harder on her cunt. Despite herself, she wished
it were her down there instead of her mother. Dora had
a large ass, she could see underneath the hem of her
dress but right now it didn’t matter as she stroked and

“Follow me bitch. When we get to the bedroom your are
going to wag that tongue of yours up and down my clit
or I’m going to beat that white ass of yours red before
you go to bed”, Dora said.

Lucy watched Dora walked away towards the other bedroom
with her mother eagerly crawling behind. The sight was
too much as she came in her panties. Going back to the
bed, she could hear noises in the other bedroom but not
the words as she found herself getting hornier and
hornier with the thought of what might be happening in
there. After she came twice more, she finally drifted
off to sleep exhausted and sexually fulfilled for the

Honey, time to walk up. Breakfast is done.

Lucy heard her mother voice from the doorway. She
slowly got up. Was last night a nightmare she thought
trying to remember everything. She wasn’t horny now and
the thought of last night was repulsive as she put on
her pajamas and heading for the cabin kitchen. Maybe
her mother was a lesbian and they were just playing
some kinky game. Her mother had the right she supposed
but the thought didn’t sound very pleasant to her.

As she entered Dora and Jean were both seated on the
small cabin table. Both ladies had nothing but their
nightgowns on. Lucy took a seat in between as the
ladies said nothing but continued to eat during her
arrival. Lucy felt awkward but definitely didn’t want
to bring up what she thought she had seen last night.
The food was hard to digest as she ignored them and
tried to finish her meal.

“Dora, Lucy could use more orange juice, do you mind
getting her some?” Jean asked politely.

“Yes I do. Get your ass up and pour her some.” Dora

Lucy looked up in shock and could see the same look on
her mother face. It seemed as if time stopped for a few
seconds as both her mother and Dora stared at each
other. Finally she saw her mother look down and start
to get up.

“Of course, I’ll get it. It’s closer to me anyway,”
Jean said. She got up to Lucy dismay and started toward
the sink.

“While you’re up, drop that gown you white piece of
trash,” Dora commanded.

Lucy watched in horror as her mother froze in her
tracks. She just stood there with her back to them like
she was frozen to the floor.

“You heard me bitch. Drop the gown now!” Dora yelled as
loud as she could.

Lucy watched in surprise as her mother reached and
started unbuttoning her gown and then let it drop to
the floor. She was totally naked standing there as Lucy
could see red welts across the large white cheeks of
her ass.

“Well what are you waiting for? Your cunt daughter
wants her drink. Get it.”

Dora continued as Lucy continued to stare in disbelief.

She watched her mother start walking towards the sink
with her ass jiggling in back and start pouring her
drink. Lucy wanted to say something but couldn’t find
her voice as she continued to watch.

“Bring it back between those two sagging tits of yours
bitch,” Dora commanded.

Jean turned around and placed the glass of orange juice
between her large tits holding it tight between them.
Her face was totally flushed red as she looked down in

Lucy watched in awe as Jean finally made her way to the
table with the orange juice glass firmly tight between
her massive globes. She just stood there looking to the
side as Lucy stared at her.

“Better take your glass of juice before your mommy-
titties freeze,” Dora exclaimed.

Her voice woke Lucy up as she quickly reached up and
grabbed the glass noticing the red marks between her
tits where it had been.

“Let’s have a contest,” Dora continued. “Jean fuck your
pussy with your finger till little Lucy here finishes
her drink. Don’t you dare come or you’ll know what will

Lucy watched her mother shove two fingers in her cunt
avoiding her look and started working them in and out.
She hesitated watching her as she noticed her mother
face of agony and then realized that she was already
close to cumming. Her own pajamas had a wet spot in
front as she started to drink. She was close to
complete when she heard Jean moan and witness her body

“Bad mommy. Get that spatula and bring it here bitch,”
Dora yelled.

Jean turned around and walked back retrieving the

“Assume the position bitch.” Dora commanded getting up
from the table.

Lucy watched as her mother spread her legs wide and put
her hands up behind her head. She watched Dora bring
the spatula up with a quick motion between her legs and
the thump of it on her cunt. Jean yelp in pain as her
thighs tried to close together in response but quickly
spread them wide again.

Thump, thump, thump.

Jean was crying and begging for mercy as her ass and
thighs were shaking violently in response to the
slapping of her cunt. Lucy was horrified but so excited
watching it that she was leaking all over her cotton

“Are you going to disobeyed me again cunt?” Dora asked.

“No mistress, please mistress,” Jean yelled.

“Crawl your butt over to that corner and put your nose
where it belongs bitch,” Dora commanded.

Jean did just what she was told dropping immediately to
all fours and crawling to the corner like a dog well
trained. She stuck her nose at the lowest point with
her big butt sticking straight up for Lucy viewing.

“Your turn cunt.” Dora yelled turning towards Lucy.
“It’s your fault she was punished. Now get your butt
out of that chair and come here now.”

Lucy was stunned at Dora command and the firmness of
her stir but she was close to cumming herself and so
excited between her legs she couldn’t resist. Slowly
she got up and walked over to the large ebony lady
seated who had just beaten up on her mother.

Well bitch, Dora said, looks like your daughter is just
another bitch like you.

Her pajama is soaking wet.

Lucy was embarrassed and totally red as she approached.
Dora grabbed her right earlobe and twisted it as she
yelled out in pain. She found herself being lowered
over the woman broad lap and felt her pajama bottom
being lowered down. Dora started rubbing her cunt with
her hand.

“Does my bitch like this,” she asked?

“Yes mistress,” Lucy replied, as she spread her legs
wide to allow the woman more access to her cunt. She
was near cumming and didn’t want to stop now. She felt
her hand withdraw in disappointment.

Slap, slap, slap.

“Owwlllll!” Lucy yelled.

Slap, slap.

“Please no more,” she yelled, squirming on Dora lap.
She had never been spanked before and Dora was showing
no mercy on her virgin ass.

“Please, no more, please mistress,” she yelled.

“Take this you little whore.” Dora yelled down at her.
“Bitch. Beg to be my bitch.”

“Yes mistress. I’m a bitch. I’m your bitch.”

Lucy was yelling words she never knew she had heard as
the pain on her ass was getting worst and worst. She
was crying and begging whatever she thought Dora wanted
to hear.

Dora finally stopped.

“Crawl under the table bitch and eat my cunt or I’ll
continue this longer.” Dora demanded.

Lucy dropped down from Dora lap on all fours and
crawled underneath. She could see Dora large hairy cunt
underneath her nightgown and pushed her head between
her large thighs. The smell was not as bad as she
suspected as she started running her tongue up and down
her cunt lips.

“A natural cunt just like her mother,” Dora said.
“Bitch, bring my bag from the bedroom,” she yelled at

Lucy continued licking up and down on Dora cunt. Her
own cunt was soaking wet and she needed relief herself.
Dora large thighs were pressing her ears so she barely
heard what Dora had told her mother. She started
working her tongue inside till she found her opening
and started using her tongue as a dildo. She could hear
Dora moaning from above and knew she must be doing a
pretty good job for her first time. Dora was now
grabbing her hair and pushing her face deeper and
deeper in her cunt.

“That’s it pet.” Dora said patting her head like a dog.
“Fuck my cunt with your tongue. You’re almost as good
as your mom.”

Lucy heard footsteps and knew Jean must have come back
with the thump of something on the table. She continued
licking till she felt Dora come on her face and started
lapping her lips to get all her cunt juices. She felt
Dora pull her hair till her head was up to her waist.

“I want you to watch this,” Dora warned her. “Your turn
will be coming soon.”

“Bitch,” she yelled at Jean. “Prepare yourself for your

Lucy watched as Jean took a black butt plug from the
bag and started pushing it in and out her mouth. When
it was wet, she handed it to Dora and then turned
around and bent over presenting her with a large view
of her ass which she spread wide.

“Shove my plug up my big ass mistress,” Jean yelled
from in front. “Fuck my big butt.”

Lucy watched in awe as Dora started working the plug up
her mother’s asshole. Her mother was moaning as the
intruder made it’s way slowly inside with only the end
sticking out. Her mother stood up releasing her large
ass globes.

“Thank you mistress for plugging my large white ass,”
she said.

Dora slapped her right ass cheek.

“Get your butt back in the living room bitch and finish
cleaning what you didn’t get to last night,” she

Her mother immediately dropped to all fours and began
crawling towards the cabin living room area with her
ass swaying to each side. Lucy watched her proceed
around the end of the table.

“Your turn my little cunt. Get your butt up here now,”
Dora commanded.

Lucy immediately crawled out and assumed the position
her mother had earlier.

“Please plug my big ass mistress,” she started saying
expecting the same treatment her mother got earlier.

“I only have one plug and your mother has that one,”
Dora laughed. She heard Dora ruffling through the bag
and pulling out a large black rubber dong.

“Spread your cunt lips bitch,” she demanded.

Lucy released her ass cheeks and reached down pulling
her cunt lips to the side. She felt something cold at
the entrance and looked to see a black rubber dong
between her legs. The thing was huge as she watched
Dora slowly start working it in her cunt. She was so
wet and loose it had little resistance even though it
was so large it felt as if her whole cunt was filled to
the limit. She had experimented for years putting
carrots and other things in it but never something this
large. If she hadn’t been so wet it probably would have
torn her apart.

She felt a hard slap to her ass.

“Get your butt in the bathroom and clean it,” Dora
commanded. “It better be clean by the time I come in to
check it out. And don’t lose that plug if you know what
is good for you.”

Lucy slowly stood up releasing her cunt lips, which
gripped the dildo tightly. She tried to walk but found
she had to get her legs apart like she was walking
sideways as much as forward. She saw some cleaning
tools on the counter and bent over only to feel the
dildo push deeper in her cunt making her struggle to
grab the supplies.

“Hurry up bitch. What’s wrong? Can’t walk. Maybe I have
to beat that ass of yours again to show you how,” Dora

Lucy grabbed as much as she could, fearing another
spanking and started moving as fast as she could to the
bathroom. She was horny as hell and wanted nothing
better than to reach down and massage her clit but not
at the cost of her ass. Dora laughter was humiliating
as she proceeded but at the same time was driving her
wild with excitement.

When she arrived in the bathroom, she noticed the place
was a mess and knew she had her work cut out for her.
She started on the shower area scrubbing the walls and
drains and then proceeded to the sink. Her mind
couldn’t think about anything but the strange feeling
between her legs and knew she couldn’t go back to a
normal life now. She was daydreaming about licking Dora
while cleaning the john when she heard the door open
behind her.

“What! You’re not done yet,” Dora exclaimed.

Lucy felt a sharp strike on her ass globes pointing
back towards the door and then another one. The pain
was unbearable as she yelled out in pain. Dora had hit
her ass with her own belt.

“Get busy slut and you better hurry up. If I have to
come back in here, I’ll use this on those tiny white
tits of yours.” She yelled at her.

Lucy heard the door shut and immediately started
cleaning as fast as she could.

Damn her ass hurt but she was leaking uncontrollably
between her legs.

She started dreaming of what Dora would do next…