Voyeur Officer Tim

It was 3:15am and she was waiting for him to get home from work. He usually pulled into the parking space a little before 3:30am, having worked the 3pm-3am shift at a nearby police department. She was at her window… watching. Her apartment building was directly across the street from his. Both apartment buildings were

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I opened my eyes and sighed. The dream was going so well: I had money, power, and most of all, a loving boyfriend. At 19 years of age without having had any sort of lover, I have come to feel a little… undesired. All of my friends have had some sort of relationship with guys.

A late night fuck

Growing up and living in a neighborhood where yards had no boundaries was amazing. When we were teens we’d all play together and run around. There were two pools that seemed more like a gathering place for neighbors and friends rather than the owners’ personal leisure spot. There was never a moment in the day

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We were having an early cocktail. It was a Friday in late summer, still sunny and warm at 6:30, and it was our traditional “Thank God it’s Friday, only two more working days until Monday,” celebration. “Hans made an email pass at me today,” Betty said. “Hans, the guy in from Denmark?” I asked, Betty