One Week With Heather

Whether it was the sunlight shining through the window that woke me, or the sound of the clicking at the keyboard, I don’t know.

Either way, I propped myself up on my elbow and rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

The girl that I had spent the night with was sitting on her desk chair across the room with her back facing me. She was wearing the same black Nirvana t-shirt that she had worn the day before. I could see by the two sexy globes pressing against the seat that she had nothing else on below the waist.

I smiled as I remembered the events of the night before.

Heather was- wait, perhaps I should start by introducing myself first. My name is Aaron. I was twenty-three at the time and good looking. Well, I’m not bad looking. Perhaps a bit on the heavy side, but I’m tall and have been told that I have beautiful icy blue eyes.

Anyway, I met Heather in an “AOL Chatroom.” Readers under thirty-five may have no idea of what those are, but suffice it to say that in 1998, when this story takes place, AOL chat rooms were ‘the’ place to meet people.

We chatted for several months before we finally met in person. It was the middle of summer, so I was out of school and I took the week off from work to spend with her. That probably sounds presumptuous of me, but it was actually her idea.

She was several years younger than me at nineteen, but she had her own place; I still lived at home while attending college. She had a roommate who would be gone for the week; we would have the apartment to ourselves for entire time.

We hadn’t exchanged pictures but she had given me a deion of herself. 5′ 1″, long brown hair, and “pleasantly plump”, weighing about 145 lbs. Unlike most internet relationships, she was exactly as advertised. She was, indeed, plump, but she had nice curves and I really like that anyway.

I had worked the day before so I wasn’t able to head to Heather’s until late in the evening and she lived a two hour drive from me. That meant that I didn’t arrive at her house until after 10 pm.

She dispensed with all formalities and led me immediately to her bedroom. She shed her clothes and dropped them in a pile on her floor. She pulled down her pink panties to expose her pussy which was topped with a small, well trimmed mound of fur. Her bra followed right after and exposed a generous set of beautiful breasts.

The sex that followed was decent, though unremarkable. It felt a bit mechanical on her part, but it wasn’t like I was complaining. We fell asleep in her bed with me spooning behind her.

Heather must have heard me stirring behind her because she turned around and picked up a camera from next to the keyboard. She had a smile on her face as she took a photo. I was momentarily blinded and disoriented by the flash.

Spinning back around, she connected the camera quickly to the desktop and rapidly began typing. She then withdrew a memory card from the camera and exited the room. I watched her full, round bum wiggle as she did.

When she returned, she still had a smile on her face, yet it had changed in a way that I couldn’t quite place. And the change gave me chills.

“Good morning, sleepyhead. Sleep well?” she asked.

“Good morning. Yes, great thanks. What was with the camera?” I inquired.

“Huh? Oh, nothing,” she said casually. “Just evidence.”

“Evidence? What are you talking about?”

“Well, the police always like to have evidence to convict pedophiles you know” she said quite matter-of-factly.

That was when she dropped the bombshell that she was not, in fact, nineteen, but was only sixteen.

“Oh, I also saved a sample of your cum and have it stored in a vial in a safe location. The photos I just took I uploaded to a safe place also.” She kept speaking in her off-handed tone, the way you would say, “I also made a pot of coffee, if you want some.”

By this time I was getting jittery and stammered, “Look, you told me you were nineteen! I had no way of knowing otherwise!”

“Hmmm, did I say that? I can’t recall. Not that it matters much. What jury would really believe that anyway. Especially when I tell them about how you f****d yourself on me.”

“I did no such thing!” I protested.

“No? I guess the jury can figure it all out.”

I started to protest again when she put up her hand sharply and cut me off.

“It doesn’t have to go that route, you know,” she commented. “All you have to do is do as I say.”

“What do you mean?” I said.

“You took the week off from work right?” I nodded. “So, we have seven days together. All you have to do is do whatever I say until next Saturday and I’ll give you the vial and delete the photos. Then you can go back to your own house, job, school, and life. Otherwise, I can just call the police now if you prefer and we can let them sort it out.” She picked up the phone menacingly and reached for the buttons.

“No!” I shouted. “I’ll do it. Whatever you ask.”

She smiled a wicked smile. “Good.”

Day 1

I asked Heather how she had her own apartment and she giggled and said she didn’t, of course. Her “roommate” was actually her mom who was gone on a business trip for the week She then told me, “Enough questions. Let’s get going. Let’s go have some fun.” She took me by the hand and led me out into the living room.

“I’ll warn you now. There are some things I’ve always wanted to do to a guy that I plan to try out on you,” she stated without elaboration.

She had me lean over the side of the couch, still naked. She went into her bedroom and got a blouse which she rolled up and wrapped around my eyes like a blindfold. She told me to stay put and walked away. A few minutes later I felt a cool liquid – baby oil? – being applied to my penis. Her hand enveloped my cock and began slowly moving up and down. I squirmed a bit and she placed her hand on my back to steady me without making a comment and continued stroking. After a few minutes, she stopped for a moment and I heard her moving behind me. A moment later I felt a pressure at my asshole and jerked. She spoke sharply and said “Stay still!” and pressed down on my back again. I settled down and the pressure resumed. Something greasy and plastic was slowly pushed into me. A few seconds later the mystery was solved when it began vibrating. I had never had anything in my ass before and was startled but it didn’t hurt like I would have expected. It had been well lubricated and left me with a full sensation, but not uncomfortable. She left it in and resumed the stroking. “There now, isn’t that nice?” she cooed. As she masturbated me, my hips started moving slightly with the rhythm. She then started moving the vibrator in and out with her other hand, never fully removing it before pushing it back in.

I was getting close to orgasm and started to moan slightly. Heather heard it and said “Don’t come yet! We aren’t done yet.” Then I heard a voice from across the room say “That looks cute in his butt.”

I reached up to the blindfold and lifted it a bit to see a girl standing in the doorway. She looked to be about Heather’s age (actually, she was a year younger at 15) and wearing cut off jean shorts and a t-shirt with a rainbow and unicorn on it. She wasn’t as developed as Heather but was still pretty. She was much skinnier than Heather and had nearly black hair as opposed to Heather’s dirty blond.

Heather stopped her motions and slapped my ass hard. “I didn’t tell you that you could remove the blindfold! But since you did, meet my sister Cara.”

Cara walked over and I started to get up for which I received another slap (which rather stung) and was soundly pushed back down by Heather from behind. After I stopped moving, Heather resumed her ministrations both on my cock and the vibrator.

Cara moved behind me. “It seems to fit him well,” she said with a smirk.

“Go get me a glass from the kitchen, Cara,” Heather said. Cara went and did as she was told while Heather continued rubbing me. By this time I was starting to shake all over and Heather said again “You do NOT have permission to cum – you better hold it.”

Cara returned with the glass and Heather told her “Place it there.”

“Please, I can’t hold it anymore,” I pleaded.

“No, not yet,” Heather stated flatly.

Her command didn’t work and I started cumming violently with the vibrator plunged firmly in my ass. I felt the glass touch my cock as it spasmed – Cara was catching the cum in the glass apparently. Heather stopped moving the vibrator and turned it off, still leaving it stuck inside me. She kept milking me with her other hand as I came spurt after spurt. Finally, spent, I relaxed a bit forward onto the couch.

“Wow, that’s cool,” Cara said, eyeing my load in the glass.

The vibrator slid soundlessly out of my ass and Heather’s hands moved off me. “Go put that in the fridge,” Heather told Cara. Cara raised an eyebrow at that but went and did it. Heather leaned over next to my face, still pressed against the couch.

“I told you not to come yet. You’ll need to be punished for that. I assure you that we will work on your self-control this week.” Heather’s tone was quite ominous.

“Go and clean yourself up in the bathroom,” she said.

I got up and started to head that way when she grabbed my arm and stopped me. She looked down at my crotch for a moment and spoke again.

“In the drawer, there are some disposable razors. I want all the hair off that thing” she said, pointing at my cock. “It’s going to be exposed a lot here this week and I don’t want that ugly hair blocking my view. I expect it to be as smooth as a baby’s when you’re done.”

I opened my mouth the speak, but Heather stared me down and stated: “I assure you that arguing will result in even harsher punishment.” All the while, Cara stood off to the side watching our exchange and she snickered at the last comment.

“I’m going shopping to pick up some supplies for more fun. Cara is in charge of you. Any order she gives is to be considered an order from me directly. Don’t let me hear a bad report when I get back.” And with that, she picked up her keys and left.

I just stood there silent, still in shock when Cara spoke up. “You heard my sister, go clean up.“ She paused for a second before adding “ Come back up when you’re done so I can make sure you do a good job.”

I went into the bathroom and got in the shower. I scrubbed myself clean and focused on my ass trying to get all the lubricant out of it. After toweling off, I searched the drawers and found the razors Heather mentioned. I had never shaved myself before and it took me a long time. The razors looked cheap and I was sure a slip would REALLY hurt. Cara stuck her head in half-way through and just looked for a minute before leaving again without speaking. I rinsed off the excess hairs and went back out into the living room. I had been handling myself the whole time while shaving and it had made me hard again.

Cara was sitting on the couch watching TV, and she looked up as I reentered the room. “Come over here so I can check you.”

I walked over as asked and stood in front of her.

She tapped the inside of my thigh to indicate I should spread my legs apart. Her hand cupped my sack and stroked it lightly. It sent a small shiver up my spine. She rubbed all over my crotch and grabbed the base of my dick in a surprisingly firm grip. “Geez, do you always go around hard like this everywhere?”

I replied no, only when I was aroused.

“Sure seems like that’s all the time. We need to work on that like my sister said.”

I didn’t know what that meant, but found out soon enough. She directed me to kneel on the floor in the living room and wait with my back to her. She went into the kitchen and I heard her looking for something. A minute later, she returned and knelt in front of me. She was carrying a red plastic flyswatter.

“From now on, you need to keep that thing small unless we tell you otherwise or handle you ourselves. Your dick pointing at me all the time is very rude, you know,” she stated.

“Spread your knees apart” she directed. I just stared at the swatter. I didn’t like where this was going and knelt there frozen.

“Don’t make me ask twice” she threatened, waving the swatter in the air. “And don’t you dare move.” I spread my legs further apart.

She flicked the swatter up lightly, striking my ball sack. I grunted and sucked in my breath hard. My vision quivered and I closed my eyes. I opened them back up after a moment and saw her staring at my dick. It took me a second to realize she wanted to see if it had shrunk any. Apparently not, because a second later she flicked up again.

“Please, stop!” I begged, voice cracking.

“I’m sorry I have to do this, but you need to learn control. Look, it’s starting to get smaller already” she said. Her voice sounded apologetic, but her actions said otherwise.

Flick again and again. I bit my lip to keep from screaming out. My stomach was turning violently. Just then, she reached out and caressed the side of my face. She spoke in a soothing voice.

“There, there. It’s over now. It got nice and small, like it should be,” she said. I looked down and saw that she was, indeed, right. I was quite tiny.

“You’ll be good from now on, right?”, she asked.

I nodded vigorously, but didn’t speak.

“Good boy. Now, I want you to take your little penis and position yourself in front of the door and wait for Heather to come home.” Cara walked over and opened the inside door, leaving just the clear glass storm-door closed.

I did as she said and knelt in front of the door. Anybody who drove by would clearly see me through the door, naked and flaccid, but luckily Heather lived on a slow street. Only a few cars went by and I thought I saw one woman who was driving do a double take, but she just kept going.

It was over an hour that I had to kneel there. My legs were cramped, and I shuffled around to ease the pain. Cara saw me and yelled “Be still!”

Heather finally pulled into the driveway near lunch time. She carried two shopping bags and a cardboard box with her. She stopped in stride when she saw me kneeling in front of the door like an expectant puppy. She started laughing profusely and dropped one bag as she covered her mouth. She picked it up and continued walking. I wiggled out of the way to let her in.

“What have we here?” she asked, thankfully closing the inside door.

Cara answered from the couch behind me where she was watching TV again.

“I made him wait for you by the door. And after shaving, he was hard again, so I hit his balls with this” – she held up the swatter -” until he went soft again. I told him he had to keep it soft unless one of us told him otherwise.”

Heather’s jaw dropped in astonishment, but she regained her composure and commented, “sounds like a perfectly reasonable rule to me.”

She had me stand up and spread my legs. She ran her hand back and forth on my testicles. “You did an excellent job shaving,” she stated. Cara called from the couch “He should have, it took him forever!”

She then told me to lean back over the couch edge, which I did, eager to avoid any more excuses to use the fly swatter.

“Cara, can you hold his cheeks apart for me?” she asked.

Cara went over and pulled them open as requested while Heather rooted around in one of the bags. Cara shrieked “My God, Heather, that’s huge!” More moving behind me. Heather moved in front of me and bent over to look me in the face before saying “I told you there would be consequences for cumming without permission.” She held in front of me an enormous rubber butt-plug. It was about 5 inches long overall, cone shaped, solid black (aren’t they always?) and had a t-shaped handle at the base. At its widest, it looked to be nearly two inches. Thankfully, it was covered liberally in Vaseline.

Heather disappeared back behind me and I felt pressure on my ass again. This time it was much more forceful than the vibrator was. I started grunting, but Heather kept pushing. My ass strained hard and then I felt a plop as my anus closed around the tapered base. Cara and Heather released me and told me to stand up. I felt extremely full and waddled around a bit trying to get used to the feeling of being plugged. It made it hard to stand up straight. Heather, meanwhile, laid out some rules.

“Rule #1, you need to keep your erections under control. As Cara said, if you get erect without permission, you’ll need to be punished.”

“Rule #2, you are not to masturbate or touch yourself without permission. Your penis belongs to us.”

“Rule #3, absolutely no cumming without permission. That friend in your rear will help remind you of that one.” She patted me on the bottom as she said those words.

I wiggled a little bit.

Heather stated that she was hungry and wanted lunch, so I waddled into the kitchen and made some sandwiches for her, Cara, and myself. She didn’t tell me I could eat, but didn’t object either.

After I cleaned up the table, Heather declared “It’s time to start your slave duties. Today is laundry day. Come along.”

Heather brought me downstairs to the basement where the washer and dryer were. “I’ll be back to check on you every so often. Remember, I’ll be checking on it” she said, pointing to my cock. I just nodded and started sorting the dirty clothes.

Laundry duty was uneventful, though when I handled Heather’s panties, I felt myself stir down below. They weren’t particularly fancy panties, but the toy in my bottom made everything seem just a bit sexier than it probably should have been.

I didn’t want to be swatted again, so I stopped and quickly started thinking of train wrecks, car crashes, anything I could come up with to distract myself. It was at that time that Heather popped in for the first inspection.

She lifted my soft member with a bent index finger and tapped me on the back with a “Good boy. Keep up the good work.” She gave the butt-plug a little twist and giggled before leaving again.

This occurred several more times throughout the day. I had to wait for the machines to finish and Heather had instructed me to straighten the basement while I was waiting.

The moving around, bending over, and stretching kept causing the plug to move inside me and occasionally rub against my prostate. Several times I started to get aroused and had to stop until my penis subsided. Luckily, I never got caught.

I came back upstairs after the laundry was finished and Heather spoke from the living room that they were hungry and were waiting for supper. I dug through the freezer and found a frozen pizza which I put into the oven.

I set the table, all the while carrying the plug as a constant reminder in my backside. I opted to stand for supper, a fact Heather noticed and commented on.

“Don’t feel like sitting, big boy?” she said with a smile as she patted my bottom.

After doing the dishes, I told Heather I needed to use the bathroom and asked if I could remove the plug. She said, “Bend over the kitchen table for me. I’ll be right back.” and left the room.

She returned, and reached behind me and grasped the handle on the plug. She slowly drew it out and I grunted loudly as it popped free. She then told me to stand up straight; a dog collar was attached around my neck, which she connected to a leash.

She then said, “Come on, let’s go potty.” She jerked the leash towards the back door.

I just stood, frozen.

She sighed in exasperation.“Maybe you want to wait till tomorrow then?” she said with a frown, eyebrows raised.

“No, I’ll go.” and with that, she led me out the back door.

Luckily, it was dark by this time and Heather didn’t have any close neighbors. She led me to the middle of the yard and said, “Come on, I don’t have all night.”

Embarrassed, I squatted down hoping to partially hide myself and tried to pee. Heather just stared at me. I could see Cara watching from the patio door too. I strained, but couldn’t get anything to come out. Heather sighed in disgust. “It looks like you didn’t really need to use the bathroom. Maybe if I shove that plug back in you for the rest of the week you’ll learn not to lie to me.”

Her threats weren’t helping any, but finally, I relaxed my bladder enough to start a trickle flowing. Once I got going in came out in a powerful stream and Heather stepped quickly to the side to avoid being splashed.

“Do you need to do a number two?” she asked. I told her I was good for tonight. I hoped she’d let me use the bathroom inside tomorrow, but didn’t say so aloud. She said “Ok, come on” and tugged the leash to lead me.

Inside, she took a baby wipe from a box on the kitchen counter and wiped my legs first, to clean up the pee splash, and then wiped around the head of my penis thoroughly. Luckily, I was able to keep myself from getting aroused. She unclipped the leash and removed the collar.

“Ok, bed time. You did OK today, so you can sleep on the couch tonight. But don’t think I won’t make you sleep in the back yard if you upset me. Also, I can’t have you masturbating yourself and staining mom’s couch so you’re going to be restrained at night.” She directed me to lie down on the couch and left the room.

She came back with a shackling harness that had cuffs in 4 corners. She cuffed two of them to the legs of the couch and had me put my hands near my head where she attached the other two.

She sat on the couch next to me and leaned over. She squeezed my package gently and kissed me on the lips before saying “Sleep tight.”

Day 2

I slept poorly that night, worried about how things were going and what might await me tomorrow. I awoke around 7 am to feel a soft hand around my dick.

Cara sat on the couch in a t-shirt and pajama bottoms watching MTV. At the same time, she was absentmindedly playing with my dick; occasionally stroking it and running her fingernails across my sack. I was rock hard, of course, but Cara didn’t comment on it.

After fifteen minutes of alternating manipulations, I was getting close to cumming, but bit my lower lip hard to control myself. Cara apparently felt me quaking a bit and looked at me. “You better not cum. Heather will be mad, you know.”

She returned to watching TV but kept stroking me.

“Please, Cara, may I cum?” I asked.

“No! You’re not going to make a mess on the couch!” she stated firmly. She continued fondling me.

“Please, I can’t hold it!” I begged.

“I told you no!” she shouted.

Finally I couldn’t help myself and came in a torrent straight up. Most fell onto my stomach, but several shots covered Cara’s hand and forearm. She stopped stroking and gave me a dirty look. “Gross! You nasty boy! What did I tell you!”

She took her cum covered hand and shoved it in my face, wiping it off on my cheek. She got up and washed at the kitchen sink. She still left me handcuffed to the couch, with cum drying on my stomach, legs, and, thanks to her, face. Cara sat back down and returned to watching TV as if nothing had transpired.

Heather awoke and came in a while later. She asked how I slept but I didn’t have a chance to answer as she suddenly noticed the cum all over me.

“What’s the meaning of this?” she demanded.

“Cara was masturbating me and I couldn’t help it! I’m sorry!” I blurted out, wiping some of the cum on my lips off on my forearm as best I could.

“Cara, is that true?” she asked.

Cara confirmed that she did play with me but she did not give me permission to cum. In fact, she expressly forbade it.

“Well, I guess you like having that butt-plug rammed up you, eh?” she stated. I groaned inwardly.

She left the room and returned with that hated instrument.

“Roll him over, Cara,” she said.

Without preamble, she spread my cheeks and pushed the butt-plug back in forcefully. I grunted loudly. “Serves you right,” Heather said with a slap on my ass cheek.

Heather then uncuffed me and told me to go clean the cum off myself and return to her.

Back in the living room, she told me I could use the bathroom today if I wanted but with a catch – I would get an enema afterward to clean me out. It was now full daylight so I had no desire to take a shit in her backyard in full view of everyone. I reluctantly agreed.

She directed me to go shower, shave my crotch again, and use the bathroom after which time I was to get down on all fours in the bathroom and call her. She told me I could temporarily remove the plug and leave it in the sink after cleaning it.

I did as she directed, showering as slowly as I thought I could get away with without angering her before assuming the position as instructed. I called out and said I was ready.

Heather returned with a large bowl and what looked like a turkey baster. She filled the bowl with water in the sink and knelt down behind me.

I watched over my shoulder as she lubricated the baster with Vaseline and drew a load of water into it. I felt the baster touch my asshole and stay there a second. We waited for me to relax my sphincter before pushing it into me. It wasn’t as large as the butt-plug, and I felt the warm water start to flow into me. “When I pull out the baster, you better close tight and not spill any,” she cautioned.

Eight times she filled the baster and returned it to my ass to push more water in. At first, I didn’t really notice the fluid, but after the fourth one, my gut started to gurgle and cramp. Finally, she reached up to the sink and grabbed the plug which she pushed into me last. My groan, as she pushed it in, could probably have been heard down the street.

I was full and bloated. I could feel the water sloshing in my bowels. Heather told me to stand up and come out into the kitchen.

I waddled out there and Heather told me I had to hold the enema in for thirty minutes to really clean myself out. I made my displeasure audible and Heather said sharply “I can make it an hour if you’d prefer,” and I shook my head violently. “No, thirty minutes is fine,” I said.

She smiled and said “Good. In the meantime, I’m going to take a shower. You can do the dishes from yesterday.” And with that, she walked towards her bedroom.

I went to the sink and tried to ignore the cramping in my gut, as well as my stretched asshole. Shortly after I started the dishes, however, Cara came over and stood next to me. I stopped cleaning for a moment, but Cara told me to keep working.

She seemed fascinated by my swollen belly. She poked at it which caused me to moan a bit and she giggled. “You look ready to burst!” she said, laughing.

I continued washing and I felt her hand on my ass, touching the butt-plug. I had mixed feelings; One part of me hoped she would yank it out so I could get some relief, while the other part of me dreaded the punishment that would surely ensue if she did. She ended up just tapping it lightly which caused little tremors inside me and I had to steady myself on the counter when she decided to rotate it a little. Worse, the feeling of the plug moving inside me was making me hard despite my best efforts. Cara wasn’t making it easy to ignore.

Heather came back out and saw her manipulating the plug and laughed. “I see you two are having fun!” she said.

“I am, not so sure about him,” Cara commented.

“You’re probably right,” Heather replied. She then looked down and noticed I had gotten erect again. She reached out and flicked my penis. “I see you still can’t keep yourself under control. I think we’ll have to try something different,” she said, without elaboration.

She looked up at the clock and said, “Ok, time’s up. You can head into the bathroom.”

I didn’t need to be told twice and went straight in. She told me to kneel and lean over the bathtub. She put her hand on the plug and spoke sternly. “I’m going to pull out the plug slowly. You better hold everything in until I tell you to get up and sit on the toilet. If you leak and make a mess, you will regret it.” I didn’t doubt that for a second and held my breath.

Slowly she started pulling on the plug and I felt my ass expanding again as it was removed. It plopped out and I used all of my will and strength to clench and hold everything inside.

“Ok, you can relieve yourself,” Heather said.

I pushed myself up and onto the toilet. My bowels emptied instantly in a loud rush of liquid. I groaned in relief and panted.

Heather put a finger under my chin and lifted my face to look up at hers.

“Remember, I control everything about you for this week.”

“I know” I said, still panting a bit.

She kissed me on the cheek and told me to clean up and come back out into the living room.

I met them both in the living room and saw that Heather had moved two kitchen table chairs into the middle of it. She directed me to sit down on one of them, which I did.

She tied both of my ankles to the chair legs and then had me put both hands behind the chair, which she also tied to it.

“Since you seem to have trouble keeping your manhood under control, Cara and I talked and decided it must be because your balls are too full,” she said, and reached between my legs and patted my sack. Cara giggled again.

“So, I’ve decided to put Cara in charge of fixing that problem. She’s going to take care of you and ensure that you are fully drained.”

Cara sat down on the chair next to me, and Heather left for a minute before returning with a bottle of baby oil and several towels.

She set one towel down on the floor in front of me, between my legs and draped the others on the back of Cara’s chair. She lifted my testicles and placed a facecloth underneath them. She then handed Cara the baby oil and went to sit down on the couch.

Cara smiled at me and spoke in a soothing voice.

“Ok, Aaron. They taught us in Sex Ed that boys have trouble controlling their penises when they see pretty girls and when pretty girls touch them down here,” she said, massaging my sack.

“They also said that sperm builds up in here causing blue balls and that boys need help from pretty girls, like me, to empty them,” she continued. I was pretty sure that was NOT what they had told them in Sex Ed, but it didn’t seem like it would be in my best interest to argue right then.

“So, I understand why you squirted on my hand this morning and I forgive you. You have my permission to get hard, and you have my permission to cum whenever you need to, OK? Let’s get going.”

She opened the bottle of oil and squirted some liberally on my crotch before setting the bottle down on the floor on the side of the chair. Heather was absently flipping through a magazine on the couch.

Cara placed her hand around my penis which was already rock hard and worked in the baby oil everywhere with her other hand. She wasted no time and started stroking vigorously. Her other hand took up fondling my balls.

In only a couple of minutes, I felt orgasm building up and I started to squirm a bit.

“It’s OK,” Cara said in response to my movements “just let it go whenever you want.”

And I did, cum shooting out several inches, hitting the towel strategically placed between my legs. I’d already cum that morning and twice yesterday, so it wasn’t my most impressive blast, but messy nonetheless. After a couple of spurts, it trickled down onto Cara’s hand and the facecloth. I breathed heavily for a moment and Cara pulled her hand away once my cum stopped flowing.

Cara smiled broadly and said “Good boy!” as she wiped her hand off on one of the spare towels. “That’s one down, just four more to go.” What did she say? Heather must have seen my expression because she was grinning broadly and said “I told you that we’d fix that problem, didn’t I?”

I was allotted a ten-minute break after which Cara reached over and started again. It took her a little while this time, but her soft hand started to get me hard again. After about five more minutes, she had me shooting again, though this time the spurt just reached the edge of the chair. It hung at the edge for a moment and then dripped down to the floor. Exhausted, I relaxed into my bonds and closed my eyes for a minute.

I opened them again when I felt Cara kissing my lips. She pulled back and smiled. “Doesn’t this feel good?” she asked. She didn’t wait for a reply before saying “I’m so glad I can help you.” She seemed quite sincere too.

Another break and she began again. By this time I was starting to get a little raw despite heavy lubrication, and it took her quite a bit longer to get me hard again, but finally, she did and after a while, I came again, this time just a little squirt.

On the fourth time, Cara couldn’t seem to get me aroused no matter what she did (it was now actually painful, even with the baby oil) and she asked Heather for help.

Heather came over and said, “Let’s see what we can do about this.”

Heather pulled off her t-shirt to expose her big, generous boobs. She straddled my lap and pushed her breasts to my face, shoving one nipple to my mouth.

“Suck it,” she commanded, and I did as instructed. Cara continued to fondle my package, trying to get a response but with only minimal success.

Heather then pulled her nipple back and rubbed her boobs on both sides of my face while writhing her hips against my lap. Finally, Cara yelled “it’s working!” as I started to get hard again. Heather slid off of me and told her I was probably getting sore down there too which I confirmed I was, so she told Cara to play with just the very head of my penis.

Cara did, working her fingers around the head in a screwing type motion, at Heather’s direction, which caused me to tremble. Heather reached down and took over rolling my balls in her hand while Cara continued her motions on the head. I closed my eyes and imagined Heather’s nude body trying to work myself up so this would be over. Finally, out came one small, pathetic load.

“Almost there,” Cara cooed “just one more time!”

“I can’t” I moaned.

Cara rubbed my back and said “Sure you can! We’ll help you.”

After my break, Heather came back over and straddled me again, but this time to no avail.

Even the head of my cock was sore now. After several minutes of nothing, Heather slid back off and ordered me to raise up my hips.

I did so, as best as I could given my bondage and Heather squirted some oil onto her hand. She then took her index finger and pushed it into my ass. Holding it there, Cara reached over and started rubbing me again. Heather then started fucking my ass with her finger at the same time. Once she got all the way in, she bent her finger a bit and located my prostate. Cara made a face at seeing Heather put her finger into me.

“That’s gross!” she exclaimed.

“Not really, the enema I gave him today cleaned him right out. Guys have a sensitive spot inside their bums that makes them hard when it’s rubbed, so that’s what I’m working on now.”

After a few minutes of this, I started to get hard yet again despite the ache down below and eventually I started to cum a final time, but virtually nothing would come out now. Heather still had her finger buried all the way in my ass.

I slumped down in exhaustion, sore and drained. Heather withdrew her finger and went to the kitchen to wash her hand. Cara just stared at me.

Heather lifted my chin again and said, “There we go, I think you’ll have no trouble keeping that under control now, will you?” she asked.

“No, Heather,” I said softly.

“Good. Now thank Cara for making you cum.”

“Thank you, Cara,” I said.

Heather slapped my face. “What kind of thank you was that? Didn’t you see how hard she worked for you? Say to her: ‘Thank you, Cara, for making me cum over and over again.”

“Thank you Cara, for making me cum over and over again” I repeated.

Cara smiled and hugged me, saying, “You’re welcome. I’ll help you drain your balls anytime! It was fun!” I disagreed but certainly didn’t say so. Cara kissed me on the cheek.

Heather untied me and said I had thirty minutes to recuperate on the couch before I had to get back to chores.

My break was over in a heart beat and Heather told me today was bathroom cleaning day.

First, I had to clean up the mess in the living room between the chairs and the towels. After that, she brought me a small pail and some cleaning supplies.

I spent most of the day cleaning. Throughout the day, both Heather and Cara came in and checked my soft penis to see how I was doing. I winched at even their lightest touch.

“Good to see you are keeping it down like you are supposed to,” Heather said, rubbing my ass gently. I couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or she legitimately thought there was a chance of me getting aroused again so soon.

After making supper, Heather brought me back out on the leash to go to the bathroom in the back yard. While I squatted down, a little girl next door was in her backyard playing and saw me. She just stared at me and then went running back inside the house. Shit.

Heather laughed and brought me back in, cleaning me up with the wipes again.

No nosy neighbors showed up to complain about my backyard nudity, so I guessed I was safe.

We all sat on the couch for the remainder of the night and relaxed in front of the television. Thankfully, no further exercises were required of my sore member.

Bedtime came and Heather again cuffed me as before. This time, however, I fell asleep immediately and didn’t wake up until the next morning.

Day 3

I awoke with a pressure on my chest. I opened my eyes to see Heather straddling my chest. She was naked from the waist down. I looked and saw that she’d shaved her pussy bare and was looking down at me, smiling.

“I’m horny,” she’s said bluntly. Cara was sitting on the floor and laughed. Heather continued.

“It occurred to me this morning that you’ve gotten to cum whole bunches of times” – did I ever! – “ and there I was, lying in bed, horny as hell when I have a perfectly good boy here to take care of my needs. So start eating!”

She wiggled forward until her pussy lips were on my mouth. I opened up and started licking.

I couldn’t hold her lips apart since I was still cuffed, so I had to stretch my tongue as far as I could, poking it into her pussy. I jabbed in and out for almost a minute, and Heather started rocking back and forth. I then started licking slowly up and down the outside, tasting her juices which were flowing profusely. Heather could tell I was struggling to get my tongue in.

“Cara, can you hold my vagina open for Aaron?” she asked.

Cara said “Sure, Sis” and got up onto her knees next to the couch. She gingerly took one lip in each hand and spread them apart.

I started working my tongue in deeper and Heather moaned in delight. I soon found her clit and moved my focus over to it. First I worked on it in short jabs, then ran my tongue around it in a circle. Over and over, I repeated the motions, and Heather started to moan loudly. She put her hands up to her breasts and began pinching her nipples as she rubbed her soaking wet pussy against my mouth. Finally, she screamed as her body arched back as her orgasm surged through her. I continued my relentless assault on her clit, though, for another minute. Wave after wave of pleasure rocked through her body until finally she fell back away from my face. Cara released her lips and Heather continued to moan on before sliding off of me entirely. At that time, I wondered briefly if any neighbors had heard the screaming. I hoped that they tended to mind their business in that neighborhood.

The next thing I knew, Cara was sliding off her shorts and panties. Then she scooted up on top of me.

She made no comment, but slid her lightly fuzzy pussy right up against my face, just as Heather had done. I started by brushing my tongue against her lip and she gave a short “ooh!”, surprised by the sensation. The short hairs tickled my tongue as it struck them.

I moved on to sliding it in between her lips, slowly at first then speeding up the tempo. I jabbed in and out and she let out a low moan. She pushed forward further and suddenly her crotch was covering my entire face. Heather apparently saw me struggle a bit and intervened, pushing her sister back to prevent me from suffocating. Cara had closed her eyes and was startled by her sister’s hands on her stomach. She looked down and saw why her sister was moving her and said, “Oh, Aaron, I’m so sorry!”

I mumbled into her vagina, “It’s OK”, which caused Heather to laugh. She reached over and spread her sisters pussy apart, just as Cara had done for her. I went back to work and, like Heather, I soon was able to home in on Cara’s clit.

The feeling seemed to go through her like an electric jolt. Up and down I went over her clit and her body rocked hard on my chest in time to the movements. Each swipe caused an “UH” to be uttered and Cara held on to the arm of the couch behind me for stability.

Within minutes, she tensed up and cried out (though less loudly than Heather) as her whole body convulsed with her orgasm. Unlike Heather, Cara backed away immediately and dropped to my chest where she quaked and moaned as waves of pleasure continued to rip through her.

“Oh, that was wonderful,” she said in a dreamy tone. “Ohhh.”

Heather went around to the end of the couch and finally uncuffed me. Cara slid down off me onto the floor and sat with her eyes closed, holding herself and smiling.

“How did our pussies taste?” Heather asked.

“Good,” I said, “delicious even.”

“Good! That’s what we want to hear. Your tongue is incredible, you know” she said.

“Thank you.”

“And I noticed that you’re still soft down there. I take it that Cara’s exercise program on your cock yesterday has helped?”

It was still quite sore, but I simply said, “Yes, thank you very much.” I figured sounding appreciative would score me some brownie points.

“Very good,” she said, cupping my crotch. “Go take a shower, use the bathroom, then assume the position for your next enema.”

I groaned inwardly, but went and did as I was told.

This time, Cara came in with her carrying the bowl and baster.

Heather instructed Cara on lubing up the baster and filling it with the warm water. Cara inserted it rather roughly and deeply into my ass and I sucked in air sharply and winced.

“Easy there girl!” Heather exclaimed. “You go much farther in and you’ll tickle his tonsils!”

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Cara said and she withdrew the instrument a bit.

“It’s OK,” I croaked.

Once again, I felt the warm water flow into my bottom. I made sure to pinch closed after each removal of the baster.

After all eight tubes full, Heather showed Cara how to push the butt-plug back in. They both chose to ignore my moan.

“All set!” she said, patting me on the back.

Once again, I set about doing chores, this time cleaning bedrooms. Heather had to leave for a bit and told me Cara was in charge. She would remove the plug and let me expel the enema after I had finished.

I made the beds in each room and Cara followed me around, alternating between rubbing my ass, tweaking the plug, and patting my crotch. Several times I doubled over a bit from the cramps and had to steady myself on either the bed or dresser in the room. Cara asked what was wrong.

“The water inside me causes my gut to ache,” I managed.

“Oh, I see,” Cara said softly. An hour in I was still cleaning the house and Cara noticed my frown at the clock. I still had a long way to go. She must have taken pity on me because she announced that my time was up.

She led me to the bathroom and had me lean over the tub again. She knelt on the side of me and braced herself on my back before saying “Ok, get ready, Aaron.”

I held my breath as she grasped the base of the plug and started to slowly pull out. I gasped as it came loose and I squeezed tight. Cara tossed the plug into the sink and told me I could get up.

I jumped on to the toilet and released all the fluid inside me in a loud rush. Cara just stood and watched. She put a hand over her face and said “Nasty!”

She waved her hand in the air in front of her nose and told me to wash the butt plug before I left. I was quite thankful that she didn’t talk about putting it back in.

Back in the living room, she told me to finish cleaning the rooms before Heather came home.

Forty-five minutes later, all of the bedrooms were complete. I went back out into the living room and Cara told me to come sit down next to her on the couch. She put her arms around me and leaned in to kiss me long on the lips. She then ran her hand through my hair, ruffling it.

“You are very cute, you know,” she said, running her hand over my chest.

“You are too,” I agreed, not sure what else to say.

“What does it feel like, having that plug up your butt?” she asked, still hugging me.

“Um, it feels very uncomfortable, but doesn’t really hurt. It makes you feel full and feels funny when I walk around,” I replied. “Sometimes it moves inside me and makes me hard, like Heather explained.”

Cara was silent for a moment and seemed lost in thought. Then she said, “I don’t want your penis up there because I think it would hurt, even though I’ve heard that some girls do that for their boyfriends, but I want you to put your finger up my bum.”

She stripped off her clothes, and pulled her feet up onto the couch, exposing her teenage pussy and ass. I went over and picked up the bottle of baby oil across the room (it never went very far) and squirted some into both hands and knelt down in front of Cara.

I worked the baby oil into her vagina and then between her ass cheeks. I took the bottle and squirted a little more directly onto her hole.

I teased across her butthole with my index finger, working it back and forth a few times, over and over again. Cara had her eyes closed and was biting her lower lip, apparently bracing herself for the entry. Finally, I stopped moving my finger and simply pressed it on her sphincter and left it there for a second before slowly driving it into her, which made her gasp.

I stopped at the first knuckle and rotated it slightly, which made her wiggle a bit, but she stayed put. I asked if it felt good, and she said softly “It does. Keep going, slow though.”

I drove in, slowly as requested, until my finger was buried fully in her bottom. Again, I rotated it a little left to right which drew a low moan of pleasure from her. Then, I pulled out until it was almost free before slowly driving back in. “Mmmmmm” was all I got in reply.

For about a minute I slowly fucked her ass with my finger, in and out, in and out, when I noticed her pussy starting to glisten with moisture. With my free hand, I spread her pussy lips and found her clit, which I brushed across.

She cried “oooh!” and jumped a little, but she couldn’t move far with the finger of my other hand still firmly lodged in her ass. Her eyes opened and she looked down to see what I was doing, but said nothing and closed them again.

I started rubbing across her nub, occasionally leaning over to brush it with my tongue, while continuing to slowly finger her tight bottom. After only a few minutes of this, her whole body stretched and she cried out as she came hard, and I felt her ass tighten around my finger.

I stopped moving my finger, but kept rubbing her clit, which caused moan after moan of orgasm to surge through her. I felt her muscles continue to contract over and over until finally, she collapsed in exhaustion. At that point, I slowly released her labia and retracted my finger from her butt. She just lay there for a minute sighing deeply. She slowly rocked forward and back, eyes still closed.

Finally, she opened her eyes and leaned over and kissed me, throwing her arms around my neck to hug me. “That was awesome! You’re incredible!” she declared.

I smiled back to her. “Thank you. I’m glad it felt good.”

She looked down and noticed I had become erect at some point while pleasuring her. I froze for a second, worried about punishment and she must have seen me tense up. “It’s OK,” she said, “I’m not going to punish you after doing such a good job. You can leave it hard like that. In fact, Heather should be home soon. Go wait by the door for her and show it off to her. Maybe we can do something about it when she gets back,” she said, smiling brightly.

I did as instructed and Heather came up to the door, seeing my hard cock pointing in her direction and laughed.

Coming inside, she asked what this was doing aimed at her, and she flicked my cock with her finger, but Cara spoke up before I could say anything.

“I got him hard while he worked his fingers into my slit and my butt today, so I told him he could leave it like that for you since he did such a good job.” She then waved Heather over and whispered in her ear.

Heather smiled and said, “Sounds good to me.”

Heather instructed me to make dinner for them. We ate mostly in silence and the girls went into the living room while I cleaned up the dishes.

“Aaron, come out here when you’re finished.”

I did as I was told and found Heather naked and laying on her back on the floor. A pillow was wedged underneath her back. Cara sat on her heels on the floor next to her, equally naked.

“Cara thinks you needed a reward for the great jobs you’ve done making us cum, so come on” she said, tapping her thigh, “come fuck me.”

I was still a bit sore, but the prospect of fucking Heather’s hot body, while Cara watched, was too enticing for me to care. I knelt down in between her legs, spreading them with my hands. I touched her pussy and found it dripping wet. I lined up and had no trouble pushing into her. Cara watched for a few moments before disappearing behind me. I felt her hands grasp my testicles which made me jump a bit and Heather laughed. “Don’t break stride, boy!” she said,

I continued plowing into Heather and then started rubbing her clit with one hand. She rocked on the floor and moaned softly. Cara continued rubbing my sack, and then I felt her spread my ass cheeks with her other hand. The hand on my balls retreated and I felt the now familiar pressure of the vibrator at my rear entrance. A moment later, she started working it into me.

Once she had it fully inserted, she turned it on and it began vibrating. Cara began moving it in and out in time to my thrusts into Heather and her other hand released my cheeks and went back to rubbing my sack.

I found it tough to maintain my rhythm. I shoved into Heather’s mound while rubbing her clit with Cara shoving the vibrator in and out of my ass distracting me from behind. But I labored on nonetheless (ever the trooper, don’t you know).

Even in spite of my milking the day before, it didn’t take long before I felt my arousal growing. I picked up the pace and Heather cried out as she started to cum, The feeling of her pussy walls closing around my dick pushed me over the edge and I came into her hot tunnel (though not much.)

I fell forward a bit and supported myself with my hands on either side of Heather. I panted for a minute; Heather simply stared up at me, smiling and stretching.

Cara slowly slid out the vibrator and switched it off before saying “Damn, that was hot.”

We all just lay around for about fifteen minutes before pulling ourselves together. Heather leaned over and kissed me long and hard, her tongue slipping through my lips a bit. “You did great tonight,” she whispered.

After composing ourselves, we all went and got cleaned up. I still wasn’t shooting much as a result of the milking, so Heather didn’t have much to clean out, but we were all still sweaty and reeking of sex. Heather, Cara, and I all squeezed together into the shower, laughing.

I rubbed Heather down with a facecloth all over, focusing on her vagina of course. Finally, she had to say, “I’m pretty sure it’s clean!”

Cara wiped me down from behind and made sure she squirted some liquid soap between my ass cheeks and worked it in with her own facecloth. She pushed her hand deep inside and even worked a cloth covered finger into my butt. Her other hand reached around and rubbed soap into my crotch. I don’t think she was really trying to clean me so much as fondle me, but then again I was doing mostly the same thing to Heather, so I guess it all evened out.

After making sure Heather was spotless, I turned around and cleaned Cara’s skinny body. She made sure she spread her legs wide to allow me easy access, and I made sure to clean her as thoroughly as I had Heather, which she seemed to appreciate. Heather finally had to call a halt to things as the hot water was starting to run out.

Bedtime came around, and Cara and Heather got me bound up on the couch again.

Heather looked down at me with a smile.

“Get your rest tonight,” she said, “I have friends coming over tomorrow.”

Day 4

I woke up at around 6 AM on my own, alone this morning. It gave me time to ponder what I might be in for. Heather’s mention of “friends” didn’t sit well with me. I really didn’t want any more people involved than necessary, but I didn’t really have much say in the matter either.

Heather came out at about 7 o’clock, and she smiled and said “Good morning.” She came and sat down on the couch next to me. She made no effort to remove my cuffs. My wrists were getting a bit chaffed from sleeping with them every night, but I didn’t complain out loud. She had never closed them any tighter than necessary and presently the harness had enough slack that I was able to keep them next to me without losing circulation, so I figured I should be grateful for the little favors.

“I wanted to talk to you about today. I expect you to obey my friends just as you are expected to obey me, but I will set some limits. No one will be allowed to physically harm or hurt you, but things may be unpleasant and uncomfortable. Also, no one will be allowed to take any photos at all” – thank God for that! – “ and I’ll make sure that neither Cara nor I uses your real name. For the rest of the day, you’re going to be Joe. You can’t really say no of course, but I would rather you cooperate somewhat willingly so I figured I’d grant you those concessions. Sound fair?”

I said it was, and thanked her for forbidding photos. I really didn’t want any more evidence than already existed. She smiled and laid her hand on my cock. “No masturbating for you today; I want you to be fully loaded for when everyone shows up.”

She uncuffed me and allowed me to use the bathroom with no enema today. I then made breakfast for her and Cara who stumbled out of her bedroom shortly thereafter.

I showered and shaved my pubic hair again without being reminded. She then had me stand in the living room and started rubbing my soft cock until it became rock hard. Once it was, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a something I had never seen before. It looked like a rubber o-ring of some sort.

I guess Heather could see my confusion so she explained.

“It’s a cock ring. You’ve never seen one before?” she asked. I shook my head no. I think she thought my sexual history was much more extensive than it actually was.

“Do you know what it does at least?” she asked next.

“It keeps me hard?” I asked, more than answered.

“Correct. It also prevents orgasms. Obviously, I’ve never actually worn one, but I’ve been told that if you do orgasm, it will be quite frustrating,” she said.

I wondered for a moment, ‘Told by WHO?’ but didn’t ask.

She slid it into position on my shaft, sliding it down to the base. She smiled at it and told me her friends would want to see me in my full glory. She then told me I could hang in the living room until everyone showed up, which I did with my trapped hard-on raging.

About ten o’clock, a car pulled up into the driveway. Four teen-aged girls, all around Heather’s age, exited and walked up to the house. Heather instructed me to go to the door and greet them.

I opened both doors, erection pointing out into the open air and all four girls gasped a bit, with one girl stumbling slightly at the sight of my naked body on full display to everyone in the neighborhood. Fortunately, they kept walking and I only had to stay in view for a few moments. I stood aside and said hello to them.

“Girls, this is Joe,” Heather announced as I closed the door and sighed in relief. “He’s going to be our party favor today,” at which point all the girls started laughing.

“It looks like he’s sure ‘up’ for it!” one girl stated.

She had short brown hair and wore glasses. She was about 4′ 10” and with an average build. A set of modest, but decent breasts filled out a burgundy colored sweater. She also had worn blue jeans, with fraying at the cuffs. She gave me a smirk as she glanced at my cock. Heather introduced her as Amber.

The next girl was Tricia. She was quite tall, almost my height at about 5′ 10”. She was very skinny and had long blond hair. She wore a tight crème colored blouse. She had no chest at all. She was almost unable to make eye contact and was clearly uncomfortable. Her eyes shot down to my crotch and then immediately looked elsewhere. She gave me a token smile, shook my hand, and moved away.

After her was Cindy. Cindy stood about 5′ 5”, had long brown hair, and was quite plump. She looked to weigh about 180 or so. She gave me a nasty sneer.

The last girl was Sandra. She had red hair, shoulder length, and was about the same height as Cindy, and she was curvy, but not heavy. She had an enormous set of tits bulging underneath a plain blue T-shirt. “I’m up here,” she said with a grin, having caught me staring. In spite of my rampant and constant humiliation, getting caught checking out her chest caused me to blush. Sandra didn’t seem bothered by it though as she wore a huge, warm smile.

“He’s definitely a breast man!” Heather informed her.

Heather stood next to me and addressed them.

“Girls, Joe here has generously volunteered” – HA! I thought to myself – “to entertain us today. The only rules are, no photos and no injuries.” That brought a lot of laughing and cheering. Heather left and returned with the two mystery bags and the box that she had purchased on the first day, and left them on the floor out of my line of sight. I had a suspicion that there was nothing in them that I was going to like.

“Who wants to check him out first?” Heather asked.

Sandra stepped forward immediately and stood in front of me, grinning broadly.

Without a word, she reached her hand between my legs and cupped my balls, rolling them slowly in her fingers. Her other hand reached behind me and rubbed my ass cheek lightly. She did this for about thirty seconds before suddenly slapping my ass hard while still holding my crotch. I jumped and let out a little yelp. Tricia had a look of shock on her face. Amber was smiling and Cindy still hadn’t lost her sneer.

Heather just watched and laughed. “All right, take turns. Tricia, you go next.” Sandra made a pouty face and released me.

Tricia suddenly looked scared and hesitated, unmoving. I felt a little bad for her and said to her, “It’s OK, I don’t bite.” Heather said from behind me, “unless you want him to!” and the other three girls burst out laughing.

Tricia slowly moved in front of me and just looked, apparently unsure of what to do. Heather sighed and walked next to her and grabbed her hand which she placed on top of my cock. Tricia tried to pull away, but Heather held her hand steady. She looked even more frightened and asked “What if… if he… ejaculates?”

“He won’t,” Heather replied “See that ring at the base? It keeps him from getting soft and keeps him from cumming. No mess, no fuss!”

Tricia seemed a little relieved at that revelation and grasped her hand around my dick a little tighter. Her hand was bony, like the rest of her, but I wasn’t about to complain. She very slowly and tentatively stroked up and down, but much too slowly to have much effect on me. I just stood there patiently until Heather called time. “You next, Cindy.”

Tricia backed away in a hurry, relieved.

Cindy strode over confidently, and she had a nasty grin on her face. I had the impression she didn’t like guys much and suspected that wasn’t going to bode well for me today.

She grabbed my balls roughly and I screamed in pain. Heather spoke sharply and said “No damaging the equipment! We’ve just started here!” Cindy looked over at Heather and said “Sorry,” without much sincerity. She did loosen her grip though.

With her other hand, she flicked my penis back and forth a few times, and then walked around behind me.

She grasped my ass cheeks with both hands and leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “I’m going to have fun with this ass today.” She squeezed my cheeks hard and then kicked my legs apart. She gave my sack a whack that was reminiscent of the swatter and made me groan. Heather broke things up and told Amber to take her turn. Cindy backed away reluctantly.

Amber came up to me and rubbed her fingernails across my sack. “How come he doesn’t have any hair?” she asked as if I wasn’t standing directly in front of her. Heather replied simply “I make him keep it shaved.” Amber stated “I like it this way. I’m going to have to make my boyfriend shave his off too. I love that look.”

She then circled my penis in her grip and started stroking firmly. She spoke into my face, but still spoke about me in the third person.

“It must be very frustrating for him to have to wear that cock ring,” she said, still stroking hard and staring me directly in the face as she did. I could feel myself building up.

“Especially with me playing with his cock like this and all these pretty girls around him. Especially Sandra and that her incredible rack of hers,” she said, with a nod in Sandra’s direction, never breaking eye contact with me.

She continued for another three minutes. “I’m sure he must be getting close by now,” she said, and indeed I was. My body was trembling a little. She had clearly exceeded her allotted time, but Heather made no effort to shut her off.

“There, there, just let it go,” she cooed. At last, I felt my cock try to spasm, but it was restrained by the ring tightly squeezing the base. I moaned loudly in frustration as the orgasm subsided, unfilled.

“Ooooh….” she said, putting her hand to the side of my face, “nothing but blanks. That really is quite a shame.” She patted my cheek lightly. “Maybe if he’s a good boy, we can right that wrong later today.”

Heather grinned from ear to ear as she asked, “Who wants him to eat their pussy?”

Amber answered immediately. She still stood in front of me and purred like a cat. “That sounds delightful. My boyfriend hates eating me out,” she said. The savage!

Heather told her to strip off her pants and sit on the couch. Amber slipped out of her jeans with no hesitation whatsoever. Her pink panties followed right after and I noted that they had a very visible wet spot in the middle. She sat on the couch and spread her legs wide. I knelt down in between and moved into her smooth, beautiful pussy. Heather went and whispered conspiratorially to the other girls.

There was no question that Amber was aroused – her pussy was dripping wet. She had already closed her eyes and was licking her lips. I didn’t need an invitation and started licking up and down the outside of her lips. “Mmmm..” was my reward.

Sandra sat down on the couch on the side of Amber and watched, fascinated. Heather, Cindy, and Tricia were all out of sight behind me. I started plunging my tongue into Amber’s slit, parting the lips. More moans were released.

Sandra was smiling and commented that I seemed to be a good pussy licker. Amber said in a gasping voice “Oh God, is he ever!” She reached out with her hands and pushed my head in closer.

I then rested myself on the edge of the couch so I could use my hands to open her pussy, and started grazing over her clit which caused her to spasm like a shock went through her. Sandra put her hand on the back of my neck and stroked it in time with the motions on Amber’s clit.

Amber was moaning loudly now, and I saw Tricia had moved to the side to watch the show. I had now started encircling her clit with my tongue and her body was rocking hard on the couch with each movement.

Before long, Amber’s back arched up and she let out a cry as she came hard. Both of her legs started pressing the sides of my head as the wave of orgasm rolled over her, one after another.

“Don’t s******e him!” Sandra cautioned, laughing. Amber released her grip on me in response, just a bit, but I was still working on her and she continued to cum.

Finally, drained, she relaxed onto the couch and moaned softly, eyes still closed.

Sandra stood up and said, “I definitely need a piece of that action,” and started removing her shorts.

She slid down her panties, then paused for a second, and removed her top also exposing her luscious breasts (she hadn’t been wearing a bra, I noticed.) They were just as beautiful as I had imagined. She smiled down at me. “I wanted to give you something to work for. If you do good, maybe I’ll let you play with them!” she said, giggling, and sat down on the couch next to the still relaxing Amber.

She spread her legs and patted her thigh saying “Up boy!”

I slid over to her and started just as I had with Amber, noting that her pussy wasn’t quite as moist, and she had a surprisingly bushy mound, but she was still ready to go.

I started licking her outer lips, repeating my process when I heard Cindy speak from behind me. “Can I do it now?”

Heather said “Yes, but go easy! And you have to lube him first.”

I started to lift my head, but Sandra pushed it back down and said “Uh-uh.”

Amber had opened her eyes and was looking over my shoulder and was smiling, but said nothing.

I felt two hands (Heather’s?) spreading my ass cheeks and then they layered my asshole in Vaseline. I had a suspicion of what was to come and sighed to myself but kept up working on Sandra’s slit. I was now driving my tongue deep into her cunt when I felt the firm pressure on my asshole. I could see Tricia out of the corner of my eye staring towards my ass, wide-eyed, and heard her say “Oh my God!”

I grunted as something massive was shoved deep into my ass by Cindy. I gasped a bit and stopped licking for a moment which made Sandra open her eyes and say “Keep going!”

I went back to work and moved up to her clit as Cindy started to slide the object out, almost removing it, before driving it back in to the hilt, making me grunt again. I would discover later that the mystery object was a gigantic black dildo.

“Easy girl!” Heather said.

Cindy stopped moving the dildo, leaving it all the way in and leaned over next to my head where she spoke into my ear “How do you like being fucked in the ass?” I wasn’t actually required to answer as my mouth was still busy pleasuring Sandra. I don’t think she really cared whether I liked it or not anyway. Cindy retreated back and began moving the dildo in and out again, though less forcefully this time. My hard-on was still raging of course and was really becoming painfully uncomfortable, but there wasn’t much I could do about it.

Amber was idly playing with my hair as she watched me work Sandra’s clit. Her other hand absently stroked her still naked and wet pussy. “Isn’t it wonderful?” she said to Sandra. Sandra didn’t reply, as she was lost in her own world while my tongue drove into her again and again.

Sandra then suddenly tensed as her orgasm hit, and Cindy plowed the dildo all the way in at the same time, causing me to shove my face hard into Sandra’s crotch. This served to intensify her orgasm even more as the stubble on my face rubbed her hypersensitive privates.

“Ahhh… oooh!” she cried as she swayed around. After a couple of minutes, she relaxed and I felt the dildo slide out from inside me. Cindy brought it around and held it in front of my face for the first time. It was about seven inches long, two inches thick, and molded in black rubber. “Did you like my big black cock rammed back there?” she said, with a wicked grin on her face. I could tell she was going to be a problem for me.

“Perhaps you should clean it with your mouth,” she said, still snarling.

I didn’t move, taken aback by the suggestion, and luckily my execution was stayed by Heather a second later.

“I think I’ll take that back, Cindy,” she said.

In the meantime, Sandra had composed herself, stood up, and got dressed. Amber continued toying with her own exposed pussy. Heather spoke up and told Tricia she was next.

“No, it’s OK. No thank you,” she said anxiously.

“You should really try it, Trish!” I heard from the hallway. Cara was grinning broadly and had been watching the whole scene from there it seemed. Heather saw her for the first time too and gave her a scowl. She had asked Cara to keep a low profile while her friends were around.

“Alright, alright, I’m leaving,” she said as she exited.

Tricia, meanwhile, was shaking her head slowly. I was still kneeling on the floor and said to her myself, “It’s OK, honest, you’ll like it,” I said, smiling up at her.

Tricia went over and whispered into Heather’s ear and Heather burst out laughing. “How about if we blindfold him? He’s pretty talented with the tongue, I’m sure he’ll figure it out.” It seemed she didn’t want me to see her bare pussy. Tricia nodded and softly said OK.

Heather dug in one of the bags and pulled out a blindfold that she put over my eyes. I heard rustling near me, presumably Tricia stripping down, and then I heard the couch squeak. “Damn, Trish, that is a hot looking snatch!” Amber cried. I think she was just trying to make me jealous for being unable to see.

I felt hands, not sure whose, on my shoulders and they guided me towards her. I could smell the scent of her pussy ahead and slowly stuck out my tongue until I made contact with her peach fuzz. As soon as I did, she sucked in air sharply and said “oh!” Really, I’d barely touched her.

I pushed my tongue further into her to orient myself and she shivered hard. I withdrew slightly and started licking up and down gently. I placed a kiss onto her mound and someone laughed. I then went back and starting jabbing my tongue in and out.

Meanwhile, I felt hands on my ass again, and someone’s finger plunged into me. I continued eating Tricia and tried to ignore the distractions behind me. Compared to the dildo, the finger was nothing, but whoever it was slamming it roughly in and out.

I moved over to Tricia’s clit and she cried out, placing both hands on my head to brace herself as she jumped slightly. I waited for her to settle down, and continued, working her clit for all my worth. The finger continued impaling me. “Damn, Cindy, you’re going to sprain a muscle!” said, Sandra. Well, that answered that question. What was it with the girl and my ass?

Tricia was gyrating wildly as my tongue danced over her sensitive parts. In no time, she started screaming like a banshee as she climaxed harder than anyone I had ever seen – well, heard I guess. She yelled for almost a minute, during which Cindy stopped her pummeling, though left her finger embedded. Even she seemed to be in shock over Tricia’s yelling.

I was still licking when Tricia cried out, between gasps, “Stop, please, I can’t take anymore!” I gave a few more token licks for good luck and withdrew. Her breathing was so hard I wondered mildly if she was going to hyperventilate, but she started to calm down.

“What did you think, Trish? Best you ever had?” It was Heather who asked.

“Oh my God, yes! I’ve never felt that before!” she replied.

“You mean that’s the first time I guy ate you out?” Sandra asked.

Tricia paused a beat and replied “No, I meant it was the first time I ever had an orgasm,” she said quietly.

The other girls were all stunned quiet for a moment before all busting out into laughter. “Well, I’ll bet you’ll want them again, eh?” Heather asked. “Oh God yes,” she said softly. I felt Tricia slide off the couch from around me and heard her clothes rustle as, presumably, she redressed. No one removed my blindfold though.

“Ok Cindy, break out that dusty twat of yours,” said Amber. It sounded like she was still on the couch near me.

“There’s no way his tongue is touching my twat,” she replied acidly. “Give me that over there,” she said to someone.

I felt someone, I assume her, roughly shove me in the back, pushing my chest down onto the couch.

The next thing I knew, I heard a swish sound and felt my ass explode in pain as something crashed into it causing me to scream out.

I tried to jump up, but Cindy held me down with her weight. “Just stay right there” she said.

I felt her rub something smooth and flat against my ass for a moment before it left and crashed into my cheek again. The fire in my ass was incredible – the girl clearly had muscles – and I cried out again.

She paused again, and ran the thin edge of what I had deduced was a paddle across my hairless balls, sending shivers down my spine. I tensed as the paddle left again, but the swat never came. Instead, I heard Heather say “That’s enough, I think, I’ll take that back.”

The blindfold was ripped off my face and I was staring into Cindy’s who said “Sting?” She clenched her teeth in a mean grin. “Back off, girlfriend,” Heather said rather sharply. Cindy must have noticed it too because she moved away immediately.

Sandra spoke next. “I’d like to give that cute hole of his a little work out,” which brought giggles all around.

Sandra had me lean over the arm of the couch, reach behind and spread my cheeks.

The girls all left to find various objects and returned a few minutes later.

Sandra was first with a carrot from the fridge. She told me to open my mouth and lube it up. She ran it in and out of my mouth a few times before moving behind me and sliding into my still greasy ass. She worked it in and out for a minute and, as she did, Amber went to my mouth with a hairbrush.

Amber worked the brush handle in my mouth and as soon as Sandra pulled out, Amber pushed the brush-handle in.

Amber worked me over with the brush for a couple of minutes and Heather gave Tricia a push towards me. She brought a Bic pen (good girl!) and shyly asked me to open up. I did and, as I sucked on it, she leaned next to my ear and said very quietly that she was sorry about this.

Amber backed out and Tricia retreated behind me. It took her a few moments to build up the courage to push it into me, but finally she did. She worked it hesitantly, only moving it in and out an inch or so. She stopped after about 20 seconds and retreated quickly. None of the items really compared to Cindy’s dildo so I was able to mostly ignore them. The pen I was barely able to feel. Whatever kept the girls occupied without pain on my part was just fine with me.

Cindy came around next and held a baseball bat in her hands. She smiled at me. “Open” was all she said.

The bat stretched my mouth to the limit and I tried to run my tongue around the rim since it only would fit in a fraction of the inch. Impatiently, she pulled it out and went behind me. I braced myself for what was to come.

It never did come. I heard the sound of a fist on flesh and the bat crashed to the floor. Heather shouted “What the hell is the matter with you? You aren’t shoving that fucking thing into him!”

“Fuck you!” Cindy shouted, and I saw her rubbing her cheek where Heather must have socked her. Cindy started towards her, but Tricia, of all people, stepped in between. I didn’t dare move, but I could see everything over my shoulder.

“I think it’s time you left,” she said, surprisingly coldly.

Cindy swung out with the back of her hand, but Tricia deftly grabbed her wrist. Tricia gave it a brutal looking twist which made Cindy cry out. Tricia’s leg came around next and swept Cindy’s, knocking her off her feet and sending her sprawling to the floor.

“Fuck all of you!” Cindy shouted up. She pulled herself up to her feet and stormed out of the house. I have no idea where she went, since they all came in the same car together (it was Sandra who had driven), but didn’t much care either.

“Sit down, Joe,” Tricia said with unexpected authority. I did. I asked how she did that, and she told me her mom made her take Karate lessons to protect herself from guys if she needed to. The irony.

Amber sat down on the other side of me and placed her hand back on my still-hard cock.

“Let’s get back to business. I think we’ve had enough fun ourselves for the moment. Do you want to do something about this?” she asked.

I nodded that I did. She slid down onto the floor and knelt between my legs. Her fingers reached forward and grasped the cock ring. Slowly she rolled it up my penis until it popped off the end. God, it felt good to have it off. Amber looked to Heather and asked, “Where is it?”

“In my bedroom,” Heather answered without saying what ‘It’ was. Amber stood up and left the room. She returned a minute later with an inflatable sex doll, fully inflated. It was very cheap looking. (Heather was sixteen and presumably on a limited budget) It had “blond” hair which was actually just paint on the head, blue eyes, and painted earrings. It had available holes in her mouth, ass, and pussy. Amber set it down on the floor.

She gestured towards it impatiently. “Here she is, go for it!”

I blushed such a deep red that I thought I might be glowing, but by this point, I didn’t really care. I got down on to the floor and started towards “her.” I stopped in front of the doll, not really sure where to begin. Sex dolls were a new thing for me.

Amber picked her up and flipped her over, exposing her ass. “Go ahead, fuck her tight ass,” she said. Amber worked two fingers in and out of the faux-ass a few times in demonstration, just in case I didn’t know how.

I walked over to the doll on my knees and pointed my rock hard cock at the doll’s ass.

Thankfully, someone had lubed the hole and I was able to slide in easily. Heather and Sandra cheered

me on as Amber steadied the doll. After a few thrusts, I began to pick up a pace and soon I was plowing into the doll’s ass with all my energy. Tricia even came over and knelt on the side of me. She put a hand on my upper back as I thrusted. She whispered in my ear “I wanna watch you cum inside her.”

I needed no more encouragement than that and I exploded with blast of seed into the doll’s rubber hole. Spurt after spurt blew into the faux ass until it started leaking out all around. For the record, it was surprisingly unsatisfying.

Finally, spent, I pulled out and sat back on the floor.

Sandra knelt next to me and asked, “Did Rita Rubber here satisfy you?”

I said yes, and Sandra said “Well then, it’s only fair if you return the favor.”

I frowned, not understanding. Sandra took the doll from Amber and sat it on the couch, just like the girls had done when I ate them out.

Sandra waited a moment and, when I didn’t move, said in exasperation, “Come on, Rita’s rubber pussy is waiting for you! Start licking!” Amber (who I noticed now still had no pants on) was holding her gut and gasping for air as she laughed.

I crawled over to between the doll’s legs and started licking the rubber hole. Actually, it turned out to be some sort of plastic and the plastic pussy tasted pretty much like I was giving oral to a beach ball. It wasn’t necessarily unpleasant though, so I worked my tongue in and out to give the girls their show. There wasn’t any clit, of course, not even a painted on one, and “Rita” didn’t show much emotion either way, so I didn’t put quite as much effort into as previously. I was thankful they didn’t make me eat the same entrance I had just screwed.

The girls, including Trisha, were all laughing uncontrollably as I performed cunnilingus on the toy. To amuse them, I even drove a finger into the dolls dripping ass and worked it in and out as I licked, which made them laugh even harder. My cum continued to leak out from her rear hole. I thought Heather would pass out.

After several minutes of this, Amber came up behind me and threw me down onto my back on the floor. She then planted her pussy over my mouth and said “That mouth is too good to waste on Rita. How ’bout some real live pussy again?”

I said nothing and went immediately to work eating her sweet vagina. As I did, I felt a hand rubbing my cock. The hand wiped a little of the residual cum from the head and worked it around to lubricate it before starting to stroke it, milking the remaining liquid from it as I went flaccid.

Amber was fucking my face with her crotch and I reached between her legs and wet one finger in her pussy. As my tongue worked its way back up to her clit, I reached behind her and slipped the wet finger into her ass. She jumped a bit and gasped, but didn’t slow her rhythm against my mouth. Heather was sitting down right next to my head and watched as I licked across Amber’s clit as I drove my finger slowly in and out of her backside.

I felt another hand rolling my balls around as the first continued to work my softening member.

The next thing I saw was Sandra move to the side and pull Amber’s pussy lips apart to allow me greater access. Heather had been kneeling above my head, watching. At this point, I realized it had to be Tricia who was toying with me.

Tricia said “Almost empty I think” from behind me at the same time that Amber came and drove her pussy hard against my tongue. She rocked in orgasm for thirty seconds before sliding off me, my finger retreating from her ass.

Tricia released my cock and came over to me, smiling. She leaned over to kiss me, and held the side of my face with both hands, one of which had my cum smeared all over it.

She kissed me long and hard, transferring some of my cum onto my face. It seemed impolite to complain.

I got up and sat down on the couch. Tricia sat down next to me.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked.

“No, I’m single,” I said.

“Heather isn’t your girlfriend?”

“We haven’t really talked about it, but I only met her in person 4 days ago,” I said.

“Well, would you consider me girlfriend material?” she asked hesitantly.

“How old are you?” I asked, a bit bluntly unfortunately.

“Fifteen,” she said.

“I think you’re a great girl, all of you girls are, but I’m a little too old for you,” I said. She frowned deeply and seemed hurt.

“You didn’t seem to think we were too young when you were licking our pussies,” she said moodily and with surprisingly graphic language.

“That’s just it, I don’t think you are too young, but a lot of other people, including the police, would disagree and I would definitely go to prison for what I did with you girls today. So, I would never be able to have a real relationship with you,” and I hastily added “any of you. You are all in high-school and all have plenty of teenage years ahead of you. You deserve to have real boyfriends that don’t have to see you in secret every time.”

“I understand and know that you’re right,” she said with a sad smile.

The girls all got dressed again and prepared to leave. I stayed naked, of course, in the living room and one by one they came up to me and kissed me long and hard on the lips. Each thanked me for a wonderful day.

Tricia went last and placed her hand on my limp cock as she kissed me. She looked me in the eyes as she said, “Thank you, Joe, I hope we can do this again someday.”

“Actually, my name is Aaron,” I told her softly. “I hope we can too.”

She gave my dick a quick couple of strokes, kissed me again, and said “Bye, Aaron.”

Heather stood on the side of me with a hand around my waist as the girls departed. After the door closed, she turned to me and looked up with a smile.

“You did great today!” she said and patted me on the ass.

I made dinner for her and Cara and we all went to sit on the couch together. We relaxed for a while and Heather asked if I was up for one more round. I told her whatever she wanted, and she asked me to lay on my back on the floor.

I did as she asked, and she stripped off her clothes again. She went between my legs and placed her mouth onto my cock and slowly sucked me until I was hard once again. She smiled at it and commented “You really are quite the machine, aren’t you?” as she patted my nuts.

“It’s pretty empty down there I think,” I stated.

She slid up and slowly lowered herself onto my shaft and said “I’ll do the work this time.” She began moving up and down on my shaft and reached down to start rubbing her nub. Cara asked if I would use my hands on her, and I said, “Of course.”

She slipped off her clothes and straddled my chest. She giggled as she said my chest hair was tickling her vagina.

I smiled and spread her lips apart. I worked one finger and started rubbing her clit with my other hand as Heather continued to fuck me behind her.

My fingers worked on Cara’s tight pussy and she started to moan immediately. She swayed around and bumped Heather a couple of times who laughed.

Cara came first and placed both hands on my chest as she cried out. She then slid off me onto the floor next to me and watched Heather still sawing her pussy in half on my cock and flicking her clit furiously. She came soon after and arched herself, crying out. She pulled herself off of me and noticed that I hadn’t come (since I had already shot off something like 3 times today.) She told me to go ahead and masturbate myself for them and finish things off.

I grasped my erection and started stroking. It was plenty lubricated from Heather’s pussy juices , but I still had trouble building up yet another orgasm.

Heather and Cara put their heads close on either side of my crotch as I pounded away and after nearly ten minutes I managed a small orgasm and my cock surged a few times, but nothing came out.

Heather placed her fingers onto the base of my penis and tried milking it, but to no avail.

“I guess you were right,” Heather said patting me between the legs.

We all sat on the floor, side-by-side, and Heather told me that for doing such a good job today, I could sleep without the restraints for just tonight. The only condition was that she was trusting me not to play with myself during the night and she’d better not catch me. I assured her I wouldn’t – God, did she really think I could play with myself again? – and the girls went to bed, leaving me alone in the living room.

Day 5

I awoke early, having slept well, and found myself still alone in the living room. I looked at the clock and saw it was still about 5:30. I decided to try and get on Heather’s good side and got breakfast ready and on the table for her and Cara. I then went into Heather’s room and found her still sleeping, but fully nude on top of her covers.

I spread her legs gently apart and started eating her out. She stirred and yawned, stretching dreamily when she noticed my tongue wedged deep in her snatch. She laughed and twisted slightly to give me better access.

I worked my usual magic on her clit and she came in minutes.

I then slid onto her stomach and kissed her. She threw her hands around my neck and returned the kiss. I told her breakfast was waiting in the kitchen, and slid off her bed.

I repeated the procedure with Cara in her bedroom. She was under her covers and wearing pajamas, but she didn’t wake even as I pulled the covers back and slid her bottoms off.

I was actually licking her slit for a full minute before she awoke with a start and pulled back a bit before realizing what was happening and smiled back down at me. I finished eating her out and let her know also that breakfast was ready. She and I both got up and found Heather sitting naked at the table eating eggs and sausage. She smiled at the disheveled look of Cara as she stumbled out in front of me.

“Good morning sunshine! Sleep well?” Heather asked.

Cara rubbed her eyes and nodded, saying, “Yep, but waking up was even better!” Heather laughed and said “No doubt!”

After I cleaned up, Heather came over and placed her hand on my soft crotch. She told me my cock was taking a break today, and I wouldn’t be made to cum. I thanked her and sighed with relief inwardly. I was still sore and drained from yesterday.

Heather told me today was yard-work day, and I tensed visibly which made her laugh. “Don’t worry, we’ll find something to cover you in!” I relaxed a bit at that.

Heather went to her room and found a bathrobe that she had me put on. I wore nothing underneath it of course, and it only came down to about mid-thigh, but it was still better than being naked.

“Be careful when you’re bending over. You might not want to let it all hang out,” Heather cautioned with a giggle.

I went into the garage and got the yard tools. It still somewhat early, about 8 am, so I started by pulling weeds. Unfortunately, one of Heather’s neighbors was outside lying on a lounge chair. It appeared to be a girl of about eighteen, working on her tan and wearing a floral print bikini. At first, I tried to squat to pull weeds, but discovered that that caused the robe to open in the front, and resorted to kneeling with my backside away from them as much as possible.

Apparently, she must have caught a glimpse because she got up and came over to the property line. “You know, you probably shouldn’t be doing that in a bathrobe,” she said in a friendly tone.

“Um, Hi. I didn’t want to get my clothes dirty,” I muttered lamely. Obviously I couldn’t tell her that I had been ordered to by the girl blackmailing me. Heather must have seen me talking to her and started walking my way from the house.

“Well, you seem to by showing a lot more than you mean to,” she said, “unless that is your intention because you’re into that sort of thing. Is that it? Are you?” she had a smirk as she asked.

“No, I didn’t mean to.” I struggled to close my bathrobe.

“Well, its ok with me if you did. You don’t have to close it,” she said pulling up close to me. Heather walked up to my side at the same time that the girl reached over and pulled apart my robe a bit more.

“Aaron, is everything ok?” she asked.

“Yes, Heather, everything is fine,” I responded.

“Hi Tammy,” Heather said to the girl, “what’s new?”

“Hi Heather, is this your new boyfriend?” she asked.

“Something like that,” Heather said noncommittally.

“Well, maybe you should have him keep his cock covered when you have him doing yard work,” she said with a laugh.

“Joe doesn’t mind if people see it,” Heather said. Without warning, she slipped my robe off me and exposed me fully to her neighbor and anyone else in the neighborhood. I went to cover myself and Heather said sternly “Don’t you dare!” I dropped my hands instantly.

“Oh my god, do you do everything she tells you to?” Tammy asked.

I wasn’t sure how to answer, but the truth seemed easiest.

“Yes, I do,” I said.

“Why does he let you do that? Is this like some sort of domination thing?” Tammy asked.

Heather answered for me, “Something like that,” she said again. “Isn’t that right?” she asked me.

Before I could respond, Heather turned me around so my backside was facing Tammy.

“Watch this,” Heather said to Tammy. Heather popped her middle finger into her mouth and lubed it up before reaching behind me and sliding it up into my ass right in front of her neighbor.

I gasped but didn’t make any other move. I knew better by this point in the week.

“See? Even when I do this” – she demonstrated plunging her finger in and out of my ass – “he doesn’t protest. In fact,” – she left her finger buried in ass my to the second knuckle and turned me back around to face Tammy – “he enjoys it.”

By way of proof, my cock was beginning to get erect from Heather’s manipulations on my ass.

“Yep, he certainly does!” Tammy exclaimed.

“I wonder if he’ll blow a load right here,” she said, stepping in and grabbing the underside of my cock.

“Not likely, my sister and I masturbated him to orgasm five times in one night and my friends made him orgasm another three times yesterday, so he’s pretty well empty down here,” she said as she patted my balls with her other hand.

“Holy shit, for real? Well, that’s too bad,” she said with a pouty face, “I’ll bet he’s gorgeous when he’s squirting.” She gave my cock a little squeeze.

“Tammy! Telephone!” I heard a woman yell from Tammy’s house and went rigid. Tammy yelled over her shoulder “Coming mom!”

Luckily, “Mom” didn’t come out looking for her.

“Damn, guess we’ll have to resume this another time,” she said, giving me one last stroke as she left.

After she was gone, Heather finally removed her finger and stated “I guess we’ll have to get you something a bit more presentable for today,” and sighed in feigned disgust.

Ten minutes later, I was back to work, this time wearing my own pants for the first time in five days. Heather told me not to get too used to them and waved a finger at me before returning to the house.

The rest of the day went uneventfully. I weeded the yard, mowed the lawn, and raked some leaves. In between, I made lunch for the girls, stripping naked again once I was inside the house, of course.

While I stood by the kitchen table as the girls ate, Heather took the opportunity to stroke me to erection again with her free hand. She didn’t make me cum though, true to her word. When she felt me getting close, she would stop entirely and pull away.

Several times while I was outside, she would come out, unzip my pants, and reach in for my cock (she hadn’t let me put underwear on.) I had to stand there, in the middle of the yard, while she masturbated me until I was erect before she let go and zipped me back up. Luckily, nothing got pinched, though my pants brushing against my erect member was rather irritating.

Despite the orgy of the day before, the constant fondling and being left unfulfilled was getting me horny, but I didn’t dare say anything. My cock ached just thinking about Cara’s masturbation session.

After dinner, I ate out both Cara and Heather as usual – these girls were apparently never satiated. We spent the rest of the night sitting on the couch, me naked of course, and Heather kept playing with my dick. She would bring me near the edge, stop, and pull away. After I was soft for a while, she would keep repeating the process.

At bedtime, she told me with a smile that she definitely had to restrain me tonight, as she was sure I might be tempted, but not to worry, she had another guest for me tomorrow.

Day 6

I awoke to the feeling of a hand on my cock again, which was stroking me slowly. As I came fully conscious, I realized the woman that was holding it was not Heather or Cara. She was fairly skinny, tall, and looked to be in her late 40s or early 50s. She had blondish hair with lots of white streaks, but was still attractive. She had what appeared to be a smallish set of breasts underneath a loose blue blouse and she wore a long black skirt.

She smiled down at me as she kept stroking and introduced herself as Linda, Heather and Cara’s mother. I noted she looked nothing like either one of them but didn’t say anything. I just introduced myself as Aaron, trying to act casual as the woman calmly continued masturbating me.

“You’re cuter than the other guys Heather has done this to,” she stated.

This was the first indication I’d had that this was not an isolated incident, and my heart sank a little bit, though I couldn’t say exactly why. It must have shown on my face, because Linda laughed and said “You didn’t know? No, you probably wouldn’t have. All you guys think you’re special.”

‘All you guys?’ God, I began to wonder what number I was.

“I’m sure Heather told you I’d be gone all week too!”

Linda started making a twisting motion as she stroked which sent waves through me that made me squirm violently. My orgasm was building rapidly. The only thing that kept me from having squirted already was the never-ending milking of the past week. Linda, for her part, wasn’t even looking at me, but rather off across the room into space. She seemed to be remembering something.

“One guy had a penis so small I had trouble grabbing it. Not sure how he actually managed to do my daughter,” she said, as much to herself as to me.

Her movements had slowed as she spoke which gave me a little chance for my arousal to subside, but then she turned to me and picked up the pace again.

“Yours is much nicer, I have to say. I like the hairless look too, do you always do that?”

“No, Heather made me shave it all week,” I said, biting my lip as the orgasm built again.

“Um, ma’am,” I started and she laughed, “Please, I have my hand around your cock. Call me Linda.”

“Uh, ok, Linda,” and I wiggled even more as she continued to stroke me with fervor, “um, may I have permission to cum?”

She frowned in confusion, but luckily Heather walked into the room cleared up her confusion. “He has to have permission to cum, Mom, or he’s punished for the day, usually with a butt-plug.”

Linda thought that was hilarious and burst out laughing, but kept stroking me.

“Ma’am- I mean, Linda, please? I can’t hold it much longer,” I croaked. “May I please cum, please?” I said as I writhed uncontrollably trying to restrain myself.

She laughed again and said “Well, as much as I’d like to see this cute ass of yours stuffed full, it seems unfair what with me jerking you off like this. Yes, you have my permission cum.”

No sooner had she spoken the words than I was shooting straight into the air and screaming as I came.

My load covered her hand and splashed across her blouse as well. With her hand still slowly emptying the rest of my cum, she patted my balls with the other hand and commented “Boy! You really are quite the gusher, aren’t you?”

Heather told her, “I made him hold it in all day yesterday and teased him mercilessly so he would be ready for you.”

Linda laughed and said, “That’s my girl, always thinking of Mom!”

“Aaron, I want you to screw my Mom for me,” Heather instructed.

Linda laughed replied, “Let’s give him a few minutes to recuperate, you little slave driver. He just woke up and I just jerked him off! Why don’t you take him into the kitchen and clean him up a bit while I change out of this cum-stained blouse?”

Heather uncuffed me and led me into kitchen where she started wiping off some of the dried cum with a dish rag.

“Heather, can I ask you a question?” I said.

She seemed a bit surprised by my tone but said “Sure. What?”

“How many guys have you done this to?”

The color drained out of her face instantly and she didn’t answer. In response to her unasked question, I simply said, “Your mother told me I was ‘cuter’ than the others. I want to know how many?”

She had said I had a nicer cock too, but I wasn’t looking to brag and, besides, I was trying to act angry.

For the first time this week, Heather looked ashamed and she sighed audibly.

“Three others,” she said.

I simply nodded, expressionless, and said, “So that’s how it is. You screw, deceive, and manipulate guys on a weekly basis in order to a***e them?”

“Aaron, it’s not like that. Ok, yes, I did deceive a few other guys also, as you say, but you’re different than the other guys were. They were all so bitter and angry.” I started to say something but she put up a hand and cut me off. “I know, they probably had every right to be. But most of them took every opportunity to ransack the house looking for the evidence. Some of them I actually feared a bit and I had to keep a stun gun on hand. I even used it once on one guy that threatened Cara.”

She must have seen my eyebrows raise at the word stun-gun, so she said “It’s hidden right underneath the couch where you’ve been sleeping.” She waved her hand in a dismissive gesture and continued.

“You’ve made the best of this situation which is why I introduced you to my friends and let you be with Cara. I didn’t let any of the other guys touch her; I don’t know if you realize it, but she is still a virgin. Just so you know, I never had any intention of going to the police, regardless of whether you agreed or not. As far as ‘abusing’ you, can you honestly say that you’ve enjoyed none of it?”

I didn’t say so out loud, but I had, of course. Even the ‘punishments’ hadn’t exactly qualified as medieval t*****e. Maybe I was a bit of a masochist at heart anyway. I tried to maintain my angry tone though as I said, “Why should I believe any of that?” She sighed again and sat down at the table.

“Go open that cabinet behind you, where the glasses are. Now, look inside that travel mug in the back.”

I did, unscrewing the cap, and inside was the vial and memory card.

“What about the pictures you uploaded?” I asked suspiciously.

“You wouldn’t have known until you got home, but you’ll find out that I uploaded them to your own email, nowhere else. So, you have a choice. You are free to take the evidence, get dressed, and drive home. I won’t do anything to stop or prevent you. I’m not going to hold anything over your head.”

I stared at the contents of the mug without speaking. She continued, “Go ahead, take the stuff out. Your clothes are hanging in my bedroom closet. You are free to go.” Still I failed to move and I didn’t know why. Everything was here, why wasn’t I taking it?

Heather continued. “There is another choice too. You can choose to put the mug back and forget you saw it. You can finish your final two days here. And you can start by going back into the living room and fucking the shit out of my hot, horny mom. It’s up to you. And for what it’s worth, I am sorry for tricking you. You really have been a great guy.”

I looked up at her and saw that she really did have sorrow in her face, an expression I had not seen in the entire week there. I believed everything she had said. Slowly, I returned the cover to the mug and returned it to the cabinet, leaving the contents where they were. I turned back to Heather and said, “How can I serve you?”

Heather smiled warmly, stood up and crossed the room to give me the strongest hug she could manage. She kissed me briefly, smiled up at me, and said “Let’s go plow my mom’s hairy, wet pussy.”

We returned to the living room a few minutes later, and I found Linda sitting back on the couch in a sheer teddy. She had no bottom on, and Heather’s deion of her pussy was quite accurate – very hairy, but trimmed at the edges.

“Aaron, start by eating her. Mom, you’ll love what he does with his tongue!”

I knelt down in front of Linda and spread her legs apart. In addition to being hairy, it was also very hot and very moist. Heather was right again. It glistened in the morning sunlight coming in through the window and had a sort of glowing aura to it.

I performed my duties as usual, lightly brushing her lips with my tongue to get things going. She closed her eyes and simply relaxed her body, feeling my tongue run up and down. My tongue moved in and started impaling her, in and out. She moaned a bit, but that was all. Tough crowd, I thought.

I moved to her clit and began tapping it with my tongue, trying for a response but none came. I worked up to lapping it back and forth and got a small moan again, but that was it.

Clearly, I had to up my game at this point. I closed my mouth over her clit entirely and started sucking gently. I then moved one hand up to start fingering her at the same time. This finally got her going and her body shook in a wave.

With one finger lubed up, I moved onto a second finger, then a third. “Oh God, you’re right, he is good!” Linda gasped. Ha!

I decided to crank things up a notch even further. I slipped my hand out, then back in with two fingers into her vagina, and my fourth finger up her backdoor. This caused her to tense noticeably, but she didn’t jump.

I continued my movements on her button as I fingered both holes. Within a couple of minutes she gasped “Stop, please stop.”

I slowed down considerably but kept moving a bit. “I want you inside me, I don’t want to come this way,” she got out in between breaths.

I pulled my mouth away and withdrew my hand. During all this, Heather had been sitting on the side of the couch watching intently. She now gave her mother instructions.

“Mom, roll over. Let him fuck you from behind.”

Linda did not answer, or even open her eyes, but did as she was told, bending over on the couch. My cock had long since hardened again and I had no trouble sliding into her dripping pussy. I steadied myself with one hand on her hip, while the other hand reached underneath to stroke her clit. She squirmed around in front of me and squeezed my dick with her vaginal walls.

Heather ran her hand absently through Linda’s hair, and reached out, turning Linda’s face to look into hers. Linda’s eyes were half open and she was panting heavily.

Heather leaned in and kissed her mother passionately on the lips, a kiss Linda eagerly returned. This, for some reason, was the most erotic thing I had seen all week and I exploded into Linda’s pussy, loading it with my cum. Heather was still locked in an embrace with her mom and Linda came immediately after me. She gasped for air as Heather lip-locked her while grunting as her body shook with orgasm.

Heather pulled slowly away, and I exited Linda at the same time. She stayed in position on the couch for several minutes, catching her breath, before rolling over and sitting down on the floor.

Heather slid down next to her Mom, stroked her hair, and asked, “Was he as good as I said?”

Linda had her eyes closed and softly said, “God, is he ever.”

As we all sat there resting, I idly wondered if Linda was on the pill or if I might have knocked up a fifty year old woman. Then it occurred to me that I didn’t know if ANY of the girls were on the pill, and it was probably a bit too late to worry about it.

Linda threw her arm around me and kissed me, rather motherly, on the cheek and used one finger to straighten my hair. It was mildly unnerving, but I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want my Oedipal complex to show. She was a nice piece of ass after all!

Heather told me to get up so she could clean me in the bathroom.

Once inside there, she leaned in and whispered to me.

“I know you’ve been good, but I’d like to give my Mom a little show. Would you be upset if I gave you an enema and put the butt-plug back in for just a little while?” she asked, almost nervously.

“It’s OK, really. I wouldn’t have stayed if I didn’t want to obey you,” I told her.

Much louder, for her mom’s benefit in the living room, she said “Ok, shower up and shave yourself again. Then call me so we can clean you out.”

She smiled again and kissed me quickly on the lips before departing.

I showered and shaved as directed.

“Heather, Linda, I’m ready!” I shouted.

Heather came in with Linda behind her. “All right, you know the drill. Assume the position.” Heather said authoritatively.

I bent over the bathtub as before and Heather pulled the bowl and turkey baster out from the closet, along with the Vaseline.

Linda cried out “Oh my goodness!” when she saw Heather fill the baster.

Heather gently eased it into my ass and released the fluid, reaching around with her other hand to rub my belly as it went in. This time she went light on me and only gave me four full basters and then asked her mom for the plug inside the closet.

Linda went and removed it and marveled at it for several seconds. Heather asked her “Do you want to put it in?”

Linda looked at her and said, “Would he mind?”

I answered for myself, in a croaking voice “No, it’s alright. Go ahead.” My stomach was beginning to cramp slightly but at least I wasn’t as full as usual.

Linda rubbed some Vaseline on it and very tenderly pushed it up into me. She felt the resistance when it reached the wide portion so she paused a moment, then increased the pressure until it popped into me. I grunted as my ass closed around the base.

Heather told me to get up, which I did, holding my gut for a moment. After my bowels settled down, I offered to make them all breakfast. Linda replied that that sounded delightful.

I served them both breakfast and Linda reached over to rub her hand across the plug a few times while I stood by the table.

Heather announced that, after they were done eating, my time was up and could go into the bathroom. I hurried immediately and dropped to the floor on all fours.

Heather made a point of saying that I better not spill any; I’m sure it was part of the show for Linda watching from behind her. I assured them both I wouldn’t.

I could feel Linda’s eyes on me as Heather slid out the butt-plug.

I jumped up to the toilet and expelled the enema.

Heather told me to clean myself, the enema supplies, and the plug, after which I should meet them back out in the living room.

I went out there and saw Cara was eating breakfast in the kitchen where I had left a setting for her. She smiled up at me with a mouth full of eggs and waved. I smiled back and wished her good morning.

“I assume you’ve been getting to know my mom!” she said.

“Yep, you could say that,” I said back, with a smile and a wink. She giggled and nearly spit out her eggs. I went back to the living room.

Heather and Linda were sitting on the couch, but didn’t invite me to sit. Heather addressed me as I stood in the middle of the room.

“Aaron, my mother asked if she could invite a few friends over to meet you, and I assured her you would be more than happy to. Isn’t that right?” she asked.

“Yes, miss, whatever you like.” I think it was the first time I called her “miss”, but it seemed appropriate for some reason. Heather must have noticed it too because I saw her hide a grin.

“That’s my boy!”

Heather left the room and returned with the cock ring. “She wants to keep you at attention for them,” she explained. Linda watched as Heather knelt in front of me. She took my cock into her mouth and slowly sucked me until I was hard again. She then slipped the ring on me until it bottomed out on my pubic mound and patted me on the balls. “All dressed up!” she said with a giggle. Heather laid out the ground rules to her mother as she had to her friends; namely, no photos and she couldn’t use my real name. I became “Joe” once again.

“Cara, mom wants to know if we’ll give her and her friends some privacy today while they play with Aaron,” Heather asked her.

“How come?” she asked, sounding whiny.

“Mom’s afraid that her friends might object to us being there, since we are under-aged,” Heather explained.

“Alright, I will, but he is going to have to make it up to me!” she answered.

“I’m sure he will,” Heather said.

I straightened up the house, made the girls’ beds (with a raging hard-on of course), and cleaned their rooms, killing time for about an hour until I heard a knock on the door.

“Well, don’t keep our company waiting. Go answer the door!” Heather commanded before leaving the room.

I did and in spite of my rampant humiliation this week, it still embarrassed me to open the door to strangers, naked and erect. Two older ladies were at the door and laughed as they saw me. (Please note, I mean to say “older than me.” – please remember I was only twenty-two at this time, so I mean no offense to my “older” readers!)

Wearing a deep blush and glancing outside to see if anyone else could see me, I welcomed the ladies and invited them in.

One of the ladies was somewhat heavy set and wore a long, one-piece dress that went almost to the floor. She looked to be in her late fifties. She had very dark brown hair that was near black, with no signs of gray. She had a big, full, motherly bosom. She introduced herself as Maria and her friend as Betty.

Betty was of average size – not thin, but not plump at all. She was in her late forties or early fifties, and had blond hair with no white or gray streaks, but it had clearly been bleached to all hell. She also had a set of tits which looked much too huge and round to be real; they also looked somewhat out of place on her mature body. She apparently didn’t think so though as she had a very tight fitting, low cut shirt showing off every legal inch of cleavage, as well as skin tight jeans.

I got caught looking again as Heather announced, “Mom, I don’t know if I mentioned that Joe is quite the breast guy.” Betty stood directly in front of me and grasped the underside of my erection. She looked down at it and said, “It would appear so!” which got a laugh out of everyone… except me of course.

“I think the boy is blushing!” said Maria. She came over to me and put a big arm around me and held me.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” she said, “we both have grown boys, and have seen their penises before” she said, rubbing a hand across my shaven ball sack. “Admittedly, their penises usually aren’t quite this stiff in front of their mommies.” Everyone laughed again. “And they usually have more hair these days. But no matter! Come sit on my lap, my boy,” she said and walked over to the couch. I followed her and sat on her lap as instructed.

“Tell mama why you’re so red in the face,” she said, putting a hand around my hard cock.

“Um, because I’m embarrassed ma’am,” I said.

“Why, pray tell?” and she casually started stroking me.

“I don’t know, ma’am, I’m not used to being naked in front of a group of women,” which, after this week was a rather bald-faced lie, but I didn’t want to say the truth which was that I wasn’t used to being naked and aroused in front of a group of women old enough to be my mother (and then some).

“Oh, don’t be ashamed, c***d,” she said, picking up speed as she masturbated me. “We want you to feel comfortable with us.”

“I want to feel comfortable with his dick inside me!” Betty said and another round of uproarious laughter was released. Her rather brazen language made me blush even more.

“Ok Betty, I think we can arrange that!” Linda said. “Joe, turn in Maria’s lap so your back is to her.” I did so.

“Alright Betty, let’s show Joe what you have to offer him!” said Linda. Betty wasted no time stripping off her clothes, dropping them in a pile at her feet. Her pussy was completely bald and her boobs were even better looking exposed. I definitely knew that they were fake now, or maybe I should say “augmented”, but still nice. Her pussy was slick with juice.

Maria put her hands on either side of my hips and held me steady as Betty came over. She knelt down on both sides of my legs and put her arms around my neck as she lowered herself down onto my waiting cock.

“Mmmmm..” she said, licking her lips. She slowly drew herself back up and then impaled herself on my shaft again.

Linda had crawled in between my legs and was playing with my balls.

Betty bounced up and down on me for only a couple of minutes before I felt my climax build, but I groaned in frustration as the cockring held it back.

Maria heard the groan and kissed my cheek, asking “What’s wrong, son?”

In between thrusts into Betty, I uttered “I’m wearing, uh, a cock ring that, uh, is very frustrating, uh, ma’am.”

“Please,” Maria said, “call me mama. Can you do that?”

“Um, yes, mama.” Calling her Mama did NOT help with the awkward feelings, just for the record.

I reached in between Betty and I and moved her lips apart to expose her clitoris. She was still bouncing incessantly (incest-antly?) on my throbbing member. I began rubbing her clit and she started gyrating her hips a bit as she moved up and down.

I ran the fingers of my other hand up and down Betty’s ass-crack and she shivered on top of me. Maria ran her hands up and down my sides and whispered in my ear “Go ahead son, make that nice girl cum and maybe mama can take care of your problem next.”

I started flicking Betty’s clit furiously and pushed her over the edge. She screamed and dug her nails into my back making me wince. Linda yelled “Betty! Your nails!” from off to the side and thankfully Betty loosened her grip. Her pussy squeezed my manhood hard for a full minute before she pulled herself off me and onto the couch.

“Linda, get that cruel ring off this poor boy,” Maria said from behind me. Linda giggled and knelt in front of me. She said, “Yes, Mama!” She slipped her nails under the ring and rolled it off. I sighed in relief.

“Is that better, Joe?” Maria asked kindly, rubbing my face.

“Yes ma’am – I mean, mama,” I said over my shoulder.

Maria reached around with one hand and held me by my stomach while her other hand grasped my dick. “There now,” she cooed in my ear, “you just relax and let mama take care of it.”

I did relax and closed my eyes as Maria started masturbating me like a pro. Betty ran her nails up and down on my ball sack as Maria squeezed and twisted with each stroke.

“Linda, honey, get me some lotion for this boy,” Maria asked. Linda obliged and squirted some of the baby oil into Maria’s hand. “Thank you, dear,” Maria said.

Maria resumed stroking and had me wiggling on her lap almost immediately.

Heather told me that even though she wouldn’t be there, I should ask for permission before cumming. She thought the ladies would get a real kick out of it.

Nearing the edge, I spoke to Maria behind me. “Mama, do I have permission to cum?” I asked in my best little-boy voice. I figured she’d eat that up.

“Oh, of course, my boy! You feel free to cum whenever you like!”

A minute later, Maria had me shooting out onto the floor and she made sure that she eeked every last drop out of me before releasing her grip on me. I turned around and kissed her long on the lips. “Thank you, Mama,” I said. Her eyes twinkled. “Any time, c***d,” she said softly.

Linda spoke next. “Joe, how do you thank your Mama?”

I slid down onto the floor and looked up to Maria’s face. “Mama, may I please eat your pussy?” I asked.

Maria giggled like a little girl. “Why, yes my c***d, you may!”

Maria lifted up her butt high enough to pull her dress above her waist and revealed the fact that Mama was a naughty girl and not wearing panties.

She stifled a laugh when she saw my surprise at seeing her privates exposed. She tapped her thigh and said “Make Mama happy my boy!”

I spread Maria’s legs and buried my nose in her meaty, hairy, pussy. It wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as I thought it might be (Mama must have taken care of her hoo-ha to keep it clean.) I pulled back slightly and started licking away.

I had just spread Maria’s lips apart when I felt the familiar sensation pressing against my ass. I started to glance behind me, but Maria tightened her thighs on my head. A moment later I felt the vibrator push into me and then it began buzzing.

“Does he like that?” Betty asked, still stark naked.

“Does it matter?” Linda answered and laughed.

I wiggled my ass a bit as Linda started working the vibrator in and out. She slapped it lightly and told me to stay still.

I found Maria’s clit and started running my tongue across it. Her breathing quickened, but she gave no other signs of arousal.

I started strumming her clit in time with the vibrator plowing in my ass.

“Can I work it for a while?” Betty asked Linda.

“Sure, be my guest,” she said.

Betty took over working the toy and started making twisting motions, literally screwing it into me. I moaned into Maria’s vagina. She, for her part, simply held my head in place as I continued eating.

Suddenly, without warning, she pushed, hard, against the back of my head, ramming her pussy into my face and screamed one short, loud burst before tensing up. I looked up and saw her biting her lip hard (I thought she would draw b***d) trying to keep from yelling out. Finally, she unclenched and lay back against the couch, drained.

“Mmmmm…” Maria said, smiling. “Thank you, son, you made Mama proud.”

“You’re welcome, Mama,” I said, trying to ignore the vibrator still ramming into my ass.

Maria leaned over and looked underneath me, also ignoring the vibrator.

“Sonny, you seem to have gotten yourself all hard again. Goodness, you kids are insatiable these days!” she exclaimed with a slap on her thigh. I looked down and, in fact, she was right.

“All right,” she said, “come have your way with mama’s behind.”

That comment made me blush all over again as Maria rolled over and pulled the dress up onto her back, exposing her big fleshy ass.

She pulled both cheeks apart and showed me her asshole. I paused, unsure.

“Come on, boy, I can’t hold it like this all day now,” she said, looking over her shoulder.

I crawled back up and aimed my cock at her hole. Betty shut the vibrator off and said, “Hold it, one second.” I stopped and she brought the baby oil over and squirted it into Maria’s butt making her shiver. She then scooped some up and lubed up my cock once again. “We don’t want you hurting Mama now do we?” she asked with a grin.

With everyone watching me intently, I lined my cock up with Maria’s ass, and pressed lightly against it. She wiggled a tiny bit, then settled. I pushed slowly, but steadily into her. It was a lot tighter than I would have guessed and felt incredible. She made no sounds, so I continued in until I bottomed out against her cushy buttocks.

I slowly withdrew and then pushed back in. After each entry, I felt Maria squeeze her ass around my shaft. Betty reached over and turned the vibrator back on which she began working into me again.

For several minutes I plowed into Maria’s ass while Betty fucked me from behind. Maria said over her shoulder, “Is this gonna take a long time son? I’m a bit old to hold this position forever you know.”

I didn’t think it was possible to blush even harder, but yet I did. Luckily, I could feel things building up down below, and Maria’s suction action with her ass helped move things along so within another minute or so, I shot a small but satisfying load into Maria’s ass. I withdrew and Betty removed the vibrator, switching it off.

“Thank you, Mama,” I said. She put her dress back down and rolled over to face me. She took my face in both hands and kissed me long and hard, I’m pretty sure slipping in a little tongue too. I didn’t mind.

“Anything I can do for you, my boy,” she said with a warm smile and a light pat on the cheek.

“Now, go clean yourself up and wash that thing off before any little kids play with it,” Maria said.

I returned from the bathroom and was still exhausted and drained, but I stayed standing up and offered drinks to the ladies.

I returned from the kitchen with a tray full of glasses and served them to the ladies.

Betty was still naked and showing no signs of putting her clothes on. I caught Linda checking out Betty’s hot 50ish body several times. Maria had returned to sitting on the couch and had covered herself back up with her dress; she looked prim, proper, and motherly once again with her hands resting on her belly.

We all sat and talked for a long while, Betty and Maria asking all about me. I was truthful and answered all of their questions. How old was I (twenty-two), did I live alone (no, I was still living at home while I saved money, worked, and went to school), where did I work (at a grocery store in the produce department). The questions then turned a bit more personal.

Had I ever had sex with an older woman before (no.) Have I ever had anal sex with any woman before today (no.) Do I enjoy eating women out. (yes.) Did I enjoy screwing Mama’s ass (yes, definitely, which got a laugh.) Then they asked, why did I agree to everything today?

I wasn’t sure how to answer that one so I paused for a few moments.

“Because I really like Linda’s daughter Heather, and I wanted to make both of them happy.”

And that was the truth also.

Mama invited me to lie on her chest for a while, and I said sure. She slipped her dress off her shoulders to expose her two massive breasts. I laid my head down in between them. They were wonderfully comfortable.

The other ladies must have gotten bored, because I noticed Linda had started toying with Betty’s pussy. Betty was still sitting on the floor with her back against the corner of the couch. She spread her legs open without comment to allow Linda better access.

Linda started ramming two fingers into her (rather roughly I thought. My touch was much more gentle.) Betty didn’t seem to mind though, as she closed her eyes and started toying with her nipples.

Linda wasted no time starting on Betty’s nub with her other hand and began flicking it rapidly. I just lay on Maria’s bosom as she slowly rubbed my head as we watched the show.

Betty was quivering on the floor and started thrusting her hips towards Linda’s fingers. I didn’t think it was possible, but Linda started pounding even harder. Betty was pinching her nipples hard now and a minute later cried out in ecstasy. Damn these women were easy to get off! Horny devils. I clearly had put too much effort into things. Ah well.

Mama stated that they had to get going, so I sat up and slid off to her side. Betty got up also and finally dressed. Both women leaned over and kissed me on the cheeks.

“Thank you, Joe, for a wonderful time,” Betty said.

“You did great today son,” Maria said with an enormous smile.

“I had a great time too,” I said quietly. “You were both incredible. I’ll never forget it.”

I kissed Maria on the lips and placed my hand up her dress. I grabbed a hand full of her pussy and gave it a light rub, pushing a finger in just an inch. Maria laughed but didn’t pull away. “Oh, you kids!”

The women left, and I was alone with Linda again.

Heather came out first; apparently, she had been watching the entire thing from her bedroom.

“Holy fuck that was awesome!”

“Heather, language!” Linda chastised. That was where she drew the moral line, I supposed.

Cara came out from her room just after and announced that I had promised to make things up to her. Actually, I didn’t remember promising that myself, but it seemed petty to make the point. I told her to take off her bottoms and sit on the couch.

Feeling authoritative, I told Linda and Heather to take off theirs also and sit on either side of Cara. They did so without question. I got the baby oil and lubricated both hands.

I moved in between Cara’s legs and began nuzzling her vagina, feeling the furs tickle my face while reaching over for the privates of both Heather and Linda.

I started fingering both of them as I ate out Cara. Everyone was very randy and all three girls soon started moaning.

Cara came first, with my lips on her beautiful teenaged clit. As she slumped back into the couch, I rested my head on her soft belly and she giggled.

Heather and Linda both squirmed around underneath my touch and both came shortly thereafter; Linda first, followed by Heather a minute later.

I invited the girls to clean themselves up while I made dinner.

Everyone ate in silence, though all had smiles on their faces. I continued standing, off to the side near the table as I served them. Heather reached behind me and pushed me next to the table so that my balls were resting on the table itself. “There, you can just stay like that till we need you,” she said.

They finished eating and I stood patiently with my balls on display. Cara reached out with her fork and I gulped, holding my breath. She very gingerly though lifted my soft penis with the tip of the fork (the metal was cold!) and peered underneath it. “Nope, not done yet, little while longer I think,” she said which got everyone laughing. Thank God she didn’t want to check my temperature!

I cleaned up after dinner and everyone returned to the living room where we all relaxed and watched TV.

Heather announced it was time for bed a while later, and I set myself up on the couch in the position for the handcuffs as usual.

Heather left without cuffing me, though, and returned with four pillows and two big blankets.

“I think we’ll all just sleep out here on the floor tonight, unless anyone objects,” she said.

No one did, and I set up the bedding while everyone stripped out of their clothes.

We all went to bed spooned together. Heather in front of me with my semi-hard cock rubbing up against her butt cheeks. Cara lay behind me, with one arm around my side. Linda lay behind Cara and reached over her onto my side also. I slept great that night.

Day 7 Epilogue

I awoke at around seven o’clock and found Cara and Linda still behind me, but Heather was missing.

I slipped away without waking the two girls behind me and smelled coffee. Heather was in the kitchen making breakfast today. She was still naked, and I walked up behind her, wrapping my arms around her. My limp penis was pressed against her butt. She turned her head and smiled at me. She gave me a quick kiss. “You need to fuel up first before playing! Have a seat,” she said.

She brought me breakfast and a cup of coffee. “Dig in!” she said. I did, happily.

Heather set places for Cara and Linda, but left them sleeping for the time being.

As I ate, Heather slipped under the table and placed her lips around my cock. She started slowly running her tongue up and down the shaft and used one hand to cup my testicles. She teased the head for thirty seconds (while I continued eating; the omelet was delicious!) until I was hard. She then began working her mouth up and down as she slowly stroked. I felt my climax growing and started to tense up. Heather sensed it, and backed off immediately, retreating from underneath the table.

She came back up and placed her arms around my neck

“Not just yet, I think,” she said, smiling.

I finished eating, and Heather told me to go get cleaned up.

“Do I need to prep for an enema?” I asked

“No, I think we’re good for today,” she said with a grin.

I showered and shaved for the last time and exited the bathroom.

Linda and Cara were both awake by this time and eating breakfast (naked still of course. I loved seeing those naked bodies everywhere.). I went around getting them drinks and cleaning up after them. Heather went to the refrigerator and removed the cum filled glass from earlier in the week.

“If you had really pissed me off, I had plans for this glass,” she said with a giggle. “I think you can wash it out now.”

Heather placed it in the sink with the dirty dishes and went to shower.

Heather and I sat together on the couch cuddling while Linda and Cara showered and dressed.

They both came over to us smiling. Linda spoke.

“Aaron, Cara and I are going to be going out for the day. I know today is your last day with us. I just wanted to say we’ve had a great time with you this past week. And the house looks great!”

She leaned over and kissed me on the lips, giving my stiff cock a little squeeze while looking me in the eyes. “Thank you for everything,” she said.

“It’s OK, I’ve enjoyed it,” I said.

Cara took her place and sat on my lap. She put her small arms around my neck and faced me.

“I want to thank you too, Aaron. I’ve loved having you here,” she said. She gave me a small peck on the cheek and stroked me three quick times before sliding off.

Linda turned to Heather and said, “You two have fun today!” Linda and Cara both giggled as they left.

Heather turned to me, then she slid up onto my lap, straddling me.

“I want to make love to you, but don’t come inside me,” she directed.

She slid her moist tunnel down on to me, throwing her arms around me. I put my arms around her also as she slowly moved up and down. I took one nipple in my mouth and teased it with my tongue.

For five minutes, she continued working her pussy slowly up and down. I slid one hand in between us and starting rubbing her clit, equally slowly.

I felt the cum building and told Heather so. She immediately stopped moving, and simply sat still on my lap for a full thirty seconds before slowly sliding off me.

“On the floor, on your back,” she stated.

With myself on the floor, she placed her pussy over my mouth and took my penis into hers.

I needed no instructions and moved my tongue into action as she worked all of me into her mouth, bottoming out on my pubic mound. Sadly, I’m not unbearably large, but it worked out well for her oral manipulations.

She rested on one elbow as she slid her mouth up and down. She used the other hand to toy with my sack, working her index finger into my ass. I returned the gesture by sliding one finger into hers as well as I moved my tongue in small circles.

I was already aroused and on the edge before we started and it only took a few minutes before I came into Heather’s mouth. She swallowed everything eagerly not that there was much to swallow after the past week.

After I finished cumming, she removed her mouth and raised herself up on her elbows. This pressed her pussy against my tongue harder and the added sensation pushed her over the edge. She arched her back and cried out “oh Aaron!” Her thighs contracted around my chest, but I kept rubbing away, my finger still working in and out.

She continued cumming for a full two minutes before finally sliding her pussy away from my mouth and rolling onto the floor in exhaustion.

We both moved over to the edge of the couch and rested our backs against it, remaining on the floor. Heather placed her head on my chest, and I put my arm around her.

We merely sat and talked for over an hour about work, school (hers and mine), friends, and the like. She idly played with my limp penis which was too drained to get hard again. It didn’t seem to bother her though.

Somewhere in the conversation she mentioned about her and Cara being adopted.

“My birth parents died in a car crash when I was three,” she said softly.

“I’m so sorry,” I said.

She shrugged on me. “I really don’t remember them. My Mom- Linda, that is – adopted me immediately and she’s the only mother I’ve ever known as I’ve grown up. Cara’s birth mother went to prison for drugs when she was five and Mom adopted her at that time too. No one knows who her father was. Her mother got out of prison a while ago, but has never made any attempt to contact her. Cara wants nothing to do with her anyway.”

“That’s so sad,” I said lamely.

Heather must have realized things were getting to heavy, because she suddenly sat up a bit and started playing with my sack more aggressively.

“I wasn’t looking to get you down, really, Linda is a great mother. Cara and I both love her and couldn’t ask for better,” she said.

“Has your mom ever been married?” I inquired.

“Why? You trying to hook up with her?” she asked.

I started to protest, but Heather started laughing. “I’m just kidding, honest. She has had boyfriends occasionally, but never married. We’ve never really had a father figure here. She’s studious about keeping her guy friends from meeting us unless they are serious, which hasn’t happened much. She found out early on that she could never have c******n, so she vowed to adopt, whether there was a man in her life or not.” I was relieved to find out that Linda couldn’t get pregnant and blurted it out without thinking. Heather didn’t seem offended and took it in stride.

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any little Aarons running around nine months from now. My friends and I are all on the pill. I didn’t invite anyone who I didn’t know was already using protection. Even Tricia, whose mom got pregnant very young and has made Tricia start on the pill.”

Around lunch time, we both got up and I made one last meal for the two of us, which we ate in silence.

As I cleaned up, Heather left for her room and returned a few minutes later with a small pile.

In it were my clothes and a clear ziploc baggie which sat on top. In the baggie was the vial with my cum and the memory card. She must have taken them from the mug that morning when she made breakfast.

“It’s time for you to go home, Aaron. It’s a long drive home and you go back to work tomorrow,” Heather said quietly.

“I know,” I replied, but didn’t move. We were both silent for a full minute.

“I think I love you, Heather,” I said suddenly.

Heather smiled, but shook her head sadly. “I don’t know about that, Aaron. We’ve only known each other for a week. How much do we know about each other? How good we are in bed? What we look like naked? But for what it’s worth, I think I love you too. You’ve been incredible this week. But I’m only sixteen. Maybe a few years from now things will be different, but right now you could get in a lot of trouble just for sitting there naked as you are, never mind all the other things we did this week! You gave more or less this same speech to Tricia, remember?” she said.

I nodded. “I do,” I said softly.

She continued, “Well, it was all perfectly true then and nothing has changed. If we tried to be together, we- well, really you, would eventually get caught. I won’t let you get in trouble to be with me, so you are going to get dressed and go back to your own home. But we’ll still talk, I promise. And, when your vacation time comes next year, maybe you’ll decide to call me. And when you do, maybe I’ll say that, just perhaps, I still have some evidence that I didn’t mention before. And, just perhaps, I’m thinking of using it unless you spend the week here with me, Cara, my mom, and my friends,” she said, with a twinkle in her eye.

“And Mama too?” I asked with a grin. Heather laughed out loud at that. “Yeah, I’m sure I could talk her big booty into coming back too!”

I leaned over and embraced Heather, kissing her long and hard. I pulled back and looked her in the eyes and said, “Yes, that sounds like something that just may happen.”