A story about using the tub faucet to get off on

I woke up very horny. Although I don’t remember it, I
must have been having a very sexy dream because as soon
as I awoke I felt that familiar throbbing in my pussy.
I looked at the clock – 8:20.

I could hear my parents getting ready for work and my
brothers were heading out the door to go to school. A
slight smile came to my face as I realized that I was
on vacation and didn’t have to get up at all if I
didn’t want to. I was home on mid-semester break from
college and I had the whole day to myself. I decided to
spend the beginning of the day taking care of this
throbbing between my legs.

I pulled my nightshirt off and threw it on the floor. I
slowly began caressing my breasts, gently rubbing the
undersides with just my fingertips at first. I closed
my eyes and savored the sensation.

I felt tiny jolts of pleasure as I took each nipple
between my fingers and lightly tweaked them. They were
already erect when I woke up and now they were hard as
hell. I’m very proud of my breasts, they are nearly
perfect and they receive countless stares from the guys
at school. I absolutely love touching them and feeling
how soft they are.

My pussy was beginning to get jealous of all the
attention by boobs were getting. The throbbing had
intensified, and my cunt was starting to get very wet.
I slowly moved my right hand downwards and pulled my
silk panties to one side. My left hand continued
massaging my boobs as my right hand went to work on my
pussy. I slipped my middle finger into my hot, moist

I felt the slickness on the walls of my pussy. I buried
my finger as far as it could go and moved it in little
circles. I squeezed the muscles of my cunt around my
finger and slowly pulled it out. It was soaking wet
with my juices and I began to lightly rub my clit.

I moved my finger back and forth over my clit,
occasionally dipping it back into my snatch to keep it
juicy. This was driving me absolutely fucking insane
and my hips bucked up and down as the speed of my
finger on my clit increased. I could feel my orgasm
coming on, and I wanted it BADLY. I did my best to
stifle my moans as I could still hear my parents
getting ready to leave for work. I even put my other
pillow over my head so they wouldn’t hear me.

I decided to slow down for a couple minutes until they
did leave. That way I could moan as loud as I wanted
when I came, something I like to do whenever possible.
I slowly finger-fucked myself, enjoying the squishy
noises my finger made in my wet cunt.

I listened for the front door and finally heard it
slam, followed shortly by the sound of the car
starting. I waited for them to drive away and then I
was finally alone. I threw off the blankets, slid my
panties off, pulled my knees up by my shoulders and
frantically resumed my frigging.

I was using both hands now, two fingers on my left
slamming in and out of my slit and the index finger on
my right quickly rubbing little circles on my swollen
clit. I whimpered with intense pleasure as my orgasm
approached, sending wave after wave of joy throughout
my body. My pussy was gushing now, soaking my fingers
as they plunged in and out.

When my orgasm hit I threw my head back and let out a
series of very load moans. The muscles in my pussy
quickly contracted and released, over and over, as
waves of ecstasy swept over every inch of my body. I
collapsed when it was over and slumped back into my
bed. I pulled the covers back up over my body and laid
still, enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm. It was a
very good cum. Without realizing it, I eventually fell
back to sleep.

I woke up again at 11:00. It sure was nice to sleep in
after having to get up for all those 8:00 classes at
school. I realized I was naked and smiled, remembering
the awesome frigging I had given myself earlier. I
decided that I wanted more.

I was trying to decide the best way to get myself off
again; should I use my vibrator or just my fingers
again? And then the idea just hit me! I remembered an
incredible masturbation method that I had discovered
about 4 years ago when I was 15 years old. But I could
only do it when nobody else was home and there was no
chance of anyone coming home while I did it. For this
reason I had only done it a few times. But today would
be an absolutely perfect day to do it again!

I jumped out of bed and practically ran into the
bathroom. My pussy began throbbing again in
anticipation as I turned on the bathtub faucet. I
poured a capful of bubble bath into the warm water and
the suds quickly began to form. When there was about a
foot of water in the tub I got in and reclined against
the back of the tub.

I gently washed my body with the warm soapy water, then
began to concentrate on my breasts. I cupped my left
breast with my left hand and used my right hand to pour
small streams of water onto the nipple from up above my
head. I switched to my right breast and did the same,
alternating between the two for several minutes.

This tickled a little but it also turned me on
immensely, making my nipples incredibly hard and erect.
I began to slowly massage my boobs now, rubbing them
with both hands and taking delight in how smooth, soft,
and slippery they were in the soapy water. I have
always loved feeling my own breasts, but I love it the
most when they are all soapy and wet.

Obviously, my pussy was getting VERY impatient now,
itching to be taken care of. I decided that couldn’t
stand it anymore. I pulled the plug and let most of the
water drain out of the bathtub. It was time to do what
I REALLY wanted to do.

I turned to faucet back on again and made sure the
temperature was perfect. Not too hot but nice and warm.
The water rushed out of the faucet with a great deal of
pressure; I hoped that it wasn’t too strong. I slid my
ass forward and lied down on my back, positioning my
cunt just right under the spray of the faucet.

I spread my legs wide, placing my feet on the shower
tile above and on either side of the faucet. I laid my
head back, closed my eyes, and I was in heaven.

It felt absolutely incredible!

It was the most intense physical pleasure I have ever
felt. The warm water pounded my pussy, hitting my clit
a thousand different ways, making me shudder over and
over again. I thrashed my head from side to side and
whimpered aloud. My hands found my breasts again,
increasing my pleasure even more if that was possible.

It was so intense that I would have to move my cunt
slightly out of the path of the water every 10 seconds
or so to give it a rest and catch my breath, because it
was just too much at once. Then after a couple seconds
I would slide back under the faucet again and I was
once again in heaven.

It only took me about a minute to reach my first
orgasm, and it was one of the best of my life. My body
went taut, my back arched in the air and my clit
exploded, spasming over and over again while I cried
out loud in ecstasy. I immediately had to pull away
from the water again, this time for several minutes,
while I recuperated. I brought myself to 5 more orgasms
like this in the next half hour before I was completely

It was a very good start of the first day of my


Well how did you like that? This really happened last
December and let me tell you it was one of the best
cums of my life! It really turns me on to remember it
in detail and write it down for you horny guys to

I must say the thought of hundreds if not thousands of
you guys stroking your cocks while reading about me
really turns me on. I hope you shoot a big juicy load
all over yourself for me 😉

BTW, my name is Tracy and in case you haven’t figured
it out yet I’m a VERY sexual person. I probably spend
90% of every day thinking about sex. My boyfriend tries
hard to satisfy me but it just isn’t enough. I am a
true nymphomaniac.

I’m 19 years old, bisexual, 5’4, 119 lbs, shoulder-
length brown hair. I love everything, including oral,
anal, mutual masturbation, 69, vibrators, etc. and I’m
an extreme exhibitionist. My latest kick is having my
boyfriend videotape me doing all sorts of nasty things
by myself and with him.

After much coaxing, I got him to let me send out a tape
of my choicest moments to anyone who wants one, as long
as you don’t live near me (Buffalo, NY). I am not doing
this to make money (my parents are rich and I’m pretty
much set for life). I will not charge you for this
tape, I just relish the thought of other people seeing
me in action, and it fulfills a great fantasy of mine.

Please let me know if you want a copy of my tape and I
will send one to you as long as you don’t live in or
near Buffalo (I really don’t want anybody who knows me
getting a hold of it!).

It may take a little while because I only have 2 VCR’s
and I can only copy them so fast. I will send them out
on a first-ask first-send basis so let me know ASAP.
The tape is approximately 85 minutes long and includes
me doing the following:

* Frigging myself in the bathtub like I described

* Masturbating myself with a vibrator.

* Getting ass-fucked by my boyfriend.

* 69ing with a girlfriend while my boyfriend videotapes

* Having an orgasm in our pool by squatting in front of
the water jet.

* Letting my boyfriend rub baby oil all over my tits
and his cock and

* tit-fucking me and shooting his cum on my tits.

* Sucking my boyfriend and letting him shoot his cum
all over my face.

* (18 different cum-shots in my face – I really love

* And, much, much more!

If any of this sounds good to you please E-mail me and
I will send it to you. You MUST be 18 years old to
receive this video! I don’t want to get in trouble for
this, I just want to live out my fantasy. If you’re not
interested in the video but just want to talk dirty to
me that’s OK too, just Email me and I will try to get
back to you.

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